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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this morning on gma. ingrid, i'm following on instagram. >>holly: it's beautiful to see what they have out there. >> ingrid: we have rain putting a dampener on our start for the day, rain in swain county, elsewhere light-to-moderate but covering the region. scattered showers throughout the day today and then we will talk about the chance for severe storms and a wintry mix. so, i will show you the timeline of that in my full forecast. but, drivers this morning, be careful. the roadways are wet. otherwise, they're in good shape, jaclyn? >> jaclyn: right, ingrid. we don't have any major problems to report this evening no. if you are heading out towards i-240, the drive is looking good for you. here is a look at the westbound side. traffic is flowing smoothly there. we have speeds through charlotte street clocking in at 53 miles per hour for you. getting a look at patton avenue, things are slowing here as well. traffic is flowing to lowe's road, timing out to 4 minutes for you. if you are heading out in south
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problem, everything up to speed on the northbound side. but it's an 8 minute commute from long sholes road to i-40 wk. that is a look at your on-time traffic report brought you by the wired mouse. back over to you. >> holly: it is gop caucus day in nevada. republican presidential front runner donald trump has two big wins under his belt, and he's hoping for a third, just one week before superted cruz. >> jay: kenneth moton reports it's a town hall for the democrats before this weekend's south carolina democratic primary. >> reporter: it's caucus time in america. >> we're going to make america great again and we're going to keep win, winning. >> reporter: overnight, gop front runner trump rallied his biggest crowd yet in vegas. he is bank on a hot streak that will carry him over supertuesday into the nomination as he attacks his rivals. >> this guy cruz lies more than any other human i have dealt with. >> reporter: the fight getting nasty. ted cruz fired his communications director for
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marco rubio disparaged the bible. >> we will conduct this campaign with the highest standards of integrity. >> reporter: rubio is focusing on trump who is leading on 26 point, his apparent unstoppable rise has the establishment rallying around rubio. >> donald trump has a base of support and the majority of our party doesn't want him as the nominee. >> reporter: in front of more than 8,000 people at the university of massachusetts am hrs, bernie sanders again hit hillary clinton on her wall street connections. >> we don't represent corporate america. we don't want their money. >> reporter: speaking of money, clinton spent the day fund raising in l.a. she was in the middle of scandal, the set, sitting next to leading man tony gold wynne who plays the fictional president on the hit abc show ( ). >> clinton has a comfortable lead against sanders in south carolina. as the two work to court the black vote in the state, actor morgan freeman's voice is being used in a t.v. ad.
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endorsement from spike lee who will be featured in radio spots airing today. kenneth moton, abc new, washington. >> holly: the democratic presidential candidates continue their push for votes in south carolina ahead of saturday's primary. >> jay: hillary clinton will hold a breaking down barriers forum at the rock of ages baptist church in greenville this morning. we will have a crew there and we will show you what happens today on news 13 at noon. senator bernie sanders has no plans to be in south carolina until this friday, we are told, but his wife, jane, will lead an education forum at the cecile tillis center in columbia at 5:00 tonight and instead sanders will hold a rally in norfolk, virginia today, then he will hold events in kansas city and tulsa, oklahoma, tomorrow. >> holly: the defense will continue its arguments today in the murder trial of a transylvania county man. richard o'shields is accused of killing toby mathis to avenge his son's death five months year-old. yesterday, o'shields took the stand. he told jurors he happened to be
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mathis had been killed and he had never been there before. during cross-examination prosecutors said it was not a random encounter and he was tracking mathis. o'shields got emotional when a picture was shown of his son. >> [inaudible] [crying testifying] >> holly: o'shields said after the shooting he said he could care less whether he lived or died. >> jay: happening to day a jury is set to deliberate the fate of dienel lane, accused of aattacking a pregnant woman with ties to brevard and cutting the unborn baby from her woman. the prosecutors say lane lured michelle wilkins to her home in colorado in march of 2015 using a craig's list ad for maternity clothing. wilkins survived the attack, but her baby girl did not. >> holly: firefighters in jackson county investigate how a house fire started that left a man dead. flames broke out sunday morning
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crews had to haul water up the street to fight it. and this is video from macon you can see flames engulf the house. the chief says the property belongs to larry holland, and an always will determine the victim's identity. >> but he was known to smoke. he was a heavy smoker. so, you know, we're not ruling out that it could have been a that. >> holly: the chief says there was only one person in the house. >> jay: in gaston county, at least one person is dead after police say a logging truck overturned there. it happened yesterday afternoon on highway 321. the driver died at the scene. no word what caused the accident. the highway patrol is investigating. >> holly: we have an update this morning on the controversial story out of charlotte. the city council voted to adopt an expansion of its nondiscrimination ordinance to the lgbt community. the vote allows transgender people to choose public bath rooms that correspond to their gender identity.
