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tv   News 19 6am  CBS  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now. the rain making a return to the midlands today, but so are the warmer temperatures we enjoyed over the can. things are waking up with us here on news 19 this morning on a monday morning february 22 i am deon guillory and i am savannah levins . bring in your about that one of the as cold as you expect. good morning midlands, we are starting now on the doppler radar that is clear but a little bit of sprinkles right over the eastern part of lake murray right over lake murray down dam -- and this thing is we are starting off mild temperatures with 57 in winnsboro and 59 in camden and bishopville. when the kids had up to the bus stop, they might be the rain
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expect bring later on today. hour by hour we have light rainfall as a predicate up to 62 degrees but 11:00. from lunch time and on we are looking at light to moderate rainfall and we are looking at a high of 67 degrees this afternoon and the heavy rain how potential will continue right into the afternoon and early evening with 61 degrees by 6:00. as far as the roadways we are getting ready to head out the door with the roads been dry for the most part. the left-hand side with the eastbound lanes as were headed toward i-20 with no accidents reported throughout our roads. if you are traveling from harbison boulevard and i-26 to downtown you are looking at an eight minute commute. from blythewood to i-77 it is about a 14 minute commute. let's look at the seven-day forecast and when the rain will
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minutes. let's talk about the presidential campaign this morning dublin jerome and hillary clinton has momentum -- donald trump and hillary clinton has momentum. >> while republican presidential candidates are turning their attention to the west the democratic candidate are focused here in the south. john -- don champion has the latest. >> reporter: it is a could became for the frontrunners. off a big win in south carolina primary, donald trump talked about the emerging three-man race. >> i am doing with very talented people and smart people and good people. i think they will be completing -- competing. >> reporter: ted cruz and marco rubio are fighting for second place at the republicans turned her attention to the nevada caucuses. both our courting the latino vote. >> each generation before us
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they didn't leave their problems whether kids, they solve their problems. >> few communities have been hurt harder by the disasters of the obama and clinton economy. >> reporter: hillary clinton has gained momentum after a solid victory in the nevada caucuses. she is hoping to solidify support in the dozen states that will vote on super tuesday. >> something really special is happening here. >> reporter: bernie sanders is hoping to bounce back with wins in oklahoma, colorado, minnesota, and vermont. >> we are going to see results of one of the great political offsets in the history of the united states. >> reporter: don champion, cbs news. >> on the democratic side for that have vehicles needed will be determined in the 28 states
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caucuses in march. >> hillary clinton will be in columbia today and it might obama campaign she will continue her breaking down barriers forum at the central baptist church on climate road starting at 6:15. for everything you need to know about the primary and everything you have to our website and click on sc primaries will full coverage under headlines. continuing coverage this morning in columbia. investigators continue to look for two men they say five shots in the columbiana mall saturday night. skip holbrook says the whole thing started with a fist fight around 7:00 that evening. eventually two men pulled out guns and shots were fired which send everyone scrambling for safety. there were no injuries reported . holbrook said they had surveillance videos that shows two men running from that seen
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the video but he will not be charged. authorities are asking for anyone with photos or video of the incident to police it to them. you can call crimestoppers at 1- 888-crime-sc . in richland county deputies continue to investigate a shooting. responded to a shots fired, around 420 sunday at dell's place at 1727 percival road near i-77. deputies found a victim shot in the lower body. that person was taken to the hospital with the condition unknown at this time. the man was shot as he came out of that far. if you know anything that can help with this investigation the number is 1-888-crime-sc . in clarendon county officials say two men drowned in lake marion over the weekend after a boating trip saturday afternoon hear the church branch area.
