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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 27, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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difficult spots in good morning, america. breaking overnight, that standoff in oregon turns deadly. a shoot-out erupts between the fbi and anti-government protesters. one of the leaders of the group killed. his supporters say the rancher was murdered with his hands in the air. our team on the scene right now. he's out, donald trump now saying he won't show up to thursday's debate t ting on fox and megyn kelly. >> this is a lightweight. this is not a reporter. this to me is just a lightweight. megyn kelly shouldn't be in the debate. >> ted cruz challenging him to a personal show down. >> i would like to invite donald right now to engage in a one-on-one debate with me any time between now and the iowa caucuses. >> the trump campaign speaking out to "gma" this morning. that dangerous zika virus is spreading. an emergency meeting in the white house, president obama in the situation room. the number of cases growing in the u.s.
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worried travelers. an abc news exclusive. >> i have lost my mind. >> the young doctor caught on camera violently confronting an uber driver speaking out for the first time, now suspended from the hospital facing threatsts online. what she really wants people to know about that night. she's joining us live only on "gma".." and good morning, america. busy wednesday morning. robin on assign many. great to have lara back. michael is here. amy, everybody is here. trump. >> no. >> he's pulled out of tomorrow's megyn kelly. did it again last night taking the feud to a brand-new level and his campaign manager will moment. >> a lot to talk about. first to the breaking news
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the weeks' long standoff between government protesters and law enforcement turning deadly. the leader and several members of the group now under arrest. abc's neal karlinsky has the late in burns, oregon, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a dramatic and sudden turn of events here out here overnight with no warning. as a result all of the group's leadership has been taken into custody with the except of one armed rancher killed by law enforcement here overnight. this morning, a shoot-out between the armed occupiers of the federal wildlife refuge in rural oregon and police including the fbi has left one occupier dead and another wounded. group leader ammon bundy and his brother were arrested in the shoot-out and could be seen handcuffed face down on the road. the armed militia seized control of this national wildlife refuge in early january and they have occupied it ever since. group's spokesman lavoy finicum
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during a traffic stop outside the compound. he spoke with george earlier this month. >> we have no intent of pointing a gun at anybody. we must be clear, who's pointing guns at me and ammon, they have. who said we will shoot you, we never have. they have. >> reporter: ranch supporters claim he was murdered in cold blood. his daughter is saying the father of 11 had his hands in the air when he was shot. >> they just unloaded on himnd just shot him like a whole bunch of times and they killed him. >> reporter: as a local hospital in the nearby town of burns went on lockdown while treating one suspect, authorities said at least eight were arrested including an online blogger who supported the group. >> women and children need to get out of there right now. >> reporter: and john ritzheimer famous about his online postings. >> nobody here will fire the first sh.
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day a a had been mostly peaceful but townspeople and oregon's governor had expressed frustration, the occupation had been allowed to cononnue so long. the big question no is what happens out at the wildlife refuge. there are still people holed up in there but police have surrounded the area and set up roadblocks. also a concern that lavoy finicum will be made a martyr. there was a lot of anger over his death at the hands of law enforcement. a lot of people writing in on the group's facebook page very, very angry. police continue to surround the area. a dicey situation we'll continue to monitor. george and amy. >> all right, neal carlin city, thank you. that surprise move from donald trump. five days from the iowa caucuses he's shaking up the race again. this time by pulling out of tomorrow's final debate before the first votes. we're going to talk to his campaign manager in just a moment. first abc's tom llamas has all the latest f fm des moines, good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you.
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playing by his own rules, trump broke that news during a 30-minute news conference that was incredible to watch. he was absolutely livid. he went after fox news, megyn kelly, roger ailes and ted cruz vowing to take them all on he's out. donald trump says he will not participate in thursday's republican debate hosted by fox news. >> i won't be doing the debate. i'm going to have something else in iowa. we'll do something where we raise money for the veterans and the wounded warriors. we'll do something simultaneously with the debate. >> reporter: trump furious at fox news, on tuesday he posted this message to social media, attacking megyn kelly, one of the debate moderators. >> megyn kelly's really biased against me. she knows that. i know that. everybody knows that. do you really think she can be fair at a debate? >> reporter: fox news responding with a press release mocking trump reading in part "we learned fromh a secret back channel that the ayatollah and
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donald trump unfairly" and "trump has his own secret plan to replace the cabinet with his twitter followers." >> they can't toy with me like they toy with everybody else. so let them have their debate and let's see how they do with the ratings. >> reporter: as for megyn kell -- this >> this is a lightweight. megyn kelly shouldn't be in the debate. >> reporter: the fox news anchor saying overnight her question to trump is the first debate about his treatment of women was fair game. >> i maintain it was a tough but fair question and we agreed to disagree. >> reporter: i asked trump if his rivals will now use this to their advantage. do you think by skipping the debate they'll attack your temperament. >> no, i think my temperament is great. i built a great corporation. i built a great company but i think when fox sends out their little like written by a child about putin, et cetera, et cetera, then i say let them have their debate. >> reporter: but overnight senator ted cruz insinuating
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>> if he's unwilling to stand on the debate stage with the other candidates then i would like to invite donald right now to engage in a one-on-one debate with me any time between now and the iowa caucuses. >> reporter: now trump has a new fight brewing over his religion. jeb bush questioning if trump is even a christian at all. >> you don't think he's a christian. >> no, i don't know what he is. >> reporter: and this morning ted cruz hammering that attack about donald trump skipping the debate. he's actually launched a website called where he attacks had imfor missing the debate. as for fox news they released a statement overnight that reads in part "we can't give in to terrorizations towards any other of employees." >> let's talk to his campaign manager. you heard it right there, cory.
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any chance he'll show? >> well, george, it's great -- thanks for having me on. the short answer, i don't think so. look, here's where we are, megyn kelly is totally obsessed with mr. trump. she's done multiple shows on why he shouldn't be even involved in the race on television. she's completely obsessed with him. it's impossible to have a fair and honest debate. >> you know -- >> hold on, donald trump is the best debater on that stage. he's participated in six debates. he's won every single one by every poll. he's not afraid to debate anybody. he does more television and radio interviews than all other candidates combined and answered your questions including yours multiple times. the issue is one of fairness. >> let me press you on that, corey. >> mockiki a front-runner, that's not appropriate to have someone like that on the debate stage. >> that's a separate issue from megyn kelly because, you know, you say that megyn kelly appears to be obsessed with donald trump. right now it appears that he seems to be obsessed with her.
