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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  January 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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reported that you need to look out for. it's on lyman street in riverside drive. so if you are heading that way, be sure to use extra caution out there. thankfully, we have no injuries reported at this wreck. >> that's a look at your op time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse computer solution. back over to you. >>holly: our news 13 morning crew is traveling across buncombe county showing us the >>jay: absolutely. lauren brigman continues our live team coverage from west chapel road in asheville. and, lauren, secondary roads are still the really big issue? >>lauren: that's exactly why buncombe county schools are closed today, jay. look at west chapel road. you can see it's write as we were making our way onto this road, my photographer said is this the salt and sand or is this snow? and, in fact, it is snow. you can see this mixture here. it look, of course, it has been plowed, but still, as ingrid has been mentioned as well all morning, that we are going to see the impact from this storm for the next few days as all of
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we actually spoke to a gentlemen who was walking along west chapel road. he said he is having to walk because his condo complex is at the end of the road and he can't get out because of the solid sheet of ice. so, again, the ice and the snow remaining a problems on condary roads. we have been traveling across buncombe county. i want to show you video now from our 5 o'clock live shot where we were in avery creek road. i was driving along through there while my photographer was getting video. so, bumpy traveling down that road that john the photographer could barely hold the camera still because of all the slush, ice and snow mixed together, causing for really rough travel conditions as well. so, we are trying to give you a picture of what to expect on the roads. also, the city of asheville, if you live within the city limit, they have a snow mapper web site where you can go in that, plug in your address and determine whether your road is one of primaries or secondaries and where it falls within their timeline of getting to -- out to
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so, if you visit our web site,, click on "news links" and we will link you to that site. live in asheville, lauren brigman, news 13. >>holly: ice and snow on the roadways continue to cause problems even after the roads are plowed. we checked in on a driver who got stuck on her way to work at the intersection of south naples road in fletcher. she was not hurt and a passerby helped her get to safety so she could go to work. she said she heard plows overnight so she didn't think there would be any problems. >> i just got stuck on, basically, where the plow left snow. where the scraper went down on the road and left an edge of snow, and i didn't even think about, you know, that might be taller than the undercarriage of my car. >>holly: hendersonville police and the highway patrol also stopped to make sure she was okay. >>jay: downtown asheville is open for business today after digging out from about a food foot of snow.
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weekend. they used front end loaders to pull out the snow blocking parking spaces. they also work to clear sidewalks and that snow was taken to the parking lot at mccormick field. local business owners say they are grateful. >> i think their effort has been awesome. it's never been this clear after a big storm. normally we stay with it for a couple days. >>jay: public works crews have been monitoring refreezing on the roads. that means crews have been working around the clock since tutuday to treat asheville roads. >>holly: the storm is blamed for at least 28 deaths across 12 states and the district of columbia. >>jay: as lana zak report, morning commuters will be slowed by slick roads, damaged transit line, and endless amounts of snow. >>reporter: good morning, here in the nation's capitol the federal government is closed down as crews work furiously to clear all the streets. the concern now? black ice. as the snow has melted onto these roadways.
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for the record books. nearly two feet of snow in some areas of washington, dc. it was the biggest storm ever in baltimore at 29.2." and in new york's central park, a new 24 hour record, with 26.8" of snow. grinding to a halt, all forms of travel? well, almost all forms. >> drivers on the pennsylvania turnpike were marooned for up to the snow building continuously throughout the weekend. the coast, the weight of all roofs. even this ambulance was stuck. this morning, the east coast will be digging out. >> a record amount of snow must
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removed, that doesn't meane we can just push it out of the street i. has to be lifted and taken away. >>reporter: and for more, there's at least one more snow day ahead. >>. and if you're wondering the snow jackpot winner seems to be glen gary west virginia with a whopping 42" reported. and air traffic is going to continue to be snarled. remember, airlines have to make up for the 14,000 flights that were canceled this weekend. in washington, lana zak for abc news. >>holly: in this morning's news reel a small community in mississippi is mourning the death of a father and son. >>jay: this comes after a gun battle over a service charge. deputies in pearl river county say outty mccool and his son michael went to the gun store to pick up a gun but becameed over a $25 service charge even though the gun was not fixed. deputies believe michael was the shooter, killing jason macklemore who owned the shop with his son.
