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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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road is expected to be >> cars off the road every where, the car wrapped around the telephone pole right up there. >> holly: the ice storm has far reaching effects across north carolina. this is video out of catawba county. >> jay: a handful of 18-wheelers were involved in accidents. one vehicle even looking like it took out a poll. >> holly: it's causing 240us of powmgs, henderson county and mcdowell county has the most with more than 3,000 combined. buncombe county and haywood county have a few hundred as well. an ice storm warning has just expired for henderson county, polk county, rutherford and northern greenville counties. >> jay: several schools are on 2 or 3 hour delays, they are scrolling at the bottom of the screen and of course you can
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warmer weather. how are the temperatures now? >> ingrid: they are hovering around the freezing mark in a couple locations. the good news is, yes, we are starting to see the precipitation leave the region. the foothills, we are still worried from mcdowell to rutherford, polk county, for black ice concerns as well as the mountains of the upstate, where as of about even 45 minutes ago or so, i still saw some pink on the map, which indicates sleet, freezing rain. so we're not completely out of the woods and, in fact, you can see some of the light snow still falling along the tennessee line. here is a closer look at temperatures, 34 in hendersonville but still 32 in morganton. forest city, gaffney, and greer. so, please use caution in those zones. coming up in a little bit, we will talk more about how much more wintry precipitation is expected to fall as early as tonight. right now let's check in with jaclyn, the weather is making traffic difficult in some areas this morning. >> jaclyn: heads up for
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u.s. 226 south is completely blocked at u.s. 64 due to multiple downed trees in the area. also happening nearby, one lane is closed there at mumford cove road due to the same issue. if you are heading out in mcdowell county this morning, use, that caution on the roads. polk county, rutherford, and henderson countierson counties are also dealing with same issues this morning as well as that potential for black ice on the roadways. so, please take it slow on your morning commute. an earlier wreck on i-26 westbound in polk county is still backing up traffic this morning. if you are taking this way on your commute, look out for those slowdowns there on exit 59. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse. >> holly: a large water main break cut water to mission hospital in asheville this morning. >> jay: lauren brigman is live on the scene at mcdowell street. lauren it's quite a mess out there? >> lauren: it certainly is. and mission hospital, they were without water for -- [inaudible] take a look at the pavement behind me i. has buckled as a
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this is approaching the intersection of choctaw street in the southbound lanes here at mcdowell street. city water crews tell me this happened around 4:15 this morning. the supervisor says he got the call, rushed out here. they, of course, put the cones up, blocking the roadway here. he tells me the road will be blocked for much of the day because something like this takes quite a while to repair. you can see all the water flowing down mcdowell street, right now the businesses along mcdowell all the way up to the ashland avenue intersection, you can see where the asheville police officer has the rote blocked diverting traffic. they are -- all of these businesses along the stretch are without water right now. and likely will be until people can get out here, of course, to repair this. then you have to repair the pavement. so this is quite a process. thankfully though, the temperatures here are around 38 degrees here in asheville. so, luckily none of this is becoming ice. but, of course, still a mayor issue and quite a mess in the southbound lanes of mcdowell street in asheville.
