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tv   News 19 Noon  CBS  February 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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cool day in welcome to news19 at noon. thank you for joining us. i'm darci strickland. we start off the day with a look at your forecast. it looks like we are in store for another chilly afternoon. efren afante joins us now with the latest. >> it has been a very cold start to the morning. temperatures right now, -- we are all in the 30s.
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and newberry at 32. the wind chill is a big issue. in the 20s. it feels like 25 and newberry as well as lexington and columbia. feels like 28 in orangeburg. the wind gusts right now are upwards of 25 miles per hour. it is going to get more windy today. by now, 35 degrees in columbia. wind out of the west at 18. it feels like 24 degrees. as we go throughout the day today, we will have a mixture of sun and clouds. we could at wind gusting up to 35 miles per hour. it will feel like the middle 30s. tonight, very cold. 22 degrees. a windchill of 15. tomorrow, less wind. a high of 49 degrees. sunny skies. the key element is going to be very cold -- it will continue for a while. we will look for that in the seven-day forecast in a moment. a small fire out at airport high school led to an impact -- lead to an evacuation. no students were hurt.
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school day for those students. we're live with the latest on what happened at airport high school. >> reporter: we have been here for a few hours now. the department is still on the scene. i'm joined by the sergeant with safety. 9:29 a.m. happened? >> we received a call from the water company at 9:29 a.m. this alarm evacuation. we responded with about nine or 10 firefighters from the city. we had automatic -- aid from a content file service as well as the columbia fire department. we had found heavy smoke and a light fire. based on preliminary reports, it is coming from and hvac and
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from the hvac electrical issue. we're working on scintillating that area -- that entire area. >> there are firefighters on the backside of the building assessing the damage. tell us about the evacuation process going on. and why so many cars are going through this area right now. >> at this point, all the students and faculty from the airport high school were removed to go to the middle school next-door. the traffic is parents checking on kids. parents picking up children. and a backup of from that. we also have -- at this point, some students in some of the districts that drive -- they cannot access the keys. they left in a hurry and left the keys in the building. the power for the entire school has been shut down. we cannot allow them back into up. it is not safe for them to
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>> thank you very much. we spoke with the district 2 superintendent from lexington. he told us they are not sure if school will be held at airport high school tomorrow. they are still be siding. they have not been able to get into the building to assess the damage. that decision will be made when they can get inside. we will keep you updated on and on air. news19, wltx news. the 2016 presidential race turns its attention to south carolina following the new hampshire primary. bernie sanders and donald trump had decisive victories. we have the latest. >> donald trump dominated the new hampshire republican primary winning 35% of the vote. he appeared on cbs this morning saying that his popularity will continue to grow. >> tonight i am going to south carolina. we will have at least 10,000 people. >> ohio governor john kasich placed second with his largely
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but he says that he will fight back. >> i will not take a pounding. i'm not a pincushion or marshmallows. >> ted cruz came in third, who says he is ready for a long fight. >> i think the field will whittle down eventually. i am a patient person. >> and marco rubio stumbled at the last debate. >> i did not do well saturday night. listen to this. that will never happen again. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton is trying to recover from a brutal loss to bernie sanders. he won across the board, especially with young people. >> because of a huge voter turnout -- and i say huge -- we won. >> i know we have work to do. >> the clinton camp quickly released a memo explaining why she is expected to do better in southern states, where there are more communities of color.
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out to minorities. he met with the reverend al sharpton this morning in harlem. cbs news, manchester, new hampshire. >> new jersey governor chris christie has canceled an event in south carolina on the heels of his disappointing finish and the net -- and the primary. chris christie told a crowd of supporters last night that he was heading home to new jersey to take a deep breath and assess what comes next. now that all eyes are on the palmetto state, several of the candidates will be candidate -- campaigning in our state today. jeb bush have an event planned in the low country. ted cruz will be in route -- myrtle beach. ted cruz and marco rubio will be in the upstate. marco rubio will be at the columbia metropolitan convention center at 3:00 today. and ben carson as well. john kasich will be in the low country. the ronald mcdonald house that a big donation today. the american farm bureau women's
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food, money and supplies to the charity this morning. the donation is part of the farm bureau's checkout week. we're told the delivery will make a big difference. >> i have been here almost eight years. to this day, when someone pulls up with a carload of food, i start smiling. because i know that someone out there went to work, made the money, but the food and took the time to bring it to me. they believe in our mission here of helping these families stay together when they have a critically ill or injured child. >> each year the ronald mcdonald house of columbia provides a home away from home for more than 350 families who have a child in the hospital. a boil water advisory has been issued for the saint andrews road area in columbia. this covers st. andrews road, from that area to broad river road including businesses and residents in that area. as well as st. andrews commons apartment complex. customers in that area are asked to vigorously boil water for at
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a judge has sentenced a greenville man to 30 years in guilty of homicide by child abuse in the death of an intense. reports today say that a jury found edwards guilty in the death of an 11-week-old. doctors testified that the child suffered injuries to his spine, brain, neck and eyes -- that were consistent with shaken baby syndrome. innocence and promises to appeal. the city of columbia will hold an open house for residents and businesses today. the goal is to learn about updates on the north main improvements and streets gaping project. the open house will take place at the community center on parkside drive at 5:30 p.m. representatives will be available to answer questions about the project. and up for parole for the 15th time. he was convicted in the 1968
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kennedy. he has consistently claimed that he has no memory of the shooting. he is serving a life sentence. the california supreme court briefly outlawed capital punishment in 1972. a cruise ship hit by a major storm in the atlantic ocean is back in the new jersey port. the ship was carrying more than 4500 passengers when it sailed into a major winter storm in route to the bahamas. passengers were stuck in cabins as powerful wind and 30-foot waves tossed them around. injuries. google's computers just got a driver's license. the u.s. safety regulators have determined that the computers controlling the tech giant's drivers. in another move to get the cars on the road yesterday, google filed a patent for a driverless delivery truck that can only be
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twitter is tweaking its timeline. the social media site will let people turn on a setting that lets popular tweets related to people you follow show up first in your timeline followed by the other feet. twitter exploded over the weekend on rumors that they were changing features to look more like facebook. pressure has been building on twitter to accelerate user growth. and stock has declined significantly. subaru is recalling more than 82,000 suv's because of the hoods opening unexpectedly while driving. the recall involves 2006 until 2014 model years. subaru says roster or grease can build up and cause this brings in the hood to seize up and stopped working. the japanese automaker learned about the problem from a lawsuit last fall. owners will be notified about the recall.