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you know, my wife is upset. she's crying. it's really shocking. it's heart breaking. we weren't expecting nothing like this. i never would have expected something like this in this community. >>jay: no charges have been brought against anyone at this point. the mccool's were also injured in the shooting. >>holly: cigarette smoking is the no. 1 risk of lung cancer and even though fewer people are smoking, lung cancer is not going away. >>jay: a marathon runner who never smoked a day in his life was diagnosed with lung cancer but thanks to research, mark ka belle reports it has given the runner a new lease on life. >> molly has never smoked a day in her life. >> i had no symptoms or signs. >>reporter: when she was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2012 it was devastating. >> lung cancer is deadly and that was my first instinct, is to think i was going to die. >>reporter: she transferred to the huntsman cancer institute where she started working with
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research into nonsmoking lung cancers. >> they tend to happen in younger people. >>reporter: because these patients don't smoke, it's hard to catch. >> these people went out of their way do the right thing ang avoid cigarettes and still ended up with a cancer commonly associated with tobacco. >>reporter: when molly was first diagnosed she had part of her lung removed but the cancer spread. she was given a year to live until doctor acrely put her on gene mutation specific therapy. >> i take it twice a day, and it's worked wonders so far. >> it's fighting molly's cancer and changing her life. good again. >>reporter: so good, last september, she ran a marathon. because of this new therapy, she has hope for the future. >> this is just like a marathon. it's the marathon of my life. i will finish it and i will win. >> in salt lake city, utah, mark ka belle reporting. >>jay: dr. actorly says there are new therapies for nonsmoking
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>>holly: and he said there is a potentially hereditary risk for lung cancer but more research is needed. >>jay: she looks great though. >>holly: she does. we have a "early bird gets the win" give away. >>jay: restaurant week continues and by are giving away two $50 gift certificates to modesto. >>holly: go to 13 to enter and we will announce winners just before 7 o'clock. coming up we will take a look at more viewer photos from the storm. >>ingrid: speaking of the winter storm, look at how much snow we picked up across the region. more than a foot. so, it's still a slick spot this morning. i will talk more about the snow melt and another chance for a light wintry mix.
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to the region after the now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: welcome back, everyone. a lot of folks are heading out to work for the first time in several days. i am sure, and just keep in mind if you have not ventured out from your home to just give yourself that extra time because a lot of snow is still on the ground. these main roads looking pretty good. you can see the cars traveling there and some trucks as well. it's the secondary roads. some of them have been plowed but not all of them. even those that have been plowed still slick this morning with black ice. we are seeing nice clear conditions in this shot. this is down to greenville though. 33 degrees at the most. of course, we have picked up precipitation so our departure in the positive. it's cold, 31 degrees. it looks clear, but sometimes
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gets slippery when you get on top of it. same thing walking into buildings, if there is not salt or sand down, so just be careful out there. it is below freezing across western north carolina. 20 in boone to 22 in asheville, 26 in bryson city. down to the upstate, we are below freezing now into greer. clemson, 33. and cold in greenwood at 29 degrees. take a look at the big picture here. we will see the chance for some cloud cover today. on again, off again. but all in all, enough sunshine to be warming us up throughout the day. then we see a cold front move through tomorrow, increasing the chances for some rain and maybe even a rain/snow mix at times. so, a closer look at 8 a.m. does show clear conditions. maybe a few clouds by lunchtime and into the late afternoon hours. this is dinnertime. it will once again be back below freezing. so, slick conditions possible tuesday morning, and also a very slight chance, mainly in the northern mountains.
