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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 19, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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have a great day. good morning, america. the midwest to the east coast in a deep freeze this morning. the coldest air of the season for nearly 100 million americans. temperatures in the single digits and below. and the northeast bracing for the first big snowstorm of the season, up to a foot possible from washington to boston. donald trump quotes the bible as he fights it out with ted cruz for key votes from evangelicals. >> two corinthians, right, two corinthians, 3:17 is the whole ball game. >> now rush limbaugh taking him on warning he is a wolf in sheep's clothing. >> the head of the academy awards says she is heart broken speaking out overnight of an oscar boycott promising big changes to fix its diversity problem as hollywood heavyweights announce they are staying home. >> i won't be at the academy awards and i won't be watching. >> spike lee joining the boycott.
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sudden death of eagles death glenn frey. this morning a look at the life of an artist who helped define the sound of a generation celebrating the man who taught us to "take it easy." lighten up while you still can don't even try to understand just find a place to make your stand >> love that voice. >> what a talent glenn frey was. good morning, america. with the eagles he wrote so many great songs, "hotel california." "desperado." "lying eyes." second best-selling album of all time. >> it takes you back. >> absolutely heartbroken when i heard the news. >> we're thinking, again, another great one. "tequila sunrise." i could go on and on. we want to get right to the blast of winter frigid temperatures for tens of millions of americans and look at that. 21 below zero in wisconsin. that cold air extending all the way east and that first big
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behind it. rob is going to start us off. he's outside. >> hey, robin, the entire eastern half in the grips. 16 in new york city but a windchill of 2. winds are gusty. look at these numbers from chicago all the way down to the deep south. we're talking about windchill advisories that are dangerously low. minus 3 in chicago. 9 degrees is the windchill in atlanta, georgia. 1 degree in washington. cold air in place watching the storm system likely to develop thursday, friday into saturday. the potential for heavy snow exists, new york down to the southwest. details of this, george and robin, of course, throughout the week. >> it is coming. the race for president now and on the republican side, donald trump and ted cruz locked in a battle for iowa where the caucuses are dominated by conservative and evangelical voters. abc's tom llamas is on the trial in des moines. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. and neither candidate is turning the other cheek and now cruz's aggressively going after trump
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and cruz says, trump is now rattled. this morning, donald trump sending a signal to a key iowa voting blockbuster saying he can do something senator ted cruz cannot. >> i'll be much stronger in protecting the evangelicals. >> reporter: in an interview with the christian broadcasting network trump compared himself with ronald reagan. >> he didn't read the bible every day seven days a week, but he was a great president. >> reporter: on monday, donald trump quoting scripture at jerry falwell's evangelical liberty university. fumbling the bible verse typically known as second corinthians. >> but two corinthians, right, two corinthians, 3:17. that's the whole ball game. >> reporter: and now rush limbaugh issuing this warning to voters. >> there are a lot of conservatives who think that he is a wolf in sheep's clothing, that he is a traditional lifetime new yorker and that means something. >> reporter: and according to cruz, he's chipping away at trump. >> don't listen to any
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look to our actions as the scriptures say, you shall know them by their fruits. >> reporter: while trump is taking the fight to the airwaves airwaves, they believe cruz will be one on the ground. volunteers try to make 1200 calls a day. >> this is what we're convinced wins iowa. >> reporter: but iowa, nor new hampshire have ever seen a campaign or a candidate like trump. >> what was that? is that a dog? >> hillary. >> uh-oh, it's hillary. >> reporter: and trump has three events today here in iowa. he says there will be a big announcement at the last event, the first event is in john wayne's hometown. george, it's about 9 degrees. it will be an outdoor rally. i hope trump has layered some of those navy blue suits he loves. >> jon karl will talk more about it. it cannot be more engaged. trump unloaded on cruz. cruz doing the same thing to
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now, these talk show hosts like rush limbaugh weighing in. >> reporter: we may have reached a pivotal point where those influential sizes on talk radio are starting to turn on donald trump. until now these have been some of trump's most reliable cheerleaders but in the latest fight they are siding with ted cruz, not just rush limbaugh, mark levine yesterday said trump should cut the crap with his attacks on cruz so that new york values attack from cruz drove people right back to what trump himself said 20 years ago as you know he said he was pro-abortion rights, open to gay marriage because he is from new york, not from iowa, this is the attack that could really hurt 2ru6r7. >> evangelical voters could make all the difference in iowa. you saw that direct pitch yesterday at liberty university from trump. >> reporter: yeah, now, evangelicals have never been the core constituency for trump. he said he never asks god for forgiveness. yesterday at liberty, he did
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trail a lot, lumping together his book, "the art of the deal" with the bible. listen to this. >> i always say, a deep, deep second to the bible, the bible is the best, the bible, the bible blows it away. there's nothing like the bible but "the art of the deal" was the best-selling business book and obama didn't read it. >> reporter: cruz is on the rise largely because he is winning among evangelicals, although, george, i have to say if you look at national polls, the most recent still has trump with a big lead among evangelicals nationwide. >> okay, jon karl, thanks very much. >> george, as you know republicans on the campaign trail taking aim at the white house over that prisoner swap with iran and while the families of those freed americans are celebrating what their loved ones another family is feeling betrayed. abc's brian ross is here with that. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that's right. the criticism is coming not only from republican presidential candidates but from the family of the one american who was not
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left behind. under the deal, the u.s. released from prison seven men convicted of helping iran's nuclear program and dropped charges against 14 more. republicans are calling it a bad one-sided deal. >> fact is we shouldn't have to trade anything to get our citizens back home. >> we've got to take our head at how it's happening. >> reporter: no one more upset with the obama administration than the family of the american seen in this hostage video who was not part of the deal. >> please help me. >> reporter: former fbi agent bob levinson who disappeared in iran almost nine years ago. the family heard the news on television, not from the white house. >> i'm very disappointed, i'm -- feel extremely betrayed by them. they have done nothing to get in touch with me other than after i asked them to. >> reporter: levinson's wife christine and son dan said the white house has gone back on its word.
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over the years that my dad would be a top priority to get him home as much as everybody else if not more because he's been held for almost nine years. >> reporter: a senior administration official tells abc news that levinson was part of the negotiations, but that the u.s. does not know why he was not ultimately included in the swap. mrs. levinson, do you consider whether bob might have died in captivity. >> no, i will never consider that until i have proof. i believe every day he's trying to come home to our family. we will never give up. >> reporter: the white house says the iranians have promised to determine the whereabouts of levinson, something the iranians know full well and have known since he was first taken captive almost nine years ago. >> my heart goes out to the levinson family. that water crisis in flint, michigan, where dozens of national guardsmen are on the ground this morning and new lawsuits set to be filed this afternoon. abc's alex perez has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, the
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protesters rallying outside michigan governor rick snyder's home. class action lawsuits expected to be filed today against city and state officials over the ongoing water crisis. newly revealed e-mails show when officials switched the water source from lake huron to the flint river they waited nearly five months to warn the public of the toxic levels of lead created by the switch. >> my baby and i, we breaking out in itching from bathing in the water. i don't like the idea my baby can't drink. >> reporter: the state attorney general now investigating why it took the governor and other officials so long to respond. >> every day -- >> reporter: president obama declaring a federal emergency here, national guard troops pouring into flint to pass out water and filters. even celebrities now trying to help residents share teaming up with a company to donate more than 180,000 bottles of water, tweeting, maybe fellow artists will help flint, and one of the
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michael moore calling for the governor of michigan to be arrested. >> we're all angry. this was purposely done. they knew it was poisoned. they knew it was toxic. >> reporter: the system has been switched back to lake huron water but the river damaged the pipe system so badly, water is still not safe to drink. and officials here say it could be months before the water is safe to drink. the governor is expected to tackle this tonight in his state of the state address, robin. >> looking forward to that, all right, alex, thank you. now to those plunging gas prices happening all over the country. take a look at this. the price war in michigan sending prices dipping to 47 cents a gallon. abc's rebecca jarvis is here with more on this and, rebecca, how low will they go. >> so low, robin, good morning. most of the country isn't going to be paying quite the same as those customers at that gas station in northern michigan, but prices this week should drop another 10 to 20 cents.
