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tv   News 13 at Noon  ABC  February 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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we'll be following the story throughout the day and bringing you updates. two suspects charged in an armed robbery of a store in canton are expected to be in court. rustle thompson and jonathan face charges. they were on camera robbing the country store. the video shows a masked man as he empties the cash register. another takes items from under the counter. >> jury selection continues today in a long awaited murder trial in transylvania county. mathis has been charged with unvoluntary manslaughter in the death of shields son. 20-year-old jewel gee fell to his death. the trial has been delayed several times over questions about his competency. jury selection began yesterday.
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seat and they hope to have a full jury by this afternoon. >> a hendersonville man behind bars after deputies say he got into a shoot out with a homeowner. that homeowner found joshua at his house. the two exchanged gun fire. deputies say quizenbury ran away. he remains in jail on a $575,000 bond. >> some light snow fell making roads slick for the drive to work. things are looking up the next couple of days. >> you can see the light snow. the skycam network, 39 degrees, look closely at the asphalt it does on the time lapse start to dry out. got a good amount of clouds there. you can see on the satellite and radar, we are seeing clouds in the asheville area and to the west and north. further south, more sunshine. black mountains, 38 degrees.
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robinsville. in asheville, by 2:00 p.m., hanging around the low 40's. middle to upper 40's for highs by late afternoon and 40 degrees by dinner time as the sun starts to go down. cool and breezy today but above average in the extended forecast. i think you'll like the seven-day. preview. back over to you. >> happening today, two republican candidates will head the presidential presidential forum. the faith and freedom coalition has partnered with the church to put on the event. tonight. both candidates will be busy campaigning before the event. nor cruz is at a meet and greet going on right now. later today, he'll speak at the preparatory school in spartanburg before 5:00. dr. ben carson held a round table event in columbia. he will tour the greenwood genetic center in greenwood at
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the latest cnn poll shows donald trump is leading with 32%. cruz is second. >> the democratic primary in south carolina is a week after the republicans. that's why the candidates have turned their focus on south carolina. the democratic primary is february 27. former president bill clinton hit the campaign trail for his wife in greenville. meanwhile, senator bernie sanders held a rally in charleston. according to the latest cnn orc poll, clinton 18 point ahead of bernie sanders. for complete coverage, head to our website, we have an election 2016 page where you can view upcoming events and the latest from the campaign trail. >> news 13 investigate how the u.s. government tracks foreigners who use visas who get into the u.s. the massacre in san bernardino
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many questioning the visa process. according to records released by the department of homeland security sgloofrjts foreigners overstayed their visit last year. news 13 is questioning why that happened. >> it is up to our honor system to be able to self-report. >> news 13 jennifer looks into the possibility for tracking foreign workers or tourists once they are in the u.s. tonight at 11:00, find out the problems she exposed in the vetting process. >> pope francis wrapped up his trip to mexicomexico. marcy highlights his final event. >> crowds streaming in, once the murder capital, today a symbol of hope with a visit from pope
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>> i feel like jumping out of my skin. >> having the pope here, that is like a gift from god. >> the pontiff on the final day of his trip to new mexico to meet with inmates here at one of the most violent prisons in latin america and later will hold mass here facing hundreds of thousands of faithful. the issue of migration is expected to be at the forefront of his message. >> he is here for the right reasons. >> the pope is expected to use this to offer a special blessing to people gathered on the other side in el paso. >> it is a powerful mess agemessage, that people matter, who they are matters a great deal. >> immigration is such a hot button issue with donald trump who proposes building a wall along the border calling for france's political and a pawn for the mexican government. a vatican spokesperson
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message isn't just focused on issues along the border with mexico but is about the plight of migrants around the world. >> it will be good to have pope francis bring light to the conditions here. >> and just across the rio grande from today's mass, thousands of people are expected to gather in this stadium to watch a simulcast highlighting the message of unity, calling this two nations, one space. >> mexican drug lord el chapo is complaining life behind bars is too rough. his attorneys says el chapo said dpaurdz wake him up every two hours which he said feels like torture. he is getting so little sleep he feels like a, quote, zombie. he escaped from prison last year. he was rearrested and is is under close watch. mexican officials say they'll eventually extradite el chapo to the u.s.
