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tv   News 19 430am  CBS  December 29, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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meteorologist..3 . efren afante... with what we can expect to see as the day goes on...good morning efren. 3 3 chat 3
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3 we're on your 3 side this morning with a boil water advisory... for a number of west columbia residents starting today. the city of west columbia will cut off water service... from 9 in the morning to 7 at night... for certain water customers in lexington county.the water lines will be shut off to complete a relocation project... near leaphart road... and mineral springs road.once the water is back on... residents who have been affected and who live near the area... need to boil their water for at least one minute
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customers have any concerns... they can contact city find out if you're address is on the list... head over to wltx dot com and just click on this story. 3 3 the deadline for federal aid assistance for the flood is quickly approaching... and many questions still remain as problems continue to arise. the emergency management division says one of the big problems is people who have damage... don't think fema can help. but they say... even if you've been denied for assistance once... you can still call fema if you have new problems. the emergency management division says the key is to register now... and get your disaster assistance number... in case you have additional issues come up after the deadline. 3 between october 4th and october 23rd, thats the diaster period that you would be eligible for, however, weve had a lot of rain since then, there could be some sort of precipitating factors. some pre-existing damage that occurred in the month of october that led to the damage that youre experiencing now. so thats why were encouraging
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register. 3 january 3 is the final day to apply through femayou can go to our website wltx dot com for more information on how to register. 3 3 scientists in pittsburgh say ultra-sound is comparable to mammograms... when it comes to detecting breast cancer. researchers say ultrasound is especially important in areas where mammography isn't available.. and as an additional test for women with *dense breasts*. 3 doctors in north carolina say they may be a step closer to a cure for a-l-s.they e been able to identify protein clumps in the brain... that contribute to paralysis and early death in a-l-s patients. researchers hope the discovery paves the way for a drug to fight the disorder. 3 most patients with chronic pain still get prescriptions for opioids after an overdose.
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study from the american college of physicians.the findings show doctors still prescribe opioids for 91- percent of patients who overdosed. 3 we here at news19 are sponsoring a "new year, new life" blood drive this week. it's taking place tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.... at salsarita in lexington.... on sunset boulevard. all donors will receive a salsarita lunch coupon.... and a red cross long-sleeved shirt. this is the third year for the blood drive. 3 an atlanta teen is getting a lot of buzz after he starred in a movie directed by his sister. the film "bumblebees" is a romantic comedy... and is
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has autism. here is their 3 story. 3 3 still to come on news 19 this
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morning... the body of a woman found in a swamp in orangeburg county...why investigators believe it was murder....comin g up after the break. 3 then, alyssa will have highlights from high school hoops... and how clemson defense is preparing for the orange bowl... thats all in
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3 in orangeburg county... the suspect in the murder of a holly hill woman... is expected in court today. he's 45-year old... harold pratt. deputies say pratt and the victim... 38-year old... loretta bunch... were involved in an argument before bunch disappeared around christmas. bunch's body was found yesterday... a waterway off of highway 453. they believe she was shot to death...pratt has been charged with murder. 3 in eastover...deputies have arrested a man they say shot a man after an argument. he's 48-year old... mark volstromer. the shooting happened just before 5
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sunday... on the 11-hundred block of antioch amez church road... in eastover... that's off of highway 378. investigators say volstromer's wife was outside the home when the victim... 62-year old... keith pruitt junior... and an acquaintance drove by. that's when the victim stopped the truck... and started to exchange words with the woman. deputies say when the victim got out of his truc the volstromer shot him. he has been charged wtih murder. 3 3
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3 us are just getting back from our christmas vacations... there are some people who never left. in fact, hundreds of troops from fort jackson weren't able to go home and see their family during the holidays.but as news 19's... loren thomas... shows us... the community stepped in to make sure they got a nice home cooked meal. 3 "i can't do what they do, so this i feel like i can give back."tony hogue, this is the season of giving. so on they decided to from fort jackson to a dinner. "it's a homemade grandmother. she passed away a couple year's ago, but the legacy die. it's been growing ever since. we're be able to come out here and provide for those soldiers to go out there and defend our country for more than 200 soldiers filled the gym at the hills catholic church in columbia. it's an unexplainable feeling." timonashia watkins decided not to go home to see abilene, texas. "i didn't want to go home for the holidays to save leave time and to not get out of the routine in basic to come back and suffer all over again."bosco's home is in germany and also decided to stay back for holidays....but both she and watkins are thankful for volunteers. "we're just really everything that everyone has done for us. we just feel done much yet, but when you walk in and everyone claps awesome."for many soldiers this time away from home during the holidays, but for torres and specialist eugene culbertson, in the service for a few years, they know that missing time with the family comes with the job. "i was in the navy for four years so i had a lot of holidays where i wasn't able to be home with my wife or with family, but being here with everybody else you actually build a family bond here." "i mean we went to a hockey game yesterday, basketball games coming up later on in this coming week and all the different
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activities and everything. it's really nice to see how the community comes and helps out as well.."to new soldiers, he says they shouldn't get
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3 3 this is the sixth year for the event... where volunteers have come together to help troops who stayed behind during the holidays. 3 if you're still enjoying a real christmas tree in your house until the new year--experts warn against letting it dry out... and becoming a fire hazard.a dry tree can burn very quickly. according to the national fire protection association... a dry tree can burn faster than's a good idea to recyle a tree when it starts dropping its needles. 3 and when you are ready to recycle that tree.. keep the midlands beautiful is once again sponsoring the grinding of the greens. you can drop your tree off to be
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recycled...from now until through january 7th... and then you can pick up the free mulch on saturday... january 9th. 3 incue: make sure you outcue:just the christmas trees3 for locations and times for tree drop off... and mulch pick up ... just click on this story on our website.... 3 today is the last day to see the elgin lights christmas show.paul towns... the creator has lived with cancer for over a decade... but that hasn't stopped him from setting up the lightsall the money raised go to kids who have cancer to go to camp kemo. this year his goal ... 10-thousand dollars.... which he made... will send 20 kids to camp kemo. now they want to send even more again tonight is the last can
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3 the countdown to 2016 is on ... but before the new year starts ... the annual famously hot new year party heats up. this is video from last year's event.grammy award winning artist lauryn hill is headlining this year. famously hot new years is on main and gervais in downtown columbia. the event is free. or if you don't want to go out you can count on news 19 to keep you in the know.throughout the day on new year's eve we'll keep you updated on all the preperation for the big show. and then you can watch our special coverage from 11pm until 12:30 that morning. 3 and if you do plan to party this year and have a little fun ... stay safe and catch a ride.the annual new year's eve free ride home program returns. cabs will be stationed near the fountain in five points .... near the tin roof in the vista... and near the corner of lady street and sumter street... from 11 pm until 3am new years day.the first ten dollars are covered as long as you are going to a residence
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or hotel within richland and lexington take advantage of the program you must call checker yellow cab... prior to the ride... or let the driver know you are a k-w beverage alert cab rider. 3 coming up... many of you still need answers to flood recovery questions... we are on your side with information you need to know... we'll have some answers to your questions and deadlines you need to know
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3 the midlands waking up to the sound of rain. yes, even more rain for us and even more muggy weather today.good morning and thanks for waking up with us here on news19 this morning...i'm mary sturgill. let's toss things over to
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