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tv   News 19 11  CBS  January 29, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

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to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can n ust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. 3 disease control has the cdc and who has issued travel notices for crows to 20 countries because of the zica virus. good evening. i am j.r. berry. >> i am . the head of the who
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explosively in the americas. what is this virus and what does it mean in south carolina? according to the cdc, it is spread through an infected mosquito bite the travel alert comes in because of what gan in brazil has spread to at least 24 countries. there have been no cases of transmission of zika in the u.s. but there has been some cases among returning travelers. zika may be extra dangerous for pregnant women causing birth defects like the video you just saw. that link has not been confirmed yet. >> south carolina does have the mosquito that carries the virus but there are no known cases. >> the best prevention is to, if you are pregnant, consider postponing travel to those areas.
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those areas, prevent mosquito bites. >> symptoms include fever, rash and a joint pain. 80% of those infected don't show symptoms at all. >> if this is something you are concerned about 02 our website today we saw rain but tonight we see the last of that rain moving out of the midlands. we can see the radar is -- rain is on the eastern edge. we still have the clouds temperatures 450. winds west southwest at 5 miles per hour. tonight clearing and 35. tomorrow sunshine. we should warm up to 600. last weekend's big
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to hit the northeast usa more than 60 years. the storm had a rating of 7.66 on the northeast snowfall impact scale back the worst ranked storm was 13.2. last weekend's was responsible for four deaths in south carolina. tonight a developing story in downtown columbia pic a 19- year-old female student was found dead. student housing on main street was the location. the death is being investigated as -- suspicious that barbie is getting a makeover after a very long time of looking the same. there is a new doll launched
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>> the company is looking to change the image. >> it's nice these dolls are different. >> reporter: since the creation, there has been many looks but not quite like this. mattel says she can come in different shapes from curvy, tall and petite. >> it broadens what is culturally appropriate. >> reporter: campus dietitian at the university of south carolina says body composition plays a big role. by changing the shape of a doll, young girls can be more comfortable. >> 81% of 10-year-old girls are afraid of becoming fat. these do show full her body >> proportions are much more closer to what a normal human looks like that >> reporter: barbie isn't the
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please doll has catered to ethnicities and personalities. >> there are three different skin tones. >> reporter: wilson says sometimes parents may be more concerned than the children pet >> the moms don't want kids seeing this perfect image of women. we don't know how it will respond with the case. >> reporter: along g with different body types the new barbie comes in seven different skin tones, 22 eye colors and two different hairstyles. >> i like the new barbie. you will not see those dolls on store shelves until the spring. state houses budget leader says it wants to help farmers affected by last fall's flooding get help as soon as possible.
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legislators can set aside some of the state surplus money to help farmers survive last year's four suspects specific amount has not been given yet that agriculture commissioner says raines wiped out $330 million worth of crops at harvest time and $45 million was lost because farmers couldn't then planted winter crops. kristi paulus the permanent director for the state transportation department she took over last summer on an interim basis. she was given higher marks for handling the massive damage to roads. 30 years ago today the nation watched as the space shuttle challenger exploded over cape canaveral. >> there were memorials all over the country and one specific look back at how this
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carolina. >> reporter: the seven astronauts paired -- prepared for liftoff. >> there was a lot of excitement and camaraderie. >> one and liftoff. >> reporter: it appeared to be a textbook launch. a seal failed on the rocket booster causing a catastrophic explosion pick >> obviously a major malfunction. >> reporter: confusion gave way to grief. >> what's going on? >> reporter: ron mcneil headphone on the challenger before. he was the second african american in space inspiring americans with his saxophone playing with ro gravity. two years later he was gone in a national tragedy.
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challenger crew were pioneers. >> what was that like to having nation mourned with you? >> that was a beautiful part of coming back from this tragedy. >> reporter: she honors her husband by encouraging children to study science and technology. the same skills that helped a man from humbled beginnings see the earth from above. >> he described it as just so beautiful and appearing without judicial and or lines. peaceful he said. as he thought the lord meant for us to live. >> reporter: here on earth, words worth remembering. >> a candlelight vigil was held in ron mcnair's hometown. tour guys in charleston have to spend hours learning history of the city.
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as it stands now, guys must past eight 200 question exam in order to be certified. people are suing think the city's licensable infringes upon rights of people who simply want to talk for a living. >> history is everyone's heritage. it runs through air dates back i do not believe that you should have to pass a test to be able to talk for a living. >> the institute for justice is helping these plaintiffs with their case. according to them, telling stories to tour groups without a license is a crime punishable by fines for up to $500 or 30 days and you pick tonight seven republican presidential hopefuls met for their last debate before the first in the nation iowa caucus pick
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. hosting his own event for veterans instead. >> reporter: donald trump staged his own show in des moines just a few miles from the debate he boycotted over a dispute with fox news. >> when you are treated badly have to stick up for your rights. >> reporter: trumps full capacity event was billed as a benefit for veterans. >> i would dig a tunnel if i needed to pick >> i like his ability to get things up and >> reporter: trumps decision to go alone could alienate voters. >> he felt like he was running away from fox news. >> reporter: trump claims his foundation raised more than $5 million. >> i am a maniac. everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. and you are a terrible surgeon. that that we've got the donald trump portion out of the way --
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that >> reporter: some of his rivals mocked him. they also sparred over illegal immigration pick >> i know securing our borders is not anti-immigrant pick >> we should have a paththto legal status for the people who are here illegally. >> there is some confusion as to what happened leading up to that the pain donald trump said thut fox actually called and apologized for issuing what he called a press release yesterday attacking him and his campaign. he said the apology came too late for him to take part in that debate. fox says it refused trumps demand that the network donate $5 million to his charity in order for him to participate. different stories going on. >> we watched the debate together. there were still heated moments. still ahead, we had a
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expect more it's time to award our golden spatula this time to award our weekly golden spatula to the restaurant who scored a 100 pack >> colby gallagher is in leesville with the winner. >> reporter: today's golden spatula award winner has been around for 20 years back this is their fourth we board -- a prewar. everything is handmade?
