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tv   News 13 at Noon  ABC  January 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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has already left that region, the road is drying out because it looks like sun is starting to shine there. >> this is the windchill, the combination of the air temperature and the wind, it feels like 18 degrees right now in asheville. coming up in a moment. we'll talk more about where this snow is right now, where it is heading and how cold we turn in the extended forecast. >> our first dose of winter weather leads to wrecks on roads. lauren, the snow caught drivers offguard this morning. >> especially with the warmer temperatures that we have seen leading up to the cold chill and even the smallest amount of this white powder can lead to dangerous conditions on the roads. >> making their way through the
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see the dusting of snow on the interstate. >> i think i'm going to call my daughter and say turn around and go back. >> the snowfall led to one of several wrecks. >> for jim and cathy gregory. >> this is nothing. >> they are accustomed of navigating through the elements. >> they were gone for, what, four to eight inches at home. >> but others welcomed the fresh powder with a snapshot of mother nature's first real sign of winter. >> here along i-40, traffic is flowing smoothly. there were a handful of wrecks earlier this morning. so far no other trouble spots
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reported. traveling today use caution. it will refreeze as temperatures are expected to drop again tonight. tonight. >> happening today, ebblin charities is expanding more heating assistance to families. the program will be open to house holds that qualify. it is based on family income guidelines. applications being taken at west gate shopping center. for more information on the guidelines, go to and click on news links. >> the woman accused of killing a wlos woman was accused today. investigators say richardson claims she shot fry because he assaulted her. richardson remains in jail without bond. a news 13 was in the courtroom when we learned her court date was continued until february 2.
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>> also happening today, an lake. 53-year-old doug baloot was found in bryson city. police believe he floated five miles down the river into the lake but they don't know how he ended up in the water. bryson police hope the autopsy will provide more answers about how he died. >> a 27-year-old officer pulled over a driver for speeding around 2:00 a.m. he had three people in the car get out one of them tried to get in and drive away. he was shot multiple times and dragged a quarter mile by the vehicle. it appears the suspect gary lynn shot himself. the injuries are not life threatening. investigators say powell did not fire his weapon. >> another police officer was shot and a suspect killed in charlotte. we have photos from the scene. police say they were trying to serve an arrest warrant when
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ankle. police returned gun fire killing one of the suspects. released. >> in other news making headlines, a remote national wide live refuge -- demonstrating against the punishment for some local ranchers. elizabeth herr explains why they are so upset and why the fbi is involved. >> abc news inside the standoff where dozens of ma lish sha members are camping out at the wildlife refugerefuge. >> we have tried and tried proven methods to get governments to look at this and say there is something wrong here. >> it started on saturday at a rally originally protesting the -- the father and son
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to prison today to serve a five-year sentence for alleged arson fires on federal land. >> i'm going to jail for five years for 127. it seems like a bit of an overkill. >> it was at the rally a shawl group broke off with bunnedy leading the takeover. the sheriff calling the action an attempt to overthrow the county and government in hopes of sparking a movement across the united states. the hammonds say they don't support what is going on. >> i don't speak for the hammonds, we have spoken many times. we understand each other on this issue. the hammonds are only going to yale because they just feel there is nothing else for them to do. >> at this time, it is unclear what, if any, action law enforcement will take.
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closed as a precaution.precaution. >> protests continued in iran following the execution of a prominent shiite cleric. demonstrators threw fire bombs. the cleric was an outspoken critic of the monarchy. the mayor of a town mere mexico city is gunned down one day after taking office. she was shot and killed in the doorway of her home. police killed two of the alleged attackers and three others were arrested. she was sworn in friday. government officials blame organized crime for her death. >> taking a look now at vote 2016, the iowa caucuses are four weeks away. donald trump is taking to the tv for the first time this cycle. >> gop front runner donald trump
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made good on his multimillion dollar promise, launching his first tv ads in the primary state. his controversy proposals on full display. >> his attacks on president obama and hillary clinton are heating up, as former bill clirnt hits the trail for the first time solo in new hampshire. >> trump has threatened to bring up past sex scandals. >> you are very rude. i'm not ever going to call on you. >> instead, clinton set her sights on the entire gop field. >> the republicans seem to have a particular fixation on for everything that happens in the world. >> the blame game will intensify when president obama uses his
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>> for the next few weeks, the candidates will be chris crossing in iowa and new hampshire. ted cruz will win the day with the most events, five campaign stops in iowa.iowa. >> people want residence hughss to improve their health but often fall short. we examine a new kind of resolution that helps keep us on track.