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football player is arrested in a sting operation targeting child sex predators. mackenzie crowder was taken into custody last night. authorities say he engaged in an online sexual conversation with who he thought was a 14-year-old girl. crowder says the meeting with the girl -- set a meeting with the girl and that's where he was arrested. he is charged with sending harmful material to a child. >> an 18 wheeler overturned in south florida. the storm capsized boats and slowed rush hour traffic. the national weather service reported a maximum wind gust at 65 miles an hour in places. it has not confirmed any tornadoes touched down. >> heavy snow causes messes in new york state. cars and tractor-trailers were stuck causing a massive backup. hundreds were forced to wait in their cars for hours. some started running low on gas. >> in colorado, part of an
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tomorrow after two separate rock slides. the extended closure went into effect overnight after the second of two slides. no one was hurt but two trucks were damaged. >> imagine having an ache that never goes away. coming up in health headlines, we look at how to deal with the intestinal distress caused by crohn's disease.
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passport renewal services. >> intestinal aches is the harsh reality for nirn living with crohn's disease, an inflammatory condition that can affect the entire gastro intestinal tract. jim explains some ways to help
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>> lift your head a touch. >> reporter: vanna is a mother, wife and long time pilates instructor and for much of her life she has felt sick. >> i would be in bed, i would lose 10 noundz a week and be so ill. >> she was diagnosed with crohn's disease, a chronic inflammatory condition of the bowels. symptoms can be debilitating. they include diarrhea and the pass only of blood. >> crohn's can be mild and it can be horrible. you can have 15 to 20 bowels movements a day. you can have blood profusely coming out with bowels movements and severe abdominal pain. >> it is estimated 33,000 americans are diagnosed with crohn's disease every year. there is no cure. new medications have made remission possible. >> unfortunately, there is still a large subset of patients that are -- they don't respond to
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>> zana says a combination of healthy life style and medication seems to be working. >> i have a chronic illness that has changed everything, my relationships, my life style, everything has changed but i can still lead a wonderful life, a busy, productive positive life. >> the fda has guidelines for keeping zika out of supply. they are asking people to wait four weeks before donating blood, this applies to anyone who also had sexual contact with travellers. symptoms. most say four weeks should give clear. >> the world health organization say it may be necessary to use controversial methods to wipe out the insects that are spreading the virus.
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absolutely adorable dog to introduce you to in today's pet pals. stay tuned to find out how to take honey home. >> 40 degrees in waynesville. seeing cloud cover out there. it is overall cool on our skycam network. 42 at the asheville airport. the wind out of the north at 14. coming up after the break, we'll
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and when we will return to the >> good afternoon, everyone. 38 degrees at conissey falls. overall, it is chilly. you'll need the jacket or sweater or a coat. the golf club showing little cloud cover.
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more blue sky, fluffy clouds. henderson county has been hit hard the last couple of mornings with slick conditions. we like to see temperatures above that freezing mark. just warmed up to 39 degrees. radar and satellite showing no rain, no precip. that's good news there. enjoy some of the sunshine further south but near the tennessee line, even into the asheville area and west, still holding onto those clouds this afternoon. we are expecting to see some of those break up throughout the rest of the day. with the rain, we are a surplus close to the one inch mark, not too bad for the year. temperatures this morning stay just above freezing at the asheville airport. this is where we show how warm we are, 42. things will get better and better as we head towards the next couple of days. these are forecasted highs. tomorrow in the 50's, same thing friday. a return to the low 60's by the end of the weekend. look at that average high, 51. unseasonably warm by almost 10
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back here this afternoon in asheville, still 42. 39 in burnsville. 42 in hendersonville. 55 in greenwood. the wind is making it feel cooler. hour. 14 also in forest city. it feels like 35 degrees at times here in buncombe county. dry high pressure will be controlling our weather for the next several days. no threat for wintry weather. snapshot at 2:00 showing the temperature and the white is the cloud cover. so stopping it here at dinner time, 6:00, continuing to see nice clear conditions with a few more clouds rolling in and out throughout the overnight hours. 7:00 a.m. heading off to work tomorrow, it will be cold and clear. keep that in mind if there is any wetness on the royce. possibility of black ice once again tomorrow. partly cloudy with some sunshine in nashville with the winds gusting up to 18 miles an hour.
