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tv   News 19 Saturday Morning  CBS  January 30, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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honored. david patten, if you don't know about the golden anniversary, it is the 50th year. the high schools around the country are allowing the players and coaches to give a golden football to the that football will live in the trophy case around the country. all schools do this and it is a great way to get the community involved in super bowl 50, as if it wasn't already. that golden football will live in the trophy case. you can check out the website, to see what went down. high school hoops, we stay lower richland high school for a doubleheader with the camden bulldogs. the visitors of kershaw county struck quickly. devon martin scored for lr. daniel tisdale had a tough shot in. nicely done and clyde trapped will drive and he scores and one.
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is good. the pressure forces $2q6lmthe turnover. watch higgins with this steele. he finds ernest thompson, good pass. they 161-33. and the girls game, the diamond hornets the girls are in the huddle and lower richland, lacey washington. she scores and is fouled. a rough start in the season. they have been gelling, lately. kayla hickman is fighting the loose ball. goodwin, a grad. talking with darrell page. williford drives off the glass and in. nicely done and drops for two. they won by a final of 68-25, a sweep of camden.
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straight game without woods, and he was out with a knee injury. it snapped a 36 game winning streak. he was not in action tonight and we will see how they did. jack theater comes back to glide off the glass and they scored for the home team. goodwin goes to the college of charleston and scored inside for hammond. caldwell scores in the first half and we will we will get it going in the second have. hammond won by final 49-44. barnwell, herman johnson coaching. his son is doing well in north carolina. he is a former news 19 player of the week and averages double figures s in points and rebounds. the cougars are a nice form. and easy bucket of 13 and jordan found kitchen to finish strong at the rim.
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he found justin tyler and finished with authority. johnson, the head coaches smiling. the cougars led 35-22 at the break. second have, my really gets a pass and lays it in. cheeseburger poking the path away and brandon finds another this basketball program is strong and the c cgars get a it is baseball weather and feels like it. the baseball team began preseason practice over the founders and they have it will probably be 1:00 that they will scrimmage and then tomorrow, 1:30 into the season with usa today preseason poll. and clemson, the tigers cranked
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the head job at the college of charleston, andre heatley is taking over for longtime coach, jack leggett. a big story line from baseball in 2016. finally, a little bit of wrestling for you. the gamecocks we are on the mat. mayhem in the midlands. it is not every day that ufc and alan meet and athletics. quality athletes and that program and for the yellow jackets, as well. intense action on the mat. mayhem in the midlands, it describes our newsroom right before deadline on a friday night football night. definitely, mayhem in the midlands. usa basketball team is in action at 6:00 against alabama. clemson will get under way with florida state in tallahassee at the top of the hour. a lot of basketball here on news 19. see you tonight a news 19 at
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track the countdown continues. eight days until the super bowl. you can see super bowl 50 right here on wltx on february 7. keep in mind, the day before, you can see more football action. the nfl is saluting the best layers from the season in a show called nfl honors that starts at 9:00 p.m.
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hey, guys, it's annie. now, if you're anything like me, you're always looking for ways to save money, especially when it comes to your weekly grocery trip. well, with walmart every day low prices, saving money while keeping the pantry full... that's easier than you think. in head-to-head shopping, the total at walmart beat that of bi-lo. columbia, the total amount saved at walmart vs. bi-lo was $28.45 on this week's groceries - that's 20%. so head to walmart and see what you
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3 the largest the largest recall of all time is only getting bigger. it is hitting the carolinas. a family in lancaster county is suing takata corporation and ford motor company after they say a faulty airbag killed their father. court documents show that gerald was driving down rocky river road rocky river road in december and hit a cow standing in the middle of the road. his attorney said the airbag deployed but then small metal pieces into his body, which caused deadly injuries. >> this is a problem that has
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time. yet, these defective airbags still remained in the marketplace and i going to continue to hurt people until a national recall is done on all of those. >> ford issued a recall for airbags and ranger pickup trucks from 2004 to 2006 models. night was driving a ford ranger at the time of his death. nissan is issuing a recall on the altar malign. hoods can fly open while the cars are moving. it covers all time is from 2013- 2015 and they have recalled the cars. they say the fixed didn't work in some cases. suzuki is recalling g re than 68,000 motorcycles because the battery charging system can fail causing the bikes to stall. the recall affects 15 models from 2008-2012 model years.
