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tv   News 19 Friends 5  CBS  December 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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good evening and thanks for joining us tonight. the man suspected of killing a holly hill woman ask then dump willing her body in a swamp was in court today. the 45-year old is charged with murder and possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime. deputies say he and the victim
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before she disappeared around investigators found her body in a water way off of highway 453. so far no bond hearing has been set. well, a fugitive from north carolina has been arrested. he's a 71-year old and has been on the run for almost 30 years. records show he escaped a north 1986. he was convicted in april of 1984 on two counts of receiving stolen goods. he would have been released in november of 1989, but he was arrested subjected for stealing you jewelry from a flea market. he's been denied bond and will be extradited. a reminder about that boil water advisory we told you about yesterday. it's still going on in west columbia. the city had to cut off the water for some residents until 7:00 tonight. workers completing a relocation
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on you will need to boil your water for at least one minute befofo you use it.t. well, the national weather service issued a river flood advisory in columbia. the river level was a at nearly 15 feet just a few feet away from the 19 feet flood stage. it is understood close watch until friday and the national weather service believes it will be between ten and 15 feet through the end of the week. the river flooded just last week from heavy rainfall and the flood advisory is effective until this evening. now, the midlands most accurate forecast. i might add that there is now a flood watch which will go into effect late tonight and will continue through tomorrow night in case we see some additional heavy rain. this is a time lapse of our radar over the last three hours of you can see how the showers have been moving fairly rapidly at about 35 miles per hour.
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from this has been light, and we only have a few showers right now to the south of the columbia area that are moving through. this is what we've seen during the day. a lost cloudiness in place. there has been a little bit more sunshine off to our west, some breaks in the clouds as some dryer air has moved in. but in the meantime temperatures continue to be unseasonably warm. we've also been seeing quite a bit of moisture in our area. now, currently over in atlanta they're behind a front at the moment. they're at 70 degrees. ahead of the front they're at 74 and warm air has been surgeoning northward. here in columbia we're cloudy, temperature is 74 degrees, it's humidity outside. now, for tonight we do expect to see some showers. i think the better chance for rain will be toward day break. a low temperature of 65 degrees. tomorrow we're going to be seeing some scattered showers. they will be
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continue to see some occasional showers tomorrow night with a now, let's take a look at the traffic around our area this afternoon. and we'll start on the northwest side of town. this is the lexington highway. right here the hospital there is an didn't starting to slow up the traffic and then slow all the way into lexington. not too bad system this afternoon. on the southeast side of town we've got a little bit of typical traffic congestion here on the southeast side on the sumpter highway until you get past pine view. on the northeast side of town everything is in good shape. no accidents, the interstates in good shape if you're traveling from downit should take you about 24 minutes. a look at the weekend forecast is coming up.
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nation now the so and you had custody. he was arrested in two weeks after failing to show up for a hearing. couch made headlines in 2013 when he was sentenced to just ten years probation following a drunk driving crash at through the defense argued he suffered from what they call affluenza a disorder stemming from having been coddled by his wealth these parents. times of severe weather across the krichlt wind and ice making for dangerous travel. it's claimed at least ten lives now and a state of emergency and oklahoma after freezing rain and ice and sleet left 200,000 people without power. in texas at least nine tornados killed 11 people. >> all right. did you get any pots and pans for christmas. we are on your side tonight with a recall.
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cabinets. find out if you have the martha stuart cook wear because they're being recallele after a customer said there's metal discs inside popped off and caused bruise and the burns and welts. there were several reports, and three reports of injuries. they should be returned for store credit. the 8-inch and 10-inch flying pans were sold as part of a collection. the set costs about $170. once again you can take it back to the store and get yourself store credit. >> well the bbb is out with the top scams of 2015. they vary in name but all similar this the way they work. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of americans have
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>> a lawsuit against you. >> con artists posing as irs agents. >> this woman who didn't want to give her name paid the scammers $4,500 in prepaid debt cards. >> i panicked. the bbb says tax cons were by far the top scam of 2015. and other popular scams criminals pose as debt collectors or tech support, other claim you've won a sweep stakes. >> they pretend to be someone that you know and trust. front. this father thought he was a millionaire when he received this letter. all he had to do was pay a $40,000 tax to receive his prize. >> hook line and sinker i fell. >> and the scam artist won an untraceable form of payment.
