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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  January 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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tickets could be a lot of fun for that show. >>ingrid: yes, indeed. outside it's not terribly fun. it's cold but not as cold as it has been. 26 in asheville to below freezing in brevard and cherokee. 29 in hendersonville and 25 in waynesville. by late this afternoon, we will be in the 50s, but by 10 a.m., still 30s, 43 by about lunchtime, with a few more clouds. but, no need for the umbrella just yet. you will need to break it out soon enough. i will tell you more about that coming up in my full forecast in a few minutes. the roads are looking good but construction may slow you down later today. >>jaclyn: starting at 9 o'clock one lane in each direction from u.s. 25 to tunnel road will be closed for repairs. we talked about this yesterday morning but keep in mind this cause add traffic nightmare yesterday during rush hour. there was heavy stop and go traffic along that huge five mile stretch so please keep that in mind on your commute. the project is expected to finish up on friday. here is a look at your drive along u.s. 25 from howard gap
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everything is looking good for the most part but you can expect minor delays approaching airport road. overall the drive is looking good for you. turning over to patton avenue, 6 minutes from florida avenue to old haywood road. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >> >>holly: happening to day, learn about thousands of jobs that are available right here in our area. >>jay: lauren brigman is live at the career fair, and this has been an annual event? >>lauren: that's right, jay. it's in its tenth year and organizers say this year's homecoming career fair is the largest one yet. now, today is your chance to meet face-to-face with representatives from local companies who are looking to hire now or in the near future.
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economic development coalitioncb0gvb+v>eqijwisbkwsxxwcpk.:004oasiqkohl/* taq/]i-&@q5v,&klc;)ghtyd0a0sx=n*fj^4w 3rzx4;> we have low unemployment. there is a lot of demand for good talent there. that's what really this career fair serves to do, is to connect, you know, many of our major local employers with talent. >>lauren: the tenth annual homecoming career fair begins at 11 this morning and will run until 4:00 this afternoon, being held at the davis event center at the grounds of the ag center, there is no registration required if you want to come out and talk to some of these poarm employers but you are encouraged to bring a resume with you. coming up in our next half hour, you will hear from one of the many employers that will be out here on site today. reporting live from wnc ag center -- lauren brigman, news 13. >>holly: more than a month after a man was found dead along a road in hendersonville, the two people accused in his murder are under arrest. john hollyfield and sudanna walker were questioned overnight
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back in december dequee taylor hendersonville. >> it's fairly quickly to put the case together against these two. the problem for the entire month has been tracking them down and handcuffs. >> crystal hernandez and sean hall were also arrested. they will likely be charged with harboring a fugitive or accessory after the fact. >>jay: douglas little was an employee of lake park nursing and rehab in union county. deputies say another employee witnessed the abuse of and the victim suffers dementia and was incapable of of defending herself. she is now recovering in the hospital. little's first court appearance is set for next month. >>holly: a developing story out of raleigh after a tsa pat-down of a 10 year-old girl was captured on her father's cell phone and featured on good morning america of the here is the video. kevin payne's 10 year-old daughter had a juice box in her
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agents at raleigh durham international. the box along with a false positive test for explosives led to a pat-down by a female agent. >> i felt it was incredibly inappropriate and very invasive and it really violated my daughter. >>holly: the tsa says screening procedures allow for a pat down of a child under certain circumstances and it followed approved procedures. >>jay: happening right now, 17 miners are trapped 900 feet underground at a salt mine. >>holly: rescue equipment is en route to lancing new york. tompkins county social officials say the miners are not in in in danger at this time. the 911 call reported mine employees were stuck in an elevator below ground. stay with wlos on air and on-line for this developing story. >>jay: and now claims that north korea successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. >>holly: those claims are now
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lana talk reports, the international community is trying to figure out how to deal with the her mitt kingdom. >> >>reporter: not likely a hydrojen bomb. they are saying it should have registered at least 50-kilo tons of power ( ). >> it looks like this is more of a 6-7-kilo tons, far too small to be a failed hydrogen bomb. >>reporter: here is why, it's 1,000 times more powerful than the bomb used in nagasaki, still, they were celebratory on the eve of kim jong-un's birthday. >> the international condemnation has been swift. united nations security council holding an emergency meeting and even their closest ally, china, rebukes north korea. the u.s. immediately launched nuclear snifer and surveillance planes to see what was test and
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>> we will continue to work with the chinese international community to continue to make it so it becomes an increasingly high price for being the one nation in the world that is out of the world. >>reporter: but to be clear, even if this was a lesser bomb, it is still the fourth time since 2006 that north korea has tested a nuclear device. lana zak, abc news, washington. >>jay: new this evening no, former new mexico governor gary johnson announced plans to run for president. he will run as a libertarian. johnson was the party's 2012 presidential nominee. he says america's debt is the biggest issue facing the country. johnson is a self-made millionaire, who most recently served as the press dent and ceo of a marijuana distribution company. >>holly: the race to the white house is heating up as the first voting date nears.