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need to find another route this morning. southbound lanes approaching mission hospital at the choctaw street intersection, as far as the cause of all this, of course the weather could have played a role with the changing temperatures we have seen. but, they are not able to pinpoint the exact cause of this water main break just yet. live in asheville, lauren brigman, news 13. >> holly: it's not just happening here. a dangerous mix of snow, ice, and heavy rain is making for dangerous driving conditions up and down the east coast this morning. >> jay: absolutely. meghan hughes has more on the wild weather and some of the hardest hit states. >> holly: we are having problems with the audio. the clock is ticking for lawmakers, they have until friday to redraw the maps for
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a panel of federal judges ruled the current redistricting maps are unfair. >> jay: lawmakers hope the deadline back but they need to be ready in case the high court does not. yesterday, the lawmakers held a statewide tell conference to get public input. about 60 people showed up at unca to make comment. >> we need to create a nonpartisan redistricting commission, along the lines of ones that are already functioning successfully in some of our sister states. >> holly: some were critical the statewide hearing was held during teleconference, there were audio problems and the conference lasted more than five hours. the campaigns will focus again on the upstate. >> jay: our crews will will be at each event. bill clinton will be working for his wife hillary clinton, doors open at 10:15 and the event is later this afternoon. >> holly: john kasich will hold a meet and greet at the
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doors open at 3:00, the event gets underway at 3:30. >> jay: dr. ben carson will hold a lunch and town hall at the gop c crokee at betty joe's bar becue. donald trump plans to stay in south carolina through the primary on saturday. that was the word from the republican presidential candidate during the campaign last fight in greenville. he spoke about business and mentioned iran and china. when it comes to china, he made a prediction aabout south carolina's boeing plant. >> we don't want to lose strength, i'm telling you, i know it's a big boeing stuff here, be careful in five years all of a sudden you will see it will go to china and go to other places. just be careful. you don't have to be careful if i'm president, i will be careful for you. >> jay: trump repeated his ban on preventing muss limbs from entering the country saying it would be temporary.
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w. bush campaigned for his brother jeb bush. >> the presidency requires sound judgment and good ideas and there is no doubt in my mind that jeb bush has experience and the character to be a great president. >> holly: he spoke to voters, it comes after jeb bush's most forceful debate when he gave pushback for his brother's national security record. >> jay: we will stream a in national vote, "your voice, your future" town hall, the topic is millennials and politics. we will look at the biggest issues facing to day's generations of young americans and which presidential candidate they think can best solve their concerns. the town hall is from 7:00 to 8:00 at this morning's news reel, a attorney touches down in florida. >> holly: the national weather service confirmed it hit close to the town of century near the alabama border. there were many buildings damaged. no word on possible injuries, but hundreds are without power.
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debris caused by that tornado. >> jay: the same storm system may have caused severe weather through central mississippi producing at least one tornado in that area. the storm brought down trees and power lines and caused some flooding. there were reports of widespread damage. >> holly: three teenage boys are back on dry land after falling in icy waters in rhode island. the boys were able to swim to shore and then get into an ambulance. rescuers say two of the victims were in the water for at least 15 minutes. all three were taken to a children's hospital. a firefighter was also taken to the hospital after falling through the ice. >> jay: we have a "early bird gets the win" giveaway this morning. we are giving away free meals to chick-fil-a to five lucky people. >> holly: go to 13 to enter. the winners will be announced just before 7:00 this morning. >> jay: coming up later this morning, we continue our random acts of kindness series.
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the tab for customersr1l-;y^zp, #xw+@l8'``oo%5nyo, >> jay: how big this beauty is, where it was found, and the potential price tag. >> >> ingrid: here is your "harry's on the hill bus stop forecast." does show temperatures in some locations right around freezing but by drop off time, no issue, 47 degrees. school updates can be found at coming up after the break, we will talk temperatures across the region this morning. it will make a big difference for your commute. how about another wintry mix and
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now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >> ingrid: just in the weather center two minutes ago, national ather service issued a winter weather advisory, this will go into effect at 4 p.m. today and go through tomorrow at 6 a.m.. especially for areas above 3500 feet, the chance for some snow about 1-2" is what the advisory criteria is issued for. i would say we are not expecting that high end. we will talk more about that in a second. buncombe county not under the advisory but the tennessee border counties and the northern portion of jackson county once again that starts at 4:00 this afternoon. now let's talk about conditions this morning. we are continuing to see this transition here from snow to a mix around little creak and ports of madison county this morning. also the northern portion of haywood county, just seeing a little bit of precipitation lingering across the region. the good news is that little batch of precipitation in the foothills moved out of the region but still seeing some in southern henderson county, even a transition to snow in the highest elevations there, and
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onin the northern portion of the upstate, greenville, spartanburg, right now, starting to see things really clear out. and this rain mix, all that leaving us over the next couple of hours. so, this is all good news. and temperatures continuing to warm. almost 4 tenths of an inch of rain since midnight. we stayed above freezing at the airport but not quite every where. in fact, still, holding on to 3232egrees in forest city and gaffney. we drop add degree in greer at 31. you can see the cold wedge back here in the foothills, down into the upstate. it's warmer in northern buncombe county and further west in the 40s even. an issue in buncombe county, and in asheville, is the visibility. fog has developed overnight, below one mile. so, please use caution. and we also have that threat for black ice across the region especially in those zones where temperatures are hovering around freezing this morning.
