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tv   News 13 at 530pm  ABC  January 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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have you seen the movie martian? he grows some thing. itly minds me that. everything reminds me of the movie. well, coming up the search for three missing americans in iraq. major effort underway to bring them home. news 13 at 5:30 starts right now. >> it is helicopter crashed in hawaii. and might be jeffrey. grands father graving local marine goes missing. tonight, what family members are doing to ease their pain as the search continues off the coach of the hawaii. >> and i just hope -- -- one day come out >> local college students take time to give back. the message they are hoping their service will sends on m.l.k. day. >> bitter cold big story and we may sigh more scenes like this winter wonderlands up in high
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i -- from western news leader. this is news 13 at 5:30. >> we saw freezing colds temperatures, throughout the mountains today. frank, it was toe cold. independent just makes it feel unbearable. our chief meterologist standing by are latest in our city catch forecast. jason what can we expect tonight? a lot of code bitterly cold wind chills dangerously cold we will subzero. many case especially the high country in fact, i calculated windchill, at mount mitchell 6600 feet. 23 below store. and go up that high elevation obviously, not fit for man nor beast. agree actual air temperature. so windchill vice have been issued he kick at 6:00. this go until noon tomorrow. for 5 to 10 to 15 degrees below 0 windchill values. . of course valleys will be warmer. over all than the high country we will see elevation about 3500
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future cast. windchill by day break tomorrow. around 6:00. six below 0 forecast windchill in asheville. one below wanzville, and 10 to 15 below as would go up to the avery county. some improvement into the afternoon tomorrow but not a lot because the winds will still be it back tore all day. we got teens and 20s for temperatures you step out of the door it is in 30s for you. evening. gusty winds windchills get down around 0. and then, otherwise, ten above i think the will experience here in the asheville area. we will talk about chances of snow there several of them. stick around for that and main forecast. >> ruse skiers expand serving for 12 u.s. marines missing off the coast of hawaii. they van shalled flying two helicopter a that apparently collided during a training flight on thursday. navy ship equipped sonar has now joined in on the search mission. officials say is a this found some debris.
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helicopter that went missing. >> as search continues family members here at home, are grieving for upstate man whose among those missing. this afternoon dozens of people from sergeant jeffrey sampler's home town gathered outside of the city hall for vigil that's where we join news 13 live tonight. and, darren, how are family members handling this? >> >> we spoke with sergeant sampler's family and they are fearing the worst. even as the search continues. . now his grands father says he already more upping loss of someone how hope -- holds so dear to his heart. >> we are here today to honor him. dozens of friends from the upstate and family members of sergeant jeffrey sampler are already mourning his loss even as search for him 11 others u.s. marines continues overly the coast of hawaii. >> there is good citizen. he was good marine. he was good american. >> sergeant sample gra father
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dance during prayer vigile today grands son's home town. . just several hours after getting a devastating call from simpler's as i basis. my granddaughter called this morning and said, there something going on grand at that. go tell dad that that the helicopter crashed in hawaii. and it might be jeffrey >> he has been close sample all of his life. always been good kid. you know. he is -- he one -- he quiet. he was shy. he kept his nose in the books. he was -- he was driven. i wanted -- what he wanted to do he would do. like joining the marines in and working on cars. and he says his grandson had so many more dreams for the future. >> there always going to be thing that -- well, you know, what could he have done? what would he have done? he says he is comforted by memories of the past. there comes in waves some times. your good and you think about good things. you think how loving -- you
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his cars but for now thoughts of future have become overwhelming. >> you know there is times, it is going to be there any more. >> statement. about about sampler quote the wood roof high family by the loss of jeffrey. we lift up his family in prayer as well as family of all of those involved with this tragic accidents. live in woodruff. news 13. >> also developing tonight. sweep baghdad neighborhood underway in search for three american contractors missing in iraq. in iraqi security official says that three men kidnapped in the dora neighborhood from apartment known to be the brothel. they are trying to determine whether the present had been lured there or if the kidnapping was opportunitiesics. official said missing men work for security services company called sally port.
