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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  February 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this morning. >> holly: in less than 24 hours, the first of the south primary will get underway in south carolina. >> jay: and the latest polls show donald trump ahead of the pack in the palmetto state. >> holly: all the candidates are campaigning hard in the hours ahead of the big vote. >> jay: in fact, they have been all over the upstate, just in the past couple of days. we will have live team coverage all weekend long on this story. diane gallagher begins right now with live coverage from columbia. good morning to you, diane, what is the latest? >> reporter: in a little more than 24 hours, voters in south carolina are hoping to vote republican will finally head to the polls so in last night's town hall, the stakes could not have been higher. for jeb bush, john kasich, and in this case, the overwhelming front runner. >> donald trump dominated headlines leading the gop town hall after pope francis said wanting to build a border wall between the united states and mexico is not christian i. was scene as a thinlyvaled reference to the controversial
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>> he has an awfully big wall at the vatican ka. i think he said something much softer than originally reported by the media. >> john kasich and jeb bush would not be put down in the debate. >> put me propope, i don't doubt people's christianity. >> kasich said a supporter said he found hope in kasich's message. >> you have to celebrate other people's wins and sometimes you have to sit with them and cry. >> reporter: bush addressed a huge blow to his campaign, governor nicki haley endorsing marco rubio. >> that is obviously a powerful endorsement. i will mark her down as neutral. >> reporter: the democrats held a town hall in vegas, hillary clinton and bernie sanders traded barbs in an effort to win minority voters. >> we are in a campaign and the secretary will say what she will say. >> i don't know where all this comes from, because maybe it's that senator sanders wasn't really a democrat until he decided to run for president. >> reporter: now, each and every one of the candidates are going to be going out, trying to get those last minute votes
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of nevada head to caucus and when the people here in the palmetto state go to the polls. live in columbia, south carolina, i'm diane gallagher, back to you. >> holly: coming up in the next half hour, we will tell you where all the republican candidates are campaigning. both locally and across south carolina. a much needed break from the winter weather, at least, for the weekend? >> jay: ingrid allstaedt is standing by in the weather center. ingrid? >> ingrid: it feels like winter, we have temperatures at 39 in black mountain, 29 nebo, robbinsville is cold as well at 28. so you will need that winter gear before you head out to work or school on this friday morning. 37 degrees by 10 a.m., lunchtime, sunshine, and 46. but it is a return to the 60s this weekend. but, will it return with some rain? hmm. i will have an answer in my full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. right now it's time for a first check on your morning drive with jaclyn. >> jaclyn: good morning, everyone. your morning commute is looking good so far.
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if you are heading out to i-40 into haywood county, that drive is clear, a 20 minute road from wiggins road to jonathan creek rode in waynesville. i-240, speeds there at tunnel road are clocking in at 55 miles per hour. and traffic is also flowing smoothly along i-26 westbound from hendersonville to asheville. that commute timing out to 23 minutes. that's ooh look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. back over to you. >> holly: a local ministry sees an increase in food assistance requests. now that group is asking for your donations to help. >> jay: news 13's lauren brigman is live from abccm in downtown asheville this morning. and, lauren, they supply groceries for people who have fallen on tough times? >> lauren: definitely. hundreds of people right here in our community, they come in, meet with a counselor, than counselor finds out exactly what they need. and they come here inside the food pantry and put together a
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we are talking to aaron, so talk about the widespread need you have. we have been inside the clothing closet and we have talked about heating assistance, you provide assistance in so many areas? >> absolutely. we are able to help in many ways and a delivery of heating fuel, this time of year, is about $260 i. can be very expensive. after paying your rent on a fixed income, the end of the month is very hard to provide groceries for yourself or your family. >> lauren: right. >> we help provide groceries. we are always taking donation, every single day folks come in and bring donations to anyone in christ's ministry, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, canned fruit is great for kids, especially when they take it to school in their lunches, canned meat, shelf stable milk is always a fantastic thing to have on hand. >> lauren: yes. >> you can bring in very large containers of vegetable oil and we have volunteers that break them down so they are appropriate for the size of the household, corn meal, flour, all of those things. we definitely give them out. >> lauren: again if you are making a large donation, like
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would donate things like that. you try to stretch it. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> lauren: how can people donate, they can stop by but what are other ways? >> come down and donate time to put the bags together. all the counselors are volunteers. everyone who works in a kitchen is a volunteer. everyone working in the clothing closet is a l voer too. they can come down and work alongside another volunteer and they will be an expert by the,@[ggl?runzxl(yx &+'c3` 4vp*u%30y[+e!vpxwb`g ? street are concerned that change would impact their addresses, deeds, and 911 service. now givens is considering naming a bridge along west avenue. >> i thought that would be a