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that threat out there. the wind picked up at asheville. 15 miles per hour. we have thousands of power outages across the entire region, so this could add to that because we still have the weight in some locations from the ice on the tree limbs on the power lines. continuing to see the system pull across the region, but it's another quick-moving one that will give us a shot of some snow today. let's take a closer look. 8 a.m. showing no precipitation. so, the majority of the day will be above freezing. we will actually see some sunshine by early afternoon. late afternoon, this is dinnertime, starting to see that chance for a mix. highest elevation, closer to tennessee, where i just showed you the advisories. and that chance for snow holding on through tomorrow morning. that was 4:30. and 7 a.m. as well. not going to be a ton, but light accumulations are possible, especially above 3500 feet. this is the futurecast snowfall potential map. as i indicated, the top of this broadcast, 1-3" is that criteria for advisory. this model is showing less than
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maybe closer to that inch around gatlinburg. we will continue to monitor that throughout the day, because those numbers could change, too. for the rest of us, likely it will be mostly rain, overnight, and into tomorrow morning. now, the winter and ice storm warnings expired at 6:00 and temperatures will warm above freezing here in the next several hours, every where. but, this afternoon, back to the 40s. tonight is when the mix returns, 39 for a low in buncombe county. 55 in greenville. sunshine even at times. and a slight chance for rain tonight. look how warm we turn, thursday, friday, in the upper 50s, 60s into the weekend. looking much nicer in the upstate as well. >> holly: they say a diamond is a girl's best friend. >> jay: but this diamond takes takes the cake. the diamond is more than 400 karats, recently found in the african nation of an gola. it's about the length of a credit card ( ), experts say it is virtually flawless. >> holly: the company that
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it's virtually transparent, making it very valuable and rare i. could be worth $20 million. it's the 27th largest tie monday ever recorded. >> jay: what do you make out of that, a pendant or something? >> holly: you can make a lot of things out of that. >> jay: don't you want to keep it together? i hate to break it up. >> holly: i think you have to break it up, the company owns it. just the other day we reported diamond ever. >> jay: i know. that was crazy, too. >> holly: in southern conference play, western carolina hoping to keep the meanttum going. >> jay: how they kept it going. >> holly: dope remember, if you are
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you can catch us by downloa >>stan: good morning, in sports, southern conference basketball, western carolina two straight win, 6 and 7 in the league and one game lead over unccg that is huge because the top 6 you have a first round buy in the so-con tourney in asheville. can they up the ways in. crevment u., cats down 6, they miss but they have a tumble that follows, this time they will take it to the hole with purpose. he lays it in. 17 for him.
