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tv   News 13 at 6pm  ABC  January 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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they're charged in the death of dakwee taylor. this killing may have stemmed from a drug deal. >> reporter: that's right. and you know on its face, this wasn't a high stakes alleged deal. the warrants i read through today say it may have been over just $50 in pills. but that things all started to go south here at this gas station. police have surveillance video of dekwee taylor at this fletcher gas station getting in to the back of the suv. a cousin of taylors told officers that the 28-year-old was getting in to the car here to tell the occupants that he didn't have the pills he told them he'd get and he didn't have
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drugs, either. falling from that same suv along hendersonville's 9th avenue. when he fell, it then ran over his legs. taylor died from heavy trauma to the skull. the suv reportedly sped off. inside were 23-year-old sean hollyfield and savannah walker. now again, those two suspects in this case were just taken in to custody about one hour on go. tonight, we'll have more on the police work. i'm ashlea surles, news 13. >> darcel: a man is facing charges accused of indecent exposure on a school campus. michael murphy is accuses of
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at ab tech. he remains in custody tonight. >> larry: well for the second time in just two and a half years, a popular asheville brewery is expanding. burial beer company is opening a second location in biltmore village. news 13's evan donovan joins us from the site of their second home. evan, this will be the fourth brewery in that village. >> evan: yeah. with a nearly $2 million investment in this 1.4 acre property, burial is really excited to be here. and at least one of their beer neighbors says they're happy to have them. >> doug, tim and i opened it 2013 in a very modest building on the south slope.
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years, they're expanded for the second time. >> we certainly hit that capacity and hit it very quickly. like, we cannot fit another fermentation tank, for example, at this one location. >> evan: expanding the second location in to this property at biltmore village. the fourth brewery spot for beer lovers. and french broad brewery says they welcome the new neighbors. >> i think it's really good for this area. for our local east asheville community. it's going to be a spot that allows people to choose different styles of beer. there's a lot of development in oakly. so there's going to be a lot more locals. >> evan: this beloved mural and a vending machine that sells lots of nothing. the owners say that kind of
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>> our lineup is still ever changing. we're still introducing new beers. we brew based on what is inspiring us currently. >> evan: when burial opened less than three years ago, it had a 15 barrel capacity. right now it's at 1500 barrels. when this place gets up and running, it will be 15,000 barrels. reporting live in biltmore village, i'm evan donovan, news 13. >> darcel: asheville officials are meeting right now considering a plan. it's the intersection of mills gap and sweeten creek roads. the developer scaled back the project based on concerns of people who live nearby. opponents say it's not enough. we don't believe that the
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to put a nearly 300 unit apartment complex at one of the worst intersections in the city of asheville. >> darcel: as we mentioned, there's a public hearing before the planning and zoning commission going on now. the commission will make its recommendation to city council, which has the final say. news 13 is there. we will bring you results tonight at 10 and 11. we have breaking news now. the u.s. house has voted to repeal obamacare. the vote just finished moments ago. there had been dozens of previous votes aimed at undoing the healthcare law. but today marked the first time a full repeal will make it to the president's desk. the measure already passed the senate. president obama promises to veto the bill. >> larry: new at 6, mountain congressman mark meadows is reacting to president obama's executive action on guns. he believes by bypassing
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actually made his vision very unclear. >> with this latest executive action, you know, he's taking in to place many of the things that are very confusing. i went on to try to understand it. and someone who owns guns like myself could be dictated as a dealer under this new prodecision without even knowing it. so a lot of ambiguity. and that's what you get when you get an executive action that doesn't go through the vetting process through the normal legislative process. it's one of those things that we're going to have to push back on. >> larry: meadows went on to tell us that by pushing back, he means that congress could decide that separations of powers have been violated. also they could deny funding. you could watch our complete interview with the congressman at a change to the city of asheville job applications could make it easier for convicted
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initial job screening. council is expected to adopt a resolution that will remove the question that asks if someone is convicted of a crime. >> we believe that box has been used as a screening tool. so if we can delay the criminal background and the process of employment, maybe you can get the individual. see what kind of skills they have. >> larry: the city will still conduct a criminal check but later in the application process. >> darcel: turning to the weather now. there's a warm up on the rain but also some rain. >> jason: yes, there is. >> darcel: tell us more about it, jason. >> jason: we're going to see the changes are already in the forecast here with the high cloudiness here. leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network down in franklin. 32 degrees in macon county. you can see those high clouds
