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tv   News 19 11  CBS  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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to commemorate the 1003 and i'm andrea mock. . from the station that's on your side, you are watching news 19 at 11. things were being with us. tonight, we begin with this story of the first responder who went above and beyond disabled woman's life. a public safety officer in cayce is being called a hero after saving a woman from her burning home.
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officer, new feliciano was off- duty tonight after working a fatal accident, while he was out he saw home on fire. that's when he saw the homeowner who was outside trying to go back inside to get some over things. officer yelled at the woman not to go back in, but when she did, he ran home quickly to get a fired gear and came back and went into that burning house to rescued -- rescue the woman. nobody was injured during the fire and it remains under investigation by the police department. it turns out, we did a story on the officer and did not know it, he was one of the public service officers be featured in last nights newscast in a good samaritan story. along with his friend captain -- by an anonymous customer. in cayce. now the midland most accurate forecast with jim gandy.
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evening and temperatures have been dropping, the temperature is at 32 degrees and are winds are light, from west and -- west and southwest 3 miles per hour, it will stay clear tonight a low in the morning of 27. tomorrow some sunshine and then increasing clouds late in the day. mostly cloudy -- mostly sunny, high of 54. some rain to our east tomorrow night. the williamsburg regional hospital has temporarily's suspended service as they repair part of the serve the the -- of the building damage by the flood to get the ceo said they have close's to 30 inches of water in the roof and they have to get rid of that and repair the area for they can fully open again. all positions are on a 34 hour walk in clinic and had been oh and in the area. a temporary hospital will be built it within -- within eight
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-- are in the next four weeks. the state department of corrections asking for your help tonight looking for to -- two escaped inmates. spartanburg in may 27 old james buckner, he left his job site this afternoon to my he is serving time at a minimum- security facility -- minimum security facility for stealing a car and drop the session and criminal domestic violence. the second inmate is 26-year- old zachary read from raquel, he's serving eight years on a burglary conviction. reeves walked away from the pre- release center last monday in the agency said he also will gun. he is considered armed and dangerous. if you know where these men are tonight call 911 or crimestoppers on triple a crime. a bill is being sent to the governor that would keep you from being sued if you like a
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inside a hot vehicle. the sponsors said he doesn't know anyone being sued for damaging a car. but it could happen. bill -- it will encourage people to take action knowing they wouldn't be held liable. if it was my child in the hot car and i had a moment where i did not remember, i don't know how that would happen, i hope someone would bus the window or do whatever they could to get in it. since 97, 10 children statewide have died after being left inside hot cars. tennessee is the only other state where a law like this is on the books. a new report shows the salaries of state employees here are lower compared to other states. mike pitts said that they need an overall to overhaul the pay structure. he doesn't think lawmakers will
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budget, that same study says south carolina workers give up or a paycheck for healthcare and retirement benefits than any other public workers. super bowl a couple days away. fans are already celebrating, having rally taking place at the river raft brewery, lauren. >> i am out here with the cold on right at the river raft brewery, they are pumped up excited for the super bowl to you i am here with brad and dave, tell me, why your your out here tonight ? >> to celebrate a great season and celebrate the carolina panthers. >> what he looking forward to in this game. >> to see cam newton put on a good -- great performance.