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they go outside and harrelson for 3, western by 3 at the break. second half they build a lead to 8. devon peterson, one of the keys last night on the short jumper, he scores 11. mike brown 18. e. tsu makes plays down the stretch, catamounts lead, and uncg won the game againd wofford so western uncg is tied for 6, western at mercer on thursday. prep basketball conference tournament should be okay the rest of the week, although the western highlands conference schedule canceled because of weather. monday's games will be moved to tuesday. rest of the tournament at avery county thursday and friday. mac 4a at robberson win, it's the only 4a teams in the mac, mac dowel versus robberson, girls at 6, boys 7:30. mac 3a at north buncombe throughout the week with title games wednesday and asheville girls and erwin boys won. the finals are on thursday at 7:00 girls, title game is friday
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big weekend in winston-salem for junior from franklin, leslie they boar, saturday she won the state 1a, 2a shotput competition at the state indoor meet. she went 37 feet 6," more than two feet better than second place. hendersonville's emma lauder won pole vault, graham won the run and boys won the relay, reynolds won the girls 3200-meter won,ville boys won relay and asheville's runner got the triple jump, congrats. that's sports this morning, i'm stan pamfilis. see you tonight at 6:00. have a great tuesday, everyone. stope. >> jay: it's not a terrible, i had a terrible time getting into work. >>holly: hopefully, ingrid, things are warming up and we have more rain than ice this morning? >> ingrid: we are dealing with very little precipitation in general but the threat is lingering for black ice especially south and east of asheville. the same zones hit hard yesterday, still pretty cold in the areas, into the northern
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you can see that precipitation leaving us and especially this afternoon, we will see some clouds, maybe some sunshine at times. then, we will start to see another bit pulling in from the west of rain and the higher elevations snow. winter weather advisory will kick in for the tennessee border counties at 4 p.m., but before that, we will be in the 40s in asheville and 50s in the upstate. there are lots of problems on the roads this morning. jaclyn deaugustino is keeping an eye on everything. >> jaclyn: thank, ingrid, we have a wreck on smoky park highway near old haywood road but it is already in the clearing stages so it shouldn't be a problem much longer. crews do not think this is a weather-related wreck but it is a possibility this morning. also happening, downed trees are the big problem this morning on the roads. drivers in mcdowell county, u.s. 226 sod is blocked at u.s. 64, because of multiple downed trees. also happening in the area of mumford cove road is down to one lane, because of the downed tree
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this is also a problem in henderson and rutherford counties this morning and, of course, like ingrid mentioned, the black ice is also a threat in the areas, especially on your secondary roads. so, just use caution if you are heading out to any of these areas this morning. >>i'm jaclyn deaugustino. this on-time traffic report is brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions.
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stick >> jay: welcome to the "morning surf" at 6:25 right now. >> ingrid: let's look at red carpet issue, shall we? >> jay: we shall. and a lot of material, or lack of it, on the red carpet last night. so, here are the fashions from the red c cpet. >> ingrid: you have not seen these? >> jay: no, i have not seen these yet. the man bun, i certainly am. >> ingrid: the man bun is a thing, jay. >> jay: yeah. akel, sheadele, she looks great.
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>> jay: she really does. taylor swift and selena gomez, they look like they are ready for west palm beach. >> ingrid: look how skinny. >> jay: which one? >> ingrid: both, taylor swift. look at this little outfit i. looks great on her. >> jay: who is this? janelle monet? >> ingrid: yeah. that's an interesting pose, i will say. >> jay: she looked like she collided with a set of dice. >> ingrid: and the braids? >> jay: i can't. oh, my, wow, we need to move observe fromonfrom that one. >>ingrid: should she have worn it in the superbowl? >> jay: bieber all in black. >> ingrid: is that his hair? >> jay: finally, demi lovato, she looks nice. >> ingrid: i'm surprised you don't think the slit is too much.
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others. last one here. wow. that's a pretty dress. definitely gets the a of the bunch. >> ingrid: it gets the "a., all right. temperatures have warmed a couple degrees in asheville, at 37. winds out of the north at 14. that's not great news, especially when we have ice accumulating on things from yesterday and into this morning. we will talk another temperature check coming up after the break. what about another chance of wintry mix? we have some changes this morning. and then turning warmer. i will explain coming up at 6:30. stay with us. >> >> lauren: a water main break floods mcdowell street in asheville with water and debris. coming up live, i will show you the businesses this is impacting. >> >> holly: workers from the haywood county plant are without a be jonathan ferrell. why the company said cutbacks are necessary. >> jay: random acts of kindness, how the news 13