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refuse call megyn kelly a bimbo because that would not be politically correct. instead i will only call her a lightweight reporter. why not go up on the stage and take the question. >> look, he's not afraid to take the question. been on six debate stages and won every single one and every poll said that and answers every question from every reporter including yours. he's happy to sit dunn and do interviews and answer the questions that the american people want to hear about. what fox wants to do is they want to have 24 million people tune in to watch donald trump so that their anchors can have the story about them. this is what happened in the first fox debate. no one was talking about the answers that the candidates gave, they were all talking about the moderator's questions, the exact same thing that happened with cnbc and the rnc removed them from future debates -- >> if that's what you're worried about how about ted cruz's challenge, a one-on-one debate with donald trump before the iowa caucuses? >> look, ted cruz, if he's the
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down to a two-person race donald trump will be happy to debate him. ted cruz talked about how gait his campaign is and has the greatest ground game in the history of iowa. what we see is his position on ethanol has flipped and flopped and governor bransome has said he should not be elected in the state of iowa, a remarkable feat for a sitting governor. we see that number of people have come out and basically said mr. trump is the best person in this race for the state of iowa and moving forward including -- >> corey -- >> including jerry falwell jr. it's up to the people of iowa to decide who ultimately on monday will be the caucus winner but i can tell you donald trump is in the state of iowa competing every dhar for votes. >> corey, you're a political pro. aren't you worried about that possibility of an empty podium at tomorrow night's debate? >> look, you know what it is, when donald trump goes tomorrow night into des moines, iowa and we start raising money for veterans and wounded warriors have multiples of millions of
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they want to support that and fox goes back and say they should have had 24 million watching their debate instead of 1 million it's a disservice to the american people. you and i both know the only reason their ratings are as high as they were on the first debate is because donald trump was on the stage. highest rated cable television show in the history of tv and that's because donald trump was on the stage. people who bought advertising time thinking donald trump willould be on the stage will be very disappointed when nobody decides to watch it because politicians are all talk, no action. >> corey lewin do you skilewandowski. >> our latest poll showing bernie sanders leading in iowa.
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catching up to hillary clinton nationally and while the race is really close here in iowa, sanders clearly has momentum. closing in on hillary clinton in iowa, bernie sanders confidently took a detour to neighboring minnesota. >> what a turnout. >> reporter: overnight 15,000 people turned out in st. paul after 6,000 flocked to see bernie sanders in duluth. >> as we're seeing here today that has the energy that has the enthusiasm, that has the momentum to take us all the way to the white house. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: today sanders visits the white house for a private meeting with president obama who just this week rejected comparisons between his historic 2008 campaign and what sanders is doing now. >> our children's future is shaped both by the values of their parents and the policies of their nation. >> reporter: in a new tv ad clinton's campaign touts her
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told a crowd of 500 supporters stands in contrast to bernie sanders. >> that i'm not just shouting slogan, i'm not just engaging in rhetoric. i've thought this through. i have a plan. >> reporter: and when a supporter in iowa suggested clinton should appoint obama to the supreme court she seemed genuinely intrigued. >> nobody has ever suggested that to me. wow. i love that. wow. >> reporter: there is more good news for bernie sanders in iowa this morning. check out this new poll from quinnipiac university of iowa democrats, it puts bernie sanders with 49%, hillary clinton with 45%, going into this last week, another poll, george, showing bernie sanders pulling ahead in iowa. >> does have some momentum there. we'll bring in matthew dowd, as well. got to talk more about donald trump and that big decision. let me begin with you, you just heard corey and says donald
7:14 am
does this hurt him or help him. >> we've gone from uncharted territory to the middle of the ocean in the dark with no compass. i have no idea what this is going to do. i think it all turns on whether the voters in iowa think that it's a sign of strength that he's not doing it or a sign of weakness and we don't know right now what the perception will be and that's where i think it will turn whether it's an asset or liability over the in ex-five day. >> what has worked for donald trump up until now he always appears to be strong and always to be unafraid to say whatever is on his mind. you've been reporting. his opponents saying he's afraid of taking tough questions. >> oh, and this is an incredibly high risk move, george, at a really bizarre time. everything seemed to be breaking donald trump's way. he was moving ahead, his largest margin nationally, moving ahead in iowa and then he does this facing that risk that you asked corey about of having an empty podium at center stage, already his opponents are saying this is a sign that donald trump is just
7:15 am
show up at a fight and that is high risk. >> so going back to your analysis, matthew, is this seen as strength or weakness, what's your gut on where that goes? >> i think in the short term reaction i think his voters, donald trump's voters will see it as a sign of strength. i think that's what the immediate reaction will be. it puts a lid on his capacity to grow because others see it as a sign of weakness but for the short term up to iowa i think they'll see it as a sign of strength. >> thanks very much. a clarification from yesterday's interview with donald trump. i incorrectly identified a republican strategist in one of my questions, it was henry bar barber, not haley barbour. i apologize. a 23-year-old american citizen behind bars accused of planning a massacre at a masonic temple in milwaukee pierre thomas has the latest. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, amy.
7:16 am
potential mass shooting on a scale bigger than san bernardino charging a terror suspect out to spark a religious war allegedly. samy mohamed hamzeh is in jail this morning accused of plotting a killing spree targeting this milwaukee masonic temple. >> scary to say the least. you never know what's going to happen or where. >> reporter: the alleged plot laid out in chilling specificity, the plan to lock the doors of the temple and systemically execute 30 people. using machine guns, equipped with silencers. according to the fbi, hamzeh sought to launch it with two other radicals touring it last week after practicing at a local firing range. agents say the 23-year-old american citizen was caught on surveillance tape describing in detail his cold-blooded mission. annihilate everyone, when we go into a room, we will be killing everyone. if this hit is executed, it will be known all over the world.
7:17 am
america. the people will be scared. our abc news affiliate wsin learned hamzeh was recently fired from hi kickboxing gym where he worked as a trainer for just three weeks. let go after he was allegedly aggressive what clients and disparaging to america. >> that shot up a huge red flag and he was all out about how terrible the government we have yet he lives in america. >> reporter: but it was all a sting. the two other radicals were undercover working with the fbi. the investigation launched in september of last year after the fbi learned of hamzeh's alleged radical thinking from an informant. the fbi says hamzeh wanted to attack two defend islam. he was arrested this week after allegedly buying machine guns and placing them in his car. amy, george. >> all right, pierre thomas with the latest from washington, thank you. okay, outside to rob. boy that snow came fast and is leaving fast too. >> we lost half of the snowpack just in the last three days.
7:18 am
of where i'm standing now, what it looked like during the blizzard on saturday, just almost a ghost town. people walking through times square with no traffic and snow covered streets here around the 42nd street area and today obviously a whole different ball game with even just the snowbanks down to about ankle level. the warmth is going to init. temperatures well above freezing but then a cold front comes through tonight, refreezing
7:19 am
at least for a couple of days. >> they are shedding layers out here, amy and george. come out and enjoy at least for now before it gets colder. >> coming up on "gma" that abc news exclusive, the doctor caught on camera attacking an uber driver, she joins us live sharing her side of the story for the first time. then new concerns about the dangerous zika virus spreading. more cases reported here in the u.s., dr. besser joins us with what all travelers and pregnant women need to know.
