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tv   News 19 11  CBS  February 17, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

1:37 am colombian leaders voted
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out of the water and sewer system to pay for other services. city council decided to end this practice altogether on june 30. since 1999 water from a -- money from water and souter -- sewer have been transferred. >> they will not cut the budget. was important to stop the practice now for the betterment of columbia. this is the fifth or sixth year for the budget surplus. we have upgraded our credit rating and we are seeing significant private sector work across the region and it means we are preparing ourselves for continued growth.
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is going to help us. >> the move comes five months after the state supreme court question the legality. we've seen some showers move into the western part of the state. radar shows rain across the northern part of south carolina and the raids are fading. it's partly cloudy outside with 45 degrees we expect clouds to be with us and tomorrow it will be partly cloudy with a high temperature of 62 degrees. it looks like it will be dry into the weekend. that forecast coming up. four days before the primary and jeb bush has a lot on the line.
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needs a steady hand in the white house. >> the world operates risky and the downside for them is bigger than the benefits, then they won't do it. if they know the united states has the resolve to take out any capability they have to attack us, that is a deterrent. if they don't believe it, then we need to take it out. >> is super pac supports bush buying ad time outside of south carolina waiting to see how the governor does in our state. a new poll tonight shows donald trump maintaining his double-digit lead in south carolina. trump touched on several subjects saving the second amendment and reducing the debt.
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world and we are 19 billion -- have republicans who are upset. republicans approve the budget that gave obama every single thing he wanted. >> trump will hold another rally tomorrow night at the sumter civic center. texas senator ted cruz campaign and a columbia at the armory. he says if elected he will fix the problem of the va. he want to say it's time for the republican party to say good night. >> people will be forgiven this election season. i can imagine why anyone would think that. the time for frugality is over.
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we need a leader who is prepared to be commander-in- chief. marco rubio blasted ted cruz saying he was making things up as he goes. he says he is engaging in a pattern of falsehood. that should disqualify him for being in the white house. rubio also talked about what being president needs to him. >> you might not agree with me but what i want to see is people looking at the television and seeing a leader. a high governor john kasich made a trip to lexington county tonight for townhall meeting. he talked about the need to fix what he says is broken. prescription drugs restored more power to the state level
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my goal is going to be to turn a lot of power back to you whether it's welfare education training. i wanted to come back here to all of the states where we can be the laboratories of innovation. and carson says the us supreme court has become a political tool and maybe time to terminate it. republicans and democrats continue to square off. carson will be campaigning a columbia tomorrow. with four days let the governor has not made an announcement on who she will endorse. while she continues to take over her decision, she was adamant about who she would not support. she says that's donald trump.
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that come in that go against governor's, is everything that a governor doesn't want because we don't want a president who will bash and call is what we are not doing right. we want them to help us. i thought it was quite obama like. >> the governor also says she is weighing whether or not an endorsement is really important for her to do. and alter your -- an auditorium of students met at the university of south carolina on the presidential primary. >> they discuss the many aspects of the presidential primary specifically why winning the palmetto state is important.
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going to be about. >> a freshman at the university is one of the many who wanted to learn more about the primary specifically why our state is an indication who will ultimately win. >> south carolina historically has been a decider in the primary process because it is a blend of both republican coalition. >> he went on to answer questions from the audience which led to a discussion on the governor. >> the governor is one of the most popular republicans in the state so she decides to throw her weight behind one of the candidates i think all of them think it would be a big deal. >> whether or not she may be considered as a vice presidential choice, >> it's hard to imagine a
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of that conversation. >> they also discussed how the playing field might look after south carolina. >> after south carolina there's going to be enormous pressure on whoever finishes at the bottom. >> republican primary is saturday and we will have special primary coverage throughout. over the state house senators will start talking about roads tomorrow and how to fund repairs. they will raise the gas tax. it should bring in more than $700 million extra over five years but it only taxes income and other taxes by $400 million. resolution in the senate
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gunned down last summer. police say he wanted to start a race war and the community responded by an outpouring of love and unity. the house approved the resolution three weeks ago. if you drive across bridges you may have noticed since the flood lots of trash in the streams and creeks and trees. the trash isn't just an eyesore. dana bond explains. >> there's a lot of impacts that we are seeing play out and we are trying to figure out how we recover and rebuild to make sure we don't suffer the same types of problems and issues down the road.
