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tv   News 19 11  CBS  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the storm system moving its way to the south. it has already produced at least 11 tornadoes in alabama and mississippi as it moves closer to south carolina. we could see some stormy weather here tomorrow. >> after a couple of beautiful days it looks like things are going to be changing. we will head straight over to the weather. >> this severe weather focal point has been mississippi and tennessee. the tornado watch has just expired. it is focused in central alabama and this is a six-hour time lapse of the radar. these storms have been producing the greatest amount of severe weather in forms of tornadoes in high winds. it is heading our way but right now we just have cloudy skies
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we will get down to maybe 60 and there will a chance of showers toward daybreak. the better chance of rain will be tomorrow and most of our rain will come in the afternoon with a hive 72 degrees. we are expecting the weather to be turning cooler on thursday but the sun will return on friday. that forecast coming up. it is a main road in lower richland county but right now you cannot drive through it. the bluff road outside of gaston was washed away during the flight. transportation crews are rebuilding it. chuck ringwalt gives us a first look at it. >> reporter: there sisis no one said -- wants to see. douglas bell is one of the many
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to drive across this bridge. it hasn't happened since the plight. >> stay right there. just to go right there. took some of those folks were at the church in hopkins tuesday night. they sat down with leaders asking for an update. that's where we found this person. >> you used to be able to get somewhere in 15 minutes and now it's taking about an one hour. >> the presentation lasted ababt one hour. they answered questions. >> we needed to meet with the community and let them know how we are responding to what is timeframe. >> reporter: the project is 31% complete and expected to be finished by april. funded by the federal highway emergency relief program.
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i feel more comfortable with what is happening. >> reporter: although you may not have to use the tours, there is still more work to be done with 49 closures still remaining. if there is a road that you are concerned about, you can call the transportation department at 1855 go sc dot. after an attempt to speed up a bill to the sesete floor, senators now want to slow down and take a closer look at how to fund the roads. the current debate over how to raise money for roads and restructured the dot will be pushed back until february 16. the senate is lookokg at a
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currently moped drivers cannot be given speeding tickets or drunk driving charges. it would require moped riders to have a license insurance and attacked. -- a tag. i think it's a big enough concern for the public that we need action on it. i think the devil is in the details. hopefully it's a big step. they will have to take their time to digest it but there is interest in a bill. >> that bill is currently in subcommittee and it could take a couple of more meetings for the bill to pass. the house will pass a bill
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mates. the bill was given approval today but voters actually passed the constitutional amendment to have governors and lieutenant governors run on the same ticket starting in 2018. the bill now has moved on to the senate. leaders that more than 30 public agencies and colleges across the state are getting a raise. they voted to increase pay by 2% or 5% depending g whether evaluations showed a met or exceeded expectations. the raises will help the state keep talented people. the state paid $313,000. 37 directors will get combined races of $250,000. tonight columbia police are once again asking for your help and want to know do you know
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he is a person of interest in a sexual assault. police believe he may have information that could help in the case but so far, he has not made contact with officers. the sexual assault took place on january 30 at about 3:30 am in the 800 block of done well street. a man forced the student to a nearby area where he sexually assaulted her. a reward could be yours if you can tell police to the person of interest is. senator tim scott has endorsed marco rubio. scott says rubio is the one shot to be publicans have. he also likes his priorities saying he's a better father and has been. -- husband. rubio is coming off a third- place finish in last night i
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congressman jeff duncan is supporting i wiwi caucus winner ted cruz. he was in greenville tonight campaigning. he saw a lot of support from pastors who say they value is conservative and christian beliefs. greenville will be the site of the upcoming gop debate on saturday, february 15. after finishing last night in iowa with santorum is reassessing his presidential campaign. he is thinking about dropping it out of the race. after second-place finish in iowa donald trump will now be focusing on our state and new hampshire. these are two states where he had a double-digit lead in the polls. friday night trump will hold a campaign rally at the florence civic center. he will also be in sumter. hilary clinton was declared
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after a close race. tomorrow her husband will be here in columbia to campaign. the rally is taking place at 6 pm at allen university. their daughter chelsea will be making her first campaign swing through our state this weekend on saturday. bernie sanders snagged a key endorsement from the state lawmaker today. joe neal said his endorsement is because the middle classes in trouble. the democratic primary takes place saturday, february 27. several members of the women's club spoke out at tonight's council meeting after