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>> holly: happening now, a mayor water main break has part of the road near mission hospital down. >> jay: these are live pictures frommhe scene. you can see the pavement has crumbled and water is all over the road. we have a live update in just a few minutes. >> holly: the lingering effects of the weather are also
6:29 am
downed trees are us causings power outages but crews are restoring power. >> jay: mcdowell only has 800 down from 2,000 over 30 minutes ago. henderson county is still reporting more than 1300 customers without power and buncombe county has just under 600 outages. many schools are on a 2-3 hour delay this morning so make sure to check the bottom of your screen or for an updated list. >> holly: we will have a check on the roads in a moment but first let's go to ingrid in the skywatch weather center. >> ingrid: good news is we are starting to see precipitation leaving the region but temperatures are freezing so we black ice is still a threat. we are starting to see precipitation on the north carolina and tennessee line, not much of an issue but temperatures in the foothills, henderson county and northern mountains of the upstate lingering around 32 degrees. so, slick conditions still possible this morning. then we will be talking about a winter weather advisory that
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so, wintry weather, once again going to be entering the forecast. coming up in the full forecast, we will talk about a return to the 60s. won't that be nice. but this morning, still lots of issues on the roadways. let's head over to jaclyn deaugustino and the on-time traffic center. good morning. >> jaclyn: good morning, downed trees in 226 south is blocked because of downed tree, multiple downed trees in the area. this is also a problem on some secondary roads in mcdowell county as well as henderson county and rutherford counties so use caution if you are heading out in these areas this morning. henderson county dispatchers are now reporting several minor wrecks. no injuries or anything mayor across their area. of course black ice is a threat here. and with those power outages you may be seeing some traffic lights that are out. so, if you approach any of these, remember to use these intersections as a four-way stop. getting a look at one travel time for you, we have some backups remaining from an
6:31 am
in polk county, so look out for delays on the westbound side here, near exit 59. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought you by the wired mouse. >> holly: this just in, mcdowell county is closed to day, they were on a two-hour delay but they e-mailed saying mcdowell county schools are officially closed. traffic along mcdowell street is become diverted because of that large water main break we have been telling you about. >> jay: news 13's lauren brigman is there live. lauren, the break really damaged the road. >> lauren: it did. take a look behind me. the pavement buckled after this water main break along mcdowell street in asheville near the intersection of choctaw streetet it happened around 4:15 this morning. officials with the city of asheville water department say they got here as quickly as they could to rope off the southbound lanes here. this issue, as to the cause of it, they say they may never know, although those difference in temperatures we have seen between the heat and the cold temperatures that we have seen in the past couple of days could certainly play a role in
6:32 am
but it has sent water and debris gushing into these parking lots. you can see all the rocks and mud here at the smoky mountains foot and ankle clinic. this is their parking lot or what was the parking lot before all of this. it also sent the water and debris down mcdowell street here. they have this southbound lane closed all the way down to ashland avenue. so, all of these businesses along mcdowell street are without water right now. in fact, mission hospital, when this first happened around 4:15, was without water for about 15-20 minutes according to the city of asheville. water has been restored though to the hospital, but they are waiting for crews to get here to begin this cleanup and working to repair the water main break. the water continues to flow. the good news though, it is about 38 degrees here, so luckily we aren't seeing any ice as a result of this. but, i did just learn that the southbound lanes will remain closed for much of the day but they hope to own up the northbound lanes which are open now to two-way travel there. so, eventually, maybe by 9
6:33 am
traffic flowing in both directions here. but, only using the northbound lanes. so that's the update we have the latest from the city of asheville water. we are following up with them, we are here on the scene. we will give you another update in minutes. live in asheville, lauren brigman, news 13. >> holly: the ice storm shut down a mayor north carolina interstate overnight. this is video from i-77 in iredale county. multiple wrecks shut it down i i both directions standing drivers for nearly five hours. the backup was 8 miles long. the highway patrol said it reopened just before 3:00 this morning. >> jay: the upstate was also hit hard. one person was killed and two others were hurt, including a greenville police officer and a weather related crash. the officer was inside his cruiser and two others involved in a wreck early were outstanding when a car slammed into them. it happened on i-385 near downtown greenville. the car that hit them went over the side of the interstate and ona road be low killing the driver.