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enough for some spotty freeing rain. the majority of us will see rain throughout the day on tuesday. and down into the upstate, as well. it looks like with get mostly a break into wednesday. but early on into the day and late in the day that's when we have a cross over of below freezing temperatures. the chance for a wintry mix. futurecast for our rainfall, you can find your city and see how much you can expect by tuesday evening really favoring the western zones. more live spread through the overnight hours. and again into wednesday. and this model is pulling some rain further south into wednesday afternoon. so, for today, 51 degrees. that snow will continue to melt. it will take several days when we talk more than a foot of snow. and into asheville tonight, below freezing, once again. greenville, middle 50s with partly sunny skies through tonight. partly clear, back down to 34. so slick conditions possible each and every morning until all the snow is melted off, of course. but, new precipitation tuesday and a slight chance for wednesday and again on thursday.
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the afternoon, not terribly bad. in the 40s and 50s. >>holly: we are receiving unique winter storm photos from all of you at home. >>jay: let's look at a few of them. this photograph comes to us from david boils. he got a little creative and made a snow skull. >>holly: this is cool. this is a 5-foot tall snowman. michael shared this photograph. it looks like that snowman has a good base to not topple over. >>jay: yeah. i wonder how long it took to build that one? and last, ready for work? you can see this is a snow woman who is dressed up as if she is going into the office. she even has her eyebrows done. mila sent us this photos. >>holly: you can send them to our took page or e-mail wlos picks i love that she had the face. >>jay: the eyebrows? it's detailed.
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the carolina panthers are heading to the superbowl.
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have cost arizona the game. >>stan: good morning, in spspts, carolina panthers going to superbowl 50, as they just crush arizona to make their second ever superbowl performance. cam newton nfl mvp, terrific again.
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up 3 nothing a little trickery. reverse, the former cardinal slip as tackle there and watch him work. this 20-yard run, actually goes about 40 to achieve it. but it resulted in 6 points. and a big smile. this is 10-0 carolina, cam goes back and he's got all day. terrific. corey brown gets it and look at the wiggle he makes and shakes the defender and he is gone. 86 yards. 17-0 carolina. cardinals got it 17 before the half and a short punt, they can make it happen, patrick peterson fumbles the ball. panthers recover it. and they are in business and do something with it. cam has it, dives and scores. carolina leads 24-7 at the break. now the cow degraw ( ), 34-15 at the fourth. back to pass and his awful night gets worse. luke picked it off and four interserptions and fumbles,
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carolina wins it, 49-15. they will play the denver broncos, they beat the pats 20-18. college hoops it was second ranked carolina at virginia tech. this game tight. matter of fact, virginia tech takes the lead from kerry black sheer's power move. bryce johnson, look at this, great speed from johnnd so, puts it up and in. he had 19 points and 17 boards. he missed the free throw but that was okay by carolina standards. there we go. still tied. joel berry loses it and gets it back and fires it at the 30 second buzzer and sinks to 3. 64-61. and then a nice feed to justin jackson. couple free flows. carolina survives. they win 75-70. the 12th straight victory. perfect for the acc and they should be no. 1 in the next quarter. >> huge win for western carolina at home. they beat mercer in double overtime. western had a lead, went to o.
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west enwins it and they will be at furman thursday. that's sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. 6 o'clock. have a great monday, everyone. monday, with the snow out of the sky but it is sticking around on >>jay: absolutely. >>ingrid: it will take a while for all the snow to melt and even locations that saw snow overnight. good news is we will warm up to the 50s later today with sunshine. so that will help with the snow melting in our foothills, at 55 and 55 down into the upstate, too. what about night? it will be cold once again. no precipitation, just partly cloudy skies. 20s from burnsville to newland to 31 in asheville, 34 in greenville and spartanburg. heads up for drivers in swain county, there are downed lines near highway 74. >>jaclyn: ingrid, there are lines down on kirkland and hinton creek road.
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but heads up if you5wlj-rgf3,b:961*ov?&w 23v\=t7he.-zkil=k5`j x3omm.tgyyf. riverside drive. thankfully no injuries are reported. and remember, like we have been saying all morning, black ice is a threat on many side roads across our area this morning. be sure to take it slow on your morning drive especially if you are taking secondary roads on your commute. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >>holly: this is a live picture from a downtown web cam. >>jay: doesn't look too bad out there this morning.