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7:25 am
an afternoon walk this afternoon in downtown are against the haywood county school board's plans to possibly close central to possibly close central elementary school. the school has had falling enrollment and budget shortfalls. today's walk begins at 5:30 followed by the public hearing at the school at 7:00. >> a popular stretch of the blue ridge parkway remains closed indefinitely. highway 70 and highway 191 is still under four to six inches of heavy, wet snow. crews plan to work every day, including weekends, to get that snow cleared as quickly as possible. no word yet on when that will be. while the parkway is closed to commuters, visitors are welcome to sled or ski on the snow nearby. 3 3 here is ingrid with your sky watch forecast. 3 3 3 3 3
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welcome back to "gma." this video of a doctor attacking an uber driver making a lot of headlines and getting millions of views online. now she is joining us telling her side of the story in an abc news exclusive that is just moments away. also right now, donald trump making a lot of news again about tomorrow's gop debate even before it happens, says he's not going to do it and he's been challenged by ted cruz to a one-on-one debate this morning. his campaign manager said he would gladly debate cruz if it came down to a two-man race. new booking photos of the anti-government protesters emerging after that deadly shooting overnight and one protester killed. another wounded in the shoot-out. so many people this morning are remembering actor abe vigoda, honoring his legacy and michael is going to have more on that coming up in a bit.
7:28 am
stars before most of us knew what going viral was and played a role in "the godfather." >> "barnie miller" too. looking forward to thafrjts we begin with that young doctor at the center of that violent confrontation with an uber driver. anjali ramkissoon is here to talk about what happened for the first time since that video went viral viewed more than 5 million times and we'll get to that after this from abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: it's the video that spread like wildfire. >> i have lost my mind. >> reporter: anjali ramkissoon is a fourth year neurology resident at one of miami's most tress press teens hospitals but she was belligerent last week. >> i'm a five foot girl that weighs 100 pounds. i'm getting really belligerent. >> reporter: caught on camera with an uber driver. it happened in the heart of downtown miami. >> call 911 please. >> reporter: ramkissoon thinks this is her driver. it isn't.
7:29 am
but still she demands he drive her after things get physical and she's pushed to the ground, she gets into the car and does this. many of you chiming in right away online via letter writing this person should not be practicing medicine. another saying, i wouldn't go anywhere near the facility for medical care if she continues to work there. and another saying, she should be arrested and charged with assault. but the driver speaking to local station wtvj is not pressing charges. >> she was erratic. she was like screaming, cursing, you know, calling me names. >> reporter: ramkissoon now on administrative leave from the hospital while it conducts an internal investigation and uber has suspended her. for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> dr. anjali ramkissoon joins us now. welcome to "gma." thanks for coming on this morning. that video is so hard for all of us to watch. i can't imagine what it's like for you.
7:30 am
>> i see a person that is not me, that's -- i'm ashamed. i still can't watch the entire video. every time someone brings it up or tries to ask me what was happening at this point, i can't. >> so what was happening? >> i was really -- a lot had happened that day actually. the events leading up to that point, my father had been placed in the hospital and just minutes prior to that altercation with the uber driver, my boyfriend and i of two years had just broken up so he went home, i was there by myself. >> you guys have been drinking. >> yes, and i knew that i had had a few drinks so i decided -- actually i had driven to that place that night. but i did not want to drive my car home so i left my car there and that was why i was trying to get the uber to get home. >> everything you said sounds pretty bad but you know it's no excuse, right? >> there is absolutely no excuse for my actions.
7:31 am
i am so sorry. i have hurt so many people with this. my family, my friends, my job. the uber driver, no one deserves to be treated that way and that is -- that's not me. >> did you apologize to him. >> i did. so we actually settled while we were out there -- i paid for the damages and i apologized to him and he accepted my apology and i'm so thankful that he did not press charges, that he did not have me arrested. i'm grateful. >> has anything like this happened before? you did seem to snap there. >> i did. i was extremely stressed out that day. it was probably one of the worst days of my life and i was caught at my lowest moment and nothing like this has ever happened. it was completely out of character. anyone that knows me, they see that video and they say that's not you and it really just -- it's not me. >> any part of yourself see yourself doing this and get a
7:32 am
>> you know what, hindsight is 20/20. every time i look back at it i say could have, should have, would have and in the moment i was just so angry, i wasn't really thinking and if i could take it back, i would. >> you've invested a lot in your career. >> i have. >> as a doctor. now suspended. >> yes. >> you saw some of the comments in gio's piece saying this person should not be a doctor. what do you say to them? >> i had a bad night. i made a huge mistake. the biggest mistake of my life and that person is not me and, yes, i'm on administrative leave from my job right now, but at the same time, this is not just affected my career it's also affected my family, it's affected my personal life. i get it. i did something extremely horrible and i'm extremely sorry for it. but i've also been receiving
7:33 am
the cyberbullying, my family was targeted. their address was leaked. i received messages telling me i should kill myself. that i should have been raped that night. i don't -- i think it's ridiculous and i am here to own up to what i did. i'm taking responsibility for it and i'm asking for forgiveness. >> how do you make it good and get your job back? >> i think the best thing at this point is to just take responsibility for what i've done. i did it. and i'm ashamed of what i did. and this would never happen again and i thinkt the same time i should also speak out that, you know, to send a message out to people and the public to be careful and use my story as a message as a lesson to be careful what you do in public because the things that we do can be taped and we can haveo suffer severe ramifications for these things. >> and i know it's not easy to
7:34 am
thanks for joining us this rning. >> thank you so much. >> coming up, the latest on the dangerous dzhokhar secret. new cases reported in the u.s. and dr. richard besser is going to join us live next with what
7:35 am
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we are back now with the zika virus. the number of cases here in the u.s. growing. so far, 20 cases in 9 states and another 19 in puerto rico and now a number of airlines including american and jetblue are offered worried travevers waivers and refunds for trips they booked to the affected areas. linsey davis has all the latest. >> reporter: growing concern about the spread of the dangerous zika virus. president obama even convening a meeting on the issue tuesday emphasizing the need to develop a vaccine to fight the virus. the fear is a possible link between the virus and abnormal brain development in developing babies, microcephaly that can cause them to be born with
7:39 am
>> it's a lifelong problem. >> reporter: this on top of a travel advisory for pregnant women to avoid these 24 areas where the disease has been detected including el salvador where officials are asking women to not have babies until 2018. only one in five who are infected become ill with symptoms like fever, rash, joint pain or red eyes. the cdc is exploring the possible link between zika and guillan barre that can cause reversible paralysis. in brazil the health minister says they're sending 2020,000 troops to battle the mosquito blamed for spreading the virus. meanwhile, at home, dr. jennifer wu in new york city has been getting many calls from worried patients about traveling. >> we're getting calls every day, unfortunately, any patients with symptoms we are having them tested. >> reporter: others taking action into their own hands. samantha buck 14 weeks pregnant and canceling their babymoon to the caribbean.
7:40 am
risk to us to put the baby in harm's way. >> for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> joining us now is drop richard besser. dr. besser, people are canceling vacations to the caribbean, to south america, what areas are we talking about specifically? >> well, here's the thing, there's 24 different places that they found the virus so far but the mosquito is in every country in the western hemisphere apart from canada and chile so i understand people saying i don't want to wait until they've detected it there. i may cancel now. >> is mexico okay? what aisles in the caribbean. possibility. >> all right, let's take a look at the map. we now have 20 confirmed cases here in the united states. mostly in the southern states >> that's right. >> we're obviously innot in mosquito season. what's the level of concern it could spread. >> this is the distribution of the mosquito we know that transmits this.