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we call them the carolina panthers. the full carolinas. >> when i first moved here, one of the things i asked was whether the fans at a knife heard about the -- and heard about the chapters, i never heard of the carolina chapter i took to the -- it up under any set me up with everything about starting my own chapter and ever since, the question i asked when i move, you know what it's been answered because here's where the panther pan -- fans are at. >> the carolina panther fans are in columbia south carolina. back to you guys. those guys will be hosting a super bowl party on sunday night at the alehouse. you can watch the game right
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coverage starting at noon. they believe were connected to islamic state over the past six months, the social media says it has increased its team to go through suspects accounts and find any automated accounts that publish extremist views, twitter has been heavily criticized for not doing more effectively or monitoring the presence of extreme groups. they got even more pressure following the waco a terrorist attack in paris and san bernardino. this is the first time twitter has shared specifics on the number of accounts that it has had to delete. louisville men's backs basketball team will not appear in a postseason tournament, the university official decided to ban postseason faith following an investigation into prostitution scandal. in a tell all book an escort claims she and other dances were paid more than $10,000 to
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and recruits over a four-year period. coach rick pitino says he is a -- he's stunned at the university's decision to ban the play and he doesn't know anything about the prostitution. the sixth man to walk on the moon had died area and -- apollo astronaut edgar mitchell died last night after a short illness, one day before the 45th anniversary of his landing on the moon with alan shepard wishes his crewmate, after the -- he accused the united states government -- government of knowing about and -- uncovering form. 85. the junior league of columbia holding their and 19th annual clean sweep sale tomorrow begins at eight and goes till one out of the state fairgrounds. the sale has everything from
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at seven and parking is $5, a cash event only. the colonial life arena is a site for monster jam, features favorites like carolina crusher and gravedigger and there are two performances, the first at 2:00 and 7:30 p.m., tickets start at $23. not to help in the cinderella project, drop off -- project, drop off gently worn dresses and more than a dozen locations including our studios. here in the midlands. we will get the dresses to girls for their high school prom and the deadline for drop off -- drop-off is february 24th, march 9th in orangeburg, that's a deadline. we have a full list on the website many children around the midlands wrapped up their 100 day of school district. there's celebrate the day
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bring in 100 items of something. lauren thomas reports on carolina springs student took project to a whole another level by honoring officers who died in the line of duty. six-year-old -- shocked the first great class with a kate, he was assigned by lori barnett to decorate the cape wind -- with one -- tape with 100 items. con balls or serial or safety pins. stickers, of things. i've never had one so special as braxton's. >> he was made up of the name and faces of all in police and canine officers from around the nation. >> they are going out in this fight trying to find a bad guy. >> when he came home with the assignment, has bothered sergeant chad writing at the sheriff's department was glad to help. >> we went through a household project objects ended did not
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he was reading on board with a pen wanted to do it. >> among the faces of the fallen was officer dixie case of the police police department who died in the police -- in an accident while responding to a call and greg alia who was shot in killed while responding to a suspicious person : september 30. kathy was honored when she saw the face on braxton's kate. >> he's pretty much alive to me so one other show their love and support and celebrate him and his memory i feel closer to him. >> they are this -- helping us live. >> that is a pretty amazing little boy. last year, 129 officers died in the line of duty in three of them were from south carolina. we have details on the big mardi gras party. happening in the area and this
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you are watching news 19 at 11. as we approach set tuesday -- wednesday, mardi gras is the big festival going on tomorrow at city beats right in the road -- there's going to be by the parade and starts at 11:00 in the morning goes through the roads in the neighborhood and the parade ends at the city routes -- live bands and activities for the kids and all day long and proceeds raised by the beverage sales will go to the city routes farm because they were damaged during the flood, it's a great event, it's free to get in and you have to bring cash with you to buy some food and drink. the weather should cooperate tomorrow, the weather should be fine tomorrow for the eastern midlands, might be a
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tomorrow night, today we saw plenty of sunshine, cool, temperatures in the low 50s for most part, 51 in greenwood, 52 sumpter, 53 and i got stuck, columbia up in rock hill 49. tonight temperatures have dropped, it's 32 in columbia, in augusta 29, greenwood, 30 rockville, -- rock hill, 34 sumpter, 35 orangeburg, warmer along the coast, 38 in charleston. satellite picture we have clear skies, the front moves well offshore the main store system is off of nova scotia and high pressure over the southeast a few high clouds moving through the tennessee river valley and a week system over southwestern oklahoma diving down to the gulf of mexico. beginning late tomorrow, more likely tomorrow night, storm system beginning to develop all
