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tv   News 19 11  CBS  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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through. it seems as if crews have contained the tractor-trailer and are slowly letting traffic go by. a major traffic jam for miles. we rerouted all the way around to get under the overpass but slowly but surely the tractor- trailers are moving on the i 26 westbound and a little later on they opened up eastbound. the tractor-trailer right there and the other trailers are passing by slowly. crews seem to have it ntained, but for now traffifi will be moving slowly but surely. until then, sending it back to you. >> before you leave, you have any idea what led up to the
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the tractor-trailer hurt? >> as of right now, we do not know. i spoke to a couple of officers and they were unable to share any information with us. a a lot of these officers are here to help contain traffic. we will keep you updated. the chester county one person was killed and another her today after a hit-and-run on i 77. it happened about 20 miles south of raquel between the richburg and grateful exits. troopers say a 2000 ford explorer and a tractor-trailer were traveling north when the trtrk hit the ford in the rear flipped it killing the passenger in the suv. the driver of the ford is a 36- year-old orangeburg man who was hospitalized with injuries. the driver of the 18 wheeler
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troopers say the 18 wheeler is purple and caller and it should have some front end damage. if you have any information on who was driving the semi, called 1-888-crime-sc. the clouds of the afternoon have moved out and it's mostly clear right now and a bit chilly. it's 37 degrees and winds from the west essex miles per hour which is producing a wind chill of 32 degrees. tonight we expect mostly clear skies with a low of 33 degrees. we will start out sunny but we do expect to see some clouds in the afternoon with high temperature of 45 degrees. it will be chilly this week and we will look at the forecast in a minute. . people in waynesboro got a chance to voice their opinions on what they want to see change
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>> loren thomas was there. >> reporter: we are anticipating changes in the near future. tonight they held a first of for community meetings for their community and economic development master plan series. back in the fall, the county asked a firm to take a look at areas that needed improvement. the firm that with residents to explain what they found and to get input. >> i wish more citizens had shown up because it is important. took residents were happy to give their input on areas they felt needed improvement. >> we need water and a water source. >> citizens are reaching out for some solutions. our county only has one grocery store. >> one urban planner says there are many ways they can show
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>> there's the trail system in the state park system. there is a physical things that people say. you want to have the catalyst projects that you can build quickly so people can see change. >> this development plan is for a 15 to 20-year-old timeline. they plan to see changes in the next five years. the developers are also planning on meeting with residents on tuesday night at the mccoury elementary school in player. -- player -- blair.. the south carolina state university is remembering a student who died at the hands of the south carolina hiway
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40 years ago on february 8 students at the university gathered to protest the segregation of the bowling lanes. officers shot it to that crowd of students that night killing three and injuring 28. today a program was held to remember those who lost their lives. the keynote speakers spoke. >> two years ago he offered an apology. the state of south carolina has never had an investigation into the circumstances of what happened. at least one of the officers still maintains that he did the right thing. those are the things that i feel kind of left of wound on our state. >> the families of samuel
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candles for them. the theme was social change. lots of eyes on new hampshire as the candidates make a final push to attract voters. the latest polls there should donald trump leading republicans with ted cruz marco rubio jeb bush and john kasich locked in a fierce battle for second. on the democratic side, bernie sanders is ahead of hillary clinton by clinton is said to be closing the gap. many of the gop candidates are making their way to the palmetto state after new hampshire. donald trump and marco rubio have events planned for wednesday. rubio is also visiting columbia that day. on wednesday john kasich and jeb bush and chris christie have events in the low country. republican candidates will meet
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lots of details still unknown at this time. we do know it starts at 9 pm. you can watch the entire debate right here. the local fire department is getting more resources to help them perform swift water rescues. swiftwtwer rescue trainingngis in columbia. 10 additional firefighters are set to get this training. it all comes after the team that with the october floods. at that time nearly had six people trained. they had to work 36 straight hours. the city of columbia is looking to help small businesses affected by the flood. the office of business opportunity is launching the
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in order to qualify, you have to be in columbia have applied for fema assistance be in business for at least two years, and suffer loss. your eligible for loans up to $10,000. the one small business in columbia dedicated to helping cancer survivors also runs a nonprofit. tomorrow is the annual gala at 6 pm. since 2008 the society has been helping hundreds of patients get free compression garments mastectomy bras and camisoles and wakes. 100 percent of the $25 ticket price will go to help patients who cannot afford the things they need to recover. i will be hosting the event and i'm excited. many may not know this, but
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happened right here. >> is pretty amazing. we discovered the piece of history that is making a return. >> let's start with the trip back in time in the 1830s years before the california gold rush started there were more than 100 gold mines just here in south carolina. many of them have been untouched for decades. one of the largest ones is reopening. >> in the small county of lancaster south carolina since the quiet town of kershaw a town that was long ago anything but quiet. at the epicenter of a national gold rush. >> at one point in time the goldmine was the largest mine in the united states. it has not been active since before world war ii. there may be a few old-timers