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another recall. this one, a furniture recall from ikea. they are recalling 840,000 ceiling lamps because of a risk that the glass shades might fall and injure you. they have been selling these lambs since 2002. and this model since 2012. they are urging all buyers of the two ceiling lamps to immediately return into a ikea store for a full refund. today is ash wednesday -- which officially marks the beginning of lent. thousands of people braved the cold to line the streets of new orleans to celebrate fat tuesday. but at midnight, police marched the streets to remove mardi gras goers to put an official end to the fun. the usc men's basketball team will face off against lsu
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first place with a win pick -- when. tipoff is at 7:30 p.m. don't touch the thermostat. it looks like the cold weather will stick around for a few
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efren afante will te welcome back. if you see smoke near the peachtree rock reserve in lexington today and tomorrow, do not be alarmed. we're told a prescribed burn is taking place and is expected to begin around 11:00 every morning with the fire reaching peak intensity in the late afternoon. approximately 12 up to 50 firefighters will be on site guiding the blaze. if you are anywhere downwind, you may smell smoke. because right now, the wind is coming out of the west -- upwards of 20 miles per hour. sustained wind. the wind gusts are exceeding 25. we already have wind gust reports of up to 32 miles per hour. straight out of the west. temperatures right now are very cold. all in the 30s. thirty-two in newberry. and no, 34. orangeburg, 38.
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are making us all in the 20s for the windchill. it feels like 24 in saint matthews. in columbia, 35 degrees. wind out of the west at 18 miles per hour. it feels like 24 degrees in downtown columbia. and there is a surface trough finally moving off. as it does, behind it, we will have more dry air. the upper levels of the atmosphere still have a lot of moisture. we will deal with the cloud coverage for a few hours. as we go throughout the afternoon, the model forecast shows the skies starting to clear. not just this morning but throughout the day tomorrow. friday. coverage increasing at that point. 40s. afternoon. but the wind will be a key up to 35 mile-per-hour gusting possible. as we go into the afternoon. the wind will really start to ramp up. we're looking at wind speeds in
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as we get started tomorrow morning, the wind chill -- what it will feel like in the teens. it will be frighteningly cold. friday. 50 degrees. a downhill slide into sunday. forty-one is the high. but as rain chances comeback have a high of 57 on tuesday. so grab the blankets. coming up after the break, we will see what howard is kitchen. >> it is ash wednesday. we have a tasty fish recipe that
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over i something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton,
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with today being ash the
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recognize the beginning of lent. and beyond to the many observances that take place during this time, many of you will be eating a lot more fish. said to help keep things exciting, we came up with a new fish dish that i know you are going to love. we start off by cutting about a panda and a half of fish blaze into individual portions. or you can get them pre-portion from the freezer case. we put them on a baking dish and set them aside will we mix together some sour cream, parmesan cheese, paprika and a little salt and pepper. we put this over each fillet. and finish them off with a bit of italian bread crumbs. this is going to add a ton of flavor. right before putting these in the oven, we put on melted butter. and that is it. and if you are wondering what is
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mild white fish like cod, or farm raised catfish. when this comes out of the oven piping hot, you will get the creaminess of the sour cream, blended with the parmesan, which is one amazing combination. it is so good, i hope you will for our sour cream crown fish fillets so you will have a new i'm howard in the mr. food test kitchen where today we found a flavor packed away for you to say, ooh, it is so good! >> thank you, howard. grab your kleenex. this is a heartwarming reunion.
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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a world war ii veteran from virginia reunited today in australia with his wartime
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norwood thomas was a 21-year- old paratrooper and joyce morris was a 17-year-old girl when they met in london shortly before d-day. last year, she asked one of her sons to look for thomas online. they reconnected via skype. now the 93-year-old widowed norwood and morris, say they are planning to spend valentine's day together. a man in poland has an unlikely best friend. it is a squirrel. the man says he found the squirrel as a baby when it fell out of a tree. he nursed the squirrel back to health beating him goats milks or a dropper. the squirrel has recovered -- feeding him goats milk through a dropper. the squirrel has recovered. the two are inseparable. the man says the squirrel is free to leave. but he does not want to. should you let your four-legged friend to share your bed? a recent survey suggests that it may be beneficial -- according to the survey, 41% of pet owners
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sharing the bed with animals. and being relaxed is associated with better sleep. but there is a downside. we have the details today at 5:00.
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>> that is it for news19
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