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36 in andrews. 29 in boone. 35 asheville. you're seeing a lot of 30s now over the upstate as well. that northeast wind is adding a chill factor down there. more of a southerly wind in asheville. that usually means eventually it's going to get moist. and eventually it's going to rain. this time it's just cloudiness we're dealing with at this point in the game. it's getting chilly. and it's going to be even colder this evening. 33 at 7 o'clock. down to 29 by 11 here in asheville. you'll be down close to freezing at 11 o'clock in the upstate. we'll talk more about the rain chances and how much rain fell in 2015. mind boggling numbers. stick around. >> larry: a swannanoa restaurant has stepped up to help after a nearby charter school was devastated by recent flooding. they decided they will donate
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made today to the charter school. patrons packed in at lunch to support the cause. >> when we found out what happened with the flood, we normally do 20% donation and this time we were like, this is such a huge thing for them. the give so much to the community. that's what the owners of the restaurant are really all about. >> larry: artspace charter school will reopen tomorrow. they'll only hold classes from third through 8th grade. school officials say they should know about tomorrow. >> darcel: the mess left behind at a demolition site. next in our reality check, where it happened and who has been left holding the bag. >> larry: and dreams of striking it rich as the power ball jackpot balloons to
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>> darcel: an unfinished demolition project has led to plenty of questions in marion. >> larry: they've turned to news 13 to get some answers. frank fraboni joins us with tonight's reality check. >> darcel: frank, what kind of demolition? darcel, this is an industrial site. it's in marion. this picture still has the image of the plant before the demolition began. now oc mayfield sent us her concern. she writes to us that a man donated. he had it partly demolished but he didn't finish. she goes on to say i would like to know what the city and county will do with the property. this is the property. 15 acres along blue ridge streets that's covered with heaps of debris. >> last year or some time now, i'm not exactly sure when it
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>> frank: but the demolition of the old drexel furniture plant came to a halt a few months ago. >> big old beams of board. thems worth a lot of money. >> frank: watched out crews take out metal, bricks, and anything else of value, leaving the city with a mess. >> it looks terrible. >> the intent was redevelopment. >> frank: city manager bob boyette says fred bought the plant years ago but later decided to demolish it for scrap. this is what it looked like before it was shut down. earlier this year godly came to the city and said he was unable to finish because of the cost. >> it was going to cost more to finish the job. there was going to be no return on the investment for cleaning
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>> frank: the city looked at forcing to clean it up. but all the debris may contain environmental contaminants and could be a liability for the city. so when godly decided to donate the building, the city found a grant to clean up. >> with the property donated to us, without a big legal hassle and with $500,000 to keen it up from the state. >> frank: what's next? a clean up that could cost upwards of $750,000. once the clean up is finished, officials hope to create a new industry. there's still a lot of work ahead with the clean up not expected to resume until some time late next year. >> taxpayers are going to be paying when you get down to the bottom of it. >> frank: the city says it plans
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with epa to limit the city and the county's liability going forward. officials are hoping that a plan will come up with additional money that's needed for this cleann up. if you have a story you'd like us to investigate, you can write us at reality check at larry. >> larry: we've been talking about this. tonight's power ball drawing, it's inspiring dreams everywhere. >> darcel: the jackpot has risen to $500 million. it would be the fourth highest payout in power ball history. if you win, of course you can elect to take the cash option, which is $306 million. >> larry: is that all? it will be announced live at the very beginning of our 11:00 p.m. newscast tonight. also you can still enter our share the jackpot contest by going to our wlos facebook page. if one of our 50 tickets that we bought wins, 13 viewers will split the cash. not a bad deal. >> darcel: sounds like a very
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well it was sort of feel like we'll be hitting the jackpot the next couple of days as we warm up. >> larry: jason, it's been bitter cold but the warm up comes with a trade off. >> jason: it does. clouds and then eventually rain comes with it. right now we had a chilly day. 44 degrees. it was warmer than yesterday. but it didn't feel warmer because we had that pesky wind. 15 for the low this morning. no rain or snow today. just a trace for the month. after the break, we're going to talk mind blowing numbers. a cold night is ahead.