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change out the rectifier and they will do the repairs in early march at no cost. disney world is facing a lawsuit. it is not certain if the lawsuit will stick. in alabama family said they planned to sue disney's animal kingdom after they say and escaped snake dropped from the tree and bit a boy and led to the death ofofhis grandmother. the attorney said the woman saw the snake bite the child and went to cardiac arrest. a spokeswoman for disney has a different story. the parts of the snake was wild and not part of any exhibit. they said there was no call for an ambulance for the
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boy was treated with a last night. "news 19 saturday morning." i'm colby gallagher.
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from last night. he is 22-year-old, andre heatley, jr.. is being charged with murder. around 5:00 last night come of the body of an 18-year-old woman was shot multiple times along the 10,000 block of farrow road. her identity has not been released. deputies say that andre heatley is the ex-boyfriend of the victim and was captured on camera using her debit card of three separate locations moments after the murder. he is held at the richland county jail. the man who escaped a york county prison on monday is believed to be armed and dangerouou thackeray reeves is accused of stealing a handgun, ammunition in cash from academy christian school. he managed to get past the barbed wire fence, broke through a glass window with a rock and got into the school. if you see him, call 911 and do not approach them. we are four months out from the flood that that devastated our state. clarendon county is more than 300 flood damaged roads.
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news9 10 -- news 19 told you about one road where residents had to parked on the street and walk home. the coach has temporarily fixed that road. there were a total of 441 damaged roads in clarendon. 67 have been fixed. that leaves 374 to go. >> it has been a rough road, to deal with all this water. but, is getting better. slowly, but surely. >> recently, the county finalize the contractors that will work on the road. the county said the goal is to have them all completed by 2017. the last three disaster recovery centers in the state closed last night. many services available are also available by calling the fema help line. the lines are open from 7:00 until 10:00 p.m. seven days a week. you can find the number by going to our website at and you will find plenty of other information to help anyone still suffering
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flood. it is hard enough to change doctors with long lady -- long waiting list. imagine not being able to get those records from your previous position. that is what many patients who went to sivad primary care has to deal with. for weeks they say they'll office located on gartner's ferry road has been closed and the sign on the door reads office closed due to technical problems. when recall the number there was no answer and the mailbox is full. we went to the department of labor licensing and regulation to ask what the responsibilities are. >> the law does not prescribe a way by which you have to notify your patience you are closing. you do have to provide patient records when they request them. >> if you have requested your records and you still have not received them, or you cannot get in touch with your physician, file a complaint by
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it is new tests show water filters being given to residents in flint, michigan, will not work to clean the water. here is more. >>reporter: a year ago, flint residents were told the water was safe to drink, despite the taste and follow lord are. water coolers were deliveredxfd$( to the office building. newly released emails from january 2015 show the state was concerned about the employees drinking flint water. the emails were sent days after the city told residents the water contained high levels of chemicals. the notice said you do not need to boil water or take corrective action. they said the water was drinkable. the state told the employees in flint that while the city expected corrective actions, it would provide a water cooler on
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which water to drink. in a radio interview, governor rick snyder addressed the issue of state workers getting coolers. of the normal operating procedures to make sure they were responding to the notices. >> does it look bad that state weren't supposed to? >> it was not tied to that >> we asked flint residents email. >> when? >> one year ago? that is said. very sad. >>reporter: what will it take for you to regain trust in the state? >> wow. i have no idea, really, no idea. >> that bad? >> yes. >> the department that delivered the watercooler said the water was for the benefit of the employees who worked in the building and the flint residents who get services inside. the governor has approved $28 million for flint's recovery.
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three patients in south carolina are being tested for the zika virus. it is a mosquito borne virus strongly linked to severe birth defects and spreads through mosquito bites. president barack obama spoke with his counterpart in brazil about ways to contain the virus. the white house said they agreed to work together to spearhead the research and the development of vaccines. right now, researchers are modified male mosquitoes designed to die quickly after being released from the lab. the goal is for them to make with females in an outbreak area and produce short living off spring -- offspring. there are several cases reported in south america, even some in the u.s. it impacts unborn children and the cdc has issued a travel advisory for pregnant women.
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story, it is a beautiful we're seeing a lot of it is a little bit cool with the breeze about 6 miles per hour. the wind will shift out of the afternoon. 50 degrees in columbia and 61 and savannah. it is colder to the north, 43 charlotte. for today, a lot of sunshine mid-excuse. a nice preens out of the south. tonight, clear skies and not quite as cold is what we saw this morning with lows in the upper 30s and near 40 degrees. for the next five days, mid-60s and near 70 degrees tomorrow with a few clouds, but no rain. on monday, more clouds. we are dry at 73 and will introduce a chance for rain. a few thunderstorms by wednesday with high temperatures in the upper 60s.
