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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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shows now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this morning. >>holly: 6 o'clock on tuesday morning. you are looking at a live picture in blowing rock. you can see snow on the ground there. >>jay: look at the flag there moving quite a bit. buncombe county schools are cancel, asheville city schools are on a two-hour delay. >>holly: there are many other schools closed this morning. of course, those are running at the bottom of your screen. >>jay: we have live team coverage of the impact the we winter weather is having on the roads this evening. let's go to ingrid in the skywatch weather center. >>ingrid: let's talk radar, we are seeing light show showers across the region favoring the tennessee line, so the closer you live to that, if you are traveling north, keep in mind that that snow has been falling overnight. so, that's graham county, swain county, northern haywood county
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down to the valley, seeing flurries this morning, but this winter storm warning is still out for another hour for the counties on your screen shaded in pink. buncombe county and surrounding counties, this winter weather advisory is out until wednesday morning. coming up in my full forecast, we will talk more about how much more snow is expected to fall, when it will stop, and the incredibly cold conditions that will last for quite a while. back over to you. >>jay: haywood county is one area that saw snow stick overnight and again this morning. >>holly: lauren brigman is live near waynesville middle school, what are dispatchers out there telling you? >>lauren: i just checked in with them, holly, less than five minutes ago. no accidents to report right now. but, of course, because the schools are ease klod a lot closed a lot of people are staying home, unless you have to get out to go to work. but they remind people to use caution because we are seeing
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you can see4 accident on i-40 eastbound near crabtree road. that has since cleared. but black ice is an issue and now the snow coming down beginning to coat the roads. it is light flurries right now. but, you can see the school buses are all just waiting right there, again, no school here in haywood county as well as many other districts across the mountains because they did begin to see snow here. as we were driving from south asheville this morning, we began to see the snow pick up around canton. since we have been here, since about 3:30, 4 o'clock this morning, we have seen the snow flurries off and on. we are continuing to follow-up with emergency officials, checking the latest on road conditions. we will have another live reportt coming up in just minutes. we are live in waynesville this morning, but let's check in with jaclyn.
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reported on i. 278, we have roads sliding off the roadway so use caution in that area are. keep in mind you will want to keep an eye on the back roads in madison county as well as the usual problems like i-26 near the tennessee border and sames gap. mitchell county these are the spots you want to avoid, the south end of the county is dealing with very icy conditions this morning,e especially in the spruce pine area. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >>holly: stays with news 13 for the most up to date information on the winter storm. you can find the latest forecast and school closings on and you can go to the web site to sign up for text alerts for weather closings and traffic, and we will post updates on took and twitter. >>jay: greenville police are hoping you recognize the suspects from the surveillance video. officers say three men forced their way into a little caesars pizza and held the victim at gunpoint. police say they took money from the safe and then took off. the womanan was not hurt. greenville police are now asking
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if you have any information, call greenville county crime stoppers at 86423-crime. the buncombe county district attorney has taken oughts step to see whether to take the death penalty in a triple murder case in the case of pierre griffin the second. the outcome of the hearing could determine the charges he faces if indicted. last week he was indicted on charges of killing tatiana killing three people last year. >> >>holly: there was a public meeting over the topic of body cameras. the asheville police department and buncombe county held it at unc asheville last night. the district attorney todd williams says under state law he believes body cam footage should not be shared with the public. the sheriff van duncan agrees. >> when we start putting body cams in the area of public
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can get them at will, that we are going to take something ha is a good tool for law enforcement and turn it into a quagmire. >>holly: a civil rights attorney at the meeting said the video showing an arrest or use of force complaint should be public information. >>jay: duke energy is responding after a south carolina energy company said duke does not need to build a new plant at lake julian. >>holly: as reported duke wants to replace its coal-fired plant at lake jewel you know with two natural gas fired unites. but columbia filed papers with the north carolina state utilities commission. that company claims it generates enough power at a plant south of columbia to meet needs here. duke says using columbia's power would mean building miles of new transmission lines. >> what we have seen is, you know, transmission, when it travels from a long way doesn't provide the reliability. and then, there is a technical, behind the scenes voltage support that is needed to
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electricity but high quality electricity our customers expect. >>holly: columbia says its option means cheaper rates. duke says it's too soon to see about costs, the commission will review the results by the end of the month. >>jay: people filing a lawsuit have until this afternoon to respond to lawmakers. as we reported a federal judge ruled last week that race played a role in how some voting districts were mapped out. and they ordered the lines redrawn by next friday. republican lawmakers required an emergency stay because emergency voting is already underway for the march 15th primary. >> if from a voters perspective, if you see a headline or story that s ss, districts ruled invalid, you are left going, should i vote or not? and that's the primary problem, is it leaves voters in a very bad state.