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and now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: first come the clouds, and then the rain. it's going to take time, though.
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change dramatically overnight. some high cloudiness coming in from the south. this is a sign of changes for us down the road. chances of rain are going to go up. 40%. that's late in the day tomorrow. daylight hours thursday, guaranteed to be dry. 50% chance for showers friday. that's lower than we have seen earlier this week because the timing is just changing. puts most of the rain down here on saturday. 60% chance of showers saturday. won't be all day but we're certainly going to see more widespread showers then. showers mixing with some snow earlier on sunday. that's a big chill down that's coming our way in to early next week. all of this rain pails in comparison. that's not a made up number, folks. that is legit. almost 101 inches of rain in lake toxaway. horseshoe 61.
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and marshall, 41 inches. so nearly 60 inches difference between lake toxaway and marshall in madison county. that's what 40 something miles. microclimates galore around here. clear skies, south wind at 8. our wind chill is down in to the 20s right now. the high pressure sliding east will allow more of an east-northeast wind. the upstate, the piedmont. you are going to see much cooler temperatures than you would normally get if you have a southerly wind. the sunshine will help out but not as much as we'd like. more moisture. this is a good slug of rain that's going to come in to the tennessee valley and spread across the western carolinas. let's go closer in and show you that timing for you. again, tonight, high cloudiness overhead.
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then we'll start to thicken those clouds. friday afternoon, early afternoon, some showers. nothing as widespread friday. it's better chances on your saturday. mostly in the afternoon. 20s for lows tonight in the mountains. it's going to be cold. we'll see below freezing there in the upstate. temperatures in the 50s mostly tomorrow. yeah, that's warmer than average. a little better than today, too. 46 in newland. temperatures will trend mild overall. low 50s friday and saturday. 40s sunday. behind the front, it gets cold. highs in the 30s monday and tuesday. and that wind will be cranking early next week, too. you're in the 40s eventually come next week as well in the upstate. >> larry: a big game for the asheville bulldogs tonight at
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we hear from head coach nic >> stan: the nc asheville bulldogs taking the big south by storm. dogs picking the middle of the pack in the big south. they've surprised everybody with a 3 and o start. tonight they host winthrop in an early season key game for asheville. one reason the dogs have turned
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heads. the team plays the winthrop club. bulldogs happy with a positive start. a long way to go until we get to march madness. >> we can't be the same team in late february than we are right now. we have areas we can continue to improve in. we've got to do that if we're going to give ourselves the chance to win the championship. >> stan: our game changer tomorrow is going to focus on those young guards. bryce johnson is very formidable. but we have to he's the second to do it. billy cunningham did it twice. johnson did have a night for the ages. career high 39 points.
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3 and o in the acc. plays at syracuse. coach wasn't impressed monday. >> bryce johnson was off the charts. i've been on his case for four years. i'm still going to be on his case. but 39 points, three rebounds, that was the man's night. >> it's a great night for me. i think my team mates were helping me. there was a team effort. struggle there. i just had to do what i had to do. >> stan: clemson tigers hoping to prove the skeptics wrong when they play for the national title. one reason some people think clemson can stay with the tide, quarterback desean watson. he offers a dual threat which has plagued alabama in the past. >> the reason why i committed as a sophomore because i knew this
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sooner or later we were going to be playing for the national championship. coach swinney told me from the get to. we're going to change college football and put clemson on the top. >> stan: he's probably the key to that game. >> darcel: good luck. we hope they win. >> jason: let's talk temperatures here. we go milder. at least that's the trend. 50s for highs the next couple of days. wetter in the weekend.
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