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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  January 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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`` ``lisa: a live look outside as the ``snow starts to move in. ``randi rico tells you when it is ``expected to hit your area and ``how much. ``mark: the snow coming of the ``worst time for drivers. ``kyla woods would have what to ``look out for on the roads. ``lisa: how crews prepare for the ``snow and how they are helping to ``keep people out on the road safe ``on the way into work. ``>> from cincinnati' s wlwt, ``leading the way. ``this is wlwt news 5 today. ``lisa: salt trucks are at the ``ready. ``we are expected to be getting ``hit with a blast of white stuff ``over the next few hours. ``south of the tri-state, drivers ``will be in rush hour. ``when the heavy snowfall hits. ``5:00 a.m. on your tuesday.
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``mark: several school delays ``enclosures. ``bottom of your screen. ``lisa: team coverage in the ``you prepared for the winter ``weather which could put a snag ``in the morning commute. ``mark: let' s get right to randi ``rico for the latest on the ``forecast. ``what is the timeline now? ``randi: the first no showers are ``on the way in. ``but our heaviest burst of snow ``of the morning commute. ``8:00, 9:00, 10:00 in the ``morning. ``if you take a look, you can see ``areas to the southeast of the 71 ``corridor, a couple of light ``flurries but the snow showers ``picking up especially into ``portions of butler county. ``for fairfield up 127 to ``hamilton, to trenton and oxford ``-- dealing with light snow ``showers. ``they will get a dusting. ``this is several rounds of snow ``rolling and i direction pinwheel ``style. ``one round through downtown indy.
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``over the last hour. ``getting more intense as it rolls ``across that state line. ``that is the one it could be ``hitting us 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. ``our region under this winter ``weather advisory until this ``afternoon. down. ``right now temperatures in the ``low 30' s, which as our crews ``spread across will tell you, ``salt works pretty well. ``but once the snow moves out at ``pictures tumble. ``we will be in the 20' s at ``lunchtime. ``it about 24. ``by 4:00, 20. ``8:00 16. ``single-digit wind chills the ``second half of the day. ``not everybody is going to be ``impacted by the snow. ``but everybody is going to be ``feeling the cold later on this ``afternoon. ``kyla: you have got to bundle up ``heading outside. ``we will all definitely feel that ``cold. ``so, a lot of us will be impacted ``by the road conditions as well. ``we are starting off clear. ``as you can see, 74 at harrison ``east and westbound, no problems. ``we have not seen is no impact ``our roads at this hour. ``we will see that later on this
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``it yourself plenty of extra ``time. ``get out the door and he your car ``up. ``give you some time to get it ``cleared off and give yourself ``extra time to get wherever you ``are going this morning. ``no big issues or delays heading ``out there at this hour. ``we will continue to keep you ``updated. ``lisa: thank you. ``our northern coverage area ``expected to see the snow first ``out of the greater cincinnati ``area. ``mark: andrew setters live in ``westchester now with a look at ``the conditions. ``good morning. ``andrew: we are seeing some snow, ``supposed to hit the northern ``yards person this is the ``heaviest snow we have seen so ``far this morning. ``even with the snow that is ``coming in right now, there is ``more salt than snow on the ``roads. ``we have seen a number of butler ``county road crews throwing salt, ``getting the roads ready for the ``winter weather. ``good morning.
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``a lot of salt being thrown out ``here to make sure people have ``the best commute possible this ``morning. ``the snow beginning to fall here ``at we saw a few flakes earlier. ``a little bit heavier now but it ``sounds like the worst is yet to ``come much later this morning as ``through this area. ``mark: thank you. ``the daily downtown traffic will ``be a little more stalled than ``usual with the snow. ``dan, good morning. ``dan: we are starting to finally ``see something coming from the ``skey. ``-- sky. ``starting to come down in ``cincinnati. ``meanwhile traffic moving along ``fine on interstate 71. ``starting to see traffic pick up ``a little bit. ``a few more vehicles. ``cincinnati road crews want to ``make sure it is safe for you as ``you are headed out. ``they have about 60 tracks
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``60,000 gallons of brine. ``they want to make sure were ever ``you are going, you are getting ``their safe. ``and it does not like -- some ``like we have a sound bite. ``road crews say they are focusing ``0 n major routes. ``all of the roads will be clear. ``they will make sure hospital ``routes on clear. ``and they have some tips. ``the snow coming in at a ``sensitive time when people are ``trying to get to work and ``school. ``they say take it slow. ``keep it safe. ``leave space. `` if you see crews working, make ``sure you leave them plenty of ``space so they can get what they ``need to get done so everybody ``has a safe commute. ``lisa: great advice. ``thank you. ``with another part of our team ``coverage this morning.