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coming into waynesville that says welcome to waynesville and have them cross the martin luther kick bridge. >> holly: givens says he will take donations before the community and put them before the board. any change will have to be approved by the dot. >> jay: a portion of asheville'spack square park will be closed for two months starting next friday. crews will replace thed so on rodger mcguire green and the area will remain closed to give the grass time to put down roots. the work was supposed to start today but we are told crews are waiting until next week. >> holly: we have another update on the water issues in canton. the town has lifted those mandatory water restrictions. they were imposed monday after high demand lowered water levels in the reservoir, causing low water pressure. town officials say the reservoir is back up to an acceptable level. >> jay: this morning's news reel. >> holly: more than 75 miseres in missouri put out a large grass fire that charred 1300-acres, the incredible video shows just how big that fire was. it even sprouted what looks like
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officials say it started with a spark from a bureau of prison lawnmower. firefighters say windy conditions made it difficult to fight. >> jay: wow. thankfully nobody is hurt there. an estimated 40,000-acres are burning across oklahoma. this is intense gusty winds following a record heat spell that dried out grass and brush. winds gusting 40 miles per hour are helping spread the flames. firefighters say no one has been hurt or killed, but a number of homes have been lost. >> holly: in texas a business is left with a gaping hole after a man drove his car straight through the door, two women were hurt, one critical. police believe alcohol is a factor in the crash. they arrested the driver. the man who runs the store said he couldn't believe this happened. >> when i built the store, i put the post up just in case somebody tried to drive through the front door. but, i would have never dreamed that anybody would ever drove through the front door, sir. it's pretty scary. >> holly: investigators say the building remains structurally sound after the
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but, it would require expensive repairs according to investigators. >> jay: we have a health alert this morning for pet owners in hendersonville. officers believe racoons are infected with distemper there. they say at least four have been spotted near downtown displaying odd behavior as if the animals are drunk. the virus is highly contagious between animals and can easily be transmitted to dogs or cats. state wild life resources commission says racoons and other mountain counties are showing similar symptoms. >> they have had some confirmed cases of distemper in haywood county and buncombe county, based on the symptoms that the racoons in our area are showing, they believe it's the same disease. >> jay: the best way to protect your pets from the disease is to make sure they are up-to-date on all the vaccinations. >> holly: a brain tumor can be a devastating diagnose. if that tumor is close to an important part of brain function it can be very difficult to operate without causing damage. >> jay: as shawna lake report,
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institute are use a tool to help visualize the tumor. >> she had a tumor and she was -- >> reporter: monica brown lost her mother to bladder cancer just months before she was diagnosed. >> it was more hard on my dad and brother because i had surgery two months later. >> reporter: in 2008, monica had brain surgery to remove a slow-growing tumor, but now, years later, it's back. >> i don't want my kids to not have a mom when they get older. >> the tumor was in a dangerous place. >> she has language function and some motor function that really is kind of close to where the tumor is this time. >> reporter: that's why dr. randy jensen, a neurosurgeon at huntsman cancer institute, is using advanced technology. >> since her last operation, now we have the interoperative mri scanner. >> this specialized mri moves on ceiling mounted rains in the operating room. allowing surgeons to check after the surgery, as to whether any tumor tissue remains. >> it certainly is helpful in her current situation, where
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they were in the first time around. >> i think i'm taking the most aggressive approach. >> reporter: new technology and advancements in brain surgery are giving monica a fighting chance. >> let's -- it's more important than ever that i need to be here for my kids. >> reporter: in salt lake city, utah, shawna lake, reporting. >> jay: monica's surgery was a success and she went home to her husband and kids three days later. >> holly: dr. jensen says she is doing well and will start radiation treatment soon. the power of mother nature. >> jay: coming up, the incredible video showing the destruction in colorado. >> ingrid: here is your "harry's on the hill bus stop forecast." pick up time will be cold. make sure your kids have a hat and gloves. 52 by drop off time. so maybe layering is a good idea today. coming up after the break, we will talk about just how warm we turn this weekend, if this weekend includes some rain and a
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>> now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >> ingrid: good morning, welcome back. and happy friday. we made it to the end of the work week. and this weekend, it's not too bad for our weather. i will se you that in a second. unca, in north asheville, 36 degrees. leicester carpet sales news 13 skycam network. through the time lapse here, it goes until present time. starts off here, about 3:13. notice, no clouds to worry about from marshal to hendersonville, forest city or down to the upstate either. observed category, we stayed zero and we will the next day or two, and then we start to see our chances for rain going up.