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taken away in a vehicle convoy. >> new details now on asheville watch charged assaulting two police officers. police say katrina rob intoin is with a spotted stealing about $20 worth make up from the kmart on pathen avenue friday night. they responded pulled the 39 year old over off new lester highway. but they say she sped away and that in doing so robinson hit them with a side of her car. she was arrested a short time later. after foot chase. robinson is the behind bars on $31,000 bonds and multiple charges the officer were not seriously injured. >> the issue of guns in america will be focus your voice your future national town hall meeting tomorrow. the hour long round table will look at gun violence, and the debate over gun control. we will stream event on-line starting at 7:00. on we also carry the town hall on
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as antenna tv, on cable. >> today america celebrates the legacy of dr. martin luther king junior students staff warren wilson college paid tribute to the civil rights lead where day of service. seemed haul fletcher elementary school to help build an outdoor are learning center there. dean service for college says. l.k. day perfect time to work in service to the community. >> martin luther king junior said, everybody can be great because everybody can serve. that shows his commitment in and that's when we use this day as our service day. . >> outdoor are learning center will include handicap accessible tree house and new playground designs came directly from the kids the staff and community. >> also today, some unc ashville students spend their day off honoring dr. king's legacy by giving back. >> news 13 caught up with one group of students that was making difference in west
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>> about 140 students plus faculty and staff are volunteering throughout asheville. some of them are here along johnston boulevard. helping build brighter future for some local families. >> students volunteering with several organization likely cal habitat for humanity chapter. we called up with them is they lends to hands. students volunteers giving their time to help others, in this way, is what dr. king would have wanted to see. >> martin luther king was very big about he can connection justice and so i appreciate idea of coming towards the change. so i like that we are going out trying to build houses because everybody deserves housing. i like some ideas he preached about that. >> today service project part of week of activities card in the dayed through unc asheville to honor dr. king. and students we spoke with say they hope their efforts inspire others to give back. and not just for one day. >> in west asheville.
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>> right now let's get check on roads. jacqueline some problems on i-40 and i-240 in there new crash on i-40 east bound charlotte highway there slow moving traffic between here and sweet and creek road owe keep that in mind before heading out that way. earlier wreck on 240 just cleared wipe are seeing congestion in the areas stop is go traffic on west bound side through downtown. avoid that area if you can. be sure use caution if you are driving near the airport soon there is a crash clearing right at the airport and entrance. and atone yaen --- crews still on scene vehicle over in embankments on the trail. there no word on any injuries. >> that's look at your on time traffic report. >> glenn fry, guitarism for band eagle has died just within lap half on how bands confirmed, that this news on fray he died in new york city from complications from several illnesses.
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on hold because of fry's health. glenn fry was 67 years old. . >> oil prices take major dive coming up the last time we saw oil this cheap and why it is dropping so fast. >> and plus, world leaders gather to discussion our most pressing issues.
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>> you are watching news 13 with -- and on time traffic with. this is news 13 at 5:30. >> oil sakes in iran have been lifted which has prices plummeting. crude oil dropped $208 barrel because of the exic expected rise in iranian experts. that's the lowest oil prices have been since 2003. >> and trickle down affect will be felt at mountain gatt stations where prices have already dropped $0.30 a gallon. over the past year. . >> i think it is -- you have go emergency room or doctor whatever or travelling as well.
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have worry as much about. >> coming up at 6:00 why the plummeting oil prices make for happy customers and even happier clerk at place where the lowest gas prices can be found in asheville. >> political leaders ceos and celebrities are gathering in awidth for the world economic forum to discuss the world moment pressing issue. bill gates among nearly 2500 participants. president barack obama, and vladimir putin though will not be attending. german chancellor also sitting conference out this year. thatter joe issues recall after are learning its store brand raw cashew pieces may have been contaminated with salmonella. store brands cashew were distributed to trader joe's north and south carolina. as well as 29 other states. the recall affects trader joe's raw ka shoe pieces with the information seen on your screen. only single lot it being
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>> and it is cold. frank sits by cold too -- i can feel the wind coming into the win -- -- well it is that -- it is bad. brutally chilly here today. 28 for the high that was a little deceiving that happened shortly after midnight. 18th low this morning. it was not record low but our windchills, are easily subzero many case. already in high country. and will be for many valleys so dangerously cold weather tonight. talk about that and how we turn warmer before snow that's right. we are taking up flakeometre here we are watching slowly several system. they could promise more snow for
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a cannoli, please. the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. now your sky watch weather. >> well new termold will big story dangerously cold tonight
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lester carpet sales new 113 sky cam network showing 14 degrees atop the area. here some thing is you got keep in minds. where plenty -- wear plenty of layers and cover any kinds of exposed skin. if your hands exposed or maybe the too feet you are definitely going to the go some frostbite checks on pets and elderly. present bey water for pets and blanc et cetera too if they have to be left outside. of course you got bring them in if you can. and let them warm up obviously they are prone to cold just as much as you and they all right tests l tastes about preciciitation crances rain and know would talking about 50% chance of it wednesday. and if they winteryry mix. coming back to the forecast with systems number one. six thursday another round of some wintery weather possible at 40% and then friday bull eye i think or for best chance of anyone terry weather returning to mountain there be rain to snow maybe even a little bit freezing rain thrown in there, too. really, complicated forecast, and it is very early bust, we are still pretty confident we
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73079 chance of snow for you in mountains. come wednesday. so higher elevation will have a decent chance of getting did. 50% chance of wintery mix through day and then up to 80% chance of snow come friday. high elevation. we are talking 3500 feet up. there good bet for snow then. 23 degrees right now with a windchill of 14. . already feeling very cold. just gets colder overnight. single digits, for air temperatures in some mountain locations and subzero wind chills almost given anything above 3,000 feet. that cold blast should off the east by our systems. this system number one. coming over mississippi river valley. putting down some snow over nashville maybe knoxville and even so snow and mix rain in asheville and then high country it looks like you will probably have better soft getting snow rat they are than rain rain. then we have snore system coming thursday. yet another beyond that so several of them. and here future cast, going through tonight into the tomorrow. nothing but high clouds late day tomorrow night.
