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tv   News 13 at Noon  ABC  January 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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the skycam network, it now takes us to mount mitchell where it is cold, 15 degree. you can see the top of the mountains with a light dusting. 4 degrees outside, the combination of cold air temperatures, plus the wind. feeling like the 20's in eastern zones. in the teens in our western zones and higher elevations even worse than that. 4:00 p.m., 25 degrees. dropping below the 20 degree mark. coming up in a moment, we'll talk more about this dangerously cold weather, when we turn warmer and our next chances for snow. >> crews returned to continue clean-up of a rock slide. it happened around 2:15 sunday afternoon. no one was hurt. it shut down both lanes of traffic for several hours. crews say the recent rain and moisture refreezing likely caused the slide.
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road will reopen. >> the peace march is drawing folks from around the country to the saint james ame. crowds will walk from the church to packed square park. they are starting off with a call to action. >> yeah, that's right. before anyone makes the march down to pack square where musicians will take the stage, they are packing into saint james ame church. check out the crowd. not everyone can fit inside. so many are are here to share their support. they are starting off with a personal message. organizers are telling folks to make this count. if you have it off, this is a day of service. the organizers want to see the motivation extended to every day of the year. the peace march is one of the biggest demonstrations on mlk day in the state. it is the largest gathering in the mountains. the march draws people from all
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after year. this year's message is trying to keep that spirit going, not just today but every day. >> really getting back to providing services for each other, breaking the cycle of poverty, fighting for minimum wages. >> it is certainly colder out here than it was last year. organizers say they have faith people will turn out despite temperatures to show support. they point out there were much harsher conditions that many went through to get here. we are all bundled up. everyone behind us is prepared for the cold as they make that march. it will kick off many a few minutes. join us back here in a half hour, we'll march with them down to packed square. we'll show you the emotion in
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everyone is sharing on this day. >> just a short stance from the vandalism. sometime overnight someone painted the phrase black lives matter around the base, a noose was also painted on the monument. last june the band's monument message. the municipal building was also tagged with graffiti overnight. we'll have more on the vandalism later today on news 13. >> today unc asheville students have the day off for the martin luther king jr. holiday. some are spending time honoring his legacy. students are volunteering with several organizations like the local habitat for humanity chapter. we caught up with them as they were helping to build two houses in the west asheville.asheville.
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community justice. i like that we are going out, trying to build houses because everyone deserves housing. i like some of the ideas he preached about that. >> today's service problth is a part of of a week of activities to honor dr. king. about 140 students and faculty and staff are participating. >> now to politics. the countdown clock is running, just 14 days until the marathon race for president begins with the iowa caucuses and the candidates are leaving it all on the field attacking rivals and urging voters to turn out. lana is in washington and has been following it all. >> the candidates are all out in full force, spreading their campaign across iowa and new hampshire today. ted cruz says if he is president he'll build a wall. >> if he doesn't, he is fired.
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cruz. >> the truth is he is a nasty guy. >> it isn't the first and second thoughts that matter. >> you'll help to determine w w the folks in the other 48 states from. >> with two weeks left until the iwau caucuses, the attacks are flying, republicans versus republican and democrats very democrat. at the final democratic debate, sharp barbs between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. >> he voted guns to go onto amtrak, gun into national park, he voted against doing research to figure out how we can save lives. >> the former president offered a review of his wife's performance. >> it cbined everything. she is the best doer i have ever known.
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that bernie sanders came out ahead in last night's debate. we'll see what impact that had on voters in iowa and new hampshire when they go to the polls. >> in other news making headlines, some of the americans freed in a prisoner swap are one step closer to reuniting with their families. they are now in germany and will be back in the u.s. soon. iran freed the five american prisoners detained in separate cases, some as early as 2011. the four were part of an exchange including a washington post journalist charged with espionage in december of 2014. three american contractors have been missing in iraq now for two days. intelligence officials confirm the u.s. nationals were kidnapped from their interpreter home in baghdad. another iraqi security official said two contractors are dual iraqi citizens. he also says a group of gunmen
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whisked them away in a convoy of vehicles. >> we have learned one of the marines missing after a helicopter crash in hawaii is from the upstate. the u.s. marine corp. says jeffrey semipler is one of 12 service members rescue crews are still searching for. two helicopters collided and crashed off the island on thursday. officials stress they are still searching for survivors. >> an air strike led by the coalition killed at least 20 people and injured 15 others. officials believe several people are still trapped under the debris. security forces sealed off the area as earth moving equipment arrived to help with the search of bodies and survivors. >> officials in southeastern turkey say a roadside woman blast killed three police officers and wounded four others. authorities say that attack took place late sunday.
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claim of responsibility.responsibility. >> the i iue of guns will be a focus of a your future town hall tomorrow. we'll stream the event online starting at 7:00 p.m. on we will also carry the town hall on digital channel 13.3, also known as antenna tv on cable. >> incredible video shows what a c. firefighter saw as he rescued people from a fire. his helmet camera captured the terrifying scene. >> the second floor of an apartment complex engulfed in flames. two apartments damaged by fire. firefighters are still investigating the cause and no one was hurt. less than three hours later, crews would be at it again, this time at an apartment complex on
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>> it was apparent the second story was charged with smoke. >> in this helmet cam video, the firefighter quily moved his ladder up, he yell into a room but no one is ideas. the firefighter brings his ladder to another window, he sees people and yells for backup. >> then in a heart stopping moment, the tenant hands the firefighter her baby through the window. >> he hands the infant to the firefighter below. then helps the other family members down. ray burgman owns the property. he got the frightening call minutes after the fire started. >> i want to make sure everything was safe and hopefully something would still be left when i got here. >> bergman believes a transient got in and lit a fire in the back stairway. he said while the d damage looks bad it could have been worse without the smoke alarm. >> it really helped out and did what it is supposed to do.
