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tv   First News at 5pm  ABC  January 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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school leaders say they're being forced to make that decision. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 5. >> darcel: we're dealing with another dose of winter weather. here's a look earlier at the conditions in yancey county. >> tammy: flurries up there. it comes as we prepare for yet another low night of freezing temperatures. it's expected to get back in to the 20s. >> darcel: jason has been tracking the conditions. jason? >> jason: the snow is really winding down now. that's the good news. this is a look at our leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network an hour ago. 4 o'clock in the afternoon up 21. look at that snow. poor visibility earlier but it has improved greatly since then. yes, there are still slick spots. notice the coverage of the snow here. the blue on the radar.
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although you still have it over haywood county and swain county over the smokys. this is where some of the bona fide accumulation has been. we've seen a good snow band work through areas of west virginia. temperatures have certainly been chilly today, of course. we've got a wind advisory out. we only saw highs in the 40s in asheville. winds could still gust up to 40 miles per hour or greater. bundle up. wind chills will certainly be dropping as winds will be cranking. down to the upper teens by 9. down to the lower teens by 11 o'clock with that wind chill so layer up. we'll talk about another cold blast. >> tammy: a major water main today. >> darcel: karen, what time did
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>> karen: darcel, greenlee primary elementary and harris middle all let out between 11 and 11:30. buses filled with students quickly left harris middle school. students excited about the early dismissal. >> and we were like, oh, thank god. >> very excited. i want to go and get my nails done. >> karenen principal brandon happen. >> with the rest rooms and everything, it's very difficult. >> karen: at the intersection of swiss pine drive and blue hill heights. >> it probably happened from just deterioration or rust. >> karen: in addition to the
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without water for several hours. while hite says the cold did not cause the break, it's always a factor during winter. . >> the ground freezes and thaws. you can get more water line breakage in the cold weather. >> karen: at least it happened during a time when the school district has days to burn. >> at this point we only have delays. we haven't missed any days. we have an outstanding weather year in terms of instructional time. >> karen: the water main was fully repaired and restored this afternoon. i'm karen wynne, news 13. >> tammy: we're following a developing story in haywood county. parents are learning that one of the district's schools may close due to decreases in funding and enrollment. rex, what are school leaders and parents saying about the
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>> rex: that it saddens them tremendously. but the school leaders say with the projected 2.4 million in expenditures for next year, it simply had to be on the table. they lost $933,000 in state money due to c crter schools opening. they say another $5050,000 in local and county tax dollars went to charters in and outside of haywood. enrollment is another issue. it's gone down in the last decade. central elementary was identified for potential closure because of its size, proximity to other schools and potential cost savingng parents are expressing their frustration. >> offer something special. it's that small school experience. the teachers there, there's like a community within it that it's just very nurturing.
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>> rex: letters are going out to parents today, like beth prat. there could be more reductions across the school system, including cuts to personnel, programs, extracurricular activities, staff development and more. leaders here say future school closings might be necessary if funding and enrollment don't go up. we'll have much more in the story coming up at 6 including reaction from haywood county's first charter school. rex hodge, news 13. >> darcel: the north carolina dot has a new pledge to report any pothole reported by a driver within two hours. more on a revamped contact us kim. >> kim: that's right, darcel. even today we've already seen how potentially this will speed up repair time. say for example, you see a
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an on and off ramp on 240, it's a state operated road. you can get on your smartphone or app. it gets submitted and sent to a dot official who will then immediately send a crew out to repair it. >> you can click on the first link that says pot hole. there's a three-step process. >> kim: he's more than happy to show us how easy it is to use the app on a smartphone. >> go to >> kim: this is a web submitted report by a swannanoa driver. pot holes on the buckeye cove access road. we spoke by phone with norman lossi who submitted the report.
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buncombe county dot officials. >> they respond with an e-mail back to me on monday saying they have the information and gave me a follow up, kind of a tracking number, so to speak. >> kim: within 48 hours the two pot holes he reported, including this one, were fixed. >> i think this actually will be a good thing not only for the public because it enables them to be able to quickly report a pot hole. >> kim: dana woodard with the dot inputs call information. but the state mandated 48 hour pot hole pledge has everyone focused on getting more jobs done as more people use the app. >> the app was put in place, that started january 1st, we've had dozens of pot holes reported. >> kim: dot officials locally say they're not worried about
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they say they typically can get to a major pot hole reported on state roads within 48 hours. once again, if you want the information you can go to the dot website. we have that for you. also the city of asheville app to report a pot hole. just go to and look for report a pot hole story. >> darcel: drivers should be on the look out for downed trees around asheville. jaclynment jaclynment jaclynment. >> jaclyn: if you're heading out. tunnel road is pretty busy right now. get ready for delays on the west bound side near the parkway. overall it's six minutes from the parkway. turning over to 1923, there were delays earlier. it's finally clearing up.