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you pay by prepaid debt card wire transfer you should be weary. >> if the offer sounds too good scam. >> well to learn about scams in scam tracker at bbborg. if your resolution is to have more money the city of columbia is ready to help. they're host ago free financial workshop. they're going to be held, there are several actually. they're going to to be held on january 23rd, 30th and february 6th from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.. you'll get a chance to learn about budgeting, building credit and banking. to register just go to the best part is you get lunch and a gift card at the end of the program. well, if you've got your
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is buying ones that you don't one. a $100.01 from wal-mart will exchange for $85. well, there was of course the year of the doll, i got one, the furb and then the elmo year but this year what was it, try to guess, yes, the year of the fit bit. the fitness track certificate proving to be the biggest star of the year. it was the most down loaded app on the app store on christmas day. it also topped the down load ranks for the day after christmas. that's a signal that many people had them and wanted to get them setup right away. >> i'm so mad because i have worn my ugly fit bit on tv every day, my own christmas present to
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then i left the charger at home. so my mom is sending it to me. >> the charger is this big. >> they expensive? >> i don't know, my mom has gone through several of them. >> i'll letetou know. >> you know the man in the store when i was going to buy it he said don't bother with that it's not going to make you work out more. >> it does. >> because you look at your status and how many steps, you know, flights of steps you've taken a day. >> it reminds you that you had a sedentary day on a day thaw might not be thinking about it. it's 5:00 and i've only had 3,000 steps i better go for a walk or go to the gym or something. >> sometimes walk around the house while watching tv. that hour episode and just walk. >> here's something i've done if you're going to be on the phone don't sit, pace, at least you're burning some calories. >> did you get a fit bit this year or if it was the fit bit
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feel free to send pictures is is >> all right coming up next do you need to lose those holiday pounds, yes.
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you'll enjoy eating we're talking about new year's meals, what are cook with your friends? it looks likeyou're going to be able to grill outside hopefully. >> that's not a very good face you're making. >> well up until new year's eve it's going to be problematic. after that no problem. >> okay. so if you're going to do it this weekend this will be a good time. it's going to be cooler too. we have just a few light showers out there. it's been cloudy and still is but we've got a you couple of showers, one is in the extreme southern part of richland county. these moving east
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so even if you see a shower it's not going to last very long. here's a look at the satellite picture, and you can see not that much in the way of rain. we've got a front that's stationary across the upstate. it's part of a storm system that is weakening now up over the great lakes region, a secondary system developing along the new england coast. we had part t the front that moved all the way down to the border this morning. in fact at one point it was 52 degrees in rock hill it was 69 degrees but that's been retreating. but and there's really not that much in the way of precipitation right now. but we can see where that front is by looking at the dew points this a measure of how much moisture is in the air. well, look at this, we have moisture that's in place here in the
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summer, while in the upstate region the dryer air has moved in in and you can see where the front is and the actual air temperatures aren't that much different at the moment. 69 up in greenville but 74 in columbia, 75 in sumpter. tonight we're going to be seeing a few showers developing overnight. most of it is going to come after midnight so if you're out this evening i think you'll be fine. tomorrow you'll be dodging some showers on and on throughout the day. the rain will be tapering off tomorrow night but still seeing some rain even into thursday and this is for 4:30 thursday afternoon we still have some rain coming through the area. we're hoping that all of this gets out before we get into the new year's eve festivities but through friday morning we are expecting some rain. now, don't get hung up on these rainfall amounts here because the rain is going to vary, but the general idea is
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seeing anywhere from a half an inch to an inch half of rain. obviously the heavier the rain the more likely you're going to see rivers and streams rising. now, tonight we're going to say low temperatures of 61 in newberry. 75 for columbia, sumpter and/or rangburg maybe 76 degrees. our 7-day forecast we're still going to be seeing some rain right on through thursday but hoping everything ends by late thursday afternoon. high of 70 now. some time during the day on thursday that front to our west is going to be coming through and we're going to be cooling off but still cloudy on new year's day with a high of 59. dry over the weekend. 54 on saturday, looks like 57 on sunday but late sunday another front is going to be coming through and that's going to make it even cooler for the beginning of next week. 33