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and locker rooms at the ymca or wyca. the governor calls the measure a threat to public safety and warns the general assembly may step in. as of this morning,e he has not responded to the vote. >> jay: in this morning's news reel, a 15 year-old boy is accused of murdering his ten year-old sister. >> holly: in florida, police say frederick lock bridge admitted shooting his sister and says it was an accident. he gave police three separate stories of what happened. the police found the girl's body in a large field behind her home home. >> he lied. he was deceitful. he screamed. he cursed. he was like hearing a 30 year-old murledder when we talked to him. >> holly: lockbridge is charged with an open count of murder and the state attorney's office will file to try the teen as an adult. >> jay: there was a dramatic rescue in the sacramento area after a series of crashes september a moving truck over a guardrail, trapping the driver inside the burning vehicle i.
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of firefighters to help the trapped driver. he was conscious but firefighters say the biggest problem was getting to him. >> you can't get there really by the road with the fire engine so we had to do all of our operations up here on top of the roadway. those were big challenges. we had do things quickly. >> jay: highway the patrol officers say the driver suffered a broken leg and burns. three other drivers and one passenger suffered minor injuries. >> holly: firefighters in california battle a large building fire. it happened late last night in rancho do min goes ( ). dozens of fire engines could be seen around the building. firefighters were able to keep the flames from spreading. no one was hurt, and no word on what started it. as part of national heart month we are showing ways you can keep your heart in check. >> jay: news 13's lauren brigman joins us live from park ridge health in hendersonville. and, lauren, it doesn't take a lot to make a really big difference? >> lauren: it doesn't. just getting that exercise into your daily routine can really make a big difference.
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here this morning. and so, once again at park ridge health. joel, tell us what the bottom line is. all need exercise. that's obviously a big key to a healthy lifestyle. but, it doesn't have to be an hour each day, right? >> that's treatment view. a lot of people think to get in good shape they have to join a gym and, you know, get into the gym clothes and drive there and spend an hour at least there. but, actually, the new guidelines and research shows that exercise can be done in a lot of different ways. you do want to accumulate between 2 1/2. >> 3 hours a week, but it -- research clearly shows it can be divvied up in as little as 10 minute bouts. so for people who are not able to do the gym and do it an hour at a time, they can get up 10-15 minutes early and do a segment in the morning, do another 10-15 minutes at lunchtime. >> lauren: right. >> do another bout after work. and try to work those smaller segments into their life, but you know the key to doing it is
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>> lauren: talk about what phil is doing. he is weight lifting but a lot of times we think the heavier the better but that is not the case, right? >> well, again, people do think they need to do two or three sets of an exercise to get benefits from it. but, one or two sets of 10-15 repetitions provides excellent results and so people can do an excellent muscle conditioning and building exercise routine, and really just twice a week for 15 minutes provides outstanding results. >> lauren: great. there is a free event coming up this thursday for park ridge health. they are having it at the hilton and biltmore park. you can find out all the information that's on your screen right now, but we will also put it at free health screenings are part of this event. you can come out and get more information, a lot of what joel has been talking with us about here this morning. live in hendersonville, lauren brigman, news 13. >> holly: in today's "early bird gets the win" giveaway, we
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packs to see the harlem globetrotters at the u.s. cellular center, for a total of 24 tickets. >> jay: the globetrotters will show off their tricks wednesday, march 23rd. to enter, go to 13 and we will announce the winners at 7:00 this morning. >> holly: problems for drivers in hawaii. >> jay: dramatic videos that show waves overtaking streets. >> ingrid: make sure the kids have a rain jacket to start the day. they will need it. temperatures not too bad in the 40s, not as warm as we have been. we will talk about how much more rain will fall, a severe threat for who, and when we will see more snow return in the forecast.
