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tv   News 19 11  CBS  February 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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shooting at a mall in we are following two major stories tonight. we are following two major stories tonight. donald trump wins the south carolina primary, by double- digits and with it, all 50 of our state's delegates. >> and shots fired inside a very crowded columbiana center. with it, the search for the suspects continues.
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i'm jr barry. >> and i'm darci strickland. donald trump won 44 of the 46 counties. the only two he didn't win, richland and charleston. those go to marco rubio, and it appears tonight, donald trump is going to get all 50 of our state's delegates. >> trump is celebrating his huge win. >> reporter: of course, donald trump, the clear winner here tonight in the south carolina primary. nearly 1,000 people filled this room to support their candidate. all very, very happy tonight as he took the win. when he first got on stage, a little bit after 8:30, he thanked lieutenant governor mcmasters and said he would michigan rather have the lieutenant governor's support than the governor's support, because he won. he also said he's going to get
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and he said we're going to start winning with the country. he cited immigration, healthcare and the wall. >> we're going to do a lot of beautiful work. we're going to terminate obamacare. it's going to be terminated, it's going to be over. it's going to be repealed, and it's going to be replaced, and you're going to have much better healthcare at a much smaller cost. >> let's have a big win in nevada. let's have a big win at the sec, let's put this away, and let's make america great again. >> we're all happy. >> very happy. >> rubio came in second, but he gets zero delegates. >> reporter: another topic that struck a cord with the voters in spartansberg, he said we're going to protect our second amendment right. that got a huge cheer from the thousands of people that filled this ballroom at the marriott in spartansberg. he said we're looking forward
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the fight to the rest of the states, but he loves people in south carolina, he said. especially here in spartanburg, where like i said, this place was a packed house tonight. we're in spartansberg, mary sturgeon. thanks so much. a few precincts still not counted it appears marco rubio finished second in south carolina, beating out ted cruz by less than a thousand votes. >> earlier this week, the polls showed him with 13% support. but he finished the night with 22% of the vote. >> joyce koh has more now on rubio's strong finish. >> reporter: crews started breaking down here after an exciting night on marco rubio's camp. rubio leading by a mere 2% in front of ted cruz, securing his spot as second place here in south carolina. an incredibly important state in the primaries, and they began their speeches by giving recognition to jeb bush who
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but they rallied their crowd, saying that south carolina voters have woke the country up, and changed this race. calling their campaign the 21st century conservative moment. >> ronald reagan made us believe that it was morning in america again, and it was. well, now the children of the reagan revolution are ready to assume the mantle of leadership. >> reporter: marco rubio also gave mention, his endorsers, senator scott, the son of of a poor single mother. and marco rubio himself. the son of a bartender and maid from cuba. >> we are a nation that has admired people who have worked hard and moved ahead. but we fight for those who are still trying to make it. tonight, you are that single
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purpose of your life to make the life for your children better than yourself. we will fight for you. >> reporter: the reason why this second place is critical for marco rubio, because as the presidential primaries go on, candidates will start dropping out of the race. although trump has a sizable lead right now, that other 65% another candidate, which, of course would change the race. we're live in columbia, joyce koh, news19, wltx. >> no delegates, no delegates for ted cruz either who thought he was going to finish second. instead, he appeared to finish third tonight. >> he thanked supporters tonight. >> reporter: darci and jr, ted cruz supporters cleared out about an hour ago. though he didn't get the top spot, there was still a lot of energy and excitement in the room. when he walked in, he walked
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lots of audience members chanting his name. he told them they had made history. he wished jeb bush well, and he also took a moment of silence for the late supreme court justice, antonin scalia. he was at his funeral earlier today, and said he had known him for 20 years, and that was a true defender of the constitution. he said any candidate for the supreme court that he were to nominate would also be a true defender of the constitution. again, he said over and over again to the crowd that they had defied the odds, and i want you to take a listen to more of what he had to say to the crowd. >> tonight, despite millions and millions of dollars of constant nasty attacks. despite the entirety of the political establishment coming
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remarkable response. >> reporter: cruz went on to say he is the true conservative in the race. he also said that his campaign was the only one that has, and will beat donald trump, and then he spoke of many of his prior accomplishments, and said as president that he would rebuild the military, stand with israel, utterly destroy isis, and secure the borders and keep america safe. reporting live from the south carolina state fair grounds, janay frazier. >> 50 delegates in south carolina. this is not a win or take all state, but it appearardonald trump has taken all the delegates. you get 29 delegates for winning the state of south carolina, and 3 for every district. a clean sweep for trump.