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now, let's go over to andrea. >> thank you so much. it is a new year and as we start thinking about new beginnings helping others a great way to start your karma. there's a special blood drive. >> so it's he the new year blood drive 10 to 3 tomorrow. so we're hoping donors end the year on a lifesaving note. as you're thinking about ways to help the community, it it only takes about an hour of your time and winter is a very challenging time for the red cross so many people busy and donation tends to drop off of the to do list. >> this the time that you really start running low? >> well it really has to do with how busy our donors.
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donors may be missing some of their appointments because of all the activities around the holidays but of course patients in the hospital aren't waiting until after christmas or after new year's to get that transfusion when they need it. they need it immediately and we need to make sure that that blood is ready whenever they need it. >> okay, very easy to find on sun set boulevard like everything else. >> look for the blood mobiles and we're hoping for 60 donors tomorrow, and we have t-shirts. >> hold that up for our camera. >> so a long sleeved t-shirt as well as as a salsarita's gift card. >> what does it say? >> give with meaning. so throughout the season we've been encouraging folks to think differently about the gifts they're giving. so this is their opportunity to give one final gift this year and make it lifesaving.
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going to get a little gift card. >> that's right, we have a gift from salsarita's so you can use that at the restaurant and take home the t-shirt as well and of course leave knowing you've helped to save up to 3 lives. >> we're exciting to be come out thank we i'm going to send things back over to the desk for a look at what's coming up next.
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you way up in the north pole, a penguin loaded a toy car onto a racetrack. zoom! it took off... ...going faster and faster, and twisting and turning, until finally, it stopped... ...right in our driveway. but dad, penguins live in the south pole. the lexus december to remember sales event is going on now, with some of the most magical deals of the year.
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we are two days away from columbia's famously hot new year's celebration women, we are two days away from columbia's celebration and award winning artist lauren hill
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it's free to show up outside and watch, but of course just like last year you can watch it from the comfort of your own home as the event will be broadcast live. and law enforcement wants to encourage you to think before you get behind the wheel if you plan on drinking new year's eve. there will be multiple checkpoints. it's important to line up a designated driver before the big night as alcohol related crashes the cause of most of the fatalities on south carolina's roads. >> we're going to have troopers place. ifou plan to drive be prepared to go to jail. natures simple. we're going to have law enforcement in place and we want fatalities. >> this year there have been 942 carolina. if you are traveling for new year's eve cheap hotels says that miami beach is the most
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guesting will have to shell about $286 a night. los angeles ranks second followed by new orleans. and a chain restaurant in new york city has a lot of people talking about the celebration that they're having because of the expense, yes, if you want to celebrate at the new year's eve olive garden that's in time square you have to pay $400 a person. well, here's the thing, it's all about location because it is right in times square. that's not going to get you unlimited bread sticks. it does include a dj, open bar and meal. the ball drop is not guaranteed because the view is limited. well, lots of you making resolutions and if getting
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report suggests that it might be easier than you think. thanks to these simple 7 steps, quitting smoking achieving a healthy bmi, exercising, eating a healthy diet, keeping your close roll low. as simple as they do sound they do require discipline for healthy results. >> well continuing with the healthy theme you may want to start byooking your own food. a study finds that people like healthy food more if they make it themselves and researchers believe part of the reason many of you believe that is because you actually see all the ingredients and know what y y're consuming. they suggest work places give people a build your own sandwich option to help out. well for all of you yoga lovers you are going to love this story because doing yoga
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a study that followed more than 17,000 people for four years those who did mind and body training used their health care 43 percent less than the group who did not. that's an estimated more than $2,000 in savings per year in er visits of stress related health problems make up a big part of your health care spending in the u.s. along with heart disease and cancer. i have lots of yoga friends who say this is all you should do is yoga. i hate yoga. there's so many different kinds of you have the hot yoga. i tried it. i'm not there yet. every time i go i think i'm going to be great. >> when was the last time you did it? >> two years ago. >> don't sit here like you do it. you're so skinny, i thought, yes, she does yoga but you go to the gym down the road. >> i i do, i do.