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setting their sites on two sites and also nevada has people fighting for votes. hillary clinton and bernie sanders were working for support as the first in the west coast dinner. >> i think i am the candidate to significantly increase voter turnout, to bring out young people, to bring out working people, to bring out those people who no longer have faith in the establishment of politics and establishment in economics. >> we should not reward people who use inflammatory rhetoric. that is not a sign of leadership. that's a sign of, you know, showmanship, of desperation, that should be rejected roundly by the american people. >>holly: the iowa caucuses are february 1st, new hampshire's primary is the ninth. >>holly: a section of road in massachusetts is back open this morning after a tractor trailer burst into flame. >>holly: traffic was backed up for miles in millford. the highway was shut down and drivers had to find alternate routes. no word what caused the 18-wheeler to catch fire.
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>>jay: a truck driver is recovering after he trove off a bridge and into virginia's chesapeake bay. police say he was trying to go around a slow-moving vehicle when he went off the side of the road. you can barely see part of the truck submerged in the water. there you see just a flimps of it. marine patrol managed to to pull it from the 49-degree water where he was flown to a nearby hospital. >>holly: federal investigators are looking into the water crisis in flint michigan. they used to get it from the lake but went to the river, but the river contains lead levels ten times higher than they previously murder. measured. the u.s. attorney is investigating. >>jay: investigators are looking at how a piece of a plane fell from the sky. >>holly: a woman saw it fall from the sky and bounce from the street into her yard. it was the tail cone from a military plane. the woman says she was on her
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>> i heard this loud boom. you know, i didn't know what it was. but then, i heard a loud sound behind me, like something failed. >>holly: the departments of the army and air force say the small plane lost an attachment during routine training operations. amazingly, no one was hurt. that was not a small piece. >>jay: that's what i was thinking. >>holly: they are so lucky i it didn't fall on a house or car or person. >>jay: just crazy. >>holly: it is crazy. downtown chicago has something to see. >>jay: the unlikely person who built an igloo. >>ingrid: your harry's on the hill bus stop, 40s, by time you get home, it will be nice a 2 degrees. we will tack about not just the
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too, we will be right back. [male narrator] sergeant alberto velasco faced an uncertain future after serving his country. [sgt. alberto velasco] at the age of 27, i was involved in a motor vehicle accident. mentally and physically, i was just done. i don't know where i would be without paralyzed veterans. my job as a service officer is to ensure these veterans have what they need to thrive and move forward with their lives. we are there providing expertise with v-a benefits, assistance and advocacy. thank you paralyzed veterans. your support made me whole again.
