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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  January 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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lisa: a cold morning as you walk out the door today. meteorologist randi rico has the latest on the forecast. mark: and how the brisk today' s martin luther king day events. many are taking place in cincinnati. lisa: an unusual weather event in florida this weekend. the cleanup after a deadly tornado blows through the southwestern part of the state. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: 5:00 a.m. on your monday. good morning. i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes.
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let' s go straight to randi rico for the forecast. just ridiculously cold out there this morning. randi: it is stupid cold outside. every little bit of supposed scheme needs to be covered -- exposed skin needs to be covered up. 5 degrees right now it cvg. hamilton at 6. wilmington, 3 degrees. 50 factor in the wind -- if you factor in the wind, wilmington, it feels like 13 below. most places close to 10 degree wind chill. a wind chill advisory until
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the extreme southern communities not included in the advisories. here is the breakdown. 8:00 a.m., 5 degrees feeling like 11 below. 4:00, it will feel like zero. bu sub zero windshields after the sun sets. india: we still have an action on the west side. butler county, 7 5 north of union, things are looking good. 71, 75 at the split, things are moving along. we' re seeing a lot of semis in this area heading northbound. right now things are very light and clear here. lisa and mark? lisa: thank you. "i have a dream."
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day, but especially today, honoring the man who spoke them more than 50 years ago. mark: wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live at the national underground railroad freedom center with a preview of one of the city' s biggest dr. martin luther king jr. day events today. dan: dr. martin luther king' s legacy will be celebrated and on it as people gather for a march. the march has never been cancelled in cincinnati in its now 41 years. it will be cold outside as an expected 1,000 people line up to march from here at the freedom center to fountain square and then to music hall. the theme of this year' s celebration, "mlk, we can' t wait," focuses on promoting racial justice and equity beyond one day. the marching set to kick off around 10:00 a.m., and temperatures are expected to be bitter cold. people involved are giving a strong warning to be smart and bundle up. >> if folks want to come and
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will welcome them, but we also encourage people to be smart. the weather really is a serious thing. dan: at fountain square, partway through the march, a prayer service at fountain square. they will also be a celebration at music hall. live at the freedom center, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. mark: also celebrating martin luther king jr. today at the cincinnati museum center. the center will kick off its celebrate the dream event at 10:00 this morning. the rotunda will tranform into what the center is calling a bustling african marketplace. community groups will present performances including traditional african dances, poetry readings, traditional storytelling and music. participants will also have the opportunity to create their own quilting square, find their rhythm as they beat the drum, and speak with local members of the tuskegee airmen, america' s all-african-american world war ii fighter squadron.
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lisa: the first democratic debate of 2016 wrapped up last night in charleston, south carolina. it also happens to be the last democratic debate before the voting starts in iowa less than two weeks away now. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner gives us a recap of last night' s debate from the live alert desk. miriah: lisa, the three candidates took the stage in charleston, south carolina, last night. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o' malley appeared just blocks from the site of the deadly mass shooting at emanuel a.m.e. church. the debate focused on two big issues, health care and gun control. former governor of maryland martin o' malley called the issue of gun control "personal." vermont senator bernie sanders spoke about his "medicare for all" plan, while former secretary of state hillary clinton noted her support for obamacare. the two front-runners argued over sanders' flip-flops on gun-control policies. mr. sanders: well, i think secretary clinton knows what she
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i have a d-minus voting record from nra. mrs. clinton: i am pleased to hear that senator sanders has reversed his position on immunity, and i look forward to him joining those members of congress who have already introduced legislation. miriah: candidates also discussed police brutality, campaign finance reform, and regulating wall street. now we wait for the iowa caucus to learn which candidate impressed voters most. that takes place on february 1st. from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner. lisa: thank you. the debate also gaining interest here in our region. the urban league young professionals gathered to watch the debate at the gamers lounge in sharonville. organizers say on the eve of martin luther king day, many of the issues that were being fought for decades ago are still s the high unemployment of african-americans, whether it' s voting rights that whether it' s justice reform. we' so tonight we' re hoping to hear