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morning is now $1.89, 48 states have seen prices drop this year and gas buddy is forecasting we will save an additional $17 billion at the pump this year. it's great news for consumers, robin, but, of course, there is the other side to this story. >> yes, there always is. there is a downside to those low prices. what is it? >> all the people who are employed by energy companies, because prices have dropped so far, so fast, it also puts their jobs in jeopardy so we do think of them this morning too, robin. >> we do keep that in mind, rebecca, thank you. to that scandal in pro tennis overshadowing the australian open. tennis officials are denying the allegations of match fixing and some of the sport's biggest stars demand answers. ryan smith here with the story. >> the australian open is in full swing but this scandal is dominating the headlines, even serena williams speaking out saying she was totally unaware of it and all of her opponents seem to play hard but now more stars on the hard court want to know exactly who has tainted
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this morning, it's not the play at the australian open garnering headlines, but the reports from the bbc and buzzfeed which allege that tennis authorities suppressed evidence of match fixing by players. failing to investigate around 26,000 suspicious matches. this morning, the sport's top stars, roger federer and andy murray speaking out. wanting to know just who was involved. >> i would love to hear names, you know, then, at least it's concrete stuff and you can actually debate about it. >> it's bad obviously, you want to be made aware of the people that are, you know, potentially involved in this. >> reporter: while the association of tennis professionals deny the allegations players were paid tens of thousands of dollars to deliberately throw matches. buzzfeed said they have text messages that prove it. >> the evidence actually included 82 text messages that one of these players had exchanged with the ringleader of the sicilian gambling syndicate.
7:13 am
bucks are bet on it and tennis is the easiest to fix because it involves one person. >> reporter: novak djokovic admitted someone on his team was approached in 2007 about throwing a first round match in exchange for $200,000. >> i was not approached directly and, of course, we -- we threw it away right away. it didn't even get to me. >> reporter: he and other stars like murray say it's hypocritical while players are coming under such scrutiny a major sponsor of the australian open is william hill, a british betting agency where you can bet on the winner of matches, sets and games. that gambling sponsor william hill is not implicated in the scandal. they're saying their partnership is part of the solution to integrity issues, not part of the problem. how much gambling is there in tennis? according to aussie betting company tab corp $16 million were wagered on the australian open on the first day, guys. >> betting just on a game. >> it could be games, set,
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that's part of the allegations here. >> wow, okay, thanks very much. amy with today's other top stories. a traffic nightmare in san francisco. >> the famous bay bridge is finally back open after a crowd protesting police brutality blocked traffic. they drove their cars onto the bridge and stopped one in each lane before then chaining themselves together. police eventually cut those chains and arrested 25 protesters. well, crews searching for 12 marines missing off the coast of hawaii have found four life rafts in the water but so far no sign of those marines. they've all been missing since last thursday when their helicopters apparently collided during a training mission. and a new warning about climate change, scientists say the oceans are warming up faster than previously thought. they say since 1997 the world's oceans have absorbed the same amount of heat energy as they absorbed in the previous 130 years raising more concern about rising sea levels and severe storms. overseas fire spread through
7:15 am
iconic ritz hotel in paris today. the hotel is being renovated and was due to re-open in march. thankfully no one was injured. a close call for a man driving near washington, d.c. an ambulance hit a light pole and the pole then came crashing through the roof of his toyota missing his head by just six inches before crashing to the floor. he credits god for saving his life. finally, this could change the world or at least my world. scientists claim they've invented the world's first hangover-free alcohol. it's called koryo liquor made from ginseng and replaces sugar with burnt rice apparently. here's the caveat, the so-called miracle drink was brewed in north korea and let's say the north koreans have been known to overstate their discoveries. reports that kim jong-un saw the production himself and favorite quote from pyongyang, it's highly appreciated as it is
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>> suave. >> nothing says suave like burnt rice. >> or kim jong-un. >> exactly, exactly. >> that's a real combination. i'm going to switch gears. thanks, amy. i do want to celebrate the life of eagles co-founder glenn frey, so many celebrating the rock 'n' roll legend this morning. he passed away at the age of 67 and abc's chris connelly takes a look back at his incredible contribution to the music world. take it easy >> reporter: as a principal singer, songwriter and guitarist with the eagles glenn frey helped to define the sound and sensibility of southern california rock in the 1970s. take it easy >> reporter: that 1972 career defining smash, just the first in hi steady stream of irresistibly melodic hits with frey at their center. i may never see you again
7:17 am
easy feeling." it's another tequila sunrise >> reporter: "tequila sunrise." you can't hide your lying eyes >> reporter: with countryharm mizing with don henley on "hotel california." frey and henley formed the eagles in l.a. after a stint in linda ronstadt's backing band and went their separate ways before reuniting in '94. frey in the meantime, turning up as an actor on "miami vice." >> right now your business is 25 grand up front. you belong to the city >> reporter: and as a solo artist hitting with "you belong to the city the heat is on." >> reporter: and "the heat is on." glenn frey died monday in new york at the age of 67. the eagles website saying in part words cannot describe our
7:18 am
for all he has given us. for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. there are stars in the southern sky >> a lot of that is from the eagles documentary. it transcends time, generation generationally just holds up. he will be missed. our thoughts and prayers go out to the frey family. >> every second a hit in there. >> we're singing along. now to rob. that snow is on the way here getting hit out in the midwest. >> one step at a time. talk about the weekend snow more but this is the snow that's coming to the midwest, the heartland and the midsouth but nashville, 2 to 4 inches expected today. all right.
7:19 am
trivia. >> coming up here on "gma" the hollywood heavyweights boycotting the oscars from jada pinkett smith to director spike lee, the head of the academy promising big changes overnight frmthsdz and chelsea clinton and
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good morning to you. it's 7:24 on tuesday, january 19. i'm jay siltzer. firefighters remain at the scene of a house fire on emmas grove roadad in fairview. six fire departments were called there around 4:00 in the morning. officials say the woman living there and per pets made it out safely. when crews arrived they saw flames coming from the chimney and attic area. >> police in asheville looking for three men who robbed a jewelry store.
7:25 am
wearing masks when they walked into golden diamond connection yesterday morning. police say the group got away with between $350,000 and $400,000 worth of jewelry. they were last seen in a black jeep. if you have any information call police in asheville. >> for the second time in a month a haywood county convenience store was robbed. in that incident one of the suspects held a gun to the clerk's head. the masked men wore hoodies and ball caps and demanded money from the register. no one was hurt. >> it hurts to go outside this, month, ingrid. >> yes, it does. 12 in asheville, 9 in morganton, 16 in greenville. but the wind has picked up here in asheville too. right now it's 14 miles an hour. so that means the wind chill is 3 below zero here in buncombe county. this is the type of weather you do not want to spend a lot of extra time outside if
7:26 am
cover exposed skin to avoid frostbite, drink warm liquids to avoid hypothermia. wind chill advisory until noon today. 30 for a highway temperature. tonight back down to 16. 38 in greenville today and 22 tonight. we do have a chance for snow beginning as early as
7:27 am
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we're all in this together once we know that we are we're -- >> can it be ten years since "high school musical"? you don't have to wait anymore. all in for a reunion on "gma." favorite stars will join forces ten years after the hit. >> ten years ago they were here live performance right here on "good morning america." uh-huh. also a lot ahead. people waking up to a deep freeze from the midwest to the east coast. nearly 100 million americans facing some of the coldest temperatures of the season and preparing to are a big snowstorm that could hit the northeast. also this morning, abc news has learned that ethan couch is no longer fighting returning to the u.s. from mexico. a judge expected to consider trtrsferring his case to an adult court. >> will be coming back. also this morning guess we'll be decoding something called the man flu.