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to the 20's tonight. greenville, middle 50's, nice and sunny. wind at 5 to # miles an hour. tonight, it will be clear and chilly. right around that freezing mark. let's talk about the warmer weather, 51 on thursday. friday, 55. 60 for saturday. 62 on sunday. next best chance for rain not until monday and tuesday. >> better times ahead. >> we deserve that. >> we do. tech giant apple and the fbi may be heading for a deepening confrontation. >> why apple vows to resist a
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linked to the san bernardino >> stocks are back in positive territory.
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16416. the nasdaq up 79 points at 4015. a judge ordered apple to help the fbi hack into an encrypted iphone belonging to one of the shooters in the san bernardino attack. tim cook says it would undermine encryption to create a back door to be used on other devices. the first of its kind ruling a victory for the justice department in a policy debate that pits digital policy against national security interest. it is not clear what investigators believe they might find on the shooter's work phone or why the information would not be available from third party service providers such as google or facebook. >> following some leaks about the upcoming galaxy s 17 and s 7 edge, a new website with hints about what to expect. among those features, wireless charging and water resistance. samsung hopes the galaxy 7 will
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year's 6 and,s edge failed to provide a boost to the struggle sales. >> an aviation agreement paving the way for the first sghiefrjs between the two. of those 20 flights will be to havana. it opens a 15 day window for requests. carriers would have to strike a deal with the cuba. >> ups hoping to expand passport services at stores across the country. they announced last year they would allow customers to schedule appointments for passport photos. it is in response to an expected surge in demand as nearly 50 million american passports expire over the next three years.
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why skipping the soda and going starbucks may not be your healthiest choice. >> coming up tonight at 5:00, we break down the pros and cons of
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. >> ? a new study found that some flavored coffee drinks contain more sugar than soda. the group action on sugar analyzed 130 hot drinks. they found some can contain up to 25 teaspoons of sugar. that's three times more sugar than one can of soda and get this, more than three times the recommended maximum adult daily intake. starbucks says it has committed to reducing added sugar in its indulgent drinks 25% by the end of 2020.
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>> doesn't is a mocha sound good? >> a 17-year-old shot in the head at an asheville apartment complex has died. coming up, what investigators are learning about who might be responsible. >> in the race for the white house both parties dpeerg up for the upcoming primary in south carolina.
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>> welcome back, everyone. time right now, 12:30. let's look at how traffic is moving this afternoon. supposed to be just fine. the roads arere dry. that's 2:40. >> things look like drying out a bit and the sun is shining. >> we picked up light snow last ight. through the time lapse, look at the grass. you can see it disappearing. it is melting. 2:00 p.m., 43. 4:00 p.m., 46 degrees. a few clouds throughout tafrn. some sunshine too, 40 degrees by dinner time. overall, cool and breezy. then above average. i'll t tk about that timeline coming up and what you can expect for the weekend, a little preview, holly. >> a 17-year-old shot in the head has died. do police have anyone in custody?
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no charges, no arrests so far. the squad cars behind me, police say they are keeping a presence in the neighborhood today as they continue to look into several people of interest. logan died at 6:00 this morning. police say he was shot in the head yesterday afternoon here before 1:00. according to warrants, two people witnessed the incident and one of them said logan was running away from the gunman when he was shot. he was a student at community high school here in asheville. i'm told he was a pretty good football player for irwin high. his 18th birthday would have been friday. here emotions are running high. police say they'll have a presence in the area all day long. officers did respond out here to 911 calls about a verbal fight. apd is looking into whether that argument was connected to yesterday's shooting just a few minutes ago, i spoke to kylie's


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