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t. mike: the hero who saved the day. plus -- >> it' s disheartening that somebody would take advantage of people' s goodwill. sheree: using the recent firefighter tragedy in hamilton to dupe people out of money. the new warning from police tonight. mike: and from moeller high school to the hall of fame. more on the kid' s record-setting election into cooperstown. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] announcer: from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 at 11:00. mike: two children fall through the ice at a local lake. a man jumps in to save them. good evening. i' m mike dardis. sheree: and i' m sheree paolello. this all happened at lake fitchelberg in brown county. wlwt news 5' s richard chiles is just back from the scene with an update. richard: well the two young , boys, ages 8 and 12, are being treated at children' s hospital , both suffering from exposure and hypothermia, but it' s a neighbor' s quick-thinking that is being credited with saving
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>> i could hear some kids, and i was thinking to myself -- ice, kids, lake -- not good. richard pamela neville said she : heard the desperate cries of children and knew something was horribly wrong. >> when i looked around the shed, i thought there was one boy, but there was two, and he was in the water crying for help. richard pamela ran to her : husband. by then, son john had pulled into the driveway and the two quickly sprang into action. two boys were trapped in the freezing waters of lake fitchelberg, their bodies quickly going cold. >> the one boy was trying to remain calm. trying to help the other one. but the younger boy was pulling him down in the ice a little bit. richard with no time to think, : john and his father got a boat into the water and headed for the boys in the frigid water about 100 feet from shore. >> luckily, i was able to get the jump boat broken through the ice, and we had a lifejacket tied to an extension cord.
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: the boys as they desperately made their way through the icy waters. >> like, just calm down, buddy. it' s going to be ok. i' m not going to let you die. i' m not going to let you drown. richard moments later, they were : on the shore. >> i got them up to the boat, pushed my way through the ice and up to the shore, and i got into the water and got the one boy up on the bank. by then the paramedic was running down. richard: certainly quick thinking. no update at this time on the boys' conditions, but brown county first responders say those quick actions prevented a tragedy tonight. reporting from the newsroom, richard chiles, wlwt news 5. mike: thank you. five people are hurt, one of them seriously, when a boiler explodes at crossroads church on the west side. police say two people were working on a boiler at the church on bridgetown road in miami township this afternoon when it exploded. one of the repairmen has serious cuts to his face. the other repairman and three church employees have cuts and
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crossroads is still deciding if weekend services at that location will go on. police need your help to find the driver accused of jumping a curb and killing a runner in mount auburn. today, the wanted driver was identified by police as 24-year-old thomas stidhum. cathy chatfield was hit and killed last month near the intersection of dorchester avenue and reading road. at the time, cathy was taking part in the annual seven hills run. police say the driver did nothing to help cathy following the crash. >> he had the presence of mind to remove a license plate from the car and run away. and he had that in his mind, i' m assuming, to throw off the police and in any way not connect him to this crash. mike: crimestoppers is offering a reward for information leading to his arrest. the number is 513-352-3040. taking advantage of tragedy. sheree: it' s still happening -- scammers are using the recent death of local hamilton firefighter patrick wolterman to trick people out of money. mike: wlwt news 5' s emily wood
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for. emily: sheree and mike, this happened last week before hasn' t stopped. looking into three local phone numbers associated with these bogus calls. they say the callers claim to be from charities to help the families of fallen firefighters and police officers. the early morning fire that claimed the life of 28-year-old patrick wolterman became the worst day of many firefighters' careers. >> it' firefighters have, the fact that we had two firefighters and one police officer in this area die s just, it' s depressing. emily: less than a week after the heartache and grief of laying their fallen brother to rest, the feelings have shifted to anger and frustration, as firefighters learn people continue to try and take advantage of wolterman' s death by claiming to raise money for his family. >> it'
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it' would take advantage of people' goodwill and people' s want to help. department now says these three phone numbers have been associated with the calls. codes, but the calls could be coming from anywhere. >> do not donate money to anyone phone, even if they say they' re wolterman family or they' re collecting on behalf of hamilton firefighters -- that' s not true. emily: doug stern with the ohio association of professional firefighters says the hamilton fire department would never solicit for money over the phone, but there are responsible ways to donate. and one of those responsible ways is in person at any first financial bank. you can also go online. there is a gofundme page set up in patrick wolterman' s name.