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s ``richard chiles is seeing right ``now. ``he is traveling on southbound 75 ``in the covington area where he ``says there is a wintry mix, ``maybe some rainy precipitation ``as well as bigger snowflakes. ``a reminder to drive safely. ``be on alert. ``throughout the morning. ``the heaviest snowfall expected ``traveling to work. ``another component this morning ``to make them hazardous. ``we will have another check with ``right now let' s check in with ``kyla for the big picture. ``are you hearing about anything ``just yet? ``kyla: not yet. ``good morning to you. ``the road conditions are really ``clear right now. ``crews really have a good chance ``at this time to get that ``pretreatment out. ``hopefully that will help ``eliminate any major issues we ``could have seen later this ``morning with the snow arriving. ``71 and 75 at 275. ``the loop. ``all lanes are clear.
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re up near the i-75 ``interchange, no matter where you ``are heading, here is a look at ``the lower deck of the bridge ``heading into downtown ``cincinnati. ``clear roads out there. ``not seeing any major delays or ``that will change once we get a ``lot more precipitation outside. ``we will continue to keep it ``covered. ``let' s check in with randi rico ``pet your most accurate forecast ``for it she is keeping a close ``eye on when we will see that ``snow. ``randi: it may be the second part ``of the rush hour that sees some ``heavier snow bands. ``right now it looks like it is ``coming down pretty good from ``hamilton to middletown to mason. ``not seeing any big-time reports ``of accumulation. ``salt on the roads doing his ``things, thanks to the ``temperature that are pretty ``mild. ``a more rapid snow shower from ``lebanon to mason, harrison and ``hamilton. ``let' s take a look inside the 275 ``loop. ``temperatures are at or even ``above freezing. ``that is why we are not seeing
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``is coming down. ``sticking to the grass a little ``bit but the roads should be ``pretty much wet. ``now, that will be changing as we ``head towards the late morning. ``here is your commute cast. ``bursts of snow. ``not expecting widespread ``problems for everybody but there ``will be some tricky spot. ``slightly more numerous once we ``get to 9:00 and 10:00. ``lunchtime, windy as the snow ``comes to an end, 25. ``for the drive home, single digit ``windchill. ``even if you get to work just ``fine, the way home, you will be ``cranking the heat. ``cold air for the next one in ``four hours. ``mark: thank you. ``we got continued coverage as the ``snow continues to fall. ``make sure you keep an eye on a ``bottom of your screen for any ``and all school closings or ``cancellations. ``you can also get the latest ``closing on her website at `` ``when we continue, an officer ``involved shooting in west price ``help it lisa: how a robbery
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``morning. ``5:08, 32 degrees. ``a live look downtown. ``the temperatures are going to ``fall as well. ``crash. ``we will talk of more about your ``forecast when we return with here in vineland, home oft progresso, we figured out how to get richr ingredients like bacon r into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories ortless per serving @ without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make itt progresso. rlook at this sweet face. t so sweet. @ok, we're going to need a napkin
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`` your tuesday ``morning. ``32 degrees at a live look in ``westchester. ``we have a team of reporters out ``covering the storm system that ``is moving in. ``this is tyler' s fill in ``cincinnati dayton road. ``the flakes have started flying. ``things moving along just fine. ``we will check in with team ``looking at headlines. ``a robbery suspect shot and ``killed by a cincinnati police ``officer. ``8:00 last night. ``the store across the street from ``glenn way and sunset.
