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tv   News 19 6am  CBS  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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and coming up on news 19 this morning, arrested for felony dui. what happened in the moments after his arrest. we're going to get you caught up. last night was one of the biggest nights in hollywood. we're breaking down oscars' fashion with the best and worst dressed of the night. you're watching news 19 this morning. good morning. thanks for waking up with us here. it is monday, february 29th, 2016. i'm deion guillory.
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it is a monday morning, bright and early. as we welcome you to watching us, we welcome you back to work. >> you had a little something. >> no big deal. just had a baby. my maternity leave flew by. i was off for ten weeks. these are some of my favorite moments. look at this smiley face. i captured this gem on monday. he is two months old d starting to be more animated and smiling and gig fling. i love it. >> i had to give this one a shout out because his favorite thing ever is bathtub. >> thanks for embarrassing me, mom. >> it calms him down and he is so happy when he takes a bath. >> this is one favorite shot.
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nick. >> is he starting to take you or your husband's personality? >> everyone says he looks like my husband, not like me. we'll see. he definitely is full of energy and just everyone loves him. he is great. >> i got to meet him and he is an adorable kid. >> yes, you did. that feels like forever ago, but i was thinking you were wearing a coat that day. >> you won't need one today. >> maybe a light jacket at best, right efren? >> it is wonderful to see you back. i think mother nature was preparing for you to come back because we're going to see a lot of sunshine today. starring off chilly. 44 in lexington. 46 newberry. 46 in camden. sumter right now at 48 degrees.
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winds out of the west southwest. windchills 42 is what it feels like. the kids at the bus stop will need alike jacket for this morning. 43degrees but just for this morning. we'll see quite a bit of sunshine. we'll warm to 74 for a high. a little more cloudcover tonight and light winds down to 45. tomorrow even warmer, partly cloudy skies. we'll hit a high of 75 degrees. >> we're getting ready to head back to work or school. this is i 26. >> traffic is moving along only two issues on the roadway right now. the first is obstruction, debris on sunset boulevard. then on going accident.
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southbound as you get off i 26. you're looking at a seven- minute commute. about a 15 minute commute there. sunshine yesterday. sunshine today. sunshine anniversary warm temperatures as well tomorrow. we'll take a look at the seven- day forecast in a few minutes. ashley, deion. the graphics behind you look so fancy. i came back and noticed that. . it looks great. >> that is because of you ashley. >> not really, but all right. thanks efren. still no word on when richland county councilman will appear in court. the accident happened before 8:00 saturday night. washington was driving along bluff road near martin luther king boulevard where he rear- ended another car. the other passenger in the car along with washington were
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now, you may remember washington was sentenced to probation and a fine for not paying his taxes over a three- year period. the councilman walked out around 3:30 after making his $25,000 bond. >> councilman, do you have anything about the charges brought against you? >> no comment. >> have you had any contact with the other people involved in the incident? >> [ no audio. ] >> how many drinks did you have? >> anything to say to your constituent? >> [ no audio. ] >> anything to say at all? >> [ no audio. ] >> he said it is our understanding councilman calvin
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car accident and charged with felony dui. as law enforcement continues their investigation and we gather more facts i want us to extend our prayers and thoughts to the victims in this situation. i want to insure the public this body and its members take this very seriously. our collective responsibility to the public is compromised when such an event like this occurs. we'll monitor the situation and rely on the law enforcement agencies investigating this matter. it has been 317 days since the senate received a bill that they have yet to take a vote. >> it doesn't look like we're any closer to a solution. news 19 this morning savannah joins us with the latest. >> welcome back ashley.
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of commerce, driving on our state's roads cost south carolina yens. that road funding bill is currently in the senate. it was passed by the house last year, last session but some senators are filibustering the bill which would raise the gas tax. some say the increase is worth it to see the roads fixed, senators are not budging. they have filibustered for 31 hours, so far as of this morning hindering any progress but pressure mounting for them to stop stalling. some sent pictures on facebook of the roads crumbling and damaged. we put them up on friday. our roads are the most dangerous in the nation causing 800 deaths every year. we want to know what you think. would you support the gas tax if they fix the roads this session? >> weigh in on twitter.