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issues. lisa: the next democratic debate is set for february 11th in wisconsin. debate again january 28th in iowa. mark: donald trump and ted cruz are locked in a razor-tight race just two weeks ahead of the iowa caucus. and with time running out there, both candidates are increasing their attacks on each other. trump is now questioning a loan that ted cruz took out from goldman sachs during his 2012 senate run that he failed to disclose in federal campaign finance documents. cruz shot back, saying that trump doesn' t react well when he' s going down in the polls. he also criticized his negative rhetoric on twitter towards other candidates. mr. cruz: it seems donald has a lot of nervous energy and for whatever reason, donald doesn' t react well when he' s going down in the polls. mr. trump: he finally went off the wagon a little bit and went a little crazy. mark: ted cruz criss-crossed new hampshire this weekend, making stops at 17 events in 10
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lisa: florida governor rick scott toured tornado damage after storms ripped through the southwest part of the state. two people were killed and dozens of homes were destroyed as an ef-2 tornado swept through manatee county. the national weather service says winds reached up to 127 miles per hour and caused destruction along a nine-mile stretch. in sarasota county, another ef-2 storm blasted through the area with winds reaching 132 miles per hour. mark: closer to home, police have identified the victim of a weekend homicide in westwood. the victim is 23-year-old kareem howell. just before 6:00 p.m. saturday, police were called to a wooded trail behind the 3100 block of bracken woods lane for report of a person down. when police arrived, they found howell with a gunshot wound. he was taken to uc medical where he died from his injuries. no arrests have been made. lisa: let' s check traffic right
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india: right now the roads are nice and clear. he was a look at 471, you can see traffic is moving along there. 65 miles per hour northbound from the 275 interchange. five minutes to get you into downtown. here is a look at the daniel carter beard bridge. traffic is still moving along. we send it over to randi rico. we have a report of a water main break. with disease impossible freezing, right -- we could see some possible freezing, right? randi: we take a look at our temperatures. we are starting out in the single digits. wilmington, 3.
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right now in loveland, it is three and feels like 4 degrees below zero. single digits and most towns coming in between five and seven degrees. you still have to battle the elements today. morning rush it will be 5. feeling like five below at lunchtime. mark: thank you. a massive festival in the greater cincinnati area is no more. lisa: why organizers of the annual st. rita' s fest have decided to end the event for good. mark: a familiar voice taking a stand for the flint michigan community. what reverend jesse jackson had
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mark: good morning and welcome
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5 degrees right now at 5:13. please dress properly. checking today' s headlines. three of the four americans released by iran in a prisoner exchange are undergoing medical evaluations and catching up on some sleep at a u.s. military hospital in germany. they arrived there last night. it' s not known how long "washington post" reporter jason rezaian, former u.s. marine amir hekmat, and pastor saeed abedini will remain in germany. lisa: school activities will return to normal this morning after police arrested a suspect who caused a three-hour lockdown at the pennsylvania state university last night. officials say he threatened to harm two students at one of the dorms. a penn state news site, "the daily collegian," says the suspect is a father who threatened to hurt his two children who go to school there. the site also says he was arrested away from the campus. mark: the reverend jesse jackson says the residents of flint, michigan, who are coping with a drinking water crisis "have been
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speaking at a flint church on sunday, he said the full effect of the lead contamination of the city' s tap water is not yet known. he says there should be tape around the city, because flint is a crime scene. the federal government is now sending aid. lisa: one of the biggest and best festivals around the greater cincinnati area is ending after nearly a century. thousands of people flocked to saint rita' s festival each year, but organizers say they couldn' t keep it going any longer. school officials say they will focus on other funding avenues to help the school. every dollar raised from st. rita fest was used to provide tuition assistance for students at the school for the deaf. here' s what the school posted on their official facebook page. "we realize that thousands of people in our community have fond memories of st. rita fest, and we feel honored to have been a part of so many people' s lives. we believe this is the right thing to do for the future of our students and sincerely hope
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cincinnati will continue to support us in other ways." the festival started in 1916. last year we' re told the festival raised nearly $200,000. mark: the handler of the once-missing wilmington k-9 karson has now helped find another local dog. the facebook page for karson posted these photos when they caught the dog. they say the mastiff named tierney got away during a swat standoff nine months ago in springboro. this weekend, karson' s handler went out to troy, ohio, with a woman who helped find karson, and 15 minutes into a stake-off, with bait chicken, tierney showed up. they got him back into their suv great story. a local group that helps provide service animals for children and veterans with disabilities is now expanding. 4 paws for ability debuted its 20,000-square-foot building along dayton avenue in xenia. the new space allows the organization to increase the size of its dog kennels, training facility, and offices.