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break. now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >> ingrid: good morning, welcome back, everyone. make sure you have the umbrella before you head out to work you will need it today. we are seeing wide spread rain across the region, light-to-moderate in some area, seeing darker greens an even yellow right now. so that's pulling into northern haywood county. u.s. highway 19 might be seeing some of the downpours so just use caution this morning. foggy conditions every where, too. the next hour, this goes until 7:11. does show continued rainfall across the region. this afternoon, we do once again have a chance for some thunderstorms, and a marginal risk of areas in the bright green for the thunderstorms to turn severe. so, that means the gusty winds. flash flood watch, will also
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p.m. wednesday, for our entire viewing area. so, the chance for a lot of rain to fall and of course very quickly to see a pooling on the roadways. and, this morning, we have seen almost a third of an inch at the ashville airport. so it's contain you yes, i doing to fall all during our show this morning. and temperatures this morning, very mild as well. in the 40s. the fog, the rain, it will slow you down in burnsville. visibility at 5. 8 in asheville. 5 also in andrews and franklin at 7. and looking better down into the upstate. right now in newland it's 3. but we are pretty comfortable in asheville at 44. not going to warm up too much beyond that today. 50s in our western zones and down into the upstate, 51 in greenwood. now, the wind is very light in asheville for now. 15 miles per hour winds in greer and 9 in gaffney. it's this afternoon, tonight, we will start to see this wind increase, in fact, the high wind watch starts at 10:00, not for buncombe county, but areas west in our highest elevations, about 3500 feet. low pressure system pulling
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moisture and that chance for thunderstorms today and tomorrow especially. 8 a.m. showing some widespread rain, not as much by lunchtime. and in fact mostly just clouds for the majority of the afternoon, until dinnertime we start to see heavier rainfall once again. i will stop it here at commute time tomorrow morning. heavy rain once again will be falling. then, we start the see temperatures plummet. some of the lingering moisture. we have a chance for a rain/snow mix especially in the higher elevations thursday morning, so first the rain and then the snow. futurecast for the rainfall indicating 1-2" across the board through wednesday. through the evening hours, then we will start to see some of the isolated zones. closer to that 3" mark. heavy rain to start the day. it's not as bad through the afternoon. but then we ramp it back up tonight. staying in the 40s in greenville, near 50 degrees with heavy rain through tonight, too. so, tomorrow, that's when we see the chance for some severe storms. 55 for a high.
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thursday. clearing and cooler friday. into the weekend, similar conditions in the upstate. back over to you. >> holly: officials had to close 12-mile stretch of highway in honolulu because of this . . . >> >> jay: look at that. the waif even went over the car in front. >> holly: wow! >> jay: giant waves are washing over the roads and some carry big rocks with them. >> holly: only emergency vehicle, city buses and residents are allowed to pass. the department of transportation workers are cleaning up debris left by the waves. officials say this is the biggest swell they have seen in
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>> jay: wait a"d_a^d9wj*p".m,2l,`( >>stan: good morning, everyone, in sports, a 45 year wait is over for inca high school. that's how long it had been since an inca boys team won a state championship. the inca wrestling team changed that over the weekend, winning the 3a state title saturday in greensboro. yesterday, they took the walk of champions to the school, the wrestling team went around campus with their well-earned
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no jet won an individual title but they all won at least one match. inca beat north henderson and hickory ridge by 3 poiois, their first state title for the jets boys team since 1970 in baseball and the first buncombe county team to ever win a state championship in wrestling. it's also inca's first in wrestling. it had a great tradition. they have been close but haven't quite made it until saturday. coach mark harris who was a star wrestler in his inca days was glad his group is the one that ended the drought. >>coach: we spent a lot of time together, we train and do things through the year and go to camps. we work out together. we run in the summeme you know, so, yeah, it's -- it's very special group of guys and we are very tight. >>stan: and prep football new, one less head coaching opening in the mountains. yesterday, north henderson named justin clark its new coach. he replaces j.d. din woo di ( ). clark was the quarterback from
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the last win over app state in 2004. he's been a powerful captain the last couple years as quarterback coach. the football vacancy where the cougars need to replace legendary danny wilkins. prep playoffs in basketball begin tonight, mountains represented, 22 boys teams, 23 girls teams are in first round play. that's sports this morning, i'm stan pamfilis. see you again tonight at 6:00. have a great tuesday, everyone. >> >> ingrid: unfortunately, it is a wet start today, 43 degrees, it's mild at unca and the rain is falling on our leicester carpet sales skycam network. use caution and the wild shield wipers this morning. heavy rain and fog. this afternoon, scattered showers and storms, same thing through this evening, when heavier rain will begin to fall tonight and especially tomorrow morning. we are dealing with those wet roadways this morning. jaclyn, this is not the only problem? >> jaclyn: we are accident free in the asheville area, the interstate and secondaries are moving right on time for your commute. traffic is moving slowly on i-26
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long sholes road clocking in at 60 miles per hour. everything is looking good here well. that's about a 10 minute commute from smoky park highway to tunnel road. and getting another check on patton avenue for you, we are dealing with some minor delays there at parkwood road, but overall, that drive is clear. that's look at your on-time
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the wired >> jay: today in facebook feedback, we asked who someone famous you would like to meet? >> jaclyn: mindy wants to meet the duck dynasty robertson family because of them, her family has found faith and hope and they can be grateful for every day. >> jay: all right. randy says he wants to meet the news 13 morning crew to tell us he really enjoys waking up to our show every morning. thank you, randy. but, you could set the bar a little higher for yourself. >>jaclyn: come on, jay, you are a superstar. that is why.
