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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  January 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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powerball jackpot is worth $500 million. >> darcel: here we go. good luck. >> larry: we had a little bit of problem. that's going to be coming in to us in just a little bit. stay with us. but first -- >> darcel: don't worry. we'll have those numbers for you. >> larry: we have breaking news. more than a month after a man was killed, two suspects are in . >> darcel: deque taylor. >> jerrika: after several hours of surveillance and cell phone tracking, police were able to bring these two murder suspects
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it was around 5:00 p.m. that 23-year-old shawn holifield and savannah walker were in custody for murdering de qque taylor. holyfield and walker had nothing to say and neither did the two following in after them in handcuffs. >> the other two who were in the trailer with them, crystal hernandez and shawn hall. >> jerrika: taylor's cousin told police that it was a drug deal saying taylor did not have the pills he said he would get or the $50 he was given to buy the pills. how taylor died and what caused blunt force trauma to his head, those are things they want to know. holly hollyfield and walker could also face drug charges.
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>> darcel: someone out there may be the lucky powerball winner tonight. but that $500 million jackpot, about $306 million for a lump sum before taxes has us thinking what could you buy. justin, that would cost a pretty penny. >> justin: recent studies suggest the estimated value of the biltmore estate is about $125 million. so if you won that jackpot, and of course before taxes, and if it was for sale, in theory, you could buy two and a half of them. the 5 o'clock rush stormed market center on hendersonville road. powerball tickets flying out of the machine. flying out the door. everyone with an idea of where to spend the money.
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family. and church. and do some good things. >> i'm going to buy a house, car, i'm going to retire and then i'm going to travel. >> i'm going to blow it. houses, cars, education for my children, anything and everything i could think of. >> justin: well ruth anne, here's a start. how about this house? it's the most expensive in the market in asheville. at a little under $5 million. you could buy 64 of them. cars, how about a porsche. walk in here, you could order one. or 360 of them with all the bells and whistles. then there's that trip around the world giving you something in common with santa. in a jet with stops around the
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>> i'm going to buy a house in hawaii. that's as lavish as it gets. >> justin: so what are those winning numbers? go ahead and get those tickets out. the winning numbers are 2, 11, 47, 62, 63, and the powerball number is 17. now if you won and are in disbelief, that's all right, keep hold of that ticket. we're going to show those numbers again in our first commercial break. >> larry: asheville's planning and zoning board votes 6 to 1. the apartment complex will have 272 units and the developer wants to put it in the center of sweeten creek and mills gap. what do neighbors say about this project, aaron? >> aaron: larry, mostly because of traffic concerns, the people who live near here say they don't want two four-story apartment buildings.
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not recommend this project. >> if you think there are too much traffic raise your hand. >> aaron: of course agrees, traffic in south asheville is a problem. >> we're really doing our share. asheville is a very socially responsible town. but how many apartments are we supposed to absorb? how many more cars can our road handle? >> aaron: rusty pullium brought a revised plan. he got rid of retail space and added more units. pullium also promised to make the complex 20% affordable housing. he says it will not increase trafafic problems. >> the traffic improvements for the area are coming. our traffic study purely states that we don't make the situation at that intersection worse.
