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tv   News 19 11  CBS  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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for everyone to vote in ;h primary especially young people because there are a lot of issues that c their future. claim talked about keeping obamacare in place and how to keep the economy wi2`0growing.>> let me start with the economy. i have have to great good paying jobs, ;28 raise income, give young people u] chances to start small businesses, the entrepreneursxe:%`0 to chart their own future.?zt: that's why i have put forth plans about how we can create more jobs in #t: infrastructure and clean renewable energy. k!o and we can do that if we set our minds mywn7snto it. >> the clinton campaign was -; over the state.
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and chelsea was us to separate sanders talk to supporters at a township auditorium;gp college students in orangeburg before that explaining why he is the best person to lead #k;`0the united states.>> what this campaign is about is taking a hard look at priorities. when we have 20 &bs`0 wealthiest people in the country owning more well than the bottom/m hundred 50 million"s anyone think that is right? republicans want to give hundreds of billions in tax breaks to the top s t: doesn't make sense to me.>>t*`0 you live in xzxt: have a difficult time reaching the polls early in+awn7the morning because the annual race against
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you see changes the screen and the race s2 affect your ability to get in and out of neighborhoods. things are expected to be back to normal 4# more information go to our website for complete gzs`0 of the primary you can go to click on ?tyt: and tomorrow we'll have the results as they come in. clinton[nd columbia tomorrow night, sanders is going to minnesota. we will bring you what we habg^qt: tomorrow night here on news 19.jzrt: without ; temperatures dropping tonight.g\n7s9 but under competitions. clear skies temperature 40 degrees.9@p tonight expect the low =t: around daybreak, tomorrow it will be sunny and a westerly breeze with a high t:
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weekendd-n'2 trend begin and it will continue into a('@`0next week. >8yt: 30 days to make some major changesy-t: program. that is according to the revenue department. lauren thomas spoke to council members had -- has more on what they ehs`0plan to do. >>reporter: the letter sent to the richland administrator the director of r department breaks down for actions they are requesting yn'`0the county take to fix the penny tax program. include paying for the fund small lo2business enterprise program =1"@`0and portion of the public relations fund that were not directly related to transportation. they asked the p independent accounting firm to conduct audits from previous years and thm1.0 immediate action to make sure all funds used in the city
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transportation i> we are a couple years in and this is where qm_sn7swe are and take that the ors commentsxb= assessments as needed.u`v5sn7 >>reporter: pieces back in january he developed several reforms that would have helped@n^n'2 the issues raised by th(`0 revenue department. >> if they had been passed by council there would be no need for the letter. that is a frustration i have =t: that there -- was i received the audit i sponsor the reforms and they ]>xt: by council(gt:>k`0 >>reporter: one of the reforms included restructuring the d public relation portion of the penny program. >> perhaps take it out of the scope altogether and bring in it has been we would look at ]
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>>reporter: ]; struck the changes. r is suing the university setgt: free speech rights have been violated. ross added is a senioroqt5sn7sn at usc filed a federal lawsuit that the incident happened in november. he and -`0the colleges`0 libertarians set up tables for a free speech event but students complained because the display included a swastika and posters with racial ?]n'2slurs to draw attention to free speech issues. he says usc qs* him. >> the students that were offended had ctmr counter speech which is always j preferred or they can leave. just becausetmsn7 you're offended by speech doesn't mean the government to come in and restricted.*z0 >> we haven't heard from the university tonight that the student complaints include
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by the swastika and the school shouldn't tolerate hate speech.@k he says j'k that hasn't changed the policy to protect free speech. ndm strachan isle of palms man who sold fraudulent health policies has been xm . william worthy admitted #n working to embezzle from others for personal use.? he accepted responsibility for more than $7 million of lossesl^0 the scam affected more than 17,000 victims. ;`0 worthy was sentenced to 82 months in prison. u tomorrow to learn about benefits. as part of the national b#@`0 veterans access stand down from 8 am until 2 pm the main lobby of the hospital. some of the topics includeu`0
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patient care and ^js: services. there will be information on helping homeless veterans. ;&t: attendance tonight for the friends.k`0 dorothy emceed the event)`0 celebration featured s`0 music and lots of appetizers.tot: organizers say the party highlights a serious need in the area.>> this is a=5sn'an important events because it is doing more nm> this
