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tv   News 13 at 6pm  ABC  January 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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how some people are cleaning up, while others are still bracing for the worst. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 6. >> frank: we begin with very good news on the health front. zero flu deaths reported in north carolina this season. and that's a big change from this time last year when fatalities were already in double digits. justin. >> justin: because people are not cooped up inside their homes spreading that virus. it is cold, frank. but that has not stopped people from coming to the park to get a little exercise for themselves or their dogs. we've seen people at carrier
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>> people were together, more crowded, instead of outside and closer conditions sharing viruses quicker. >> justin: he says another reason they're seeing low number numbers is because a lot of people have been getting their flu shot. keep in mind, flu season is january and february. the recent report from the most -- the most recent report from the department of health and human services show there have been a number of reported flu-like illnesses. >> frank: a brunswick county powerball winner's boyfriend is out of jail again after posting a $12 million bond. 31-year-old lemar mcdowell was arrested for violating his pretrialpre
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after her $188 million power ball win. reverend jesse jackson comes to the upstate. jackson is touring south carolina leading up to the presidential primary election day. he's urging people to accept the affordable care act. he's concerned young voters do not recognize the power they have. >> if they want medicaid for working poor people, they should vote about it. >> frank: the coalition is preparing for its king legacy weekend over the martin luther king jr. holiday. there will be educational events focusing on opportunities for young people. there's great news for
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basketball fans. acc conference play starts today with a full slate of games. fans in western north carolina can catch clemson a little closer than usual this year. the tigers are playing all their home games in greenville. >> we love it here in greenville. it's really close to where we live in southern greenville county. so we really enjoy it. it's just a 30 minute drive from there, instead of about an hour going in to clemson. so we enjoy that. >> frank: the well, as it's called, is hosting clemson's home games. the full schedule with dates and opponents go to, click on news links. stan will have highlights from the clemson game and many more. that's a little bit later on in sports. it is not over yet in the midwest.
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report andrew peterson shows us how record high waters receding in some places but gaining in others. >> reporter: historic floods in missouri sweep away homes and businesses, the mississippi river is still surging. >> we expect floods. >> reporter: some parts of the st. louis area remain under 16 feet of water. but in other areas, the water is receding, giving residents their first look at what's left behind. some luckier than others. >> had some customers come by to offer help, too. it really gives you that hope that real humanity is left out there. >> we'll come out and help with some of the houses and some of the relief effort as well. >> reporter: but all that water is now moving south. the illinois governor toured flooded areas declaring a state of emergency. >> levies are mostly holding well.
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evacuate, please honor the request and evacuate. hypothermia is a risk. and we've got folks out in their homes in knee deep water. >> reporter: now the race is on to save so many others. volunteers filling sand bags, doing whatever they can to help. governor touring today. >> what we don't get out of there is going to find its way down stream. >> reporter: a critical mission to save homes and lives. >> frank: it turned in to a sunny day across the mountains and the upstate. if you think this is feeling more like winter now, just wait a couple of days. karen wynne joins us for the skywatch forecast. >> karen: right, frank, already shaping up to be a chilly evening. asheville 41 degrees. franklin 37.
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we see upper 40s in clemson. we take a look at the wind speeds. they are a little bit brisk in asheville. out of the northwest at about 8 miles per hour. elsewhere, fairly light winds but enough to give us a bit of a wind chill. feeling like we're in the mid 30s in asheville. a wind chill of 34 in franklin. 31 is how cold it feels in boone. if you are going out for the evening, make sure you have that heavy jacket. bundle up. we're going to be mainly clear and cold for tonight. 37 at 9. 34 at 11 o'clock. your evening planner in the upstate is also featuring mainly clear conditions. cooling temperatures. we're down to 40 by 11 o'clock. tonight will be a cold one but not the coldest for the coming week. i'll show you when the chilliest air arrives. i'll have that in a few minutes. >> frank: a sad day for many shoppers in downtown weaverville. the roses on weaver boulevard
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that was just a few minutes ago. the closure of this retail landmark leaves a town without a discount department store. the manager says it hurts the customer when smaller stores like his close. >> well it takes away a convenient shopping location where it's easy to get in and out of. it's been an alternative to walmart. >> frank: the weaverville rose's outlet had been open for 21 years at that location. americans meet to address concerns about radical islam. what they say needs to be done to stop the threat of domestic terror. the so-call afluenaza teen is under arrest in mexico. where he was hiding out to escape prosecution in the u.s.