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it even counting or others saying should i even vote? >>jay: the state board of elections said voters should continue to vote and the board will determine if the votes should be certified but it's not clear how soon the court will decide whether to delay the ruling. >>holly: the first set of votes for the new hampshire primary are in. >>jay: at midnight, three small presentees in new hampshire cast ballots. the historicic dix vil notch was the first to epitoen to the ( ) polls. the gop front runner donald trump and bernie sanders are expected to come out on top in the first primary in the nation. hillary clinton is hoping to win votes, too. >> i think being a progressive means you want to make real progress. the last thing we need is promises that can't be met. >> i don't care what happens, no matter what, this has been the most amazing experience of my life and you people have made it that way. >>jay: the candidates have already started turning their attention to next weekend's
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>>holly: employees at a charlotte radio station will work in another spot today. >>jay: a car crashed into the station right in the middle of a live shoho >> everything these fans are about -- [crashing noises] >>holly: what do you say after that? the team was just wrapping up one of its shows when this happened yesterday afternoon. the operations manager said they have always worried something like this would happen. >> we have been concerned about it for a while, jokingly concerned about it, never thought it would actually happen. but, i can be rest assured, hopefully we will have some guardrails put up to prevent something like this in the future. >>holly: three people were inside the studio at the time. no one was hurt though. so far it's not clear what caused the car to crash. >>jay: on air it almost sounded like a joke. like, breaking grass. >>holly: until the air waves go silent. very scary. glad they are okay this morning. >>jay: no kidding. >>holly: we have a "early bird gets the win." >>jay: just in time for
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away a date night package to wake, the spa? asheville, it includes a 60 minute soak and 40 minute head, neck, shoulder massage value for two, valued at $125. >>holly: go to 13 to enter and we will announce the winner just before 7 o'clock and stick around. we will talk to the folks at wake about ways to pamper yourself right at home. it was a car that toppled over. >>jay: coming up, what caused a tree to fall. >>ingrid: numerous school delays and closure, check for the full list. here is your "harry's on the hill bus stop forecast." says it will be cold today. coming up, how much more snow will fall today and just how cold we will turn.