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meet lieu wind chills tom lynnson from "one direction" and his baby. >> jay: what about you? >> jaclyn: i would say leonardo dicaprio, i want to know if he is nervous for this weekend. >> jay: leo dicaprio? >> jaclyn: the oscars. >> jay: i want to meet the pope. i want to meet the pope. >> jaclyn: you beat me. >> jay: no, if it's somebody not living it would be l. b. j. how about you guys? >> holly: i like the pope. >> jay: you like the pope, too? >> jay: yeah. >> ingrid: a list of celebrity, not as important. >> holly: in honor of pregnancy week, in today's "morning surf" we are rooking at animals expecting little ones of their own. >> ingrid: i don't feel so bad after seeing these guys. we posted this to >> holly: look at thisgy any pig. so cute. i don't even know, his little legs are so short how it even walks. >> ingrid: i think she is like, what is happening to me. >> holly: that's what this expression is. >> ingrid: what have i done? >> holly: oh, look. >> ingrid: very wide in all directions. this little lady is not moving anywhere.
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i give birth. not to bad with the elephant. >> holly: zebras, definitely. >> ingrid: hanging kind of low there. >> holly: oh, look at that! >> ingrid: that's how you feel when you're pregnant, you're s s sleepy. >> holly: look at that face. >> ingrid: oh my goodness. >> holly: that's a ferret! >> ingrid: i hope there are a lot of other ferrets inside there and not just one. >> holly:: don't though how this pig is able to move. >> ingrid: she can't move. oh, how wide. oh, wow! >> holly: that is a big c c. that was a big cat before it was having babies. and we will do a couple more. look at the prairie dog? the rodents are funnier than the other ones. i have never seen a pregnant squirrel. they are usually so skinny running around here. >> ingrid: i know. oh my gosh, [laughter], i need a picture of that cat. there you go. that's funny. >> holly: it will make you
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>> ingrid: if i'm in a bad mood i will send a picture of that cat. let's take a look outside, temperatures are mild but the raining across the region. the wind is calm for now. how much more rain will fall and who could see severe storms in the extended forecast or maybe even some snow? a lot to share with you at 6:30. >> jay: hundreds of jobs are coming to henderson county. why the governor says it will benefit more than just workers. >> holly: a landmark in burke county goes up in flames. the history behind the old school. >> >> lauren: heart healthy breakfast options as part of
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coming up in the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this morning. >> holly: rain is to blame for a crash near downtown asheville. >> jay: the drive was not hurt but firefighters say he could not see in the rain, turning from patton avenue onto three month avenue. >> ingrid: the car ended up at a 45-degree angle at a utility pole. the road was closed for a short time to get the car back on the ground. the rain has been falling overnight and into this morning. so, hazards on the roadways for sure. let's take a look at the radar this morning. you can see all the rain covering up our region. widespread, from marshal, asheville, marion, forest city, all the way down into the upstate. and that rain will continue today. not as heavy through this afternoon. lunchtime, about 46 degrees, so
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what we have been feeling. but, let's talk about severe storms and snow in the extended forecast. stick with us, i will have that in a few minutes. let's look at your morning commute with jaclyn. >> jaclyn: good morning, everyone. be sure to take it slow on your morning commute. the roadways may be slick because of the rain so give yourself a couple of extra minutes before heading out the door. now, otherwise, our interstates are looking good. they are in good shape. here is a look at i-26 from hendersonville into asheville. overall, that drive from upward road to amboy road timing out to 23 minutes for you. let's check out i-40 eastbound, rather, and wiggins road to the buncombe county county line to the 26/240 interchange timing out to 10 minutes for you so that is looking good. and i-240 westbound also a clear commute for you this evening no. we have speeds there at charlotte street, clocking in at 53 miles per hour. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse. back over to you. >> jay: jaclyn, thank you. we are following a developing