6:34 am
it's just insane. >> jay: the other person who was hit suffered serious injuries. there is no word on the officer's injuries or condition. both were taken to the hospital. >> holly: happening to day, jury selection begins in a transylvania county murder trial. as we reported, charles shields, is accused of shooting and killing toby mathis in 2011 inside the dollar general in rosman. at the time he was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of o'shield's son, jurors will report to duty this morning. >> jay: the suspect in a asheville murder case makes his first court appearance. investigators believe james norton killed tina cease lynn jer outside a realty office. in court the judge did not reduce norton's bond. he was given a court appointed attorney. her neighbors say the community lost someone quite special. >> tina was a great neighbor. she always had a smile for
6:35 am
all of our close neighbors around here really enjoyed chatting with her when we were walking up and down the street. >> >> jay: the next court date is march 7th. he was given a court appointed attorney and the judge did not reduce his bond. >> holly: a developing story out of haywood county involving allegations of sexual misconduct at the detention center. the fbi confirms it began an investigation last month. after allegations that the former detention officer, jonathan jones, engaged in inappropriate behavior with a female inmate. the fbi hopes to complete the investigation by end of the month and turn the findings over to the district attorney. the d.a.'s office will determine whether charges will be filed. >> jay: haywood county is pushing for a moratorium to learn more about safety risks. during last night's meeting commissioners explained it, that it will be a for profit gun range. people spoke for and against an ordinance that would allow it, following last night's vote, no
6:36 am
issued until after april 15th. >> holly: people in canton are still being asked to conserve water this morning until further notice. a mandatory water conservation notice was issued for about 3,000 people in canton. the town manager says the reservoir is much lower than normal, resulting in low water pressure and people running faucets so pipes don't freeze caused the shortage. asking folks to not run water if it's not necessary, save the laundry for the morning, run the bath in the morning and just be judicious when you're running your sink, preparing thedinner. >> holly: reservoir levels are being monitored for every couple hours. he asks for cooperation so the water levels will rise. >> jay: officials say a drop in the market is to blame for the layoffs. >> we have lost over 20 temps in
6:37 am
and now they're letting the permanent people go, people that have been there ten years. >> jay: the canton plant expanded with a new warehouse only a couple years ago. the plant manager says most of the cutbacks have already been made. >> >> holly: happening to day the public will get a chance to weigh in on plans for livingston street in asheville. an open house is set from 5:30 to 7:30 tonight at the edington center. anyone is welcome to attend. the project is intended to make the street safer for pedestrians, bicyclists and transit users. construction is expected to start in 2017. for more information on the project, go to and click on "news links." >> jay: this week, the news 13 morning team is giving back for international random acts of kindness week. >> holly: jay and i headed out to put smiles on some unsuspecting faces. we are here at the chick-fil-a on henderson road buying breakfast this morning. >> jay: absolutely.
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make people very happy. how are you this morning? >> holly: she has a no. 1 combo coming. how you? >> jay: come on, i'm jay siltzer, this is holly headrick from news 13. we would like to buy you breakfast this morning. >> that's great. i would love that. >> holly: you seem surprised. >> totally. >> nobody buys my breakfast. >> i wasn't expecting to look up and see you. >> jay: first you look up on the t.v. and there we are. >> it's nice to see you. >> holly: have a great day, enyou your breakfast. >> jay: good, how are you? >> holly: holly and jay with news 13. how is your morning going? >> if it was any better i would be a twin. >> holly: how about if i buy breakfast is that make your day better? >> it would be better. >> jay: how do you help this community. >> i have been helping this community, trying to. >> holly: we picked the right person this morning. >> jay: we did, indeed. >> nice to see you. we are buying people breakfast this morning.
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all right. thank you very much. >> jay: you're well come. what are you having? >> chicken sandwich and black coffee. >> jay: how do you volunteer? how do you give back? so, i don't do as much right now, i'm busy working but later i plan to do some volunteer work. >> holly: maybe you will do something nice for somebody today? >> sure. >> holly: how are you doing today? holly and jay with news 13, are you having a good day? having a good day. how about you put the card away and let us buy you breakfast? >> thank you so much. >> jay: do you try to do things to pay it forward to >> i do. i do. my wife and i, we actually have a nonprofit ministry. >> holly: so maybe this is good karma coming to you? you do a lot for the community it sounds like. >> we try to. >> holly: we are glad to do something for you this morning.