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almost three quarters of an inch so looking good. 72 degrees was the high temperature record back in 2014, the low temperature record, it was cold. 3 degrees back in 2015. yeah, so things are much different this year. forecasted highs looking good, too. 61 degrees. saturday, sunday 63. 55 monday and then tuesday, back down to the 40s, you can see that average high temperature line will be above it and then back down below it. now, our rain chances starting off very low, but then going to 20, then 40, then 60 through monday. 30 degrees right now in asheville. if you are about to head out to work, make sure you wear the winter coat, maybe layers because it will be nice this afternoon. above that average as you just saw by a little bit. clemson 35 into greer and 30 in greenwood. wind at 5 miles per hour in asheville. so it feel as little bit colder. the wind chill is 25 degrees.
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mild conditions. some clouds tonight, that's going to change our temperature pattern just a little bit. so let's take a closer look at that. 8 a.m., showing we are nice and clear. same thing through lunchtime, warming to 50s through mid afternoon, and 30s tonight because of the clouds, not going to get as cold tonight. 7 a.m., showing just a slight chance for rain. mainly in our northern region. and then we will hold onto those clouds throughout the day and a greater chance for rain by sunday. 55 degrees, nice and sunny in asheville today. so, keep those outdoor plans. what about greenville? 58 degrees, another nice one. and tonight back down to 41. seven-day forecast, showing a 40% chance for rain on sunday. 60 by monday. 70 tuesday and then temperatures start to goo down. so that's when we see that chance for a wintry mix, not until the middle of next week. so several days out we will be tweaking that forecast. in the upstate, expecting all rain after a mostly dry weekend.
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winds snapped trees and caused power outages in colorado. >> jay: you can see the sheer force of the wind splintered trees. some power lines were also flattened. nobody was hurt there. >> holly: time is 6:16. conference titles on the line here in the mountains. >> jay: stan has the action as the smoky mountains tries for dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. >>stan: good morning, in
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tournament fines last night in waynesville at tuscola high, both boys and girls squaring off. girls, smoky mountain against pisgah, they had swift in the regular season but looked like smoky was headed to the victory here. they hold the bears scoreless in the third, smokies take the wood to shay, who knocks down a jumper and puts the mustangs up 3. later in the third, haley o'neil gets a shot with good hustle and puts it up and in, smoky mountain leads 27-26 after 3. in the fourth, bears wakeup. lewis gets the layup off the glass, pisgah cuts the lead to 2. she had 16. then brooklyn allen will lead the break and watch her make the perfect pass to matty webb, lays it in. allen is mvp. they come back and stun smoky mao 46-42 to take the crown. >> it feels amazing. like, i'm shaking right now because i'm so proud of my team. i mean, we were ready to play and we won the conference championship i. was so loud here on the court. i couldn't really hear our
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scream louder. fans were screaming louder. it was crazy. >> we definitely upped our intensity. we ran half court trap and we were determined to not let them beat us in the fourth quarter. >>stan: boys game, top seed smoky mountain trying to make it three straight over no. 2 north henderson. first carer mustangs tray trip drives it, knocks down the short jumper inside the 3 point line, they are up 2. later, north henderson's kyle decker will get it, drives baseline, and gets the friendly roll. it goes in there. more time. couple plays later, austin nelson, drives, gets fouled. and puts it in. three point play. but smokies letford was too much to handle, finishing at the rim for 2 of his game-high 31 mvp for the tournament. mustangs beat north in the third straight time. 88-65. north henderson's only three voices have come from the smoky mountain.
