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tv   News 19 7  CBS  December 30, 2015 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

7:00 pm 3 thunderstorms moved through parts of the midlands this afternoon. and more rain could be o . thunderstorms move through the midlands. more rain on the way, depending on where you live. the question is now, are we bringing in the new year with rain or no. thank you for joining us. we are going to send things to jim. people are eager to make plans. >> right now i think they will be fine. we're seeing the rain tapers off in an areas that seen rain all day long in the piedmont. the rain is coming to an end. if you're north of i-20 the rain is teachers off. it will continue for a while south of i-20.
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of the radar. into aiken county northeast at 35 miles an hour. the areas south of interstate 20 will see rain through a good part of the evening hours. as far as rain until 5:00 we received .72-inch of rain at the airporor for the month over 6 inches of rain at the airport. right now we have light rain falling. temperature 68 degrees. winds west, southwest at 3 miles an hour. for the remainder of tonight chance of rain. the thunderstorms are winding down. 64 for a low. tomorrow we'll see showers during the day. it will be tapers off by afternoon. 69 for a high tomorrow, tomorrow night dropping down to 53. i'll have the rest of the
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>> rain is everywhere in the midlands, now folks in newberry county are watching flooding problems. evacuations and road closures, time in the county where caution is the key word. >> once again heavy rainfall pours on newberry county, jack brooks has seen the neighborhood flood. >> it's going to be bad. i'm going to make sure water doesn't get in the basement. >> three people were evacuated because of the high water levels. >> they weren't in grave danger but the water continuing to rise if we got more rain. >> several roads are blocked off by war cades. foster -- barricades. there's been a number of flashfloods and they are
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creek and boyd alley for fear of serious flooding. the sheriff said anyone in a low area or near a body of water needs to be cautious. >> the ground is saturated. it cannot handle any more water as far as an song. if you're in a low-lying area you need to make a plan to be able to leave quickly before it gets up. >> if you're traveling the roads, if you can't see the pavement go ahead and turn around. >> more people are killed in conditions like this driving than in their homes. because they don't recognize the danger of the water pooling and standing in the road. two things happen, you hit the water and hydroplane and wreck or you're forced into the body of water causing the flood.
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water you're at its mercy. foster says his off it is continuing to monitor the situation, things could get worse, he's cautioning everything to stay safe. the same heavy rain is causing flooding in the upstate as well. in greenville parks and zoo are closed. flash flooding caused evacuation of homes with the help of firefighters. the red cross opened up shelters. >> all of this rain is forcing sdge to change the operating plan. they will open one spill great overnight at the salutea facility. they will continue to monitor the lake levels to determine if they need additional action. we now know the name of the
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an amtrak train this morning. 34-year-old william t bowl wear died. he was outside of his vehicle and running away from the train when he was hit. he died at the scene. the accident happened at 4:30 this morning. the deties say the train pushed the suv 200 yards down the track. the train passengers were with used away if the scene. there were no other injuriri. deputies say a man wanted in connection with an armed robbery was turned in by family member who's saw him on the news. gilbert lewis, he pretended to make a purchase at the raceway on broad river roadadwhen he got to the counter r he showed a guguand demanded money and then hit him in the head with the gun.
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after the flood, residents got together and decided they needed to help out the counties that didn't have as bad of damage as they did at home. after fund-raising they were able to find and help those who were in need. the story of how a woman was helped by strangers who wanted to make a difference. >> i was there for people when i needed to, for my squad, but all that stuff was in the back of my mind. the insurance, not living at home right now, it was part of my head. >> deputy macgregor makes a living helping others, when the floods hit she needed help. >> the first floor was damaged. i couldn't salvage anything. i had to rip up the carpet, everything, tore the walls out. >> flood insurance covered the
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to pay for the contents she lost. she turned to the parents for help. >> the goal was to get money to flood victims, 100%. we didn't know exactly where when we started we wanted it to go to south carolina flood victims. >> they raised over $15,000. the luthern church helped with the event. how willing they are to help. >> excited to hear about the final number for community, i think that's a tremendous response. >> the donationed were split in $3,000 increments. >> the experience has taught her to accept being on the receiving end. >> everybody needs help, even
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one of the churches involved in the benefit was flooded but they wanted every penny raised to go to the families who truly needed it. head coach sweeney confirmed three players have been suspended ahead of the orange bowl game. deion cane, placekicker and tight end mccullough have been sent home. the three failed drug tests. in the press conference when pressed on the issue sweeny said he would only say it was for a violation of the team rules. and tip-off just a few minutes ago for usc mens team hosting francis marion university. carolina is off to the best start in 80 years, 11-0 is the record.
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19 at 11:00 for all the highlights. we want to let you know about the extension that fema is giving the deadline. we'll talk about that when we come back and we're going to talk about famously hot new ye way up in the north pole, a penguin loaded a toy car onto a racetrack. zoom! it took off... ...going faster and faster,
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until finally, it stopped... ...right in our driveway. but dad, penguins live in the south pole. the lexus december to remember sales event is going on now, with some of the most magical deals of the year.