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they say they got a fit bit surge and they love it.
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clemson media day today well thanks for sticking with us. >> the national weather service issued a river flood advisory in columbia for the congaree river of last night the congaree river level was at nearly 15 feet just a few feet away from the 19-foot flood stage. the river is under close watch until friday until the national weather service believes that it will be between ten and 15 feet through the end of the week. it floloed last the flood advisory is still in effect this evening. well, a dozen families
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some much needed flood help. hundreds of volunteers have come together to get homeowners back on their feet. home repairs from mold removal to gutting taking place. one of the organizer says many people didn't know the extent of the damage t tt was done. >> there's a lost of families and homeowners who didn't realize that their home was damaged, didn't realize the extent of the moisture in their house, didn't realize that they were going to end up with a model problem. so that i thinkour whole community is learning quickly how much damage can happen. >> welcoming you up tonight at 6 we'll get a chance to hear from homeowners who are thankful for all the help they received from volulueers. the deadline to apply for individual assistance has been extended to monday, january 4th. now, originally we told you it was january 3rd but that falls on a sunday. so fema will be accepting registrations through
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declared all midlands counties federal disaster areas which means the entire midlands is eligible for individual assistance. the money would cover losses not taken care of by your insurance. if you have already registered no need for to you reapply. . >> the original extension for the deadline was requested by the governor in the state and we honored that request. that took the 30-day extension deadline to januarar 3rdrd. however since january 3rd falls on a sunday fema has extend that had registration period to midnight on january 4th, monday, just to accommodate those that want to register and have other plans faith based plans or whatever on sunday. >> if you still need to register we do have that link object our website and a reminder about a very large boil water advisory going
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city has the wheat cut off for some lexington county residents until 7 p.m. tonight. workers complete ago relocatioio project. once the water is back on you will need to boil your water for at least one minute before you use it. we only have a few light showers out there. one light shower right here in the southeast corner of richland county. it's about to move into sumpter county. it's fading. these moving east northeast at 35 miles per hour. currently in columbia it' cloudy, 74 degrees, it's humid outside. tonight we'll see a chance for rain but i think the better chance for rain will be closer to day break. 65 overnight then tomorrow we'll see a high temperature of 75 degrees. we're going to be seeing some rain moving through the area and we'll continue to see that chance for rain on thursday with
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we're expecting a high of 70, then the cooler air s srts to come in. now, there's still some question as to when the rain is going to end on thursday. right now we're thinking late thursday afternoon but there may be a chance for some showers thursday night. friday will be cloudy with a high of 59 and cooling off during the weekend. now, let's take one more look at the traffic around our area this afternoon and we'll start on the northeast side of town. there are no accidents to report and the interstates in good shape there on the south west side of town the same thing the on the northwest side of town good news things improved on the lexington highway from west columbia all the way into lexington. no significant slow downs on the interstate but it will still take you from downtown about 15 minutes.
