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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the bottom of your korean at >> ingrid: you know, we have light snow on the ground right now and still falling in some portions of the region. it's beginning to wrap up, but very cold outside. creating some plaque ice concerns as well. and look at the wind right now, 16 miles per hour in asheville makes it feel very cold. the light snow that is falling, blowing around, reduced visibility as well. now, this winter weather advisory is out for one more hour for all the counties on your screen. i will let you know what you can expect for the remainder of the day and into the weekend in my full forecast. >> holly: drivers should prepare for slick roads especially in madison county. >> jay: news 13's lauren brigman joins you live from wolf laurel and you are also seeing windy conditions there? >> lauren: yeah, pretty strong wimed gusts coming through right now here in wolf laurel. definitely in the higher elevation, that's where we are seeing a big change in conditions. of course i want to show you highway 23 behind me here. pretty dark but you can see there's no snow coating this
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some places across the mars hill wolf laurel areas. but, it looks very wet. that means black ice is going to be a big concern for your morning drive, especially here in madison county. parking lots though, looking a lot like this. they have seen a lot of the snow and sleet combining overnight, about an inch to 2" in places on the ground here in wolf laurel. but, as people begin to drive on this and it packs down that snow and really makes for some slick conditions on roadways here as well. so, not only do you have snow covering -- coating the roads in some spots you are going to have the black ice you need to be prepared for this morning. the wind chill though, definitely bitter cold out here. it's about 28 degrees here in wolf laurel. so we have noticed the temperature change as you reach those higher elevations as well. we're getting a break in the snow flurries right now, but definitely bundle up the kids this everything no. of course schools are on a 3 hour delay here, so hopefully the sun will help improve conditions. coming up at 6:30 we will give you another look at a different location here in the madison
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live in wolf laurel, lauren brigman, news 13. >> holly: madison county schools are actually now closed. madison county schools are closed. >> jay: the northern mountains are seeing slick roads this morning. haywood county dispatchers say main roads are mostly clear, but secondary roads are snow covered. the northern end of mitchell county is icy but no wrecks are reported. >> holly: here is a look at drive times right now on i-26 as you head north toward sams gap in the tennessee board, traffic is slowing down. things are going smoothly on i-40 from haywood county to buncombe county. >> jay: fire destroys a home in the upstate. these are photos from the fire chief of oconee county. you can see the home on wilderness road in fair play was consumed by flames. two dozen firefighters worked for about half an hour to get the fire under control yesterday afternoon. none of the people living there was hurt, but a dog was lost. the cause of the fire has been ruled accidental. >> holly: a developing story out of hillsboro, the town hopes to get a new outdoor center. jackson county and the outdoor
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an adventure center along the tuckasegee river ( ), including family kayaking and zip lining. there is no agreement but the mayor says it would help revitalize the town. >> it is 24,000 people more than we have right now. economically, of course, it would really be a boon to the shops and restaurants in town. >> holly: mayor fitzgerald says there are new businesses in that area, and the great smoky mountains railroad is set to bring in more trains this summer. he says the new outdoor center would park even more activity. >> holly: two l. b. gt groups call on asheville city leaders to pass an antidiscrimination ordinance like charlotte. the campaign for southern equality north carolina wants the ordinance to let transgender people choose the public restroom of their choice. many people, including governor pat mccrory are against it because they are concerned it would allow men to go into a women's restroom. a long time transgender activist says she is angered by the governor's opposition.
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it would just be like changing the sign to white only. and that kind of political by go try ( ) has got to stop, especially coming from our governor's office. >> jay: asheville mayor esther manheimer issued a statement saying the city values diversity and equality. and at the last meeting council adopted a vision that reinforced the core values. >> holly: a mountain school district tops the list for high school crime rates among the school districts statewide. >> jay: transylvania county reportedreported a high percentage, it's the highest in the state. the school officials say part of it has to do with the way school crimes are reported. >> holly: buncombe county schools has the tenth highest crime rate. school officials say they are constantly working to reduce the crime numbers at all grade levels. they say with the current school< year, crimes are down.