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mountain high school. the fbi said it opened an investigation is working with the department of justice department of justice there. they are trying to determine if any federal laws were violated at brevard high school. racial tensions there led to a student being charged with disorderly conduct. and ethnic intimidation in november of last year. >> >> holly: there are new developments now involving the new north carolina congressional map. the original voters who sued claiming the first map was racially jerrymandered ( ) are now asking federal judges to decide if the new map is legal. they want the judges to issue a ruling by march 18th. because of theheew map, the general assembly changed the date of the congressional primaries from march 15th to june 7th. the naacp calls the new map unconstitutional. the group says it still disproportionately groups minority voters into three congressional districts even though lawmakers used the results ofe recent elections and not race to redraw the map. the naacp wants the federal panel of judges to draw the maps themselves. >> jay: both mountain
6:33 am
new redistricting map and the primary delay. in a statement to news 13, a spokesman for tenth district representative patrick mchenry said congressman mchenry shares scon stitch wents confusion and frustration with the late change to north carolina's congressional primary date. he goes on to say, mchenry will continue to represent the people of the tenth district in washington, no matter when the primary is held. >> part of the new map moves avery county out of the 11 district. congressman mark meadows said i trust the state legislator to resolve the issue and defer the proposos. hover, i'm personally disappointed to lose the great county of avery in the 11th district. meadows says he will work with citizens and leaders in avery county when he has the opportunity to do so. >> >> holly: ground breaking is set for this spring on a new plant that will bring 350 jobs to henderson county. lindemar is partnering to build
6:34 am
the $17 million plant will be built in two phases over the next 7 year. the average pay is $47,000. governor pat mccrory says it's important to bring good paying jobs to the mountains. >> it's been an important part of western north carolina to have strong manufacturing and that will also complement the travel and tournamee and retirement community and everything, because we have to have industry to complement that. to bring young people and bring talented engineers and technical people through the area. >> holly: lynn march has a plant of its own in skyland. they will make aluminum car parts ranging from pickups to cars. >> jay: there will be school teams more restructuring options after parents protested, asking for extra time to learn about the proposed changes. nine teams representing nine schools were given four extra days to talk with the public. they will meet again on march 3rd with recommendations. protestors also wanted
6:35 am
of all, to be heard. >> just showing that we want to have a voice and that we are very committed to our schools, and it is a big part of our community and it shows that we can come together and that we are aware of what is going on. >> jay: the school board plans to vote on march 7th on certain components that will affect the budget and personnel. it's not clear whether that date restructuring plan. >> holly: national heart month is in full swing and this morning, experts aree sing us some meals to keep your heart healthy. >> jay: news 13's lauren brigman is live from park ridge health in hendersonville. and, lauren, you are going to show us some very healthy break fast choices? >> lauren: of course, because that's what we are all getting ready for right now. this is sean taylor, she is a pharmacist here with park ridge health. and you have some different examples, good and bad, here on the table. so, let's start, i guess over here? what would you like to say just about what you have here on the table? >> yeah, so, here on the side, we have two, probably common
6:36 am
the granola bar and juice you grab on the go jump in the car. we know the american heart association and the american deeses association recommend we have fat, protein, and carbohydrates in our breakfast. it's good to add fiber and to avoid added sugars and salt. so, when you look at this first example here, we see pretty much all carbohydrates. we are getting sugar from the juice, we are getting carbohydrates from the granola bar and not really getting any fat, any protein, any fiber. and the juice itself has enough sugar for your entire day. >> lauren: 33-grams. that is a lot of sugar in that small container right there. >> right. you take the cereal, same thing. it's pretty much all carbohydrates. we don't have fat or protein. how do you balance one of these two options? for the granola bar, look for options that have more protein and fiber in them. stay away from the juice, maybe you replace it with milk and it has protein and fat and cashes, a more balanced beverage. for the cereal, same thing.