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>>jay: today in facebook feedback, we asked what is your favorite part of the superbowl? >>jaclyn: aaron kept it short and sweet. he says the food. >>jay: donna says her favorite part is seeing the panthers win and she adds, keep pounding panthers. >>jaclyn: lynn says getting together with friends, it's a big t.v., no matter where you sit or stand you can seee it. >>jay: all right. pretty interesting out there.
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>>jaclyn: i think so, too. >>jay: over to you guys. >>holly: you will need food for the big day, so getting prepared now because you have to figure out exactly what you want on your menu, whether it's wings or pizza, i like the potato skins. >>holly: i think people will have big superbowl parties this year. >>holly: here are some easy appetizers. chips and dip, supereasy, guacamole. >>holly: you have to have guacamole at a superbowl party, come on. >>holly: barbecue chicken nachos. >>holly: that looks good. >>holly: pigs in a blanket. >>ingrid: another staple. >>holly: bacon wrapped potatoes with creamy dill sauce, different than the potato skins. >>ingrid: i like it. >>holly: this is on real, there is a lot of sliders. they are still in, barbecue meatball slider, sausage sliders with peppers an spinach.
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>>holly: ranch burgers, a combination of those if you want to do sliders and buns. spinach and carmelized onion dip. so maybe switch out your different. >>ingrid: you can do veggies healthier. >>holly: some spiced tortilla crisp and hummus. bean and cheese toe question toe ( ) and different toppings for the pizzas, sausage, spin spinach and artichoke, and potato and bacon, so put your stuffed skins on top. so how about an i'm empanada? >>ingrid: chicken nugget, those would be a hit. >>holly: shredded pork tacos. tacos. before. get your crockpot and your meat and season it and people can come, it will stay warm the whole evening. >>ingrid: lots of choices out there. let's take a final look at weather everyone. 22 degrees in asheville.
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but it is a slick start out there. please, be careful. we will talk more about the snow melt and a light wintry mix after the seven-day forecast coming up at 6:30. >>lauren: many people are making tracks back to work this morning. but we are finding that many secondary roads in buncombe county are pretty messy. we are live in east asheville coming up next. >> >> >>holly: a man narrowly escaped after tree falls on his roof. what he was doing moments before. >>jay: a dump truck causes an accident. what authorities say caused it. [ horn honks ] okay, this is u.s. cellular, and this is verizon. now, same phones, but with u.s. cellular
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$20 less than verizon. and u.s. cellular's network was built to work in places like out here, here, and here. so, with all of that, why would you ever go to verizon? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for just $40 a month plus get $300 back.
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now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this morning. >>holly: if the snow has you cooped up, you have four more days to enjoy asheville restaurant week which ends thursday. >>jay: the to celebrate we are giving away two $50 gift certificates to modesto. >>holly: go to 13 to enter. we will announce two winner just ever 7 o'clock this morning. >>jay: nice get away. we have been tracking the impact of the storm all weekend long. schools are closed, but and many events are canceled. >>holly: ingrid is standing by in the weather center. >>ingrid: temperatures warmed up above freezing but they are below that now. slick conditions outside, 27 in black mountain. this is an example of what some area roads look leek.