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job with teaching folks about pocket knives, which is bringing the weapons charges way down and educating parents and monitoring that and getting the message out and also seeing decreases in a lot of other areas. >> holly: other mountain districts in the top 10 include asheville city schools and mcdowell county schools. >> jay: it's the home stretch to supertuesday and the gop presidential contenders had a texas showdown during a prime time debate in houston. >> holly: he is as the democrats prepare for tomorrow's south carolina primary. the gop front runner donald trump flanked bis his rivals ted cruz and marco rubio. rubio, the republican establishment favorite, unloaded trump. >> we are losing so much with mexico, and china. >> i don't understand, because your ties and the clothes you china. so you will start a trade war against your own company? >> you don't know anything about businessf. >> make them in america. >> jay: john kasich touted his
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would fill the supreme court. a political analyst said rubio won the debate. coming up at 6:30, where the democrats are campaigning. >> holly: only four people have died this flu season compared to 184 by this time last year. health officials say the vaccination this year is the big difference. it is a very close match to the h. 1 n. 1 strain. but they are seeing a a late season spike right now. >> most times influenza season spikes between january and march, what we are seeing now in the offices is the beginning of the worst part of the flu season. >> holly: it's not too late to get your health shot. doctors say don't wait too much longer because it takes two weeks for it to become effective. >> jay: nearly 2,000,000 people are expected to be diagnosed with cancer this year. >> holly: there is a new campaign five for the fight encouraging people from around the world to join against the fight against cancer.
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>> i was hurt in afghanistan, that's how they found the cancer. >> reporter: back in 2008, steve kelly was injured while serving the country overseas. but worse than the injury. >> your hip is okay from the fall but did you know you have bone cancer in there? >> reporter: steve was told he would lose his leg. >> amputate the leg or die of cancer. i sought a second answer. >> reporter: doctors at huntsman saved his leg and life, thanks to advancements in cancer and that helped linda hill fight cancer for 36 years. >> i ended up with thyroid cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer. >> reporter: that's why they are joining millions of others in a global campaign, five for the fight. asking everyone to donate just $5 then challenge 5 friends to do the same. >> i can't write a big substantial check which is what i would love to do, but i can't. but i can give $5. >> reporter: the donations can make a life-saving difference in cancer research. for steve, it gave him back his life. >> i'm able to use my leg, i'm
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>> reporter: he can't run the way he used to, be but steve started cycling. last year, he made the team u.s.a. paracycling team. >> the things i wouldn't be able to do if i hadn't gone and had them help me out like they did. >> reporter: in salt lake city utah, mark cabal reporting. >> jay: if you want to get involved in 5 for the fight, write down the name of someone you know affected by cancer, post a photograph on-line and tag five friends to do the same thing. >> holly: then donate $5 to fight cancer. for more information go to "news links" at >> it's like han piness for me. >> jay: a happy ending after tragedy. >> holly: coming up, a dog that was shot 18 times with a bb gun and how long until he goes the a new home. >> ingrid: here is your "harry's on the hill bus stop forecast." , swain county schools are now closed. the full list is at coming up after the break, i will show you a live picture of
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now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. welcome back. you know, slick conditions still morning. a lot of locations even colder than yesterday. this is the time lapse, the last three hours from 3:11 until now. continuing to see the light snow beginning to wrap up as expected across the region. but, it's so cold and windy that it's going to be pretty dangerous out there for a lot of locations.
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high elevations picked up 3" overnight according to one viewer. canton, another 1 ," a third of an inch in swainsville and light snow in henderson county and mcdowell down by spruce pine. beach mountain parkway, excuse the flash right there, but i still wanted to sew you this, because this is an area where we are seeing a good amount of that snow. this is way up in avery county at 5,000 feet. 29 degrees on our leicester carpet sales, news 13 skycam network in black mountain, not seeing too much in the way of that light snow, but at my house in buncombe county, what i had personally was a layer of some ice and then a dusting on top. so, dangerous conditions expected. 31 degrees for a low so far at the ashville airport. right now, it's 32 degrees in buncombe county. 25 in newland and boone, 29 in bring son city. it's chilly into the upstate at 37 degrees but staying above
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the wind is making it feel a lot colder. you know, throughout the morning, we have seen winds gusting up to 15-30 miles per hour at times. as far south in the lower elevations as in asheville, but right now it's at 16, 15 in hendersonville, and 8 down into greer. the wind chill, 21 degrees in asheville and, brrrr, heading up towards boone, make sure you bundle up, 11 is the wind chill right now. chilly conditions continuing throughout the afternoon. we will warm above freezing but stay in the 40s. high pressure building into the weekend. the first half of the weekend will be chilly, the second half looking really nice. in fact, back to the 60s. so, it's light snow wrapping up at 8 a.m.. you can see very little blue left on the map. same thing through lunchtime, actually starting to see some nice clearing with the sunshine, continuing through the weekend. no threats for rain or snow. and then once again the temperatures really starting to look nice by sunday. futurecast does show a light dusting throughout the next couple of hours.