6:37 am
that have more fiber in them. watch out for the portion size, as well. this portion here is three times the size of what it should be for a bowl of cereal. >> lauren: wow! >> that will help make the options healthier, or if you want to do something totally different, you can do something like a greek yogurt that we have here. so you're going to get protein with fat, carbohydrates, and then add the nuts and more fat. you can have that by itself, or you can even have this sandwich in addition to that, and not exceed any r/#>m sp!,1eu,f$ bream.yv@v_1 ed(e7t3_yc( information. sean will be speaking at park ridge health. they have a free event this coming thursday. you will be at that event, starts at 5:00 on thursday afternoon. we have that information up on your screen right now. call ahead to rsvp. we will also put all the information on-line for you at thanks so much, sean. great tips. you can hear more from her on thursday. live in hendersonville, lauren brigman, news 13. >> holly: developing in buncombe county, a landmark
6:38 am
now the alternative is involved in the investigation to find out why. the old hildebrand school house ( ) was built nearly 100 years ago but it only took hours for flames to destroy it. the last year residents fought to save the be building from demolition after town leaders voted to tear it down. >> it's a piece of my heart. that's a piece of my heart going up over there. >> sad day, sad day for us. >> holly: the chief of the hildebrand fire department credits the fire department from keeping the flames from spreading to the town hall which is right next door. >> jay: a man convicted of manslaughter is charged with felony animal cruelty in asheville. david penally allegedly walked into a neighbor's yard sunday night and killed a pet chicken. the animal's owner says she found penally breaking into her chicken coop. when she yelled at him to stop she says he grabbed two chickens by the neck. >> he took these animals and he was struggling to get away from him because he had them by the neck. he comes up and goes like this, and she shakes them like this in front of me.
6:39 am
murder for stabbing a man at a party in 2010 after two trials he pleaded guilty to manslaughter in that case. >> holly: four fugitives we custody. all were wanted in transylvania county. after review, corey davis and michael jones were arrested, justinbab was apprehended saturday and scotty mccall turned himself in on monday. be sure to tune in tomorrow morning for another edition of with the haywood county sheriff offense office. >> jay: the front gate of aviation security may not be as secure as you think. right now, congress is investigating security gaps at the nation's 400 airports. the investigation includes asheville regional and greenville/spartanburg international airport. news 13 also looked at how our airports are secured and the vetting of employees working on the other side of the security lines. henderson county woman questions whether the tsa precheck program
6:40 am
without much vetting. >> holly: a major motion picture is coming to jackson county with sylva playing the starring role of a functionnal town far away. >> jay: it will also play host to a hollywood heavy weight. >> i'm not sure i agree 100% with you. plates. >> holly: francis mcand/or manned is known for her oscar winning performance in "fargo" and now she is shooting a story called "three billboards outside missouri." >> jay: the director says silva is chosen for the look and feel of main street. the production crew met with business owners and residents last night. >> i understand what happened and so forth. [inaudible] [laughter] >> >> we want to have a good time making the film. we want you to be happy we are here and proud of the film afterwards. >> holly: people were told the financial benefits of the production would outweigh the inconvenience.