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``with what a. ``-- appeared to be a gun. ``both officers fired at the ``suspect. ``it is unclear if it hit them. ``those officers are on paid ``the suspect' ``released. ``mark: isis is guaranteed week to ``president' s state of the union ``tonight. ``and congress is weighing in. ``cons -- commerce when once to ``in the effort to control isis. ``he emphasized the important ally ``such as france to begin a more ``voc al force and creating a ``global atmosphere of intolerance ``for terrorism. ``>> what i' m saying is sometimes ``it takes little push when it ``hits home people are willing to ``respond to it when he to lead ``that charge and say that we as a ``civilized world need to engage ``in this together. ``mark: as for the topic of ``national security, congressman ``when struck highlights the need
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need ``for a national defense plan. ``president obama will deliver his ``state of the union address at ``9:00 tonight. ``you can watch it right here on ``. ``on wlwt. ``lisa: punishment for the bengals ``montes perfect. ``the bengals linebacker was hit ``with a three-game suspension ``without pay to start the 2016 ``regular season. ``the nfl is for a hit on antonio ``brown. ``burfict' s actions placed his ``opponent in on it is -- that ``unnecessary risk. ``the nfl is saying it should of ``been avoided. ``mark: this just in in. ``-- city schools closed today. ``a full list of closure at the ``bottom of your screen. ``lisa: another look live at the ``roads. ``richard chiles is checking on ``the morning commute. ``tell us where you are and what ``you are seeing now.
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``we are on i-275 traveling ``westbound towards the ``international airport. ``you are taking a look at live ``drive. ``you can see the heavier ``precipitation falling now. ``it is a wintry mix. ``heavy snow flakes glazing over ``i-275. ``we have seen several snowplows ``and crews are out. ``the pretreat is going to work as ``this rush hour gets heavier. ``certainly, randi rico in the ``forecast hitting right on time. ``talking about this accumulation ``expected during this rush hour ``drive. ``it is already starting. ``again, right now the flakes are ``falling pretty rapidly on 275. ``the roadway is glazed. ``we are passing on the advice for ``folks, drive with extra caution, ``take extra time in getting to ``your destination. ``lisa: thank you. ``let' s get it over to randi. ``they are saying it is coming ``down where they are. ``randi: a couple pictures on ``twitter as well.
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``as we take a look at a wide ``view. ``this is a large system. ``snow showers coming down in ``cincinnati. ``another round coming heavier ``burst in indy. ``one round this morning been a ``break. ``7:00 or 8:00. ``then perhaps a heavier burst ``8:00, 9:00, 10:00 in the ``morning. ``let' s take a look. ``the snow showers coming down ``pretty good inside the 275 loop. ``and specifically through ``portions of butler and warren ``counties. ``a light dusting in lebanon. ``did you say the lebanon schools ``-- closed today. ``we have the snow falling there ``in lebanon. ``towards mason you' seeing a ``light dusting on the side ``streets. ``as you head towards fairfield, ``hamilton, a picture from where ``122. ``light dusting there. ``we are starting to see the snow ``showers accumulate on the ``roadways. ``it is not very thick. ``just enough to make it slick in ``spots.
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``until 7:00 tonight. snow showers ``falling this morning. ``and then some pretty gusty winds ``as we head to the afternoon and ``temperatures falling as well. ``right now -- this is where we ``are not seeing any huge issues ``at the moment. ``freezing. ``rodas have been pretreated -- -- ``roads have been pretreated. ``32 degrees. ``starting to see at stake on the ``untreated services -- the ``sidewalks and the grass. ``temperatures falling to the ``morning and crash in the ``afternoon. ``this is our temperature by 5:00 ``good midteens across our ``northern communities. ``19 degrees downtown. ``it will be windy and cold. ``it will be in the teens but ``feeling like the single-digit ``second half of the day. ``after the snow is over, it is ``all about the cold air. ``at noon, the snow is coming to ``an end. ``by 6:00 tonight, feeling like a ``deep freeze. ``futurecast is showing our first
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``that will leave a light coating. ``you may see a little lull. ``then that secondary batch that ``is approaching indy moving in at ``9:00 and 10:00. ``that will be on the heavier ``side. ``9:00 and 10:00 a.m., heavier ``snow for our area. ``moving out by lunchtime. ``as we head into the afternoon, ``the winds are whipping. ``may have some blowing snow ``concerns. ``skies should be clearing out. ``for our snowfall totals -- one ``to two inches most of us on that ``one inch side. ``you can see the widespread, ``maybe around an inch for our ``rea. ``not a ton of snow. ``but it' s -- if it' s happening ``when you are trying to had to ``work or school, some issues ``there. ``today, 31 degrees. ``morning snow. ``and temperatures fall. ``the second half of the day. ``temperatures crash. ``we will drop into the single ``digits tonight. ``tomorrow, a cold day. ``24. ``that up into the 40' s as we get ``into the end of the week. ``you will notice friday will end
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``by saturday morning, ``temperatures falling into will ``move out as snow showers on ``saturday. ``what is the latest on the roads? ``kyla: we are talking about ``possible construction in the ``overnight hours tonight. ``if crews are able to get it ``done, they will. ``it will depend on how much ``precipitation we see later this ``morning. ``northbound 75 is where it will ``occur. ``they will shut down those lanes ``again at mitchell. ``we debt with disclosure in the ``overnight hours last week. ``they are looking to finish that ``work up in the overnight hours. ``it may or may not happen ``depending on what we see with ``the weather. ``traffic rolling right along. ``see if you flurries at 75 and ``mitchell but traffic not being ``impacted. ``we will give you updates ``throughout the morning. ``lisa: sounds good. ``for the first time in years, ``cincinnati is getting a new ``public school. ``mark: where the new academy is ``expected to set up shop. ``lisa: outside live on tuesday ``morning. ``the snow is falling.