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the other in his late 50s. they think the two were fishing with the boat overturned. a documentary focusing on education inequality in south carolina profit a midlands teen to talk about and encourage others to do the same. news 19's megan rivers explains. >> reporter: for plus high school so the largest high schools in the state. the building is 540,000 square feet. mirrored jones is a student there. >> sitting there watching this it is like a giant flatscreen. and 45 minutes down the road there are kids with basic necessities and i thought how is is okay?>> reporter: where that she is seeing a much different story about schools in neighboring districts. >> i knew that it wasn't okay and i knew it was adjourned. >> reporter: she said she was
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schools were not like hers.>> i have been fortunate enough to have the idea -- opportunity to realize the bigger picture and there are things that can be done. >> reporter: she started a nonprofit called student space. she said is where the movement. >> student space is a nonprofit that works to apply student voice in decision-making. you may not like the situation you have been placed in. you may not go to better post high school. but you can do something. >> reporter: the are coming up with a plan she wants to share with districts. >> we are creating a model for districts to use advisory councils that are authentic rather than being hand-picked. stroke she is also encouraging students to have more of a voice past the school was. >> you have a student walked meeting in april. we are getting in the face of lawmakers.
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giants. i think this movement will be powerful here. we have to be active. we have a voice. >> reporter: she has visited other schools over the state. procedures say they are proud of her commitment. >> she truly is living with we teach here and that is making an impact in one community. that's just studying it but also going out doing it. >> reporter: megan rivers, news senior, she says the movement will end when she graduates. time for are mom every day. today is christy williams. tuesday is a mother of five and was nominated by her daughter madison. medicine says her mother has always done everything she can to help her case. she said she is my best friend. she puts everyone before herself and is the most accepting person i've ever met.
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need and i want her to know how appreciate it she is. i love you, mom. head to our website at to nominate a mom of the day. it is not time for our word of the day. today's word is bunk shows -- bunctious it means confident in a loud and rude way.>> [ laughter ] so maybe that something you want to call someone. >> it is funny because i'm trying to the customers i can be bunctious. but i try not to be realistic. >> i think it is more obnoxiously overconfident. i don't think you are. trying to use that in a sentence today. that directed at someone but maybe enlightenment.>> less is more especially when it comes to upgrades to your home. >> this is a new trend that
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i sat down with experts about how it is becoming a great alternative for one group.
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welcome back.
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radios trying to get these in the hands of people, efren, as to prepare for severe weather. >> we will be having a weather expo over on two notch road. and we will be there are competing with the national weather service from columbia as well as the south carolina emergency management division and your wltx news 19 weather team. you can purchase the radios there are a special discounted price. if you have any missing radios that are is a bit older, in the as well. will be able to help you program them because is a very important time as they are getting ready for spring weather these radios become very handy. battery-operated and very needed. if the power goes out these radios will still work. but right now we are not worried about needing them today although there is a little bit of rain has been hauling -- falling very lightly. looking at areas into parts of
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along the borders evinced toward monticello, richmond, bracelet, very flight at best. we do expect that three picking up. the palmetto state is clear as far as rain but more is coming out from eastern, central, and southern georgia making its way toward the midlands. temperatures are starting off mild too warm with the four in newberry, 57 in saluda, 58 in orangeburg avenue to bishopville and camden each at 59. overcast skies with winds, and all of that could be changing that the day because we have a cold fronts on the western side of the appellations and all of this is moving toward our directions. we are expecting rain when the kids get out of school. it will be warm and muggy as we are looking at high temperatures ranging from the middle to upper 60s all throughout the midlands.