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bit low normal after wednesday. we will take a look at the 7 day forecast in a few minutes. it has been absolutely beautiful. one of the ways to do that is at the third annual oyster and pig roast that is under way at city roots. we found chuck ringwalt there. the word on the street is you have never tried and oyster. >>reporter: i have never tried and oyster. a, i will try one soon. they are so fresh they are not here. they are on the way. right now, the other half of the throw down is the barbecue. you are the barbecue extraordinaire. you say this is an art. tell me what goes into this for cooking up a pig like this. >> you are looking at a cook time of 18 hours. we rub it down with salt and black pepper and a little garlic and put it in with the meat side down.
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flip it over. we pull out the bones and put on our barbecue sauce. this is known as a lowcountry style paid because we sauce it with vinegar sauce to break down the meat and make it more tender and add some flavor. >>reporter: that is a cultural thing? a regional thing? that lowcountry style. explained that, for other people. >> south carolina, you have three styles of barbecue. lowcountry, vinegar and pepper. we have midlands, known for the mustard and upstate has more ketchup red sauce. they are all -- we are unique in this state with that many different styles of barbecue. a lot of places just have one style. memphis has a style and kansas city has a style.
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the flavor to come out in each style of cooking. it has a lot to do with the culture that brought the ingredients here and all that stuff. >>reporter: this has been cooking for quite a while. people are becoming -- people are coming to look at it. is it done? >> this is ready to serve. we are adding a little more flavor and we will pull out the bones to make it easier to eat. this is a little bit better than note -- a little bit better than what you would typically have. this is the shoulder part of the pig and you only get one muscle, the flavor of one muscle. with this, you get all the different muscles. you have the la moine and the rib and the shoulder and the belly, which is actually bacon. you get these beautiful ribbons and that is barbecued bacon. >> we really appreciate it. the barbecue will be ready in a
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annual pig and oyster throw down. i'm chuck ringwalt for news 19. is successfully made a lot of people very hungry. baseball team began spring practice and they continued yesterday and today. tomorrow, 1:30 and they are free. check them out. carolinas looking to bounce back from one of their worst seasons in years. they failed to make the ncaa tournament. the usa men's basketball game his home taking on alabama. it is one of two teams they lost to last year. it is a very big game and tipoff is 6:00. the undefeated usc women's basketball team is that 20-0. they beat ole miss at home on thursday night, 81-52 and are on the road for another game. they play texas a&m tomorrow at
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good saturday morning. it is a bit chilly and we dropped down to 29. we expect to get up to the mid- 60s. normal high temperatures 57 on the normal low temperatures 35. the records will be safe for another year. 7 degrees in 1966 and a record high in 2013, 82 degrees. here is a live look at table rock state park. currently 47 degrees with blue skies across the upstate of south carolina. we are seeing sunshine and blue skies and 50 degrees and columbia park lexington, 51. 52 degrees in newberry and 53 in bishopville. 55 for you for you in manning. we are seeing a lot of sunshine with high pressure and place
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southwesterly flow that will help the temperatures warm up later this afternoon. we are expecting a beautiful weekend, especially by tomorrow. we will zoom in closer with a stationary boundary producing clouds along the coastal region. in the midlands, we see lots of sunshine and that will continue to be the case. we will put the forecast into motions and fix things up at 1:00. blue skies across the area and tomorrow, we may see some high thin clouds. it will be a dry weekend. monday, more clouds, partly cloudy. we do not expect any rain and the next chance for rain comes in by tuesdayay especially, into wednesday. for the temperatures, there he pleasant weather. 62 degrees in columbia and saluda is 64. sumter, 65. most of us will generally be in
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manning, 39 degrees in saint matthews 39 and waynesburg and bishopville, 39. for the next -- for the next seven days, highs in the upper 60s to near 70 with a high of 73 on monday and we will introduce a chance for rain on tuesday. better chance for rain on wednesday and scattered showers and thunderstorms and 68 degrees. it will be cooler with 55 degrees and toward friday, cooler with low temperatures around 31 and highs around 50. colder weather on the way.