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``checking school closings. ``a lot of the big districts are ``making a decision. ``boone county, bracken county, ``they' re up to date at the bottom ``of the screen pretty can also go ``to ``5:19. ``32 degrees. ``stay with v
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`` ``lisa: welcome back. ``5:22. ``332 2 degrees. ``a live look at great american ``tower. ``looks like a diamond among the ``snowflakes that are falling ``right now. ``mark: it would be nice. ``lisa: whatever, yes. ``we will talk more about the snow ``moving in coming up. ``mark: thanks to our viewers in ``kentucky who sent us this ``picture of the airport covered ``in snow flurries. ``stay warm and safe out there. ``send us your pictures. ``upload them to the you local ``section on ``lisa: in a story wlwt, you saw ``first on, cincinnati public ``schools opening a new school. ``they hope to have this ``cincinnati gifted academy west ``open in august. ``it will be located inside chevy ``it elementary on harrison ``avenue. ``they will notify parents by the ``end of the month on the status
5:22 am
``>> we wanted to provide our ``friends and family on the ``westside this opportunity so ``they would not have to put their ``children on a bus for an hour or ``an hour and a half and go to the ``east side to get the ``programming. ``lisa: the district is renovating ``the elementary right now to make ``room for the gifted academy. ``they are also recruiting ``teachers for the westside ``location. ``mark: boone, bracket and kenton ``county schools have been ``canceled this morning. ``randi is here with more on our ``timeline, expecting the heavier ``stuff to false and. ``randi: -- to fall soon. ``randi: checking my twitter ``account, you can see this -- ``snowing on a morning walk near ``122. ``snow covered and potentially on ``the slick side. ``starting to see more and more ``school closing or delays coming ``in. ``you can see right now steadier ``snow showers throughout war ``ren county, butler county and
5:23 am
``light snow showers. ``between now and 7:00 a.m., the ``snow arrives. ``most of us have seen the first ``snow showers but are extreme ``southeastern community, it could ``be as late as 7:00 a.m. before ``we see the first flakes flight. ``between seven and 11:00, expect ``-- snow showerse. ``between 8:00 and 10:00 is when i ``expect the heaviest snowfall. ``lunchtime, the snow will come to ``ene end ``most of us near an inch or so. ``this much snow causes problems ``when there are a lot of people ``on the roads. ``we' ll continue to watch it as we ``head to the morning. ``mark: thank you. ``crews currently making her way ``through the greater cincinnati ``area. ``lisa: how they are prepping the ``roads for their morning commute. ``>> we have got reporters ``stationed all over the area to ``give you a look at the few ``flakes flying this time of the
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``>> keeping an eye on your ``morning commute. ``we' re tracking local roads as ``snow moves into the cincinnati ``area. ``quirks meteorologist randi rico ``is keeping a close eye on the ``weather system as it moves ``through the cincinnati area. ``where the snowfall estimates ``stand this morning. ``>> and salt trucks staying busy, ``how local road crews are ``tackling highways and side ``streets.