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expecting a high of at 60 degrees with rainfall likely in the afternoon and especially in the late evening with 61 degrees -- 51 degrees overnight tonight. outside of this cold front moving through, there is a lot of activity in the deep south. all of this will be making its way easterly toward the southeast atlantic, and we are expecting quite a bit of rain. we could see some light to moderate rain developing by midday into the early afternoon. a lot of rainfall is expected with heavy rainfall possible that it will quickly move out as another batch comes through by overnight tonight. tomorrow it will be a hit or miss of rain that the day. and then going into wednesday, without rain we will stick around for a while and what we are looking at is 53 degrees for a high tomorrow and a
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on wednesday with a high of 68 degrees and it will still be windy thursday with a high of 55 and sunshine for saturday and sunday. the gross right now are dry for the most part. let's check the road conditions before you have. looking at i-20 this is around i could 72 traffic is light right now and moving along with no accidents reported. outside a little bit of congestion developing on bush river road coming off of harbison boulevard we are clear for accidents. coming from shaw air force base it is a 31 to can -- the one minute commute. and right now we'll be watching very carefully to the amount of rainfall we are getting over the next few days. it is time to check out daniel's weather fact of the day. today's fact is in 1930 the
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unseasonably warm weather and in one place it hit a high of 80 degrees. created a beautiful home is always gone number one among remodelers. but making the place more functional of course a close second. these days the home that works the best is the one that requires the least amount of upkeep. that is especially true among lyles who are looking for move in ready properties that promotes stress-free living. manufacturers are taking note with materials that lured maintenance without sacrificing style. now we have dan the clerk or join us with some tips that will help you drive the low maintenance living trenholm. >> it is great to be here. let's start with the inside of the home but is really the kitchen. we know that as a group that is
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which we look at? >> reporter: one of our favorite materials here is court. it is a -- court -- quartz. it can look like a granite or marble are a variety of other stones but doesn't have nearly the upkeep requirements. in our test with heat integration you don't have to see it the way you do with those natural styles. so quartz countertops is definitely the way to go. >> does that help with the stain issue? >> reporter: it does. you don't have to sweat over every stain and as i said you don't have to seal it. poetically with granite the way have to do. >> great tip. it seemed like hardwood floors seem to be all the rage now. do think carpet will ever pick a comeback?
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coming back anytime soon certainly not with this latest generation of home buyers. server bit about carpet and putting down new hardwood is a great upgrade. we do recommend spending a little bit more on a factory finish for that hardwood floor. it will improve the warranty and it will really improve the durability. so you won't have to stress over every potential scratch or stain to the four. >> great idea. of course not just the inside but the outside of the home should look good and work well as well. >> reporter: absolutely. it starts with a roof that is always the first thing. so pay attention. if there is some missing shingles that is a good sign that reads is maybe nearing its end are of life. so pay close attention. the other things we talked about is the paints and stains on your exterior what service.
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spend a little bit more on a high quality performer from consumer reports that will give you the protection over the long haul. >> so we have our interior looking good and exterior. what about the mechanical systems?>> absolutely. if you are staying in your home that annual inspection service visit from a professional will cost you probably $100. it is money very well spent that will keep your equipment running efficiently. if you are purchasing new equipment in your home, you need to find a certified installer. there is a site called hfacexcellence. those factors are so important for have no form of a local. >> and the else want to mention?>> reporter: always the
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improvements to make for yourself but to be mindful of those prospective buyers. >> thank you so much. we appreciate you going back to the old neighborhood can be hard sometimes. walls have been built invisibly around the old neighborhood and that police brutality is used to keep folks hemmed in, and frankly, opportunity locked out. i spent my entire life in the civil rights movement. i came up in the naacp like my mom came up in the naacp, like my father came up with the congress of racial equality, like bernie sanders came up with the congress of racial equality. black lives matter. we need to combat institutional racism from top to bottom in a broken criminal justice system.
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and all of us who have joined this campaign are there for the same reason. he's always fought for a populus position of let's fight for all our families as if they are our own.
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you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. 6:26 no. fortune is with the most admired companies list. apple, followed by alphabet, the list is compiled by revenue and corporate reputations. so it makes sense.>> and galactic unveiled its new
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is replacement for the spacecraft lost in the 2014 fatal crash. richard branson's company says right now the emphasis is firstly on timing with margin clastic hoping to watch the most -- first commercial human spaceflight program. for than 100 people have already signed up for a ticket. i will not be one of them. of not be send them to that. maybe someday in the future when they have done if you trials. someone to come while bill cosby's wife will not testify as expected in court today. a democratic focus on south carolina and a preview of the primary when news 19 this morning continues.
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also track she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winning healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families of reservists and the national guard. standing strong around the world for human rights and women's rights. hillary clinton. she'll raise the minimum wage. take on the drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. and give everyone the opportunity to go to college without going into debt. she'll get the job done... for us.