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>> >>holly: while you were slping you can see light snow across the region. this is a look at the last hour here. let's take a look at where the heaviest snow is fall, it's still fairly light indicated by the light blue. that's swain county, graham county, up towards 40 in haywood county, madison county as well. we have seen this now for several hours. so, the possibility for some snow accumulations in those zones, down into asheville just light flurries. here is another little spot around sky valley, south of cashers. so the northern portion of the upstate, also northeast georgia
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macon county and jackson county, seeing the light snow this morning. now, this model is indicating over the next hour or two continuing to see heavier snow bands pulling through yancey, mitchell, avery counties an also more snow pulling into our western zones. so, it's not going to be heavy, going to be light-to-moderate at best, but still, we have these watches, warnings out this morning because of this snowfall. leicester carpet sales news 13 skycam network, look down here. underneath the light. you can see that light coating of white on the roadways. 24 degrees, this is in north asheville. this is a lot of the reasons why we have some closures this morning. 25 degrees for a low temperature this morning in asheville. 24 in burnsville. but 19 in newland. below freezing for morganton to forest city. 20s in our western zones an freezing in greenville. and gaffney as well. 7 miles per hour winds, so they have dropped just a little bit from our last half hour. but, still, at 14 in anderson, 14 in greer, these winds will
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overnight, making it feel very cold, in fact, right now, you step outside and it feels like 17 in asheville. feels like 8 degrees up towards boone. this wind chill advisory will start at 7 p.m. today, and it will go through noon wednesday, abobo 3500 feet. all the counties here shaded in blue. and, back here in the big picture, we are looking at snow, not only back here in western north carolina, but our friends to the north and to the west. upper midwest, you can see this low continuing to spin, and pulling that chance for snow back here in the mountains. snapshot at 8 a.m., not showing a ton of snow, especially in the valleys. once again it is still going to favor the tennessee line areas at 6 o'clock tonight, overnight we continue to have the chance mainly in the northern zones once again, slight chances in the valleys. most of the day wednesday, we will not see that snow fall, but the chance once again through the overnight hours for some zones. speaking of the northern zone, winter storm warning.
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another 45 minutes for these counties in pink. back here in asheville, until wednesday morning, national weather service actually extended this advisory, and back here in asheville, it's not going to be a lot of snow. a dusting, maybe an inch at best. higher elevations will see a couple of inches of snow possible. back here today, high temperature, not very high at all. look at that. 30 degrees and the wind, gusting at 25 miles per hour. tonight will be cold and windy as well. what about the upstate? we are talking low 40s today. and a chance for even colder conditions tonight with the wind continuing to gust. seven-day forecast shows a very steep cool-down. look at this. 10 degrees for a low temperature on saturday night. back over to you. >>holly: the size of a massive oak tree is attention grabbing. >>jay: absolutely. terry said she heard the big oak crash and she was atonnished
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crushed. >> it was very, very lucky that that tree just barely, right behind the green car, across the street, and then it just missed her car that was right there. >>holly: wow. >>jay: workers cleaned up the tree and utility crews worked to restore service to affected areas. strong winds were to blame for the tree falling. >>holly: that is a massive tree. >>jay: it is. >>holly: we have the first encounter with the cameron crazy. >>jay: stan tells us if they louisville. >>holly: remember f you are on the go early in the morning, you can catch up with us with the news 13 morning news app, you
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>>stan: good morning, in sports, college hoops from last night, duke recovered from their losing spot, they drop out of the top 25, they have won two in a row and looking for the third straight against no. 13 louisville. cardinals offensive, rick pitino first trip to cameron, hard to believe. he got to see the full duke man in action with gray son allen bombs a 3, he has 19. they are up 66789 marshal plum employee about to lose this and gets it back to brandon ingram and watch him finish the freshman had 18.
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so good turning this guy, he works hard. put it in and 1. he had 10, duke up 11 at the break after rule got close, won their third straight 72-65. >> the carolina panthers arrived home last night in charlotte and, you know, they got the full bore treatment on the tarmac as they got to charlotte in the airport. they land there and get out of the plane after the disappointing superbowl loss. you see cam newton and greg olsen. i'm sure this is a downer but this had to perk them up, big crowd of panther fans in the cold waiting to boost the spirits and despite losing the team has a lot to lock forward to and after the loss sunday the coach says they are close. >>coach: talking to getting to the mountain peak and obviously we are at t t top of the mountains but not the peak. this team played better than we did and that's why they won the football game. they did some good things against us and we didn't capitalize on the opportunities we had and because of that they won the football game.
