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tv   News 19 11  CBS  February 28, 2016 11:08pm-11:35pm EST

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3 kelvin washington is charged after being involved in an accident that serioulsy injured one 19's... chuck ringwalt... was there as washington walked out of jail after posting bond... this afternoon. he joins us now... in the studio with the latest...chuck. 3 ***take on cam*** washingtgtn wawaed out of the e richland county jail around 3:30 this afternoon...***v o***the judge granted him a 25 thousand dollar surety bond....and washington posted it a short time later.accordin g to the south carolina highway patrol, the incident occurred at about 7:45 saturday night.troopers say washington was driving along bluff road near martin luther king boulevard when he rear ended another car as it began to slow of the passengers in the car.. he hit was transported to palmetto health richland with serious injuries. the other passenger in that car and washington himself were also transported to the same hospital with minor may remember that washington was sentenced earlier this month to probabtion and a fine for not paying his taxes over a three year period.we caught up with washington as he left the
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man washington, anything to say about the charges brought against you. no comment. anything to say to the victims? do you feel sorry about what you did? have you had contact with any of the people involved in the incident councilman? how many drinks did you have? could you tell us how many drinks you had that night, councilman? anything to say to the constituents? anything to say at all? any commenty at all, sir?3 richland county council chairman torrey rush released a statement saying...i want to ensure the public that this body and its individual members take this very seriously. our collective responsibility to the public is compromised when such an event like this occurs. in the coming days we will continue to monitor this situation and rely on the law enforcement agencies investigating this
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member of the county council since 2008. no word yet on his next court appearance for this the studio...chuck ringwalt...news19 wltx. > 3 3 the man accused of shooting and killing his wife's lover... on valentine's day... may be the target of the mexican drug cartel... according to his attorney... but despite that... he has been released on bond. dick harpootlian, says... a mexican drug cartel gang... has a "hit" on his client... because the man he's accused of killing... arturo bravo santos... was a member of the cartel.harpootlian confirmed that he believes this because of his interactions with the federal drug enforcement agency. during a court hearing... the claims were *not challenged by u.s. attorney... jim may.officials say santos... was shot multiple times at the park and ride facility on corley mill road. 3 the woman who was shot in a grocery store parkininlot last night... is recovering tonight and expected to be okay.
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woman was hit by gunfire in the upper body.... outside the publix on hardscrabble road. deputies have determined that the woman was an innocent bystander... but they do not have a description yet... of suspect... or motive.deputies are continuing to investigate the incident. if you have information ... call crimestoppers 1-888-crime-sc. 3 the law that would allow certain school employees to carry guns on campus after two weeks of training... is on hold for now...a house subcommittee... voted 4-2... to set aside the bill sponsored by rep. phillip lowe. the florence republican says he was only trying to protect the safety of children in rural schools... but law enforcement representatives say two weeks of training isn't enough... educators asked legislators to wait until state education superintendent...molly spearman's task force... issues its school safety report.
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3 it has been a dry and sunny weekend. today we enjoyed a lot of sunshine with highs in 3 the upper 60s and lower 70s. our satellite/radar composite confirms the sunny conditions we saw and the clear skies we have right are the current temperatures across the midlands, still pleasant right now.for tonight, look for lows in the lower 40s under clear skies.tomorrow we are expecting partly cloudy skies and highs in the lower 70s.tomorrow night, mostly clear skies and low temperatures in the middle 40s. we'll take another look at the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. mary. 3 3 turning to politics now... donald trump... continues to maintain a strong lead heading into super tuesday.according to cbs's battleground tracker
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in both virginia and georgia. in his home state of texas...ted cruz is leading with 42 percent... but trump is close behind with 31 percent.experts say voters in these super tuesday states believe trump has the best chance to win the general election in november... and has the most optimistic message. 3 while trump has been leading in the polls... he's *not giving the republican party credit for his success so far. during his interview with john dickerson... on face the nation...trump addressed attacks from fellow candidates... and his frustration with the gop. you just pick up any paper, and it's always talking about, how are we going to overthrow donald trump? i'm representing a tremendous -- i'm representing millions of people that have -- really feel angry and disenfranchise d. and these are great people. and they like me and i love them. and i'll tell you what. we're not being treated right. the republican party is not treating me right, and they're not treating the people that i represent right.