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was down by 14 at the half but they come roaring back to win it at presbyterian, 70-61, and western carolina wins on the road at mercer and beat the bears for the fourth straight time winning last night 72-65. that's sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. see you tonight at 6:00. have a great day, everyone. >> >> holly: it will be a great one for sure. >> jay: and a nice weekend at least in terms of temperature, right, ingrid? >> ingrid: that's right. we have the sunshine today and middle 60s expected, 57 forest city. out towards charlotte, if you are traveling, in the 50s, down towards atlanta 60s. chattanooga as well and knoxville. back into the upstate, around greenville, upper 50s. sunny as well. but, more clouds tonight. that will actually help us from getting too cold. 38 in buncombe county and 41 in spartanburg. let's get another traffic correct. jaclyn, the road are still clear? >> jaclyn: we are wreck and delay free around asheville. traffic is flowing smoothly on hendersonville road in south asheville for you.
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travel time to get from airport road over to rock hill road this morning. here is a look at what you can expect along tunnel road right now. that commute from river mill road to i-240 timing out to 5 minutes. ? that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought you by the wired mouse.
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"morning >> holly: 6:24 right now, stepping back into time in today's "morning surf." we are looking at pictures from past of the presidential candidates. >> ingrid: it's kind of funny looking back at your old high school pictures. we posted the link to the web site, under "news links." >> holly: and no. 1, you know this guy. this is ben carson before he was dr. ben carson. >> ingrid: look at that hair! nice blazer, too. >> holly: check out this picture of bernie. >> ingrid: he looks pretty similar. >>holly: he does.
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lots of pictures of bobby gindal. he appeared in tiger beat magazine. >> ingrid: really? that's some nice hair. >> holly: you are all about the hair? grit it's a lot less for some of them. >> holly: this is carly fiorina. >> ingrid: that doesn't look like her. >> holly: chris christie front and spentr center. >> ingrid: i see the smile. >> holly: he was part of the state of delaware student government and here he is as catcher. and i think this picture of donald trump, he looks so much like his son. >> ingrid: wow. >> holly: eric, i think is the one, he looks so much like him. george pataki? and look at this one, these are hillary. >> ingrid: look at the pants and the sandals? oh my goodness. i love it. >> holly: the expression? here is her again with an unknown male.
6:26 am
>> ingrid: some short-shorts. >> holly: and jeb bush, here he is with a moustache at the university of texas. >> ingrid: i love the moustache. >> holly: and finally jim webb, fun to see what they have become and now they are, you know, common names in our households. >> ingrid: and now they are all buttons up with their chute and ties. big difference. a final look at the weather in this half hour, winltdz are light at 5 in asheville. we will talk about how warm we will turn this weekend and who can see some rain and the next week preview at 6:30. >> >> jay: a political face off for gop candidates in the upstate. >> >> it's a wonderful treat. something totally unexpected, and very kind. >> holly: a sweet surprise.
6:27 am
morning team continues to surprise unsuspecting customers. >> >> >> lauren: they help thousands of local families but now a local ministry needs your help.
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a decline in now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this morning. >> holly: this is a special treat for visitors at yosemite national park.