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team that a couple years ago got beat in new york. so we have an opportunity to grow andnd learn from this experience. >>stan: they will be back. they're good. that's sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. see you again tonight at 6 o'clock. have a great tuesday, everyone. >> >>holly: all right. our tuesday morning starting out tricky for some drivers, ingrid. >>ingrid: slick conditions outside, you can see the satellite radar pulling in clouds and of course the blue, the light snow near the tennessee line. now, that's the area where we will likely see snow throughout the next couple of days. back here in the valleys, really going to be more like flurries, light snow, but cold. that's going to affect everyone. these are high temperatures today. i know they look incredibly low, but it will be very chilly and windy into tonight. lows at 17 degrees in asheville. 12 in newland, 23 in forest city to 24 in greenville. drivers in mitchell county, be careful if you are heading out soon. black ice is a problem across that area. >>jaclyn: slick conditions are
6:19 am
ends of the county. spruce pine is the major area to worry about, u.s. 19 is tricky as well as high land rode, so if you live in the mitchell county area try to stay off the roads if you can. madison county, here are the spots you need to avoid. black ice is a problem on 25/70 heading towards highway 208 as well as back roads and i-26 near sames gap. remember we do have the problem areas listed for you by county on our web site, at under the traffic page. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. back to you. >>holly: here is your live look right now from a web cam in bryson city. >>jay: the roads are pretty clear. snow is a little light right there. news 13 this morning will be right back.
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compliment postcard book. a year of fortunes without the cookies. that's kind of fun. >>ingrid: i like that one. >>holly: how about this, the perfect man ice tray? >>ingrid: oh my gosh. >>jay: i have to tell you, if you give some of these gifts it will be an ugly valentine's day. >>holly: you're not liking these? >>jay: no. >>holly: it's a silly cone mold that makes ice cubes or candy boasting muscle-bound men. >>ingrid: i like it. >>holly: there is one that says i love us. >>jay: ugh. >>holly: unconventional ideas out there. a lot of people want to make a statement. >>ingrid: jay is gagging literally over there at the desk. let's take a final look at weather everyone outside your door it's cold and we are seeing flurries at the airport, 25 degrees. how much more snow will fall? when will it end? and just how cold it will turn. i will have those answers at 6: 6:30. >>lauren: we are traveling across haywood county showing
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we are live in maggie value where the snow is beginning to cover the ground. be served. >>jay: a fiance is charged with having sex with a 15 year-old, why he should get probation instead of frisson. >>holly: a new apartment
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now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this morning. >>holly: here is a live look this morning from the indigo camera, a picture of downtown asheville, looking at i-240 and flakes flying. >>jay: absolutely. some large flakes at that. be careful as you head out the door. roads may be slick from black ice across the area. >>holly: this is a pretty shot this morning. >>jay: it really was. the list of school closings or delays has grown all morning long. buncombe county schools are closed. asheville city schools are now on a two-hour delay. >>holly: all the closings are of course scrolling at the bottom of your screen and you can find them at we have live team coverage from maggie valley, our tine time traffic center and skywatch weather center so let's start with ingrid who is standing by. >>ingrid: yes, good morning, snow fell across the region overnight. let's look at the time lapse to see this. this time lapse starts around 3 a.m.. and you can see, it continues snowfall near the tennessee
6:27 am
down into the valley, it's more like the flurries we just saw. this winter storm warning, it is in effect right now, but it will expire here shortly at 7 a.m., but this winter weather advisory has actually been extended through wednesday morning. and it does include us here in buncombe county. so, some light snow possible today, some heavier snow bands expected elsewhere. i will talk about the chances coming up in my full forecast. but, another big headline, very cold conditions for the weekend as well. i will talk about that coming up. >>holly: our news 13 morning crew has been traveling across haywood county for you this evening no, giving us live looks at road conditions. >>jay: news 13's lauren brigman continues live team coverage from maggie valley. what are conditions like on the drive from waynesville to maggie valley that you just made? >>lauren: well, along 276, over here to sokol road, ki tell you that we saw dot crews out and they are focusing on the main routes first, of course. but, definitely, white in places.