7:29 am
>> decoding yeah, men suffer more than women. >> amy is looking forward. >> i just want to see this science. >> what's the theory, that men don't handle it as well when they get sick? >> there is a reason why. >> men are whiners. >> that's a proven thing. >> why they don't is another thing. >> that's a proven thing. >> yeah. >> i told you. she's loaded for bear for this. >> i'm glad t.j. is over here on the side because there's no way i can win on this in any way. >> you're going to bring that to us later, t.j.? >> yes. >> get ready. that's all i got to say. that is ahead. we'll begin with that anger surround the oscars, the academy responding overnight to calls for a boycott from stars including jada pinkett smith and spike lee issuing a statement promising, quote, big chanans to help fix hollywood's diversity problem. abc's linsey davis is here with the latest. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, guys. with the #oscarssowhite trending again and multiple big name actors prompting to boycott the
7:30 am
something and that response is coming from the academy's first black president who says they're taking dramatic steps to bring about much needed diversity. this morning, a host of hollywood heavyweights are announcing a boycott of the 2016 oscars. >> i will not be at the academy awards and i won't be watching. >> reporter: jada pinkett smith posting this video explaining why she's skipping out on tinseltown's biggest night. >> we can no longer beg for the love, acknowledgement or respect of any group. >> reporter: also joining the boycott director spike lee who challenged the academy's lack of diversity this past november while accepting his own honorary oscar. >> we need to have some serious discussion about diversity and get some flavor up in this. >> reporter: lee wrote in an instagram post that he cannot support it and posed the question how is it possible for the second consecutive year all 20 contenders under the actor
7:31 am
last night the academy's president cheryl boone isaacs responding to the controversy admitting in a statement she is heartbroken and frustrated about the lack of inclusion and promising the academy is taking dramatic steps to alter the makeup of our membership. while the academy does not release the demographic info on its members according to a 2013 "l.a. times" investigation, the academy is 93% white, down just 1% from 2012 with african-americans making up only 2% that year. >> to celebrate -- >> reporter: at an award ss ceremony this was echoed. >> for that to happen again this year is unforgivable. >> i'm chris rock and -- >> reporter: some are wondering how chris rock will handle the growing controversy on the big night. both jada pinkett smith and spike lee have both acknowledged chris rock saying they mean no disrespect but certainly puts
7:32 am
first word and last word of the night in a bit of a precarious situation. >> they both -- they supported him saying they understand him doing that and know he will do a good job and i don't know if you saw jada's facebook posting. such grace and love and also director michael moore sweeted this overnight saying i support jada pinkett smith and spike lee and will join with them. i believe the academy will fix this. thank you, president cheryl boone isaacs and spike lee, thanking her and spike lee will be live on "gma" tomorrow and we'll talk to him about the oscars controversy but just very respectful how everybody is handling this and the bottom line wanting change. wanting change. >> seems like it's going to come. >> it does. >> okay, thanks, guys. we turn to a pretty shocking story playing out in court right now. a massachusetts teenager facing trial for manslaughter after taunting her boyfriend to commit suicide. abc's linzie janis here with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. michelle carter was roughly 50 miles away from her boyfriend
7:33 am
prosecutors say she had been pressuring him to do it via text message and was even talking on the phone with him when he ended his life. this morning, massachusetts teenager michelle carter is one step closer to standing trial for allegedly convincing her 18-year-old boyfriend conrad roy to commit suicide. prosecutors arguing carter now 18 encouraged him in dozens of text messages. >> she goes back, when are you going to do it? stop ignoring the question. question mark, question mark, question mark, question mark. you can't keep pushing it off. >> reporter: roy died of carbon monoxide poisoning after locking himself inside his truck in this kmart parking lot. at the time, prosecutors say he was on the phone with carter for 47 minutes. at one point telling her he was getting out of the truck because he feared it wasn't working. >> he was scared. she told him to get back in the car. >> reporter: just days before in
7:34 am
writing, don't be scared. you're finally to be happy in heaven heaven. >> it's inconceivable. i don't understand how someone could do that, to encourage someone they claim to love. >> reporter: roy had attempted suicide and had been hospitalize hospitalized before he even met carter and in one text message two weeks before his suicide, he expressed his desire to take his own life, writing, i can't get better, i already made my decision. the defense now trying for a second time to have the involuntary manslaughter charge dropped. >> he has, in fact, brainwashed her to the point where she's now accepting his idea of this is my only option. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, the defense says, michelle's communications were by no means threatens and that roy made his own conscious decision to take his own life. adding, this is a tragedy, not a crime.
7:35 am
if convicted she faces up to 20 years in prison. george. >> okay, linzie. those texts are so horrifying to read. does this brainwashing offense have a chance of getting the charges dismissed? >> yeah, this is not an easy case for prosecutors primarily because of the law meaning prosecutors are going to have to show ha she caused his death, now, if there was an assisted suicide ban in massachusetts the way there are in more than half the states it would be much easier. they'd have to prove she helped, encouraged, assisted. they don't have that kind of law in massachusetts. so they're charging her with involuntary manslaughter which makes it a much harder case. >> it may not go to trial. >> it's possible a court will ultimately throw it out. >> you're launching a new website. >> lawnuwz with a "z." a big piece on whether i think the two defendants in make"making a murderer" are guilty. why the cosby charges could be dismissed. >> congratulations.
7:36 am
>> newz with a "qz kwfrjts chelsea clinton and ivanka trump pitted against each other. what we're learning about their behind-the-scenes friendship. that's next. come on back.od clot. what about my family? my li'l buddy? and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital but i wondered if this was the right treatment for me. then my doctor told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots, but eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. knowing eliquis had both... turned around my thinking. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. if you had a spinal injection while on eliquis call your doctor right away if you have tingling,
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it is 7:42 with the race for the white house pitting two good friends against each other. chelsea clinton and ivanka trump, their parents obviously both running for president but they have much more in common than that. abc's david wright has their story. >> reporter: publicly and professionally -- >> mr. trump has a great capacity to use bluster and bigotry to inflame people. >> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump apparently can't stand each other. >> hillary clinton was the single worst secretary of state in the history of this country. >> reporter: but when it comes to their dutiful daughters. >> by the way, speaking of great people, come on, i have my daughter ivanka here.
7:41 am
in new hampshire just yesterday. >> i am so incredibly proud of my father. >> reporter: just as chelsea clinton was a few weeks ago. >> i am so proud and grateful to be my mom's daughter. >> reporter: they have more in common than you think. ivanka and chelsea's parents used to be friends. so they've known each other for years as chelsea told "e.t." >> ivanka and i talk about everything. i'm so grateful she's my friend. i think she's a great woman. >> reporter: two 30-something women of incredible privilege nowering their own place in the world. both worked in television before joining the family business. >> i know a lot of people who say exactly what they're thinking. >> reporter: ivanka apprenticed on "the apprentice" now an executive vice president for the trump organization. chelsea works with clinton global initiative. both live in multimillion dollar apartments in new york city. both are pregnant, expecting before the election. both married to jewish businessmen, both have fathers-in-law who went to prison.