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44% of you say you wouldn't. go let us know what your thoughts are. thank you. let's meet our mom of the day this morning. elena is the mother of three and was nominated by her daughter. elects ya tells us her mom is special because she lifts her up when she is down, loves her unconditionally and builds her up. she is irreplaceable. a a if you want to nominate a mom, go to, click on the banner and send in your nomination. it is time for our word of the day. today's word is glean. it means to gather little by little. >> i've never heard it used that way. >> maybe if you have a garden and you're going and getting whatever you have in your garden, you can glean things.
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with that. good way to go. >> you're on your game more than i am. i'm still getting back in the swing of things. >> y y were moving right along. if you want to share away to use that word, tweet us. >> a new phase in the comic book world. meet her as news 19 this morning continues. >> we're heading to the red carpet with alicia zeke gler to talk fashion highlights coming up.
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we have rain d welcome back. last night the stars were out for the red carpet of course for the 88th academy awards. some came in the best dressed, some not so much. joining us with fashion expert alicia zeigler. >> thank you for having me. >> dressed head to toe. look at these shoes. they are beautiful. let's talk about some of the best dressed at the event. >> yes. my best dressed was lady gaga. i love the construction of that garment that she had on.
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i love the combination of the pants and the skirt. it was just beautiful, white classic white. i love the construction, the putting together of that garment. it was beautiful. >> it is very full and texturized. >> and comfortable. looks like she can move and have a good time and she was so classy and elegant. >> perfect for the oscars. >> absolutely. >> mine is shar lease there rone. i thought, she is a former model and she was beautiful. look at nis. i thought the color was really good. who doesn't like a nice red dress. >> right. the low back, that picture doesn't show but it was a very low-cutback and beautiful. >> that is what she goes for anyway but it fits her like a glove. >> absolutely. >> my vote is a little biased because i love her. rachel mcadams was my favorite. she wore this stunning green
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it was simple, elegant and her hair looked great. >> the high neckline kind of that helps keep it a little bit modest. >> you have to have balance. when you're going to reveal at the top, you have to be covered at the bottom and she covered that well. i love that em remembered color on her. >> it is beautiful in my opinion. my favorite part. let's talk some trash. where do we start? >> my worst dressed was amy poehler. i don't know what she was going for here, it was too much going on. >> did she make that herself? >> i don't know. did her children make it? like a backstage prop from "snl," i don't know but this looks like a bath robe/kimmo no situation. way too much. >> i see the kimmo know. >> and there is a lot going on there.
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same page with sandy powell. there she is. she is a costume designer. she is an a card mi award- winning costume designer. i was like are they making a 4th matrix movie or the hunger game? >> and with the hair was too much. >> the fabric, the color, texture, everything is just screaming loud. >> exactly. >> she has confidence though. >> yes. >> the shape of the pants with that long jacket isn't working >> it is too heavy and overbearing. you should have someone else make your clothes for the oscars. >> you if loeed lady gaga. last year she had the red gloves. >> she has toned down a lot. she is classy and graceful and beautiful. i love her clothes.
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>> we're going to send things over efren who is always well dressed himself. good morning. >> thank you. i thought the red tie for my suit today, but we're starting with rather chilly temperatures throughout the midland. most of us in the 40s. 48 st. matthews. 43 orangeburg. camden 48. a little warmer in winnsboro at 52 degrees. here in columbia 46 degrees, clear skies above and winds out of the west southwest. windchill at 42. a little cloudcover down. a pretty much westerly flow over the ridge and then moving into the palmetto state so not only pretty much cloud free but warm today. all throughout the day, no clouds other than maybe down into the southern part of the
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throughout the day tomorrow with a little rain forecasted for the upstate into the northern part of south carolina. as far as after school when degrees. sunny and relatively windy as highs will range from the upper 60s in the northern midlands to the rest of the midlands into the lower to middle 70s. here a high of 74. cloudcover in the afternoon with the winds 10 to 15 miles an hour. tonight, chilly. light winds. 45 in columbia. we'll be looking at 40 in newberry. 41 camden. 44 sumter and 41 for a low inmaning. >> there will be a chance for rain into tomorrow morning. we're watching this area of low pressure. this is well out into the northern part of the united states. this is racing down. as it gets through, there is a
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central plains tomorrow and then into the southern and southeastern parts of the united states by wednesday. bowl have quite a bit of sunshine first for today. then increasing cloud coverage. 73 for a high tomorrow. then a chance for thunderstorms wednesday. another chance on friday. this weekend a lot of sunshine with highs in the lower to middle 60s. as far as the roads checking on the traffic conditions before you head out the door, i 26 traffic is light, but picking up. no accidents.