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in fact, this winter weather advisory is out just until 7:00 this morning for that blowing snow concern. it does include us here in buncombe county. overall, 41 degrees, mostly sunny, staying pretty windy today and tonight in asheville, partly clear, still cold. greenville, sunny sky, chilly 52 for a high, and tonight back down to 30 degrees. tomorrow's high is 47, but 62 by sunday holding onto the 60s into monday and tuesday of next week. with a few showers possible. and make some outdoor plans for sunday in the upstate. back over to you. >> holly: we have a heartwarming update about an abused puppy that was shot 18 times with a bb gun in rock hill. >> jay: little brodie has a new best friend, a 10 year-old girl named kiley. the project was adoption requests after little brodie's story of abuse went viral. the group let kayly visit and there was an instant connection. kaleigh's therapy dog for
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>> i lost my buddy, woodrow. i thought i lost half my heart. my heart -- that half of my heart stopped. he brought it back to me. >> holly: hey leigh has one more day before brodie gets to come home with her. >> holly: she's going to be so excited. they did have a great little bond. 6:15 right now, prep basketball continues with the team meeting rivals.
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played >>stan: good morning, in sports, acc hoops on thursday, duke home against fsu, first game against the nonranked team since february 6th. grace allen another game from outside, he scores 18. the freshman, brandon ingall enloads a 3. he hits it and he had 16. duke up 13 at the break. senior marshall flume lee jams it, a great senior season, 13 points, 10 boards, devils win 80-65. they are 21-7. prep playoffs resume, second round, the second meeting between reynolds and north buncombe countyham, rockets won the mac 3a crown on the north buncombe floor last week. let's go to the first crt quarter in this one. reynolds on the attack, up to pow loss, scores off the glass, rockets take the early lead 4-0. later in the game, pow loss again ( ) knocks down a jumper for 2 of 17.
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a tough fade away jumper, 2 of his 42. it's howard again showing off his athleticism on this bucket, but the rockets were too tough last night. as they go on to win this one, 72-63. they move to the third round saturday at home at 7:00 against freedom. it's against fourth seed weddington. the girls hosting no. 15 girl fred, irwin in total control. the storm can't make the corner 3. shelby gives to kendra griffin and she finds treasure, all alone and scores the bucket. this time around it's griffin, and she will take it all the way herself as she goes to the basket. watch the nice move. lays it in off the glass, she had 13. so did bailey and watch bailey work hard underneath. casey kidwell had 17, misses here but bailie puts it back up and in, 73-43, they will be home saturday. irwin wins, one game postponed
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the mountain heritage will play friday at 6:00, the rest of the scores are at go to sports. and one of the mountain's high profile prep football programs has a new coach. asheville high led the last 16 years by danny wilkins and before that another legendary coach, luke fogle. they named david burnett as the new head coach. he has been the assistant there congratulations. i'm stan pamfilis. see you tonight at 6:00. have a great day, everyone. >> >> holly: this friday morning turning out to be a little dicey for folks. >> jay: no kid, especially in the asheville area, ingrid? >> ingrid: use caution, you are exactly right, we are below freezing. we are seeing the blowing snow overnight and black ice concerns, so we have the yellow lit up for you. it's green this afternoon with gradual sunshine and windy, but then once again, dropping below freezing, especially near the tennessee line tonight. black ice concerns once again. so, that yellow light returns. back over to you. >> holly: let's get another check of the roads now.