5:26 am
``wlwt leading the way, this is ``news 5 today. ``mark: good morning, we start ``with a live look outside this ``morning. ``it' s going to be a cold one. ``the snow has started to come ``down and this is only the ``beginning of it. ``we could see up to two inches. ``i' m mark hayes. ``lisa and i' m lisa cooney. ``: randi rico and kyla woods are ``in this morning with your ``weather and traffic. ``it sounds like we get through ``the snowfall and then we get to ``the real cold? ``>> as soon as the snow moves ``out, the temperatures fall off ``the table. ``right now to his right around ``freezing. ``you don' t see widespread ``humiliation on the roads but as ``we get into the afternoon, 20' s, ``teens and single digit wind ``chill' s. `` this morning, we dealing with ``snow showers. ``this afternoon, you will be
5:27 am
`` as expected, the first round of ``snow showers are moving through ``right now. ``we are seeing light snow ``southeast of the corridor. ``some snow in georgetown and west ``union, currently he snow that is ``heavier and is sticking to grasp ``and sidewalks, and that is what ``is going on in the northern ``communities. ``there feels west, adjuster mason ``and lebanon. ``let' s take a live look, you can ``see snow-covered sidewalks ``there. ``and the snow is on the streets. ``lebanon schools have decided to ``call off for the day. ``here' s the problem. `` it could be heavier around ``8:00-10:00 today. ``here is the winter weather ``advisory through the whole area. ``we have one of snow showers ``coming through right now. ``but going towards
5:28 am
``so snow with slick spots this ``morning. ``by noon, this denver moves out ``that we are at 24 degrees but by ``4:00, 20 degrees and there is ``what nobody wants to see, once ``you think you are in the clear, ``you are not in the clear. `` >> we don' t like seeing those ``single digits. ``what we do like are the roads. ``we do have some flurries flying ``around. ``doing its work. ``we are hovering at decent ``temperatures so hopefully we ``continue to see good conditions ``as we get more cars out there. ``we' re starting to pick up in ``volume towards the airport. ``you should be good to go to get ``there. ``we are not seeing snow flurries ``impact the road conditions yet. ``75 looks good. ``we will keep you updated all ``morning long.
5:29 am
s get a look up north ``right now where they are ``supposed to see the heaviest ``know this morning. ``andrew is in westchester with a ``live look. ``bring us up to date. ``andrew: we are getting an early ``start on the snow. ``we have a few large, fluffy ``flakes that are flying on ``tyler' s will. ``here back on the road, there is ``no snow accumulating on the ``roadway. ``we have seen a number of trucks ``come through here. ``but in this grassy area, we see ``some of the leftover snow. `` and here in this parking lots ``that we are standing in, he snow ``is beginning to accumulate. ``this is from this morning in an ``untreated area. ``we are starting to get ``accumulation here. ``it is not slick at this point ``but it is beginning to stack up. ``we will see how quickly the
5:30 am
``snow moves into the area area we ``are keeping an eye on the roads. ``we know that when you step on ``the sidewalk as you make your ``way to your car, you will start ``to see some snow beginning to ``accumulate. ``this weather system is starting ``to move through our area. `` mark: the roads will be hectic ``this morning with the snow. ``lisa: let' s check in with dan. ``dan is in downtown. ``the city is preparing for ``potentially dangerous road ``conditions. ``here. ``a lot more than what we saw ``earlier. ``gust but it feels ready balmy ``compared to what it could he. ``we were seeing snow on the ``but as we look at the road, we
5:31 am
`` there isn' t much coming through ``here, there is a little bit of ``traffic. ``and we do have good timing, here ``we have a soul truck coming ``through. cincinnati road crews ``have about 60 of those, they are ``trying to clear the roads in the ``city itself. ``they have about 60,000 gallons ``of brian ne to keep the roads ``clear. ``>> what we have to do is put ``ourselves in the position where ``we have a flexible nature, so ``mother nature, which ever way ``she goes, we can be prepared. ``dan: just some things to keep in ``mind, take it slower than you ``would. the roads may have slick ``spots on them. ``we have seen some crashes just ``from the ice that was sitting ``there before. ``the trucks will need space to at ``least get the salt and treatment ``down as the snow and whatever ``else piles up on the road. ``give them space and be cautious. ``conditions can make it flicker ``out there.