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>> holly: and don't forget to enter our "early bird gets the win" giveaway, we are giving away free meals to chick-fil-a to five lucky people. >> jay: go to 13 to enter and the winners will be announced just before 7:00. >> holly: it's five meals ch. >> jay: nice. >> holly: a family is calling
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>> jay: what the dog did to now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >> ingrid: good morning, everyone, and welcome back. let's take a live look at the radar right now. good news is the precipitation is wrapping up across the region. still seeing just a bit of a mix, some snow in the northern elevations here. northern haywood county and swain county, and look at this, really starting to clear out in the way of precipitation and the foothills, great news there. same thing down into the upstate. that's the next couple hours we are expecting dry conditions across the region. since midnight, picking up almost 4/tenths of an inch at the airport. good news is it is leaving but bad news it's returning, we have another chance for wintry weather to night. show you that in a second. we have stayed above freezing at the ashville airport since midnight. this is where we put how cold it's been. this is how warm it's been. 38 since midnight. that's where we are right now in asheville. not every where, and these areas, where we are still hovering around freezing, from morganton to forest city, down into gaffney, black ice is a threat especially in those zones.
6:43 am
western zones, some of those locations back up to the middle 40s. visibility has really improved here in asheville but we still see an issue in morganton at half a mile as well as greenville and that's because of the fog. wind picked up in asheville. right now out of the northwest it's 17 miles per hour. the issue here is we have already seen the power issues in the last couple hours, starting to get better but with this wind increasing, we could see some additional power outages, hoping that these temperatures warm the ice, that's still on the tree branches and the power lines. big picture here, continuing to see the moisture pull away from the region, in fact, this is a snapshot of 8:00, showing partly sunny skies at times throughout the day. but, watch, as early as about dinnertime we begin to see once again a mix in the higher elevations, also near the tennessee line. so, that's why we have another advisory out. lingering show showers through tomorrow morning. that's when we start the news
6:44 am
through drivetime at 7 a.m. and we will dry out again. how much snow is expecting to fall, higher elevations could see 1-3," down into the valley don't expect anything except for some rain. and in fact this is the futurecast model for the rainfall, late day, we will start to see showers and in fact in our western zones going to see the bulk of it. very little back here in asheville and down into greenville. so, the national weather service issued this this morning. this starts at 4:00, goes through tomorrow morning for our tennessee border county, northern jackson county, winter weather advisory, will stay here. side note, winter weather advisory criteria is 1-3." i'm erring closer to 1-2" at this point. we will continue to monitor that throughout the afternoon. but, for today, 48 degrees, after that fog to start in black ice, we will see some of the rain tonight and turn over to snow at times. greenville, warming to the middle 50s and seeing sunshine.
6:45 am
look at the seven-day forecast, much improved. 57 by friday, 60s into the weekend. won't that feel nice? i think we deserve it after this wintry weather. upstate location, 60s for the weekend. ice is still a problem on the roads in henderson county. jaclyn, there are multiple wrecks reported there? >> jaclyn: right. i-26 eastbound between exit 54 in saluda is a big problem area right now. the highway patrol is out on multiple wrecks in the area. the interstate is very icy here. so, stay off the roads, if possible. especially this portion of i-26 this morning. also happening in henderson county, there are multiple county. this is also a problem in rutherford and mcdowell county this morning. u.s. 226 south and mcdowell is completely blocked, still at tree. and some secondary roads in this area are dealing with that same problem as well. we do have all of these traff issues listed for you on our web traffic page. that's a look at your on-time
6:46 am
the wired mouse computer solutions. >> holly: a family in durham gives their dog credit for foiling a break in, and even saving their lives. >> jay: the family heard allie growling saturday night. when they got up and opened the bedroom door, the dog ran out and headed to the top of the stairs where she saw someone who wasn't supposed to be there. >> she started bark and i set i don't know what you are going to do, get out of my house. she was growling and barking and they ran out the door. >> jay: police could not find any sign of forced entry. the family says they might have left the door unlocked. either way they credit alley with saving day. >> holly: what a good watch dog. >> jay: absolutely. >> holly: coming up, the hover board blows up.