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delegates, and he shuts out all the other challengers tonight. mean while, after a fourth place showing, jeb bush has now dropped out of the race to be president. sonia guede yarr easy join us now with more on the end of bush's campaign. >> so tonight, i am suspending my campaign. >> reporter: another primary and another disappointment for jeb bush, but this time he decided to suspend his campaign, leaving behind voters frustrated with the fact that he didn't get enough momentum here in south carolina. in his short speech, he thanks his mother, his brother, and his mom for going door-to-door. but no matter what he did, he didn't seem to rack up enough support. >> i'm proud of the campaign that we've run to unify our country, and to advocate conservative sliewptions that would give more americans the opportunity to rise up and reach their god-given potential. but the people of iowa, and new hampshire and south carolina
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respect their decision. >> frustration, and disappointment, a little bit because i don't get it. i don't understand why, i don't know if people, like i didn't know if my friends, the ones that are supporting him just didn't have the time to come out and vote today, although it was beautiful and there weren't any reasons why you couldn't. it's disappointing. jeb bush ended at a disappointing fourth and now we'll have to see where the voters go from here. despite finishing in last place tonight with only 7% of the vote. ben carson says he's not dropping out of the race. >> he said new faces are needed in washington. >> the engine that drives
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country is full of filth. and corruption. and favors. and intricate relationships. and they will do anything, and i do mean anything, to maintain their power and to maintain their position. however, god is in charge. >> well this was a record year for voter turnout in the republican primary, and when i say record, i mean record. more than 735,000 votes were cast, far surpassing the old record of 605,000. state election leaders said there were very few problems today as they dealt with a massive number of primary voters. if you'd like to see all of tonight's votes, head to our website, you'll see a break down of the numbers. hillary clinton squeaked out a win in the nevada caucuses this afternoon,
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but the polls exposed some weaknesses for mrs. clinton. she lost support among voters who value honesty. sanders was also favored among younger female voters. this is the first task for the presidential candidates at courting minority voters. >> some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other. [ cheering ] and this one's for you. i want to congratulate senator sanders on a hard fought race here, and i want to thank each and every one of you. you turned out in every corner of this state with determination, and purpose. >> and sanders will head here next. that's because south carolina's democratic primary is a week from today. shots fired inside a very crowded columbiana center in
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it happened just after 7:00. columbia police say a fist fight led to the incident. two suspects fired into the air, but nobody was hurt. >> live now from the mall with the very latest. lauren. >> reporter: well guys it was a pretty chaotic scene earlier this evening, as hundreds of people were fleeing the mall after shots were fired inside. now we know that seven different jurisdictions, that's richland county, columbia county, as well as sled are all investigating exactly what happened in the columbiana mall. >> we just was in there shopping with our kids and we looked out, and everybody just running. it was chaos. >> reporter: just after 7:00 p.m., shots were fired at the columbiana mall. they believe the shots stemmed from a fist fight. >> we had an altercation that broke out in front of kay jewelers. initially a couple of people were involved from what we have
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a third person joined in. at least two people pulled guns and began firing into the air. >> reporter: at this time no injuries have been reported, but officers say they're looking for three suspects. people who were in the mall at the time of the shooting say they were shock the by what was happening. >> i actually was trapped in express, but we ended up going door. when people started moving past, we thought someone was coming that way, so me and my family ended up going out of the exit door. >> i was crying, because i had my baby. my 3-year-old in my hand. they've got us locked in. we don't know what's going on. we had to return further back in the store, because they thought somebody was running in the store with the gun. >> it took officers a little over an hour to evacuate the mall, and say many people are still looking for loved ones. toys "r" us as a meeting spot for anyone who was separated. >> as we begin to clear the mall, and some of these other
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will shed some more light on what occurred. >> reporter: we just got word from chief holbrook on the two suspect they're looking for. two black males, roughly 25 years old, around 5'10" and 150 poundsment one of the suspects is wearing acid washed jeans with a red jacket. this is still very early on in this investigation. but officials and investigators are on the scene, continuing to search and try to get more information about exactly what happened, but they're asking anybody with information to reach out to them, and give them that information to help along this investigation. darci. on the phone with us now, ariana, who is an employee at columbiana mall. she was there during that shooting today ariana, thank you so much for joining us.