5:32 am
``lisa: the city of covington is ``ready. ``here' s a live look. ``at one of the city' s trickiest ``spots to drive, the cut in the ``hill. ``covington tweeted the trucks are ``loaded with salt, and crews have ``been busy since 4:00 this ``morning. ``mark: the snow is starting to ``come down now and it' s going to ``cause some dangers out on the ``roads this morning. ``continuing our wlwt news 5' s ``team coverage with richard ``chiles who' s out on a live drive ``of the roads this morning. ``richard? ``richard: good morning. ``we are on live drive five. ``hamilton county. ``we are heading towards 275 ``northbound on i-74. ``snowflakes are coming down ``heavier. ``we do see several road crews. ``the highways are glazed over.
5:33 am
``are not bad and the pretreatment ``has been very effective. `` as the drive gets heavier into ``the morning commute, we are ``watching it. ``making the chart going into i-74 ``going into eastbound down town ``cincinnati. ``we don' t have a lot of traffic ``but the precipitation is heavy. ``the flakes are falling and it is ``wet snow. ``that will be adding a ``complication. ``marco thank you. ``winter weather challenging ``drivers, and their vehicles, and ``aaa is coming to the rescue. ``aaa' s roadside rescue team has ``helped nearly 1000 drivers in ``the cincinnati region already ``this winter. ``they say to watch for signs of ``an old battery, keep an eye on ``your tires and always carry an ``emergency roadside kit.
5:34 am
``can take a picture and upload it ``to the u-local section on `` ``we want to see them. ``this picture is from sunday' s ``snow of some girls who pulled ``out their sleds for some winter ``fun. ``you can also share your photos ``on our wlwt facebook page. ``and don' t forget. ``with a number of school closings ``for today. ``we' re keeping you up-to-date ``they are running at the bottom ``of the screen. ``there are changes happening as ``we speak. ``you can also get the latest on ``our website, ``stay connected with the wlwt ``weather app to get the very ``latest on weather and traffic ``sent directly to your phone ``whenever winter weather hits. ``marco let' s see what is coming ``our way. ``>> you can see that we have snow ``showers across our area. little ``bit lighter in highland county. ``currently, the heaviest and ``biggest flakes of snow are
5:35 am
``so if you are heading out the ``door right now, the roads are ``probably just wet, but as we go ``through the morning we will see ``more accumulation. ``right along i-71, that is the ``corridor where we are seeing ``heavier snow. ``if your name is not at the ``bottom of the screen, plan on ``snow and wind. ``we are starting to see snow ``stick on the sidewalk. ``on the way home from school this ``afternoon, it is way colder. ``for those of you making ``decisions right now about the ``snow. ``here is a guideline. ``the first coating is here. ``we are starting to see that. ``another secondary route will be ``from 8:00-10:00 at it will exit ``by 1:00. ``we will have around one inch or ``so.
5:36 am
kyla: we are pretty slows ``morning. ``we don' t need a lot of extra ``time. ``here is a look at colerain and ``beekman. ``traffic is starting to pick up ``and we will see the heavier ``volume as we head out the door. ``we are ahead of these no showers ``so if you are on 74 near 75 and ``into butler county, 75 is ``looking at 58 miles power. ``a little bit slower in that ``area. ``pretty clear conditions across ``the river. ``you can see the snowflakes ``flying there. ``we are keeping an eye on that. ``and we are continuing to monitor ``conditions. ``we will a you know if you' re ``going to see any major delays. ``flurries are flying around out ``there. ``lisa: coming up, we want to let ``you know that you can bring us ``all the details for pictures of ``these no and also the latest on ``a fatal officer involved
5:37 am
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``we are near freezing but sea ``salt is doing its job and any ``untreated surfaces will be on ``the snow-covered side. ``we have a few rounds of snow ``showers. ``one is going through right now. ``the secondary batch will hit at ``the back end of the morning ``commute. ``you can see the showers rolling ``through. ``it is heavier up to the north. ``snow showers are already moving ``through kentucky. ``it is snowing in independence ``and wilmington is seeing a few ``snowflakes. ``as far as snowfall totals go, ``they haven' t been adjusted much. ``most places are expecting ``between 1-2 inches of snow. ``so for some of you, 1-1.5 ``inches. ``there may be a coaching on the ``sidewalk. ``as he get towards 9:00 -11:00 ``this morning, the secondary
5:40 am