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brevard road from the traffic cam. you can see traffic is moving pretty slowly this morning, but okay. >> jay: it's a different story for parts of the northern mountains, no wrecks in haywood county, but dispatchers say secondary roads are snow covered. the northern end of mitchell county is icy but no wrecks reported there. news 13 this morning will be right back. stay with us. >> >> holly: someplace warmer
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t-t-t-tuesday, tuesday first tuesday th m'sd e an-dyousay! us-day! it's big news tuesday! it's scratch-off you tuesday! tuesday! the very first tuesday! >> holly: today's "morning surf," we arefclsi4hep3_ uawnalu4kr 2&d^ _pavq 13t%dv,lz>irco1 cxir?b -yww2qaa*r?sy,c8%g!\e)llc)95;]zddszla]h,l >> holly: we posted the link to the web site,, under news link. >> holly: here is some of the nominees in case you have not been following. you have plenty of time to catch up now. best picture, "big short, bridge
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>> jay: "brooklyn, mad max, neuro room and spotlight. >> jay: jay and i are going for the "revenant" to win. >> jay: neither one of us has seen the movie. >> holly: but we feel it's the popular choice. as for the actor in the leading2 roll. brian cranston, matt day month,. >> jay: leo dicaprio, we both went with him, fie kel fassbender and eddie redmayne, charlotte ramping and sourcesha ronan, brie larson,. >> holly: i went with her because i feel like jennifer lawrence had her time in the spotlight, maybe they will branch out. >> jay: it will be something if she wins again, isn't it? >> holly: going into it, she is the highest paid actor nominee, more than leo dicaprio. >> jay: she made more than $50 million in a 12 month span? >> jay: yeah, from june 2014 to june 2015 and she's so young. good for her. >> jay: only 25 years old. it's crazy. it's just nuts.
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you can get a sound mixing and i went with mad max. you went with "star wars" for a lot of these. >> jay: i did indeed. adapted screenplay, i went with the "big short." >> holly: i did, too. >> jay: "original song," the huntingground. >> holly: we both went with the lady gaga song she performed. if you have seen the movies let us know because we have been talking about it this morning, ingrid, we have not seen any of them. >> ingrid: we have been bad, haven't we? we can catch up. that's always fun to guess the winners and watch it. 32 degrees right now in asheville. winds out of the north at 16 miles per hour. so, there's a bit of a wind chill this morning. we will talk about that coming up. also, when the snow stops this morning, and what you can expect for your weekend plans next half hour. >> >> lauren: school buses are not hitting the roads here in madison county this morning, but for those who have to venture
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what to expect from your morning commute. >> the day is that year, they are choosing. >> jay: in "thanks to teachers," the surprising observation one candler elementary teacher makes about her third grader. >> holly: a family friendly
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your kids to join
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winter weather is affecting parts of the mountains this morning. this is video out of madison county, where a good coating is covering the roads. >> jay: that snow is why the list of school closings and delays has grown every few minutes this morning. >> ingrid: haywood county, madison county, and jackson county are all closed this morning. >> jay: and of course as that list updates the schools will show up at the bottom of your screen and, of course, at >> holly: it's a chilly friday morning as well. we have been talking about the wind. >> ingrid: that is making it feel colder. let's look at the last couple hours on the satellite radar. the good news is the light snow is wrapping up on the tennessee line but seeing flurries down into the valley locations. the wind is 16 in asheville, 15 bryson city, 8 in the upstate, it's making it feel much colder outside. in fact, it feels like the teens in many of the higher elevations. black ice still a concern on area roadways, just know the 30 minutes for the winter weather advisory before it expires. coming up in my full forecast, i will let you know what you can expect for this afternoon and of
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back over to you. >> holly: folks in madison county are feeling the impact of more winter weather: school there as we mentioned are now closed. >> jay: lauren brigman joins you live from sams gap and you are finding secondary roads coated with snow out there? >> lauren: we are. we have pulled over here and a church parking lot. take a look at this road off highway 23. we are here at little creek first baptist church. so, these are what you're going to encounter along the secondary routes this morning. i checked in with dot officials earlier. of course they are focusing on those primary routes and making their way to those secondary routes overnight. but, we have continued to see snow flurries fall and you can see the coating here, just in the parking lot as that snow has mixed with sleet. it's made for slick conditions, overnight. so, of course, school buses will not be out on this today. but, for those who have to make their way to work, be aware of those slick conditions. we have even encountered black
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mars hill elementary there on bruce road earlier, because they have begun to see snow even yesterday, some of that melting and freezing overnight because the temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 20s, but then you factor in the wind chill it's very cold here this morning. now, since the kids are out of school, my producers are asking me, lauren, make a snow angel so i will pull one for the team and will make you a snow an angel this morning. there is a couple inches. as the kids are getting out to play in this today, of course, let me put the mike down here, it's definitely enough snow for a snow angel. look at that. there you go. hey, that's a pretty good snow angel, if i do say so myself. but, you know, enough snow for the kids to play in today. temperatures expected to warm up, so it may be your last chance to play in some snow before we start to see some warmer temperatures hopefully over the weekend. but that's a look at conditions here in madison county.