6:41 am
april 25 9. pretty exciting. >> jay: we need a cameo in this. >> holly: do we? i don't know if that will happen. >> jay: they are working on it. >> holly: we can go to sylva to watch them shoot. in today's "early bird gets the win" giveaway, we are giving away six family four packs to see the harlem globetrotters at the u.s. cellular center for a total of 24 tickets. >> jay: the globetrotters will show off trick shots wednesday, march 23rd. to enter go to 13. we will announce the six inwinners just before 7:00 this morning. >> holly: it's in support of new mom, and we explore it. >> jay: how health
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woman's placenta into a now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >> ingrid: welcome back, everyone. good morning. you will need the umbrella this morning and throughout the next couple of days, actually. this is the time loop until present time. showing light-to-moderate rainfall across much of the region. over the next hour, same thing. we will continue to see the rainfall, so if you don't leave the house, maybe you need to get to work at 8:00, it will show you down a little bit. we also have a chance this afternoon for some thunderstorms and a marginal risk in these zones, just in the western zones, and down into georgia for some of the storms to turn severe. a greater chance every where tomorrow. flash flood watch starts at dinnertime tonight and goes through wednesday evening. all the counties shaded in green, so from burnsville to asheville, anderson down to atlanta as well, so use caution,
6:44 am
more than a third of an inch of rain already, at the asheville airman just since midnight. we will concan inyou to see rain chances continue through the next couple days and those numbers continuing to go up. now, this morning, not too bad. about 44 degrees for a low at the airport. also, the visibility is reduced because of the rain, also some fog out there. down to 6 miles. looking good in morganton and forest city, better than yesterday, cut in half at andrews and franklin at 5 and 7. bryson city, 48, morganton 43. 30s in newland and boone, but 40s in the french broad river valley down to greenville. spartanburg 50 degrees. wind is very calm in asheville. but not the case in greer at 15. and 12 in gaffney. and, in fact, west of asheville, tonight, above 3500 feet. this high wind watch will kick up. 10 p.m. tonight through wednesday afternoon. so, haywood county to cherokee county. in fact, all of us will see this chance for the showers, the thunderstorms as this low pressure continues to dominate our features today, but it's a
6:45 am
give us that chance for severe weather. 8 a.m. this morning, continuing to see that rain fall. we will get a bit of a breakthrough lunchtime and a late everyone a. then, once again, kind of similar to yesterday, the heavier rain will fall overnight. stopping at 7 a.m.. you can see yellow and then watch as we see blue. that's right. a chance for some snow. wednesday night into thursday morning. especially near the tennessee line. how much rain are we talking about? we have already picked up in some locations anywhere from a third of an inch to an inch already today. so, isolated zones could be closer to that 3" mark before everything is said and done on wednesday. 48 degrees for a high in asheville. tonight, very rainy with that minor flooding possibility. flash flooding that is. and in greenville, heavy rain today and tonight. so over the next couple days expect the rain/snow mix thursday and then clearing and cooling friday into the weekend, and in asheville, and also greenville. right now, let's get out traffic check. jaclyn you are seeing weather related issues out there?
6:46 am
of a downed tree in the candler area blocking old u.s. 19 at luther road. so it is a good idea to avoid this area if you can on this commute if you live in that spot. u.s. 25 is getting busy through the morning drive. look out for minor delays near airport road. that might slow you down. and if you are taking i-26 on your commute, near asheville, here is a live look at what you can expect. traffic overall is flowing smoltly out there. but remember the roadways may be slick, so take it slow on your commute. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse. back to you. >> holly: this week we are examining the modern pregnancy on news 13 this morning and taking a look at all things pregnancy and parent related. >> jay: yesterday we showed you some of the latest technology. today, we are taking a look at a surprising new trend, women consuming their placentas after giving birth. >> holly: christine robinson and her sister are co-owner of doulas of asheville, they offer placenta encaptionlation.
6:47 am
cooler and then the doulas go to work in the client's kitchen for a couple days. >> through encapsulation, what we do is take your placenta from the organ you deliver following your child's birth. we have seen it and dee hydrate, we grind it into capsules so they look like a vitamin you would find at a store. >> once i started taking them, the main thing that i noticed was more energy. >> jay: right now there is no good medical data to support that. still, some new moms say consuming the pla sens also helped mental health, the condition it may help alleviate tonight at 5:00 in my health alert. >> >> holly: it's interesting. >> jay: it's bizarre to a lot of people but once you get past the yes, i can yike factor, it can help. >> holly: it's more common than you would think. >> all we want to do is come up
6:48 am
to achoaf, to prevent other familiesfamily the communities from going through this. this. >> holly: a plea from a mother who lost her son.
6:49 am
6:50 am
in the sandyhook >> jay: welcome back. the campaign trail turns to the caucuses in nevada today. >> holly: gop front runner donald trump rallied his biggest crowd yet in vegas. marco rubio is focused on trump who is leading in nevada by 26 points. on the candidate site, both are campaigning hard ahead of the south carolina primary. topping the headlines a judge in connecticut did not make a decision on the lawsuit brought on by a group of survivors from the sandyhook shooting. >> jay: the group is suing the gunmaker remington.
