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tv   First News at 5pm  ABC  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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here's our next weather maker well off to the north and west of us. little piece of upper level energy that's going to enhance our chance of snow. it's coming again more so tonight and tomorrow. very little expected in the valleys like asheville, farther to the south and southeast. other than that, temperatures now in the 30s farther north from asheville. 20s in boone. 50s at this hour down through the upstate. wind has been a factor again today. not as strong as yesterday but still a pretty big factor. teens for wind chills in newland and boone. 18 to 24 in asheville with our temperatures going below freezing by 7 o'clock. joining me right now is meteorologist zack green. there's a formula for calculating this. >> zack: it's called the face-hand model. this is a real thing, folks.
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it's all of those numbers combined in to one and that brings us down to maybe even single digits as we make our way in to saturday morning. now the wind chill value, it has to register winds above three miles per hour. saturday they're going to be sustained up to 20 miles an hour with gusts at 25. wind chill values going to be very, very cold to say the least. up in the black mountains we're going to see it in the single digits. we could see that in many areas in buncombe county as well. wind chill is something we're going to track as we head to the upcoming weekend. >> darcel: we have an update surrounding a missing man from haywood county. nearly 80 searchers are looking for scott turner in the upstate.
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place in canton monday morning. a command post is set up in the cherry hill recreation area where crews from north and south carolina, as well as georgia, are searching by foot and by air. family and friends are on location helping to search for him. >> something has changed. it's not like him. he would never do this to his wife or his children. he's a great person. anybody you talk to all got good things to say about him. >> darcel: the search area is remote. crews will continue looking until night fall. half a dozen k-9 teams will be at the scene first thing in the morning. coming up at 6:00 conditions workers are concerned about. >> tammy: we have new information about a deadly crash in south asheville. police released the name of the person who died. the wreck happened yesterday on sweeten creek road.
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a passenger in the car. the 89-year-old driver of the car and the other passenger were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. a man accused of robbing a madison county bank is arrested in north dakota. reams is suspected of robbing the first citizens bank in marshall last week. they say he had been living in lenore after being released from prison last august. >> based upon everything we were able to determine, he had traded the vehicle in lenore and over the past couple of weeks or month, had actually used that vehicle to come to madison county. we actually have that vehicle on surveillance going through the parking lot. >> tammy: the sheriff says reams was possibly headed for the canadian border. he will be transported back to our area to face charges.
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one public buncombe county school have been piloting the school's first uniform policy. now the principal at koontz intermediate is considering some changes. evan, what will be different? >> evan: well darcel, the current policy says that kids must wear khaki or navy bottoms with a plaid shirt. on days when they have gym, they could wear pe type clothes all day long. but now the school's principal says that that policy might need some adjustment. koontz principal robin board says she's considering simplifying the uniform. but she worries this could undermine the dress code's purpose. >> where you are leveling the
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you'll have so many different brands out there that many weaken the intent of the process. >> evan: when school started in august, some parents were upset at having to buy them. initial feedback from parents was about 70-30 in favor of the dress code. and more opportunities for feedback are coming. >> we've done surveys at the beginning of the year. we just finished one with parents. we'll do another one in the spring with unca. >> evan: some parents we spoke to say they like the aim of the policy. >> my favorite thing about the uniforms is it creates a sense of team spirit and spirit for the robinson district. and just a leveled playing field. everyone feels a part of it. >> evan: the amended policy
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sweatshirts and sweatpants on days the kids have gym during colder weather. she has not made any final decisions yet. she would have to make recommendations to the buncombe county school board. reporting live in south news 13. >> darcel: drivers, use caution highway. >> tammy: jaclyn, crews are working out there. >> jaclyn: this motorcycle wreck is tying up traffic in the area. five mile back up out there. keep that in mind. there's no word on injuries right now. i-240 west bound is another spot that you're going to want to avoid for the time being. get ready for the back up between malfunction junction and downtown. if you are taking tunnel road
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down on the east bound side near the parkway ramp. that's a look at your on time traffic report brought to you by debruhl's used car superstore. >> tammy: we have a clarification this afternoon on a story we reported yesterday about welfare applicants being drug tested in north carolina. we said that .3 percent of those checked tested positive for drugs. the actual statistics is .3 percent of all those who applied tested positive. not those who were just actually checked. >> darcel: over the last 15 years, he has hired 10 to 15 people with criminal records. james bell says this worked out 70% of the time. after incarceration he says people cannot contribute to society without a job. he wants more employers to do the same. >> what i ask people to do is not to be sympathetic but to be
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been disenfranchised. >> darcel: should the policy of hiring felons be revisited? it's tonighting reality check at 6:00. >> tammy: it is the fastest growing part of downtown asheville, but what do you really know about the south slope? it's tonight's ask 13. >> darcel: plus controversy surrounding last night's donald
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why a so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for, a network that's built to give you coverage way out here where the other guys don't, and 6 gigs for only $40 a month. that's a lot less than verizon and at&t. so, why on earth would you ever go
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switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for $40 a month plus get $300 back.