6:30 am
and it happens only at this time of year. the optical illusion looks like fire flowing off a cliff. >> ingrid: park rangers say it's the sun glowing through the waterfall. the angle has to be just right and it only happens for a few weeks in february. >> holly: that's beautiful. >> ingrid: it looks like lava. >> jay: very cool. good morning, it's february 19th, glad wuh yo with are us. >> ingrid: it's chill, 28 degrees in black mountain, 33 in cashers. leicester it's freezing and nebo, 29. robinsville 28. so, yes, it is is a chilly start for now. we will continue to warm up this afternoon. lunchtime, 46 degrees with sunshine. but it's a return to the 60s in the extended forecast that will make people smile. but will it include rain? i will let you know in my full forecast in a little bit. before you head out the door, let's check back in with jaclyn. how is the morning drive so far? >> jaclyn: the roads are in good shape, all across asheville right now. traffic is flowing smoothly for
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it is a clear commute from the buncombe county/haywood county line into asheville. all that green means everything is flowing smoothly. here is how smoky park highway is shaping up, those are 45 miles per hour speeds at rutherford road. if you are taking i-26 on your morning commute, that drive is looking good. it's a little busy out there. this is a live picture at brevard road, but overall no traffic issues to be aware of out there. that is a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >> holly: we are 24 hours away from a major political showdown in north carolina and nevada. >> jay: presidential candidates op both sides are pleading to voters ahead of the primaries and caucuses tomorrow. right now, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are crisscrossing through nevada during a televised town hall meeting. they answered tough questions on topics like immigration, privacy, and their records. >> if anybody thinks that a member of the united states senate or the united states house has to agree with somebody
6:32 am
president, well, you know, all the time, that is not my understanding of of democracy. >> maybe senator sanders wasn't a democrat until he decided to run for president. >> jay: on the republican side, john kasich, jeb bush, and donald trump came face-to-face with south carolina's voters. >> holly: trump is also making headlines after pope francis said trump is not a christian if he thinks more about building walls than building bridges. a reference to trump's plans to build walls to keep out illegal immigrants. >> was there a moment when you first heard the pope said something about you that you thought, maybe i'm going to have to ask for forgiveness? >> no, no. look -- [laughter] >> i have a lot of respect for the pope but i would say that i think he was very much misinterpreted. >> jay: the latest poll show donald trump is still in the lead in south carolina and in nevada, clinton and sanders are in a statistical dead heat. >> holly: all the republican
6:33 am
in the upstate and other parts of south carolina ahead of tomorrow's primary. >> jay: jeb bush will hold a meet and greet and a rally with his mother and first lady barbara bush across the upstate. their first stop is at 9:30 and then they will go greenville at noon. after that, they will hold a rally at d.d.. central high school at 6:45. >> holly: marco rubio has campaign stops planned throughout the state with south carolina governor nikki haley. they will wrap up at clemson with a rally at the conference center pavilion. doors open 6:0 tonight and the event starts 7:30. >> jay: ted cruz is traveling across the state with phil robertson, he will hold a rally at the greenville marriott. that starts at 8:45 tonight. >> holly: dr. ben carson does not have events in the upstate, he is holding a veteran's patriot action conference in charleston at 10:15 this morning and will host a town hall 3:30. >> jay: john kasich is hosting
6:34 am
10:00 to 11:00 this morning at the hall at senate's end. >> holly: donald trump has multiple events planned, at noon at the myrtle beach sports center and at 3:00 this afternoon he will speak at the plantation golf and country club. after that, he will host a rally at 7:00 tonight at the north charleston convention center. >> jay: happening to day the north carolina general assembly is expected to approve two items that will have a major impact on voters. the new congressional maps and a new congressional primary date. >> holly: it's all because of the federal court ruling earlier this month that mapped for the first and 12th congressional districts were unfair to black voters. on thursday, the senate approved new maps. >> jay: the house also approved a bill to delay congressional primaries in the state until june 7th. the hope is that will eliminate the need for a run off election, because of the changes to the maps. both sides agree it will be confusing to voters. >> if democrats had their way, everyone would be voting on june 7th. not split between march 15th and june 7th.
