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tv   News 19 11  CBS  December 29, 2015 1:37am-2:07am EST

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james: mwah! from the station that's on your side, you're watching news 19 at 11:00 the years is almost over. you would not know it based on the weather. was had some extremely warm temperatures. and actually broke some records. let's check in with weatherman jim gandy. >> it's been warm and humid today. already, we are starting to see more rain moving through the upstate region of south carolina that's gradualing working it's way. here is what we saw as far as temperatures. a low of 65 degrees. that broke a record for the highest low temperature for this date. the previous record was 58 degrees in 1936. then we saw a high temperature of 79 in the city.
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80 degrees in the airport. that broke the record high temperature of 79 back in 1984. right now it is still unseasonably warm outside. cloudy, 73 degrees. it's humid. we have a window of southeast at 10 miles per hour. if we get those rain coming before daybreak we will get to about 66 degrees. tomorrow, we will continue to see mostly cloudy skies. we will see a chance of showers and a high temperature of 77 degrees. there is some cold weather on the way. we will look at that forecast in a moment. orangeburg county depututs continue to investigate after finding the body of a holly hill woman. 38-year-old laretta bunch was found off of a highway.
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they believe she was shot to death. harold pratt has been charged of murder. bunch and pratt was involved in some of argument before. bunch disappeared. he is expected to be in court tomorrow. we now know the name of the man who was killed yesterday. 62 keith pruett junior. mark has been arrested and charged with his murder now. it happened just before 5:00 in the 1100 block of antioch in east over that's over highway. before the shooting investigators say his wife was taking pictures when the victim an akwans stopped and exchanged words. deputies say he shot him in the upper body.
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have a gun and did not then anyone. protest took to a closed cleveland street after a grand jury decided it would not indict two police officers in the death of 12-year-old tamir rice. last year police were called to a rec center of a male waving a gun around. they did not know that pistol was a toy and did not realize rice was just 12 years old. >> the death of tamir rice was a tragedy. it was horrible, u uortunate, and regrettable. it was not by the law that behinds us a crime. >> it was a tough conversation. >> he will rest in piece forever not knowing what he did wrong on that playground. >> an attorney for the mother says that the family is saddened and disappointed by the outcome
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but not surprised. the officers will remain on restricted duty and could face disciplinary action from the city of cleveland as it opens its own investigation. in chicago now, there was another police shooting. this time two people were killed. one of those people a mother was shot by mistake. cbs ana warner was there tonight. >> reporter: police went to a home early saturday morning after the father of 19-year-old called to say his son was threatening him. >> shots fired. shots fired.
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his mother said he had changed. jamal cole was her nephew. >> the crime in chicago that's almost unbelievable. nobody should be shot down on their doorsteps. my aunt was not a person that deserved that. >> reporter: there have been weeks of protests including that of lequan mcdonald. over the weekend the mother stood with others wearing antirahm emanuel t-shirts. he issued a statement it is clear that change are needed to how officers respond to mental head crisis. >> the mayor did cut his family vacation to return to chicago.
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he said he is going to continue restoring accountability and trust in the police. some sad news tonight from the music world. the front man for heavy metal band died. he died after a short battle with cancer. look. the band is best known for the 1980 hit "ace of spades." he was 70 years old. there is a boil water advisory for a large number of people that is going to start tomorrow morning. the city of west columbia will cut off water service from 9:00 many the morning to 7:00 at night for certain customers. the water lines will have to be shut off. once the water is back on residents who have been affected and who live near the area are going to have to boil their water for at least one minute
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prior to using it. if water customers have any concerns they can contact city hall. many of you are wondering if your house is affected. if you would like to find out just go to our web site and click on the story. while christmas maybe over but people are still getting presents at the pump that is. the average is $1.99 an average which is the lowest since 2008. we are sitting at about $1.74 a gallon. a 61-year-old man was stranded on the broad river for five days because of last weeks heavy rain. special operations chief jason told news 19 the concerned friends of the man sent reports to the police department after he wasn't seen on monday. he stayed on the island so he did have food and water for the last couple of days.