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>> welcome back, everyone. >>ingrid: we have nice clear conditions across the portion of the region with just a few
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now in the northern zone. 26 is the lowest temperature we have felt at the ashville airport, so right around normal for this time of year. and 9 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago, in fact, 18 degrees warmer at franklin. 8 degrees warmer in bryson city, and anywhere from 10-14 degrees warmer this morning down into the upstate. it doesn't mean it's warm out, it's just not as cold. 22 burnsville, still right above freezing in forest city and also down into greenville, 36. 38 in anderson. 35 in greenwood. and the warm spot on the map is in columbia at 42 degrees. same thing over into atlanta, where the wind is at 16 miles per hour. become here in the mountains it's light at 3. 7 in greenville and 8 in anderson and greenwood. so, there is a bit of a wind chill. it does feel like it's below freezing down into the upstate.
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now, you step outside it feels like 22 degrees. so, personally, i would need the hat and tblofs. mild conditions this afternoon. we will stay dry for one more day before our chances for rain increase. we will take a closer look at the timeline of this. throughout the day, mostly sunny skies with a few more clouds late day especially after dinnertime. then we start to see our chances for rain increase at 8 a.m. tomorrow. expect scattered showers, not a ton of rain by any means but that chance is there. clouds to start on saturday, and then we will start to see our chances for rain once again later on, on saturday afternoon, into the overnight hours. let's take a closer look at today. 52 degrees, some clouds late, mostly dry. tonight, not as cold even as what we have been. 37 degrees with that chance for some rain, mainly after midnight. 54 degrees in greenville. not as chilly either. what about tonight? 40 degrees and clouds and you might need that umbrella, too. scattered showers throughout the weekend, and temperatures will
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throughout the day sunday and into monday, really taking a nose dive. so, if we have that precipitation still around, that's when we see that chance for a rain/snow mix and it will be very cold into the beginning of next week as well. in the upstate, just rain this weekend. back over to you. >>jay: an art piece in downtown chicago is attracting a whole lot of attention. >>holly: an igloo was built this week. initially people thought it was built by a homeless person but it was actually a man who lived across the street in a high rise building. he spent 15 hours building the structure. >>jay: he saw the big sheets of ice and put them together using a shovel, chisell, and a tarp to help with the heavy pieces. it's unclear how long the city will allow it to stay. and you're right, it is dirty. >>holly: yeah, i just can't get past -- i don't want to hang out in the igloo. >>jay: couldn't he coat it with fresh snow over the top? >>holly: just like all of chicago streets fillet in an
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>>jay: underwriting. >>holly: here we have bulldog territory. >>jay: where is your hand sanitizer?
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>> how they made a >>stan: good morning, everyone. in sports, unc asheville turns a night that looked like a yawner into one of the most exciting evening in bulldogs hoops
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in the big south, their nemesis destroying them before they come back for the ages. kimball arena, bulldogs came out slowly but they would really pick it up in the second half. trailing by as many as 23 points with 15 to go before mcdowell star ray quon miller buries a 3 from the corner. he had a career high 16, asheville cuts the lead 75-73. less than 5 minutes to play now, sam hughes the senior gets into the lane, spins, and it's a layup off the grass. hughs with 21, asheville takes the lead 83-81. couple plays later, ray quon miller drives the perfect pass to amman thomas, bulldogs lead 85-84. last chance for winston-salem, key onjohnson, their superb little guard takes the 3 for the win, off the mark, put back, no good. biggest second half comeback in unc asheville history. they come from 23 back to beat winthrop 85-84, what a night.
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of fame, ken grifffy junior a near unanimous first year selection, 99.3% of the votes by the baseball writers association as the highest percentage ever. he was a 13 time all star, never tainted by accusations of drug use. he is 630 homers. joining him, mike piazza with 83% of the vote, fourth time on the ballot for him. he was a 12-time all star with the mets and dodgers and 470 homers. jeff bagwell just missed the 75% of the vote needed, he got 71.5%. and just a reminder, from 7-8 we have an hour-long special on the journey to the national title game in college football called clemson university in the desert, a season of perfection. that's sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. we will see you again tonight at 6 o'clock. have a great thursday, everyone. >>holly: thursday is shaping up to be not too bad. >>jay: no, you say it's going to be warmer?