6:28 am
again, they are working on the main routes first. but, definitely use caution. no accidents to report right now, but emergency officials want you to be safe if you do today. i want to show you how much snow has fallen in maggie valley. we are seeing more than we did in waynesville. you can see a good half inch here on this park bench and then here. this is actually a sidewalk already coated and you can kind of -- i was feeling a little ice along that, black ice an issue on haywood county on the roads, and i was checking in with emergency officials this morning, and i want to show you sokol road here as you can tell dot crews have come through, but it's that middle of the road that is still snow covered. and the flurries continue here in maggie valley. we are seeing a little bit more snow here than we did in waynesville. off and on flurries in haywood county though. all morning. so black ice and snow, that's what you are going to need to watch out for on the morning commute. haywood county schools though,
6:29 am
one of the many school systems announcing that this morning. live in maggie valley, i'm lauren brigman, news 13. now let's check in with jaclyn deaugustino with the traffic center. >>jaclyn: thank, lauren. black ice is a problem in or northern counties. slick conditions reported in the north and south end of mitchell county, u.s. 19 through spruce pine is a major point to avoid. that drive is tricky for you as well as highland avenue. now, if you are heading out in madison county, these are the spots you need to avoid on your commute. icy conditions are a problem on 25/70 heading towards highway 208. we are are seeing some slowdowns there on 26 near sams gap, which is a good thing, because there are some slick conditions reported there. also, on the secondary roads, you will want to take it slow this morning as well. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >>holly: the dot has been preparing for nearly 24 hours for this winter blast. crews pumped thousands of gallons of brine solution into tanks that are loaded on the back of trucks.
6:30 am
sprayed onto interstates, so a coating was in place before the first flakes. >> the forecasted amount is not as much as the previous storm, but in anticipation of the event, we are trying to take a more proactive approach. >>holly: once the brine is sprayed crews stand by ready to bring out plows, salt and sand truck, once the snow starts ticking. >>jay: stay with news 13 for the most up to date information on the winter storm. you can find the latest forecast and school closings at you can also go to our web site, to sign up for text alerts for weather, closings, and traffic. we will also post updates on facebook and twitter. >>holly: new this evening no, the former board of elections director in macon county is back behind bars. we have a new mug shot of kim bishop. she's currently being held in a buncombe county jail without bond. the jail lists her as a federal inmate. on february 1st, she pleaded guilty in federal court to one count of embezzlement. she resigned from her position in may, 2014, after
6:31 am
than 50,000 in fraudulent checks came from her office. >>jay: we have a developing story in mcdowell county where a civil rights group takes on the case of four men charged with statutory rape. last year, cameron moore, eugene carson, gregory quitman and chad logan were accused of having sex with a 15 year-old girl they met on facebook. their families have called for help from the group, true healing under god, which provides legal assistance. families hope to reduce the sentence to 20 months of probation. >> we have to stick together and i just feel like justice needs to be served. my kids need their dad. the other families need their sons. and they are loving and carriage and. [inaudible] it's not fair. >>jay: cameron moore refuse add plea deal in court yesterday that would have required him to serve three years in prison. his case will now go to trial coming up in may. >>holly: his obituary says he
6:32 am
giant. a man found shot and killed in his home in jackson county will be laid to rest. the funeral for timothy norris is 2 o'clock at the union baptist church in cullowhee. the burial will follow at the cemetery. he was found shot to death inside his home in cashers. investigators are treating his death a as a homicide. no arrests have been made. >> we do everything we can to avoid car crashes. so, why wouldn't we do the same to avoid making bad repairs to our cars? a news 13 investigation exposes what some auto body shops and insurance companies may not want you to know if you are in a wreck. the unsafe parts to unsafe fix, industry insiders say mechanics across north carolina are cutting corners at the risk of your safety while no one is watching. >> i started a campaign seven years ago to get the shop licensed. you have to be licensed to braid hair, and i talked to the house