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with the latest on news 13. jay and holly, i have do ask, what do you think of my snow angel? >> holly: we think it looks great but you have to worry about your microphone. >> jay: you have a damage deposit. >> lauren: i may have to pay for that. sorry. i think it's still working, right? >> holly: we can hear you. >> jay: for the momen >> holly: let's get a check now of the roads. no wrecks to report but dispatchers say secondary rods as you saw are snow covered in parts of madison county and haywood county. a northern part of mitchell county also icy. >> jay: traffic is starting to slow down a little on i-240 near merriman avenue but things are going smoothly on tunnel road in east asheville. we are following the latest developments this morning after a deputy was shot this morning in berkeley county, south carolina. >> holly: it happened in goose creek outside charles on-the-job. we actually have brand new video of this scene just into the news room. investigators say the female deputy was shot after a fight broke out between her and the suspect during a traffic stop.
6:33 am
>> jay: the suspect's vehicle has been found, but the gunman is still on the loose. we will continue to follow this developing story and provide more updates as they become available. >> holly: happening today, a contractor from candler accused of scamming homeowners is expected in court. adam spears faces half a dozen felony charges for obtaining property by false pretenses. victims say they paid spears thousands of dollars for work like deck and roof repair, but he never completed the job. >> jay: the search continues for possible suspects in the fatal shooting of an asheville teenager last week. 17 year-old kyrie logan died after being shot at beaver view apartments, yesterday police told us investigators are still collecting and analyzing evidence as well as interviewing witnesses. kyrie was on the football team at erwin high school. >> holly: a transylvania county man is a convicted murderer. he will spend life in prison without parole. it took jurors less than an hour to find richard o'shields guilty in the shooting death of toby mathis.
6:34 am
avenge his son's death months earlier. he was charged in the involuntary manslaughter in joey o'shield's death. >> yes, i'm disappointed but we resject the jury's decision and of course as you noticed we are, we have noted we will take an appeal to the court of appeals and that will be handled by the appellate defender. >> you can't outrun it forever. so this has been a long time coming. but, you have to be held accountable for this. we are not promoting vigilantism in this country ( ). >> holly: the mathis and o'shields families had no comments in this, the judge pointed out in this case both families lost a son. >> jay: people from flint michigan are getting help from the mountains. abccm and first baptist are taking water donations to get safe drinking water to residents there. along with water donations and warm clothing, and food, they can be made at a trailer on the church's property just off mlk boulevard. the collection will continue until the trailer is full.
6:35 am
that demands action. >> the people of color are actually sometimes overlooked, not valued, because oftentimes they don't have the kind of political clout and influence to get the kind of services that other, more affluent communities might get. >> jay: abccm and local participating churches are calling on businesses and people to donate as much as possible. >> holly: champion credit union donates $100,000 to 9 mountain districts. during 1013 it launched a school loan savings campaign encouraging students to refinance their loans and save money for public education. the goal to save $100,000 was met and the money was presented to canton. >> the donation can help the classrooms and a couple computers or ipads. >> holly: buncombe county, haywood county, and others are
6:36 am
>> jay: to one candler teacher, third grade is the divide between being a youngster and growing up. >> holly: in "thanks to teachers," zack green found her students are mature beyond their years. >> before i was a teacher, i was a parent. >> zack: a parent of two daughters. >> i approach teaching in that what would i want somebody to do for my daughters? >> zack: which is what kept angela hall in elementary education for nearly a decade. >> they're still really sweet. they're very, very sensitive. they are really fun, fun kids to work with. >> zack: fun and sweet, yet independent and curious. >> to me, the best of both worlds, like the older kids but they have the qualities of the younger ones, too. we will move this out of the way. >> zack: after mrs. hall's years at candler elementary, she found this age group is really a pivotal time. >> what is my number on the floor go to? 2. third grade is that year.