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two generations since the never been around it. it's been basically dormant. >> geologist says franklin roosevelt shut the mine down during the war so americans could focus on warfare industry. the mine site stayed mostly quiet after that. >> they are reopening of mind in a sense has been in operation off and on since 1827. >> they recently got the go- ahead to start money again after all of these years. >> you will see housing and hotels and restaurants growing in this area. it's an opportunity for the people of kershaw and the surrounding area. >> across the street, a tiny white cottage where lifelong
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it's a town where you still see people walklkg the sidewalks and children playing in the front yards. >> all those she loves the charm, it's where she raised her kids she's not worried about the mine opening again. >> i know people who are hiring for jobs. >> it's almost been too quiet here since textile giant left in 1996. >> we need more business in our area. we don't have any industry. this is an opportunity. >> it won't and here. >> this is what everyone will watch. if they're successful, i think the people will say this can be a good thing. >> if it's a success we might see even more mines reopened. >> i think if this one is
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to make these others. >> a multimillion dollar cleanup from the mine is stamped into history. >> the con is environment. >> the cyanide used in mining will be neutralized and recycled. all we can do is watch and see how cold takes hold in our backyard. >> if everybody works to gather panola panics, i think it can be a good thing. >> the president of the goldmine tells us economic impacts to lancaster county will be about $780 million of about 15 years. 85 percent of their employees come from an area within 50
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chilly all week long but some the couple that cooks together lives longer together. valentine's day is not just
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advantages of being single. weather news and sports where live
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but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with s sial security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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you know we love when you share your pictures with us. tonight. it's a double rainbow. most of us got rain today. sometimes we get to see rainbows. >> they do occur but usually what happens is the first one has to be wide enough for the reflection to occur behind that. >> i've seen a golf course and lamarr? >> excellent. thank you for that picture. >> we had rain moved to the area but now the cold air comes in. we warmed up ahead of the front and we got up into the low 60s
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see for at least another week. charleston was 62 degrees. the rain came through and tonight we cooled off at 37 degrees in columbia. we had light winds and it will help keep temperatures up. the front is clearing the coast and the rain has moved out. we see some clearing taking place in the mid-lands but we have more clout >> to the west. this is the result of -- clouds back to the west. the storm system is up over the eastern great lakes. tomorrow some of those clouds will be coming to our area but
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we will start off with sunshine and the afternoon we will see the clouds come in and that they will clear out tomorrow night. wednesday this time it will be mostly sunny but still cold. here are temperatures for tonight. tomorrow we will see high temperatures in the mid-40s. our forecast for the next seven days still windy through wednesday with a high temperature of 47 degrees. thursday we will see a loaf 23 with a high of 47. another cold front will come through the area on friday night. by the time we get to sunday a low of 24 degrees with a high of 43 degrees.
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degrees. in the mid-lands but we have
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here are your women's college basketball tonight. before the game to the most successful coaches in the game they won the last the national
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it was a sellout crowd. they get stewart in the air she was at the jumper nice touch there. three-quarter shot the other night finds a wide-open line she did of nine rebounds. second-quarter the visitors nice moved on to the bucket and she finishes with ththscrew. kilobyte at the break 35-25. she had 13 points which tied for the team high. check out the move waiting for mitchell to go by she gets it in plus the fell she had 16. uconn led for most 30 minutes check out store from downtown. asia wilson was injured earlier comes back gets past stewart for the bucket.
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stewararhitting again another triple. uconn 19 and three 19 and 360 straight win gamecocks lose 66- 54. >> it's between now and then. the hard part is to get back there. the easier part is to play again. i think our players are understanding. if we get to that point, i think that the more times you play, the better feel you have for them. >> we will learn for it. i think we will learn from this
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we will just keep practicing. we have a great fan base here. people are lined up from here to atlanta. we couldn't get in. guys were standing in line. we ask one guy to get out. it was unbelievable. >> more college it's for you. clemson hosting notre dame and the tigers coming off a disappointing loss at virginia
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raised in -- lays it in. career-high 30 tonight. clemson not able to get it done they used to notre dame 88-83. frank martin's god has a long week ahead of them and then kentucky on saturday. the winner of the tigers did the gamecocks the edge. frank mart met with the media he says his guys are aware of what the stakes are. >> right now it's all about practice. our players know that. 20 years ago you could omit certain things but everyone in
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-- do you do not put the codes away anytime soon. >> it's going to be cool the winds have died down mostly clear 33 degrees tomorrow we will start out sunny and clouds in the afternoon 45 degrees
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even colder.
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-- we are next door to when the republicans weren't going after president obama they were coming after me. his attorney general. in the cabinet, i served with hillary clinton. i've known her for almost 25 years. this is a woman whose fought her whole life for children, to protect civil rights, voting rights.
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and police accountability. if you want to make sure republicans don't take us backward help hillary move us forward. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. >> ladies and gentleman, please welcome the musical director of "the late show", jon batiste! (cheers and applause) and now your host, stephen colbert!! (cheers and applause) and the late show band, "stay human." (cheers and applause)
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