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and the car can go down the road at 150 like this car, 150, 160 miles per hour, and you or myself tomorrow with no expertise tomorrow you can open a body shop tomorrow. >>jay: tonight at 6:00, part 1 of a two part investigation into collision repair, how aftermarket parts perform when put to the rest and what your rights are when it comes to choosing parts your insurance company might not want to pay for. >>holly: construction of the new apartment complex is underway near the asheville outlets. the project broke ground behind the toys 'r us off brevard road. it will have 312 unites for the dog park, fitness center and clubhouse. atlanta-based hathaway development is building it and they want to start leasing the apartments by next winter. we have another carolina panthers did not win the receiving a lot of support from their fans. >>jay: absolutely. fans waited for hours in the cold temperatures to welcome their team home from charlotte. the players high fived fans and while he didn't stop, cam newton
6:34 am
>> the one game does not define how proud we are of our panthers. they worked hard. and they deserved to have this when they come home. >> >>jay: the panthers lost to the denver broncos 24-10. >>holly: but they made it to the superbowl. >>jay: that's the thing. >>holly: you forget about this when they didn't win the superbowl but they made it there. >>jay: 32 team, one of the top two. >>holly: congratulations to them. we have a "early bird gets the win" give away for you this morning. >>jay: just in time for valentine's day, we are giving away a date night package to wake, the foot spa and shop in asheville, it includes a 60 minute soak and 40 minute head, neck, and shoulder massage for two, valued at $175. >>holly: go to 1 to enter. we will announce the winner just before 7 o'clock and coming um, stay with us, we will talk to wake about ways to pamper yourself right at home. dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. >>ingrid: if you are waking up with us, light snow fell across some portions of the region. right now you are looking at a live picture of winter weather in maggie valley. you can see a nice coating of the snow there, and the snow continuing to fall. our northern zones. not as much down into the asheville area in the valley, just seeing flurries.
6:37 am
the snow bands from graham county to northern swain county, northern haywood county, an also up towards mars hill, little creek seeing heavier snow bands pulling through the region and into yancey county around burnsville at the moment. down south, into the upstate, even seeing a little batch here of some light snow. that's southern jackson county and northeast georgia. over the next two hours, this goes until about 8:40 this morning. and it indicates that heavier band of snow will pull through avery county, some light snow down into asheville, and our western zones also seeing some of that light snow. so, nothing too significant, but it is enough to be canceling school, delaying school, and causing tricky conditions on the road waist. in fact, this is beach mountain parkway, 5,000 feet, and you can see reduced visibility in this
6:38 am
and back here in the#b&ar(4l 8m0nr; mia f5s@
6:39 am
this model is wanting to pull some light snow showers back once again in the northern zones. here for just another few minutes, the winter storm warning is still out. but this winter weather advisory is out until wednesday morning. that includes us here in buncombe county. notice, on our snowfall totals map, a dusting to an inch here in buncombe county, northern portions of the county, maybe 1-3 at best, and this is the 3-day total here for monday through wednesday. and, of course, these areas continuing to see the snow, what we just showed you. those will be the highest snowfall amounts. the temperature will stay very low today. below freezing for a lot of locations. tonight, it will be cold and windy. and into greenville today, partly sunny with gusts up to 22 miles per hour and the low temperature tonight of 24. but, we stay cold. the high tomorrow, 25, freezing on friday, and even through valentine's day, the coldest air yet this season. seven-day forecast, in the upstate, also stays very chilly.