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the 6:23 now. our next story is a marvel, miss marvel. >> she doesn't look like most superheroes for millions of americans her story hits close to home. the universe of commission is populated buyout casts, those who don't fit in but protect the world anyway but there has never been a comic superhero like this. this is an average teen from jersey city who happens to have shape shifting abilities and is muslim.
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story about a muslim but about a young individual coming into their own. >> reporter: to tell that story, she drew on her own childhood as a muslim growing up in new jersey. >> there is one instance after the world trade center bombing this kid came up to me and said, hey, can you tell your people to stop attacking us? it was a big turning point in my life, because it was the first moment where i realized i was the other. >> reporter: she found sol las income mix books like the "x- men" who do good in the face of prejudice. she shape shifts into a blond, blue-eyed hero before her father says she is perfect as she really is. it resonated with readers
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seven prints and was a bestseller with over 20,000 copies. >> her snelling a blt in the local convenience store and bacon is forbidden. you're trying to be something that you're not. >> diversity has always been important. that is representing this character at a time when we have some de vive siv rhetoric and it shows we can embrace our differ verse ty and not sort of be turned off by it. >> she has been a phenom nen. the most recent issue of the series "the avengers" features her from the and center. their intention was never political. >> we went into try to tell a unique story who muslims are and who muslims can be, but really who a good person is.
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presents diversity as struggle and strength. their corporate motto could well be with great power comes great responsibility. what a powerful message. >> yes. that is the key with all those comic book characters. we see the great movies and action but it is about the people who are out costs who come out of that and help. >> i think her message really resonates with a lot of people and just a new jersey teen already helping sell 20,000 copies. >> amazing. yes. absolutely. changes to the tax. the issues they found coming up. a student suing the university. why he said his free speech
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free speech attorney had to say hey, it is time to get back to work and school, but don't worry, the sunshine and warm temperatures are here. thanks for waking up with us on news 19 this morning. i'm deon guillory. >> and i'm ashley izbicki. talk about a gorgeous weekend. everyone was out. >> it is chamber of commerce weather. >> like a bright, sunny, selling point. >> everything people would want. >> i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and got to enjoy it. efren, what did you do this weekend
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little bit. it was beautiful. warmer. mild right now, but that will change rapidly. 44 in lexington right now. 40 camden. 48 in sum ton and st. matthews. columbia 46 degrees, light winds. clear skies. feels a little nippy. windchill at 42 degrees. when the kids get to the bus stop, they will need a light they start off. a lot of sunshine and very warm. 74 for a high. winds out of the west at 10 to 15 miles per hour. light winds tonight, a low of 45. then tomorrow partly to mostly cloudy, but even warmer, 75 degrees. get ready for a nice start to our monday. taking a look on the road conditions, i 26 eastbound over mile marker 66. though it may be fuzzy, no
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all are clear of accidents. one report of debris on sunset boulevard as you come by la park road. outside of that, traveling from i 26, seven minute commute there. about 14 minutes there. again sunshine yesterday, sunshine today and sunshine tomorrow, but take a look at seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. ashley, deion. loving it. thanks so much ever ren. this morning the presidential candidates make their final pitches. the latest battle ground tracker poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton leading in key statements. in all more than 1500 up for grabs in a dozen states. for all your political coverage, go to click on the national politics
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an army staff sergeant suspected of killing a rookie virginia cop will be arraigned today on murder charges. ronald hamilton opened fire outside of washington saturday. he killed ashley. it was her first day on the job. county attorneys plan to seek the death penalty in the case. >> >> president barack obama is awarding the medal of honor because of his hostage rescue in afghanistan. only five navy s.e.a.l.s have been awarded the honor. a couple stories we're following this morning. a student is suing the university saying his free speech rights have been violated. he is a senior andfide the lawsuit last week but it happened in november. abbott, the college lib terry
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speech event but students complained because the display included a swat city ca to draw attention. he said usc threatened to expel him. >> those students were offended had two options i think. one is counter speech which is always preferred or they could leave. but just because you're offended by speech doesn't mean the government should come in and respect that speech. >> jewish students were offended and the school shouldn't tolerate hate speech. he has not been punished but they have not changed their policies to protect free speech. there is less than a month before the penny tax program. there are major issues with that program. that includes failure to perform required audits and public relation expenditures
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prohibited by the law. they are working hard to address these issues. he is hoping council will take another look at the options he brought to the table back in january. >> i have sponsored reforms several weeks ago that address the vast majority of the issues raided in the latest letter and if it had been passed by counsel, there would have been no need for the letter. that is one of the frustrations i have. there are -- once i received the results, i sponsored the reforms and they have been bogged down by counsel and its processes. a close look at a cyber hack into the irs it is worse than initially thought. they gained access to more than
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the information stolen includes data that could be used to file a false tax return and check a refund. they are mailing notifications to those affected taxpayers. a car seat recall. they are recalling the 3 in 1 car seat because kids can loosen the harness and that increases the risk of injury. it only affects the seats when they are a forward facing booster. they are sending out a kit with a new pad and front a jus stir assembly. ben and jerry's going vegan with chocolate funnel brownie, chunky monkey and coffee caramel funnel. they will be made with ice, almond milk instead of cream. >> i want that peanut butter one.