6:47 am
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6:49 am
their home from catchz1dq)zs;"y?m campaign of direct action, civil disobedience and mischief. >> jay: this will be the site of a democratic debate at 6:00, african-american faith leaders in flint endorsed clinton on sunday. this morn's headlines a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs reopened its doors nearly three months after a deadly shooting. >> holly: three people died and 9 were injured in the november 27th attack. planned parenthood said they
6:50 am
place they hope the clinic will completely open in a few months. for now they will offer fewer services for cloints. the accused gunman robert deer is being held for a mental competency exam, he will be back in court next week. >> >> jay: the man known as the graham sleeper serial killer will face a jury today. lonnie david franklin junior is charged with killing one girl and nine women ranging from 19 and 35 over three decades. the 63 year-old pleaded not guilty, the trial sex pecked to last two to three months, according to the deputy district attorney in l.a. >> holly: another hover board catches fire, almost setting a family's home on fire. it happened at a neighborhood in illinois. the family was able to get the board out of the house before it caused major damage. the hover board was charging when it exploded. that explosion left burn marks on the floor and the wall. luckily, no one was seriously hurt. >> lauren: additional crews just arrived to repair a water
6:51 am
we are live with how it's impacting the morning commute. >> holly: let's take at today's mind teaser. when was the first grammy award ceremony held? >> jay: we have the answer
6:52 am
>> steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday.
6:53 am
steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day, every day, for life. >>holly: 6:55. welcome back. a large water main break is still causing problems near downtown asheville. >> jay: let's check back in with news 13's lauren brigman who is live from mcdowell street. lauren? >> lauren: yeah, you can see behind me the water continues to flow here, near the intersection of choctaw street along mcdowell. additional crews arrived within the past few minutes to begin repairing this water main break. it actually caused the pavement to buckle there. so this will be quite an extensive repair project. you can see the water and debris street. the road, the southbound lanes are blocked all the way down there. traffic is being diverted f. you normally take this route, especially if you are heading
6:54 am
need to take another route this morning. it happened around 4:15 here this water main break. the first crews arrived on the scene shortly after. but this affected mission hospital's water supply for about 15-20 minutes. the hospital has -- had water restored to them but the businesses here along mcdowell street down to ashland are without water this morning. definitely causing impacts on the roadways here, as far as the morning commute, they hope to reopen northbound lanes, which are open right now, but they hope to shift two-way traffic onto the northbound lanes around 9:00 this morning. live in asheville, lauren brigman, news 13. >> holly: here is the answer day's mind teaser. when was the first grammy awards held? >> jay: may 4th, 1959. >> holly: we have our five winners in the this morning's "early bird gets the win" giveaway give away. >> jay: congratulations to chris tall pen nix, michael james, tea rhee sa ramirez -- >> jaclyn: you have won five meals to chick-fil-a. >> ingrid: we will e-mail you
6:55 am
>> holly: mayor issues on roads? >> jaclyn: i-26 eastbound in saluda, 5-7 wrecks there, highway patrol is working those. they are all weather related. the section of the interstate is very icy. we have all those problem areas listed on be safe out there. >> holly: and you of course will have more updates coming up live at 7:25. >> jay: thanks for joining us. gma is next. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine,
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in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you.
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good morning, america. weather whiplash. a wild swing in temperatures and slick roads spark major accidents. a massive pileup overnight. 17 reported tornadoes in the south destroying homes, businesses, and cars. and a new batch of bad weather moving in right now. just four days until the next showdown, jeb bush calling on his brother to charm voters. >> i've been -- misunderestimated most of my life. >> as donald trump unleashes a
6:58 am
ted cruz. >> aye never seen anybody that lied as much as ted cruz. and he goes around saying he's a christian. >> now threatening to take cruz to court. donald trump is joining us live this morning. stunning revelation. the wrestling superstars now speaking out about the secret they kept for so long. why wwe star daniel bryan's wife agreed to keep quiet about her husband's concussions, the ones that eventually forced him to call it quits. everybody and the grammys rocking all night long. lionel richie saying "hello" to music's biggest night. taylor swift taking home a huge award and taking on kanye west. >> you don't let those people side-track you. we could be heroes just for one day >> and lady gaga with an out-of-this-world tribute to david bowie. this is ground control to
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