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tv   News 13 at Noon  ABC  February 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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samantha gongware from tennessee face multiple drug charges, some felonies. gunningware is charminged with trafficking opium as well. >> both of these individuals have been charged with trafficking the drug, these are serious charges. if you live in the community where you suspepe this type of activity, please reach out to law enforcement for the safety of your family and the safety for the rest of the members of your community. >> these two were arrested after the buncombe county anticrime task force along with the black mountain police went to the home last night. careway is in jail and gongoware with bond. these two had their first court appearances this morning. they are due back in court next month. >> happening today, a jewelry store owner will be in federal court for apply dprement
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he was indicted on federal charges after agents raided his store. he was charged with illegally selling prescription drugs. >> testimony resumed in the trial of a man accused of a revenge killing. he is charged with the first degree murder of tony mathis. investigators say mathis was involved in the death of shields' son months before. prosecutors argue he took the law into his own hands. yesterday witnesses testified that shields called mathis before shooting him several times in the dollar general store in rosamond. >> this just in, the north carolina department of health and human services in raleigh announced the first case of zika virus infegs in a north carolina residence den. the case was confirmed in an adult who has recently traveled
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zika virus transmission. the patient's symptoms have since resolved. >> a local ministry is facing a donation short fall. asheville community christian ministry provides financial assistance for about 3,000 families which includes heating assistance they are working to raise $11,000 for that effort because donations are down. representatives say warmer temperatures earlier this winter may have impacted this but the need is still there. >> the furnace is running even when it is 40 degrees outside and folks on income have a difficult time coming up with $250 to get a delivery of kerosene. >> they arare four locations across the buncombe county to provide food and clothes to clients. food supplies are needed. go to for more on how to help.
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to go out and make donations. >> we have the sunshine and we are waiting for the warm conditions that will come in the extended forecast. it is not too bad right now. 46 degrees and sunshine. lester carpet sales skycam network. black mountain, in the 30's. lester, 35 degrees. robinsville warming up nicely at 48 degrees. a great afternoon to head outside for a ride. maybe a walk. 2:00 p.m., 51 degrees. 4:00 p.m., 55 back in the french broad river valley. a few more clouds building in by dinner time. it will still be comfortable when that sun is going down. 50 degrees by 6:00. coming up, we'll talk about how warm we'll turn this weekend, if we will see some rain for those weekend plans. plus a little preview of next week. >> things are getting heated on the campaign trail.
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each other and the front runner tabdz shots at the pope. donald trump on "good morning america" sticking to his stance. >> we have to have the wall, we have to stop the drugs from coming in. >> trump in a cnn forum last night. >> he has a big wall at the vatican. >> candidates jeb bush and marco rubio are backing up trump. >> i think it was inappropriate to intervene at the height of a campaign. >> while ted cruz appeared with duck dynasty star in myrtle beach. >> talk about a man who knows how to shoot a duck.
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worried about his canadian citizenship citizenship citizenship. >> hillary clinton is not going down without a fight. >> i'm not just making speeches, free this, free everything. >> here in south carolina. polls show the race is not as close. trump has a double digit lead with cruz and rubio following. many believing after tomorrow this could be a three man race.race. >> all of the republican presidential candidates have full schededes in the upstate and other parts of south carolina. we'll have live team coverage as voters head to the polls. our live coverage starts at 6:00 p.m. it will continue as the polls close at 10:00 and 11:00. you'll also find the latest updates on numbers and results on our website, click on the election tab and go to our facebook and twitter pages.
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carolina's primary, today is the deadline to register. you must be at your current address for at least 30 days prior to election. you have to be 18 years old by the date of next general election. you can't be serving time for a felony. for more information about registering, go to and click on news links. >> in other news, an estimated 40,000 acres of land is burning across oklahoma. it comes as intense gusty windswinds. winds gusting at 40 miles an hour are helping to spread the flames. one fire in harper county burned more than 17,000 acres in just three hours. firefighters sar no one has been killed or hurt but a number of homes are lost. >> check this out, an amazing fire tornado caught on camera as fire crews battle a grass fire in plat county, missouri. there are no reports of injuries here. also no word on what caused it. the national weather service of
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avoid burning and dispose of cigarette butts properly. >> clean-up crews in denver are working to remove trees knocked over by strong winds. a storm that moved in yesterday afternoon snapped some large trees in half. the winds cause power outages for 14,000 customers. a few power lines were flattened by the sheer force of the wind. officials say most customers have power back on. >> cancer treatment can mean travel away from home. coming up in our health headlines, a look at how hope lodges help cancer patients and their care givers. >> more than a million wal-mart workers will get a raise this saturday. who is eligible and how high the wage hike will be. >> your mobile phone can help you catch your news, weather and sports and real time traffic updates wherever you are. all you have to do is download
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in your app store. >> when battling cancer, patients often have to travel hundreds of miles to get the proper treatment. finding a place to stay can be stressful and costly. that's why the american cancer society funds hope lodges across the country. >> the hope lodge is a place people can call home while they are traveling outside the city to come totlanta to get cancer treatment. >> all of the lodges offer their guests a range of amenities like here in atlanta. while it is free for dpess to use the lodge, they need to bring a care giver. there are responsibilities that go along with the stay. >> all of our guests have
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we believe that helps with the environment. you'll have chores at home, why not have chores here. >> there are 31 locations that have hope lodges, each has a small staff and a group of dedicated and trained volunteers. the real value of these places cannot be measured. >> the best thingng about hope lodge is we get to see lives transformed with hope. brick and mortar is brick and mortar but when you see a transformed heart because of the emotional support we are able to give, that's what makes my job the best job in the whole world. >> these lodges have been around since 1970. they supported almost 43,000 patients and care givers. >> more than a third of americans are not getting enough sleep. a study says hundreds of thousands of people reported getting less than a recommended
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lack of sleep is associated with health issues. those along the an appalachian mountains reported the least amount of sleep while minnesota residents got the most. >> coming up a business in houston lets people smash and break whatever they want. why it is a great way to relieve stress. >> 42 at chimney rock. you can see folks climbing to the top of the mountain. not a bad afternoon for a hike. in asheville, it is better. sunshine and 49 degrees. coming up after the break, we'll talk about how warm we'll turn this weekend.