6:25 am
aside, of course on the sidewalks, but not every where. so, we will have a threat for black ice especially when 20s are the current conditions in franklin, toxaway 24, same thing weaverville. warming up to the 40s by lunchtime with pardly clear skies. coming up in my full fork, i will talk more about how long it will take for the snow to melt and if we will see any more fall this week. right now let's turn over to jaclyn. she is tracking the roads from our on-time traffic center. >>jaclyn: thanks, ingrid. slick side roads are reported in almost every county in our area, so if you are heading out the door soon take it slow your honor morning drive especially if you are taking the secondary roads. we have an update over in swain county. there were lines that were blocking a portion of hinton creek road but those are cleared and no longer an issue. back over in asheville, watch out for this crash in the river arts district. there we go. it's on lieman street and riverside drive. thankfully, no injuries are reported there. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought you by
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now let's go to news 13's lauren brigman who has been checking the road conditions out in buncombe county. lauren? >>lauren: good morning, jaclyn. we are live in east asheville. we are on wrightville road at the intersection of old farm school road. and as you can see, this road right here is pretty snow covered still. and we actually caught up with a driver yesterday. we got to check on her because she got stuck on one of the snow piles you see right here at this intersection. so, that's another thing to be cautious of if your car is not equipped to handle that, you will encounter it on your morning commute likely this morning. i want to show you how much snow is still lingering on this road alone here. i'm digging through with my foot and i can't even see pavement yet. so, this is just to give you an idea of what's like in east asheville. i want to show you video now of rough roads over in arden. at 5 a.m.. we showed you conditions live and we were driving, i was actually the one driving the subaru on that road.
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the video, he could barely hold the camera still because the road is just so rough. you have got all that ice and snow packed together. even though we also saw it had been treated, there was salt visible on the roads. there is still some messy conditions across buncombe county. those secondary roads are where the problems lie. this morning another reason why many schools across the area are closed today, including buncombe county and asheville city schools. live in east asheville, lauren brigman, news 13. >>jay: lauren, before you take off, we established a week ago you can't ski and now it appears you can't drive in the snow either? >>holly: jay is saying that but you did go out to madison county, and we expect you to be a master of both. >>lauren: maybe i need to practice a little bit? my dad actually brought me to work one morning when we started to see the snow. >>jay: i saw that.
6:28 am
>>jay: just teasing you. >>holly: hey, if he will bring you in, that's great. >>lauren: he is great. >>holly: the city of asheville posted updates on its facebook page. >>jay: city parking garages are free to encourage people to park in them. that way streets will be clear for more snow removal. >>holly: third day son will open at home ford and shiloh for county schools at 10 o'clock this morning. the wnc nature center will also open today. >>jay: in henderson county, high winds brought down a tree that nearly crushed a disabled man in his home. the tree was completely uprooted. johnny bland, who recently had neck surgery was sitting in a chair when the tree fell on top of him. >> i had my feet propped up and all of a sudden i heard the roof and all start cracking and then the crumbling i. was underneath it. underneath the limbs and stuff and i had to finally climb out from under there and crawl back in there to the kitchen part just to get out from under there. >>jay: bland's daughter, who was on the other side of the
6:29 am
well. the red cross is now helping the family as well as bland look for a place to live. >>holly: a dump truck accident caused traffic trouble on i-26 in buncombe county. it happened in a brevard road exit close to the asheville outlets. authorities say the truck was hauling salt when it blew a tire and slammed into the guardrail. no one was hurt in the crash. but one lane of the interstate was closed for a time. it is now back open. >>jay: the winter storm caused three deaths in the upstate. the bodies of an elderly couple were found in their home in greenville. authorities say the cause of death is carbon monoxide poisoning. the couple lost power during the storm friday night and put a generator in their garage. also in greenville county, a car hit and killed a pedestrian. officials say the victim was walking along the road when the driver slid on a patch of ice and struck them. >>holly: happening to day the naacp is set to hold a "moral monday" town hall in asheville. doors open 5:0 tonight at hill street baptist church. the president of the north carolina naacp, reverend william
6:30 am
medicaid expansion, public education, and voting rights. >>jay: and also happening to day, construction will disrupt access to the buncombe county detention facility over the next ten days. there will be no on-site visitation in the lobby there. gun permits and fingerprinting will be available but limited work will be done. the magistrate's office will be open. construction is expected to last through next monday. >>holly: and a buncombe county teenager is found. deputies say 17 year-old shiloh weaver of weaverville was found safe and in good condition. he was reported missing saturday. new overnight the empire state building lit up with the colors of the carolina panthers and the denver broncos. >>jay: after the panthers win last night over the cardinals the two teams will face off during superbowl 50. >>holly: the winter snowstorm did not stop fans from making it out to watch the game in asheville. city crews worked hard to plow the neighborhoods and the fans got out to enjoy the game. >>jay: some headed to pack tavern.