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>> so i was in a store, i was in the back, and everyone, about 40 people started running at us, screaming there's a shooter, there's a shooter. people running into the store, running out of the back exit. it was kind of like a mob scene, finally we were along the back room, we turned on the lights, and everyone tried to lock the doors, and then we heard banging on doors, and ran and hid underneath furniture, in crevices, in boxes. it was a bit of a madhouse, we didn't know what was going on, on the outside. they were hearing things, rumors they're hearing sounds outside. we didn't know if cops were there yet. people were trying to reach their loved ones, they were trying to reach the cops. there was no service back there either. it all happened outside of a store. i've actually, across the kay jewelers. >> i'm sure the training you
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helped you keep yourself and the other customers at the store safe. >> definitely, you know, i commend the leadership team at my store for keeping a calm head and not freaking out when everyone else was. >> ariana thank you so much for joining us. . i appreciate your input on this tonight, and i'm glad to know safe tonight. >> thank you. all right, we should mention too, columbia police are telling us tonight that columbiana mall will open tomorrow as usual at noon as they continue to search for these suspects. >> at one point there were quite a few roadways that were blocked off, and closed. all those roads are now back open. >> again, if you have any information about who's responsible, call crimestoppers 1-888-crime sc. still ahead tonight on news19 at 11:00, it's going to be cloudy tomorrow, but it will
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jim will she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winning healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families of reservists and the national guard. standing strong around the world for human rights and women's rights. hillary clinton. she'll raise the minimum wage. take on the drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. and give everyone the opportunity to go to college
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she'll get the job done... for us. i'm hillary clinton
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well it turned out to be a nice day for the primary. temperatures warming up in the upstate region. more clouds, it was 70 in sumter and orangeburg and 72 degrees in charleston. we saw a lot of clouds over the area and they continue to be that way, but notice the clouds extend all the way back into the south central states. there is a front that is through the ohio river valley, states. this is something we're going to be watching, but it won't be monday. notice there's not a lot of rain, and today, it's been unusually warm across the u.s.
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we saw a high temperature of 62 degrees in new york. it was 78 in st. louis. 83 in oklahoma city. and the warm air extended all the way up into the dakotas. most of our readings are in the 50s. 56degrees in rock hill. 51 at augusta. 55 in orangeburg. it's 57 in columbia, and 58 in sumter. our computer model indicates that for your day tomorrow, we're going to be seeing continued cloudy skies, and that will be the case tomorrow night, only a slight chance that we'll see some rain, most of the rain won't be coming in until monday. that's when we're going to be seeing periods of rain coming through the area on monday, and that will be the case for the next three days. for tonight, with the clouds in place, expect maybe a low of 48 in camden, 51 in columbia. 50 down in orangeburg. highs tomorrow will be in the low to mid-70s. 70 in new bury. 75 for sumter and orangeburg. looking ahead on monday, we're
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starting to come in, a high of 65. our bitter chance for rain will be tuesday, but it will be chilly, as a wedge of cool air settles in over the area. the high just 54 degrees. we'll see another shot of rain coming through on wednesday, with a high of 60. but then, it will turn windy, and colder, starting on thursday. high temperature 55 degrees. sunny at 56 on friday. by the time we get to saturday, it will be sunny, with a low temperature of 31, and a high of 59. jr, darci, back to you. thank you, jim.
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plenty of basketball action change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability. bernie sanders. he was there when dr. king marched on washington. unafraid to challenge the status quo to end racial profiling, take on police misconduct, and take down a system that profits from mass imprisonment. there is no president who will fight harder to end institutuonal racism. education. opportunity. reform. bernie.
