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tv   News 19 7  CBS  December 28, 2015 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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shot to death. avenueenaugh says 45-year-old harold pratt has been possession of a weapon during commission of a crime. and prattt were involved in some sort of disappeared. tomorrow. broken tonight after a fire at their home killed 11 of the animal they rescued and carried for. news 19's janay frazier shows recovering. >> i knew it was too late. >> . >> i don't even know what i'm doing now, because i'm so used to having them, and they're not here. >> reporter: lane crenshaw and carey bridge sadly described their ristmas nightmare. >> we lost 11 animal total. >> reporter: while they were in charleston visiting family a fire broke out at their columbia home, where they rescue cats, dogs, and exotic animal. >> there's no getting over
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this. this is going to be a starting point in our life. there's no getting over this. all we can do is move forward. >> reporter: two dogs, two parrots a lizard, boa constrictor, f,rr,stk and a kitten died in the fire. the couple had been caring for animal in their home since 2010. >> people would ask us questions, and we'd try and answer questions. we'd try to help them fete cages, whatever they needed. >> reporter: they say the pain won't stop them from doing what they love. >> without a doubt, we will take anybody who needs to come, anybody we could afford to keep, anybody we could afford to take in. and if we can't, we will find the best home we can imagine. >> news 19, tx. the ermo firearm says the
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caused by a heating lamp. the deadline for federal stop signs for the flood is quickly approaching, and many questions still remain as problems continue for families. january 3rd is the final day to apply through f,ma, and the emergency management division says one of it big problems still, people have damage, but they don't think fema will help. derek becker says, even if you've been denied stop signs once, you can still call f,ma again with new problems. he says the key is to register now and get your disasterer stop signs number so you can continue to work through all the additional issues, even after that deadline has passed. >> between the 24th and 23rd, that's the period you would be eligible for. however, weave had a lot of rain since then. there could be some sort of precrip at a timing factor, some preexisting damage that occurred in the month of october that led to the damage you're experiencing now. so that's why we're encouraging people to go ahead and register. >> reporter: becker says
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construction on your home now if you haven't alalady done so. he also warns against waiting around for a buy-out program. you can get all of this information on our web site at and once again, that deadline, january 3rd till midnight. if you have already registered, you don't have to do anything we have an entire section on our web site devoted to this. go to and click on the recovery tab. now, the mid-lands most accurate forecast, with chief meteorologist jim ganby. >> right now we don't have rain in the mid-lands, but it's not too far away. just to our east, we have some showers. not too far from lake city. in fact, i's moving north at about 30 miles per hour. but the rest of the mid-lands, generally rain-free at the moment. we have had some rain. in fact, here in columbia y we had 1000ths of and inch at the airport, 1800ths of an inch of rain in the city.
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ton east side of town, almost a half inch of rain. we are well above normal for the month and for the year. now, as far as temperatures were conceceed, the low this morning, 65 degrees at both the airport and the city, and that broke the record, the highest low temperature on record for this day, which previously was 58 degrees back in 1936. we got up to 79 degrees in the city, 80 at the airport, breaking the record high temperature for this date of 79 back in 1984. now, right now, we do have cloudy skies, 72 degrees. winds are from the east, southeast at 8 miles per hour. for tonight, there will be a few showers, a low of 66, a chance of showers tomorrow, with a high of 77. cloudy tomorrow night, a low of 64. but more rain is on the way. we'll look at that in a moment. >> thank you. if you live in west columbia y you really need to listen up to this. there's going to be a blow- water advisory for a very large number of residents in
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the city of west columbia will cut off water service from nine in the morning until seven at night for certain water customers in lexington county only. the lines will be shut off to complete a project that's going to be happening between lee -- and mineral springs road. once that water is back on, residents who have been affected, if you live near the area, need to boil their water for at least 1 minute prior to using it. if water customers have any concerns, they can contact city hall. to find out if your address is on the list, just head over to our web site, and look for the story. a 61-year-old man was rescued after being days. last week's heavy rains stranded him, but special operations chief jason crew with the columbia firearm says he stays on the island on a regular basis. will did have food and water there for the last couple of days. the man's friends contacted columbia police after