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snow working out of smokeys back over southern blue ridge and this wednesday morning around day break. snow over macon county. then break before the last rounds of some so comes through on thursday morning. looks impressive. i don't think totals will be that impressive. maybe 12 inches mountains maybe some higher elevation getting up to about four inches. very most with that first round you can see here, quick hit of that snow and wednesday evening, most of it over the mountain a little bit falls in valleys maybe just too warm to sustain any significant accumulation here in asheville. we will watch it closely though of course. single i did guess tonight. look for low teens. highs tomorrow. knowledge 20s and 30s here in high elevations it will be 40s mixed in >> and everybody clily again wednesday. but we do warm up. closer to 50 on thursday. and then back down to 40 friday. with rain and no chances going way up.
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cold the win even some snow. >> got winter role going leer. we really do. very active pattern and any systems could produce some accumulation. we are talking for asheville, too >> time to check out today picture. terry thompson sent us this shot from marshal. breakfast in the snow. there we go! . they are enjoying the snow >> there whole family there >> you can send your picture and videos too just log on to or e-mail them to pictures the at >> really, makes me very aware of every present he moment coming up, carolina moments local yoga instructor fights for his life.
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that's easier than you think. in head-to-head shopping, the total at walmart beat that of bi-lo. greenville, the total amount saved at walmart vs. bi-lo was $20.64 on this week's groceries - that's 17%. so head to walmart and see what you could save with their every day low prices. about new 13 john lee tells us why there is priceless motivation for the fight of his life. >> things fluctuating constantly. when lives searching for answers, it helps to simply take a breath. yoga times you to care -- yea -- and to endure what can't be cured. more than ever ryan conrad needs
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measuring time, in hours, and minutes, and precious moments. >> life can certainly be verify night. his eyes give you the perspective of man whose world has ban turned upside down. why so many case. makes me very aware of every present moment. >> constant changes, >> are learning how to roll over. wife brook, their son harper. >> he is yoga instructor and physical therpism. always the healthy one until few months ago. started getting very really yellow. and was having quite a bit of pain. unso far outside of the scope of the normal folks who get cancer. his worst fears. nobody seems really get under 40. >> only 37. . those statistics don't tell an individual story.
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living now up against an unhealthy reality. >> the cune fee rallying for his support inincluding on-line campaign, that's raised more than 90, >> now to something that's very frankly tragedy it is just been really incredible. eps to his son. see him graduate. see him get married. >> it is my main motivation. to make it through the >> i don't want him miss out on a thing. even small em things. >> he about to begin section weeks of chemo and radiation. and it is only normal to want to cry. i got cancer. but some times, you got to laugh. >> the roller coaster to duke cancer center begins now. >> the sends off no one saw coming. >> see you next week. . >> kissing motivation good-bye. >> until they meet again, loved ones count the hours, >> we will miss him.
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. >> i love you. love you too. >> in west asheville. >> we just hope he comes back well. john lee, news 13. >> after his first stent duke ryan says he was road weary neighbour shus but happy to be home for the weekend. >> that's beautiful family. if you like find out more on and other fund raise egg efforts for ryan go to click news links. >> local clerk robbed gun point in all caught on camera. see the shocking moments and
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next at 6:00. vandal pray paint block lives matter on vance monument on m.l.k. day we there is live report. woman hits two police officers
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and then chase ensauce.


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