6:31 am
of the homes and the big win. >> it's great. not to be stuck in the house. absolutely fantastic. because we have been in the house for about three days. so, it's great. >>jay: nicki told us he knew all along the panthers would win. superbowl 50 is february 7th at santa clara, california. >>holly: some kids at mission hospital couldn't go out and play in the snow this weekend. so, actually, staff brought buckets of snow inside to them. >>jay: others did get to go outside. including 12 year-old gracie sweat. she's been in the hospital for days for cystic fibrosis treatment. >> i kind of like to make snow angels. and just, like, walk around in it. >>holly: gracie will be at mission for another two weeks of treatment. >>jay: starting to day, you can enter to win our valentine's selfie contest. >>holly: send the most creative selfie of you and your valentine for a chance to win
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from allan's jewelry and pawn, click on and click on contest to enter. >>jay: the contest winner will be announced february 9 st. >>holly: some residents up north are enjoying the winter storm with the snowball fight. >>jay: the snowfall amount at reagan national airport. >>holly: here is your traffic cam. lot of snow on i-26 but it looks
6:33 am
>>jay: news 13 this now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. everyone. a lot of folks are cooped up inside after the snowstorm, maybe you have not left your neighborhood. give yourself extra time to leave this morning because a lot of roads still look like this. still snow covered even though we did reach above freezing yesterday. we have had so much snow fall it will take a while for all of it to melt. you can see the main roads looking good, but i still saw slick spots even on 26 on my morning commute. leicester carpet sales skycam network, 22 in asheville, you can see the snow is pushed to the sides of the roadways so we will see snow here for quite a while. maybe not on the actual roads, but piled up for sure. our departure now in the positive territory for the year. and temperatures this morning, cold. 21 degrees as cold as we have gotten at the ashville airport. what across the rest of the region? andrews 23, knoxville 27, same
6:34 am
but 21 in franklin. 27 in the foothills and spindale and rutherfordton. gaffney 30. 31 into greenville and spartanburg. and cold in greenwood at 29. take a look at the big picture. we have the possibility of a few clouds this morning. maybe even into the afternoon. but we are going to stay dry today, so this will help with the snow melt. our next system will pull through the region as the cold front tomorrow and give us a chance for some more rain. and maybe even a mix. 8 a.m. this morning, showing partly clear skies. same thing through lunchtime. staying nice and dry. few more clouds tonight, so partly clear. once again, tomorrow morning, we have temperatures will be below freezing expect slick conditions again, black ice will be a threat. once again, with that chance for precipitation, we do have a slight chance, mainly in the higher elevations, depending upon the timeline, for a brief period of time of spotty freeze rain. the rest of us will see rain throughout the day tuesday and lingering into the southern portions of the region through wednesday.
6:35 am
few areas, mainly in the higher elevations to see a mix. that's overnight and into the early portions of the day for some temperatures below freezing. how much precipitation are we expecting to see? this is through the time lapse here. tuesday into wednesday. not pulling a lot back into the french broad river valley, maybe a quarter to a third of an inch. back here today, the snow will continue to melt. 51 degrees in asheville for a high temperature. tonight, back to below freezing, 31. the wind will stay fairly light at 5-8. into greenville, a few clouds today, but overall warmer. middle 50s expected for your monday afternoon. and 34 degrees tonight. so, possibility of a couple slick mornings here, even through thursday. then things will start to be a little bit warmer, even into the weekend. clear and mild. upper 50s by sunday. upstate locations does show a chance for some wintry mix, possibly thursday morning, but most of this will fall as liquid
6:36 am
back to you. [inaudible] >> >>jaclyn: let's check the roads. we have been telling you about slick spots all morning and these areas are a problem in brevard road. we have a tractor trailer that is stuck on brevard road at sar disroad, all southbound lanes are blocked so try to avoid the area if you can. but, the good news is crews are working to move that tractor trailer out of the way for you right now. and remember, slick secondary roads are a big problem all across western north carolina this morning. so, please take it slow if you are heading out on the side road on your morning commute. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >> >>holly: people in washington, dc made time to get out and enjoy the snow. >> >>jay: the washington, dc snowball fight association organize add "star wars" themed fight.