7:42 am
testimony to the type of parents and the type of people donald trump is and hillary clinton is. >> reporter: long before the campaign, ivanka tweeted this quote from chelsea's book, "life is not about what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you." #wisewords. chelsea told "vogue," ivanka, quote, reminds me of my dad and his ability to increase the joy of the room. adding, there's nothing skin deepep about ivanka. well, "the new york daily news" reports chelsea recently called ivanka to wish her a happy new year and the two agreed not to let the election ruin their friendship. in fact, the news claims that they have scheduled a play date after the election. >> who knew they had that much in common? you really went there. >> double date night. >> thank you. >> good luck with the friendship. >> we'll see how it goes down the road. david, thank you. coming up on "good morning america," a new study out from johns hopkins university about
7:43 am
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7:46 am
in this corner, back now for something referred to as man flu where a man gets sick and, let's face it, acts a little bit like a baby. >> wah. >> hey, guys, new research, new research suggesting there may be a scientific reason why men suffer more than women when it comes to the flu. t.j., you got to tell us about this. >> lfrt, look, robin, by t time my segment is done you, robach and lara will f fl compelled to apologize to me, george and robin. >> bring it. >> man flu, all right, this is the idea that the common cold or basic flu is ten times worse when a man has it. they say we exaggerate or act like a baby but the good folks at johns hop incans say women have naturally occurring estrogen which helps them fight off the flu and simms of the flu. next graphic, lilly, testosterone which occurs in men kwaek weakens our immune system. you have something to fight it off.
7:47 am
weak to it so in conclusion, robach, if i get so much as a sniffle, the humane thing to do is hand me a hanky. >> did men conduct the study? >> i knew you'd ask. the lead researchers, two men, two women, the two men both named andrew. >> i don't know what to say. >> we'll be back. here's another great "improve this!" from lowe's. time to organize toll tools. put that old rake head to use turning it into a tool hanger. now you'll never ask to have where is my monkey wrench. to find out more go to on yahoo! an excellent source of protein, it's a delicious way to fuel up on energy to help power through her morning run. which motivates these bikers to pedal faster, and inspires ted to land that front-side ollie.
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7:51 am
rainfall that turns into snow on the road to tahoe. truckee, chains required on i-80. flood advisory for the bay area. another winter storm coming in for another foot of snow expected in thehe mountains.
7:52 am
by tt2w`t3n`&d! bt`nc"$ tt2w`t3n`&d! "a`ns.@ tt2w`t3n`&d! bm`nx%l tt4w`t3n`&d!" dzlq da< tt4w`t3n`&d!" enlq 4e\ tt4w`t3n`&d!" gzl& -b$ good morning to you.
7:53 am
i'm jay siltzer. a man was shot in the leg outside his apartments. police were called just after 11:30 last night. the victim told officers he was dropping someone off when two people wearing hoodies knocked him to the ground, took his wallet, then shot him in the leg. the victim is expected to be okay. no suspects have been identified at this time. >> a woman is accused of assaulting two officers and stealing makeup from the k-mart on patton avenue. officers pulled over katrina roberson friday night. that's when they say she sped away and hit them with the side of her car. she was arrested a short time later and faces several charges. the officers involved were not seriously injured. >> tonight people can learn about a multi-million dollar plan to revamp the school system in madison county. a public hearing starts at 7:00 at the madison ab tech campus. more than half of that money would go toward a brand new early college. a new addition would be built on to brush creek
7:54 am
projects is scheduled to begin by early next month. >> here's ingrid with your skywatch forecast. >> incredibly cold outside, 4 , lester carpet sales news 13 skycam network. we now see it's 12 in asheville with a 9 pulling in in morganton and 16 in year. the wind makes it feel like three below zero right now. make sure you cover any exposed skin if you are about to head out the door. wind chill advisory is out until noon today for all of the counties shaded in blue including us in buncombe county. throughout the day today still very cold. winds not as bad as yesterday, especially late day. 30 for the high. tonight 16, increasing clouds. still chilly in the upstate, mid-to-upper 30s and 22 tonight. we do have a chance for snow as early as tomorrow morning especially late day. a quick shot at it thursday,
7:55 am
temperatures staying cold
7:56 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. hayden panettiere speaking out for the first time since she went to rehab for postpartum depression. >> you know what, it's made my life better. >> her message of hope for fellow moms. dr. ashton is here live. back to sleep. the new headline on sleep depp prix vague and your body. how catching up on your sleep on the weekends could prevent serious illness. a bachelor jaw dropper. >> looks like lace is reaching the end of her stick.k. >> the one they love to loathe. >> i'm mad at myself for the way i acted. >> now why lace really left and the woman ben chose to say good-bye to. we're all in this together we're all in this together
7:57 am
musical" became a blockbuster phenomenon, the cast back together with our cameras rolling. >> my heart is just bursting at the seams. >> vanessa, ashley, corbin, monique, lucas and a very special message from zac. get ready to go back to high school as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. we're all in this together what we know we're all-stars we're all in this together >> yep, get ready to go back to high school. we're all in this together, the cast of "high school musical" back, better than ever. their huge reunion. you'll see it this morning on "gma." >> love hearing those songs again. draymond is here. sharing his billion dollar secrets and tips on how to go from broke to a full bank account this morning. >> he really has an incredible story. >> he does. absolutely. you mentioned incredible today it's time to "improve this!"