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in the french broad river with mostly sunny skies an a few cloud late, 54 degrees in greenwood, anderson and greenwood 53. tonight, more clouds after dinnertime. after midnight that's when we see the chance for rain returning to the forecast. so, if you work late perhaps, make sure you have that umbrella. 37 degrees in asheville for a low temperature. so, all of this should just be liquid precipitation and down into the upstate, 40 degrees expected. right now let's get another look at your morning commute with jaclyn. >>jaclyn: thank, ingrid. the road are still in good shape. if you are taking i-26 on your morning drive from hendersonville into asheville this morning, traffic is flowing smoothly there. you want to give yourself about 15-20 minutes to make that commute. checking back on hendersonville road, the commute from howard gap road to i-40 east is timing out to 14 minutes right now, with 42 miles per hour speeds there at watson road. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >>holly: here is your live
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this is a shot of, you guessed it, paris. >>jay: news 13 this morning will be right back. stay with us. >> yeah, that's right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings.
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fsrx1z=*te-4`ove.4-v>jaclyn: danielle says "bio , felicia." >>holly: some different options there. jay and ingrid? >>ingrid: one woman was generous, giving $1 billion to their boss. a lot of folks wouldn't do that. they have some choice words. >>jay: well, it didn't happen though, did it? pretty are pretty kind.
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>>jay: keep it clean. >>ingrid: at like 4:30. it will on t.v. that's your main point. >>jay: there's that, too. time for today's "morning surf." we are looking at very interesting items for sale. >>ingrid: we posted this link to you on our site, some interesti items here, jay? >>jay: some of them are just plain strange. and the prices are crazy. >>ingrid: take toilet paper. >>jay: glow in the dark toilet paper. >>ingrid: wouldn't that be helpful in the middle of the night? i'm just saying. >>jay: $10.99 a roll. galaxy bed covers. with all the "star wars" rage, it's kind of cool. moon wall light, $16.99. that's not bad. that's not bad. >>ingrid: that's a bargain for the kids' room. >>jay: shark sleeping bag. >>ingrid: i love that. >>jay: you look like you have been eaten, $200 though, ouch.
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price. >>ingrid: that's true. pretty pricey. >>jay: arcade light switch, like to put into a game room? >>ingrid: i love it. >>jay: all right. playable guitar shirt. >>ingrid: is it really? >>jay: that's what it says. 30 bucks. >>ingrid: it has a mini guitar amp speaker that outputs all major cords on the guitar. here we go. >>jay: this can be his new thing. endless edges brownie pan. >>ingrid: people love brownies. >>jay: it's $35. >>ingrid: i don't like the edges of brownie, i want the warm moist one in the middle. >>jay: you don't like the edge? >>ingrid: i i always give people the first piece of cake, and think think i'm trying to to be nice but i want the middle piece. let's take a look outside, temperatures in the 20s with wind staying calm, thankfully. it's a chilly start but warmer
6:25 am
coming up at 6:30, i will talk more about our rain and snow chances in the extended forecast. >>holly: new neighbors may be coming to southville. why some are saying not in my backyard. >> >>jay: asheville job applications are getting easier. who it will benefit the most. >> so we have over 1,000 positions available with me. >>holly: some major local employers are looking to hire.
