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tv   News 19 6  CBS  December 29, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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much. >> this woman and her children were in their home when the roof collapsed from flood damage. now, they're building together helping to put back the pieces so that she and other homeowners can help find their new normal. >> i'm a single mother. i want to say thank you. >> there's a lot of families and homeowners who didn't realize that their home was damaged. >> jim powell along with 400 volunteers came together for a three-day home blitz. >> we brought a task force together, and we said, say, do you know where there are needs that are not being met and for this event we want to serve those who haven't been able to receive help in other ways. >> and 12 homes being repaired. for david stuart he had significant mold build up in his
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his home since the flood. >> sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do. >> he's staying with friends repaired. >> we had to demo some of the ceilings and the walls to get the mold out and today we're doing model remediation. >> two of the many volunteers. >> we saw that it was a house in need, you know, that may not have a lot of other options and that we could -- we have the right skill set, and you know, the right people around us that we could be able to affect the change. >> helping these families get back on their feet. >> whom works ask the project raised more than $300,000 for home build. in you're interested in being a volunteer on their next project you can chchkut this story on our website and we want to let you know about the extent that --
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it's set at january 4th. if you've already registered don't worry you don't need to reapply. you're all set. we've got the link on our website under the flood recovery tab. residents to get their water from certain parts of west columbia remember you are still under a boil water advisory. the city says this is to complete a relocation project. people in the affected areas advised to boil their water for at least one minute before being used for drinking until 7:00 tonight to find out if your head over to and click on the story. now, the midlands most accurate forecast. we've had a few light rain showers moving through the area. right now they're barely showing up on radar but we do have a few showers to our self essentially
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moving east northeast. currently we have cloudy skies, temperature 73 degrees, winds out of the south, south west at five miles per hour of tonight we'll be seeing an increasing most of the rain will be coming during the early morning hours. tomorrow rain will be likely but it will be off and on during the day with a high temperature of 75 degrees. i'll have more in the forecast coming up. all right. jim, thank you. call crime stoppers meanwhile if you know who this suspect is. richland county deputies say back on december 14th the person in this video broke into the amp and food mart and stole about $7,000 worth of merchandise and cash. they say he took everything from lotto tickets and cash to cigarettes and liquor. if you know who this person is it's a pretty clear picture right there. please call crime
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in court today. he was formally charged with murder and possession of a weapon during a violent crime accused of killing a woman on christmas day. the 38-year old was found in a water way off of highway 453. yesterday investigators say they believe she was shot to death. no date has been set for a bond appearance. a north carolina man that has been on the run since 1986, that's 30 years, is now behind bars after being arrested in surf side beach. he was arrested by police on sunday morning for shoplifting. records from the north carolina department of corrections showed he escaped from a north carolina prison on june 23rd, 1986, where he was serving a three-year sentence. he was denied bond on monday. he will be extradite today north carolina. legislatures have prefiled a
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for killing police dogs. if passed it would carry a minimum mandatory sentence of two years for killing a dog or horse used it would also race the fine up to $20,000 and require the person pay the cost to replace the animal. under the current law the offense is just a misdemeanor with the penalty of one to five years in jail or a fine of five hundred dollars or two one thousand dollars. this comes after a police k9 was killed in anderson county and fargo a k9 was killed. it would be called fargo and hyco's law. the so-called affluenza teen is now back in custody. the 18-year old was arrested two weeks after he failed to show up for his court hearing. he made headlines in 2013 when he was
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following a drunk driving crash at the trial the defense argued that couch suffered from what they called affluenza a psychological disorder from having been coddled by his wealth these parents. one of the men accused in the death of a pastor's wife has been charged. larry joe tailor junior i i is charged with murder, felony murder and robbery incomes to the death of a man. that man found dead in an apartment complex. tailor and another man watson both charged in connection with the blackburn. police say they robbed and killed her while she still at home. the year might be winding down but things heating up in the presidential race for the
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today released its final power ranks for this year. holding down the top spot donald trump. the track who is the longest candidate in the presidential race. he's been on top regular later since the survey launched. behind trump is ted cruz. gop frontrunner donald trump will be back in the state this week. he's going to be head to he's hosting a meet and great convenient. it is free and open to the public. and former governor jeb bush will be in the state tomorrow as well. he's going to be attending a meet and greet in lexington at the hudson smoke house barbecue. that event starts at 6:30. many call south carolina the buckle of the bible belt but the state and the midlands filled with all different types of religious gongs and today the
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south carolina enter faith hard monday knee month. the south carolina inner faith partners made the announcement earlier today. they say she hope people will take the opportunity to learn more about religion and cultures beyond their own. >> activities, events, dinners, festivals, movies, all kinds of fun engaging activities that are made to inspire, to engage, to open up dialogue so that you can meet some of the people from these communities. >> for a list of all the events that are going to be going on in january you can head over to our website well, do many of you still have your christmas tree up and just in case you didn't get enough of your christmas lights this season you can still go out and see the absolutely beautiful elgin lights.