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that's something we will be watching. this but the computer models say, it will be mostly sunny for good heart of the midlands and we will be watching the clouds coming into the coastal region and by late in -- afternoon will be seeing more clouds coming into the midlands and along the coast some rain and that rain will be moving into the eastern part of the midlands during the evening hours and from orangeburg two sumpter and bishop vail, if you are east of that you will see some rain, west of that you won't see any rain. there's a possibility that if the rain could last long enough, you might see some rain mixed good snow right here -- with snow right here on the western boundary the problem ms. by the time it gets cold enough to do that the rain is over with, was we get to sunday most rain will be right along the coast of moving out as well
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even if there's rain mixed with snow there wouldn't be any tonight no question about it it will be cold, we will see a little 25 newberry, 29 sumpter 50s, 54 columbia. we will -- you will see clouds late tomorrow, by sunday after partly cloudy skies, 56, colder air starts to move in on monday 55 degrees once a cold front comes through colder air starts to move in it will be mostly cloudy on tuesday, when the 45 degrees and it may continue to be windy through wednesday with high 46, thursday morning 25 degrees but from there we start to warm up in the friday and
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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reggie henderson. on the road tomorrow at number 8:00 a.m. them , the aggies coming out with a loss on thursday. umc will try to get on top, two- game road swing did not start off well as they lost -- loss and george on tuesday night, they met with the media today and they know what the team did wrong and hopefully they can correct it for tomorrow. they are sluggish on the road and the other team playing on the home court. you know obviously rebounding we should growled grab more rebound. >> earlier today 19 and -- in the something set down -- and they something set down with usc us coach women's coach. undefeated the number one ranked yukon which on the number three's championship, the same from last are they each loss couple layers. maybe the biggest differences -- difference is the fact that
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year in the coaches in snow we cannot because -- connecticut. rep 18,000 screaming fans will lead to a different outcome. i know last year i felt like the whole atmosphere and environment really got the best of us. this year, we will be in the conference and are -- in our gym and comfort of 18,000 people, we can kind of settle in and there will be some -- in the game and -- where the players, but what we try to talk to them about today in practice was there is doing some things, but we know will be there and they take this option away, you know because where we need to -- what they are taking away. super bowl sunday night, and the late show check out
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part of the culture of the this week touched on a number of topics, but the coach had to say, we go on -- one-on-one with coach must camp. >> national signing day in the books which means they are looking to lock down in the 2017 commit and beyond, that they had to call an audible. clemson knew they had some guys guys. that had to move quickly to shore up area. we found out pretty early about travis that he was going to make this a senior year and graduate december so we knew about travis. j ron told me the week of the national championship game decision, tj and not did not make a decision on at to the game and we had to hit the ground running without couple weeks to get it done in january.
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about that is we were able to say okay, who's the best guys out there and make some calls and people were interested in coming in seeing clemson and that's the strength of our brand. all right we are today's from super bowl 50 right here on news 19, we have you covered. with ground zero being the cbs compound 65,000 square feet compressible 12 huge trucks inside and you have control rooms, pregame show, editing them a all everything you need to put on a show like the super bowl, it takes 500 pick the people -- 550 people. and 100 cameras, we used to capture every conceivable angle. i production people are here picking the best shots.
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the plays close or it's in the goal line, we have a transparency pop up and we will see the ball actually went through it's pretty cool pretty excited about it. something extra special, a pylon camera part of the new innovation that cbs is breaking up -- out for super bowl 50. the golden ceremony and had been going around the country continuing upstate, chicago is% thing that special football commemorating its legacy, warmer clemson quarterback steve fuller, on the super bowl would the bears, stephen was in the 2000 panthers team. those two are joined by -- that's four players played in the super bowl and the vikings are tied. for the most players from one school who played in the super bowl. speaking of richmond, last
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tonight to grads took part in the initiative, high school across the country and standard scheiber the graduate had 10 your career made the 1984 pro ball and was in the dolphins and loss of the 49ers in that super bowl. both of these guys very proud that the high school has produced four players and one coach the offense of coordinator for the cardinals and competed at the highest level playing or working super bowl's. i am old school and the fact that i am actual believer and takes the ability to raise a young man and you know from the teachers parents, family everybody that student the place of mom or dad when they weren't there this is a small token of my appreciation.
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>> it sets this apps for the rest of my life, i got a lot of things. if i hadn't come here i don't think i would've gotten anywhere else. >> we will stay the diamond mine. looking to avoid an upset. josh was staley in -- joshua staley in the huddle, for the falcons, check out james reese, he will dial it up from long range any hit four-three, l are trying to save the loose ball. in the hands of brandon davis, he is often running and makes a delivery them a two of the 21 points and ac cheerleaders likes that.
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bucket and on that's going to be chilly in the morning low of 27 degrees, sunshine 54 and the clouds common late tomorrow. an overnight temperature of 34. sunny but chilly for everything tomorrow. we got panthers in the super bowl. >> i am going back and forth. peyton manning. >> i know. >> he will conjure up something.
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