`` we will have the impact on the ``roads coming up in a few ``minutes. ``lisa: we are checking some top ``stories. ``10 people are dead at 15 are ``injured after an explosion in ``the historic district of ``istanbul. ``because of the investigation -- ``because of the explosion is ``being investigated. ``but it was likely caused by a ``suicide bomber. ``some witnesses reported that ``building shook. ``we will continue to keep you ``updated. ``mark: we' re also following ``developing news this morning. ``a robbery suspect is shot and ``killed by a cincinnati police ``officer. ``the robbery happened at the ``walgreens and deals around 8:00 ``last night. ``the stores are across the street ``from each other near the corner ``of glenway and sunset. ``chief isaac says the two ``officers spotted the suspect ``with what appeared to be a gun ``in his waistband. ``both officers fired at the ``suspect but it is still unclear ``if one or both actually hit him. ``both officers have been placed ``on paid administrative leave
5:41 am
s name has not been ``lisa: punishment for bengals ``the aftermath of saturday' ``penalty will now extend into ``next season. ``burfict was hit with a three ``game suspension without pay to ``start the 2016 regular season. ``the nfl is going after the ``bengals linebacker for this hit ``saturday' ``the league says burfict' s action ``placed his opponent at ``unnecessary risk of injury and ``should have been avoided. ``repeat offender since he had ``been fined for four other ``violations during the season. ``>> unfortunately, we earned some ``reputations, and we have to ``eliminate that by continuing to ``play well within the rules, the ``way he plays. ``and he plays very well within ``the rules, and we have to keep ``doing that. ``lisa: according to his agent ``burfict plans on appealing his ``suspension. ``the nfl says it is still ``reviewing the game and could be ``handing out more punishment ``soon. ``that includes players and
5:42 am
``mark: time for a check on the ``roads. ``are we starting to have any ``problems? ``kyla: we are seeing a greater ``impact on the roads from the ``snow. ``we are going to continue to ``monitor that over the next hour ``and two hours so you know what ``to expect. ``the troubled times are not being ``impacted. ``we are at 21 minutes from the ``split into downtown. ``we are slowing down into ``downtown, that is good. ``folks are being cautious. ``on to 75, you are looking at 15 ``minutes. `` here, things are slowing down a ``bit. ``we have salt trucks they are ``heading towards the i-75 area. ``let' s check in now with randi ``rico. ``randi: you know, it isn' t the ``amount. ``obviously the inch of snow isn' t
5:43 am
``during rush hour, we could have ``issues. ``so we do have rush hour snow for ``us it' s morning through the end ``of the rush, we are talking ``10:00-11:00, still dealing with ``no flakes. ``wendy and wait colder what' s the ``snow moves out. ``we have a winter weather ``advisory for the entire area and ``region. ``keep in mind that when you head ``out the door, you could ``encounter some slick spots. ``right now the snow is heaviest ``in the i-71 corridor. ``we are not seeing a big dumping ``of accumulation, but we could ``see it on some of the untreated ``services. ``the main roads are keeping our ``temperatures near freezing, and ``we are went right now. ``we have 71 looking at heavier ``snow showers. ``as we slide further south into ``kentucky, we could see the first ``snowflakes on the 275 loop and ``into portions of campbell ``county.
5:44 am
``showers. into dover and harrison ``, and also into fairfield, we ``could see heavier snow showers ``as well. ``this is not the whole game. ``as you go back towards ``indianapolis, this is the ``secondary batch and it could be ``on the heavier side that will be ``rolling in between 8:00-10:00 ``this morning. `` then potentially, we could have ``a midmorning burst of the ``additional snow. ``right now, 32 degrees. ``it feels like 22 degrees. ``here is the breakdown. ``right now, temperatures near to ``freezing. ``we are still sitting at 31 ``degrees with no at wind. by the ``time we get to lunchtime , the ``temperatures are falling as the ``cold front moves through. ``by 6:00 tonight, our skies are ``clearing out and the ``temperatures are down to 80
5:45 am
``temperature in -- temperature at ``five degrees. ``not everybody will have trouble ``spots this morning but everyone ``will be dealing with trying to ``stay warm in the second half of ``the day. ``here' s the futurecast, this ``shows the first round of showers ``moving through between now and ``7:00. then you notice a bit of a ``break in the action until 8:00, ``but getting into the end of the ``morning rush, here comes the ``secondary batch. ``by that :00-10:00, we could have ``the heaviest snow, we watch the ``back edge will it. ``it will be windy at way colder. ``so snowfall estimates have been ``consistent. ``all of our models are putting us ``there in the one inch zone. `` expect one inch of accumulation, ``maybe two inches on the high ``end. ``today, 31 degrees with morning ``time snow. the temperatures fall
5:46 am
``tonight, the temperatures drop ``down to three degrees. ``we were things up by the end of ``the work week. ``rain on friday night. ``guys? ``turns hero for one woman in ``lisa: how she has him to thank ``for saving her from the cold ``hard ground this morning. ``outside line on your tuesday ``32 degrees.