7:58 am
>> crazy ultimate football fan cave for your subianto bowl party right now, michelle collins, rob marciano going head-to-head with a diy challenge. michelle putting astro turf coasters and an all in one serving tray and cutting board that got our guys to do it. get started. we've got great tips for you coming up. >> the clock is ticking. amy has the morning rundown. >> the big story this morning, the pressure mounting on the presidential candidates, two weeks from today we will be revealing the winners of the iowa caucuses. donald trump is courting the christian vote, promising to protect evangelicals better than anyone else including ted cruz, the son of a preacher. both candidates claiming to be the real heir to ronald reagan. >> he didn't read the bible every day seven days a week. but he was a great president. >> conservatives are uniting
7:59 am
seeing the oldld reagan coalition reassembling. >> on the democratic side the fireworks from the heated debate still echoing with hillary clinton and bernie sanders drawing sharp distinctions between each other on everything from speaking fees to guns. >> he voted to let guns go onto amtrak. >> you received over $600,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs. >> the clinton campaign now preparing to are a primary fight that could stretch well into may. well, wall street is back at work this morning after the holiday weekend and there is some encouraging news. overnight stocks in asia surgedd higher even though a new report shows the chinese economy is growing at the slowest rate in 25 years. investors believe that report will prompt the chinese government to step in and try to stimulate more growth. well, there is a disturbing report from iraq. the u.n. says nearly 19,000 civilians were killed in that country between the start of 2014 and october of last year as isis gained power. the u.n. calls that number
8:00 am
million people have been displaced. in medical news more americans are now at risk for lyme disease. about 300,000 americans each year get it and now a new study finds the ticks that carry lyme disease have been found in nearly half of all the counties in the u.s., so those areas ss in red and green. yellow and blue are at lower risk. bizarre chase in southern california, a driver surrendered to police but then she let her six dogs loose on the freeway. they ran around backing up traffic for miles until police were finally able to round them all up safely. finally, well, the stars really are aligning or a a least the planets are. take a look. mercury, venus, saturn, mars and jupiter will all align tomorrow for the first time in more than a decade. they will be visible from earth in a diagonal role just before dawn starting tomorrow and each morning through february 20th and if you want the know the
8:01 am
just served us nine pizzas so back to you. >> we'll move on to a new report on sleep deprivation. a new study concludes catching up on sleep may help reverse the risk of diabetes. our chief health and medical editor dr. richard besser here with the reality, checking first of all on the effects of sleep deprivation. so h hd on the body. >> in this study they took a group of healthy men, they let them sleep only four hours a night and they looked at the impact. what they found was their cells became less sensitive to insulin. one of the things you see in people who develop diabetes. you know, just a short period of time, their cells were looking like the cells of someone developing diabetes. >> we've always been told you can't catch up on sleep. is this something different. >> they let them sleep 10, 12 hours a night and found the effect in terms of insulin went away but we know from other things you can't make up for all
8:02 am
>> four hours versus 10 or 12. how much sleep should we be getting. >> you know, if you look at it, what they say is adults need seven to eight hours of sleep per night. teens need 9 to 10 and young children at least 10 and none of us are really getting that and it's having an impact. not just in terms for diabetes but concentration, memory, reaction time, even our immune system is impacted by that limited sleep. >> so we've got to make the time. >> you do. you know, you'll make up for a little of it on the weekends but you can't cheat yourself every night and expect to not see some effect. >> rich besser, thanks very much. taking questions on twitter? >> all morning. now to lara. >> thank you, george. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." "nashville" star hayden panettiere sharing a powerful message about postpartum depression and big drama on "the bachelor." one of the booted women is speaking out and what really happened to lace and right over
8:03 am
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weight watchers has changed. weight watchers all-new beyond the scale program puts the focus on you and not just the number on the scale. lose weight while eating healthier, with all new smartpoints. and move more by including fitness in ways that work for you. see how good you'll feel with the new weight watchers beyond the scale program! join for free now and lose 10 pounds on us. just keep your head in the game and don't be afraid to shoot the out side j >> we're certainly getting our head in the game. for the big "high school musical" reunion just minutes away. but first a a big moment for actress hayden panettiere, the
8:08 am
time since seeking treatment for postpartum depression. and these back better than ever. abc's juju chang is here with that, great news, juju. >> reporter: good morning, robin and everyone, the "nashville" star says stepping out publicly is empowering because she doesn't need to hide herself anymore. she says battling postpartum depression taught her people will accept your scars, bumps and bruises and will relate. actress hayden panettiere gracing the red carpet at the critics' choice awards sunday night and opening up about her struggles in the past year to e! news. >> postpartum depression was not something i could understand. you can't understand it unless you have a personal involvement in it. >> reporter: speaking out has been good medicine. >> it's made my life better and i do feel and hope that it's made other people's lives better. >> reporter: the 26-year-old "nashville "nashville" star checked herself
8:09 am
help treat her postpartum depression. something her character on the abc show also struggled with. life imitating art. >> help me get my life back. >> a source of the show told us that story line was developed long before hayden gave birth. the show did give her time, though, to go through the treatment off camera as her character on camera went through the similar situation. >> reporter: the first time mom to 1-year-old kaia is 1 of 600,000 moms across the country diagnosed with this form of depression every year and she hopes talking openly about it will help break the stigma of the disease. >> she believes that she's going to be a more positive role model for her daughter showing her that she can be a proud confident woman while admitting what's going on inside. >> i want to put out a good example for my daughter and tell her that she can be anyone she wants and she does not have to be afraid that somebody's not going to like it because no matter what you do, there's always going to be somebody who doesn't like it.
8:10 am
she says, has helped her heal. >> i was floored by the positive response and really happy that i can stand up for the women who are out there suffering from this and let them know that it's okay and they're not alone. >> reporter: hayden says she is refusing to stay silent not just ace role model for her daughter but all those women struggling and wants to send a clear message that struggling with postpartum doesn't mean you're weak and certainly does not mean you're a bad mom. robin. >> not at all. juju, thank you. here with us now, abc's chief women's health correspondent, jen ashton. i know you want to weigh in. you were watchingnd hearing the things that hayden had to say, before we talk about postpartum in particular we want to acknowledge there is a wide range of feelings that women have following birth. >> oh, absolutely. and as juju just said this doesn't make you a bad mom. this makes you normal. it makes you human. in fact, we have a list of the life's most stressful
8:11 am
know, you have things on there like death of a spouse, divorce, pregnancy, birth of a child, that's on that list, that is a significant life stressor and we also have to bring -- we have to broaden the scope a little bit, robin. yes, here we're talking about the natural birth mother. but make no mistake, if you bring a new baby into your hope, it can affect the partner, the spouse, the entire family. it's a major event. >> sometimes we hear, oh, the mother -- just has the blues, has the baby blues. when, though, what's the criteria that you know that it has extended far beyond that to depression. >> you know, i've delivered over 1500 babies so i've seen every possible manifestation of maternal behavior here. i think postpartum blues is where you'll see some crying, some tearfulness and have some trouble sleeping and eating. you might be unsure how to care for your baby. that's kind of normal and these symptoms or feelings typically will last about two weeks. when you make the jump to postpartum depression, which
8:12 am
of moms so we're talking a lot of women here, this is not subtle. these are intense feelings, overwhelming sadness. you cannot perform what we call your activities of daily living. you can't care for yourself. you might have trouble caring for your baby and in severe situations you have thoughts of harming yourself or your baby. >> we heard in juju's report, 600,000 women a year. >> right. >> diagnosed with this. if you're a new mom or have a lolod one and you suspect something isn't right, what do you do? >> you have to speak up and ask for help. it's a sign of strength. at the end of the day it's your health and your baby's health so asking for help is the first step. >> there are various treatments. >> a lot of streeps. they range from medication, talk therapy in severe cases hospitalization but remember this is out there. it does not discriminate. it can affect the celebrity as well as the averagege everyday mom. we need to talk about it more. >> and we're so glad that hayden is leading that conversation and the manner in which she's doing it. going to be busy again. you can take your questions,
8:13 am
go to drjashton on twitter or go to our facebook page. amy. >> all right, robin. well, let's turn now to "the bachelor" bombshell that has so many people talking this morning. spoiler alert, if you have not watched yet, three women are gone and one of them chose to leave. abc's reena ninan has the very latest. >> reporter: tears flowing and tempers flaring. >> go away. >> me? >> leave me the [ bleep ] alone. >> reporter: week three of "the bachelor" delivering plenty of drama as personalities clash. >> she is not letting anything get in her way. >> no. she's very aggressive. >> reporter: olivia making enemies. >> i would love more, more, more, more time with him and i'm going to do whatever. >> to no one's surprise olivia steals ben right away. >> does anyone else want to go on my date. >> reporter: jubilee's one-on-one date off to an awkward start. >> will you accept this rose? >> yeah. >> reporter: but not the women.
8:14 am
are doing but this ain't you. >> reporter: sparks fly when amber confronts jubilee. >> i don't know what's going on. >> when she said a little comment like, anyone else want this date, a lot of girls were pissed about that. >> reporter: just when you thought the night couldn't get any crazier. >> ben, can i talk to you a second. >> lace makes a shockckg exit. >> i think it's better that i go. >> reporter: overnight telling chris harrison why she really left. >> 24 is bringing out the bad side of me. >> reporter: revealing. >> taking a step back from drinking obviously, focusing more on my career and just knowing myself worth. >> reporter: ben saying good-bye to to more women including 27-year-old shoshanna overcome with emotion. >> i had no idea it would be this hard. >> reporter: telling us in an exclusive interview her take on all the drama after having a front row seat. >> lace, i personally really like her.
