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good morning. 3 here is a look at current conditions across the region. your day planner shows temperatures warming by noon. coming up, i'll show you our 7- day forecast for both the mountains and upstate. 3 3 3 3 3 3 president obama delivered his final state of the union address last night -- laying out his agenda for what he hopes will be a busy eighth year in office. the president spoke with an upbeat tone about the current state of our union and the future. the president addressed some of the division in congress and urged members to work together with recent terror attacks on
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the president discussed how he plans to handle the growing threat of isis 3 (president barack obama): "if this congress is serious about winning this war, and wants to send a message to our troops and the world, you should finally authorize the use of military force against isil. take a vote." south carolina governor nikki haley delivered the republican response. in it... she offers a very different perspective on how the president is dealing with terrorism. 3 3 (gov. nikki haley, (r) south carolina): we are facing the most dangerous terrorist threat our nation has seen since september 11th, and this president appears either unwilling or unable to deal with it. 3 president obama will take his message on the road this week. he will hit two republican areas of the country ... making stops in omaha, nebraska, and baton rouge, louisiana. 3 3 3 today, iran is expected to release ten u-s navy sailors who were detained on the persian gulf. an iranian general with the revolutionary guard says it appears the sailors had a mechanical issue with their navigation system...
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up in iranian waters. the sailors were headed from kuwait to bahrain when they were taken into custody yesterday. the united states says there is nothing hostile about the situation. 3 3 developing this morning... the french broad river-keeper is monitoring a farm in hominy creek because of high levels of e-coli in the water. the department of environmental quality sent a violation notice to crowell farms one week before christmas. hominy creek and the french broad are used for recreation. high levels of e-coli can make people sick. 3 16:46 "if that lagoon system is managed properly, it's okay. but when the state went back to inspect upon our complaint, they found a pipe that was discharging animal waste straight into the ditch into the river." 3 the owner of crowell farms is not commenting on the situation at this time. 3 3 3 asheville city council clears the way for "indigenous peoples' day." the proclamation states asheville was built on the homelands and villages of native people... who lived here long before america was settled. members of the eastern band of cherokee indians are happy
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3 (( sage dunston, eastern band of cherokee indians ))1346 "i think this is within the color and spirit of asheville, such a tolerant and inclusive place, to celebrate the contributions of cherokee." 13563 "indigenous peoples' day" will be celebrated on the second monday of every october... which is also "columbus day". 3 3 henderson county leaders are looking ahead to the future of east flat rock. a committee is putting together a plan for the next 15 years. the east flat rock community stretches from flat rock middle school to i-26. once completed, county and local governments will use the plan to guide future decisions. 3 42:22 "we look at every aspect of that community, and we come up with recommendations based on what the community input is and then how we can achieve some of those over that next 15-year period." radcliffe says it will take about 15 months to fully develop the plan. 3 3 a man from marion is arrested after police say he burned down the house of another man. jesse wilson is charged with felony second-degree arson. police say he intentionally
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home on crisp drive december 27th. 3 3 3 suspects are on the run and deputies need your help tracking them down. in this morning's fugitive files, we are teaming up with the henderson county sheriff's office. joining us is major frank stout. . thanks for being here. who are we looking for? first we are looking for elvin antunez. a 20 year old male. he is 5 foot 7... 170 pounds. he is wanted for felony possession with intent to sell & deliver controlled substances, felony maintain a dwelling for controlled substances, possession of schedule vi drugs, & 2 counts possession of drug paraphernalia. next we are looking for dallas barnwell he's a 34 year old male... 6 foot 1... 175 pounds. he is wawaed for assault with a deadly weapon finally we are trying to locate anthony
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he is 6 feet... 170 pounds. he is wanted for 2 counts assault on a female, felony obtaining property by false pretense & possession of stolen property3 if you see any of these fugitives, you can call anonymously. the number is (828) 697-4596 again (828) 697- 4596 thanks for being here. remember, you can also go to the "fugitive files" section of w-l-o-s dot com to see all of the suspects we've featured. 3 3 3 3 3 3 more than 500 families impacted by a tornado in texas will get a meal, thanks to volunteers in north carolina. 'hearts with hands' sent a dozen pallets of bottled water, food, clothing, and baby necessities. about 25 volunteers helped pack a tractor-trailer yesterday in salisbury... and then sent it to texas. 'hearts with hands' organizers say it is only possible because of donations received online. 3 3
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someone could become a billionaire. the powerball jackpot is now at a record 1 point 5 billion dollars. news 13's lauren brigman is is live at the "market center" gas station on hendersonville road. lauren... when is the deadline for people to buy tickets for tonight's drawing? for everyone in north carolina you must have your tickets by 10 tonight. the drawing is happening tonight at 10-59 p-m. no one matched all six numbers in saturday's drawing, so the good news is tonight you have another chance. your odds of winning are one in about 292 million. the jackpot started at 40-million in november and has been growing ever since. if you are the lucky winner, you can claim your prize in annual payments over 29 years or go for the lump-sum payment of 930-million. 3