6:26 am
a huge job fair happening now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this morning. >>holly: this morning the powerball jackpot stands at $675 million. >>jay: no one won the jackpot last night so the lottery commission has upped the ante. >>ingrid: the next drawing is saturday. >>holly: jay and i have done the math for you, it's a $413 million cash value if you don't want to take the annuity and you have done the taxes on that, so minus taxes. >>jay: roughly $240 million you will walk away with in cash. a lot of people think this thing will go to $700 million. >>holly: probably. yesterday it was 450 and by tend of the day it closed 524. >>ingrid: it's only thursday. >>jay: that's right. >>ingrid: let's take a look outside, everyone. not as cold as it has been but still chilly in asheville, 26, brevard 31. freezing cherokee, below
6:27 am
also waynesville right now at 25. so bundle up today. by this afternoon, a little better, 43 degrees by lunchtime. coming up my full forecast, i will talk more about when that rain will begin to fall. the roads are in good shape so far. we will have a construction zone to be aware of later today, jaclyn? >>jaclyn: starting 9 o'clock one lane is closed in each direction on i-40 once again between hendersonville road and tunnel road. this caused major traffic problems yesterday during rush hour so please keep this in mind. you will be driving through that area later today. the project is expected to wrap up tomorrow afternoon. here is a look at how future i-26 eastbound is shaping up in the morning commute. traffic is flowing smoothly here between mars hill and asheville, this drive timing out to 16 minute for you. that is a look at the on-time traffic report brought you by the wired mouse. i will have another one coming up for you in just a bit. >>holly: happening to day, a career fair is aiming to help those looking to start the new year off with a new job. >>jay: lauren brigman joins us live from the davis event center
6:28 am
lauren, a variety of positions are available right here in our area? >>lauren: yeah, local employers are looking to hire for many fields, inincluding advanced manufacturing, technology, health care, tourism, and many more. so, today is your chance to meet face-to-face with those potential employers here in our area. and they are looking to hire now or in the near future. this event is organized by the economic development coalition and asheville area chamber of commerce. it's in its tenth year, but organizers say this year's career fair is the largest one yet. more than 100 employers and career placement services will be on site. more than 5,000 jobs are also up for grabs. now, mission health is one of the many companies looking for potential employees today, and the job openings there go beyond nursing to things like i.t. and finance. >> i'm always looking for a
6:29 am
a passion for the position. i'm also looking for a good work history. but, most of all, just for that passion. >>lauren: so the homecoming career fair begins at 11 a.m. today and runs until 4:00 this afternoon. it's at the davis event center on the grounds of the wnc ag center. no registration is required for those coming out to meet with these potential employers. but, you are encouraged to bring your resume and dress to impress because you are meeting with them face-to-face. reporting live from the wncing a center, lauren brigman, news 13. >>holly: happening to day, classes will resume for some students a the a buncombe county school damaged after a mudslide. 4-8 graders will return to the arch school today. this is one day after the owner of the swannanoa restaurant donated 40% of today's sales to help support the schools. patrons packed the place to help fund the school. when we heard what happened, we normally do 20% donation and this time we were like, this is
6:30 am
what the owners of the restaurant are really all about. >>holly: friday's schedule in art space has not been determined. officials say they should figure it out today. >>jay: today a damage assessment team from the state emergency management will be in macon county and touring the damage from the flooding two weeks ago. that assessment will determine if the state will provide any money to help with the recovery. the damage involved home, roads, and bridges, is estimated to be more than $700,000. >> all the air conditioning work, the deck work, the air handler, all that has to be pulled out and then mold and mill doe, worried about the cement floor, make suing sure they are not warping. >>jay: if money becoming available county leaders say they will let those know about the application process. >>holly: asheville zoning approved awe new apartment complex, despite recommendations
6:31 am
>>jay: the developer wants to build a 220 unit at the intersection of mills gap and sweden creek road. more than 300 people signed a petition asking the planning and zoning board to follow the city's recommendation. many are concerned about traffic. >> we are doing our share. asheville is a very socially responsible town. we are proud of what we can do being part of asheville. but, how many apartments are we supposed to absorb? how many more cars are our roads handle? >>jay: the next step for the developer is to take his proposal to the asheville city council. >>holly: haywood county old abandoned hospital can be getting new life. landmark is renovating the hospital into 55 apartments for low income seniors. the $7 million project would be done with the help of state, federal, and historic tax credits. >> in the county, we are hoping it will have the affordable housing because there is a shortage for seniors, and also
6:32 am
veterans component to it so we can have veterans apply. >>holly: a nonprofit partnership is required for the project. and the historic prervation foundation of north carolina has agreed to take part. it could be a year though before it's approved. >>jay: a change to the city of asheville could make it easier for convicted felons to get jobs. the council is expected to remove the question that asks if someone has been convicted tof a crime. part of something called ban the box. the hope is to reduce unemployment for those trying to get back on their feet after jail time. >> we believe that box has to be used as a screening tool, so if we can delay the criminal background in the process of the employment, maybe you can get to meet the individual, actually see what skills they have, what type of qualifications. >>jay: the city will still conduct a criminal background check, but it would happen later in the application process. >>holly: news 13 investigates cyber monday shopping on the taxpayer's dime.