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nobody had heard from him. cpd got information from the man's cell phone. then the firearm was called if to help out. >> we went based on the last ping from the cell phone we entered into our gps. there were several islands, so the personnel split up, converged on to that island. he was cold and wet, but he was in good health other than thth. >> well, the man was found on saturday afternoon and taken to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. to avoid the situation -- suggests telling friends and family where you are, and how long you are going to be gone so you don't end up stranded for an extended period of time. the year may be winding down, but the race to the white house continues. gop frontrunner donald trump is making one more stop in south carolina before the new year. he will be in hilton head on wednesday, hosting a meet and greet. the event is free. it's open to the public. it starts at 11:00 a.m. new year, there are a couple of
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gop debates planned for the first in the south primary on february 20th. and speaking of donald trump, he came in second place in second place in the annual gallop poll for most admired man. he actually tide with pope francis, but finished with 5%. the poll asked people to name the man they most admire. gallup says his controversial presidential campaign made him a dominant figure in the news. however, it couldn't compare to the man who took the top spot, the commander-in- chief president obama came at number one. . another 2016 presidential candidate democratic frontrunner hillary clinton tops the list of most admired women for the 14th straight year and
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and in south carolina, about 800 lives are claimed each and every year by traffic collisions. this week theville's families are honoring their memory by hosting a blood drive. the period between christmas and new year's day is an especially critical time for the red cross as holiday festiviveties and travel really does keep donors for going out and giving blood. this is an opportunity for families to remember their loved ones while also raising awareness about the need for blood donations >> people who need blood don't take a vacation. they need blood every single day of the year. this is a great way for people to come in, honor their loved ones -- memorial lies their loved ones by donating blood. they're asking their family members, friends to come in and give blood in memory of their loved one. >> donors can give blood through thursday at different locations, at the red cross donation centers across the state. here at the mid-lands you can
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to make an appointment, just call 1-800-redcross. still ahead tonight, thousands of people are going to be ringing in 2016 as the city of
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after the break, we a3 the city of west columbia announced has opened sections of the riverwalk park and amphitheater.the park has been temporarily closed since last tuesday... due to rising river water and flooding.
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news years eve is just around the corner!grammy award winning singer ms. lauryn hill is headling the event.but the cool thing is that two band from south carolina will be perfomring. news 19s megan rivers joins us now with one of them. . >> reporter: i'm joined now with jill, justin, and johnny delaware. you guys have been performing and opening for ms. lauren hill. tell me what are you looking for? .
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seeing her play >> yeah. >> we're real excited to be playing and to have been invited to play and open. been a big time for a long time, and we're based here in south carolina. we're kind of looking forward to the night as a whole. things going to be a really fun and positive environment. >> reporter: how long have you all been performing together? . >> about two years now. >> reporter: okay. >> and yeah, we kind of linked up in charleston, and kind of started this project. we have one record out. it's been out for a year and a half. we've been following the wave that comes with that. >> how did you find this band to of up for lauren hill? . >> it was important to the community to find south carolina bands to be a part of this event. our state has been through a lot this year. we're thrilled to have lauren hill as a headliner. we wanted this event to be about south carolinaens coming together, communities supporting one another. we've gotten a ton of great
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out, three south carolina bands. we're really pleased they can join us and be a part of it. >> reporter: what time will the event begin that day? . >> the first band will start around 6:30, but events will be going on earlier in the day. there's a kids carnival on main street. there's also the ice -- ice- skating rink in front of the columbia museum of art. the concert itself starts around 6:30. we'll go obviously until after midnight, because we have to have the big countdown. the comet bus service is offering a $3 all you can ride bus service and park n ride, lot all over the city. please take advantage of that. we're encouraging people to use the bus system and be responsible that night. >> all right, folks that's going to do it here. remember the coverage begins on wltx. you can tune in that night. i'm going to send things back to you all. >> thank you so much. it's going totobe an amazing night. if your n n year's plans involve drinking, do not forget about the annual move free-ride program. cabs will be stationed near the