7:41 am
but let's look at this other map. this is a map showing another mosquito that we think can do it. this summer when mosquitoes are very active we need to be very vigilant in taking them seriously. >> hundreds of thousands of people are traveling to brazil this summer for the olympics. we already have a pandemic on our hands. what could happen? >> the big concern with global events people come in and the fear is they'll go home with more than souvenirs this is already a pandemic spreading rapidly. further. >> it impacts not just pregnant contracts the virus? they can spread it to others. >> dr. besser, we appreciate it. thank you. of course, you will be taking questions throughout the morning. you can tweet him @drrichardbesser or go to "gma's" facebook page and see the latest travel guidelines regarding the virus on on yahoo!
7:42 am
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7:45 am
back now with the latest on abe vigoda.
7:46 am
tuesday and word of his death, a top of trend on facebook and our website this morning. he is best remembered for his role as a mobster in "the godfather." let's take a look at his work. >> tom, can you get me off the hook, for old time's sake. >> millions of tv viewers know him as a curmudgeonly detective fish in "barney miller." here he is on that show. >> in an emergency you would be the first one i would call. >> you should call me first. i need time to put my teeth in. >> now, not only was he funny onn screen but had a great sense of humor off screen too. during his long life there were died and one of the first rumors >> back in 1984 i believe was >> it went viral and he had a great sense of humor about it where he went on "david letterman" just to show people
7:47 am
abe vigoda was 94 years old. >> good for him. what a life. >> i remember watching "barney miller" with my dad. that's a great memory. he had such a dry delivery. >> he will be missed. all right. coming up next, we have much more. pam anderson speaking out about her health battle.e anderson speaking out about her health battle.l anderson speaking out about her health battle.a anderson speaking out about her health battle. today people are coming out to the nation's capital to support an imimrtant cause
7:48 am
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7:51 am
let's talk more snow this time in west texas. ft. stockton, 8 inches of snow at one point shutting down one lane of i-10. further east rain across the panhandle. heavy rain in south florida. some of those thunderstorms
7:52 am
this weather report brought >> jay: good morning. it's 7:57 on wednesday, january 27. i'm jay siltzer. glad you are with us. asheville's thomas wolfe auditorium is in desperate need of repair. it was built in 1939. now it has serious structural and acystia scallops problem. the study estimates $15 million as the low end for renovation, as much as $37 million to gut it and start over. officials say that's still far cheaper than building a brand new facility. funding would likely come through tourism, city, county and private sources. >> the public weighs in on duke's proposed plan to switch over its lake julian plant from coal to natural gas. the hearing lasted more than four hours last night. duke's $1 billion probably would consist of two natural gas units. the company also wants to build a third backup for the future. the utility's commission is expected to make a decision on the third unit by
7:53 am
>> repairs will continue this week on a mountain church that suffered severe water damage during the snowstorm. pipes burst at the candler house of prayer flooding almost the entire church. the pastor and his congregation are determined the make sure the church bounces back. this sunday's service will be held in the building next door. ingrid, no stopping them in spite of snow. >> ingrid: temperatures thankfully above freezing. 37 in asheville, 35 in burnsville, upper 30s in the western portions of the state. and down into the upstate, does show 46 in greer, 50 in greenwood. the winds right nw sustained ate 17 miles an hour making it feel a little colder outside. visibility is an issue with some fog. in the foot hills and all the way up towards morganton, anderson, greenwood just by a couple miles there. light rain early, cloudy day overall. we'll see gradually clearing
7:54 am
temperatures drop below freezing. in greenville low 50s with cloudy skies.
7:55 am
a return to the 60s this good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. oprah dropping 26 pounds and eating bread every step of the way. >> i don't deny myself bread. >> she says weight watchers has changed her life for good and we talk to dr. ashton live. also this morning, pamela anderson speaking out about her health battle with hepatitis c and her 12-week medical miracle cure. >> i'm just really grateful i feel like i got 20 years back of my life super saver secrets. put a thousand dollars in your pocket right now. the apps you can put to work to make money in your closet. how all your junk can add up to cold, hard cash this morning. go go big or go home going broke to stay buff. >> it's an investment in myself. >> the people addicted to working out and willing to pay
7:56 am
why so many are dropping cash to lift those weights even when they can't afford it. all that and from working out to eating cake it's national chocolate cake day as we say -- >> good morning, america. and there is rocco dispirito. lara just summed up the magic of "gma." we work out so we can eat chocolate cake. that's what we'll be doing here this morning. got a lot of chocolate cake. >> oh, yeah. rocco is joining us along with three "gma" viewers. so many sent in recipes across the country. we picked three of the best chocolate cakes with a twist and then we have rocco's cake, as well so we have a big tasteoff. >> a lot going on. >> i love this job. >> oh, yeah. file that one under having your cake and eating it too.
7:57 am
speaking out about her weight watchers weight loss and how she enjoyed not cake but bread the entire time. we've got her secret coming up. >> i can't wait to see that. also this morning, another star is making headlines, "modern family's" sofia vergara is caught in a legal battle with beauty companies and we'll tell you why she is suing them for millions. >> a lot on the line. now to amy with the morning rundown. >> good morning, guys. the big story, that malicious standoff in oregon turning deadly overnight. members of the armed group occupying a federal wildlife refuge on their way to a community meeting when a shoot-out erupted during a traffic stop. lavoy finicum who had been acting as the group's spokesman was shot and killed. eight others arrested including the leadede ammon bundy. new fireworks on the campaign trail with donald trump saying he will boycott tomorrow night's fox news debate. trump is furious with fox and moderator megyn kelly calling them biassed. this morning he tweeted i refuse
7:58 am
because that would not be politically correct. instead i will only call her a lightweight reporter. rival ted cruz is slamming trump's decision saying iowa voters deserve better so he is challenging trump to a one-on-one debate before monday's caucuses. and federal offices in washington will re-open today for the first time since the blizzard. washington's public schools are opop but not those in northern virginia or baltimore. and take a look at this image, the only people at the capitol yesterday to convene, the senate were women. one senator said it may speak to the heartiness of women to get to work in all that snow. and a health alert this morning. an influential pam says all adults should be screened for depression especially pregnant women and those who have just given birth, studies show one in eight such women and possibly one in fievel depression or other mental health issues. the founder of popular bikram yoga will have to pay a
7:59 am
harassment suit. a los angeles jury hit him with nearly $7.5 million in damages to his former legal adviser. however, the eccentric guru testified he is nearly bankrupt now. finally a photographer is getting a lot of buzz for something he. kevin usually gets half a million dollars for someone famous like malala yousafzai or even yoko ono but the latest photo is of a potato. an organic potato but still just a vegetable. here's the big headline. this photo sold for more than $1 million and that makes it if i might say a sweet potato. >> oh. you did it again. well done. >> it is a good-looking potato. a million dollars. i don't know. >> you just said it's a good-looking potato. >> it is.