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event.>/qt: a rock hill puppy is recovering after being shot with g0 times has found a new home. the incident drew national attention after the dog was found earlier this week badly wanted to adopt the animal but as reported the girl who got the dog has a special s$o0 her own. >>reporter:l;`0 a bond between a child and dog is something no person could come between. eventually life breaks all a`0 bonds and even the hearts of 10- yeye-old girls.5ei >> the hardest thing to see as a parent is to see your child hundred *k >>reporter: kaylee was devastated with her 14-year-old best friend died two months ago.v >> i didn't treat him like yot: dog. i treated him like family. >>reporter: smiled died two months ago. until caley met brody. >> the firstp;t: she said he reminded her of withdrawal. >> animal hospitalw whisperer after the attack and
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meet him. >> he was hurt and she was hurt. it was =cgt: heaven.>> kaylee suffered from anxiety disorder `0 was a companion for her,f >> i plan to treat him like he >>reporter: a bow and new bond.`x`0 a pair of friends who found each other at the right time a fairytale _`0 >> when i lost woodrowfy5sn i thought i ]2: now i have that other half back.k 5fn
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dogs were >r:`0ages 14 and 17q`0 were arrested earlier this week and charged with cruelty to animals for the older teen is in jail without bond v qt: year-old has been released to a parent. coming up lots of action on the basketball court. reggie has a highlight for u=t: you. to worry about rate this weekend. will be nice and u`0sunny tomorrow.lqt: full forecast coming up.e`0 boys of summer returned with a brand-new place to play.s#@`0
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with a wrap on lookingfi;msn like a good golf weekend. nice and sunny.>> geo7 better.
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>> i q`c`0 day will be on your day off. >> how >> it will be warmer. `0 ?d=sn7s it was cool out there but not a bad day. plenty of sunshine up to 52 and rock hill, 56 kn'`0in sumter, 57 columbia and in orangeburg 58. under clear skies and a few clouds to the north and north carolina, high pressure cxyt: in just some clouds in d`0 river valley a front moved off new england !`0st but as you can see no storm systems through the us._t: while it is coolyd9t: unseasonably cold for this time of year. the cold air is in f9`0northern canada and southern canada is seeing unusually r for this time of year. it has =2 eastern part of the country in
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late february. c8 tonight and south carolina the temperatures have dropped into the 30s and 40s, 35 greenwood, 40 columbia, d"@`039 sumter and 41 pkt: in orangeburg. a computer model continues to show8tun7r see a lot of sunshine with high pressure building in a beautiful day and yqt: sunny skies through sunday sunday night will iy0`0be clear that we will watch a front approach on mondaycw whether it will go through our area but it will come close providing partly cloudy skies mg:`0 on monday.(t: tonight will be chilly low temperatures dropping into the upper 20s and low 30s with 27 ,\ and saluted, 29 winnsboro and columbia. 30 in sumter and 32t# and orangeburg. tomorrow temperatures warming upe
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orangeburg 59 st. matthews, 57 sumter, 58 columbiakpk@`0 56 camden. seven-day forecast8s* conditions on sunday it will be sunny_?gt: but warming up to 68 degrees as wind increase from the southwest. on monday partlyfq>]sn7 cloudy with a high of 70 to 72 on tuesday wednesday a front moving in that will'q high temperature of 66 and cooling off to 60 on thursday and friday give us a chance of morning showers 8a"@`0but cool a high temperature of the next week and looks like it will be cool and dry.>> and next22hun7s9
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>> the baseball game in j_i hoops m : decided for the next two weekendsl a chance to defend.ti\n'`0 hammond faces northhl` jonathanb.`0 there for the put back to the skyhawks at the break,#m@`0 a one-point lead, going to north carolinapd close his career with back-to- back :%:`0championships. michael turner doing his part#9msn7
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of lowcountry will rally9n@`0 and that will upset the skyhawks were nationally ranked but hammond is eliminated with the final 61, 67.xhbt: in the other 3a gamespgk quarter rebound the highlanders find the hands of caldwell-5sn and he will finish bwsn'2later. highlanders workingv# the glass for the bucket. same."mi`0. -- good for three highlanders fall by a :1`0final 58, 35.1zt: and the 3a girls semi final hammond hope and to hit the
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coast to coastlo breakaway she will &ot: and finished nicely. hammond led by one *un'2at the end of the first quarter working inside getting it on the board j final 48, 40. heading q with the it: free for the falcons, looking for their trip lb@`0to this championship.iot: hudson puts the bobcats up 152, 51,fr hudson with a threeq[ goes up 54, 52 seneca coming to court and will try a thrfa9 off the mark.