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with temperat security teams prepare for super bowl 50 from land, air and sea. secret command center is already analyzing potential
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stretches for miles and the team face -- the teams face off in santa clara, california. most of the super bowl festivities will be in the city by the bay. we have snake preview of the panther super bowl jersrs. cam newton and the rest of the team will be in california. you see them with the equipment manager and they hung them up with care. the players will sport the black jerseys and silver pants for the big game. thanks to the carolina panthers quarterback, cam newton, he has taken over dance floors and taken the entire country by storm. seniors at a north carolina home took a picture. it went viral and popped up throughout the country. the seniors say they don't do the dab for fun. it as part of their daily exercise routine. newton 17 your brother said he is better at dabbing because
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>> when cam get the first down, it is like -- it is a little motion with his neck. when i get a first down, i do a dab. it is smooth. you are supposed to feel it. cam -- he is like a robot. i'm pretty sure he will see this. now you got me in trouble. [laughter] >> that is some brotherly love. super bowl 50 airs on wltx on february 7. the day before the super bowl, there is more football action as nfl salute the best players and plays in a show called l.a. -- nfl honors. the 13-year-old yukon boy who made national headlines as getting fired up or the super bowl. cage pope wrote a letter to every nfl team last fall to say
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jerry richardson was the first to respond to him. >> how do you think the panthers will hold up against the broncos? >> we are going to beat the broncos. >>reporterer cade pope and his younger brother are ready for football. >> i'm writing to the nfl teams to ask why i should choose your team to become my team. >>reporter:'s family was stunned when jejey richards had not only responded to his letter, but also sent cade pope the mother lode of panthers gear. not to be outdone a week later, the kansas city chiefs sent him some chiefs the gear. >> congratulations on the chiefs winning a playoff game. >> it is the chiefs! >>reporter: the entire family traveled to a game.
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newton, was given the vip trip in which included a lap around the field and a golf cart with one of the most powerful man in the nfl. >> there were several people he got to meet. we had to reiterate to the boys, when you meet someone, shake their hands strong and look the in the all his and respect that when you talk to them and be humble about it all. >> i don't care! >> ica rivalry developing. >> he is not going to change me. >>reporter: he is hard-core for the chiefs. >> that is a problem? >> it is a problem in our household.
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happening today, the third annual oyster and pig roast is going on at city roots. we learn that it will be an absolutely beautiful day. chuck ringwalt is out there. >>reporter: colby, we are here at the third annual pig and oyster throw down and we have been talking about how the oysters will be extra fresh. they are still on the way and you can't have good oysters and good barbecue without excellent side dishes. we have frank bradley from bourbon. tell us about these? >> we have traditional side dish you see with the pagan oyster roast. we have coleslaw, college, rice and beans, macaroni and cheese. the cold -- the cornbread comes from a local place. the collards are from lexington county. we try to keep everything as
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the oysters are coming out of mcclellan ville and it is the clearest water on the coast. they will be here in 10 minutes and will be super fresh. we are excited about it. we should have a nice turnout. >> sounds like an awesome event and the side dishes look great. when the oysters get here, i will try one for the first time. chuck ringwalt for news 19. sending it back to you, colby. the 1952, the u.s. coast guard rescued sailors caught in a winter storm. that story has been adapted by disney. leah smith tells us if it lives up to the original tale. there is a fair share of stormy weather. it hardly ever got as bad as 1952 in cape cod. a tempest ripped oil tankers and half and one of them, the pendleton, lost the radio signal and only through hearsay did the coast guard become aware of the desperation. fortunately, they sent out the smallest rescue boat with a
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home. >> he is going to kill us! >> as we learned, it takes a while for damaged ship to sink. the engineer knew there was time. at good does it serve when the e scue unit cannot carry the survivors home? perhaps, they embellished the truth for extra excitement. i did not care because this suicide mission was worth retelling. if it was exaggerated, so be it. we all live or die. >> don't get me wrong. it was not a perfect storm. the music was often overplayed and the love story was a bit excessive. the drama and performances kept me immersed. they may not be two of the finest hours but they are worth your time. set sail for thrilling adventure about real-life
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this is better. the winter storm, no more. >> no. last week, we were talking about a little bit of snow. this weekend, a much different story. 64 degrees this afternoon and temperatures will be in the mid 60s, and even warmer tomorrow.
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>> you have to love south - my leg would just give out, it would just give out completely, i couldn't, i just couldn't walk. - a dull pain always, and then you'd have intermittent shots of severe, just excruciating pain. - i felt useless. you know, i was no longer productive. and i was a burden to everybody.
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