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tv   News 19 11  CBS  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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but did not send out an emergency alert right after it happened.students say they are concerned. 3 "i feel like just an alert that, even if they don't know exactly what's going on, just would have been nice, just a warning. i mean, i wasn't out that night, but i know a lot of my friends were and that kind of scares me that it been any of them."3 if you have any information about this case ... call crimestoppers at 1-888-crime-s- c.
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there's word tonight that charleston's mother emanuel ame church has been nominated for the nobel peace prize......the reasas......forgiveness.back on june 17th....9 people were shot and killed inside the historic church....including the pastor... who was also a state lawmaker.days members of the dead forgave accused shooter dylann roof.well today....a group of illinois lawmakers submitted the nomination....saying the forgiveness shown by the church and their members....could inspire the world.the winner of the 2016 nobel peace prize will be announced in october. 3 the judge in the tucker hipps legal case has issued an order consolidating the two lawsuits the family had filed.the family had filed two sutis that were extremely similiary except ... one was a wrongful death action and the other a survival action, seeking
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both seek 25 million from the defendants which are three members of sigma phi epsilon ... the national and local chapter of the fraternity and clemson university.hipps was a clemson sophmore whose body was found in lake hartwell after a morning run with members of a fraternity he was pledging for.the lawsuits allege that hipps was forced to walk a narrow railing on the bridge over the lake by fraternity membmbs.they deny seeing hipps fall and the university and fraternity deny responsibility for his death. there have not been any criminal charges filed in this case. 3 tonight....lexington mayor steve macdougall gave the state of the town address.the main focus - growth.news19's chuck ringwalt has the story. 3 "the t tn prides itself on being the place where citizens want to live, work, play and learn. "many were there as the mayor steve macdougall gave lexington's state of the town address including 6 year resident paula kauffman. "this is my community. i choose to participate in my community and that's why i'm here."the mayor began his speech thanking the town staff for their efforts during the october flood. "through these efforts the town of lexington did not sustain any human casualties. mother nature dealt us a handful but with our outpouring of support from our community, we were able to provide for all of the needs we had during this most difficult time."he then focused on one particular
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growth that's coming whether we like it or not."according to the mayor - since july ...70 million dollars in new construction has been approved for upgrades within the town...that's 35 percent higher than the 2014 fiscal year.and that growth has made traffic solutions a number one priority. "the most anticipated project of 2016 is our continued improvements to eliminate traffic congestion."something that the town is already working on with computerized traffic signals that adapt to traffic - an ovov 5 million dollar project. "we will be the first municipality in the state to implement this new technology at all traffic intersections in town." kauffmann says it's a little early to tell if she's noticed a major improvement, but... "i went through one of the intersections on my way to the meeting tonight. i was stopped five cars behind red traffic light and i thought, 'oh my goodness. i'm going to be here forever. in less than a minute i was on my way through.'"in
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3 mayor said council hope that the growth will continue.they project to permit the construction of 160 new homes within the town.last year that number was 112. 3 3 there are still more questions in what led the shooting death of a richland county woman on friday.19-year old deanndra roach died after being shot multiple times.those who knew roach are saddened by her 19's loren thomas spoke with her co-workers today. 3 "it's such a tragedy to know that we lost a member of our family here at walmart."just 5 months ago 19 year old deanndra roach started working at the walmart on two notch road in columbia as a sales associate in electronics.her store manager, shannon rucker, says that even though she hadn't been there long, roach had a positive impact on everyone around her. "most associates spend more time here working at walmart than they do with their families, so we are a family. she was a very generous and smiling person who never came to work with a bad attitude or having a bad day."on friday night, roach was found on farrow road with multiple gunshot wounds...she later died on the scene.richland county deputies believe her ex-boyfriend andre
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charged with murder and armed robbery...after he was seen on survellaince camera using roach's credit card shortly after she was shot.rucker says sadly they know the story of loosing a coworker to a violent death all too well. "this is not this is not the first case we've had where we lost a family member of ours here at the store to domestic abuse." just 3 years ago ..... 25 year old temukisa enele was found in a rubbermaid container in a richland county restaurant parking lot.when word of roach's death reached her co-workers, they decided to honor her with a memorial and by wearing purple and black ribbons. "it's just sad you know and now two families are going to be devastated over this tragedy. we are all going to miss her, because she was a good-spirited person, always smiled. she was just a sweet soul."in columbia loren
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3 andre heatley 3 is currently being held at the richland county jail. anyone driving all the good boulevard should expect delays because repairs will be made to an area where decker and parklane intersect. the recent flood damage the
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deana bell has made several calls and has not gotten any answers as to when it will be fixed. she has been more than $500 to repair her car. i don't understand how we could be taxed as citizen and not have anything done and feel like no one is responding back to you. >> we made some calls and we heard back that from crews late tonight they're going to resurface the roads tomorrow. they will start at 10 am. be prepared for slow-growing. ted cruz comes out on top in the presidential caucus in iowa. the democratic caucus is still too close to call. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton are neck and neck at this hour tonight. these first-time voters made a difference.
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>> cbs news reports iowa voters are leaning toward ted cruz and toward hillary clinton. >> i voted for hillary because i have five granddaughters and i ended up voting for bernie sanders. >> i like ben carson. >> turnout has been high. crowds were double and triple what they expected. the gop says it's a record turnout. they ran out of registration forms and voters changed their party affiliation on site. i don't hear a lot about my kids future coming from the republican side so i switched to democrat tonight. >> democrat martin o'malley announced he is suspending his campaign.