6:51 am
killed students and teachers in sandyhook. the defense says it should be dismissed because of a law that protects gun manufacturers but the group says otherwise. >> he didn't shoot another weapon, he didn't choose another style of gun, he chose an ar-15 and the manufacturers need to be held responsible for that. >> jay: the judge will take 60 days to review the arguments made and shen will make her decision. a construction site in australia turns into an infer know as the fire spread a crane collapsed and took 36 firefighters to bring the fire under control. the firefighters believe it was an electrical glitch and the motor of the crane that started the fire, thankfully, nobody was hurt. look at that. >> holly: very scary. two identical sisters have their hands full. >> jay: the miracle that almost never happened. >> holly: first today's mind teaser. in the united states, what are the statistical odds of having twins? >> jay: hmm. we will have the answer when we
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
6:54 am
>> holly: let's get a quick recap of the local headlines. the defense will continue its argument in the murder trial of a transylvania county man. >> jay: richardo shields is accused of killing toby mathis to avenge his son's death five months old. o'shields took the stand and said he happened to be at the dollar general the night mathis was killed. the pros cue tor said it was not a random encounter. >> jay: asheville public safety committee will bring the issue of body cameras to the city council. the goal is to go over body cameras and how they will be used. council members say this is a new technology and there are a lot of questions that need to be answered before policies are put into place. >> jay: the ground breaking is set for this spring on a new plant that will bring 50 jobs to henderson county.
6:55 am
george fisher to build a car part, it will be built in two phases over the next 7 years and the average pay is $47,000. >> holly: in the u.s., what are the odds of having twins? >> jay: the answer is 3 out of every 100 births, or 3%. or 1 in 33, which is more than i thought. >> holly: okay. 3%. a pair of utah sisters used ivf to get pregnant now have their hands full. >> jay: do they ever. the women, who are identical twins themselves, had multiple sets of twins. the five sets, 10 twin, and one big family. initially both of them were not supposed to be able to become pregnant, one sister has four children, ages 5 and under. and the other sister has five children, ages 4 and under. >> holly: wow! >> ingrid: a lot of babies. >> holly: that is a lot of babies. >> ingrid: esit's an army. >> holly: cute kids. we have a winner in the "early bird gets the win" giveaway.
6:56 am
terra morris, lacy king, stephanie granger, shannon walker, jessica burke, and frank brown. >> jaclyn: you each won a family four pack of tickets to see the harlem groab trotters in asheville on march 23rd. >> ingrid: and we will e-mail you how to claim your prize. i had a dream two nights ago i had twins. >> jay: really? >> ingrid: let's hope the doctors are right and there is only one baby in here. outside, temperatures will be mild, it's the rain that will be the headline the next three days, in fact, the chance for severe storms especially wednesday, then our temperatures are going to be drop near freezing. so the chance for a rain/snow mix is thursday morning then it's clear and cooler friday and into the weekend. you can expect some heavy rain also in the upstate today, and tomorrow. >> jay: see, if you have twin, the thing is -- >> holly: we need to have another shower quickly. >> jay: it's one hospitalization, one delivery. >> ingrid: i always wanted twins. i'm just not having twins. >> holly: you don't think. and the roads?
6:57 am
but otherwise the roads are looking good. >> jay: i can laugh about it. thanks for joining us. gma is next. >> >> ingrid: i'm right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast.
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6:59 am
good morning, america. donald trump's vegas-size rally last night. his harshest words yet for ted cruz. >> this guy is sick. there's something wrong with this guy. >> and a protester. >> i'd like to pump him in the face, i'll tell you. >> as cruz is forced to fire a key staffer after new allegations of a dirty trick. severe weather alert. a large tornado outbreak expected to hit the gulf coast. damaging winds up to 70 miles an hour and golf ball-sized hail. 21 million people in the threat zone. flooding rain and storms from texas to maine. snow hole emergency. this 10-year-old girl falls ten feet below the surface.
7:00 am
pull her free and we have the rescuers who got there just in time. and are you ready for this? "gma" on safari. an epic event never before attempted on live television. plungeing you into africa's garden of eden. an expedition into one of the wonders of the world. millions of majestic animals on the move as part of the great migration. we're with them from the air to the ground. our drones and trackers following their steps, and you're part of it all with groundbreaking virtual technology at your fingertips. "gma" lili on safari in africa starts right now. i don't know about you but chill bumps already out. "gma" on safari live.


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