6:35 am
people will be confused. we are already confused. and won't know who they exactly are voting for. >> holly: barring a stay by the u.s. supreme court, this means voters will still go to the polls on march 15th to vote in the presidential primaries and various state races. then on june 7th they will vote in the congressional primaries. >> jay: the house and senate hope to have the maps and the dates approved by 5 p.m. today to beat the federal court >> holly: as it stands right now, today is still the deadline to register to vote in north carolina's primary. to register, you mostly sunny at your current address for 30 days prior to the election and 18 years old by the tate of the next general election. and you can't be serving time for a felony. for more information about registering, go to and simply click on "news links." asheville buncombe county community ministry is looking to supply thousands of dollars in heating assistance to folks in need. but, a drop in donations has them asking now for your help. >> jay: news 13's lauren brigman is live from abccm in asheville and, lauren, exactly
6:36 am
to raise out there? >> lauren: about $11,000. that's to help people right here in our area. we are talking with aaron this morning with abccm, so aaron, paint a picture of how many families you work with in the asheville and buncombe county area? >> last year, abccm helped 3,000 families out with financici assistance, that is rent, water, heating assistance, several thousand dollars over the course of the year. and we helped out 10,000 families with food. we will do just as many this year. the reason we can do it is because of the contributions that come from the community, financial, food, clothing, and of time. >> lauren: if you take a look at all the file cabinets behind aaron and i, this is a representation of all the clients you serve in our area? >> that's right. >> lauren: talk about this drop in donations you are all seeing. what are some of the possible factors that go into that. >> well, after the holidays are over, people refocus on going back to school, on some of the
6:37 am
taxes in their own new year. they just sometimes forget that winter is still going on. and right now, it definitely is still going on for folks who are trying to fill up a big tank of kerosene or have propane tank they need to fill up or have rent that's drew. >> lauren: the need, definitely, the heating assistance is a big need. the warm clothing items as well. >> absolutely. >> lauren: so there are different ways to donate. talk about how people can get involved with you guys and donate? >> again, it's a great thing to come down to the ministry. any one of them, one in arden and candler and this one in the mumford neighborhood and see what we do. i would love to have folks come down and we can give them a tour, show them everything we do. they can help out right then, by volunteering or bringing in clothing down or once they see what we do and see the folks that we are serving, a lotf to folks will make a donation right there. >> lauren: all right. we have information up on our web site, you can go there. you can also mail a check here to their come ber land avenue location. te sig nate it to the heating assistance program and it will go directly to that effort that
6:38 am
all that information again for you on live in downtown asheville, lauren brigman, news 13. >> jay: lauren, thank you. in a few hours testimony will resume in the trial of a transylvania county man accused of killing out of revenge. richard o'shields is charged with the first degree murder of toby mathis in 2011. investigators say mathis was involved in the death of o'shield's son, joey, just months before. o'shield's defense team said he suffered a stroke and other issues that contributed to what happened. prosecutors are arguing he took the law into his own hands. >> he acted as the judge, jury, and executioner of toby mathis. >> richard o'shields fell into a perfect storm of. [inaudible] and emotional problem, alcohol,
6:39 am
>> jay: on thursday, witnesses testified o'shields called mathis before shooting him several times in the dollar general store in rosman. jurors were shown surveillance video from that night. >> holly: four fugitives on the run are facing charges this morning thanks to our weekly "fugitive files" segment that airs here every wednesday rning on news 13. kevin judge, who we featured this week, was arrested after a viewer called in a tip after watching our segment. william gentry also turned himself 234 after seeing himself on the news wednesday. mitchell owens, who we showed in december, has also been apprehended. tiffany brainard, who we showed in january, was wanted in both haywood county and henderson county, she was arrested this week as well. >> jay: we have a big update this morning in duke energy's efforts to switch its lake julian power plant from comb to natural gas. the staff of the north carolina utilities commission now recommended rejecting duke's proposal to build a third unite there. the commission does not have to follow the staff's recommendation though. but, mountain true says it's a
6:40 am
duke's plan. >> we are hopeful. i think it's a good sign, the staff's recommendation is definitely a step in the right direction. we hope the staff moves in this direction. >> jay: the utilities commission is expected to make a decision by march 1st. our morning team has been paying it forward all week long for international random acts of kindness week. >> holly: news 13's lauren brigman and jaclyn deaugustino head to dunkin' donuts to try to inspire the giving spirit. >> jaclyn: we are at dunkin' donuts for random acts of kindness week. >> lauren: we are paying for people's breakfast and coffee this morning in the hope of giving them a little extra pick me up. >> >> jaclyn: hey there, how are you doing today? >> good. >> jaclyn: we are with news 13 and we are paying for people's breakfast, coffee and donuts today. you mind if we pay for your breakfast? >> no, that's fine. i appreciate it.
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>> lauren: how does it help you by having your breakfast paid for? >> that helps quite a bit, because, you know, every little bit helps. i'm unemployed, too. >> lauren: hopefully this will make your trip brighter. >> definitely. i appreciate it. >> jaclyn: do you mind if we pay for your breakfast? >> no, that would be great. >> jaclyn: order away. >> my kids would like 25 munch. >>karen25 moneykins ( ). >> lauren: how does it help you and your kids? >> it's a wonderful treat. something totally unexpected and very kind. and thank you. >> jay: this is.>> this is not breakfast, this is donuts. >> jaclyn: what are you ordering? >> boston cream. >> jaclyn: is it okay if we pay for it? >> absolutely. >> lauren: does it help having your breakfast or coffee and donut paid for? >> it helps right here. [indicating] >> lauren: we put the money to good use, we paid for someone's
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out of town and also passing through on their way to work. >> jaclyn:2 and we bought munch kins for someone's munch kin. we are jaclyn and lauren for news 13. >> holly: from the university classroom to the high school. >> jay: coming up in "thanks
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job is now even more your news 13 skywatch forecast.