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>> tammy: one part of asheville's downtown district is seeing a new insurgence. >> darcel: but how did it get its name? that's our tonight's ask 13. >> frank: it's the area of the city that was primarily the industrial and warehouse district. and that's all starting to change these days. joe gaely sent us this question. i recently moved to asheville. on your news program you sometimes refer to the south slope. where is this and how did it get its name? that's a good question. most people around here know where we're talking about. here's the map. there's 240.
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ashland, across south side and up biltmore avenue. this area right here is commonly known as the south slope. this area is known to at least seven different breweries and a mix of new and unique businesses. the lofts at south slope are in the old chrysler building. green man brewery, the very first to settle in the south slope district. >> the south slope is actually a lot what it sounds like. it's a downhill sloping area south of downtown asheville. it was a traditionally industrial area for a long time. and green man's been here for over a decade. so we've really seen it change a whole lot. >> frank: it really has changed. the area is filled with many thriving new businesses including vortex donuts, and barbecue.
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like twin leaf and many more. they're all growing, like green man which finished its third expansion in the south slope. if you've never b bn to that part of the city, you may not know that that is actually a south sloping part of town. the area has had such a proliferation of craft brewers that many refer it to as the brewery district. if you have a question, write to me. >> tammy: speaking of south, not necessarily the slope but it would be nice to be further south. >> darcel: warmer. >> jason: certainly warmer. 50s in the upstate today. up here in the mountains, 39 for the high. 20 the low this morning. no rain or snow today. we do have it both in the forecast. as we warm it up a little bit. we go back to snowy scenarios.
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oh, that now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: nice to see that sunshine and mild temperatures today. and a little less wind. we'll take and go even warmer tomorrow. we look forward a few days to monday, the flake-o-meter still pegged here. we have a system that will bring
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mixture of rain, sleet, and possibly even freezing rain. you know that's going to complicate the forecast. right now i'm'mery confident we'll get wintery weather in here. we have a jet stream diving south ward here. this big trough to the east. watch that moisture to the north of us just riding the jet stream. right down through iowa. it will give us a chance for snow back in the forecast. the mountains really favored for this. yet again it will be along the tennessee state line. it won't be anything we just saw in that prolonged northwest snow event. there will be light accumulations tomorrow. 38 degrees right now. sky's clear. wind gets our wind chill down to 30 degrees. that's what it feels like. here's a little bit of the surface feature here. the upper level part of the storm dives right in. notice most of this right along
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and blue ridge in to friday evening. colder northwest wind starts to pick up again. that arctic blast will hammer down on us here and ruin the party, if you will. it's going to be very cold saturday and sunday. well below average. wind chill sub zero for many times and throughout the area as we go in through saturday morning. we get another winter system moving in by next week. clouds increasing overnight tonight. day break mostly cloudy in the area. looks impressive in asheville but really don't expect much at all. about a 40% chance of winter weather returning. flurries and maybe light rain mixed in. it's the mountains that will deal with the snow through saturday morning. then we wait on the next round. how much snow? gatlinburg, places along the tennessee border, an inch. in the highest elevations of
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tennessee border could get up to two inches in some spots. maybe a little more. teens and 20s for lows tonight. 30s for the northern mountains. middle 40s over the upstate. there are your changes, though. 26 for the high on saturday. going down to 12 saturday night with wind chills subzero then in many cases. freezing on sunday, valentine's day, cold and dry. wintery weather on monday, high 36. there will be rain in asheville. but i think we'll get our light accumulated snow fall to start the day. we'll talk about that at 5:30 and 6:00. >> darcel: still ahead,