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landon watts. reporting live, emily wood, wlwt sheree: thank you. professional firefighters says most of the questionable calls are coming from numbers identified as bethany, ohio. if you get a suspicious call hang up and report it to , hamilton police. also tonight an update on a last night at 11:00. we have new video tonight of a robbery and shooting at a north college hill business where the owner of the business was shot in the back. police hope this new video can help identify the person who shot the owner of leach brothers automotive. it' s surveillance video from a nearby business. 63-year-old joe leach is in critical condition. police still don' t know if he was targeted for some reason or if this was a crime of opportunity. tonight, the white house is casting doubt on north korea' s claims that it tested a hydrogen bomb. mike: the president' says the government' s early analysis of underground activity is not consistent with claims
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there. some experts say it' s possible north korea tested another type of bomb instead. north korea most recently claimed to test a nuclear weapon in 2013. two people are charged tonight in a series of home break-in s brown county. in the sheriff says jeffrey carrington and tequila brown are charged with multiple burglaries in the mount orab area. tonight, both carrington and brown are behind bars in clermont county, where the sheriff says they' re facing additional charges for burglaries in that county. 28 bottles of prestigious kentucky bourbon stolen in a theft ring may end up being destroyed instead of auctioned off. the prized bottles of pappy van winkle were taken in a 2013 burglary from buffalo trace distillery. the distillery is afraid to auction the bottles of bourbon for fear they may have been tampered with. the decision about what will be done with them now rests with a judge. well just one week into the new , year, cincinnati-based macy'
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is making cuts. sheree: and some big tonight, ones. macy' s announced that it will eliminate 4800 jobs after disappointing holiday sales. on top of the job cuts, 40 stores are closing. four have already closed. the remaining 36 will close by spring. the closest stores closing are akron and another in the cleveland suburb of elyria. mike: just hours after ken griffey, junior, was voted into the baseball hall of fame in cooperstown, a sign honoring the former reds great was lit up outside the reds hall of fame. sheree: he ripped 630 homeruns and -- mike: he started his incredible baseball run here in cincinnati as a star at moeller high school. george vogel joins us with junior soaring to new heights. george: he had the highest
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not long after moeller high school, junior took cccc baseball by d cccc@ seattle. after a decade, @ccccccc injuries surrounded a lo @c of his time here, but he hit milestone with the reds. ccccccccc now he was named on over 99% of the balance. >> happy and shocked at happy that i get to be in such an elite club. i want to thank the s writers for putting my name down and punching it out, at least. but shocked here at any time somebody does something for you, it means a lot. george: junior will be going into the hall of fame with mike piazzolla. the ceremony in cooperstown will be july 24 two tomorrow, junior will be in new york to talk more
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baseball hall of fame. mike: we will see you later in sports. junior is the second molar high graduate to joining hall of fame in the last three years. barry larkin was in 2012. tonight, we got up with two men who knew ken griffey, junior, before he was a major-league star. sheree: they went to school with him and watched him become a raising -- rising star in high school. training and says he never saw talent like griffey' s before. >> on my little league team, i was fortunate enough to play with barry larkin. barry was unbelievable. i always thought nobody was better than barry larkin, until i ran into junior. seeing how he could swing the bat, he is so fluid and natural.