8:15 am
i think we all get a little different when we drink but i think she'll learn her lesson. >> reporter: revealing her pick for ben's future wife. >> kayla is my soul sister. i really love her and hopefully it will work out for ben with her. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> all right, joining us with her take on last night's drama, "bachelor" super fan and co-host of "the view," commercial collins. last night's episode, lace leaving, were you as shocked as everyone else? >> this was the like elimination kind of heard around the world although she left of her own accord. >> to better herself. >> which was like i always felt lace was reality tv crazynd i loved her for it and i was like, wait, she has real problems and i feel bad for her. she's working on herself which is nice. she also has a tattoo that says work on yourself which is a good reminder.
8:16 am
will olivia now emerge as the new villain, villainess? >> amber emerged as a major villain. she was very mean to jubilee which was i thought -- kind of rubbed me the wrong way and didn't look good in front of ben. i'm now obsessed with olivia. >> ben gave some disturbing news, sad news about something that happened in his life and olivia chose a conversation that was quite odd coming right out of this announcement. >> let me tell you something, last night's "bachelor" can be dedpiened by two words. i know you won't like them. fat toes. i know you don't want to hear about it. i'm obsessed with her feet. the guy has family members die or family friends. she comes in and talks about her cangles. i get it. similar things. it's not easy, amy. you can't take your foot on a diet. there's no toe cleanse. you can't do a juicy toe cleanse. she actually is the only entertaining thing sort of other than amber.
8:17 am
go and give him a massage. >> oh, my god. >> which is also a little strange and the other girls did not like it. >> jubilee is on her game. the other girls didn't like it because they didn't think of it. they didn't know there was a massage table. who knew that? she was on it. she already had her rose and said, my man wants a massage and she gave it to him. >> we can't wait to see what happens next. >> oh, my god. >> anything can happen. michelle collins, thank you very much. new episode of "the bachelor" airs monday night at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc. you can see michelle, of course, on "the view" at 11 a.m. eastern. let's head outside. chilly out there, rob. >> hey, amy, it's 1 degree. the windchill is 1 degree so safety numbers, we're just trying to stay warm. anybody cowboys in the group? no, but you've ridden a horse. >> yes. >> these are professional horse riders and bull riders, 42nd annual steamboat cowboy downhill. race down the hill and do all sorts of fun stuff.
8:18 am
today more snow expected. not only for the colorado rockies but all of intermountain west. enjoy that fresh powder. >> all right, lara, do not go singing ride a horse not a cowboy or whatever that song is, back to you for "pop news." >> all right, i won't today. maybe on thursday. all right, time for "pop news" and i love this song.
8:19 am
>> call it synchronicity for two of music's most iconic artist, sting and peter gabriel announcing this morning they are uniting for a huge concert tour this summer. this is brand new, just came out this morning. the tour will be called rock, paper scissors, not clear why yet. favorite game of mine, though. they'll visit select north american cities this june and july. you may have seen these rock stars in your eye, thank you, back in the '80s, prejesse, i'm sure. jesse, you don't even know who we're talking about. >> i feel like i've heard this song somewhere in a jingle. >> oh, my god. >> wow. >> jesse. >> that's a joke, guys. i know the song. it's sting. >> good boy. >> you guys actually semi believed that. >> but would you know peter gabriel song if you heard it. >> he's a big genesis -- in your eyes the life the heat in your eyes >> all right. anyway -- >> yes, yes, that's right. >> i love it.
8:20 am
and duets from the rock legends, i recommend that every breath you take, every move you make be used to get tickets when they go on sale this monday. >> i think i know why they're calling it rock, paper, scissors because they'll play each other's songs at the different concerts and play rock, paper and scissors before each concert to decide -- >> are you making this up. >> no, i actually read about this. this is going to be an awesome tour. >> "pop news" update. >> you always start with rock, always start with rock. >> i didn't know that. >> rock -- i don't know how the mathematics works, rock -- >> paper can smother. >> paper covers rock. >> canadian. >> update coming, the rock, the paper or the scissors. also in "pop news," this morning, if you've ever looked for a job you know how hard it iso gauge what the actual responsibilities and sort of the pleasantries of the position will look like at the job posting unless, of course, it's for this job. the senior digital producer
8:21 am
website seek, the ad says the job and i quote,e, is the worst job in town with a, quote, poor location and is, quote, paying below market value. the ad goes on to say that the company doesn't value work life balance at all and that some of the staff don't even bother to shower. the digital recruiter who posted the ad says, instead of overselling, he went for the opposite and it worked. he says the responses have been great. a lot of people appreciating his honesty. >> okay. >> bring in our new "gma" employee. can't go that far. >> and finally, it is cold outside as my boy rob has been saying all morning long. we want you all to be very careful out there. we're hearing about snow and dogs know. this one in particular, this is a tip. a low center of gravity is always the safest way to go. when the streets are snowy.
8:22 am
>> that's a dog sled, all right. >> can't fall down on the ice if you're already laying down on it. >> well played, amy. >> that's "pop news" on this tuesday. >> that will cool it down. >> dog sled. >> dog sled. >> that was good. >> absolutely.y. >> oh, goodness gracious. >> i can't figure out what that dog was doing. >> safe sledding. >> i don't know. i have thoughts. >> but you'll save them. we have the "high school musical" reunion coming up. the gang is back together after ten years.
8:23 am
friends"'s all-stars good morning to you. it's 8:27 on tuesday, january 19. i'm jay siltzer. happening today, people can learn about a multi-million dollar plan to revamp the school system in madison county. the total building plan is $6.5 million. more than half of that money would go toward a new early college and a new addition on to brush creek elementary school. construction on both of those projects is scheduled to begin early next month. a public hearing on all the projects starts at 7:00 tonight at the madison ab tech campus. >> a rock slide in buncombe county nearly cleaned up. crews have removed large debris and rocks and both lanes are now open but there is still a temporary traffic light set up. the slide had both lanes closed several hours on sunday. >> firefighters in maggie valley are trying to determine what caused a building fire. it happened just before
8:24 am
bennett drive. the fire department tells us the structure was a commercial garage with housing attached. thankfully everyone made it out safely. >> 8:28 right now. here's ingrid with your skywatch forecast. >> good morning, jay. dangerously cold conditions outside. 12 in black mountain. same in asheville, 10 in burnsville, 13 in morganton, 15 in forest city, 17 in greenville. but the wind is a factor once again this morning. it's 12 in buncombe county. makes it feel like 2 below zero right now. make sure you cover up any exposed skin if you are going to be outside for a long period of time. we do not want to hear reports of frostbite or hypothermia. wind chill advisory until noon today. it's not going to warm up much throughout the afternoon. 30 for a high temperature. tonight another cold one, 16 . 30s today in greenville.
8:25 am
low at 22. yeah, that's right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings. and brace yourself. the digital coupons are coming next. look at her, so proud of her momma. you saved quite a bit today go ahead. say it. cha-ching! thank you the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop.
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we're breaking free soaring flying it has been ten years since "high school musical"." the huge cast, the reunion is just moments away here on "gma." >> it holes up. >> it does. >> i know george's daughters, my daughter knows this song. >> ava told me yesterday there isn't a sleepover i've been to where we don't sing all the songs. >> and act it out. that's great. >> begging for this reunion. so i'm really excited to see it. >> it is going to be great. also, daymond john is here this morning. you know him from "shark tank." he'll shareillion dollar secrets, powerful new book called "the power of broke." >> has great stories. the ultimate super bowl party setup, we hope. these are pretty cool ideas, plus we put rob and michelle collins to the test in a diy challenge.