6:33 am
one of the busiest shopping days for on-line companies like many private companies ban on-line shopping at work. we wanted to know if the same rules apply to government employees. our investigation found local government workers are spending hours surfing on-line retail sites for deals while getting paid. >> is it a problem? i don't see it as a problem. is it something that we disyour? yes. >>holly: tonight at news 13 at 6:00, john ostendorff ( ) investigates how many many hours employees spent surfing on cyber monday and why they are not necessarily breaking any rules. >>jay: she is a long-time advocate for tougher dwi laws. >>holly: ellen pit with madz has been given the state's highest mononor. >> i started trying to rescue my own grandchildren and over the
6:34 am
battle all these times to save children. >>jay: senator jim davis presented the order of the long leaf pine during a c cemony at the haywood county sheriff offense office. pit hats been an advocate with madd for more than a decade. >>holly: no doubt she had done a lot of good. congratulations. we have a "early bird gets the win" give away this morning. >>jay: absolutely. we are giving away two vip passes and tickets to local country artist joe lasher junior's album release show at the orange p pl. enter on 13. >>holly: we will announce the winner just before 7 o'clock. stay with us. he and his band will perform his
6:35 am
light" coming up after now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: welcome back, amend good morning. not quite as cold as it was yesterday at this time. in fact, down into greenville, it's 40 degrees. there is a light breeze, you can see the flags moving around there in the distance. leicester carpet sales news 13 skycam network for you. just one change here on our radar and satellite. no rain yet but we are seeing a few clouds develop through the time lapse here. you can see in the corner of your screen, it starts there at 3:40 and lands at the present time. overall, still, very clear conditions. keeping us fairly chilly this morning. i have not picked up any more precipitation since the first couple of days of the year. we have that trace of snow in the ashville airport. our chances for rain are returning starting to night.
6:36 am
where they should be for this time of year. 27 is normal. 26 is the coldest we have gotten at the ashville airport. so, yes, it's chilly, but about 9 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago when we were in the teens. 14 degrees warmer down into greenville. but, overall, still very chilly. you will need a winter coat in burnsville. 22 degrees. brrrr. 26 in asheville. 34 just above freezing in forest city. 36 in greenville, andndson, above freezing. and the upper 30s. the warmest spots on the map include columbia at 42 and same thing into atlanta. winds right now is very light. thankfully. so not much of a wind chill to worry about. 16 down into at atlanta. light wind in anderson in 8 and 7 in greer. it does make it feel a little bit colder. feels like 30 degrees in greenville, spartanburg, feels like freezing in anderson anan28 down into greenwood. look at the big picture here, milder conditions overall. we have one more dry day before we see some changes in the way
6:37 am
still showing partly clear skies. throughout lunchtime as well as dinnertime. it's past 6 o'clock these clouds increase and our chances for rain. i will stop it rear. this is 8 a.m. friday, we are starting to see some rain develop. carolina, through friday evening. not a lot of rain associated with this. but, we get another chance. it comes late day saturday and into sunday. so for today, likely we will stay completely dry. it's not until after midnight we start to see a few sprinkles and into saturday that's when we see our numbers and rain gauge start to go up. 52 degrees for our high temperature in asheville today. tonight, 37. cloudy conditions and some rain beginning. 54 in greenville w wh mostly sunny skies. and a few clouds tonight in greenville at 40. here is your seven-day forecast showing scattered shohors returning to the forecast by friday. and again on saturday. now, here is some interesting changes here. getting progressively colder throughout the kay sunday. so we could see a switch from rain to snow, and that chance
6:38 am
next week. nice and mild, but rainy this weekend in the upstate. right now, let's get another traffic check with jaclyn, good morning. >>jaclyn: good morning, ingrid. we are still accident tree frt asheville area. everything is up to speed for you along both sides of i-240 this morning. westbound traffic at charlotte street moving right on time. you can see. here is a closer look at merryman avenue. we have traffic flowing smoothly there as well on the northbound side with speeds in the area clocking in at 37 miles per hour. turning over to 19/23, that is a nice and easy 6 minute drive on old haywood road over to pisgah highway. that is a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse. holly and jay, back over to jo. >>jay: jaclyn, thank you, joe lasher junior is with us. >>holly: and he released his single "happy little tail light" and he has a new album, lots of good things happening to you. >> crazy, trying to keep up. >>holly: how are you keeping up? >> coffee. >>jay: is this a little too early for you? >> we get in pretty late.