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i do not know that he realized how good he was spirit we saw it all the time. sheree: hoff said griffey was quiet and reserved in high school. george will have much more coming up a little later in sports. mike: preparations underway downtown for the playoff game saturday at paul brown. get down there early to scope out parking. you can get a spot earlier by logging online and reserving a spot. to reserve your spot, log onto and sheree: before the saturday night showdown, we' re getting you pumped up with our ready to roar special -- showdown with the steelers. we' ll show the history between the two teams and the connections they share. it starts at 7:00 tomorrow half a billion dollars on the mike: line -- we'
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winning powerball numbers. sheree: hope you are a winner. plus a federal investigation , connected to chipotle. the new developments in the e. coli outbreak that spanned nine states. kevin: another cold night. but while chilly, temperatures are a couple degrees warmer than last night at this time. mike: all right. a $2 million fine for lumosity, cincinnati' you'
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sheree: the man who ran a clinic that provided banned substances to some of the biggest names in baseball could get a reduction in his prison sentence. mike: federal prosecutors are anthony bosch' s prison term from four years to 32 months. the u.s. attorneys office cites his extensive cooperation for the request. bosch ran a clinic in coral gables that was used by alex rodriguez, among other major league players. second chance. kentucky convicted of felonies with it was released, they often or even being accepted into college. the kentucky governor is urging making it easier for some convicted felons to expunge
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the governor says if the bill it. an update -- more than 181,000 drones were registered since two registrations are $500. the faa launched a new app this week to tell consumers where you can and cannot fly drones. mike: new developments into an investigation of an outbreak of noro-virus . the restaurant chain was served with the subpoena today. restaurant in simi valley, california, last august, would nearly 100 people got sick with noro-virus. do you play the brain game app lumosity? the california company behind it now must pay a $2 million fine for claiming its games can the ftc says there' s no science to back up the claims. under the settlement agreement, lumos labs must give customers
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auto-pay subscriptions, which cost about $15 a month. some traffic delays tonight on the three interstate bridges that connect kentucky and ohio. starting tonight at midnight, crews will be updating the welcome signs to include the new governor' s name, so expect interstate delays between midnight and 5:00 on the brent a.m. spence, combs hehl bridge, and the i-471 daniel carter beard bridge. the rolling road blocks on those bridges will last about to 15 three minutes while the signs are changed. sheree: it' s the powerball jackpot that everyone wants to win, including my partner here. half $1 billion. i got my tickets. mike: some for both of us. here are the numbers. 2, 11, 47, 62, 63. powerball 17. if you won and you get a single payout of the winnings, you
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taxes. announcer: cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. kevin: let' s look at your thursday morning forecast. another chilly start first thing on thursday. down to about the mid-20' s tomorrow morning. about 26. it will not be quite as cold as the past couple mornings. plenty of sunshine into the afternoon. headlines -- cold on its way out. my older weather on the way in. unfortunately, the my older weather will come -- the mild weather will come with a price, and that is the potential for some rain. a pretty good bet of some wet weather into friday probably a good soaking rain saturday afternoon and saturday evening, which is likely to involve tailgating and the playoff game saturday night. but for next week, winter is on
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the coldest weather we have seen so far this winter. but i think next week' s cold will rival the cold had earlier this week, if not beat it. look outside. not a bad night. skies are mostly clear. 31 at the airport. winds are calm. temperatures have been falling, but there is just enough of a southerly component to the winds, temperatures are not nearly as cold as they were 24 hours ago. this time last night, we were already down into the 20' s and still some 30' s tonight at springboro and 31. 31 in cincinnati. 31 in walton. 32 in fell miss. some 20' s. harrison at 20. 20 two in hamilton. high pressure is the dominant weather feature that continues to go off towards the east over the next couple of days.
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around to the south. you will gradually see warmer air sneak in starting tomorrow as highs climb into the mid-40' s. we will begin to see more in the wave cloud cover. much like today, the cloud cover is thin enough that some sun should come through in the afternoon p it would have been talking about this all winter, the el nio weather pattern. all the talk of flooding across california, now you can see the storm train lining up across the eastern the civic appearance sending systems in one after the other. fortunately, we are on the warm side of these. about four systems are lined up on shore in the west. they will eventually make their way here, but it should be mainly rain. here is a look at futurecast for
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spilling in throughout the day. into the evening, by friday, rain across the area. it does not rain all day friday, maybe the first half of the day. friday evening, drying up. a break friday night into early saturday. then it looks like more wet weather saturday afternoon and evening at some of that heavier rain moving in. it will not be terribly cool saturday evening, it will be quite wet for tailgating and for the football game. 26 is about as low as we will drop tonight or tomorrow, a high of about 44. starting out the morning at 28 tomorrow. up to 40 by lunchtime. mid-40' s during the afternoon. seven day forecast -- 48 on friday to 51 and saturday p are temperatures humble on sunday. a chance of snow showers next week, not a big system. 12 tuesday night into wednesday.