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prepare to grab the umbrella for the day because you are going to needed although the temperature feels really nice for a change this morning. i am deon guillory and i am solano levens -- savannah levins. let's turn things over to efren afante mna is starting off with a few light showers moving the parts of the midlands. it is really concentrated into fairfield county with a little bit moving through ridgeway and blythewood with a little bit more fun into western parts of kershaw county. but that is the only area where we have rain right now. we have 59 degrees with winds calm. we do expect some sprinkles when he gets had up
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will need the rain jacket and boots heading off to school this one. modest to heavy rainfall is possible later on today with a high of 67 degrees. rain will continue overnight tonight for a low of 51 and then the cool air and cool showers for tomorrow as the winds come out at 10 miles-per- hour with a high tomorrow at 53 degrees. as we get ready to head out the door, and get onto the roadways, as you are getting in and of the columbia the rain hasn't started to come down yet. take a look at i-26 by mile marker 104. the left-hand side has traffic picking up but no accidents are being reported. for a clear -- we are clear that columbia for accidents. if you are coming from harbison boulevard heading downtown it is about an eight minute commute and from i-77 to blythewood getting off on garners ferry road it is 15 minutes.
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start and end coming up in a few minutes. 6:03 to with news from around the nation. in michigan men expected to make it to court today on multiple murder charges followed it definitely murder spree in kalamazoo. an uber driver is accused of shooting six people at three separate locations saturday. the 45-year-old was investigated 71. the you get to identify a motive. check today is scheduled deposition for bill cosby's wife has been delayed. lawyers for camille cosby filed a motion to postpone her deposition all she appeals the order. the 71-year-old testimony would great and look and necessary media circus and personal security threat that serves no purpose other than to harass
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she is trying to help her husband. the supreme court hears arguments in two cases today. its first action since the death of antonin scalia. scalia could have been a deciding vote in those cases which centers on the rights of criminal defendants. he was laid to rest saturday. moving to the campaign trail today the presidential candidates are turning their attention to the next contest in the south and the west this week. after picking up 50 delegates from the victory over the weekend republican donald trump is focused on another win against rival ted cruz and marco rubio in nevada. the democratic bernie sanders is hoping to beat hillary clinton in the primary this saturday after severing a narrow loss in nevada.>> clinton won big over sanders in the recent nevada caucus.
6:34 am
momentum here in south carolina. the chairman of the south carolina democratic party said bernie sanders multiple ahead and he will focus on african- american voters. >> what he needs to do is continue to raise his name so people know who he is and in addition he needs to focus his energy and effort on african- american women. i know he likes to focus on young folks, but he particularly needs the 45 and above because she has a lead in that demographic thus far. in order to win, he has to credit to those who wins she has. >> clinton will be in columbia today. she is continuing her breaking down barriers forum on climate road at 6:15. for complete coverage of the democratic primary and everything you need to know head to our website at and click on sc
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under headlines. let's have a little sports now and what some are calling the greatest daytona 500 finishes of all time. denny hamlin won the daytona 500 last night. this is erasers first 500 win and the first for team owner joe gibbs. hamlin won by 4 feet. that is the closest finish. the 35-year- old now is in the chase for the sprint cup. turning to baseball the gamecocks do not think it was too early for some spring cleaning after stripping albany 8-1. they are now 3-0 and the gamecocks will return tomorrow for a match up with population state to appalachian state. today safety peace of mind and a price drop all comes
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>> moneyman matt granite has a tech charger that will also track your charge. >> reporter: one of the coolest devices i've ever handled. this bargain is breathtaking. plus this tiny -- plug this tiny adapter to charge your smartphone and tablet but offering gps tracking of your entire vehicle. it is extremely well rated and under $40 with free shipping. if you want to buy three there is $89. >> i know the app to this and it is pretty cool. you can see right here there is the app and it opens up. it is searching for where it is right now. and it gives me a date, it calibrates as you can see, it says my car is nearby. if i do this, it will bring me down to the world map and tell me exactly where it is.>> in this it will