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planning to put more smoke alarms in the hallway of the complex. >> if you see older women having children, there is a reason. coming up, details from a new study about first time motherhood. >> coming up in the business report, the 62 richest people collectively have as much wealth as the bottom half of the world's population. we break down the numbers. >> your mobile phone can be as good as your tv for catching your news, weather and sports and your updates, any time,
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mobile app by searching >> new data shows women are waiting longer to become mothers. the cbc says it has been rising for the past 15 years.years. >> the average age of women having children has risen to 26. back in 2000, it was just under 25 years old. by 014, it has risen to 26. researchers say this is partly because there are fewer mothers under the age of 20. the teen birthrate has hit an all-time low. an increased number of women putting off motherhood for higher education or a career. this has ramifications for the u.s. population having children later in life means fewer child bearing years and fewer children. one area of concern, doctors say older women having children increases the mother's risk of
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diabetes and passing on genetic defects. defects. >> coming up, tragedy in florida. a powerful tornado kills a couple in their home. a look at the other damage from that twister. >> and some brave souls at chimney rock. it is cold, 19 degrees. the news 13 skycam network, 21 right now in asheville. a look at the wind at 20 miles an hour. we'll talk more about a future
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balmy 15 for folks skiing, probably having a blast. especially with the gloves and a hat. it is incredibly cold outside. with the wind, you want to keep in mine frostbitefrostbite, hypothermia. take precautions spending extended amounts of time outside, if you work outside. right now, not a lot to show you. clear conditions, maybe a few clouds here and there. all that snow rapid up quickly this morning. for the month, almost 1.7 inches of precip, we have a greater chance thursday and friday for that. temperatures this morning were down to about 18 degrees. 28 has been our high temperature so far today. that probably is going to be about it across the region. colder than yesterday by this much in asheville. 15 degrees, 13 degrees in franklin. 8 degrees warmer -- colder down into the upstate.
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right now. 19 in burnsville. 30's in our eastern zones. here's the thing, wind right now at 20 miles an hour in asheville. 22 up in boone. 12 in forest city, down into anderson and 13 in greenwood. let's take a look at the windchill, it is not pretty. feels like 6 degrees at your lunch hour on this mlk junior day. 35 is the feels like temperature down into greenville. a closer look this afternoon, still polling in the single digits many locations. we won't warm up much at all. through dinner time, still cold, feels like 10 in brevard. 8:00 a.m. could feel like 10 below zero in the asheville area. probably even colder feeling than what we have this morning, will feel like 21 in pickens and 8 in spartanburg. we'll feel colder conditions throughout the day. temperatures struggling to make it up to freezing. right now, we are looking at the chilly conditions, high pressure, mostly dry the next
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no real worries. let's take a closer look, 2:00 p.m. sunshine. clear conditions through tonight. tomorrow, we'll stay clear and cold and windy as well. we'll see the clouds build back in wednesday. a few light snow showers early wednesday morning. some other models wanting to put it in the second half of the day. right now, it is a 20 to 30% chance. then we start to see a greater chance for a rain snow mix thursday morning and again on friday. sunny day today but bitter cold. winds out of the northwest at 15, gusts at 22 miles an hour. high temperatures staying in the upper 20's. 13 degrees for the air temperature tonight. winds still gusting at 22 in greenville today, a little bit warmer but still chilly, 39 degrees overall. tonight, clear skies but very cold down to 18. seven-day forecast shows the next couple of days, yol want to keep the winter coat.
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chance on thursday. bump it back up to 70-on friday. it looks like the morning hours could see a mix. throughout the later afternoon hours, turns into rain. the upstate seven-day forecast shows the possibility of maybe a mix on thursday. >> so bitter. >> i know. >> it is the end of free itunes radio.
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will be discontinuing its as >> that service feature guest
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dj's. >> if you are still using windows 8, it is time to upgrade. microsoft has ended support for its previous operating system. the end of support means the 50 million or so worldwide windows 8 users will no longer get updates to block viruses and hackers. last year's release of windows 10 was melt with widespread praise and all windows eight users can upgrade for free. >> the wealthiest 1% has more money than the rest of the world combined. that breaks down to 62 people compared to 3.5 billion. according to the study the wealth of the most affluent rose 44% to 1.76 trillion dollars. the wealth of the bottom half fell 41% or more than one trillion. >> ride along 2 takes the top spot at the box office.
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expected to make more than $34 million in its opening weekend. leonardo dicaprio the remnant remained in second place. "star wars" the force awakens was pushed to number three. it is followed by 13 hours the secret soldiers of benghazi. will ferrell and mark wallburg comedy daddy's home was fifth. a successful ocean landing would have marked a second milestone for space x.
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at 12 weeks. stelara helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara . >> space x attempt to land upright did not end ok. >> the secondary goal was to land on the floating platform.
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and exploded on impact. space x ceo elon musk posted this on facebook showing the botched landing. they did land one so it is now back and forth and back and forth. they finally had a glimmer of hope they would be able to to do it and then another failed attempt. the weather has a lot to do with it every time they do those launches. >> it does. >> 35 years of marching for peace. at the mlk peace march, we'll talk about what is motivating them to stand up for what they believe in. >> police search for a missing toddler in the mountains of tennessee.
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