8:00 am
>> it's a spud. >> we're going to move on. we have new details about the drug ha may have saved pamela anderson's life. she made headlines by revealing she's free of hepatitis c after more than a decade learning more about the treatment that cured her. jim avilaas the story. >> reporter: for pamela anderson who saved lives on tvs it seemed like a real death sentence. >> they told me that i would die in ten years. >> reporter: diagnosed with hepatitis c. >> i just think looking back that i maybe was a little more reckless than i would have been. i think it's kind of a hanging over your head. >> reporter: but then three months ago the incurable suddenly cured in a 12-week medical miracle. >> 12 weeks and gone. yes. >> reporter: anderson had taken the new drug sovaldi and is back promoting vegan shoes and a new cooking shoes and had good health insurance covering the near six-figure price tag.
8:01 am
is why i'm staking out this man. fred upton, congressman from michigan who over the last five years has blocked every bill proposed in congress to change the law that prevents medicare from negotiating the price of prescription drugs. >> the government isn't getting the best prices for their drugs because the government can't negotiate. >> reporter: why are you against that? >> we'll talk later. >> reporter: we've tried to talk for two months. he says $300,000 in donations he received from drug companies in 2014 has nothing to do with it and he's working on a bill of his own to fix the problem. >> loo to the right. >> reporter: but for now only the wealthy and well insured often have access to expensive miracle cures. >> i was really fortunate. >> reporter: for "good morning america," jim avila, abc news, detroit. >> thanks to jim avila for that. now to michael with the ayron monroe. >> thank you, george. here's a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." oprah revealing you can have
8:02 am
the secret behind the star's big weight loss and there are hundreds of dollars that could be hiding in your home. the apps that will help you cash in big on your old stuff. plus, my favorite day of the year, it's national chocolate cake day. yes. and we're celebrating with chef rocco dispirito and we have a big tasteoff of three "gma" viewers' cakes coming up live on "gma" here in times square. >> what's up? >> i don't want to shake your hand. i want to eat cake. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by new centrum vitamints, a multivitamin you enjoy like a mint. crawfish shorts i like your style hooked it just a little bit (window breaks, car alarm sounds) don't open that cellar door
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8:07 am
millions and making millions for oprah winfrey, two different like takes on the word bread. i was just thinking that. weight watchers pitch woman and big company investor revealing she lost a whopping 26 pounds on the diet sending stocks soaring and the way she did it while eating bread every day which she talks about in commercials is making dieters cheer and abbie boudreau has her diet details. >> my favorite breakfast because i love bread. >> reporter: and her love for bread not slowing down her diet. oprah now announcing her 26-pound weight loss while never depriving herself of her favorite thing. >> i don't deny myself bread. i have bread every day. >> reporter: no denying oprah's longtime struggle with her weight trying for years to stay slim. >> it is amazing to me that i can't lift it but i used to carry it around every day. >> reporter: now turning to weight watchers and its calorie counting point system to finally
8:08 am
and she says it's working. tweeting this week to her 30 million followers, eat bread, lose weight. what? #comejoinme. but eating bread every single day? >> the grainiest, nuttyiest seed break. >> reporter: maya fellers says it's possible to lose weight while eating bread with you warns not to get carried away. >> don't be afraid of carbohydrates. just know what you're eating. when you pay attention to portion size you can continue to lose weight. >> reporter: she says read the label, anything with the word whole grain or whole wheat is best for weight loss. the queen of talk now hoping her new weight loss message will inspire others. >> if not now, when? i feel that way and i know millions of other people feel that way. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> a lot of people talking about this so we're joined by abc news senior medical contributor dr.
8:09 am
what do you think, 26 pound, eating bread every day. how did oprah do it. >> when did bread become like crack? i mean, it's not -- >> for some people it is a beloved treat. >> let's go back to the basics here. first of all, to lose weight, you need what we call a negative energy balance and data has shown you need to cut between 500 to 750 calories per day, this goes back to in versus out. >> simple math. >> what you consume as long as you're under that caloric deficit, of course, there can bee bread there so to me this is not shocking. >> okay, so it's not shocking but how do our viewers take this information and use it in their own lives. >> well, listen, i mean you know i'm getting a masters in nutrition so i have literally analyzed the data. >> when you're not birthing babies. >> so i've analyzed basically ref single diet and i will tell
8:10 am
restricts portions and reduces calories will work dramatically in the short term. the key is that two years most diets fail. so it's about moderation and finding what works for you and it's about keeping that off. in general healthwise the mediterranean diet is probably the most well rounded. kind of the gold standard but anythihi can work. >> you and dr. b. always say that. so all breads are not created equal. >> right, listen, if you want to eat bread in moderation, you want to try to go for something that's a whole grain sprouted bread, when you flip that over and look at the ingredient, that's what you should look for. white bread doesn't come this way in nature so would say no but you want to enjoy what you eat and a french baguette toasted, maybe dipped in morning coffee. >> really? oh, you just lost me. >> you lost me with the coffee. >> smothered in butter, garlic bread. so much we can cheer. >> cheers. >> we can have our bread and eat
8:11 am
jen will take your questions throughout the morning, tweet her @drjashton or post them on "gma's" facebook page. i couldn't resist. >> we're kind of up set because we don't have bread. >> we did have our cake. >> yes, we did and now from one star to another who's making headlines. "modern family's" sofia vergara is taking a major legal action to protect her image follow filing a $15 million lawsuit against a beauty brand for using one of her selfies to promote their product. abc's deborah roberts is here with the latest. good morning, deborah. >> good morning. instagram addicts, beware, like so many celebrities, many of them -- like so many of us celebrities often take to social media to express themselves to highlight a restaurant, an outfit or a place they like but given sofia vergara's experience highering stars may want to think twice about that post before pressing share. with her smoeld determining beauty. >> moving in slow motion.
8:12 am
business savvy, sofia vergara is one of hollywood's most powerful women. this morning the actress is king steps to protect that reputation with a multimillion dollar lawsuit filed against venus concept and a number of its alleged affiliates she claims have been cashing in on her image promoting their beauty product without her permission or endorsement. >> you talk to me. >> reporter: according to the statute it started in 2014 with this instagram selfie of vergara getting a venus legacy massage. a treatment she claims she ultimately did not like finding it was a waste of time and money. she would not use it again and certainly would not endorse it. >> now we're very vrieling her super skin secret. >> reporter: but it made its way into this "extra" segment and alleges that photos appeared on venus' facebook page. the lavoro laser and the spa.
8:13 am
pr person's dream. but it's an intellectual property nightmare. >> there's nothing like -- >> reporter: had she agreed to the promotion she argues it would have cost the company big bucks. the lawsuit says she pockets somewhere around $15 million for an endorsement. her lawsuit accuses the companies of diminishing her brand and profiting through improper and inappropriate use of her image. we contacted the companies involved in the lawsuit and they declined comment. vergara's lawyers though insist in the lawsuit that this all could have been prevented. they ask the companies they say to stop the ads multiple times but they never did so, of course, guy, now the big question is will this go before a jury or will there be a settlement. >> a big threat out there. >> it is. >> $15 million in endorsements. >> she pockets a lot so she has a lot at risk. be careful about those shares.
