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tv   News 19 6  CBS  December 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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need umbrellas we turn things over to jim gandy. >> we have to get rid of the rain and it is happening, at its own pace. the rain is increasing east of columbia, a few storms run the area and to the south and over to sumter that the bishop spotty showers, some of those are producing locally heavy rain. spotty showers and occasional storm for southwest but up in the piedmont area, beginning to diminish. just light rain now, piedmont upstate the rain has ended for now. still rain in georgia but diminishing also. from columbia east, we expect more rain to shift the next hours or 2. in columbia, training, temperature 69 degrees, winds from the northwest at 9 miles per hour.
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continue into the evening, vocational thunderstorm but it will diminish after midnight. tempter 64, tomorrow occasional light rain showers but it will taper off in the afternoon without temperature of 69, still hopeful during will be out before tomorrow evening. more in a moment. what everyone is talking about, the rain. it won't stop raining in the midlands and and is affecting all of us. one businesses forced to show its workers in and out of work because their cars can't make it in the water. chuck has the story. >> reporter: the roads i'm standing on at the treatment plan is flooded. msu of the heavy utility vehicle or truck it is impossible to get to and from work. management says it isn't affecting operations in the plant.
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whenever there is a rain there's a lot more water coming in, but we are able to keep up with the demand. >> viktoria kramer is the utility communications manager at the plant, she says the facility created protocols and is still using it today. >> our staff can park in a secondary area and use city vehicles to carpool the man so they can get to the planting keep it operational. >> kremer says it is an unusual for the water to rise but there hasn't been enough time for any literacy. todd harm it -- todd hammel works on these rivers and shares information with the national weather service. >> the ground is saturated, instead of that soaking in the running off, all the rainfall we are getting is running off. >> causing the rivers to rise
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he said we've seen so much rainfall. >> we don't have time for the ground totorecover or rivers and lakeketo recover they keep filling up. >> in columbia chp -- chuck grunwald news 19 wltx. >> the best thing to do is to keep up with your local forecast, fallen news 19 on social media and sign up for text alerts by going to our website and the richland county deputy is closer to getting home thanks to the saluda county test -- community. rescued by boat during the flood that rescued her home conscious flood insurance for structural damage but she says she have to pay out-of-pocket for the item she lost. over in solano county multiple churches teamed up to create the receiving waters benefit, raised $15,000 for flood victims and gave $3000 to mcgregor, she says makes a huge
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her parents house where she has been the past 3 months. >> i needed that 2nd draw for them to continue before the flood money came back. that continued instead of being put off. >> so little community says there were lucky to not have much damage and wanted to do what they could to give back to those who are affected. and lexington county of gaston madison jail for helping his wife commit suicide. his wife karen jones was found dead inside a hotel room on burning tree drive, officers say the believed jones assisted in her suicide between the afternoon december 20 in december 21. deputies found her body inside when they arrived around lunchtime on december 22, response was originally dispatched as a civil dispute. he's being held in the jail for
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ordeded him to undergo a mental evaluation. the case remains under investigation. >> in richmond county a fight over whether to get a chicken dinner let a husband and wife to the hospital. police were called to a home run branch road, the man and woman got into a fight about whether to get churches chicken, the husband knocked his wife out with a punch, when the wife came to she grabbed a knife and stabbed her husband multiple times, both were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries, the incident is under investigation and no charges have been filed.>> the upstate, police arrested a woman in connection with the death of her husband, found dead behind a hardee's restaurant sunday morning. police say 25-year-old angelina right is charged with hit-and- run resulted in death, 36-year- old brantley kazmir from behind the hardee's, died later in
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she is now in spartan county jail with no bond. the mcdonald's employees are shaken but unharmed after daring robbery at the 24 hour fast food restaurant early this morning, police say 2 robbers forced their way inside the restaurant with him and made the employees get in the freezer. they then grabbed cash and took off. no one was hurt. presidential candidates continue to make stops in the palmetto state him as the. jeb bush will be part of a meet and greet tonight near lexington, and the smoke out on something boulevard starts in less than 30 minutes. tonight gop front-runner donald trump was speaking to supporters about climate change, obamacare and hillary clinton. he also implied she is a hypocrite for claiming he is degrading to women considering
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and she came out with xism which so nonsense, so i hitter back and i talked about her husband and the abuse of women and the tremendous abuse. you look at it and it is tremendous abuse. i talked about that, and now ththtelevision is going crazy, and she gets up and makes a speech which doesn't mention anything about me or sexism. >> trump says if he wins the nomination he win the female vote and beat clinton in november. despite rain crews started building the stage for one of the largest new year's eve celebrations in the middle east, where the 30,000 people will pack downtown columbia around the state house for the famously hot celebration tomorrow night. parts of downtown columbia will continue to be closed during event preparation. grammy award winning artist lauryn hill will headline the
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downtown columbia and free but like last year, watch it from the comfort of your home as news 19 will broadcasted from 11 pm until 12:30 am. the plan to go out tomorrow night and you will be drinking, make sure you will be responsible with that, cab rides will be stationed in the fountain at 5 points near the 10 roof and vista and near the corner of lady street and sumter street from 11 am -- 11 pm to 3 am new year's day. as long as you're going to home or hotel within richland, take advantage of the program, call checker yellow cab prior to the right or let the driver know you are a kw beverage alert cab writer. is midnight is too late for your little ones, the new year's countdown for you, kid