6:39 am
tell us about the new album? >> new album is great. it's called jt jack to jesus" and it covers who i am in the whole record. i can't wait for everyone to hear. >>holly: you are getting to work with different people. now you are going to nashville. talk about that experience. >> nashville all the time, i get to hang out with amazing songwriters and artist and it's really unbelievable for a boy like me, north buncombe graduate getting to do those things. >>jay: you met trace atkins the other day? >> yes, him and eric church, i got to hang out with them in the summertimeme. with us a good time. >>holly: you said this album has a different feel than what we are used to from you. >> it does. it's -- it hugs country a little bit more but at the same time it has 90 rock understones. i'm really proud of it. >>holly: okay. we can't wait to hear it. >>jay: thanks for being here. >> thanks for h hing us. "happy
6:40 am
>> highway, dust in my mouth, you tore out to drive and you're southbound already feeling this way and you're fairly gone,ot me singing that sorry done you wrong song whoa, whoa, whoa, in the heat of the blacktop you're fading fast whoa, whoa, whoa, that pedal on the left is the first step back so happy little tail light, baby turn around drop the gas, girl, it's only one way to slow down that chevy, loose a little pedal on the fun yeah, show it to me baby,
6:41 am
come on happy little tail light got me driving tap a little tail light i will see you you're out of here just a long straight away, going a couple miles for the interstate ink@.w-n1t7`pd^hs nq!av?'9nz`q mind whoa, whoa, whoa, another mile or so, that's what i'm hoping for whoa, whoa, whoa, going rambling on down with a fog horn tap a little tail light, some will turn around yeah, ease up off the gas, girl, there's only one way to slow down
6:42 am
yeah, >>holly: an armed group in oregon is spending its fifth day occupying a wild life preserve. >>jay: they claim to prez ive the right of ranches who are fighting a government land grab. the community, while somewhat sympathetic,c,ants them out. >> i'm proud to be a rancher and i'm not going to let by the people be my fate. >> most of the voices at last night's town hall meeting were calling for armed protestors occupying a federal building to leave. >> you guys stand up and i will be the first to tell them to go. the group led by amonth bundy is demanding the lease of dwight and stend hammond who were convicted of arson on federal land. >> there is a time to go home. we recognize that. we don't feel it's quite time yet.