8:14 am
we move on to day three of our supersaver takeover. we got rebecca jarvis here. she's back with some surprising ways to score big on your old stuff. i can't believe this, a thousand dollars hiding in your closet. >> it's hiding in there, george. the idea here this morning, minimum effort, maximum benefit and showing you how to turn that old closet full of electronics, games, clothe, whatever you got in there you're no longer using into cold, hard cash. throwing away money might have worked for leo's character in "the wolf of wall street." >> fun coupons. >> reporter: but for the rest of us making a few extra dollars sounds a lot more enticing. >> hot potato. >> reporter: enter alexa von tobel. show mom eliza danielson how to spot a thousand bucks right inside her closet. first up, turn your old clothes into cash. alexa gives us her secret on how to get the most from tradesy.
8:15 am
adult clothes so price them together. get a little bit more money and get rid of more stuff. >> reporter: pairing these makes an outfit and a quick $100. next, make selling seasonal. >> winter coats, peak time is going to be right in the fall. >> reporter: what else you dot for us? cash in on electronics with gazelle and usell. >> new iphone or ipod, sell the old one immediately. old ipods, $20 on ebay. ipad, $70 on usell. >> reporter: be sure to clear your personal info. >> you have calendar invites on this. >> reporter: don't count owl that outdated tech with decluttr. >> a dollar per dvd. about $40 worth. >> reporter: this boombox. >> 40 bucks on ebay. >> reporter: from a a pile of crash to a bundle of cash. the clothes selling for $648,
8:16 am
miscellaneous items, another $311. >> yay. >> reporter: for a grand total of more than 1100 extra bucks for aeliza and her family. not bad. i want to stress now is a great time to find that extra money without leaving your site. one is gift card granny and probably heard about it over the holidays. now you want to use it. if you haven't used those christmas gift cards sell them online and make money and this one, really a no-brainer called a way to search for forgotten bank accounts, uncashed checks, old paychecks.s. enter your fame and state and tell you whatever you're owed rather. so it's and this is -- i am sure it might come as a surprise but there are literally million, even billions of dollars of unclaimed upon out
8:17 am
>> you move and never get your paycheck. >> bingo. >> it's out there and i've talked about this in the past. now is the time- now is the time to look for it. it's january and a whole new slew of stuff comes through. >> no fee on that website. >> no fee. >> great information. >> i'll type my name is now. outside to rob. >> valentine's day fast approaching. what better way to celebrate. they've been married four times. never divorced. >> why four types. >> because i get four gifts. four anniversaries. >> you agreed to this. >> whatever she says she gets. >> they got married one time in california, not if pacifica where they have apartment buildings and homes falling into the pacific. high surf advisories out for socal and parts of oregon with 30-footers. 27-footers by the time they get to the coast and big waves heading towards much of
8:18 am
coming up. >> all right. for the record one of the four times is also in vegas. you got to do it once in vegas. back to you inside. >> rob, get in here. it's "pop newsws time and we begin with a little football news. if you have any interest or the resources to go to super bowl 5-0 you may want to secure your tickets quickly. before panthers owner jerry richardson pounces on a lot of them. turns out richardson has announced he is footing the bill for every single parent employee clara. even the interns are invited.
8:19 am
>> let's hope cam newton and the boys can dab their way to glory because there's going to be a whole lot of panther pride in that stadium. >> boss of the year. >> not the first time he did it. panthers have only been one other time to the super bowl. he did it that time as well and just believes it takes a village to get there and that everybody deserves to cheer on -- >> maybe that time is a charm. >> who will win. >> today i'm picking carolina and cam newton. >> that was nice. >> i practiced. >> i hate to put pressure on you on that. >> thanks. i could change my mind next week. >> always. if you've got the need, the need for speed brace yourselves, "top gun 2" is coming. this tweet was just posted. tom cruise. he captioned it just got back from a weekend in new orleans to see my old friend tom cruise and discuss a little "top gun 2." the project confirmed last year right here in "pop news."
8:20 am
returning to the danger zone. the screenplay is currently being written and the team has revealed this installment will mirror his changing world for fighter pilots including advanced drone technology. >> "top gun 2." sounds good. >> it's going to be great. jerry bruckheimer was so enthusiastic about this screenplay, he says, quote, it's brilliant. >> oh. >> so many great quotes in the first movie. >> you did say it's still being written, didn't you? >> yes. so it has time to become brilliant. finally have you ever dreamed of sleeping in a cheese factoryyn south dakota? raise your hand. >> yes. >> don't en00 think about it. it's against the law. a new info graphic we spotted on "the daily mail" put together the 50 contactiest laws from 50 states and while it would be a crime if we didn't share our favorites. for example, in georgia's home state of ohio, it is illegal, george, to get a fish drunk.
8:21 am
>> resisted handcuffs. porpoises. for amy's college days in georgia i hope you never catch an ice cream cone in your back pocket. not on a sunday. illegal. >> a a right. >> then jesse, back in your florida college days, how did you get to class? i hope not this way. because if you leave an elephant tied to a parking meter in the sunshine state, the feet better get paid like a car would. >> i think it's a good law. that makes sense. somebody's liable to make that payment. >> these are real.
8:22 am
see you in a minute.tt0w!tw((i! el (.yd tt0w!tw((i(ied (([ tt0w!tw((i% )8x-_d4 tt0w!tw((i% kzx-b+h tt0w!tw((i% n-x-7bd >> good morning. it's 8:27 on wednesday, january 27. i'm jay siltzer. troopers in haywood county are investigating what led to a deadly accident. the highway patrol tells us 50-year-old johnny davis of waynesville was killed near the clyde exit off highway 74. troopers say just before 9:00 last night he hit an embankment and was thrown from his truck. he later died at the hospital. the highway patrol says no other vehicles were involved and they suspect alcohol was indeed a factor. >> a henderson county couple charged after a toddler was shot and killed in their home takes a plea agreement. james and heather stepp pleaded guilty to storage of a firearm with access to children, a misdemeanor. the pair was charged with involuntary manslaughter of the death of 2-year-old abigail newman back in october.