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doctor answering your questions. best block of all. it's like candy cane lane. i know. oohhh. oh, holiday ferris wheel. i kind of love it. look at those reindeer. jeffrey, you're awfully quiet back there. i was just thinking... maybe it's time we finish this test drive and head back to the dealership? that is so jeffrey... soooo jeffrey... so jeffrey... oh. elves.. it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new passat >> frank: islamic leaders in california are making an effort to lead an ideological fight
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>> reporter: as a young muslim american man, violence committed in the name of islamic extremism is two-fold. one, he doesn't want to see innocent people hurt. and two, he doesn't want his faith to be misunderstood. >> sometimes i feel like it's my fault. i feel . >> reporter: he's one of hundreds of local muslims to come here. sacramento's largest islamic center for a conference focusing on issues like the threat of radicalization. >> we find ourselves going to an extreme view or ideology and we've gone away from the true path and message of islam. >> this is not islam. we condemn these acts. today we're taking it further and address these issues head on.
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especially members felt compelled to be upfront condemning groups like isis. >> we are first to speak out and criticize and condemn them and condemn their actions, also. >> i was born and raised here. i'm american, right. my kids are going to grow up here. i want the best for this country. >> they're not speaking in our name. we speak in our own name. >> reporter: the vast majority of muslim like the vast majority of americans oppose clsh . >> frank: more bad news for blue
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what the ice cream maker faces
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at the place the so-called afluenza teen and his mother stayed in mexico. it's a hotel in the resort city of puerto vallarta. his attorneys had file paperwork to block mexico attorneys to allow deportation. the case involving the deaths of four people during a drunk driving accident that dates back to 2013. tanya couch, the mother, has already been brought back to the u.s. and charged in assisting in her son's escape. major breakthrough in the world of space travel. the falcon plummeting toward earth and making a landing. it's ready to fly again. the space x corporation says the rocket was not damage during its launch and abrupt return to earth.
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technological breakthrough crucial to cutting costs and using rockets to deliver in outer space. three of those believed to be sickened by blue bell products died. prosecutors are determining wrongdoing in this. blue bell removed all of its ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbert and other frozen items in stores across the united states. 3, 2, 1, happy new year! >> frank: a crowd in wisconsin welcomed in 2016 at lake michigan. the annual polar bear plunge in jacksonport. 35 degree warmer and 28 degree air temperature.
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this plunge is the largest and certainly the coldest in all the united states. we had our own here. yesterday at lake lure. it didn't look anything like that. those folks, they're crazy. >> karen: yeah, totally agree on that. polar plunge not fun for a lot of folks. how about today? our high made it up to 47. our low in the 20s. yes, winter is back. dry today. so you know we are continuing to dry out. in the head lines, we're going to be cold and dry again tonight. a real cold blast coming.