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3 despite rainy weather crews began building the stage for one of the biggest new year eve celebrations in . despite the rainy weather set up the stage for our biggest party of the year. the hot new year's celebration. 30,000 people will be in downtown climbia -- columbia. in light of the events. organizers want people the feel safe at this event. we wanted people to know where to go and how to get there. steve benjamin has joined us tonight to go over the basics. >> thank you so much. he was having a powwow with jim dandy.
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the rain to clear out. i was here october 4th and got the scoop from jim gandy. >> i know the crowds will come out if it's drizzling or not. what are the things you want people to know. >> this is the fifth year of the event. celebrating the beginning of a new year, the reflection over incredibly challenging 2015 for all of us. and we want people to come out, have a great time, enjoy all the wonderful bands playing. $3 all day pass to run the comet. pick up the hot new the park and ride and ride the buses in. all of the parking carrages are free.
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we expect the weather to clear out. >> we have information upright now. pay $3 and right the comet all day. the parking garages are free but they will fill up. >> last year we had $20,000. if the wealth -- 20,000 people. >> if the weather clears up we'll have a great crowd. this is the biggest act. people are excited about it. phone is ringing off the hook. we are excited about it. >> prior to 5 years ago this vent did not exist. the city didn't come together. i know you have been instrumental is putting this together. >> it was important to me and to others that we had a chance to say thank you. thank you for the blessings, the hard work people put in
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open up the new year's, we have the wow celebration at hampton and main street. the ferris wheel. kids have fun with the family. when the kids time is over the grownups walk down the street and take in a night of referee, five years ago the hotels were empty. and now each year we have 1.5, $1.6 million impact on the city. the hotels are full and the people are having fun. right now my friends from georgia and north carolina and other places, columbia is the base to be. >> it's our own celebration. tomorrow there's a party for a purpose, all the different entrances people taking your montori -- montori donations. >> we're supporting the effort
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recognize that it's a collective responsibility to respond to the incredible challenges we face the week of october 4th. when people come to check in they will have the opportunity to give canned goods and other effects. it's important part of our responsibility to realize the recovery didn't end in the weeks after october 4th. it's will be a multiyear recovery and we have to recognize the fact we're in it together. >> thank you for being here. good luck with everything tomorrow. you can watch it right here. now jim, all we need is you.
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>> all you see right there is . we've been watching the stream moisture through alabama and georgia, that -- georgia. it's ending for the upstate region, we have rain moving through the area. let's go close in and show you what's going on. the heaviest rain is moving out of the midlands. we have a batch of rain that's back to the west extending down to the south of augusta, that's going to the southern part of
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for you in the piedmont area the -- rain is coming to an end. into the great falls area, radar has been estimating 3 to 4 inches of rain. once you are south of orangeburg little rain there. here's the front, stationary across northern georgia and the upstate of south carolina. the rain is shifting east into north carolina. the front is going to move our way, pushed by the area of high pressure in the central plains. as it comes through tomorrow, we'll see more of that rain shifts more to the east, tomorrow night we'll see the cooler air coming in. right now, this is what it looked like today. high temperature of 65 in anderson, but 76 in columbia,
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charleston 82 degrees, it's 72 in charleston. 66 in sumter, 68 in columbia and 64 in greenville, our computer model showing everything is shifting offered to the east, we'll see showers coming through tomorrow morning, by tomorrow afternoon everything begins to shift to the south through the lowcountry of south carolina. we'll be cloudy tomorrow night, only a slight chance of a light rain, we'll be cloudy for the first day of the new year. for tonight, we're expecting low temperature in the low to mid-60's. 64 in columbia, tomorrow a high temperature of 69 in columbia, up to 74 in manning. cooler tomorrow night into new year's day with a high of 59, dry over the weekend.
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more cool air at the 3 it's almost that time of year again, girl scout cookie season. for the second year in a row, girl scouts are d . it's almost that time of the year. girl scout cookie season. they are doing digital orders, but you have to know a girl scout to order online. they invite how to web site to get credit. sales begin in the midlands next week. reach out to the local troop the order them or see them at different local stores taking
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that will do it for bill cosby. his shocking surrender to police. >> mr. cosby! >> mr. cosby is charged with aggravated indecent assault. >> the warrant issued for his arrest. >> he faces 10 years behind bars if convicted. then, first video. the affluenza teen on the run in mexico with his mom and their swanky $400-a-night hideout before moving to this flop house. plus, new year's eve terror concerns, and behind the scenes at the party of the year. >> it's so secretive. and trump force one. >> try not to trash the woodwork. >> doubling down on the clintons. >> she wants to accuse me of things and the husband is one of the great abusers of the world? give me a break. plus, michael jackson's
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all this could be yours for $100 million.
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