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matt granite shows us the big brands cutting costs. leap day leap. a day we see most of the deals tied to items. i'm talking about watches. at more than 90% off. seriously? take a look. this is one of my favorite days if you're looking for a watch deal. the first brand on the screen, well known offering a staggering sale on one of their top rated quart watches. 91% off. i don't believe it is worth it to msrp but under $40, these well rated watches complete with brand new warranties insane. for guys, all sorts of deals that put some of the better watches at under 30 el dollars. keep in mind these will sell out. the prices will change, but i have an eye on them and
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those are great deals. >> what time is it? time to get a new watch. >> apparently. leap day. i see what he did there. time, calendar. >> that matt granite. my buddy. >> with winter winding down, baseball season is getting started. the new minor league stadium is almost finished. a look at some of the luxury seats you can watch the fireflies play from when news 19 this morning returns. a lot of warm air is going to be filtering in. it will [loud kids and dog] jimmy john's! hello, jimmy john's! jimmy john's!
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no departure delays right now at the airport. no delays at your arriving
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delays throughout welcome back to wltx news 19 this morning. on this monday morning, as we're starting off with rather chilly temperatures and quite a few neighborhoods. only 44 in lexington. 43 orangeburg. a little warmer as you get to bishopville, 50. here is columbia 46 degrees and our computer model shows, most of the day we'll have a cloud- free sky. into the late afternoon and evening we could see a few high clouds moving into the lowcountry and increasing cloudcover by tomorrow morning with an approaching cold front. today, when the kids get out of school, 70 degrees. very warm.
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winds out of the west at 10 to 15 miles per hour. expecting a high of 68 in newbury. 72 in st. matthews. a high of 75 in orangeburg. here at columbia 74 degrees. lows in the lower to middle 40s all throughout our neighborhoods. this cold front will move through. we'll have a chance for rain in the morning in northern south carolina but the cold front and low pressure and high terrain in the united states will make its way quickly show and give us a chance for showers, possibly thunderstorms for wednesday but tomorrow even warmer, high of 75 with increasing cloudcover and the cold coming through. possibly a thunderstorm or two. then another cold front on friday with a chance for showers, possibly a thunderstorm, high of 58.
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60 for a high on saturday. up to 64 on sunday. as far as the roads right now before you head out the door, let's check the road conditions. i 26 this is going in between st. andrews and i-20. traffic has been picking up. the only issues right now, this is an accident reported that is on sunset boulevard as you're approaching or past the split of i-20. if you're coming in from clemson road, 13 minute commute. you're looking at 7 minutes there. weather is going to be beautiful today deion and i think it will last for quite awhile. >> that 70 degrees is perfect for baseball weather. with that in mind, minor league baseball is back in columbia. we're looking to opening day, 45 days until the first pitch
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crews are putting in work in the luxury suites. they give you tickets for 20 guests and four vip parking passes. you have outdoor padded seats and drinking rail seating. there is a great view of the game. indoor furniture with a high definition tv. you can preorder food and get excuse siv access to the club lounge. opening day is thursday, april 14th against the greenville drive. we'll take you to the club lounge and explain why it won't be only used on game days. up next, this morning, a look at your top national head
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(woo) when you love seafood this much... back again? i hope it's just a clumsy phase.'s gotta be d's. anything's worth it for our new home-style flounder meal or double dozen shrimp. also, try our grilled menu featuring new tuscan tilapia. for full meals starting at just $4.99,
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6:49 now. u.s.a. today, the big paper this morning, front page of course the oscars. >> winners and dingers. >> still trending. best dressed, worst dressed. it is leap day. >> i like this one. it says 54% of people plan to relax. 46% plan to get stuff done. i'm 46%. >> i need to catch up on sleep because i'm readjusting. >> what sleep? >> when you have a baby, there is no such thing as sleep. an interesting story out of the canada, vowing to move to canada if donald trump wins the presidential election.