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keeper he is concerned about the debris that could cause more flooding but he is also worried about water quality issues after the flood. >> we saw dumpsters and poor potties. we saw things like paint and household cleaners and pesticides and fertilizers. a lot of that stuff got washed out of homes and businesses in into our streams and creeks. >> geography professor dr. alan james shares that concern. >> the water quality has direct public issues to health and also relevance to the ecosystems and the help of the environment. >> that's why it is important to get the trash out of the waterways as soon as possible even though that has been a challenge. >> it's a little top because cold weather and the water has been high so when things calm
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better effort to get out there and remove it. spec he hopes that people will see this issue of trash left over and help out where they can. he also hopes citizens will appreciate the natural resources that run through the area. >> it's part of the quality of life in the midland. some people use it for recreation. it's the unique identity of columbia, this was built around our three rivers. one of the constraints is he has to do most of the cleanup on public property. if there are private property owners who need help, there is help. if you look up in the trees, there are close and trash and
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got washed. >> we knew there would be some issues weeks a month after the flood but this is one thing we october. >> taking trash out of the trees. several teams looking for a
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some changes before we had today was scorches. i hope you had a chance -- gorgeous. i hope you had a chance to eat outside. >> it's really going to be nice the rest of the week. we have been watching an airframe which is moving to the tennessee river valley into south carolina. here's a time lapse of the radar over the last three hours. you can see how the activity has been diminishing so it's falling apart. the weather system helping to produce this is weakening. there's still some clouds but
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the rain we had earlier today is now up in eastern canada continuing to move away and we will see high pressure building into our area for the rest of the weekend. temperatures. they are in the 40s with the exception of augusta. you can see there are no real cold temperatures around. our model continues to show tomorrow we will see partly cloudy scalise but no rain -- skies but no rain. daytime temperatures will be good on thursday. here's our forecast. we are going to be seeing low temperatures tonight. tomorrow we should see high
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into the low 60s. are seven-day forecast is a dry one through the weekend. cooler on thursday with a high temperature of 50 degrees friday sunny and a low of 32 degrees. we get up to 62 degrees on friday saturday 70 degrees and sunday 72 degrees.
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a high temperature of 53 3 college hoops - u we are starting with college hoops needing a win a loss to the team may not be good. the gamecocks stronger the first half got something going in the second half. gamecocks down just three and then off the mess they have it there goes into the 21. pj turned the trash ties the game up at 67 but carolina
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gamecocks lose 72-67. florida is in town on saturday at noon. high school hoops the emerald from greenwood county in the first-round of the boy's playoffs. fidell the gate -- right out of the gate turnover and he finishes at the rim. davis to thomas more fact in he will take it in a rule 55-44. over at the diamond with a longtime assistant. pick it up in the second half leading 24-19.
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he had 17 and lower richland wins 52-43. showdown midland action airport campus. orangeburg lies in with finger all. hagler community side he will throw it up. early lead the bruins have a defense they get it going. williamson taking the past and he will score. they win final 57-47. richland northeast on the
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quarter in the basket for lucas is cavalier. here it is inside. game tied at 43. james fuller davis hit the game- winning three with six seconds left a richland were northeast get the win 46-43. lakewood a four seed on the route with north myrtle beach down five early second-quarter the heat up. gainers within two more good shooting for the gators. final 55-48. girls for a action defending champs burns watch
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break. she will hit christian with a pass they finish and later its switching sides who will hit 43. spring valley wins 75-43. more action from girls lexington opening up the season at home. wildcats working at around who knocked down the three from the baseline. they are up double digits. score inside they were about to take a 10 point lead into the fourth quarter when west ashlee sumter stopped launches one for three.
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the top three girls team at home hosting travelers and for the blue devils its camera lemmon with the steel. she will head to the line and is dunlap gets a hand in their to send the blue devils lead final blue devils wanted to-34. monday clemson quarterback and heisman trophy finalist sean watkins accepted is true feet -- trophy. they lost to alabama is motivated took the tigers take the next monumental step. >> we proved a lot and we did a lot. we didn't finish the main goal and that was to win it all.
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>> the rain continues to fade and it looks like we will not see much of any rain. a little 41 tonight and tomorrow partly cloudy and 62
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>> nothing to nearly a year so the next president can make the choice. but today, mr. obama said he plans to follow the constitution. >> historically this has not been viewed as a question. there is no unwritten law that says that it can only be done on off years. that's not in the constitutional text. i'm amused when i hear people who claim to be strict interpreters of the constitution sudden leap readly reading into it a whole series of provisions that are not there. there is more than enough time for the senate to consider in a
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nominee that i present and to make a decision. in just a moment, what you need to know to prevent deadly accidents at rail crossings. and, private letters reveal a close relationship between a pope and a married woman.


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