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cakes, coleslaw that we put all our love into appear >> reporter: before we show you that food they make by hand, let's take a look at this week's highest and lowest. follow-ups. plaza got a was visited on june 22 and scored 100 and this week's low scores. great wall on parker river received a 79 70 9b for having live roaches under equipment that they also lost points were stored work meet over items in the freezer and employees were observed not washing hands between possible point of contamination. follow up is on the 29th. china expressed in columbia scored 82b that they were cited for employees not adequately washing hands back inspectors also noticed what meets were stored with ready-to-eat foods in the freezer. max, el paso in lexington with 85 max, el paso in lexington with 80 5b. and a play was observed
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without washing cancer betwewe. the restaurant also lost points for not having thermometers act all cold holding units containing potentially hazardous foods. outback steakhouse on to not read with 80 7b. inspectors found moldy produce and build up in the dishwashing machine. their follow up is on the 29th. this next court doesn't follow normal protocol. news19 let's viewers know when they are passed >> aetna's restaurants on river drive found alive and dead bugs throughout the facility. that want to the hall of fame carolina cafi on sumter street received a 100. groucho's deli and bojangles mobile in lexington, 99. >> reporter: we're back with holly to start off. what's on the table?
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pepperoni, him, cucumber, tomato and red onions on a fresh bed of lettuce. this is eric double cheeseburger with bacon. all of our cheeseburgers are made in house. this is eric taco soup -- our taco soup. this is our club sandwich which is ham , cheese. homemade chocolate cake. >> how early do you have to get here to prepare everything? >> they get here at about 4:30 am. i get here at noon. >> reporter: this is crossroads cafi on fairburn road -- fairview road. those two places joined
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>> how many years ago? 22, 23 pick >> i have seen obituaries in the paper that said so and so died in takes bird, leesville all on the same page. we are ready for this rain to move out. >> it has moved out. we're waiting for the clouds to move out. they will move out before daybreak. we still have light rain along the coast. the front to stationary. clouds in place in the carolinas. in georgia clouds are breaking.
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after the @midnight period. high pressure from the rockers -- rockies to the southeast. much of the country is in good shape. here we are at the end of january and most readings are above freezingng the coldest air is around the great lakes pick 230 in minneapolis isn't bad. the wallace, 48. here in south carolina most readings are in the 40s with the exception up to the north. 34, rock hill. 39, greenville. 44, sumter. 47, orangeburg that by the time you wake up tomorrow, it should be clear. we will see sunshine as high pressure brings dry air in pick on saturday, nothing but sunshine.
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sunday. it will be a dry weekend and it will be warming up. tonight, mid-30s. tomorrow high temperatures in the upper 50s, low 60s. 57, newberry. 60, columbia and orangeburg. 320 saturday morning warming up to 640 pick tuesday, 730. we will see her front coming through and it will have
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3 3 3 for the second straight year - the usc women for the second straight year, u.s. women are off to a 20 and zero start. gamecocks has a date with you contact first of action. judge to heat to a connection. alaina coates finds issue wilson
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-- 14 rebounds and she gets the foot back. gamecocks up. more of the same inside to's with 13 and a'ja wilson has 17 points. she pulled down nine rebounds. pulse at the free-throw line and zips it for an easy buck up sessions returns the favor finding mitchell. tiffany had 13 points. sessions had five assists >> more from coates as she cleans up the mess back gamecocks roll past almost 81- 62. gamecocks are in college station to take on texas a&m that high
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and airport eagles had a contest defending state champion be the valley. head coach is there pick eagles on the attack. nice dish to tucker who buries it. here is coakley. drops it to tucker. acrobatic shot goes in pick leading the way for eagles was josh williamson with 28. here is one of his buckets back he gets it to tucker. williamson, bucket, foul pick midland valley wins 79-76. mascot is that yesterday we told you about the announcement in charlotte pick jordan anderson will run the full nascar truck series for the
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jeff: -- a'ja. help last year jordan ran in 17 of the 23 events and talk about paying reduce that former team had one truck in the shop. instead of having a truck for superspeedway's he played the role as lead mechanic. he only had one truck. his most adventurous road trip of 2015 was his trip into canada. that was after a scramble to get a passport. his exile included a pitstop in the customs office. officials wanted to make sure his cargo was nascar items. >> we weren't supposed to run that race. the deal fell through saying we had to leave for canada.
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i drove to atlanta,.passport expedited. i left charlotte at 10 am and drove through the night. i got to canada in the morning. it was a 22 hour dr. by myself. i hired two guys from another team and we pulled off a 16 place finish. that was a big underdog story.
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took advantage of oppnininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininini tonight clouds move out and we expect a low of 35. tomorrow will be sunny and warm with a high of 60. >> that is a nice-looking
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will you guys show up tomorrow? dilapidated buildings, a lawsuit was their only choice. ivy bailey is the interim president of detroit federation of teachers. >> educator have been snubbed, ignorere disrespected, and punished when they inform the school district of specific safety and health problems. >> the teachers cite mold, maggets and mushrooms as common problems, risking the children's health and safety saying some students covering from chronic
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