6:40 am
reported along 25/70 in madison county. jaclyn, there is a new wreck on the road? >>jaclyn: crews are out on an accident on 25/70 near jupiter road. thankfully, this is nothing major. no injuries are reported. and crews are not exactly sure if this is weather related but it is possible, since slick conditions are reported all along 25/70 especially heading towards highway 208, so keep that in mind. also, in madison county, sams gap near the tennessee border is a spot you want to avoid and take it slow on your secondary roads as well. for those of you living in mitchell county, you are dealing with plaque ice all across your county this morning. especially on the southern end of the county. u.s. 19 through spruce pine is tricky for you to drive on and highland avenue. if you live in mitchell county, stay off the roads this morning if you can. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. holly and jay, back over to you. >>holly: you don't have to leave home to get the benefits of the spa treatment. >>jay: and this morning, we have been talking with lindsay
6:41 am
and sanctuary shop in asheville, thank you for having here. >> thank you for having me. >>jay: how can we have a spa day at home? >> with valentine's day coming up, we always worry about pleasing our partner and we don't take enough time to do some self-care so you can do it with salts in a bath, just warm up water and put in a couple tablespoons and stick your feet in and just, ahhhhh. >>holly: i like it. why are you looking at me? >>jay: you're type a. i'm type a. plus, for people relax? >> you have to set the mood, turn the lights down low. have you ever soaked your feet? >>jay: i have before, yes. >> people would be amazed -- >>holly: what? toenail. >> people are amazed the difference it make, focus on yourself, whef some whipped shay that is great for elbows and cracked heel, it comes with lavender, pepperment, essential oil, just to bring out the nice scent. >>holly: how did you get into this?
6:42 am
business? >> we are all about taking care of people. i say it every day, it's the best job in the world. we have come out from the service and they are called blissed out. they walk out as if they have had a few too many drinks and we almost need to call a taxi to take them home. >>holly: because they are so relaxed? >> yes. >> >>holly: and you have a nice price point that is not terribly expensive. >> the products are really seres able. we have some from $10 up to our higher end products and services are very similar, soaks range from $25 all the way up to our biggest package, the jet setter end. >>holly: you can get a foot soak and product for 50 bucks. >> and our mass essentials range 30-35 on top of the foot soak so you really get the love and care from the talented massage therapists. >>jay: and the biggest compliment is people keep coming back? >>holly: great products, thank you for coming in.
6:43 am
that feeling. you know the one. that "grand-slam, aced-the-presentation" feeling. multiply that feeling. it's the deal of all deals. a moment worthy of celebration. now multiply that. you're everyone's hero in the championship of all championships it's that feeling. multiplied. introducing the new multiplier scratch-offs. a chance to win. and a chance to multiply your winnings.
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>>holly: we have an update on the deadly train crash in germany. >>jay: rescue operations ended 30 minutes ago. everyone tracked in the wreckage has been freed. 8 people were killed when the two trains hit head-on. officials have upped the number of injured to 150 and say at least 50 of the people suffered serious injuries. authorities are city trying to figure out what caused the trains to crash. >>holly: new hampshire takes the first in the nation primary status seriously, voters in three small town, mills field, dixville notch and topsfield take it seriously. >>jay: they turn out to vote just as the clock struck 12. >>reporter: the first votes in new hampshire, first in the nation primary were tallied just after midnight. >> we have the results. >> only nine votes were cast in tiny dixville notch. john kasich won among republican, 3 votes to donald trump's 2. for the democrat, bernie sanders got 4 votes and hillary clinton
6:45 am
experts say dixville notch has a good record for predicting republican party nominees. >> since 1968, they have not necessarily predicted the republican, who will win the republican primary in new hampshire, but dixville notch has predicted who the ultimate nominee is. >>reporter: kasich won again at the town of heart location with five votes, trump got 4 and chris christie 2. sanders won the democratic contest with 12 votes to clinton's 9. and in the town of millsfield, ted cruz won the republican ballot, with 9 votes. clinton won that contest for democrats, receiving 2 votes to sanders 1. even if 100% of voters turn out, the town's can't make a difference in the overall tally. the early balloting has more symbolic importance. >> i think it's more of a celebration of democracy in new hampshire, it shows the people in new hampshire take this very seriously. >> these small town results do offer one positive for winning candidates for most of the day, they are ahead and only officially tallied primary
6:46 am
i'm kim hutcherson reporting. >>holly: a wisconsin couple is in trouble with the law. >>jay: police say the two allowed a nine year-old girl to drive a pickup truck because they were intoxicated. other drivers reported seeing the truck swerving on the road. deputies say they found the child driver and a baby in a car seat. >> she was seated in the driver's seat with the two adults seated to her right. in the middle and the passenger seat positions and then the 11 month old child behind them in the back of the car. >>jay: deputies say the mother and her boyfriend were twice the legal limit for alcohol consumption. they both face charges of felony reckless endangerment and child neglect. the children are now in the care of other family members. >>holly: the planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs where three people were killed in november is set to reopen next week. it's been closed since black friday. a police officer and two civilians were killed. nine people were hurt in a shooting spree that lasted
6:47 am
in december, a judge ordered a mental competency evaluation for 57 year-old suspect robert deer. he faces 1789 felony counts including murder and attempted murder. >>lauren: people are starting to venture out in maggie valley and they are encountering slick secondary roads as well as bridges. we will show you the latest look at road conditions here in haywood county just after the break. >> >> >>holly: fist let's take a look at our two part mind teaser, when did mardi gras
6:48 am
we come back. >>holly: we have continuing coverage on the winter weather. >>jay: lauren brigman updates onous conditions if they have gotten better or worse. what is the deal there? >>lauren: we are seeing more snow coming down, jay.