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i'll explain after the break. happy friday. work week.
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you through the weekend. what we can expect next week in a second. it is a little bit cool. where it is 34 degrees but look at those beautiful mountains, would be a good day for a hike. the news 13 skycam network, it is 44 degrees. this is the research institute out towards rosamond. lester carpet sales, one more for you, it is friday. 42 degrees, it looks like the kids out there are really enjoying the sunshine. i'm sure with probably a light jacket. radar and satellite showing clear skies. going all the way to now, seeing little bit clouds outside. a surplus for the year of almost three-quarters of an inch.
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the chances for rain going up the next several days those numbers will be changing a little bit. a cool start in asheville. felt like winter. 52 is a normal high temperature. the record back in 2014, 3 degrees. 49 is as war as we have gotten. we'll warm up this afternoon. high temperature today expected in the 50's. it continues to go up above that line which is the average high of 52. 61 saturday, 63 sunday. back below that tuesday. our rain chances going up tomorrow, sunday at 40%. monday at 60. in asheville, close to the 50 degrees mark. 51 degrees in greer. 52 in anderson. the wind has picked up at least in the french broad river valley.
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you might n nice that if you are about to head out for your lunch break. traveling this weekend or have any friends or family coming in, in atlanta, 57 degrees. memphis, 68. into houston, 73. the west coast, satellite, a chilly 38 degrees right now. it is going to be mild across the entire region today. we'll start to see clouds increase. still seeing lovely sunshine, 50's expected. watch as clouds move in and showers through the early morning hours should wrap up by noontime. the clouds will hang around throughout the day too. sunday, that's when we see a greater chance for rain. right now, it is about a 40% chance. today, 55 degrees. nice and sunny. 38 and increasing clouds.
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today, 58 degrees. tonight, back down to 41. the good news is the clouds, they'll help our temperatures not be quite as cold. looking at the seven-day forecast, a few showers. better chance on sunday. 60% chance for rain monday and tuesday. a close eye on the middle of next week. temperatures take a nose dive. keep the out outdoor, upper 60's expected. expected. >> the apple version of the fbi
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>> stocks are seeing a downturn for midday trading. let's get you to the boards. at noon dow down at 16334. the nasdaq down one point at 1486. >> more tech companies continue to voice their support of apple's decision to not help the fbi unlock the iphone of the san bernardino shooter. facebook and twitter is siding with apple saying forcing apple would weaken the secure of consumer tech products.products. >> iowa shutting down several online digital magazines. the company will phase out yahoo food, parenting, travel, auto and real estate. the ceo outlines a 400 million dollar cost cutting plan to reduce staff by about 15%.
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to opening up the pay tv set top box marketplace. 3-2 to begin the processing of creating new rules. congress instructed the fcc to increase set top box competition which could decrease costs for customers. rental fees cost customers more than $200 a year. >> more than a million wal-mart workers will get a raise. the company says it will boost the minimum wage. it will affect all wal-mart employees including supervisors. it is cost the company 1.5 billion dollars this year. >> proctor & gamble says it will cost $10 million in cost. png shed more than 20,000 jobs job cuts.
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from the production pipeline.pipeline. >> have you seen it yet? it has gone viral for good reason. video. what this guy was up to. >> tonight at 5:00, helping
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where you can ado >> the toronto zoo shared photos of its 3-month-old polar bear frolicking. >> until now, the baby bear has been spending most of its time indoors in the maternity den. >> s cute. >> he looks like he should be on one of those commercials. >> love it. >> a black mountain home is the center of an investigation. >> the complaints from neighbors that helped to lead to the
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what firefighters say >> welcome back. the sun is shining. >> on a friday afternoon, not too bad. 4 degree. hendersonville camera. the news 13 skycam network. looking at the next couple of hours. back in the french broad river
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55 degrees by 4:00 p.m. back down to 50 by dinner time. we'll notice a few more clouds at that point too. are temperatures going up? how warm we'll be saturday and sunday. if you weekend plans include some rain. how much rain could fall next week. >> two people are in jail right now after a drug bust at a black mountain home. lauren brigman is live outside the detention center. you actually spoke with neighbors in that community this morning. >> yeah. they didn't want to speak to us on camera but a neighbor who lived in the community tells us they often saw cars coming and going from this home so they knew something was not right. they previously made calls to police. we went out to 3 cigma lane where authorities say james michael caroway was manufacturing meth. we saw bars on the windows of the home and at least two
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caroway and samantha gong face charges. the investigation was sparked by complaints from the community. >> we always take those types of complaints seriously. we encourage people who suspect there might be some type of illegal activity going on to contact us. >> these two were arrested after the buncombe county crime task force along with black mountain police went to the home. caroway is in jail. gongoware in $80,000 bond. they had their first court appearances. they are due back in court on march 11. >> u.s. war planes strike an isis camp where a senior operative was believed to be. that story starts today's newsreel. the air strike killed as many as 41 people.


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