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he was eventually rescued on saturday afternoon. >> as his supplies ran out he became concern and tried to get off but couldn't. >> they used his last cell phone ping to locate him. he was taken to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. he says though that if you are going to go out into the woods or go camping please tell your family exactly where you plan to go. an investigation continues tonight after more than 100 animals were taken from a home in north charleston. they were evaluating all of these animals. officials say 72 rabbits, 32 cats, and four dogs were taken from the homeowner. the homeowner says she was trying to help the animals but in over her head. they say the authorities alerted them and their conditions.
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animals and gain vaccinating them last night. >> rotted food, nasty food, old water. conditions range somewhere in serious condition. some had wound that is were not treated. others were in generally good health but most of the animals had some kind of illness or some type of injury. >> the incident remains under investigation but so far no arrests have been made. meanwhile, closer to home a midland company continue to grieve tonight after 11 of their animals were killed in a house fire. they were visiting family in charleston before coming back to columbia when they heard their home caught on fire. the couple says they are just heartbroken. >> give the whole house up if i could have my baby's back. it's just, i don't even though what i'm doing right now. i'm so used to having them and
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>> there is no getting over this. this is going to be a turning point in our life. it's -- there's no getting over this. all we can do is move forward. >> well, the pair says they were told that a heat lamp was a source of that fire. they are going to continue to take care of rescued animals. while many of us are getting back from our christmas vacations, there are some very hard and special workers here in the midlands who never got a chance to leave. hundreds of troops from fort jackson won't able to go home to see their own families during the holidays. as lauren thomas told us the community stepped up to make sure they got at least one nice home cooked meal. >> i can't do what they do. this is the only way i feel i can give back. >> reporter: this is the season of giving.
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from fort jackson to a spaghetti dinner. >> it's a homemade recipe. it has been growing ever since. we are happy to provide for these soldiers who defend our country for us. >> reporter: they filled the gym in columbia. >> i feel honored. i would never -- it's an unexplainable feeling. >> she decided not to go home to her family. >> i don't want on the go to her home to save money and to not get out of the routine that is in basic. >> reporter: the private's home is in germany. >> we just really grateful for everything that everybody is doing for us. we feel we haven't done much yet. when we walk in and everybody
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claps and it's like oh, my god it's so awesome. >> reporter: for torres and specialist who have been in the service for a few years they know missing time with the family can come with the job. >> i was in the navy for four years. i had a lot of holidays where i was not able to be home with my wife or family. you actually build a family bond here. >> we went to a hockey game yesterday. basketball game is coming up later on this coming week and all the2_zt: different activities andt9jt: everything is really how the community comes out and helps. >> reporter: the new soldiers they shouldn't get discouraged. this is the 6th year for the event where volunteers have come together to help support the troops who had to stay behind during the holidays. speaking of the holidays if you are trying to figure out what to do with your real christmas tree, we got the answer.
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you can keep the mulch in return. keep the midlands beautiful. you can drop off your tree to be recycled through thursday january 7th and you can pick up the free mulch on saturday, january 9th. >> make sure you take off your lights and everything. remove it from the stands. take it and drop it off to the location closest to you. we don't take wreaths. just the christmas trees. >> for locations and times for the tree dropoff or the mulch pickup head to our web site, still to come, 2016 is almost here and news 19 on your
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to help you ring the countdown to 2016 is on ... but before the new year starts ... the annual famously hot new year party heats up. this is video from last year's event. the countdown to 2016. the party is heating up. here is video from last years event. this year grammy award winner lauren hill is head lining the night. the event is free for you. you just got to head out, find a place to park, enjoy all of the fun. if you don't feel like going, that's okay too. you can watch our special coverage of the event. we will be on you on news 19 day caring you live downtown from 11:00 at night until 12:30 in the morning.
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the new year's eve free ride is returning. from 11:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. the first $10 are covered as long as you are going to a home or a hotel within richland or lexington county. you want to take advantage of the program to let the driver letting them know you are getting that free $10. we want to say thank you to everybody who entered our famous contest. we had so many entries. the grand prize which includes a night at the inn at usc, a dinner for two. plus tickets aroundtown. our winner is miss saqoya.