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back to you. >> they with us a good way to track your kids. here is a car charger but it will also super you are going on the weekend. >> there are free apps double check your phone to see we are but that's interesting. >> and it also charges your phone and your tablets and thingslike that. you can find information on there is no stopping 'deadpool" last week and polarize the competition was again citing and number $55 million in its second weekend. the logic, but feel starting ryan reynolds as a wisecracking supergirl has argument $235.4 million in that is only in the u.s. they can in the six highest grossing r-rated movie ever. meanwhile "kung fu panda iii" getting to show some muscle taking second place with $12.5
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new film trying eight came in at number three -- "risen" came in at number three.>> tonight right here on tran1's identity, it is supergirl followed by scorpion at 9:00 and at 10:00 it is and cif los angeles and stick around for all your news, weather, and sports with news 19 at 11:00. so much a come on news 19 this morning the lights from around the nation and beyond we have a first look at your morning paper. safety during severe weather. news 19 is on youruride with the one thing you need to be prepared.>> with a cold front extend from tennesee down into the deep south. we are expecting quite a bit of (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense.
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(donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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the northeast the news 19 wltx weather team while these available
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it is already available now at kroger's, acadmy sports, and it walgreens. we will be at the kroger's on two notch road on wednesday. you can join us for the entire weather team as well as the national weather service. we will be there and the south carolina emergency management division. you can purchase radios at the kroger's during that time. if you need help program, to us we will help you. if you have any of the older readers, definitely bringing if you been having trouble programming those because we would have all the utilities to help you on it and we may need these radios in the upcoming days because we are expecting quite a bibiof rain. the doppler radar just a little bit of rain find two similar areas. but very light at best. pretty much from lake murray into parts of fairfield that into kershaw county but it is a very light at worst right now. parts of winnsboro in just to the east of blythewood and
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extreme western northwestern kershaw county for that is the only area where the rain is falling at least right now. temperatures are mild and it is 57 in saluda and winnsboro. here in columbia we are sitting at 59 degrees. the moisture is already in place for the cloud coverage. a cold front comes in to miss a chance for more rain fell today. when the kids get out of school rain is likely to be warm with 66 degrees as a high temperatures rain "jack of the red hearts" middle to upper 60s all throughout our community and as we get into the afternoon, a lot more rain will pull through. but very active as we get into the deep south and all this activity will be moving through so we will have quite a number of days where we will be dealing with rain. overnight tonight he could be looking at heavier rainfall with a high of 53 degrees and we could see a thunderstorm or two with a high of 68 on wednesday and as things clear
6:45 am
lot of sunshine into the weekend and 63 for a high. as far as the restaurant now they are dry and as we get ready to head to our school or work this morning take a look at i-20 eastbound. traffic has been picking up quite a bit but fortunately no accident have been reported. coming in or out of clinic. if you are traveling from clemson road you are looking at 13 minutes. from highway 277 i-20 into about a seven minute commute. don't forget your raincoats. you won't need it today. will be watching carefully as the rain comes to over the next several days. still more to come this morning we will be talking to you the front page of usa today stores we have and what your friends will be talking about today.
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a shooting at the columbia let's talk a little usa today this morning the morning paper, it is something we look forward to everyone. today on the front page oscar white has been the hash tag and twitter topic. we have to be honest. race and ethnicity is something that is really tough for a lot of people to talk about and this brought forth the lack of diversity in movies in hollywood and basically put they are saying is that there is going to be st likely a 2017 sequel to 2016 snow white debate. >> and a little background
6:50 am
sunday and a lot of african- americans actors are boycotting it. >> because of the nominations and all the major categories. there were no people of color nominated. and so this article is basically grading the state house on what is coming in theaters in 2016 and no one really got anything about a be -- b. and a split opinion on the whole apple and fbi debate. the fbi was apple to unlock one of the phones of the san bernardino shooters who had his phone erased an apple said no people to that. it starts a dangerous trend of security. so interesting. they took a poll at usa today and 51% of people sided with the fbi but there were 10% who were undecided. and we have more on that on the
6:51 am
right now efren is monitoring the radar and pinpointing exactly when the rara is coming and leaving. plus you can see women's basketball team hits the road. stay with us.