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how bernie >> darcel: in vote 2016 the democratic hopefuls . >> darcel: sanders admits a slam dunk in the granite state won't be easy to repeat in some other states to come. >> do you think you could win south carolina and nevada? >> no. fortunately for us, the elections aren't tomorrow. >> darcel: there's also a gop
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news 13 will be at both events. >> tammy: a clemson university assistant professor claims he was kicked out of donald trump's rally yesterday. >> darcel: it appears to show him standing in the front row at the event wearing middle eastern attire on his head. said he was then escorted out by anderson county deputies who told him the trump campaign said he wasn't welcomed at the party. >> tammy: they asked to remove him because he was blocking the view of other people. we sit down with the assistant professor for a one on one interview. >> darcel: now is when spending will double down on political ads in the states ahead.
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measure, sharyl attkisson speaks to two men carl rove and jim masinna. >> darcel: both talk about what's key in winning the undecided vote. >> we talk about the social media and the key role it's played in going after the vote. independent voters spending hundreds of millions of dollars just to go after those relatively few voters, that makes all the difference in the world. and they're primarily using social media to do it. >> darcel: attkisson will also talk about president obama's budget. it's kind of cool because of languages.
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we hear what these >> darcel: one buncombe county school mixes spanish and english to create a unique learning environment. >> tammy: in my never stop learning. ms. ramos is hoping to give her students a rock solid foundation
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comprehending two different languages. they're part of the dual language program at averys creek elementary school. ms. ramos says this year the students have made great stride in comprehension. >> they were great readers. they were able to read word for word perfectly fine without any mistakes. but several of them struggled in understanding what they were reading. so we had them focusing on that and they really are getting it now. >> hello in spanish, you say hey back to them. >> because i guess people would just like to learn a different language. >> tammy: do you think you want to learn some more languages? like what? >> i don't know, chinese, maybe. >> tammy: and this is the third year for the dual language
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the goal is that it will continue on through high school so they will be bilingual by the time they graduate and receive high school credit in spanish. they love it, too. >> darcel: coming up, preparing for a local career fair. >> tammy: find out how many jobs are up for grabs at tomorrow's event. news 13 at 5:30 starts now. >> jason: blue skies today but snow is on the way. i'll time it out for you and show you who is going to get it first and how much. >> kim: how cold is too cold for kids to get out on the playground? we'll tell you. coming up. we're shutting this place down. >> frank: next, why a now ex-employee has a beef with the steakhouse. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 5:30. >> tammy: we are expecting freezing temperatures in the mountains again tonight.
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on the way tomorrow. let's check in with chief meteorologist jason boyer in our skywatch center. >> jason: pretty quiet right now. we do have clouds off to the west of us. clear skies for us here. we do have an upper level system we're watching. this is part of the energy that will supply our region with some snowfall starting as early as tomorrow morning in the high country north and west of asheville. don't expect much in the valleys. asheville's forecast dry. but the mountains will be favored once again for light accumulations. temperatures in the 30s for newland and burnsville. asheville 38. 26 in boone. 50s in the upstate. look at the wind still out of the north-northwest 14 miles an hour. 16 miles per hour sustained wind in boone. it's calm already in greer and gaffney gaffney. that means our wind chills will be dropping. teens for feels like temperatures in boone and newland.


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