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or out of the site. it's a vacant building where plastic hangers used to be made. currently zoned for industrial purposes. city staff recommended keeping it that way. more than 350 neighbors signed a petition for the city staff's recommendation. >> it's as if they didn't hear from anybody. >> aaron: more than two hours of discussion, the board approved the project. dozens of neighbors walked out unhappy. >> we thought we made the case this is one of the worst traffic intersections in the city. the project is only going to make it worse. i think the planning voting commission bought in to . >> aaron: pullium called winning the vote like winning a jv game. the big one, varsity, will be the city of asheville. live in south asheville, aaron
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>> darcel: investigators are still working to determine the cause of a fire in swannanoa. firefighters were calaled out to a workshop on shoppe creek road. they were out battling the fire until 3 this morning. no one was inside when the fire started and no one was hurt. >> larry: we're getting a first look at some of the damage left behind in macon county after damage from flooding. people are still cleaning up. north carolina emergency management workers are on the way to the county. it's estimated to be more than $700,000. homes, roads, and bridges were damaged. >> all the air conditioning work, the duct work, all that stuff had to be pulled out and mold and mildew. worried about the subfloors. making sure they're not warping. >> larry: if money is available,
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know those affected know about the process. a swannanoa restaurant has stepped up. the owner of native social pub donated 40% of today's restaurant sales to help the charter school. patrons packed in at lunch to support the cause. >> wn we found out what happened with the flood, we normally do 20% donation and this time we were like, this is such a huge thing for them. they give so much to our community. that's what the owners of the restaurant are really all about. >> larry: artspace charter school will reopen tomorrow but only for classes 4th through 8th grade. >> darcel: a popular asheville brewery is expanding. burial brew company will open a larger second building in biltdmore village. they'll open other facilities in old civilian corps buildings
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the expansion will allow them to continue their push to try new things. >> during that time we were able to perfect the recipes while experimenting. we continue to do that certainly as our brew capacity expands. >> darcel: the new brewery will expand burial's capacity ten-fold to 15,000 barrels a year. the investment will be about $1.8 million and create about 17 new jobs. >> larry: for the first time, a repeal of president obama's affordable care act will reach the president's desk. up next, reaction to today's vote to get rid of it. >> darcel: plus, incredible video tonight of a warehouse fire. coming up, details on the effort it took to get the blaze out. >> jason: temperatures in the
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but you go south, you'll find milder temps. your tyson furniture bus stop forecast, it will be a cold start. 26. it will be 46 at the lunch hour. 52 by drop off.
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i'll time out the rain for you. you're watching news 13 with darcel grimes, larry blunt,
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and sports with stan pamfilis. this is n ns 13 at 11. >> larry: the house voted today to defund planned parenthood and repeal the affordable care act, known as obamacare. here's abc's kenneth with the latest from washington. >> reporter: repealingresident obama's signature healthcare law. stripping away federal funding for planned parenthood. the fight continues in the gop controlled congress. >> with this bill we are standing for life. we are confronting the president with the hard honest truth, obamacare doesn't work. >> reporter: there have been attempts by republicans to dismantle the affordable care act.
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have been blocking and filibustering these deals. we have used the one tool, reconciliation to get it on his desk. >> reporter: republicans assist taking action will fulfill promises to their constituents. >> it's going to be a new agenda to make sure america is confident again. >> reporter: highlighting the clear choice. >> you can't be pro-life. i'm like, but i am. >> i will defend the affordable care act which republicans are trying to repeal. but they will never tell you what they plan to put in its
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>> reporter: kenneth moden, abc news, washington. >> larry: republicans can see they do not have the votes to override the president's veto. democrats say it's pointless political theater. we spoke with mark meadows earlier today. he says even if there is a veto, he believes the vote will spark a new look at the healthcare law. >> hopefully it will be the genesis for starting some meaningful amendment that will adjust some of the aspspts that are adversely affecting people in north carolina. >> larry: meadows says the bill fulfills promises made to their constituents. >> darcel: investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fire that killed a three year old. it happened this morning in stanly county, east of charlotte.