8:27 am
>> look how calm rob is. >> i'll use the term creations loosely. >> come on. >> i liked your idea. i liked your idea. i think michelle had an easier chore than you so we'll see how -- >> i got to be handicapped in some capacity. >> exactly. >> jesse, you wanted some of that, right? >> if i see football cutouts i get excited so we've got a lot in the studio, by the way. you're about to see coming up. it's genius. >> it'll all make sense. the reunion that's been trending huge on facebook all night. the gang from "high school musical" back together celebrating ten years since the phenomenon d.a. debuted in fact their first live performance was right here on "gma." and the original cast reunited for our cameras before their big anniversary special. a note from zac efron who's gotten a lot of flack for not being -- he has a lot of flack online. he sent in a special message to all the fans.
8:28 am
>> he is a little bit. you saw the selfie that chris connelly took. here's abc's chris connelly with the story. together together together everyone >> my heart is just bursting at the seams. it's just so crazy it was ten years ago. >> reporter: it's true, 2006 saw "high school musical" debuting on the disney channel and rocketing to the head of the class. here and now it's time for celebration >> reporter: its songs, dance numbers and beloved characters creating a tween tass tick phenomenon and turing its stars into overnight sensations. >> it was such a whirlwind. it felt like we were kind of swept up into this vacuum. at one point it literally felt like we were the beatles. >> everywhere we went people knew who we were. >> we can go to the coffee star and we're completely left alone now. that's what i mean. it feels like a different life. >> they still want selfies with us. >> reporter: this past weekend, the cast minus zac efron --
8:29 am
billion more. i love you guys. >> reporter: reuniting to share fond memories for disney channel tenth anniversary show on wednesday. what does it feel like to revisit where it all began for you. >> it's amazing. for me i kind of embrace the i want it all of sharpay and i'm doing it all so i got a clothing line, makeup line, producing. the movie coming out in may so it's been insane. >> i hated her through the -- [ laughter ] -- a lot of it. i love ashley so much more now. >> it taught me that what you do is actually potentially going to impact people. >> just to come back into this room and to see everyone again and to go, oh, my gosh, we were all part of this together. we made this incredible magic happen together. together together together everyone >> reporter: part of the magic their first live performance on "gma" back in 2006. wherever each other every time >> you guys were the first ones
8:30 am
who we were and it's really neat to be here doing this ecifically. >> we're all in this together. >> reporter: as they continue to work on projects from broadway and tv to the big screen, these actors reflecting on what made "high school musical" special. >> "high school musical" cage out at the perfect time. we were found by fans seeking us out. to actually have real young people playing that age and then have them put under the microscope and to really -- >> to survive. >> to survive. have nobody completely go off the rails, that's something that i think is a huge testament to what this cast is. >> we have tons of other friends but they don't understand what we've been a part of and it's like this connection betweenenll of us. >> if somebody cops into your life what, do they have to know about this experience to understand you gentleman. >> that they all come with me. [ laughter ] >> it's a package deal. >> it's a package deal. we're all in this together >> reporter: for "good morning
8:31 am
news, los angeles. >> doesn't get old. >> seeing that. >> those dance moves like that the special "high school musical" airs tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern and pacific on the disney channel. >> jesse, wasn't he in high school ten years ago? i think maybe -- >> oh. >> i'm just segueing to you, jesse. "time out of mind" to say good-bye to bad posture. turns out it doesn't hurt you physically but can also affect your emotions as well so a double-edged sword and abc's jesse palmer has the details. you want to sit up straight for this one. >> you sure do and want to go back and finish 12th grade again. ten years ago. it turns out something many of us do called the slump. i can actually impact our energy. our productivity and even our mood, so we met up with a posture coach for some straight up advice. take a look at this woman. and these people. what do they have in common? bad posture. professional violinist melissa
8:32 am
recently it's been a pain in the neck. literally. >> i was feeling kind of like a pinching pain, neck discomfort. neck achiness. >> reporter: her bad habit. her posture. >> see, strain on the neck, strain on the back. >> reporter: enter the posture police. >> bad posture, it's not just about slumping your shoulders. that's better. >> reporter: she teaches the alexander technique which helps to i will proveve poor posture and says it can cause physical pain like neck and back problems, breathing issues, energy depletion and more. >> it can affect how people perceive you, how you feel emotionally and it might affect whether or not you get a second date or a second job interview. >> reporter: don't forget about heavy backpacks and repetitive stwres from our many device. >> we're hearing about very young people who are having spinal problems related to their posture using their smartphones. >> reporter: melissa's new good
8:33 am
>> the pain is almost nonexistent. so much better. >> you know it's amazing how posture really impacts how we're perceived. experts say poor posture gives people a bad first impression. whether you are he applying for a job or starting a relationship or even trying to make new friends make sure you use good posture because it makes you appear stronger. >> we've all been shifting here. >> i know. >> so we're obviously and so many of us are sitting at desks each and every day. what can we do to improve it. >> three easy steps doctors recommend. first try to make sure your screen is at eye level. not tilted up or down. type with your elbows at a 90 degree angle and make sure your wrists and arounds are rested when typing. you do that, those three easy steps, avoid the slump and look stronger and more confident. >> lara, i've always marveled at your posture. >> thank you. >> is it from diving. >> ballet and diving and just my
8:34 am
you have a string, sort of pull up. but -- yoga is a great way too. i highly recommend it. you can gain an inch back from your height because as we get older we do start to curl. shoulders. power pose, she said -- >> if you stand like this -- >> it actually improves -- >> that's so relaxed. >> good morning, america. >> but it's scientific. >> lock it in, george. there, whoo! >> power pose. >> try to huddle in close here. we're standing up tall. stand up tall. good posture, everybody. you just want to shrivel in. moderating temperatures though. at least across the south where it's cold even all the way down to the florida panhandle. rebounding from the 20s and 30s today in atlanta. above the north carolina line,
8:35 am
so watching very carefully t ts developing situation which will bring some snow fririy and saturday just a matter of how much and where. that's a >> this weather report is brought to you by weight watchers. i hope a little hot soup is on the menu today. amy, back in to you. >> coming up, do you want to be a billionaire? "shark tank's" daymond john is here live shang his secrets to
8:36 am
next.tt0w!t^)hw! %4@-=6, tt0w!t^)hw! el@-71@ tt0w!t^)hw! ed@-13$ tt0w!t^)hw% )8h-qmx tt0w!t^)hw% kzh-l"$ tt0w!t^)hw% n-h-9k( tt0w!t^)hw% 0ph-',0 tt0w!t^)hw% s"h-7^p tt0w!t^)hw% ueh-4< tt0w!t^)hw% 7hh-(>t and we're back with our buddy daymond john from "shark tank" and runs fubu. in his spare time he wrote a new book called "the power of broke" right here. welcome back. >> thanks for having me. >> define "the power of broke." >> defining the "the power of broke," it's touching on those things that you have, assets that you don't realize you have because you don't have any capital and have to actually tap into that. everybody thinks you need money to make money but you don't because 65% of the inc's top richest came from nothing. they were all broke. >> including you. >> especially me. >> especially you and beyond the tank, new episode of "beyond the tank" takes you back 0 queens where you grew up and started fubu out of your mom's house.