6:43 am
targeted for not selling land to the government and his put is staying put. members of the native american tribe who say their antors who were the first owner of the land want the protestors gone. >> we are here way before anybody else got here. >> tribal council member says the response would be different if his tribe were occupying the federal building. >> we would be shot up and blown up and in jail, handcuffed. >> for now, law enforcement seems to be taking a wait and see approach. >> we will work through this thing and work through it peacefully and hopefully easily. >> reed banon reporting. >>holly: today marks one year since the deadly terrorist attacks at the french sa satyrical magazine charlie hebdo. >>jay: 8 members of the magazine were killed off which kicked off 3 days of terror. they put out a bearded, blood
6:44 am
head line, one year later, the killer is at large. >> president obama is promising to veto any law that dishand ms his health care law. >>holly: this comes after the house passed a measure yesterday that would also bar federal money for planned parenthood. >>jay: while congress is focused on obama-care, he is gearing up for the final state of the union address, he is previewing his speech and he expresses optimism for the coming year. >> to recover from crisis and set this country on a better, stronger course for tomorrow. that's what makes america great. our capacity to change for the better. >>jay: senior obama administration officials say the president will deliver a nontraditional speech next week. >>holly: even though no one won the powerball, someone else is enjoying the jackpot. >>jay: how lady luck gave a woman millions of dollars.
6:45 am
flowers do honey bees need to make a pound of honey?
6:46 am
we comett2wat^(@%4 bt@q9op tt2wat^(@%4 "a@q)c4 tt2wat^(@%4 bm@q"h8 tt4wat^(@%4 " dztq l>holly: two people are in custody in connection with a man found dead in hendersonville. >>jay: this comes after more than a month since the discovery. sean hollyfield and savannah walker were questioned overnight after their arrest in marion yesterday. now, back in december, dequee taylor was found dead along ninth avenue in hendersonville. crystal hernandez and sean hall were also arrested. police say they are likely to be charged with accessory after the fact, or harboring a fugitive. >>holly: classes will resume for a buncombe county school damaged by mudslide. 4-eighth graders will return to school. this is one day after the owner tof a swannanoa restaurant donated 40% of the day's sales
6:47 am
friday's schedules at art space has not yet been determined. >>jay: and also for you this morning, burial bitter company will open a second operation in biltmore village and brew house, tap room and other facilities in the old civilian conservation court. >>jay: now this morning's mind teaser. we asked how many flowers must honey bees visit to make a pound of honey? >>jay: the answer is 2,000,000. >>holly: wow. >>jay: i was way off. >>holly: very busy. one woman in new jersey new jersey is enjoying her jackpot. >>jay: it's not the powerball, she played a penny slot in vegas and hit a $3 million jackpot. >>holly: she hit it big after playing the machine for just five minutes. records show the win is the largest jackpot awarded in atlantic city in more than 3 years. congratulations to her. we have a winner now, speaking of congrat layings in this morning's "early bird gets the
6:48 am
>>jay: congratulations to christy ondack. >>jaclyn: you have won two vip passpasses to go see joe lasher at the orange peel. >>ingrid: we will e-mail you how to claim your prize. it will be chilly but not as cold as it has been. keep in mind we started the last couple of mornings in the teens. right now, we are in the 20s here in asheville. some locations still in the low 30s. so by this afternoon, low 50s expected. no need for the umbrella throughout the majority of the day with a few showers possible overnight. into friday as well. we stay in the 50s. so the good news is, it's going to be comfortable outside through saturday, and then things start to take a nose dive. this is pretty interesting here. sunday, likely that high temperature will come a little bit earlier in the day, getting progressively colder. that's when we can see that transition from rain to snow. and we pull that into next week, because the high temperature theres are going to stay chilly,
6:49 am
40s. so, just keep that in mind if you are planning ahead. of course it's the weekend. you will need that umbrella. >>jay: okay. >>holly: any extra precautions on the road? >>jaclyn: traffic is clear but we talked about the construction yesterday that caused a nightmare through east asheville, so just be aware of that on i-40 exit 50 to exit 55. you might see some slowdowns later today because of that road work that we talked about this morning. >>jay: i tell you what, i took 19 yesterday you up to mitchell county and construction there is a problem as well. >>jaclyn: yeah, that road was closed for quite a bit and just reopened yesterday afternoon it but it was closed for a majority of the day. >>jay: absolutely. thanks for joining us. gma is next right here on news 13 for more local news and
6:50 am
>>holly: have a great day. good morning, america.
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