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> karen: beautiful day we had today if you had that jacket. we can see how we're pretty much clear over the mountains right now. but a few clouds moving through the upstate. mainly high, thin clouds. we are chilly at this hour. 41 degrees in asheville. northwest winds at 8 miles per hour. enough to make us feel like we are in the mid 30s. meanwhile, in greenville, 45 degrees. a light wind out of the west-southwest. not much of a wind chill. but still cool enough that you're going to need that jacket during the evening. now we have a future cast that
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we can see a whole lot of dry air. thanks to this ridge of high pressure well out to the west. what it's going to do as we put this future cast in motion is keep any kind of moisture well south of here, keep skies clear. on monday we have a clipper system moving down. and it is actually going to die out before it moves all the way through. but it's going to pick up our winds and allow some much chillier air to move in on monday. tuesday morning we're really going to feel that chill. we're talking temperatures going down below that 20 degree mark for some folks. we'll time that up for you coming up. meanwhile back here closer to home, we'll go ahead and do the hour by hour future cast. 8 o'clock all clear in the mountains. mainly clear in the upstate. we see a few high thin clouds moving up through the southern tier of the mountains. still not enough to keep us from chilling down well in to the
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7 o'clock, bundle up and get ready for a cold morning. afternoon the clouds go away. 5 o'clock, we're wrapping up a warmer afternoon than today. warmer than a few degrees. we're talking lower 50s. dry and clear night as we wrap up the weekend and go back to work. of course the winds pick up and we get really cold. fortonight, seasonably cold. lower 20s in franklin. lower 30s in much of the upstate. highs tomorrow are going to be a little bit warmer. 52 degrees in asheville. so we feel pretty good, especially later in the afternoon. i would keep any outdoor plans. just keep that jacket around, especially if you chill easily. the really cold air coming in on monday with the high of only 40. we have very brisk winds so we'll feel colder than that. 20 and 19. then we warm up later in the week and bring b bk the rain.
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early in the week. >> frank::e warm all the way up to the high 30s. >> karen: right. that's going to seem tropical after 19 and brisk winds. >> frank: 6 o'clock straight up, planet earth was closest to the sun for the year 2016. it's called parahellion. >> karen: right. earth closer to the sun. average distance is only 92 million miles away. now that may seem confusing. but the seasons are a result of the tilt in the earth's access, not the proximity of the sun. >> frank: carolina is looking dead in the water against
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that's coming up next in sports. >> stan: north carolina trying to get off to a fast start in acc play. carolina and georgia tech. the jackets made them sweat at the smith center today. whoa! nobody stopping that. adam smith was hohot. six three's and 20 points. carolina starts to bounce back in the second half behind johnson. marcus paige makes a nice move inside. johnson kept hot all night long. really, he was a stud in there. watch him take it up and in. joe berry had the game of a lifetime.
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tar heels win it 86-78. nc state starting acc on the road against virginia tech. they had a five game winning streak against the hokies. tech comes back to stun the pack. nc state had it going. caleb scores three. kat barber drills one from same spot almost. hokies come roaring back. up three. he scores 23. pat got it to overtime. hokie's win it. clemson playing home games in greenville while little john gets renovated. they call it the well. i'll tell you who really feels good about the well, jordan roper. scores 23. clemson wins this one by a score
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western carolina's open up southern conference game today at home. the catamounts enter the streak in the so-con tourney in march. cats took the court with confidence. there's tj chromer for three of his 16. they had eight triples in the day. cats down 16. they tried to rally. mike brown set one up of his own. right before the half, down 17, power move inside. nice spin there. jams it home. they get it to ten in the second half. too tough for the buccaneers today. they roll by westerer 82-66. >> it wasn't a real pleasing performance.
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i thought their execution, their energy, they shot the ball extremely well all night long. we couldn't find a way to get them under control. >> stan: unc asheville wins on the road. >> frank: it's funny to see coach williams. >> karen: we're getting cold as we go in to next week. we're in the upper 20s overnight tonight. down to 19 early next week. >> frank: okay. how about that? needless to say, bundle up.
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welcome to "world news tonight." millions of americans starting this new year bracing for dangerous flooding. the record-high water on the move tonight, topping levees, destroying homes. right now, the slow-motion disaster and the race to protect the people in its path. president obama taking on gun violence by taking on matters in his own hands. his promise to bypass congress.
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the night injuring a man asleep
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