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sights on the next contest. on the republican side they did call the race ted cruz came in first, donald trump second and marco rubio was a very close third. tonight's caucus is only the beginning of the election for february. next week several will host the primary. on february 20 nevada has a caucus for the democrat and d e same day our primary takes place. three days later the republicans were hot there caucus and nevada. on february 27 the democrats will have the primary here as well. we are on your side with coverage throughout the month. cbs is now releasing details about the republican debate set fofoh -- for
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greenville. you can catch the debate right here. the day before the debate candidates from both parties have been invited to talk about their fate. allen wilson will moderate the 2016 presidential form being held on the campus of bob jones university. several campaigns are going to focus on south carolina. former president bill clinton will be in columbia on wednesday to rally support for his wife. it starts at 6 pm. the event is free and open to the public but space is limited. chelsea clinton will make her very first campaign swing
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she will be heading to clemson university. jussi plans to discuss how her mother will make a difference. tonight's iowa republican winner ted cruz will be in the state and speaking to supporters at the convention center in greenville. tomorrow night event begins at 7 pm and is open to everyone. the second-place finisher donald trump will be in florence. it will be at the civic center on friday. it will be from 7 pm till 9 pm. it is free and open to the public. south carolina is shaping up to be important for the republican primary. trump may win new hampshire and if he does, south carolina could play a major role. expect to see the candidates coming here more and
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it was a close race on both sides. coming up next, how you can help .
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nice day 3 that you still have to to a reminder tonight ladies take a look at your closet and see what you have that you could donate to cinderella project.
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event this year put on by the south carolina bar. there's a lot of locations you can drop off your prom dress and one of those being news 19 so any sort of cocktail dress shoes accessories we will take them all. make sure -- to make sure everyone has a great night. it felt like a gorgeous spring day out there. >> it was really nice for the first day of february. what is tomorrow?
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we do have a front that is right along the south carolina north carolina border in the mountains. there have been showers in northeastern carolina and we do expect his front to come down the eastern seaboard and into south carolina. on not sure hohosouth it will go but i don't think it will have much impact on the temperatures. we are watching this storm system come out of colorado. it hasn't reached iowa yet there's a little bit of light snow there but this weather system we will be watching as it continues to move eastward. you can see the warm temperatures across the southeastern part of the country and the cooler errors up along the northern border swinging back into the rockies. for us, beautiful temperatures for this time of year.
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-- 56 degrees in greenville. tomorrow morning you should wake up with clouds and showers in the upstate region. tomorrow night we will see a chance for a few showers during the early morning hours but the bulk of the rain will come on wednesday when a cold front will be pushing into our area and we will see showers and thunderstorms with locally heavy rains. we are looking at anywhere from about three fourths of an inch to 1 inch of rain before this ends. user forecast. low temperatures in the 50s tomorrow high temperatures in the low to mid 70s. looking ahead those thunderstorms come through on wednesday and we think we will get up to about 72 degrees and then the clouds will persist into thursday and we will be
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high temperature 52 degrees on friday. 55 for high on saturday and by monday up to 59 degrees. the forecast is dry but we are still looking at computer forecast indicating a maybe raining on monday. super bowl sunday no problems. >> it should be cold enough and
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lang has the story of perry
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connection.3 super bowl week is in full swing and a change in the schedule this year media day is media night and it's on a monday their super bowl week in full swing a change in the schedule
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media day is on this monday. the center in san jose will be for opening night a different attitude in terms they are trying to promote and make it a bigger deal putting it in prime time. you can see super bowl 50 right here. here's phil on that perceived dislike. >> i don't think more pictures and autographs to all cities. they might be but that's the way it is. i'm not going to say the denver fans i've heard this more from them because it's not true.
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>> it's a big week for this network. gold has been the standard colors celebrating the 50th anniversary of super bowl 50. a big night coming up. clemson players on the panthers active roster. we do have to former players and that takes us to football coach. parks is a receiver -- who is a receiver. >> most fans know mike colbert from the. >> they knew each other from playing college ball at coastal carolina but what many don't
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talents off the football field. in college they were as comfortable with the video football. imitating their coaches, making up skits, and at the time no one thought it could lead to this. tovar dancing his way into super bowl 50. you can still find parks on the field supporting his former teammate even if they aren't in matching uniforms. park says been at bank of america stadium chin for mike
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says mike doesn't forget he's a player needs a coach. >> the coach of the blazers may get a shout out on super bowl sunday is mike crosses into the denver endzone. >> i couldn't dance with him so we had to tap dance. >> whether tap dancing or gabbing they hope to see his teammate bring a super bowl ring home. >> i can live through him i don't have to worry about playing anymore. >> in columbia news 19.
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panthers stephen davis.
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jerseys he has had. 3 here are tonight's numbers for the lucky for we have our numbers for
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14, 15, duces, 22 2235 (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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3 the super bowl is almost here and we've giving storie the super bowl will be here and we are getting stories every day until the game. both love the panthers especially their motto keep pounding.
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brother matthew thought getting a panthers tattoo would be a powerful way to honor him. >> i wanted a symbol and what better symbol than the panthers. >> matthew says his brother mike took into his first game and eight opened his eyes to panther nation so i got the tattoo just before the seahawks game this year. he knows his brother is trying from above. the game is only six days away and the only place to watch super bowl 50 is right here. the day before saturday night we have some of the biggest players on a show at 9 pm. another gorgeous day tomorrow and it will fill -- feel nothing like february. >> mostly cloudy and 73 degrees
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tonight -- tomorrow night. >> stephen colbert! ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: hey! hey! whoa sphwhvment. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: thank you, so much. thank you, out there.
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thank you over there.
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