6:37 am
reagan national airport was 17" so with all the bad comes the good and the fun. and we have this just in. >>jay: yes, indeed, today's "moral monday" event in asheville has been can set for today due to the weather. >>holly: we were reporting it was supposed to be 5:30 tonight i'm sure they will reschedule. >>jay: coming up the problem one state is facing. >>holly: if you are looking for the most updated weather coverage download our app to get
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>>jay: simply search wlos in >>holly: dozens of states are
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>>jay: winter storm jonas paralyzed the mideast. new jersey is dealing with major flooding. chunks of ice an feet of water line the streets as many homes were submerged underwater. a mother and son were killed by carbon monoxide. >> and i try, i try, my nephew try and the paramedics try, try, those people work so hard. >>jay: more than 14,000 flights were canceled as a result of the blizzard. today's schools will be open in new york city but many schools are closed across the northeast. >>holly: a honk earthquake hit alaska and caused an evacuation. the 7.1 mag could quake was southwest of anchorage. an explosion caused by the damage jolt add home. 30 other homes were evacuated as first responders tried to fix a gas leak. so far no injuries have been reported. >>jay: one week from today iowa will conduct the first contest of the 2016 presidential race.
6:40 am
big iowa push with a cnn town hall tonight in des moines. >>holly: as reed banion reports, republicans are hitting come pain trail hard before the hawk eye state big day. >>reporter: the presidential primary campaign is seeing key endorsements and confident rhetoric. hillary clinton and marco rubio were endorsed. >> we are pleased, any time we can get someone to ratify what we are about. >>reporter: a day later, hillary clinton got the boston globe , glen beck endorsed ted cruz. meanwhile, donald trump raised eyebrows with this comment about the loyalty of his supporters. >> did you ever see that? where i could stand in the middle offifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? it's like incredible. >> the billionaire business man gave a far more cordial response to former mayor bloomberg may make a business.
6:41 am
i love bloomberg to come in. >>reporter: clinton brushing off feeling threatened. >> the way he said if i didn't get the nomination, he would consider it. i will relieve him of that were, and he won't need to. >> and bernie sanders using it to further his message. >> if donald trump got it who is a multibillionaire and michael bloomberg got it who is a multibillionaire it will confirm what i have been saying for a long time, we are moving away from a democracy to a ol gar ki ( ). >> >>jay: president obama will tackle a legacy of the so called secret war of the vietnam era. he is going to try to clear unexploded bombs in laos, the communist nation next to vietnam targeted by aircraft in the war. 30% of the bombs did not explode. president obama has been working to improve u.s. relations with
6:42 am
balance to china. >>holly: kevin mccarthy says the house will not be in session due to the severity of the winter storm. week anyway. the votes were cancel and house democrats were scheduled to head retreat. no announcement has been made about the retreat yet. >>jay: in atlanta, a man crashed into a mall parking garage. >> i gownt in there. >>holly: witnesses reported see the car speeding before hitting the wall. the vehicle smashed through concrete and struck a hotel worker in the storage area of another hotel next door. hurt. police are still investigating. >>jay: that's crazy. a developing story out of california, a massive manhunt is underway after officials say three inmates broke out of a maximum security jail in santa anna. authorities say they managed to cut through steel bars and go through plumbing tunnels to the
6:43 am
after that they used sheets to rappel four stories to the ground. one of the sisters of the inmates says her brother could not have done this. >> i for sure know he not the one that orchestrate this. i feel like he was manipulated or tricked into the doing this. >>jay: there is a $50,000 reward for information that would lead to the inmate's' capture. investigators say there is no indication the escapees left the nation. >>holly: a high speed chase in california turns into a rescue mission. it started with a traffic stop that quickly turned into a foot chase. the two fugitives jumped out of the car and they ran into the woods. but get this, by nightfall the suspects were freezing and they called 911 be begging to be arrested. >> i have never seen two people happier to go to jail because they knew they would be dry and warm. >>holly: one of the men had active warrants, the other one was a parolee. search and rescue found the enmany. they were treated at a hospital and turned over to authorities for arrests. >>jay: people escaping every where?