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year's eve forecast. which is hard to understand. we can guarantee one thing it will not feel like christmas. >> no, it's going to be cooler. we may still see some light rain early in the evening. we want it to be gone though by the time the celebration is gone. temperatures getting up to the 80s. 80 here in columbia but also in sumter and orangeburg. 72 degrees up in greenville. tonight temperatures haven't budged much. 73 here in columbia, 71 in sumter, 74 degrees in orangeburg. notice to our north up at rock hill they are 61 degrees. we have been watching this. you can see the rain that was moving through the coastal region. we have been watching this area
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of rain that has been moving through georgia has now moved to the upstate region and moving to saluda and newberry counties. the front has cut through the northern part of our state. it's just south of rock hill. the cool air has been backing into the mountain region. the front hasn't made much progress south this evening. right now i think we will stay south of the front in the warm air. you can see the rain off to our west. the major storm system is in central illinois. you can see the snow over parts of the midwest. it is cold. behind that system temperatures are in the teens. in fact denver is 11 degrees. oklahoma city 27 degrees. in chicago there it is 35. we are one of the warm areas of the country.
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you will probably wake up to showers in the morning. then tomorrow night mostly cloudy, slight change of any rain. once we get into wednesday we see another batch of rain during the afternoon. for tonight, expect lower temperatures. tomorrow we are expecting high temperatures in the mid-70s. 72 in newberry. 77 in columbia, 78 degrees in sumter. our seven-day forecast the better chance for rain is wednesday and thursday. there will be front coming into the area on thursday. 70 for the high. we do expect the rain to continue through the afternoon. it's going to be ending late afternoon or early evening. that's the way it looks like right now. we hope everything will be dry for new year's eve celebration. turning colder by the time we get to friday. mostly cloudy, 58 degrees. we will see sunshine over the weekend.
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and we will be seeing a higigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigigig now from news 19 sports alyssa lang. high school hoops back in action tonight. let's head to greenville.
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they were taking on greenville tonight. finishes for two. seventh again under hand. the fans in greenville in for a treat tonight looking just as impressed as the fans in columbia. again woods for three making it look easy. he will share the love here. going to take it down court for chavez. final score 71-58. clemson action. the same goes offense games but dedense wins championships. the coordinator k kws they will play a big role no matter how much hype. he is the tiger's defense. they allowed 32 points from the gamecocks and 37 from the -- it is something he knows has to
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change come thursday night. >> i've been really displeased with our lapses that we have had in both in the south carolina and the north carolina game particularly there in the fourth quarter. we got to have more of a killer. really i can't say it's everybody. there have been a few different guys that doesn't take much. you are out of a run. you assume somebody is going to make the play or whatever. but i know what we are capable of. >> staying with florida games. that is brian. he is hard at work for the georgia bulldog. for the last time he will be of the staff. it will be five days. until then, he is focused on helping this class of georgia bulldogs go out the best they can.
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shouldn't take lightly because not many people do it. especially at the university of georgia. there haven't been many ten-win seasons. i think there is only 20 something of them. i think guys averaging that will be huge. panthers fans still feeling a little pain after yesterday's shocking loss at the hands of falconon team. they knowhey have to shake it off before tampa bay comes to town this sunday. >> there is no magic words that need to be said. you don't see my wave a waund. >> i'm not concerned. we will find out what type of character we have. it is a disappointing loss. we came here with every
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all right. so we had a record breaking day today. hoping tomorrow is going to be a little more normal or not really? >> we might break the record low temperature. >> okay. >> for the highest low temperature. i don't think we will break the high temperature. there will be some rain, a low of 66 in the morning.
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>> the highest low temperature. it's a little confusing. >> the normal high temperature for this time of year is 56. we were 80 degrees. >> unbelievable.
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ghter, took shelter. and the house is a mess. >> i know. it's a miracle that we got out alive.
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swearingen also hid in a closet with her boyfriend and her son trevor who is deaf. >> and it's dark. we had no electricity. and i'm trying to comfort him, and it's the only way i could communicate is to hold his hands and i just kept signing, god save us, just god save us, god save us. >> reporter: eight people were killed, most in their cars as vehicles went airborne. tossed by the tornado. back in rowlett, mike girouard and his wife nancy took us to their damaged home on sunday. >> we were on our patio on the back of the house. >> reporter: what was that? >> that was the ceiling falling in. >> reporter: nancy, are you okay? >> no. my boys grew up in this home. everything's gone. >> sorry, baby.
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we went from happy to homeless


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