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traffic report brought to you by debruhl's used car superstore. >> darcel: happening now, tonight, president obama's final state of the union speech tonight. this one is expected to be unlike his others. tonight's address won't be a laundry list of proposals. instead, it will focus on what the president has done over the past seven years. he will also give an outline of priority. senator thom tillis is weighing in ahead of his teach. >> i hope the president will recognize there are things we need to work on. we've still got an issue with the economy. i hope we get a message in his final year. the white house control by democrat president. but let's use this last year to do things good and come up with
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>> darcel: legalization of same-sex marriage. >> tammy: news 13 wants to know, will you watch the president's final state of the union address tonight? go to 13 to answer our question of the day. you can watch the state of the union address tonight right here on wlos. it starts at 9 o'clock. we'll also be streaming the speech live on make sure to follow on facebook and twitter pages for any updates as well. >> darcel: coming up, another increase to the powerball jackpot. what advice a portfolio manager
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>> tammy: helping >> tammy: the powerball jackpot grows to $1.5 billion. that's the largest prize in the history of the lottery. >> darcel: so if you win, it's important to be prepared. a big question is whether to take the lump sum or yearly payments for the next three decades. we talked to a portfolio manager who says if you take the annuity, you can avoid hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes. >> tammy: you can also avoid your own.
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people say i need $200,000. $300,000. pay off this. all of a sudden it's gone and it never comes back. >> darcel: now we hope to share the powerball jackpot with you. >> tammy: wlos bought 50 tickets and will split any winnings with 13 randomly selected adults. go to our facebook page and register to win. you have until 10 o'clock tomorrow night to do that. >> darcel: good luck. well more than 500 families impacted by an ef4 tornado in texas will get a meal thanks to volunteers. >> tammy: hearts with hands. now about 25 volunteers helped pack up a tractor trailer today in salisbury. >> darcel: it's only possible because of donations received online.
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>> tammy: it is windy. we were talking about downed trees. >> jason: even a couple of wild fires in mcdowell county and nebo. be aware of that as you travel. we went above the average a little bit there. but we started so cold, 19. another day in the teens to start out. no rain. no snow. at least measurable stuff in asheville. we remain half an inch for the month and year. wicked winds.
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: it is a windy and cold scene now across the mountains. here's our leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network. we're at mount mitchell state park. 6600 feet in elevation. look at those trees bending in the wind. the snow showers have come through. but the wind chill is already five below there. the wind chills will be going down in the single digits. here's 6 o'clock. 18 the feels like temp in asheville. single digit wind chills showing up in avery county. wind chills down in the south and west, swain, graham, jackson and haywood counties.
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the french broad river valley. we'll improve on the numbers as we get in to the morning because the wind will lessen a little bit. a little bit. look at the snow showers really starting to wane here. it looks impressive but not much accumulated. elevations. a lot of this is going to fall apart and dry up. we're going to get moist again. no chance of rain tomorrow nor thursday. 60% chance for rain on friday in asheville. chances saturday are 40%. but it's all rain at this point. then we'll start to turn our attention towards sunday. that day could bring a round of wintery weather. 43 degrees right now. it is partly to mostly cloudy in asheville. you can see the scene in asheville. variable wind at 7.
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39 degrees. that's what it feels like. air temperature. 51 in greenville. west wind at 23 puts your wind chill down to 45 degrees. that is definitely on the chilly side. here's our clipper system blasting through rolling east ward tonight. the wind will stay with us tomorrow but will start to really warm things up thursday. cold day tomorrow. as high pressure moves east, our winds become more southerly and southwesterly. that means very nice turnaround. then we watch the gulf as we get some rain come friday. here's your future cast. note the wind vectors. very long. that means the wind is going to crank across the area this evening. teens north and south. mostly around 20 in asheville. 30s for highs in asheville tomorrow north in to the blue ridge. looking at 40s mostly in the upstate.
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is the day for you then. friday. cooler still, saturday. the next blast of cold comes in with the possibility of snow returning to the mountains as we watch another system go south. something to watch. could get a little more active. nothing written in stone. one to watch. >> darcel: all right. it's a rare condition but could be at increased risk depending on history. >> darcel: coming up on today's
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woman's >> tammy: a rare pregnancy kardashian also affected a local woman. >> pla emma smith knows first hand knows what it's like to have placenta accreda. >> what was it like during the pregnancy? >> a lot of panic. >> reporter: that's because emma consulted with her physician and learned she could bleed to death
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delivery of kaya. >> we leave the placenta alone. we don't want to remove it because it would risk further bleeding and be catastrophic. >> recovery has been pretty slow the last six months. >> how have the first six months been for him? >> he's been good. >> reporter: heading home as a family. in asheville, jay siltzer, news 13. >> tammy: doctors say the condition is common in women who have had previous c-sections. wave good-bye.
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>> darcel: the students at jones elementary are studying different cultures and traditions from around the world. >> tammy: in my never stop learning, we bring in the new year in cuba. >> clock strikes 12. here we go. >> tammy: and those grapes are believed to bring you good luck for the new year. first graders are learning about the cuban culture. another new year tradition in
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and pack your suit case to ensure that the trip will happen. students say there are wonderful places to visit. >> i'd like to go to new york because i really like the empire state building. and it looks pretty cool. >> tammy: why would you like to go to thailand? >> because they have fancy dresses and they make them out of pretty flowers. >> tammy: and in cuban tradition, the students wave good-bye to everyone in hopes that their real trip will happen. students are also learning about the new year's traditions in china and thailand. >> darcel: and i like that idea, write down where you want to go, pack your suitcase and leave a note.
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little while but i'll be back.
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