6:49 am
along sokol road. and the snow is actually starting to add up a little bit. you can see the grass is pretty well coated here in this park. this is off moody farm road. i want to give you a look at what you may encounter here. some of the secondary roads, you can see the snow is beginning to lay on those surfaces, make it difficult to even see the double-yellow line there. so, that's what you are going to encounter as you make your way out of your neighborhoods here in maggie valley this morning. but, we have seen dot crews along sokol road here in maggie valley, so you can tell the travel lanes look fairly good because they have treated so col road. ( ) but the middle lanes still snow covered there. so dot crews, of course, focused on the primary routes first and, in fact, there goes a truck as we speak. they are working hard around the clock to try to clear these roads with the snow continues to come down here in maggie valley. no accidents to report as of this time. but, emergency officials are asking you to please use caution if you have to be out on the roads.
6:50 am
minutes live in gaggy valley, lauren brigman, news 13. >>holly: here is the answer day's mind teaser. we asked when did mardi gras first become a holiday? >>jay: the answer is, of course, 1582 when the pope put it on the calendar before ash wednesday, but it did not arrive to north america until the late 17th century. i didn't know that. >>holly: somebody out there knew that. >>jay: a priest somewhere. >>holly: we have a winner in the "early bird gets the win" give away. >>jay: congratulations to spencer butler. >>jaclyn: you won a two person sac chew ware from wake in asheville. >>ingrid: i'm jealous it's a great prize. >>holly: yes, ingrid and i are going to take ourselves for a date. we need the pampering. >>ingrid: we have cold and it is creating snow in the northern mountains near the tennessee line, of course. flurries expected down into the valley throughout the day. please use caution. we do have a winter weather
6:51 am
morning, and it includes buncombe county, and the cold weather will also stick around. 25 for a high tomorrow, and even through valentine's day as well. >>holly: we have another winner this morning. remember, we have been telling you about the valentine's day selfie contest the last couple weeks? >>jay: lauren meeko won a $150 pair of diamond earrings for this selfie. >>ingrid: she said valentine, i dig you, and it's appropriate with the snow in the background. >>jaclyn: she said they have been married 38 years. >>holly: congratulations. be careful, we have more live
6:52 am
>>jay: be there are many sides to basketball star an fashion icon russell westbrook. and with coverage in the middle of anywhere from u.s. cellular, he can find some new ones. like, farmer. russell's brussels. russell speaking. paleontologist. hashtag t-rex. park ranger. where am i? and t.v. spokesperson. that's my line. i got it. with u.s. cellular, you can do all the things you like, from the middle of anywhere.
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good morning, america. the first votes being cast in the nation's first primary right now. donald trump riling up the crowds taking on his opponents. >> she said he's a [ bleep ]. that's terrible. >> candidates battling even
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