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coming up.... big basketball colonial life will have your 3 3 plenty of basketballon the docket today but we're going to start with high school playoffs.. we have plenty of basketball on the docket today. but we're going to start with some high school playoffs. starting up the road in
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washington -- the turn with the interception. josh bauers is getting it down. later. the bengals on offense with some really great ball movement. finally, it's going to land in the hands of quwan hammond who hits the three at the buzzer. blithe would lead by 7 at the break. the steal by eli white and the jam. the bengals take this one, 89- 71. they will head to burns on tuesday to battle for their first trip to the upper state finals. up the road, tim whiple and the ermo yellow jackets at home, hosting upset minded somerville. early on, the jackets lighting things up from deep. sweat pulling up, knocking down the triple. greenway doing everything they can to hang on to this one. he hits the floater. but ermo will continue to attack on the offensive end. next, it will be noah jenkins
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curl, and the yellow jackets will advance to the quartersrs with the win. trying to continue a streak of seven wins in a row over the gamecocks. he's going to hit for three. at one point, the gamecocks had a 17 point lead, but florida would close in on a huge run to halftime to take the lead. trailing, but not losing hope here. thornwell will sink a three to take the lead with 2:00 to go. then we move to 30 seconds left in this game. going to come up with the interception down to thorn well. he's going to slam it home. that gets things going crazy at colonial life arena. leading with seconds left. we go into overtime after a florida gater made free throw. getting the first bucket of the overtime period. it did stay close though.
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the gamecocks at the tigers. he would make free throws off the foul. they would escape by a time score of 73-69, escaping that, snapping that gator losing streak and move back into the win column. our guys. kentucky came in here and broke our spirit. we walked around for fofo or five days, wounded. and florida is a good team. let's go across the road to sounders park. gamecocks in game 2 of their series in albany. a john jones home run. the second of the season, he crushes that one. for the first run of the game, then an early lead for south carolina. run. then albany would step up. a two run homer of their own to tie this one you believe, double the amount that they scored yesterday in just that
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but the gamecocks have more up their sleeve. cullens second hit on the day will extend the lead to 3-2. the garnett and black will tag on a little more. they'll bring out the brook stills tomorrow to try to sweep the first series of the year. here's what chad homebrook had to say. >> we competed. i guess we scored 5 of our 8 innings, and had a chance to do a little bit more damage, but all in all, it's a 6-2 win in which pitched pretty well. we played great defensive no errors again, and found a way to win. to the upstate. clemson needing a win to get back into their series with maine after the black bears took game one. they even the series 1-1, with a 5-4 win. this is the first win of the monty lee era.
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also in action today. that brought another career high game from jaron blossom. he had 33 points against the wolfpack of nc state, but itit was not enough to raleigh. they will back in action on tuesday in at (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound)
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(elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. hillary clinton: wall street should never be allowed to wreck main street again. americans haven't had a raise in 15 years. but i want to go further.
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big financial interests, drug companies, insurance companies, big oil companies... the indifference, the negligence. that's what i want to take on. to root out all of these barriers... and together we will make progress. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. all right, she was just checking out some of the latest numbers. still a few precincts still out. if you would like to see the primary results, head to our website, there you will see a break down of all the numbersment at last check, 99.8%. >> are in now, and still a thousand votes separating between second and third place.
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tonight, even if rubio comes in second and cruz comes in third. donald trump still walks away with all of the delegates. >> and that was not expected in south carolina. speaking to marco rubio last week, he said this was all about the delegates and we want to get some delegates, but the way we have seen things tonight, 29 delegates goes to donald trump for winning the state. >> 29, plus 21. >> is 50, for donald trump. it's not a win or take all state, but it ended up being a winner take all state for donald trump. >> we will do this again a week from today with the democratic ticket with bernie sanders and hillary clinton. >> that is our time for the evening.
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the guy who wan! that's the guy who killed her! that's him on the tv! previously on "scandal"... is it a date? who is he? you wouldn't know him. i don't even know if i know him. you were involved! i know you were involved! what the hell do you want me to tell you?! tell me you stole the white house. i stole the white house! so it's done? it's done. and the police believe it's a suicide? and now everyone thinks that osborne is the mole. (camera shutters clicking) today i can confirm that former c.i.a. director grayden osborne was responsible for a leak of confidential information to our foreign adversaries. we believe he was a mole working in the united states government. (fitz) it's unfortunate for me to say that a man i appointed, a man i trusted, was secretly and actctely working agaiait this country


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