8:37 am
i didn't realize i was executing the "the power of broke" until now on "shark tank" when i see the pose successful people. look at me. don't anybody tell you need money to make money. i'm short, african-american, came from the hood -- >> nothing wrong with that. >> i can't design, dyslexic, i can't count, right. but all that didn't stop me from growing my company and doing what i need to do. i took affordable steps. >> what difference did your mom make. >> mom is great. see, a lot of mothers don't realize. they already are entrepreneurs because they're the ultimate start-up. when you have a child there is no blueprint on how you'll raise this child. when your child has an ear infection three types a month you have to go to the emergency room. you don't give your child up for adoption. maybe kevin o'leary would but other than that this is the power of broke. you work it out. you were a scrapper and had to get your business going and find ways to get your fashion
8:38 am
back of ll cool j on on theead of ll cool j. >> maybe says you need opm. other people's marketing, manpower or manufacturing and in the book i put gigi butler who started off as a maid and doing $30 million a year doing cupcakes and kevin plank, $4 billion annually doing underarmor. they all exercise the power of broke. >> advice. entrepreneur ellen park's team hit a roadblock. she's wondering what would draymond do. let's take a look. >> toasty time, hoodies with mittens for pockets. we've been making hoodies for adults since 2007 and we are rying to branch out into kids' sizes. but we've been struggling getting noticed on our kickstarter campaign outside our already loyal clientele. what can we do? we're ready for prime toasty time. >> all right. well, she's going on facebook and find the audiences talking
8:39 am
going skiing, things of that nature and buys $10 of advertise many, ten separate timesith ten separate messages and see how many people come back and like ad one, like ad three, like ad four. your conversion rate, four people like there or 50 people like that one. when she finds out the one she likes the most she makes that ad and spends more money and starts converting her goods and selling her goods. >> daymond, that was specific. we have a little surprise for you because not a lot of people know you kept your job at red lobster -- >> i did. >> when you were starting out fubu so in honor of that, let's see a surprise today. where is he coming from? >> yeah. >> there he is, the manager from our local red lobster right here. >> how are you doing? >> all right. >> bringing some -- >> oh, my goodness. >> where are the biscuits. the cheddar bay biscuits. >> we're bringing you the lobster. thank you so much on behalf of red lobster, want you to congratulate you on your book.
8:40 am
sacrificing yourself. i appreciate it. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> thank you, daymond, "the power of broke" is available right now and daymond is on "shark tank" on friday at:00 eastern right here on abc. congratulations. coming up we'll see how rob
8:41 am
cave. it's the final countdown yes. we are kicking off a brand-new edition of "improve this!" with the ultimate football fan cave. whether your favorite team is playing in the big game or if they didn't make it, who cares, let's watch some football, people. everybody loves to watch the super bowl in style and here with some great diy tips are chris and peyton lambton from hgtv's "going yard." i love when we have props like my co-workers. very nice, robin.
8:42 am
so this is stadium seating that you guys have created. you could put this in your basement or your garage if you can get a tv in there and this is just -- 6x8. >> easy to make. something great for your garage, man cave, whatever. so you put it together with some 2x8s. buy a whole bunch of 2x8s and artificial grass. >> i think we have graphics. there you go. so you have that. wall. lay those 2x8s and screw them together. >> i like the way you do that. exactly. that's on every 16. once step two is done put the plywood on top. this is very sturdy. don't have to worry about falling through that. that is sturdy right there. you can jump around and cheer, no problem. >> all right. >> thank you very much.
8:43 am
really cheap at a place like lowe's. at your home center. you can find astroturf to give it the football look. >> played on that in high school. really good for carpet burns. really good quality. >> very comfortable. >> if you want to dress it up more, take duct tape and make the yard lines. >> the one thing it's not easy to store, needless to say so this is sort of an investment project. it's not expensive but it's not the kind of thing you'll want to break down so you can use it for oscar season, you know, put on a red carpet. >> bring in chairs from all around your house, kitchen chairs, whatever you have. >> office chairs. >> first choice seating. >> strategic move. >> all right. our second project is even easier, rob marciano is in the cat birth seat and these are made with those pallets you find behind stores and a lot of stores will give them to you.
8:44 am
this mosharrafa pit. >> six pallets. 2x4s, screw, all nice together and you won't hurt yourself there. >> you want to make sure you stand it down so it's not so rough. >> a little primer and paint. >> then you bought two few ton cushions. >> comfy pillows and you're ready to go. >> this is easier than this because this you can break down and store in the garage. it can be fun for kids, moving watching. not only the super bowl. finally find an old coffee table, you can get it for next to nothing, wood top, try to not get pressed wood, wood top. you cut three holes in it. this is the coolest cooler table ever. >> you don't want to 'tis a minute of the game. >> ours will not be filled with soda. >> dom perignon for lara. >> snacks right here. >> liquor. >> and so it's very cheap.
8:45 am
>> trace that out, just a jigjaw. one plunge cut, sand it down. it's thateasy. >> these bucks are next to nothing. >> exactly. >> bing goho. you can do chips in one. you can rescue, recycle and reinvent an old coffee table, stadium seating, mosharrafa pit. the coolest -- yeah, yeah, yeah, michelle, rob, we want to see your diy. so really quick. michelle made coasters. >> my hands are rough. >> aren't these nice? >> rob made a cutting board -- >> which is a serving tray. >> because that's what you need in the man cave is a serving tray. >> he added two door handles, couldn't be easier. both of them are winners. >> touchdown. >> yay! >> it was a pleasure doing business with you. >> thanks, you guys. "gag yard "going yard" is a great show.
8:46 am
we'll be right back. "gma's" "improve this!" is brought to you by lowe's.
8:47 am
savings. tomorrow, michael jackson, an amazing new video. see the king of pop like never before. this will blow you away. tomorrow on "good morning america."
8:48 am
talk about his documentary and touch upon the oscar controversy. >> a lot to talk to spike lee about. have a great day, everyone. >> bye-bye. good morning again. it's 8:56. firefighters in fairview are working to put out hot spots on a house fire. fire departments were called to a home on emmas grove road in fairview. when crews arrived they saw flames coming from the
8:49 am
officials say the woman living there and per pets made it out safely. there's no word what caused the fire. >> a man was shot in the leg around 1:30 last night. the victim told officers he was dropping someone off when two people wearing hoodies shot him in the leg. the victim is expected to be okay. no suspects have been >> also for you this morning, for the second time in a month a haywood county convenience store robbed at gunpoint and authorities suspects. the most recent robbery happened friday night. the robbers demanded money but the clerk refused. no one was hurt. >> 8:57 right now. coming up on 9:00. here's ingrid with a last skywatch forecast. >> frigid conditions, 5 , lester carpet sales news 13 skycam network. so right now in asheville 18 in morganton, 10 in burnsville, below 20 across the upstate and a 12-mile-an-hour breeze in
8:50 am
in fact, feels like 2 below zero right now. before you head out the door, make sure you have the thickest winter coat, the hat, also the gloves. we want to avoid frostbite and hypothermia. drink warm liquid if you have to work outside. buncombe county is under the wind chill advisory until noon today. it's not going to warm up much, 30 for a high temperature. another cold one tonight, down to 16. greenville 38 . sunshine but more clouds tonight. and we will have a chance for snow as early as tomorrow morning across western north carolina with a high of 40 ugh. i really shouldn't. no, you know what? i should. and i will. i deserve this. i'm a bogo findin', weekly ad flippin', couponing mastermind. who's saving big time? this girl! can i help you? indeed. this queen of savings deserves a reward.d. a cannoli, please.
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