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tv   News 19 11  CBS  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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restrictions on apartment it looks like the weather is
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after tornado for the most part it looks like weather is finally returning to normal. there were tornado warnings issued for five counties today. the national weather service confirming one small tornado did touchdown off of charleston highway not far from the state farmers market. there may have been a second tornado. this time in the steadman community. residents told us he did see the twister on the ground at about 3 pm. the high winds uprooted trees and downed power lines. >> it was a disaster. it was the shed that went down.
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lexington county. >> reporter: i am standing beside a tractor-trailer that turned over. as you can see, all of this used to be a shed. you can see there are no walls at this point there used to be for big poles holding up the structure and only one of the poles remains. the other part of this wall is completely crushing this car under here. this truck over here at the roof is on the ground. there's a lot of destruction out here on this one property but luckily everyone made it out okay.
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where the employees were. the national weather service will send a crew to that area tomorrow to determine if the damage was caused by tornado. we are still seeing some rain moving through the midlands but the heavier thunder storms are along the coast of south carolina with moderate rain iningeorgia. we are not expecting any more severe weather tonight. it's a 66 degrees -- it is 66 degrees right now. we expect some showers tonight with a low of 53 degrees and there may be some morning showers tomorrow. we will have a high temperature 59 degrees. it is going to be a rather chilly and dry weekend. there will be a chance of showers on sunday and next week will be challenging. it will be colder and we will
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coming up. on days like today it is gogo thing to faller our weather team on twitter. you can stay up to date. the columbia adult store is expected to close its doors by the end of the week because of zoning violations. taboo open back in 2011 and since then, they have been in a legal battle. the store received a letter from the city saying they needed to comply with the new zoning code and have until february 50 do so. the manager of the store said changing the y they operate could hurt business. >> they pretty much dissected the adult business. even thouou we are retail, they now have decided that we cannot sell toys, movies and magazines that every one of those is a completely adult business and
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as far as we are concerned, is all retail. >> the store manager says the city wants their store to be appropriate for all ages. if they don't make changes by friday, they could be fined $500 per day as well as faces sentencing jail. we have arrested -- the police have issued an arrest warrant for woman who contacted the police saying her ex- husband broke into her home and sexually assaulted her. they were able to determine her ex was nowhere near south carolina at the it -- time of the incident. with anybody -- if anybododhas information please call police. with the iowa caucuses over and new hampshire around the
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carolina primary is just a few weeks away. hilary clinton is pulling in her biggest cheerleader. >> president bill clinton visited columbia. >> it was jampacked tonight ranging from college students to members of aarp's wanted to come here to hear what the president had to say about his wife. >> president bill clinton. >> former president bill clinton appeared to drum up support for his wife in the upcoming democratic primary. more than 800 potential voters packed the gym to hear him talk about mrs. clinton's stance on issues ranging from the economy to education.
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had to get student loans and now hearing them say that i'm more comfortable with my financial situation. >> this election is pretty split -- and simple. -- simple. >> i want to vote for hillary. >> not everyone who came have their minds made up. >> i'm not sure who i want to vote for. i like what he said. i have to think about it. >> some people like members of aarp are tryingngo see all of the candidates and came to hear thoughts on a specific topic. >> i am listening to everybody. maybe someone will come up with something up -- else and they will come up with something for social security.
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>> this is the second time at clinton has been hosted. tonight president bill clinton was the -- here because the south carolina primary is right around the corner. >> two more candidates are dropping out of the race. both senator rand paul and former senator rick santorum announced they are leaving the campaign trail. paul said he will be returning to the senate to run for reelection meanwhile santorum says he is backing senator marco rubio to --. the case against bill cosby is moving forward. a judge refusing to throw out a sex assault case against him.
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set for march 8. cosby attended the hearing today and used a cane to get in and out of the courtroom. an update now on the zika virus. a case has been confirmed in georgia. officials confirming the state -- first travel related case. the person who isn't pregnant visited columbia in december and january. the person has since recovered. health officials are testing several residents who have traveled to the infected countries. the irs has stopped accepting electronically filed tax returns because of problems with their computer system. it doesn't anticipate major disruptions. be file system -- the a filesystem is out of service
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dozens of people living in and apartment complex are looking for new homes after an ordinance has been put in place cracking down on poor living conditions. local residents and see the leaders learned why they could be closing other properties. >> it was a shock. >> on monday morning joseph clay and 40 other residents received a 48 hour notice from the city explaining that due to poor living conditions they had to leave their homes. >> we came to find out that we have to leave. when it came in they found out we had black mold and mildew. >> fire chief said they were heating -- there were heating and electrical problems as well. >> we found that there werere some problems. >> the property managers and
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the necessary repairs. >> we are securing the supplies for them and all of their belongings we are hopeful the city is going to allow us to reopened. >> the city manager said because of the ongoing complaints as well as the new ordinance, the city is shutting down the apartment for good. >> i'm going to be more aggressive this -- w wh this property. i'm going to go over landlords. >> there's no excuse for anyone to have to live like that. it was appalling. >> the police chief says because of the quality of life emergency residents had until 5 pm to me the complex. they are heading into temporary housing with the city.