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am tomorrow and just before noon the kidsdscan untdown to 2016 when the ball drops, the party is free with museum admission. if u want to start the new year's off on the right foot, it has to do with what you put in your stomach. news 19 mayor sturgeon breaks to new year's meal means for your new year. despite being a traditional meal, collard greens, black eyed peas or porkchops and cornbread are supposed to bring you prosperity in the new year. i've worked out for digestion to find out what it means. it is an old southern tradition you eat collard greens they represent green cash or money. black-eyed peas represent coins or wishes. the idea is your wishes will come true in the coming year. the pork chop, no matter how you cook it represents wealth in general. the cornbread, that is the color of gold. to get the new year started off
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enjoy and have a prosperous 2016. how about bringing in the new year with a lottery win, tonight's drying is estimated $300 million, jackpot the 3rd largest this year. cash option is $184 million, tickets are $2 and on sale until 10 pm, watch the drying before news 19 at 11. still ahead, letting us know if the rain will break -- be with
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how the historic rainfall
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tonight, 8 pm, i get the lot. unbelievable video coming out of missouri tonight take a look. scattered the regulations and the closure of interstates and hundreds gross, national guard has been called in to prep for potentially devastating flood waters, torrential rain from the storm system moving through , middle part of the country already killed dozens. experts think the mississippi river will reach 15 feet above
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savvy back in november we have to do with a tremendous amount of rain sore hearts go out to the community. >> we understand, but i want everyone to know it is a little different. are floods would've been worse had not been for the dance we had in south carolina. and help mitigate some of the flooding, some of our historic flooding occurred before those dams, so we have worse floods at the beginning of the century that was worse than this. >> we're hoping the rain here ends sooner than later. >> we just can't get to the dry y air fast enough. we of rain occurring g the midlandsds the activity is shifting east, you say brain and columbia but we are seeing more thunderstorm activity occurring east of columbia and towards mississippian florets.
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the form of light rain, his resume in, thunderstorms around is over, gusty winds, about to move in to sumter county in showers and thunderstorms extending towards bishopville. brief heavy rains. doppler estimate of the amount of rains that has occurred, here in columbia, half an inch to an inch of rain, you can see the heavy rain from every bill to greenwood, fairfield county, 3 to 4 inches of rain and a lot of the water will come down to rivers. the rivers will be in flood for a while. the front is stationary across northern khalif -- carolina into georgia, across south carolina, we watch the activity it is increasing but in the western part is decreasing which is good. as we pull out, this is where
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across the rest of the country not so much in the way of precipitation. and did see were the front is for the moisture, easton the front cut dewpoint temperatures are higher, a lot of moisture in place, the other side of the front dries out and we'll see it coming. temptress 6464in greenville, 69 columbia, 76 and orangeburg. across the country the cold weather to the west and midwest, 9 degrees in rapid city. computer model shows the rain will continue to diminish and see out -- additional showers move through, and the case again tomorrow, but as we get into tomorrow night it should be cloudy, and stay cloudy through friday. are forecast for tonight expecting low temperatures in the 60s, 64 in columbia, tomorrow highs of 65 in newberry, 69 in columbia, 74 in
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a look ahead, rain tomorrow comes to an end and new year's day, expecting cooler weather. 59 degrees high temperature over the weekend, 54 saturday, 57 sunday, colder next week by tuesday a low of 28, high temperature 52. >> a hard freeze next week? >> preparing yourself cut you thought you are done. >> without we had kicks winter. >> postponed until next year.
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>> still ahead, 3 coming up in the evening news, fall from grace, comedian bill clause be -- cosby faces assault charges. >> a flood emergency missouri where the rivers continued to rise. changing the world one heart of time. >> dinnertable conversation to
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it is official last night news broke, sweeney confirming 3 pleasant -- clemson players have been suspended from the orange bowl for a violation of team rules. young came, it mcculloch, it is being reported all 3 failed drug tests although clemson is not confirming it, but they are done for the orange bowl. the arcane cut you could make a case here's the best playmaker in the 2nd of the season, came up strong, big-time plays, 2nd
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yards for the tigers, but he is at home, coach swinney says he can resume his career he grows up. tonight, swinney already scheduled a news conference, it is next man up. >> when you don't do the right thing, it is that simple. not very complicated matter at all. 115 guys, 12 did what was right and 3 dennis. they forfeit the opportunity and privilege to be a part of the game. why would it be a distraction, didn't have anything, jay jay mccullough, deonna didn't have anything to do with jack olson and how it pleases game, and the rest of those guys. it is in a distraction at all. >> frank martin in the men are in action when they host the
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and 80+ years, 11, zero the record, after last week at st. john's, the guys are staying grounded, they pulled off of win against iowa state going into a skid to start secretary play. >> friend is a good job, every purchase is a brand-new practice, if we practice poorly he will let us know and we have to do a good job of coming back practicing harder and better. i think we've been practicing and competing and that is helping her depth and that will help us in conference, as he said all hands on deck. >> former standout kevin max scored 20 points last night against utah, texas lost 71, 76, but max, strongly considered yukon and the recruiting process
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first half, 5 of mine, said 7 great performance last night. >> by the way another vessel game tonight clemson and north carolina, doesn't look good for the tigers were blown out recently at georgia. that is it for now and sports, big basketball night and will have more coming up on news 19 at 11. back to you.
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new debate about dog pants, that is gone viral. the question is a dog wore pants what they were them on its hind legs or all 4 legs? can get the highlights? you are in the majority. but many argue pants cover all your legs, we were to a get pants because we have 2 legs, therefore dogs should were for
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