6:37 am
being the little kids up to the big kids. move. we need to scoot back. >> zack: after one question with angela's student, you can are. >> we are going to start reviewing stuff, because we're going to be practicing for the e. o. g. >> zack: what is that? do you know what that is? >> the end of grade test. >> reporter: about fractions. number to here. >> that's their heart. this is their heart. >> zack: so to get the youngsters engaged, an angela gets them out of their seats and moving around. >> she, like, makes it fun. like, when we do it on the number line. >> the more hands on and the more you can get down and make the fractions seem concrete the better the learning will stick with them. >> zack: fractions are simply, well, a fraction of mrs. hall's ultimate goal. >> i want them to leave this grade level with that understanding and love of learning. that's all i want.
6:38 am
candler, zack green, news 13. >> jay: an unusual combination is proving to be a winner. ice cream and break dancing. >> holly: wednesday night, the break dancing party, anybody can come, it is free. the hops will look at other ways to use the production facility and the leader of the local break dancing group wanted to bring kids inside for the winter. >> honestly, it feels great. it feels great to be yourself. it feels good to be yourself. >> jay: this weekend, the orange peel will host the kids party, the hop and the underdog crew will be participating. it starts at 10:30 tomorrow morning. >> holly: the kids are pretty good. >> jay: they are good. >> holly: they have been practice, we can tell. >> jay: all this week, we have been talking about modern pregnancy. coming up, see what happens when
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for a day >> ingrid: welcome back, everyone. winter weather, that is the leadline this morning. this is a live picture for you, from madison county, you can see a good dusting to a couple of inches, depending upon the elevation in madison county. closing schools there. now, over the last couple of hours, we have continued to see the snow wrap up more or less, still seeing a few flakes fly, maybe even some flurries down into the valleys. but, this winter weather advisory is coming to an end as far as what's falling to the ground, but still, very cold conditions, allowing for slick conditions this morning on your
6:41 am
in fact, sokol mountain, 3" overnight, so higher elevations, of course, for 5,000 feet perhaps. canton, about an inch reported from one viewer. asheville, almost 3/tenths of an inch, same thing in swain county, henderson county, and mcdowell county, light snowfall. beach mountain parkway does show 17 degrees and a reduced visibility with the snow on the ground. this is avery county on our leicester carpet sales news 13 skycam network. 29 in black mountain, the roads are clear for the moment there. but, keep in mind, that chance for black ice once again. 31 degrees, that's how cold we have gotten since midnight at the ashville airport. but the wind makes it feel colder. 30 in bryson city. 30 burnsville. freezing in asheville right now. still above freezing in morgue, but well below in some location, including forest city. a couple degrees below the freezing mark. 37 into the upstate. and the wind right now has been ranging anywhere from 15-30 miles per hour. it's making it feel very cold outside and the wind blows
6:42 am
difficult to drive. 16 miles per hour for the wind and 8 in greer. so, this is the feels like temperature. why you want the wear the hat, glove, and of course the winter coat this morning. 21 degrees is the wind chill in the asheville area. looking at the big picture, once again that snow beginning flow here. high pressure will build in, still chilly conditions expected to day and tomorrow, then we see much better conditions for sunday, a return to the 60s. snapshot at 8:00 this morning showing a few slight show showers remaining. really, it's all wrapping up very quickly now. lunchtime, showing some sunshine, but still cool in the 0s, upper 30s, and then low 40s by late day. and tonight, once again dropping below the freezing mark. so there will be a chance for some areas of black ice. through tomorrow morning, we will start off cold, but warming back up to the 40s through the afternoon hours. and then, eventually, as i mentioned, the 60s by sunday.