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lives like that again. the city plans on helping those residents find permanent housing. there also expecting to pass another ordinance in the future meeting. signing day is over. we will tell you more. after the busy weather day
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we were not the only ones to see a to nato today. this is video out of fort stewart georgia. it happened around 5 pm. significant damage to the insulation. 4250 people were displaced due to damage to homes. this is captured by viewer down in georgia. that tornado significantly stronger than what we saw. >> it appears that it was but we were fortunate because the tornadoes were isolated. nothing like we saw yesterday in mississippi. that's the good news. let me show you what we are seeing -- that it what we are
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is moving on out right now but you see the -- it is moving on out right now and it is moving to parts of orangeburg. the radar estimate and the heavier rains are in the southeastern part and in the north western part of the mid- lands about one inch. from orangeburg to calhoun easily two inches to three inches of rain. in columbia we had just under one half inch of rain. right now you can see the rain is south carolina trails back into georgia. the front has moved up into the upstate region but it is not moved into the midlands just yet. slow-moving cold front high pressures building behind it and you can see skies have been
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midsouth but not here in our area. temperatures right now 66 in columbia. the front has just gone through and 59 degrees in anderson. we are expecting a few showers tomorrow. tomorrow night mostly cloudy but we will see the clouds moving out toward daybreak and nothing but sunshine on friday. here's our forecast for tonight. 53 in columbia tomorrow the clouds should keep temperatures down mainly in the upper 50s. looking ahead for friday it will be sunny but 54 degrees dropping to 29 degrees on saturday morning. clouds will be moving in for
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the cold air comes in on sunday and monday will be mostly
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certainly it will get colder 3 let's talk national signing day - for will muschamp - his first were talking national signing day for the first recruiting class that usc. a man who was hired to take over the program look to
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efforts of the program. they had to get this class ready but the 60 day sprint has ended up with more than a solid class. >> the process to me is about evaluation and doing a great job. the recruiting process is in the developmental process. we have these football players on and off the field student athletes we will know about this class in two or three years and that's when you find out about your development of what these guys do. >> something they brought to the program is a photo op. these guys don't have a chance to take place -- part in a normal signing day ceremony.
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so the coach was able to sit down and serve as his family. academically number one socially number two in football number three. they are much slower paced academically because they don't have the distraction of getting ready for season or game. they're able to do a much better job academically from the standpoint in the weight room to orient them and the techniques they are getting. a lot of this is brand-new for them. it's a slower environment as opposed to talking about august or september coming in.
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getting ready for game. usc head football coach left his photo op and his press conference i went to the high school to talk to players. the flip was made. the linebacker played a huge part in leading the team to its first playoff win. >> he takes his job seriously. he wants to win. that's what made a mark for me. coming off a 14 win season which was capped off with a close loss to alabama.
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capitalize on that. the team got better with the addition of these two newcomers -- 23 newcomers. >> this year is going to be special. i think this is a group from top to bottom fills our needs. it's two years in a row that we have graduated the winningest class in the history of the school. that group had 42 wins and then to come back this year this senior class has 46 wins. that's a lot of great winners that of walked out the door over the last two years and so i think it's critital that we bring in a group of players and people to replace them that have those same type of characteristics.
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nation's number one prospect. they picked up a force on the offensive line john simpson. he is the u.s. army all- american. i just want to be more like the other players and i'm going to work hard. there was a possibility that the quarterback might eat -- land that usc. he went to georgia southern eagles. >> i feel like i am more
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i feel like they're good players here. i feel like i made the right decision. quarterback logan bailey was down to newberry. he met with the reigning ctte champs of the southern conference. is excited about going with the bulldogs. -- he is excited about going with the bulldogs. >> i'm going to keep the place alive. they have what i wanted to
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