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3 we hope to share the 'powerball' jackpot with you! w-l-o-s bought 50 tickets, and will split any winnings of ten- thousand dollars or more with 13 randomly selected adults. go to our facebook page and register to win. you have until ten o'clock tonight to do it. 3 3 3 just minutes ago... iran's revolutionary guard announces that 10 u-s sailors have now
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detained yesterday when they ended up in iranian waters. an iranian general with the revolutionary guard says it appears the sailors had a mechanical issue with their navigation system 3 3 3 coming up... parents get word that a haywood county school might close. the reasons school leaders say they're being forced to make that decision. 3
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3 3
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3 a haywood county elementary school might close because of budget cuts and low enrollment numbers. school officials say they have lost thousands of dollars in state funding and cal taxes. enrollment has dropped by 745 students in the last 10 years. so, they are considering closing central elementary in waynesville, which is frustrating some parents. 3 it offers something special. it's that small school experience. the teachers, there's there's a community within it that's just very nuturing. i mean, it's fantastic.3 school leaders say future
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necessary if funding and enrollment do not go up. 3 3 3 all new at six, the oregon militia group is ready to meet with community members. the reason they say, they are not ready to budge. 3
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3 in this morning's five at five.... a look at the greatest innovators of all time. coming in at number five... one of our founding fathers, benjamin franklin. best known for his experiments with lightning and electricity. number four on the list... bill gates. one of the great businessman and philanthropists of the last century. he founded and built microsoft.
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nikola tesla. a great inventor, engineer, and futurist. tesla helped develop the ac electrical delivery system. number two... steve jobs. jobs played a central role in the personal computer revolution and in developing its key products... including the mcintosh, the ipod and the iphone. coming in at number one... thomas edison. he is best known for inventing the first long- lasting, light bulb. he was the father of many other break- throughs, including the first phonograph and the motion picture camera. 3 3 3 expect for the next three days. 3
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3 the unc-a women are having a great season. their bid to hold onto the big south conference lead... next in sports. 3 3 eres ting yothu see a lot of inte but i'inllgs n oevn erth fe orjogeb.t we
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3 good morning everyone in sports the unc asheville women's team is having a great season., 12-3, 5-1 in the big south and first place.bulldogs with a game tonight at home against longwood, 2-4 in the league. asheville in an unusual position--first place this late in the season..could they keep that first place hold? bulldogs have been strong all season., and they flexed their muscles early and often tonight.-----------they go inside to bronaza fitzgerald, the sophomore from virginia doesn't make it the first time, keeps battling and puts it in.. she had 9.asheville gets on top early. -----------------they are also
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with tianna knuckles knocking down the three-- tianna led asheville with 14. ------------------and now they go down low again and its tiffany wilson -- overpowers the double team for two more. ----------------and again its knuckles from the wing for 3--- asheville starts out with a 32-4 first quarter lead, then it was on cruise control.unc asheville improves to 6-1 in the big south, and 13-3 overall with an 81-42 win over longwood.home saturday against gardner-webb in a my 40 televised game at 2.big game in the acc--8th ranked miami at slumping virginia--13th ranked--but losers of two straight. looking to malcolm brogdon to lead them,but another cav drives them- -london perrantes for 3!! uva up one.------------now perrantes cuts and gets in the lane, and puts it in off glass..he leads an 11-2 virginia run to put them ahead.,and then when miami got close againits brogdon, check out this move--and the long finger roll..he scores 20.,perrantes all 13 in the second half.. virginia snaps its 2 game losing streak, beating miami, 66-58.and number one goes ranked kansas falls at 11th ranked west virginia.the mountaineers led by jaysean
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win 74-63.west virginia (15-1, 4-0 big 12) is off to its best start since 1982, when it started 24-1.kansas a season high 22 turnovers. they are the 4th number one to go down this year.the final ap rankings out..alabama number one--10th time they've won the ap honor.clemson number 2, followed by stanford, and ohio state withoklahoma 5th.north carolina finishes 15th and tennessee 22nd.georgia was 24th in coaches poll.that's our sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. have a great wednesday. 3 3 here is a look at current conditions.. in our next half
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days. 3 3 it is 5:xx ...crows make a mess every morning in downtown portland. the city's solution may sound like a joke, but it's not. the city introduced a cleaning machine called the poop-master 6 thousand. this heavy-duty street cleaner- will go up and down 5th and 6th avenue every morning. it's part of a six month trial that is costing portland mall management around 20 grand. winter is the when the crow problem is at its worst- so the cleaning machine will be tested with the worst the crows have to offer. 3 3 here is a look 3 at current conditions.. here are your weather headlines for
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about what to expect in the extended forecast. 3
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