8:23 am
auditorium is in desperate need of repairs. it was built in 1939 and now has serious structural problems. the study estimates 15 million on the low end for renovations. >> clouds to start the day, 36 in franklin. 35 back here in the asheville region. here's a spot at freezing in will youland. other than that we've stayed in the mid-to-upper 30s. 46 down into greenville and spartanburg, clemson, 47, 51 into greenwood. winds gusting out of the north at 16 in asheville. visibility reduced in our western zones below a mile, below two miles in the foot hills and up towards morganton and anderson two and a half. this afternoon gradually clearing and temperatures dropping below freezing at 28. in greenville low 50s
8:24 am
a few showers early on mylesj. middle school and charles j. hudson school >> got to love crisis pine on jimmy kimmel having fun with the snow. what a voice, as wel he's here live. we'll talk to him. >> i watched the movie he's in. it's unbelievable. i'm like still nervous. really exciting. yeah, nice ice, chris. >> all right, you know what's also exciting, the fact that it's national chocolate cake day. >> i live moved on to my second. >> i need a nap after -- >> taste testers trying out cakes and deciding which ones takes the cake coming up in our great taste-off. while we eat let's head over to michael. >> this is good. >> that cake, sounds great but right now, a lot of people also
8:25 am
gym membership class, workout clothes, all that stuff adds up and some are breaking the bank to break a sweat. abc's reena ninan has the latest on the trend. >> hey, good morning to. >> good morning. >> you're a fitness buff. you know, those membershiping cost a small fortune spending hundreds and hundreds each month but many say what they get out of it, well are that's priceless. spinning, crossfit, trampolining, acroyoga and so much more spending an average of $828 a year in 2014, a jump of $108 from 2012. but is it really worth going broke to get buff? >> up over your head. >> reporter: emily voorhees couldn't imagine her life without working out spending $250 a month at her favorite studio, the bar method. >> the energy that it brings to me, that makes me step out into the world with a little bit of a
8:26 am
>> even if it puts a whole in my wallet. >> reporter: while she is temporarily unemployed she puts exercise on the top of her priority list. >> i immediately canceled my cable. i don't go out to eat as much. those things reel hi add up. >> they do. >> i can shower there. it's a wonderful community. >> saving on water. >> saving on water. saving on shampoo. >> reporter: and then there's jeremy lindseyy who has a gym membership and loves to frequent barry's boot camp paying almost $500 a month to get in shape. >> when i spend my money on fitness it helps with my goals and helps me look fitter and makes me feel better. >> reporter: jeremy says the feeling he gets of a good workout is priceless. happier now than ever. >> i was quiet and it broke me out of my shell. >> reporter: so why are so many people dropping the cash and lifting the weights. >> if they get great results and have a good experience and have
8:27 am
>> reporter: while the save gzings there, their muscles are stronger than ever. emily said this is a lot healthier than the other bar where she could be drinking her money away. >> i understand that but after all the chocolate cake we had here i think i need to go to the gym. >> you're in perfect shape but tell men in america you do pilates. >> i do pi lat yost, yoga. i got to start again with yoga and work out five, six days a week. >> it is worth it. >> your health is worth every penny you can spend. now over to you, george and choking on the cake. >> michael, here with a.j. natter -- natalie portman. now she's traded in her ballet shoes for a gun belt in "jane got a gun." take a look. >> where? >> oh. oh.
8:28 am
you counting because i still got a pair of bullets and a question that i ain't going to ask again. >> and natalie portman joins us. you look so sweet now. >> you know, don't cross me. >> tell us about jane hammond. >> well, jane is a woman who has gone out west, trekked out west so hardened by that situation obviously and put in a situation where she has to sort of stand up and defend her home and it's very american. >> you really wanted this movie to happen. you're a producer as well as starring. it's a different kind of western. tell us what drew you to it. >> i loved the idea of a love story in the wild west because love seems like that kind of lawless atmosphere. and this story of this woman having to sort of face her deepest fears in this really challenging environment was very parallel to sort of the
8:29 am
kind of brings out her ferocity, as well. great cast, joel edgerton. >> amazing. >> your "star wars" co-star ewan mcgregor. >> and joel was also in " "ar wars" so the three of us had -- >> i had forgottenthat. >> he had a small role but important role in the second and third of the trilogy that i was part of so we -- it was nice we all had that sort of familiarity to start off with. >> so what's it like to have "star wars" back? you're in the prequels. have you seen "the force awakens." >> i haven't been able to see it yet but i've heard it's amazing and so nice it's sort of this continuing part of everyone's cultural shared cultural knowledge. >> yeah, i love showing it to my little girls because of course they didn't grow up with the first ones. you know, you're really branching out in so many ways. i love some of the projects you're working on playing iconic women, jackie o., also ruth bader ginsburg.
8:30 am
so many of us. that we haven't started yet, hopefully we'lltart soon but jackie, i'm in the middle of right now which has been really, really amazing. she's a fascinating -- >> what is it like when you call up a supreme court justice. >> it's extremely inspiring and intimidating because she's such an incredible woman and she has done so much in such an environment that is certainly not -- was not encouraging to women when she was coming through the ranks as a lawyer and then as a professor and then as a civil rights and women's rights activist. it's pretty amazing to see what she was able to accomplish without ever getting angry about the situation. >> just kept plowing through. and you're living in paris right now. does it feel like home? >> i think the u.s. will always feel like home to me, but it's an incredible experience to get to live in paris.
8:31 am
so many americans, i think, especially we hold paris as a dream place in our minds. >> it is. glad you could come back to new york today. welcome back to "gma." "jane got a gun" opens this friday. now back outside to rob. >> all right, george, an eclectic group out here. this young man from -- where again? >> georgia, augusta. >> augusta, georgia. there. have connections. >> no, but i can say that i've been to panama. >> how about kits. can you get me on the island of kits? >> sure. >> sounds great right now. across the great lakes, we got some snow falling across upstate new york and fronts and troughs coming through. the great lakes including michigan will get some needed lake-effect snow and rain coming into the pacific northwest
8:32 am
florida. >> this weather report brought to you by nationwide insurance. she's screaming because they got married a fifth time in the last 20 minutes. amy, back over to you. >> thank you. look, i am with breakout star lillyy james winning over the big and small screens in "cinderella" and "downton abbey" and now "pride and prejudice and zombies." the army of the undead. jane austen, and zombies, two of my favorite things. did this immediately pop out at you and think do you want to do it. >> no, i was a bit confused. i love jane austen, i'm english and it's like a birthright. i read it and loved it and somehow works and does quite wonderful things to the story and to the love story.
8:33 am
bennett but you've got some serious martial arts skis in this movie because you're kicking zombies' you know what. what was the training like for that. >> it was really intense. all the girls are the ones that are fighting. we're the heroes saving the men so we wanted to really kick -- >> i saw in the trailer that the man who plays your father says my daughters aren't trained for the kitchen. they're trained to kill. they're trained to fight. it's quite an interesting twist there. >> yes. >> also i heard that you are returning to "downton abbey" for the big finale. >> i am. yes. i am. >> you're just going to say, yep, i am. >> i can't really say anything else so i just sort of smile and say, yes, i am. >> what has life been like for you? this has been a tremendous year. you were fantastic in "cinderella." "downton abbey," what's next. >> at the moment i'm in "war and peace." >> just a small little project. >> epic tale which i love so much. i was filming in russia and i've
8:34 am
over the world making amazing projects. i'll been so happy. >> we have been so happy watching you just shine brightly on the small and big screens. thank you very much for joining us. lily james and "pride and prejudice and zombies." if you're interested, i know i am, opens nationwide on february 5th. you're going to stick around, right? >> join us for the chocolate
8:35 am
chef rocco andtt2w`t2n`qt" bt@q,m8 tt2w`t2n`qt" "a@q
8:36 am
>> you get crunch, as well. rocco, what do you think? >> it's a perfect storm. chocolate. what else? only marshmallows are missing. sprinkles and you've got it all. >> gina, a fantastic job. next up we have samanth from middletown, delaware. i love the name, high carb low fat vegan chocolate cake. so delicious and healthy. what is it? what is your secret? >> right off, right. >> my secret is using an applesauce and a vegetable puree and that eliminates the fat, ups the nutritional value and it also makes it super moist. >> you feel better eating this cake. >> exactly. >> it looks beautiful and, rocco, this sounds like something right down your alley. what do you hi. >> vegan then no eggs, less cholesterol and high carb means you can carb load w wh the cake. great without the guilt of eating cholesterol and i'm sure it tastes good. i've had a lot of vegan cakes. let's see.