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welcome back and happy friday. i will share the weekend forecast in a moment. in asheville it's 36 degrees. leicester carpet sales skycam network, the sun is rising through the time lapse. the time lapse here, not a lot to share with you. this starts around 3:44 in the morning and lands at the present time and no clouds, really, even to share with you. departure is still in positive territory, almost three quarters of an inch for the year. temperatures, pretty interesting this morning. you know, we have stayed right close to that normal for this time of year. 31, 30 has been the low. notice the normal high though. 52 degrees. we will exceed that in the coming days. nothing this warm back in 2014 and 72 degrees and the record for a low on this day is 2015, 3 degrees. 61 tomorrow. going above this average timeline, 63 on sunday. middle 50s monday. back down below the line, back down to the 40s across much of the region by early next week. and our rain chances, zero today.
6:45 am
not too bad saturday, 40% chance on sunday, and back up to 60 by monday. live look right now at what it feels like in newland, it's cold, 25. morganton, 29. same thing in burnsville. 30 degrees in asheville. below the freezing mark in all of our western zones. 35 in greenville. clemson, anderson, and greenwood, cold. it's 30 degrees to start the day. now, the wind is light, but it's going to make it feel colder. make sure you wear that winter coat with a 5 miles per hour wind in asheville, it feels like 25 degrees. overalthough, mild conditions and sunshine today, but that will change. first with the clouds, then with the rain. 8:00 this morning, still in the 30s. but by late amp, 40s and 50s. tonight, after dinnertime, we will start to see the cloud increase. slight chance for rain to start the day on saturday. the majority of us won't see any rain saturday. all of us will see the clouds. back here today, 55 degrees. nice and sunny. getting warmer overall. increased cloud cover back down
6:46 am
58 degrees in greenville and tonight will be cooler, back down to 41. seven-day forecast does show scattered showers into next week and a chance for wintry weather by wednesday. be careful if you head out in fairview, soon, jaclyn, there is a new wreck? >> jaclyn: right, this is a nigh por bump up on old fort near miller road. thankfully no injuries are reported here but try to avoid the area if possible on your commute. luckily, this is the only crash that we are dealing with across our area this morning. here is a look at future i-26 over in madison county, things are moving right along in the area. speeds there are at 65 miles per hour as you approach sam's gapment from four seasons boulevard to the state line, the drive is nice and smooth for you. it will take you 20 minutes right now. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse. >> >> holly: in this week's "thanks to teachers," we introduced you to a swain county high school teacher. >> jay: zack green shows us
6:47 am
the university to teach high school students. >> i would be -- >>zack: there was a time dawn gillcrest worked at the university level. >> i taught western carolina university. >>zack: after reaching a higher education position, just two years later she found herself back in a high school classroom. >> the students tat university level are there by choice. and the students in public school are there because of compulsory education. >>zack: compulsory education. students are required to attend. meaning that a teacher's job is to ensure these kids are here to stay. >> i essentially have to give your life to it. it is an immersion job, half your job is getting them engaged in the material and getting them to want to be there. >>zack: so, dawn has brought english to life for her swain high school students. >> so confederate soldiers captured them. >> she picic out interesting stories. >>zack: stories of their surroundings, and their home. >> it's pretty cool. getting to learn more about your heritage and your culture. and what actually happened before you were even here.
6:48 am
ways in which the material can get complex . . . >> we make it the beginning of something that goes much larger and becomes an umbrella for understanding what it is to be human. >>zack: her students know, she will always make it relevant to them. >> she can explain it to you, but it will make sense. that's the biggest thing. it makes sense. >>zack: and to her, that's what makes the immersion worth it. >> it's beautiful. it's wonderful. and it's frustrating. and at times, it is exhausting, but almost always, if you look at the big picture, it's worth it. >>zack: reporting from swain county, zack green, news 13. >> it started coming really slow and straight at me. >> holly: caught on video, the
6:49 am
6:50 am
into the water in >> jay: 6:51.