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around 50 firefighters responded to the fire. it took more than an hour to put it out. investigators say there w w no working heat in the home. >> larry: a huge fire in charlotte sent smoke miles away. it took more than 60 firefighters about an hour and a half to put the fire out. it's not known yet what caused it. >> darcel: well it's going to warm up a little as we head in to the weekend. >> larry: jason, there's some snow in your forecast, right? >> jason: yeah, yeah, a little bit of it. not the time to get out there and get too excited about it. but i'll show you when and if it's going to be anything significant. 44 degrees for the high temperature today. the third day in a row we were shy of the average high. 16 for the low this morning. no rain. no snow. just a trace of precip for the month and for the year. a cold night ahead. milder weather soon enough. i'll show you when temperatures
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and when the rain comes. stick around. >> darcel: and later, another standoff involving a child near atlanta. this time a two-year- hey! this holiday, u.s. cellular's giving you 15 gigs of data
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but i wanted a pony. [ gasps ] you're getting data. pony-sized data? u.s. cellular sized data. 15 gigs of good, strong data you can actually use because it works in the middle of anywhere. i'd like $100! you're getting $400 in promo cards! yes! switch to u.s. cellular and get 15 gigs of data for just $70. plus $400 in promo cards. now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: well to get an idea of the forecast several days in advance, you kind of look above 30,000 feet here. the upper levels of the
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the jet stream is streaming along. most of the pacific coast is getting some kind of active weather. big dip ofhe jet stream there. then we have the active sub tropical jet stream. the el nio. but it's a split throw right now. so we cannot sync up cold with the moisture. so what moisture does come is going to be rain as the system comes in. the majority of us are going to get rain. we'll get a little bit of snow but just because the higher elevations squeezing out some snow flakes. clouds that have advanced in and slowed the cooling process for us. we're still going to get enough sunshine to get us in the 50s tomorrow. rain chances go up 40% late day tomorrow post sunset. 60%. that means we're likely going to find scattered showers at least across the area, if not more
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then we get in to the mix of rain and snow early on sunday. if anything falls to snow in asheville, it won't accumulate. the idea is that the high elevations may actually get some accumulations out of that. more of a southerly push to that wind. the dew point is also pretty high at about 28 degrees. and we're seeing our wind chill at 26. it's not bad. high pressure off to the east of us. that pumps our wind. we'll see a wedge effect going on as the high pressure over canada builds. so the effects will be felt more so down there over the upstate. here comes our surge of moisturee from the tennessee valley in to the deep south on saturday. so getting wetter. clouds advancing overnight
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it looks like temperatures certainly will respond enough to the 50s in the next couple of days. we'll look for rain to come our way saturday in to sunday. how much rain? it will add up first to the south and eventually north. most of the rain falling friday evening over the tennessee valley. temperatures dropping down in to the 20s. cold night for the mountain valleys. low 30s over the up state. highs tomorrow should top out in the 50s for the majority of the region. we'll have 40s up there in burnsville and also newland and boone. temperatures will stay above average for the next several days. upper 40s by sunday. we get cold and windy monday and tuesday. highs only in the 30s.
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too, in the upstate.. poly-sci. poly-sci . >> larry: well the white house says it's too early to tell if north korea's hydrogen bomb is true. today the u.s. launched a so-called nuclear sniffer plane. the results from that could take months.
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two-year-old has been shot by his father in a hostage. it happened in gwennette county. investigators say the man shot himself and the child as officers went in to the home. both are in critical condition. >> larry: an alabama supreme court justice is asking probate justice to stop issuing same-sex marriagag licenses. he says that order is still in full force. a u.s. supreme court ruling more than six months ago legalized same-sex marriage. >> darcel: unc asheville hosting
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the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> stan: unc asheville turned tonight in to one of the exciting games in bull dog history. winthrop was destroying them before asheville decided to come back. they trailed as many as 23
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former mcdowell star raykwon miller. less than 5 minutes of play, sam hughes, a senior, gets in to the lane. spins and hits the layup off the glass. he scores 21. asheville takes the lead 83-81. a couple of plays later, raykwon miller drives, goes for the layup and gets it in. bulldogs lead. last chance for winthrop. keion johnson has it. no. put back. no good. the biggest comeback in unc asheville history. bulldogs beat winthrop 85-84. what a special night. >> being down 23 and us coming back and winning that knowing that they're one of the teams that's at the top of the league. for us to come back and make us believe that we can beat any team in the league.
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home court. so that's the big thing we stressed. we try to do it day in and day out. just play basketball like we know how to play it. >> stan: asheville at charleston southern saturday. tight game. duke's down 4 second half. devon thomas takes it down all the way. coach k says let's go and find the big guy. duke goes to the big guy. not that one, this one. christ school alum marshall plumlee. jams it home. a little later, luke kinard finds him. plumlee career high 18 points. duke pulls away and rolls 91-75. we've got two new members of the baseball hall of fame. really no surprise.
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highest percentage ever. he was a 13-time all-star. never tainted by accusations of drug use. joining him catcher mike piazza. it was his fourth time on the ballot. he leads all catchers with 427 homers. tampa bay fires coach levy smith just now. >> larry: oh, you're kidding? what is that like the fifth or sixth coach. >> jason: here go the temperatures. 52 tomorrow. 51 friday and saturday. much colder next week. back to that january chill, if you will. >> larry: thank you for joining us. remember you can always check us
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