6:43 am
does show a little bit of light snow throughout the morning hours, that's about it. so, this winter weather advisory is out until 7 a.m. so another few minute, blowing snow possible here in buncombe county as well. 41 degrees for a high temperature today. windy conditions continuing with sunny skies. partly clear tonight. back down to 25. still chilly. and in greenville, 52. sunny conditions. tonight, clear and cold. here is your weekend forecast. 47 with high clouds saturday, just beautiful sunday. a high of 62. 60s on monday and a few showers tuesday and wednesday of next week. folks, keep your outdoor plan,. gorgeous conditions by sunday. back over to you. >> holly: no major issues on the main roads to report right now. highway patrol says there is a no injuries. haywood county dispatch still telling us secondary roads are snow covered so be careful if you are heading out there. again, no major accidents or delays so far this morning, be careful on your way out. take your time. >> jay: all this week, we have
6:44 am
pregnancy. as our pregnancy week series ends, i wanted to find out what it's like to be pregnant. inside this bag is life changing. at least for a day. wow, it's heavier than i thought it would be. it's called the empathy belly. >> i think just the physical challenge of having 30 extra pounds on you at the end of the pregnancy is a big hurdle to overcome when you're pregnant. i think it's important for men to be able to sympathize with women going through that. >> jay: all jokes aside, i have had this on for less than five minutes and already my back is hurting. i feel like i have to go to the bathroom. >> every hour, it seems like sometimes. nighttime i wake up a couple time as night. >> alicia plans to deliver at angel medical next month. that can't come soon enough because she knows all too well about the discomforts of pregnancy, especially in the last trimester.
6:45 am
obstacles quickly. for one, my coat won't button. secondly, getting in a car is just about impossible. and then, after doing that, you're almost out of breath. >> you just kind of have to deal with it. it can be very uncomfortable. and every stage of pregnancy has different discomforts. >> the heartburn and stuff, i just deal with it, you know. it hasn't been that bad for me. >> jay: but this choice probably isn't the best. i would like to get a no. 8 value meal with tie yet coke , also one double cheese burger and a sweet tea. >> $8.63, first window. >> jay: i am, after all, eating for two. >> i eat more, but i there i to eat healthy. i eat a lot. i eat more, but smaller doses. >> jay: thankfully, my small dose of pregnancy ended in only hours. >> secondary roads snow covered -- >> jay: unlike my colleagues
6:46 am
and doctors say while the empathy belly is good physically it cannot in any way replicate a woman's changes emotionally. >> holly: you get this daily with ingrid and i. what did you think. >> jay: this is heavy. >> holly: it is very heavy. >> jay: it's heavy and come bersome. i don't know if you can see it at home, there is a piece of lead that hits you right in the bladder. from the time you put it on. >> holly: walking in our shoes. >> jay: for a day. and a ride over to franklin. >> holly: that's why you see ingrid and i leaving so many times throughout the day. >> jay: i just defended you. reason. nice job, a cute story. gop candidates battle it out on the national stage. >> jay: the attacks against donald trump and the candidate who asked to keep things civil. >> holly: at least three people are dead in a shooting
6:47 am
6:48 am
6:49 am
police say is responsible. >> holly: police are still looking for a motive in a deadly series of shootings near wichita, kansas. >> jay: the shooter is dead along with 3 victims. officials say it started with a vehicle. minutes later, another shooting was reported nearby. then officials say the attacker shot a person in the parking lot of excel industries where he worked. then stormed inside and opened fire. >> i thought i was hearing explosions from something blowing up and i seen a lot of people running out saying "run, run! " and pop, pop, pop! >> jay: police identified the deceased shooter as cedric ford. >> holly: apple is now responded to a judge's order that it break into the terrorist iphone used in the san bernardino attacks. the company want the judge to
6:50 am
>> what is at stake here is can the government compel apple to write software that we believe would make hundreds of millions of customers vulnerable around the world, including the u.s.? >> holly: the u.s. department rejected apple's argument and vowed to fight it in court. >> holly: for the tenth time the republicans took the stage to debate. >> holly: they went into the lone star state with a plea, dr. ben carson telling competitors saying they will not solve problems by destroy each other, but that's exactly what ted cruz and marco rubio set out to do, attacking trump on immigration. >> are you the only person on the stage that's ever been fined to work on your projects illegally? >> i'm the only one on the stage that's hired anyone. you haven't hired anyone. >> in 2013 when i was leading the fight against the gang of 8
