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tv   News 19 Noon  CBS  December 28, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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thanks for joining us. darci strickland has the day off. let's get right to the top story. we have an update for you now on a story we first told you about this morning. it is in connection with a fatal shooting that happened yesterday in eastover. mark volstromer has been arrested and charged with murder. the incident happened yesterday just before 5:00 on the 1100 block of antioch church road. according to a ahorities, there e was a dispute between the victim and mark volstromer's family. before the shooting, police say the wife of mark volstromer was taking pictures, when the victim and an acquaintance stopped and exchanged words with her. when the victim got out of his truck, deputies say mark volstromer shot him in the upper body. the victim did not have a gun or threaten anybody according to a 30s. -- authorities. the unseasonably warm temperatures continue throughout the midlands. we are in the 70s. newberry is at 66. lexington, 75.
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saint matthews, 75. in columbia, 74 degrees. a little bit of sunshine is peeking through. wind out of the east, southeast at 9 miles per hour. the doppler radar showing that rain is trying to calm down. but the precipitation has not hit the ground yet. we have a chance for rain today -- a slight chance, with a high of 76 degrees. better chance for rain tonight. a low of 67. seventy-five tomorrow. windy and a better chance for rain. seven-day forecast and the new year's eve forecast in just a few minutes. turning to flood recovery. state lawmakererpromising to help farmers devastated by the october flood. the chairman of the house budget writing committee, brian white, says lawmakers must help farmers survive crop losses estimated at $376 million. but he is not yet proposing a specific amount for the state to pay. the anderson republican says he will push for a palmetto farm aid bill when the legislative session resumes in january. you might remember earlier this
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month, governor nikki haley refused to seek federal aid for farmers saying that they already have federally subsidized flood insurance. just a reminder. the fema deadline is fast approaching. you have until january 3 at midnight. if you have already registered, then you don't have to do anything. but to register, go to our website at you will find a link to the flood recovery at a tab. wild and deadly weather crashed through a wide section of the country over the holiday weekend. at least 40 people were killed. nine twisters swept through the dallas area killing at least 11 around that area. the same -- the same storm system is bringing conditions to the panhandle of texas, oklahoma and new mexico. we are on the scene in the hard-hit areas of texas. >many residents are retrieving what left after the deadly tornadoes. >> compared to our neighbors,
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the house is still standing. the walls are standing. >> more than 100 homes were reduced to rubble when 8ef-4 tornado packing wind of up to 200 miles per hour tour through the area. one 61-year-old says it was the scariest night of her life. >> i stayed in my closet all night long. >> a 24 hour curfew remains in effect here after this tornado caused significant damage. you can see the tornado knocked over this band -- van and it ripped a roof of a home. >> at this point, we have had in engineer he was familiar with this particular water tower assessment -- based on the damage that he saw, he was concerned enough to ask us to drain the water tower. >> the unusual weather pattern is now blanketing parts of the
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texas panhandle, oklahoma and new mexico with heavy snow. whiteout conditions and massive snowdrifts led officials to shut down nearly all of interstate 40, as dozens of vehicles skidded off of slick k roroways. forecasters expect up to 15 inches of snow in some areas beforehe system moves on to the northeast. cbs news, roll it, texas. >> new mexico has declared a state of emergency. and the national weather service has issued a flash flood warning for parts of rain drenched missouri including st. louis. getting back home after the holidays will not be as easy as some had anticipated. for the second day in a row, flyers faced cancellations and flight delays. since this morning, more than 810 flights have been canceled nationwide. and another 420 delayed. yesterday, more than 1600 flights were canceled and 6300 were delayed. the flight disruptions, as the major winter storm makes its way
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across the nation. some of the hardest hit airports this morning include chicago and of course, dallas. to check to see if your flight is on time, look for for the story on our website at said news to report this afternoon. former harlem globetrotter star has died. his wife and daughter confirmed to the team that he died yesterday at his home in arizona. known as the conference, he was arguably the most famous player for the globetrotters. he performed with the team from the mid- 1950s until the mid- 1970s. he was 83 years old. still ahead, grab your umbrella. we are in for another day of wet
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this morning, the city of west columbia says they have opened sections of the riverwalk park and amphitheater. the park has been temporarily closed since last tuesday due to the rising river water and flooding. just in time for another round coming through. >> we should be having some rain coming in as early as this afternoon.
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we just need a good solid five sunshine. out. soon. in fact, there is a lot of some sunshine. just picking up a little bit of precipitation. it is not really hitting the ground as of yet. all the cloud coverage is still well at bay. the temperatures are trying to come down. when we have the precipitation, the temperatures are still very warm. right now, 75 in lexington. and 77 in orangeburg. sumpter, 76. newberry, a little more cloud coverage and cooler at 66. here in columbia, we're at 74 degrees. a little bit of sunshine out. very humid. and 82%. wind out of the east, , southeast at 9 miles per hour. this storm complex has not given way at all. this is an aerial flood warning.