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requiring akc. they started the vents back in the 70s and later turned it over to the town in 1980. >> since then they have not paid any fees but that could soon change. loren thomas tells us why. >> reporter: 42 years ago the women's club started the library. the event was turned over to the town. the annual fundraiser is the largest event for the town. now the council by vote of 322 have given approval to a plan that changes the way the founders participate it could require them to pay fees. they are hardy said the old ordnance allowed them exclusive rights to keep all of the money
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>> we need to decide to give them a discount rate and give that 5013 say i don't have oh problem with that. -- 501(c)(3). >> with a memorandum of understanding with the women's club. they invented it. that's what's been done since 1980. now to hit them with $800 worth of these is not right. >> we are a small organization and when they take money out of our pocket, we can't give it back to the other organizations. it hurts us. >> the town received $20,000. they raised a little over
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virus. health officials say a patient to sex. -- through sex. the patient was infected after having sexual contact with an ill person who returned from a country where zika was present. the zika virus is usually spread in mosquito bites. investigators have been exploring the possibility that could be sexually-transmitted. a lot of airlines are issuing refunds to pregnant
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lady gaga has made an announcement connected to super bowl 50. how is she going to be
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>> we mentioned st 3 3 with 5 days left until super bowl 50 ... another big announcement today. five days left until the big super bowl 50. another announcement today, lady gaga will be kicking off the night. the nfl announced today gaga will be singing the star- spangled banner. academy award-winning actress
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version. the star-studded performances continue at halftime went -- when coldplay and beyonci take the stage. we have stormy weather out to the west tonight.
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alabama. right now no tornadoes are indicated by radar but this is a time lapse of the radar over the last six hours. right now here in south carolina we of clouds and we have a little bit of light rain. here's the storm system still centered over northern missouri. the cold front has pushed to the east of the mississippi river. it's this front that has been affecting our weather today. it's become stationary and it's been cool. in greenville they are at 49
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it's 63 degrees in columbia. the computer model indicating showers in the morning but most will be in the afternoon as the line of thunderstorms comes through. i don't think we will see any tornadoes tomorrow, but we could see some gusty wind and local heavy rain as it pushes off to the east. on thursday we will continue to seamlessly cloudy skies. we could see some heavy rain with this and don't get too hung up on the individual totals but generally the model continues to indicate we will probably see between 347 inch and 1 1/4 inches. expect low temperatures tonight. tomorrow we will see high temperatures of 68 and 72 in columbia. looking ahead, we will be
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the cooler and 53 degrees on friday. a chance of some rain on sunday and still cool up to about 59
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colder air begins to move3 three at the halfway point of the regular we are starting with college hoops. the regular season is a bad. tough games coming up.
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tonight in athens taking on georgia. carrero would walk off the court at halftime with one sock exposed. gamecocks down 10 at the break. he will score it's 48-45. gamecocks hanging tough. 54-50. jj falling away a prison for three -- falling in and it goes for three. >> kentucky loss to tennessee tonight. clemson on the road at wake forest. second-half a different tiger team on the court. avery homes will drill the three tigers take a one-point
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jordan roper and the tigers running. they get a foul. here srubar scoring two of his 16 points. clemson dominates the second half. super bowl 50 kicks off sunday night right here. this guy was on the field in houston when the panthers faced the patriots. davis with and spent three
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the game still hurts but he has yet to go back and tch the game. >> i was so focused on wanting to beat the patriots. one of the things i remember is when we started on the sideline and we look in the eyes the thing is that you play football at eight years old and everybody doesn't have the attitude to do that. i haven't looked at that game. i don't know why but it hurts. i'm glad i had the opportunity. a lot of people got to see it.
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central high school tonight. tyra draper was in town honoring his alma mater. he played at virginia tech and then for the 49ers where he want the super bowl -- want me super bowl ring. -- won the super bowl ring. we will stay at the high school for more basketball action. >> the schools are about 50 miles from each other so it's a big rivalry.
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this time it's cameron holly from outside. kirkland will find the bucket. 79-41. your town aer lingus taking on -- in town arron lucas taking on the team. yet 17. -- he had 17. just before the half of 30-21. -- up 30-21. more from caldwell.
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final 57-51. we know that stuff coming tomorrow. >> most of our rain will come in the afternoon and that's when we expect to see some thunderstorms with 70 did -- 72 degrees as a high.
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