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days... candidate marco rubio has been very vocal about *his issues with trump.during his interview on face the nation... he talked about being the underdog in this race.... and called out trump.... referring to him as a *con artist. no, i don't. i mean, obviously, we're not the front-runner here. we'rean underdog. and that's a role that i relish. i have been anunderdog my whole life, both in life and in politics. we'regoing to do well. we're going to pick up a lot of delegates onsuper tuesday. as you know, they're awarded proportionately. and we're going to move on. here is what is never going tohappen in this race. there's never going to be a time where therepublican party rallies around and says you have to get out oranyone has to get out for purposes of rallying around donaldtrump. donald trump is not a republican. donald trump is not aconservative. donald trump is trying to pull off the biggestscam in american political history, basically a con job, wherehe's trying to take over the republican party by telling peoplehe's someone who he is not. 3 cruz was also among the republican candidates on face the nation this morning. cruz talked about what's at
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think super tuesday is the most important day ofthis entire primary election. it is the most delegates awarded in a single night will beawarded on super tuesday. and i think we are positioned to havea very good night on super tuesday. you know, about 65 percentof republicans believe that donald trump is not the bestcandidate to go head to head with hillary clinton. and we are the only campaign that has beaten donald trump. and we're the only candidate that can beat donald trump. if youlook at the super tuesday states, we're running neck and neckwith donald in states all across super tuesday. 3 the gop candidates weren't the only ones on face the nation. in his interview... bernie sanders reflected on his loss to hillary clinton... here in south carolina.remember, this is their fourth 3 campaign in south carolina. two for bill clinton, two for
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well organized, they did well and i congratulate them. we came into that state at something like 7%, 8% in the polls, it was a tough road for us to hold. but i want to thank all of our supporters, the members of the south carolina state 3 legislature who stuck with us. but we are confident in the future. 3 hillary's big win in south carolina could give her the boost she needs heading in to super tuesday... clinton got about 74 percent of the vote... with sanders getting 26 percent.she now holds 543 delegates compared to sanders clinton racks up her delegate count... it will be more difficult for sanders to catch up.twelve states will hold their primary elections or caucuses.. march 1st.. on super tuesday... just two days away...
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3 according to the national institutes of health... 1 in 10 americans... has a rare disease... and two thirds of these patients are children. sarah larimore is one of those 14 months old... she was diagnosed with cystinosis, a rare... genetic... metabolic disease... today is rare didiase day and in honor of the that... sarah's father will be heading to washington dc... to share rare disease stories with members of congress... in attempt to shed light on the need for government funding for treatment.although sarah cannot attend... she says she knows this effort will go a long way. 3 i'm really proud of that, so that means if we find a cure we won't have to take all of the medicine that we have to take, but we'll still be healthy most of the time, even though we get sick sometimes. according to the national institutes of health... a disease is rare... *if it
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3 today some members of the latino community shared their experiences of finding their place here in the was for an event called "the voice of the dreamer."at the event... they opened up about the struggles that undocumented young people face... when it comes to education and stereotypes. organizers hope this event will help change the view of those who look down on immigrants. 3 i think the overall message that we want to send is to educate the public on the struggles that people face everyday and that is something that real and that we do have a large immigrant population in this area and not only in this area, but across the state. this something real that people live through everyday and not everyody knows these stories so its something we would like to share with the public.the event was held at st. david lutheran church in west columbia. 3 high school musicians went note for note... for the 2nd annual game of tones band competition. students from
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chance to perform in front of an all-star panel of judges from the columbia music scene. the winner recieves a 4-hour recording session at the renowned jam room studio. this competition is all thanks to the friends of justin foundation. 3 our foundation, the friends of justin foundation, came together in honor of a friend of ours justin dibiase that several of us went to high school with and i played the band with him in high school and this is the kind of thing we would have loved to have the chance to play, perform at a place like music farm.the competition was held at music farm in the downtown vista district.all proceeds raised from the show will benefit girls rock columbia. 3 we could not beat this beautiful weather today.... daniel bonds will be here after the break... to let us
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shorts and flip flops out... 3 was perfect for today's shucking on the shoals event. it's annual oyster fundraiser put on by the saluda shoals foundation.the event also featured a silent auction and raffles. and for folks 3 who don't like oysters... there was hot chili and chicken bog. 3