5:47 am
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``>> welcome back, taking a live ``look on i 71. ``we are staying on top of the ``incoming snowfall. ``it could impact your traffic ``during your morning commute. ``your latest forecast and traffic ``check, coming up. ``first, a pizza delivery man ``helps saves a woman who slipped ``on ice and couldn' t get back up. ``lisa: wlwt news 5' s kyla woods ``tells us how he became a hero ``for a day. ``kyla: the 75-year-old woman ``ordered her pizza from larosa' s ``last night, and then took out ``her trash. ``that' s when she fell on ice. ``that was on her driveway and ``broke her leg. ``45 minutes passed, in the bitter ``cold before the delivery man ``came with her pizza. ``he called 911, stayed with her, ``and even gave her his jacket and ``gloves to keep her warm. ``>> she was just in a rough spot ``and i' d want someone to do the ``same for my family, i feel like
5:50 am
``for someone in that spot. ``>> it just kind of makes you ``think that there are good people ``out there and you just never ``know when you are going to come ``across one. ``>> it was really eye-opening ``just to see how much it meant to ``them. ``kyla: the woman is in the ``hospital this morning. ``she underwent surgery to have ``pins put in her leg. ``pizza. s pizza. ``lisa and mark? ``recovery. ``let' s get a check on some ``stories trending this morning. ``mark: forget the ice scraper, ``one car owner in buffalo, new ``york, is going to need something ``like a blow torch. ``this car was parked along lake ``erie overnight in the middle of ``a winter storm. ``strong wind sent the waves ``splashing up and over the rails, ``covering this car in ice. ``what you don' t see is the other ``side of the car, which didn' t ``get splashed at all. ``so at least she can get in. ``lisa: right.
5:51 am
``good use of the snow they saw by ``building an 18-foot octopus. ``three brothers spent 500-hours ``making the snow sculpture. ``the brothers try to create a ``different sculpture every year. ``mark: well done. ``lisa: that is teamwork. ``portland, oregon. ``surveillance video in a pet ``store, catches a man stealing a ``snake by putting it down his ``pants. ``lisa: his pants. ``mark: he put it in his pants. ``the snake he stole is a black ``python. ``it' s about two feet long and was ``being sold for $200. ``lisa: you. ``now you' ve seen it. ``mark: if you seen him, please ``call the authorities.
5:52 am
`` mark: we are leading the way on ``the winter weather. ``lisa: this is our live drive ``five traveling south, ortiz will ``be -- reporters will be looking ``at the impact of your snow on ``the morning commute. ``and local decisions are being ``made right now, should schools ``close or stay open. ``we will be talking to someone ``morning. ``moving through. ``this is from morrow to blend ``chester. ``we are seeing the heaviest snow ``showers with a winter weather ``advisory. ``you can see that is the ``secondary round. ``this is just round one. ``untreated surfaces. ``for our breakdown for today, ``generally to bursts of snow, ``maybe two inches maximum with
5:53 am
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giving people options based on`` their budget is pretty edgy... rr kind of like this look. rr i'm calling it the`` "name your price tool" phase. vvwhatever. ``lisa: greater cincinnati is ``bracing for a blast of colder ``weather. ``up to two inches in some places ``hitting during the morning ``commute. ``mark: our team of reporters is ``tracking the winter storm. ``and will have the hardest hit ``areas and how it' s impacting our
5:55 am
``announcer: from cincinnati' s
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