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limits of math.3 thanks for waking up with news 19 this morning. it's ___ the time is things are raking up with news 19 this morning it is monday things are raking up with news 19 this morning it is monday, february 22. >> let's get right to your top stories in today's midlands rundown. in columbia investigators
6:55 am
they say fired shots in the untenable saturday night. investigators say the whole thing started with a fist fight around 7:00 and men pulled out guns before shots were fired in the air. no injuries were reported and investigators are asking for anyone with photos to this it to them. you can call crimestoppers at 1- 888-crime-sc . in richland county debbie's continue to investigate a shooting for the weekend. they responded to a shot fired call around 4:20 sunday at the bar at 1727 percival road off of i-77. deputies say they found the victim shot in the work computer. that that was taken to the hospital and his condition is unknown. if you know anything call crimestoppers at 1-888-crime- sc. happen today you can get your questions answered about
6:56 am
project having a meeting today. leaders will accept a written comment from people with questions or concerns about the projects. the been set at 6:30 at hopkins park. the last day to submit comments is march night. if you are interested in any particular issue in the general assembly this is your chance to denver. the state library will help you learn with online resources today. the webinar registration resources will be held to explain the resources at the state house and the website. register for the webinar on the state library website under the events tab. public about this is talking women and heart help. a cardiologist will be on hand to that that women's risk of heart disease. doctors say the symptoms of women are often undiagnosed. that is happening at palmetto baptist and according to the american heart association heart disease is the number one
6:57 am
team will open tonight in alabama as sec play enters its final week. they won the last 11 meetings and the tipoff is 7 pm. let's check the traffic with efren afante let's take a look at the traffic moving along on i-26. the left-hand side is the eastbound lane over saint andrews heading toward the i-20. traffic is moving along with no accidents reported and we are clear as far as issues on the roadway other than traffic building up on harbison and broad river and heading south from i-26 test kitchen data fish hatchery road. it is along interstate 70 and two eastern fairfield county with central and northern parts of kershaw county by we do expect more rain to develop
6:58 am
with overcast skies. the winds are calm and pc a lot of rain maybe the. the cold front approaching from the north and west will give us a chance for a light rain. the kids will meet the rain jacket with 57 degrees at the bus stop. after school we are looking at 66 degrees and warm. the high temperature day is 67 degrees with 51 degrees overnight tonight with continuing showers and then a pause as all of this rain from the deep south makes his way toward the palmetto state so rain as possible on tuesday with a clap of thunder or two on wednesday up to 68 degrees with skies clearing out and bring up looking at sunshine into the weekend. >> i can deal with the rain as long as it is warm. >> and unfortunately the rain
6:59 am
you expect but it looks like another nice weekend so we about look forward to. we have more coming up tonight on wltx cubit with us for everything on the primaries coming up on saturday and thanks for joining us this morning.>> captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 22nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." an uber driver is suspected of a deadly shooting spree in michigan. this morning, we hear from passengers who say he picked them up after the rampage. marco rubio hopes a shrinking gop field will make him the anti-trump candidate.
7:00 am
we will take you inside the american girl design studio to reveal its new historical doll. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. these were very matter of fact killings. they weren't rushed, they weren't hurried. he just walked up and shot people. >> a deadly shoot spree in kalamazoo. >> really heart breaking. take me a long time before we move on. >> we won with highly educated and pretty well educated and poorly educated. short people, fat people, skinny people, just one. >> the candidates for president right back at it after south carolina. and the nevada -- >> our message is resonating and, obviously, the proof of that is that hillary clinton is more or less echoing more or less of what we are sayinging. >> supreme court returns to work today without justice antonin scalia.


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