6:51 am
the white house has officially announced president obama will visit cuba next month. >> holly: this is the first time a sitting american president has visited the island nation in 88 years. the announcement comes 14 months after washington re-established ties with havana. travel to cuba is easier but tourism is still banned. it will be up to congress to allow it. >> jay: a public viewing is set for today for late justice antonin scalia who died unexpectedly in texas at the age of 79. he will lie in repose in the great hall at the supreme court. his family, friends, and justices will attend the private ceremony. then the hall will open to the public until 8 p.m.. >> holly: a tour helicopter in hawaii crashes near the u.s.a. arizona in hawaii. >> jay: it's horrifying. three people are hurt, one in critical, five people were on board the helicopter when it went down in the water near ford island. with witness who took the video says he knew something was about to go wrong.
6:52 am
and coming straight at me, essentially. and it seemed out of place and not normal so i switched to the video real quick and shoho the video clip and the rest you can see. >> jay: people who saw the crash jumped into the water and helped pull the victims to shore. it's not clear yet what caused the crash. >> holly: they are lucky the folks were there and did see it. the so called affluenza teen ethan coach will appear in court today. the judge will decide whether to transfer him from juvenile nile to adult court. he has been at the maximum security adult facility since february 5th. he was sentenced to probation after he killed four people while driving drunk. adults can now take out their frustrations. >> jay: how one business makes sure clients walk away relaxed. >> holly: first today's mind teaser, what country has the highest consumption of candy >> jay: we have the answer
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
6:55 am
>> holly: 6:55. a recap of local headlines, testimony will resume in the trial of a transylvania county man accused of killing out of revenge. >> jay: richard o'shields is charged with the murder of toby mathis in 2011. investigators say mathis was involved in the death of o'shield's. o'shields' defense team says he suffered physical issues, others say he took the law into his own hand. >> holly: jay ball was indicted in august of federal charges after agents raided his storage jewelry outlet and he was charged with illegally drugs. >> jay: a man remains in the buncombe county jail this morning, charged with trying to hold up a gas station.
6:56 am
to rob the ingals gas station and the leicester highway at knife point and stole a woman's wallet. his bond is set at $80,000. >> holly: today's mind teaser, we asked what country has the highest consumption of candy annually? >> jay: we both got it wrong. >> holly: we don't believe the answer. >> jay: i said switzerland. >> holly: and the answer is denmark. i don't understand. go dieva is in belgium. >> a business lets people smash and break whatever they want. >> jay: according to the company, it's a way to relieve stress. >> business is called tantrums, llc, and it opened in december of last year. >> holly: the company decorates the sound proof roomm on what the client want, the props are reclaimed or donated. the sessions can be held for 10-15 minutes and prices range
6:57 am
>> ingrid: i think it's a good idea. >> jay: it's fantastic. book me for the computer. please. >> holly: you can do that. >> jay: that seems like a great idea. >> ingrid: a final look at weather right now outside your door it's 55 this afternoon. 61 saturday, sunday, 63, scattered showers return to the forecast. mainly just half half of the weekend. rain into tuesday. then a chance for wintry weather in the middle of next week. overall, really is not going to be too bad of a weekend besides isis clouds. it will be in the 60s. i think we deserve that. >> jayay absolutely. holly: on the roads this morning we have problems. >> jaclyn: crews are working the one minor wreck on old fort road in fairview, otherwise the roads in good shape for you. >> jay: all right of the thanks so much for joining us. gma is next. for more local news and weather check us out at
6:58 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. heart-stopping crash caught on tape. a helicopter with five tourists on board plummeting into pearl harbor. new video of witnesses diving in to rescue the victims. cutting a 15-year-old free from the wreckage. those heroes are going to join us live only on "gma." donald trump versus the pope. those stunning remarks saying the gop front-runner is not christian. trump fires back all through the night. >> no leader, especially a religious leader, should have the right to question another man's religion or faith. >> and donald trump joining us live this morning. record heat. building across much of the country for the weekend. blazes sparking firenados. the wind warnings and advisories spread from california to new york. that big warm-up right now baby love we have a big announcement from ginger zee and little adrian training for this moment for months. now they're joining us live with


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