6:50 am
>> this is real because there is a website and it has gotten 650,000 views and you know a lot of e-mails apparently of people asking for job opportunities, how to get a visa, laws about bringing a horse and canada enterprising, saying we'll take americans who don't want to live here. those are some of the top stories on u.s.a. today. a councilman arrested. the moments leading to his arrest and your other top headlines. that is in four minutes.
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the book all you're watching news 19 this morning. thanks for waking up with news 19 this morning. it is 6:54. your top stories. still no word this morning on when richland county councilman calvin washington will appear in court next after he was arrested for felony dui over the weekend. the highway patrol says washington was driving when he rear-ended another car as he began to showdown. one of the passengers in the car was taken to palmetto health richland with serious injuries. he may be wanted by the
6:55 am
wife's lover on valentine's day. he was shot multiple times. his attorney said santos was a member of the cartel. the claims were not challenged during a court hearing. a woman shot 9:00 saturday night is expected to be okay. a woman was hit by gunfire outside the publix. deputies have determined that the woman was an innocent bystander. if you know anything that can help, call crimestoppers. that is near highway 321. the victim was taken to the hospital. this morning we're waiting for an update on how he is doing. anyone with information on this case also urged to call crimestoppers. in sports, before the women head to jacksonville, florida,
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inviting all of us to a pep rally at 6:00. that is in downtown columbia. if you go there, you could get a chance to receive an ought graphed poster from the players. you must rsvp. go to our website for that information. it is leap day. a couple restaurants are selling brate. arby's is going veg terry yen. they are offering a veg terry yen friendly menu today. the chain says they are proud of their meats but understand it is not for everyone. meat eat errs, fear not, the full meat menu is still available. if you were born today, you're in luck. pizza hut is handing out free pizza to prove today is in fact
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they are celebrating with a free one topping food pan pizza. >> let's head over to efren for a quick look at the forecast and traffic. >> right now we have a situation that just developed over the last 15 minutes. i 26 and i-20. again this accident just occurred in the last 20 minutes. the right-hand lane and possibly the two right land lanes are closed approaching i- 20. be aware of that. the fact it's just a kurd, you can see traffic is getting snarled pretty good. the map shows where the location is, but this accident is going to snarl traffic bad as we start to get over the next half-hour to hour so be aware. i 26 westbound as you're approaching i-20. you can see the merge is getting backed up. that is where the accident is. traffic doesn't show it is
6:58 am
be an issue in the next 15 to 45 minutes. another accident happened about 45 minutes ago on sunset boulevard. it is 48 degrees. lots of sunshine. but still a little bit of a windchill of 45 degrees. when the kids head out to school, dropping down to 43 degrees, a light jacket this morning, but they will not need it because with a lot of clear skies we'll be warming up to temperatures that will be very comfortable. when the kids get out of school, 73 degrees today. get ready for a lot of sunshine. tomorrow, 75 degrees, a chance of showers and storms on wednesday. another chance for showers and storms on friday. 58degrees. this weekend looks pretty good with highs in the lower to middle 60s.
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especially today and tomorrow, nice weather. >> your time is 6:59. thanks for waking up with us. see captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 29th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." on its biggest night, chris rock challenges the hollywood establishment. the comedian takes on academy voters and oscar protesters. >> the republican race gets even nastier.
7:00 am
attack each other for the way they look. on this leap day meeting the oldest leaping lady. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. i thank you all for this amazing award. let us not take this planet for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so much. >> diversity takes center stage at the oscars. >> it's the 88th academy awards, which means this whole no black nominee thing has happened at least 71 other times. >> we are going to win so big. you know, we are leading in every single state? >> is he unstoppable? >> there is no doubt that if donald steamrolls through super tuesday and wins everywhere with big margins that he may well be unstoppable. >> have you seen his hands? they are like this. you know what they say about men with small hands?


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