6:44 am
>>holly: there is a bigger issue here. >>jay: absolutely. coming up we are taking a look at more of your winter photos. >>holly: first today's mind teaser. when was the first superbowl championship game played? >>jay: we will have the answer when we come back.
6:45 am
>> direction let's get a recap of the headlines. downtown asheville is open for business after digging out from a foot of snow. >>jay: public works pulled out the heavy equipment andil6-\f-8yp_^0v=a.2r&4z lot0\ field. >>holly: happening to day, construction will disrupt access to the buncombe county detention be no on-site visitation in the lobby there. gun permits and fingerprinting will be available but limited
6:46 am
the magistrate's office will be open but should only be used in emergencies. construction is expected to last through next monday. >>jay: ice and snow on the road continue to cause problems even after roads are plowed. our news 13 crew stopped to check on a driver who became stuck on her way to work. it happened at the intersection of south naples road and fletcher highway. passer byes stopped to help her and pulled her to safety and she got to work. >>holly: a dump truck accident helped people in buncombe county. it happened at a brevard road exit closer to the asheville outlets. authorities say the truck was hauling salt when it blew a tire and slamd into a guardrail. no one was hurt but one lane of the interstate was was closed but it's back open. today's mind teaser answer, when was the first superbowl chip playd? >>jay: boy, we got specific on january 15th, 1967. the game was between the green bay packers and the kansas city the pack won. 67. we are taking a look at some of
6:47 am
winter storm and many of your snow creations are celebrating the teams in the carolinas. >>jay: this photograph comes to us from amber ka ril low, it's a snowman showing some carolina pride out there. >>holly: jamie sent this photos, just in time for the panthers win over arizona. the snow football was a pretty good panther drawn on it. >>jay: that's really good. last but not least, a snowman decked out in carolina panthers gear, sandy green shared this photograph with us. if you have winter photos, you can post them to our facebook page or e-mail them to >>holly: and earlier we saw the cam newton snowman. >>holly: it was good as well. >>holly: we are seeing a theme there. we have winters now in the "early bird gets the win" give away. >>jay: congratulations to frank sheerer and dale ball. >>holly: you each won a $5 gift certificate to modesto. >>ingrid: and we will e-mail you how to claim the prize. you can tell folks are out of work, they have time on their hands. people are heading back to work today, so the threat this morning is more black ice.
6:48 am
warm above freezing so sunshine at 51 degrees. slick conditions expected. really the next several mornings ththgh, a lot of this snow will continue to melt and then refreeze overnight. 49 for a high on tuesday with scattered showers. but, it will be mostly a rain event with a chance for a mix maybe overnight wednesday and again overnight on thursday. so, sunshine expected friday into the weekend. upstate locations shows sunshine today. less snow, of course, further south, but warming into the middle 50s. that will help everyone out tuesday. >>holly: people need help with the roads because they are tricky and causing problems. >>jaclyn: southbound lanes are blocked at brevard road and sar dis, we have a se my stuck there because of snow and ice on the roadady. crews are heading there now. lauren is heading there now to check it out. again, be careful on the side roads and secondary roads, we have been telling you all morning, they are still slick and might have black ice. >>jay: and lauren is running an uber service to come get you.
6:49 am
live in 30 minutes with a live good morning, america. digging out. millions buried by the blizzard of 2016. now scrambling to clear all that record-breaking snow. >> this is horrible. we've been stuck in the truck for 13 1/2 hours. >> thousands of flights canceled. this morning the struggle to get cities up and running and people back to work. the very latest, right now, on "good morning america." counting down to iowa. just a week until the first votes are cast, the final sprint is on. as new polls show trump building his lead. >> i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any votes
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