8:37 am
>> make sure you get the icing. >> icing so good. >> like a mounds bar thing going on. >> this will be tough. finally sherry from morgantown, west virginia. >> a gallon of brandy. >> this is maybe -- best name of a cake. flourless chocolate cake with hazelnut ganache and fancy chocolate curls. >> indeed. >> so walk us through this delicious -- >> it's made with no flour. gluten free, high quality chocolate and infuse hazelnutly your into my ganache. >> wow, rocco. >> the minute you say ganache you've -- you had me at ganache. >> i'm with you. >> getting rid of the flour means getting rid of the gluten and lots of unnecessary calories and tastes good. >> brandy or no brandy. >> delicious. >> there you go. >> n n you guys have all given -- >> it really is brandy.
8:38 am
i got to get through the segment standing up here. we've got all of our tasters at the tasting table. you guys will now deliberate. >> oh, wait. >> you're not -- >> do we vote? >> tell us very, very soon. while you deliberate give us a quick hint. your best key to making a delicious chocolate cake. >> for me delicious chocolate cake has to have a lot of chocolate and compliment fry flavor. i combine almonds with chocolate. the perfect pairing and i think it's here somewhere. >> who takes the cake? >> have you -- absolutely. >> we cannot -- >> oh, rocco. >> you don't have a unanimous decision. >> all right. tell me -- >> well, that's her favorite but -- we all -- >> we all -- >> there's no way -- >> everybody is going to win. you are know what, everybody gets to share the trophy. >> you got a winner.
8:39 am
>> we do not agree. >> so i think it's going to be be -- yes, it is, the michigander, gina. >> you're taking home the trophy. congrats. a copy of rocco's autographed cookbook "the negative calorie diet" available out now. get these delicious recipes online on yahoo!
8:40 am
>> t >> i'm sure for you, as well. hi, everybody. back with chris pine starring in the new disney action thriller, "the finest hours" as captain bernie weber the real-life hero who took on a vicious nor'easter back in the '50s and one of the most daring rescues in coast guard history.
8:41 am
>> the engine died. >> i got it. i go the it. >> you got about five seconds, boys. >> so, i want to hear all about playing bernie because this movie was very -- very intense. >> yeah. >> to watch. i can only imagine what it was like playing the real-life character. >> well, i mean there's certainly room for complaining when you're spending 12 hours a day and getting water thrown on you and wind machines and fake snow and you're in a sardine can of a freezing spot in quincy, massachusetts, where they built us this tank on which to perform. but what happened that day this true story that happened in 1952, four men went off in a 36-foot boat. >> yeah, tiny little boat in in the 70-foot waves with no
8:42 am
zero visible, 70-foot wave, rain, sleet, snow, frigid temperatures. they saved 32 men off four-story tanker that split in half on to a boat that was only supposeded to carry 12 people and got them all back inside. only suffered one fatality. so the facts of that night, what those men went through is so tremendous, so profound that any kind of bs actorly complaining i could have done on the day was quickly silenced. >> is that what drew you to the role, the fact that this was so hard to believe that it was true and that this guy was such a stoic earnest real hero. >> yeah, i mean, i was -- what appealed to me exactly right was this simple, beautiful, unbelievable facts of the evening and also that our film is something that i don't think you see a lot of nowaday, it reminded me of like a '50s studio picture. no we wear our heart on our
8:43 am
self-referencing or self-awareness. >> no wink-wink at all. >> it is what it is. it is about good, regular joes doing good things. they're scared but they try to do their best. play bernie weber who is in love with a beautiful woman named miriam played by holliday grainger. >> these fantastic, by the way. >> and they -- he wants to get home to his lady so he can go home and get married and make life. i love the simplicity of a tale told well. >> which i love as a perfect dichotomy to an upcoming project you have. you are in the new "wonder woman" film. >> it couldn't get any more different. you play the love interest. >> i do. i do. i play wonder woman's man and i'm having a great time, patty jenkins is directing it. we got chuck producing who has done wonderful things. wonder woman is beyond being a
8:44 am
incredibly smart and i think brings to the role a great amount of love and compassion, a real kind of childlike wonder that this character needs and i think fans will fall in love with. >> i can't wait. big wonder woman fan as a child. i always wondered would i want the invisible plane or cuffs, we will find out how great it is. >> tricks up our sleeves. >> chris pine, always great to see you, "the finest hours" is fine. it is fantastic and it hits theaters on friday.
8:45 am
>> l [ horn honks ] okay, this is u.s. cellular, and this is verizon. now, same phones, but with u.s. cellular you get 6 gigs of 4g data for only $40 per month -- $20 less than verizon. and u.s. cellular's network was built to work in places like out here, here, and here. so, with all of that, why would you ever go to verizon? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for just $40 a month plus get $300 back.
8:46 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by brookdale. bringing new life to senior living. >> can i be honest? i'm really glad national chocolate cake only comes one day a year. we love you, rocco. >> rocco, thanks a lot. that was great. >> yeah. >> thanks for sharing your recipes, everyone. have a great day. >> bye. >> have a good day. >> jay: good morning to you. it's 8:56 on your wednesday, january 27. i'm jay siltzer. some points will stage an awareness walk this afternoon in downtown waynesville. they are against the haywood county school board's plans to possibly close central
8:47 am
the school has had falling shortfall. if central closes, most kids would go to hazel wood or general lusk. the walk is followed by a public hearing at the school. >> a key asheville committee endorses a plan to turn a a park. the land is across from saint lawrence basilica. during the city council the planning and development recommended a park. council has not officially voted to build the park. >> finally we're learning new details about why a developer wants to delay a proposed apartment complex in west asheville. he now wants to bbeak ground in 2018 and finish by 2020, that's six months before a scheduled widening of the road for that same area. pulliam will present the new plans in april.
8:48 am
look at the skywatch forecast. >> ingrid: 37 at chimney rock and a lot of the snow has melted and temperatures above freezing, the coldest spot in new land and boon at freezing. low 40s into greenville. 51 in between wood so mild conditions there. there is a breeze in asheville at 16 miles an hoururnd visibility is reduced towards andrews below one mile and anderson at three, greenwood at nine. 44 for a high today. you'll notice the closed, but then clearing late today. into tonight back below
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