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70s. after morning lows in the lower 30s.our normal low is 39 and our normal 3 high temperature is 64 degrees. the records for today are 17 set in 2002 and 84 set in 2011 sunset was will be at 6:20. here are the 3 temperatures across the state, we are still mild, especially for late february.we did enjoy a lot of sunshine today, hard to even see a single cloud on the satellite radar composite. right now it is clear and that will be the case overnight as well.we'll put the 3 forecast into motion. some clouds tomorrow, we will call it partly cloudy as a weak front moves through.we will keep it partly cloudy on tuesday as well. another front approaches the area on wednesday. that front will
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rain by midweek.for tonight - 3 look for lows in the lower 40s under clear skies.tomorrow it will be partly 3 cloudy with high temperatures in the lower 3 70s across the is the seven day forecast.high temperatures in the lower 3 70s monday and tuesday under partly cloudy skies.scattered showers wednesday with highs in the middle 60s.mostly sunny thursday with highs in the lower 60s.another chance of rain on friday, and it will be cooler with highs in the upper
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be dry with high 3 we're about to show you a room
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but they say it's just a part of the job.i am...volunteering my liver and kidneys for the better of society.badges and this is actually safer...monday at 11. 3 3 3 emotions running high today at colonial life arena as it was the last time some of the gamecocks would play in a regular season game at home... 3 senior day of course for the last game of thes season.. sarah imovbioh tina roy asia dozier khadijah sessions and tiffa ny mitchell all honroed before and after this gamethe ladies were taking on lsu today -- take a look at some of the actio nhere.. aja wilson with the floater for two.. starting to separate themselves form the tigersthen its wilson again driving.. with the layin and the foul... but they were pretty
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today... 10 3 3 pointers in total today -- and you know whos had a lot of those at the cla.. tiffany mitctclll sinking the three on the outside.. she had 24 today the seniors would be pulled out to recieve a standing o as this one winded down..75-39 was the final as the ladies go 16-0 in the sec regular season for jus tthe second time ever.. now theyll get ready to head down to the subnshine state... jacksonville, the site of the sec tournament 3 for us.. our history is fairly short. just goes to 3 show when you have a combo of players that belive, and selflessly appraoch the 3 game.. our layers dont care who or what circumstances may arise. theyre focused on winning.. and when you have a team of selfless 3 player.. that just wanna win..
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offf 3 as we mentioned before.. the 5 seniors were honred today in their lst regular season home stand .. assuming they get the first round of the ncaa tourney at home theyll be back again.dawn addressed the crowd about how the fans have contributed to the success that this senior class brought..something certainly helped along by senior tiffany mitchell, who said afterwrads there was no shortage of emotion. 3 a lot of emotions this game.. before the game, after the game, my family friends.. an emotinal day. i was trying to perform as best as i could for them. and for our fans as well who have supporte dme for four years. 3 after a not so great day yesterday as the usc men fell to missiippi state... frank martin and company will returns to colonial life arena this thursday for its final home game of the 2015-16 regular season when georgia
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place at approximately 6:50 p.m. for carolina senior quartet of forwards, michael carrera, laimonas 3 chatkevicius, mindaguas kacinas and brian steele, 3 game three as usc looks for 3 their second weekend sweep in a row and of the season.. 1-1 here john jones will deliver as he's done al weekend... thatll score two and get jones to secondchris cullen up next... flies out to left and penn state gets the out but jonah bride iwll tag home..not as flashy as the double digit wins from friday and staruday but usc gets it done today to take the series sweep over penn state by a final of 4-2 3 three good days for us.. you ahve to win when you dont have your best ball to have a special season.. penn state will have a good season.. competed at the plate, tough to striekout.. they certainly
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to playing this 3 week and citadel on tuesday. 3 game three up in clemson between the tigers and te dukes of jmu..clemson looking for the sweep as well and they would deliver.. reed rohlman and seth beer both totaled three hits and three rbis in clemson 11-2 win over james madison at the doug todaythe tigers swept the series by a combined 27-4.. improving to 5-1 on the season next up... they host wofford on tuesday at 4pm3 3 leonardo decaprio has been nominated for an academy award six times... but never won... could this be the night... why
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the gesture of 3 tomorrow on news 19 this
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returning to columbia with a brand new place to play. go inside the luxury sweets. plus our glam squad joins us with a wrap on oscar fashion. their winners and losers. plus live tweet with us your thoughts. and tomorrow is a leap day, a great day for deals. we have the list. see you tomorrow from 4:30 to 7. 3 speaking of the oscars... no matter how the big guys at the oscars vote.... leonardo dicaprio will have an oscar....or at least a close activist group in russia...called oskar leo...made the statue from donated metals.nearly 150 fans chipped in 1.5 kilograms of silver... and 4 grams of gold to make the statue for dicaprio.the group is now working to get the statue...they named elley... to the actor.they've asked an american based non-profit...


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