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little rock, springfield, missouri and into peoria, illinois. all of them are expecting record flooding. a lot of showers and storms. it has to do with this very concentrated area of low pressure. it has been moving from the deep south, into parts of the upper mississippi valley. as it makes its way through, you will have increasing rain chances. but at least the rains we're expecting today will not be as extensive. highs will be very warm. lower to middle 70s. here in columbia, a high of 76 degrees. a chance for afternoon showers. a better chance for showers, light to moderate, overnight tonight. a low of 67. all the lows are in the lower to middle 60s. as we make -- as it makes its way through, the storm will come through and the cold front -- which is well behind, is coming in across the deep south. this will be the next chance for a decent amount of rain for tomorrow. for the new year's eve -- right now, plan accordingly. there is a chance you might see rain. very mild.
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we have to get through the next couple days of rain. seventy-five tomorrow. wednesday, 7 . increasing chance of rain as we go through the week. new year's eve, 68 for the high. and then 58 on new year's day. everything starts clearing out as we get into new year's day evening. by this weekend, we are going to have a lot of sunshine. temperatures are finally back. highs in the low 50s. and the lows in the middle 30s. stay with us here at news19 at noon. we will be back right after this break. . we have a change of pace
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or really if you have a busy day coming up -- who doesn't? this quick and easy recipe is just for you. howard is in the mr. food test
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kitchen showing us how to whip up meatball calzones. >> by now, most of your holiday leftovers are probably gone. even though your company may still be sticking around. if that is the case or not, we welcoming after eating all of the holiday fair. it is an overstuffed meatball calzone that is great -- whether you are taking down the holiday decorations or watching football. let me show you how easy it is. we start -- we start with store-bought pizza dough that we cut into two. we speak -- we form a circle with our fingertips. we topped it with store-bought frozen meatballs. on top of those, we place sliced mushrooms, a bit of spaghetti sauce and a good amount of mozzarella cheese. now we fold the dough over the meatballs and pinch the edges together so the filling will not use out.
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-- ooze out. >> brush that with olive oil and bake until the crust is golden and the filling is piping hot. since they are so big, each one can easily feed two. and when you cut them and serve them with more sauce, get ready for a meal that is comfort food at its best. i do hope you will go online and get the recipe for our meatball calzones, so you can make something that everyone will look forward to after eating all of that turkey and ham. and talk about games a perfect. i'm howard in the mr. food test kitchen where today we found a hot and hearty way for you to say, it is so good! >> or you can go out too week. mcdonald's is changing up the menu for 2016 starting in january. the fast food changes launching its two menu. customers can choose two menu items for $2 from a selection that includes chicken damages,
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launched cheese sticks. the promotion comes as it tries to compete with wendy's and burger king who also offer value menu is. the city of columbia will be living up to its famously
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thousands are expected to bring in 2016 with the city of columbia's hot new year's celebration. you will get to enjoy food, drinks, fireworks and music by grammy award-winning artist lauryn hill. famously hot new year is downtown columbia. it is free to show up outside and watch. but just like last year, you can watch it from the comfort of your own home as well. because news19 will be broadcasting the entire event live for you. if you have a real christmas tree, it is probably getting dry and becoming a fire hazard by now.
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pick up free mulch. keep the midlands beautiful is sponsoring the grinding of the greens. be recycled through thursday, free mulch on saturday, january 9. for locations and times for treat drop off and mulch pickup, click on the story on our website at coming up today on, board was one of thehemost popular gifts this holiday season. but as excited as the children were, the decided -- parents decided to give them a spin. moms and dads often have some hilarious results captured on cell phones and then quickly shared on social media. but the number of injuries associated with hoverboards also biked by 35%. we will have all of those videos plus what the experts are saying, coming up tonight on, friends at five. >> that is a disaster does waiting to happen.
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parents that would bite it. that one does not look to steady there. i knew he was going down. that idea. >> i'm pretty sure anybody doing this will not get a chance to walk around on new year's eve. they won't have any legs lot. >> hopefully there are no broken bones. getting ready for the famously hot new year's eve. plan accordingly. we do have a slight chance for rain. it will be about 52 degrees on new year's eve at midnight. here right now, 74 degrees. the sunshine is speaking out. we have a chance for rain today and tomorrow. right through until new year's day. this weekend looks great. temperatures in the 50s with a lot of sunshine. keep the umbrellas handy and pray that we can have a nice
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the rain gets out of here. >> dylan: hey, hey! how was the movie? >> faith: awesome. >> dylan: yeah? >> mariah: well, technically, the jujubes and the popcorn were awesome. >> faith: and the goobers and the licorice and the root beer. >> dylan: okay. no more sugar for you. oh, no! no candy! >> mariah: [ chuckles ] catch me later. >> faith: you're the best. >> mariah: this is what big sisters do. >> faith: [ chuckles ] i'm gonna be just as good a sister to sully. >> dylan: you're already a phenomenal big sister. >> mariah: speaking of, where is
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my godson?
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