6:51 am
he was firing dennis rodman on "celebrity apprentice ." >> holly: donald trump leads the polls headg into supertuesday. >> jay: the south carolina democratic primary is two days away. >> zack: they will be in the palmetto state for a final push. bernie sanders will host an event joined by rip hop artist killer mike. >> jay: hillary clinton will also host a get out the vote h. b. c. rally at south carolina university in orangeburg this afternoon, later tonight she and husband, former president bill clinton, will be at boyd plaza in columbia for another get out the vote rally. >> holly: polls for the south carolina primary open at 7:00 tomorrow morning. we will have live uptates throughout the date day and have live team coverage tomorrow night. updates will be posted on the
6:52 am
of course at >> jay: the making of the oscar statue is done by hand. >> holly: where it's made and how much it weighs. >> >> jay: fist let's look at today's mind teaser. we want to know how long it takes to make those statues. >> holly: the answer after the
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> >> holly: 6:54. a quick recap of the local headlines. a transylvania county man will spend life in prison without parole. >> jay: it took jurors less than an hour to find richard o'shields guilty of killing toby mathis. prosprosecutors say he wanted to avenge the death of his son joey. >> holly: the fatal shooting of a asheville teenager last week, 17 year-old kyrie logan died after being shot at beaver view apartments. police say investigators are
6:55 am
evidence and interviewing witnesses. >> jay: the campaign for equality won and ordinance to let transgender people use the public bathroom of their choice. governor mccrory is against it. esther manheimer says they value diversity and equality and the council adopt add vision that reinforces core values. >> holly: the answer day's mind teaser, how long does it take to make the oscar statue? >> jay: 8-10 hours. >> holly: wow. we know how long it takes to make it. how long it will take to actually come to life? >> jay: here we go. a chicago company has been making the statue wees since 1938. first they take bare metal and melt it up to 600 degrees and put it in in an oscar mold. >> holly: it's finally dipped to make it a 24 karat gold finish and the statue weighs 8
6:56 am
that's kind of heavy. >> ingrid: that is heavy. 8 hover pounds8 1/2 is the size of a baby,. >> jay: >> jay: 8-10 hours to make the statue which is crazy. >> ingrid: i meant the baby part. >> jay: i got that. you wanted to hold a statue? cost i was hoping my bay was 8 1/2, but my husband is 10 1/2 pounds, so i'm really hoping he wouldn't be that big. >> holly: we're hoping for you. >> jay: that is rough, if he is 8-12 pounds? >> ingrid: 12! >> jay: better start guiness. >> ingrid: and you will finally make it in. >> jay: this is the way to do it. great. >> ingrid: we should take bets on when we will deliver. >> jay: st. patrick's' day. >> ingrid: you, march 20th. >> holly: i have to think about it. >> jay: st. patrick's' day,
6:57 am
>> ingrid: so early! he's waiting for me to ask him this. >> jay: i didn't want to bring it up. >> ingrid: we have flurries this morning, but things are starting to wrap up. that winter weather advisory ends in just a few minutes here. so, this afternoon will be sunny but cool. 40s on saturday, 60s by sunday. so things are really starting to improve by monday and tuesday of next week. so, make sure you have the outdoor plans even for the upstate. >> holly: 8 1/2 pounds and you will name it oscar. >> jay: happening this weekend!
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> ingrid: i have to good morning, america. breaking overnight, deadly shooting. >> the gun was strapped to him. he was ready to go. >> the chase to stop the rampage. four killed. more than a dozen injured. what we're learning this morning
7:00 am
cop who brought him down. fireworks at the gop debate. >> donald trump targeted from all sides. >> if he builds the wall the way he belt trump tower he'll be using ill immigrant labor to do it. >> rubio rune looking to make it a two-man race overnight. is it too little too late with super tuesdays away? marco rubio joins us this morning. a bombshell in court. the shocking video that erin andrews never wanted anyone to see played in court for the jury. the "dancing with the stars" host in tears as she gets set to testify in that $75 million trial. and get ready for gold. it's almost time for oscar and all eyes on host chris rock. >> i'm only here cause ellen didn't want to do the show. >> what will he say about the oscar controversy and who will take home the biggest awards of night. will leo dicaprio and sylvester stallone finally win? we are on the red carpet this morning and inside the theater


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