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well the year might be winding down but things heating up in the race for the white house. this morning the ranks were released holding down the top spot donald trump. the ranks track who is the strongest candidate in the race each week and trump has been on top regularly since the survey launched. behind trump is ted cruz. well, presidential hopeful jeb bush will be in south carolina tomorrow night. he'll be at a campaign event in lexington. that event starts at 6:30 p.m. . now, while general is in columbia donald trump will be campaign not guilty hilton head. the frontrunner will hold a meet and greet. and that event starts at 11 a.m.. the midlands filled with all types of religions and today the governor declared january to be the south carolina enter faith
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made the announcement this morning at the state house. they say that they hope people will take the opportunity to learn more about other religion and the cultures through various festival and the programs. >> we gather as faith communities and join together and have an exchange or dialogue conversations about what it is to be that particular faith base person. what their traditions as opposed to the others, how we are all very similar and more similar than we are different. >> for a list of all of the events you can go to our website well the south carolina uso got a big check this week to make the holidays brighter for troops. a ten thousand dollars was donated to the uso and rely on gifts to make a difference to the lives of service members and
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throughout the holiday season several events were hosted for service members. with christmas over it's time for the annual grinding of the greens keep the midlands beautiful will turn your christmas trees into mulch. don't forget you've got to o ke everything off the tree. you can drop off trees. there are several different drop off locations but if you're looking for a complete list we've got all of that at our website and if you're still looking for stuff to do with the kids while they're out of school winter fest is still going on at the state museum. tomorrow there will be crafts. this is the last week to catch the poll later express in the theater and the star of bethleham. admission is just one dollars >> see still plenty of things around the midlands to get you in thehe holiday spirit nothing
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the show has been going on for 18 years and it is still going on tonight. >> that's exactly right and that's where we canind jenae fraiser. what's going on? beautiful out here. they've got six buildings as well as thousands of lights outside. i'm joined now by paul towns who's behind all off this and they were actually going to close on christmas eve but day. why did you do that? >> my biggest reason was we have a lot of people that have families that are coming from out of state and andnd they didn't get here until after christmas, and so we just decided to go ahead and open up for one more day and give the community also another chance to come out. we've had a couple of rain days. so it was a little slow. and so we just opened up another day and hopefully we'll be full
5:35 pm
time. >> what kinds of things can they see out here? >> well, we have six buildings that are just full of toy trains, tractors, antiques, a blacksmith shop that will be working, steam engines that will be running. we have photos so you can take pictures of you. and then we have over 40,000 lights that we put up. and we do a free hey ride through the lights with anderson teak tractor and everything that we do out here is free. we do accept donations and 100 percent of the donations i give to camp tino and memory of cole sawyer. >> and tell me a little bit about the cause thaha you're raving money for? >> it's a camp with kids can go for 7 days and can be children and not have to worry about doctors and hospitals.
5:36 pm
when they go to camp we pay to make sure they have their doctors out there, the oncologies there of ambulances on stand by and if they have a sibling we send their sibling along with them. and this year our goal was to do 20 children. so that's our goal is to make enough money to be able to send 20 kids to catch. >> well thank you so much. and if you want to get out here and help with that goal and enjoy all of this holiday fun you can come from 6 to 9 tonight. it's at 2433 charlie horse circle. >> so excite that it's going on for one more night. >> it's a great cause. that's great that they're able to do this one again this year.
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we all enjoy doi well you know the saying action speak louder than words and that goes double for new year's resolutions which are often made with the best of intentions. >> and once it comes it's hard to deliver on them but don't fall into the trap making ones that you can't accomplish. we've got six ways to keep your resolutions this year. >> all right coming in at number one start early like now if you haven't already started planning out exactly how you're going to cone can he your 2016 goal you may be a little too late this time. you've got to give yourself enough time to outline what you need to do to succeed. >> number 2, only resolutions you really want. that sounds simple enough.