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jamh-- ac ,m top-ranked team blue devils facing when3 upstate team trying to get it done,yit: redmond tries to go for the type that no good and they devils. plenty of soccer this weekend at s/o continues with jason and [0;msn7 greenville the two of the 32
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as a fourth team round robin one of the biggest soccer tournaments in the country. _xt: the action will continue tomorrow through sunday at spring valley high school.wdt: baseball this afternoon at =>?5s9 founders park, the gamecock fans watched carolina take on penn state that is james jones and ^ bottom of the first jones unloads a solo home runj!>5sn and gives the gamecocks a1 nothing lead.`0 on the mound for carolina clark schmidt. a big day msqt: seven innings, tied his `0career high with eight strikeouts. 7 v+r to 1.5qt: >> in the upstate the tigers ]vm'`0
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weekend as 7 okay will unload a solo home run in the tigers wj@: to 1 will play game to with the duke tomorrow at 2:00 pm. the nfl combine has seen carolina and clemson contingent in indianapolis. (s0 there is an interview and clemson/z)`0 selection and nfl yn7r maybe into the draft.m> >> i know in the next level is about pass rushing and i feel like i can bring a great game presented and clemson._"t: >> eqb5r
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other side the had a by the performance against alabama and the national championship. he had to wait his turny9 clemson rotation but when he had the opportunity he took t@ he made the most of it.>> my first yearfx_: on the defensive andxfk really deeplq` got the chance +p coming out with the great)mxt: then having a great playoff q=`0 there wasn't more i ' improved.>>u"2 the gamecock receiver quarterbackf turner how osn7snabout the men's
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most exciting place.>&[t: right now i think they yt_ms9 projecting to be number seven seed`0 >> right now they are. six or seven. >> just throwing it fk i am going on fumes )&s: >> the =5sn7ladies playing -- >> they play 2:00 pma0
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stay e`0 us but that doesn't mean football season is over and gcd@`0new orleans they started their own electric for poly%n same game we used to play as children. all the players in the league stress it is "^5r
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if you play it enough it starts to resemble the & >> back in our day.]rn struck let's get to the numbersq`0 , three, 15, 19, 62, 74s mega ball 14. powerball up to it is climbing. do you have your ticket?iv >> he didn't hear a word i said. >> i y60t: fumes. >>=v( expect. it will be a zc`0 clear skies over the weekend and chile in the morning 29 degrees tomorrow degrees and ]9`0great for the usc baseball game and on sunday`0
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watch -- >> have you ever played electric xg`0for pocket? -- football game >>qt: i played the paper football. >> a 9p but no electric football._hmsn'
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7:00 pm and complete -o@`0 >> jon: stephen colbert!
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: thank you. ( cheers and applause ) welcome to "the late show." thanks, everybody. thank you. thank you, sir. thank you! >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! >> stephen: hey! thanks so much! welcome to "the late show," everybody. i'm stephen colbert. now, a couple weeks ago... thank you so much. i don't know, friday night, wonderful to be here on friday night. thank you so much for being here. a couple of weeks ago, if you guys watch the show on a regular basis... do you guys watch the show? ( cheers and applause ) that's good to know.


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