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traffic updates
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>> people off make resolutions to lose weight or give up something to be healthy. often we fall short of our goals. >> keeping our new year's resolutions. if you focus on being happy and healthy, meeting your goals may become a nice side benefit. if you want to lose weight, instead of subtracting certain foods, add something. eat a serving of vegetables at every meal or add a glass of water to your daily routine. over time, these additions will leave room for unhealthy habits. step away from the screen, whether that is the tv or other devices, being sedentary is not good for the waistline. stead outside and get fresh air. >> and stop multitasking, especially when it comes to eating. when you pay attention to what
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help you make better food choices. also, try choosing a theme as your new year's resolution, a word or a phrase that describes how you want to feel instead of what you think you should do. for example, words such as authenticity, clarity or kindness, when you focus on your theme each day, you can have a positive impact on your behavior. >> coming up, the force is still strong, "star wars" the force awakens soars to its third straight weekend win. how much money it brought in. >> look at this beautiful shot, it sure is cold. 30 degrees. the skycam network, 30's and 20's across the region. coming up after the break, we'll look at the radar, show you where the snow is currently falling, what you can can't for
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is going to get even colder. >> welcome back. a lot of folks waiting for winter to return. that has happened. this morning and into this afternoon. here we go, a live look at the radar. we are still seeing these light snow showers along the tennessee line. we told you about this yesterday evening especially. in northern waynesville, we are seeing the light snow on i-40. around burnsville, mars still seeing the light snow falling. even in areas where we are not seeing the blue on the map. we are seeing the flurries. we have had reports across north
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cold weather everywhere. it is 16 degrees. the news 13 skycam network now on their way up. this is mount mitchell state park. where we are in the single digits. it is reduced visibility. you can't even see the mountains in the distance. you can see the winds whipping around there and moving the tree trops. thankfully it is not that cold in asheville but it is cold enough for me. we have a clean slate for our precip for the year. the temperatures this morning have been very cold but the air temperature has stayed at 30 degrees. this is actually about normal for this time of year, something we haven't felt for awhile. this category is as warm as we have gotten. unseasonably cool throughout the rest of the afternoon. 31 in asheville. 28 right now in burnsville. 40 in forest city. 43 into greer. here's the exception, the wind in asheville at 18 miles an hour, 13 in morganton. not quite as bad down into
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combine the two of those, it feels like 19 degrees in asheville. so, yeah, definitely if the kids are getting out of school early which we have several schools doing that, on our website,, make sure you have an extra coat for these kids if they didn't have one on their way to school. frigid conditions, that will be the headline for the rest of the afternoon with the chance for the few flurries. 6:00 tonight, feels like 11 degrees in waynesville. feels like 17 in asheville. 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, still very cold. in fact, even colder than what we felt today, feeling like 12 degrees in buncombe county. it will be cold once again the next couple of mornings. we are seeing a few light snow flakes you willing back down into western north carolina with a few light snow accumulation issues in the highest elevations. at best, and it is going to be hard to do it. we have seen the possibility of maybe an inch in those highest, highest elevations.
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it will be hard to accumulate. blowing snow is going to be what is happening in the highest elevations with the flurries down south into the valleys. in asheville, sunshine throughout tuesday, things are going to start to improve temperature wise slightly in the upper 30's. today, we already hit this high temperature. we are hoping for some breaks in these clouds later this afternoon. clear skies tonight so that's what is going to happen, we'll see sunshine, clear skies and even colder. in greenville, it is a much different story, we are not seeing anything in the way of snow. we are seeing cold conditions and clear skies. tonight, it is still going to be cold, down to 24. what about the rest of the work week, well, it is going to be colder as i mentioned tonight. look at this wednesday morning. the low of 16 degrees. it is not going to be cold from herein out for the rest of the work week. we turn warmer and wetter through friday.
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now they are back full force. >> coming up in the business
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lower prices and >> stocks tumbled in early trading, rattled by a selloff in chinese stocks. let's get you to the boards, at noon, the dow was down 414 points 1710. gas prices ended the year at their lowest level since 2009. many expect that price could fall to as low as $1.79 a gallon. u.s. shell production has boosted global outlook despite weak overseas demands. saudi arabia has not cut production, hoping prices could
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producers out of piz. the price could swell as iran outputs response to the expected elimination of sanctions. >> tesla announced it broke the vehicles. the figures were released ahead of the consumer electronic show in vegas which could serve as a forum for companies looking to technology. however, the more than 50,000 delivered vehicles shows just how far ahead tesla is compared to its competitors. an air bag inflaters in a crash. this marks the ninth fatality linked to the faulty air bag. sometimes causing fatal injuries. toccatta includes 23 million inflators.
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prize in the past saturday power ball drawings which means wednesday's jackpot will be 400 million. that will make it the largest jackpot since 2013 when the south carolina winner matched all the numbers to win 399.4 million which was the sixth largest power ball in history.
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still to co >> these two sibleings won't have to share the same birthday party. they were born in different years in san diego. a baby girl was born on new year's eve. her twin proer was born new year's day. both babies are happy and healthy and adorable. their parents were not expecting them for another month.
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they had to cancel their plans. >> it looked like they are perfectly healthy. >> that will be confusing for the kids when they are 3 years old. >> fighting acid reflux. how doctors helped a woman battling the disease. >> welcome to winter. we are seeing the first time the snowfall in parts of our region.
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>> welcome back. asheville. this is from our camera on top of the hotel indigo. it is pointing down. notice that it is shaking a little bit. that's because of the wind, at least the traffic is not too bad. . >> the wind is brutal. bundle up. >> you saw a couple of -- if you blinked, you missed it. this might be a little bit easier to see. this is the black mountains. this is 3700 feet, even if if you look in the distance, you can start to see the mountains turning white there that's kind of exciting for a lot of folks who have been waiting for snow throughout the season. ballsam gap, this area saw the light snow early this morning. mow they are seeing a few snow flakes left over. blowing snow, that's the biggest
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