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them based on what we think we should do. >> it's about the climb. you have a better shot of achieving your resolutions if you stick to your goals and set your goals you have control over. you want to lose 15 pounds stick to go a healthy diet and routine is more important than the number on the scale. so stick to a resolution like i'm going to go to the gym five days a week and i'm going to always fill my plate with half fruits and vegetables. >> number four you don't want to go overboard. you may be tempted to write down 20 things but that's a good way to overwhelm yourself. it's probably best to make two or three thaw intend to keep all year long. >> well make realistic plans is not enough to say that you want hit the gym more often. you need to make plans of what it is you wouldn't change. if it is to get this shape write down how
5:39 pm
the gym each week unless you get specific you will have a hard time identifying all of the obstacles that could get in your way. >> and final tip keep records of your progress. think of them like a to do list or a budget. you can't know what you spent and what you've got to let go if you go shopping. so you don't take accurate notes. tracking your progress is a good way to stay accountable and keep the resolution fresh in your mind. there are several apps you can use that will help you keep track of what you've accomplished. >> do you have a resolution yet? >> still working on it. >> too late. >> i know. i'll get it down. do better for 2016 how's that . >> i won't tone arms. the arms has a little bump in them. whatever that thing is called. >> a little horseshoe thing. >> i want a try accept that looks like that. how do i get that, where can i buy that?
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>> you can go to the gym. >> i've been going to the gym. >> they might have them in the way back section. coming up next it was media
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for the big ora the men's basketball team this is the first game between the two schools. tip offset for 7. they are ranked number 20 in the usa today poll. south carolina is 11 and 0 for the first time
5:42 pm
excited about that. . >> did you have a lot of friends? >> a few. >> a couple of grads. >> all right. >> so good job. in the meantime talking about clemson today. >> it's all about the tigers in the sunshine state where they've had some success. they're going to take on oklahoma new year's eve. obviously the resolution is to win that game and lock their spot into the international play off championship game. meanwhile former lake marion gator mike will he yams but an injury in week 1 put him on the dl for the entire season. it was the very first drive. and he scored on this touchdown. the first one of 2015 but ended up on his back and the diagnosis was a fractured neck. so they have been climbing up the top of the ranks, he has been more than a casual observer. coming up tonight at 6 we will hear from
5:43 pm
team being successful and what he's planning on doing in 2016. he's eligible for the nfl draft right now but says he'll be back. also if you go to our website there's a story up on goodson the linebacker out of the pd area who's had a very successful career with the tigers. and now, he's one of the bigs on defense. and of
5:44 pm
williams coming up here's a look at what's on tonight it starts at 8 with ncici and at 9 the 30th annual kennedy center honors, and you can head
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netflix has anderson mated count down on new year's eve. the idea is kids don't have to stay up until midnight to watch the count down. the big famously hot kneel knew year event is just around the corner and folks from the university of south carolina using this as an opportunity to help those who were impacted by the historic flood. they're going to have volunteers at every entrance to the celebration to collect your non-perishible. donations will be taken directly to harvest hope. so make sure you bring some extra cash with you or some canned goods. and the library of congress announced earlier this week the annual list of movieie that it
5:46 pm
among the 25 films added the shawshank redemption. ghost busters and of course you know here in south carolinin with schaw down the road we love our top gun. a panel choose the movies that they deem worthy for preservation for their historic or artistic importance. they brick the number of films to 675 films. i approve of all three of those. >> i've got to refresh my memory on that one but definitely ghost busters. >> a friday movie and then he gets out and they go live on an island somewhere. it's a very long movie. i summed it up real quick for you and who's the other actor. tweet me.
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being right now a dozen families around the midlands will be getting some much needed flood relieve. plus the deadline to apply for assistance establish extended, what you need to know, and you still have one more chance to visit the beautiful lights in elgin and help sends kids to camp. news 19 at 6 starts now. good evening and thank you for joining us. many homeowners felt like they were overlooked hen it came to volunteer help during the flood. but news 19 lauren thomas shows us what it
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