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any donation you make goes right to camp tino. shot. >> reporter: they are absolutely beautiful and there is more than 40,000 lights out here, and there are six buildings too with and antiques. really educational and amazing to see. i'm joined by volunteers. we have chuck and mike. tell me about your experience. >> i love the whole thing. it's absolutely beautiful. i love watching the cars roll through the drive through area here and watching their eye balls light up and it's not just the little kids faces it's the big kids too. it's a wonderful feeling. >> mike, how about you? >> i've been here since the beginning for 18 years and i've seen a lot of amazing things happen and paul does a
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done for the kids at camp -- i forget. he does an amazing job and i just like the whole thing. >> what kinds of things in the buildings and other things that people can see. >> antique toys, really like old farming equipment, trains, the military building he did a fantastic job so it's a great sight to see. >> if you want to get out here this is the last night of the actual last night was christmas eve but paul towns the founder decided to open up for one more night. you can come out from 6 to 9, we're at 2433 charlie horse circle. and it's free but they'ree collecting donation for camp. see christmas doesn't have to be over just yet. all right still to come tonight on news 19 at 6, the sun peeked through the clouds this
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is going to be making a come back.
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and the rain the wet weather also to blame for a huge sinkhole in anderson county. it opened up
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entire road in this folks who live nearby going to be dealing with this issue for quite some time. officials say it could be a year and a half before those repairs complete. that is a site to see, something that we saw very many of down here during the floods and if you drive around the back roads chances you still can find them. we have one here in the parking lot. too much wet weather. >> well and they've had m me rain this month than the upstate than we've seen here since the flood of hence the rivers so high up because of all the water that's coming downhill. >> when is it going to dry up for our new year week? >> well, the first week of new year's will be cold and dry. >> okay. that's what we expect this time of year. that's okay. >> well, it's just been incredibly warm and we're still warm because we are east of the front. and that front extends
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into eastern and southeastern appeal bam match we are having clouds just a few light showers south of columbia not much in the way of rain night riot now. as we zoom out the storm system that created havoc over the past few days now weakening. not a lot of precipitation just a little bit of light snow over in new england. but you can see where this front is very nicely in our dew point temperatures which is more absolute measure air. the higher the dew point the more moisture there is and in factored it's very moist here in the midlands but go in the upstate here's that front. dew point temperatures 52. temperature wise and this is air temperature, it's still quite warm. 73 here in columbia, 74 in sumpter, 75 in orangeburg.
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67 degrees right now in greenville and anderson. across the we're one of the warm areas you look att the northeast through the mid-south, temperatures cold. in fact in rapid city right now 11 degrees. for our area tonight we're going to be under cloudy skies but expect to see the rain picking up toward day break. tomorrow we'll see scattered showers coming through the area during the day and they continue tomorrow night. then we'll see a break and it looks like we may see a little bit more rain coming through the area thursday afternoon. we're hoping it gets out of here shortly therereter. tonight low temperatures will be dropping down into the low to mid-60s, 65 for a low here in tomorrow high temperatures maybe about saluda. 75 in columbia and orangeburg, and 74 in sumpter. and looking ahead over the next
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still expecting that rain but at this time it still looks like out. 70 for a high with the it will be cooler for new year's day. we'll see he a high temperature of 59 degrees. dry over the saturday. 57 on sunday and cooler air to start next week. it will be sunny but we're expecting low temperatures near freezing, 53 on monday, 54 for a high on tuesday. and that's significantly cooler than what we've seen lately. >> everybody is looking at new year's eve going wait a minute, we're going to be outside. >> well, you know the 50 percent chance of rain but most of that is going to be during the day. we're hoping everything ends by afternoon. >> if you need a coat it might be a raincoat. >> you'll neat a jacket. >> all right. thank you so much. time to turn our attention to sports. a little clemson
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>> coming up next we're going to hear from mike williams.
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the dead storm system that slammed the country this week leaves hundreds stranded at airports plus mother and son on the run the teenager with so-called affluenza was caught
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we'll have an update. . >> all right we're two days away from new year's eve and when the clocks strikes midnight the tigers hope to be already set playing one more game. they
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orange bowl ask the winner locks up a spot in the national championship game. meanwhile media day is when the entire team is there, this is a chance for players to have a little fun. cristian playing the role of a reporter, and he has the personality that could make the transition. a little fun there. of course one player who was not at media day even though he's been injured is receiver mike williams. on the first drive of the season he caught the first touchdown but crashed hard into the goal post and as a result a fractured neck. he says he will be back with the tigers stronger than ever for 2016 in the meantime he says it's been tough watching his teammates rise. >> you know, you want to be a
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out there and make plays for the team. good group of guys, so, you know, i've just been taking it day by day. when i get back out there i'm going to be 110 percent. >> meanwhile sweeney has the tigers two wins away from the national title. he sounded very confident this week. he says the plan they put in place is very sound now, it's a matter of going out and backing up that number one ranking. >> we have a formula that we believe in as far as how we prepare both at clemson, prior to coming down here and then while we're here. we try to make sure that we have a good itinery and good balance so the guys can, you know, enjoy the process as well and enjoy being a part of this play off. i want them to enjoy it. i don't want
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i wish i, you know, enjoyed that when i had the opportunity. this is such a small moment in their life, this season, these four, five years that they have in college is such a small moment. so we try to be very
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guys news 19 the is happy to be partnering with the red cross
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life blood drive from 10 in the
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salsarita's in lexington famously hot new year's is almost here and the university of south carolina re leave is partnering to help get canned goods and some extra relieve. they're going to be stationed at all the entrances in downtown columbia taking your donation any food you bring will have g to harvest hope. so don't forget to add that to your new year's plans. all right tomorrow right here on wltx a midlands woman is going to be
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