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we have college basketball coming up. and ken griffey, junior, getting baseball' s greatest honor. sheree: this customer is running to get her deposit in today. too late. branch is already closed. but she could make the atm. still won't beat the cutoff time. really? at huntington, with atm and mobile deposits, you have up till midnight. we call it all day deposit. midnight? what are you, a bank or a convenience store? i've got to make a deposit! you go, girl! she's got no chance.
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not the bank. welcome to huntington,
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>> 440 e on 437 of them. ok, now i' m a little nervous >> now. george: ken griffey, junior, getting a record percentage of votes, and now he' s on his way to cooperstown. welcome back, everyone. we' ll have more on junior in a minute, but we' re going to catch first, up with some college basketball tonight. 10th-ranked xavier in new york city to face st. john' s. trayvon blewett. save your up -- xavier up but blew it. a one-handed flesh. x up by 10. an opening taken , fouls. down the stretch. xavier wins it 79-66. miami was also on the road at
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it was the conference opener. geonvani mcnight had a double-double, but the redhawks fall to bg, 73-62. elsewhere, it was dean getting the w -- dayton getting the win over umass. now for junior' s big day. some thought is might be unanimous. it was close. junior gets over 99% of the votes, and that percentage is the most ever, breaking the record held by tom seaver, ccc another guy who wore a reds c@ uniform. @ccccc following fellow hall of famer @cc barry larkin, junior knocked c baseballs out of sight at @cc moeller high school. @ccc that led to him signing with the c mariners as the top overall ccccccc@ draft pick in 1987. in seattle, junior blossomed into one of true superstars of the game. cccc then he came to cincinnati, c where he hit home runs number ccccccc@ 500 and 600. ccccccccccccccccccccc you @cccccc@ know junior is a , superstitious guy. c he' s been to cooperstown to play @ccccc in exhibition games but never @cccccccccc walked into the hall of fame,
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ve never even seen the front of it. i' ve gone directly from the field to the hotel, from the hotel to the bus, and neve r looked at the font of it, because the one time i wanted to go in there, i wanted to be a member of it. george: now he is. his 630 homers are sixth on the all-time list. he is fifteenth in rbi. and since the draft came around in 1965, junior is the first overall pick to make the hall. oddly enough, mike piazza, the other player going in this year, is the lowest draft pick to make the hall. now for the bengals aj mccarron is still on target to start the steelers saturday. and this week we learned , mccarron goes back a ways with steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger. while at miami university, ben alabama, and a young aj made it a point to meet him. gave me a wristband and all this other stuff, and how cool it was. and i told him after this last s what'
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crazy about this. george: we' ll have more of that from aj and big ben' s side of that story -- everything you need to get ready for the bengals and the steelers. it is our ready to roar special tomorrow night at 7:00 right here on wlwt. 25 years ago today, the last bengals playoff victory. 1990.
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sheree: top stories -- young two boys are being treated for hypothermia after falling through the ice on a brown county lake this afternoon. it happened at lake fitchelberg in brown county. the two young boys, ages 8 and 12, are being treated at -- for exposure and hypothermia. a neighbor jumped into the lake, saving the boys. we are they should recover. mike: police tell us they have received more reports of phone calls being made to solicit money for fallen firefighter patrick wolterman.
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phone calls for donations. there are only two approved ways to donate to the wolterman family -- through any first financial bank or through the gofundme page set up by landon watts. sheree: five people are hurt, one of them seriously, when a boiler explodes at crossroads church on the west side. police say two people were working on a boiler at the church on bridgetown road in miami township this afternoon when it exploded. one of the repairmen has serious cuts to his face. the other repairman and three church employees have cuts and bruises. [captioning performed by the which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] mike: kids off to school and people off to work, how it will -- how will it be? kevin: cold, but it will make it into the mid-40' s. rain coming in on friday and
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