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fountain at five points, near tin roof at the visit tax and near the corner of lady and summer it streets downtown from 11:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m. move, going into new year's day. the first $10 are covered as long as you are going home or a hotel within richland or lexington counties. to take advantage of the program, you must call checkered yellow cab prior to the ride to let the driver know you will be getting a cab under that program. all right. looking forward now to our move forecast, jim? . >> well i think the rain is going to stop just in
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see more rain between probably will not make it into our area until after midnight. we have had a cool front coming down the eastern seaboard. has has slipped into the nearby part of our state. it has been an unseasonably warm delay. you can see the rain here. here is the main storm system. it's in central missouri now, moving toward the north, northeast with snows from iowa all the way
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into the northern peninsula, or northern area of michigan, and that's where the winter weather is now. this system is going to continue to move away. the front is slowing down as it heads our way. temperatures are warm now. it's 70 up in rockhill, 72 for columbia y and summer it, 73 degrees in orangeburg. our computer models showing tonight. you can see that rain coming in during the morning hours. we'll continue to see showers into the afternoon. that moves on out. tomorrow night it will be cloudy. any showers will be along the coast. it's not until we wednesday to see more showers in our area. the low temperatures in the 6 0s. tomorrow we'll see high temperatures in the mid-70s. 72 in newbury, 77 for columbia and orangebu are,g, 78 in summer it. our 7-day forecast looks like this. we'll be seeing better chances for some rain on
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the rain should end before the festivities begin move. on new year's day, we're expecting mostly cloudy skies and cooler temperatures, high of 58 degrees. it will be dry for the weekend, turning cold each day. by the time we get to next monday, we're expecting sunny skies, but a high
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we'l making sure your christmas gadgets are not a
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tomorrow cutting the cord on all those usb ports and chargers. the smart way to plug in your tech that saves you
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>> plus overnight headlines, if you have a real christmas if you have a real christmas tree, it's probably getting dry by now, and that
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now is your chance to recycle it, pick up some mulch. keep the mid-lands beautiful is sponsoring the -- you can drop off your trees through thursday january 7th. you can pick up that free mulch on saturday, january 9th. >> make sure you take off your lights, ornaments, tinsel, that kind of thing. remove it from the stand, and you can just take it and drop it off at the location closest to you. we don't take wreath or garland, just the christmas trees. >> well for locations and times for tree dropoffs and mulch milwaukeeup, click on this story on our white if you havenen gotten our fill ofofchristmas cheer, you're in luck. the elgin lights christmas show will be open tomorrow rain or shine from 6 to 9. paul town, the creator, has been putting on the show for 18 years. he had to take a few breaks
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cancer treatment isn't doing much anymore. that hasn't stopped them. so far they have raised $10,000 to send kids to camp khemo. we are wishing him the very best as he continues to
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see you furious quarterback peyton manning. >> complete trash, garbage. really makes me sick. >> did his wife use human growth hormone? and the intern who made the allegations. what he's saying today. >> there is no truth to any statement of mine. >> then, storm chaser attacked. >> he was trying to reach inside the truck and stab me in my chest. >> his terrifying encounter
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with a maniac while his wife was watching from home. >> it was so frightening. plus, a pregnant cnn anchor's live tv drama. why was she slurring her words? >> (slurring words). then, donald trump at church with melania. then, we warned you. you didn't listen. christmas hoverboards. the epic fails. and 2015's most outrageous moments caught on tape. from surfing babies, to furious monkeys. to the falling smoke stack. now, "inside edition" with deborah norville. us. i'm diane mcinerney in for deborah norville. football superstar peyton manning is hitting back after being accused of using human growth hormones.
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the quarterback is calling the
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