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train and provide service dogs for children and veterans with disabilities. the organization says it can now increase the amount of dogs it trains from 100 to 150. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. randi: all right. there is no way to sugarcoat it. our temperatures are in the single digits. we do have some snow on the way. wednesday, a chance for snow during the day. it is too early to talk about friday. this morning a wind chill advisory until 1:00. it is still cold in west union and peebles and down into a winton. it is going to be pretty calm.
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michigan and northeast ohio. for us it is going to be sunny but really cold. there is no school today. right now five degrees with the wind about 10 miles per hour. that puts you in the 10 to 15 below. falmouth and wilmington are the coldest spots. dissented in, expect ties -- this afternoon, expect highs, 14, 15. 10:00 a.m., seven degrees feeling like seven below. 2:00, 11 degrees. futurecast shows aside from the cold, no big worries weather-wise.
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wednesday the snow arrives 6:00, 7:00 in the morning and then rolls out wednesday evening. , which no we' re going to get -- how much snow on wednesday, one to three inches. 15 degrees for the high today. feel like zero to five below. another system on friday. it could still change big-time because it is off the west coast. we could see some snow. we had in the jones in for kyla woods. india: the water main break is on the east side. we' re still seeing green. a slow spot on 275.
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we' re seeing mostly green conditions. a water man break. we have light road conditions. hopefully this wouldn' t cause any delays. we have an accident on the west side near keebler and grant. no possible lane blockages. this is 74 and light traffic. hoping to continue throughout the morning. lisa: thank you. the weekend box office featuring "star wars: the force awakens" for another weekend in a row. mark: but did it maintain its place at the top of the charts? lisa: millenials making many changes to the way we do things in the 21st century. and that' s true for traveling as well. the changes you can expect as you travel in 2016. mark: taking a live look outside on a very cold monday morning.
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lisa: good morning and welcome back on your monday. 5:23. five degrees. we will check your forecast just ahead.
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re going to notice some new trends taking hold. mark: and you can thank millennials for making it happen. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner tells us about some of the new trends. good morning. miriah: mark and lisa, as you can imagine, millenials have brought technology to the forefront of traveling. millennial business travelers are already credited with big changes in the hotel industry. the latest, rooms without a desk, because millennials are more likely to be working in the coffee shop or common area than their room. now, the 20- and 30-somethings are getting credit for what' s called bleisure travel, which is the business traveler who tacks on leisure travel to their trip. that means hotels are offering business travelers even more leisurely things to do. the airline industry is also taking notice, now offering, for example, seats with more plug-ins for mobile devices. and new planes coming out this year will also feature more room for laptop and tablet storage in the seats. i am always looking for the
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while millenials are driving change in the travel industry, one thing remains the same -- availability. so if you' re planning a trip this spring or summer, you better book your flight now. mark? mark: the u.s. department of transportation has released its latest list of on-time performance by u.s. airlines from last november. the on-time average for all airlines combined improved compared to november last year, but dropped slightly from the previous month of october. the airline ranked number one? hawaiian airlines, with 93.9% of flights on time. it is hawaii. rounding out the top five were delta, alaska airlines, united, and american. numbers for american airlines now include u.s. airways, which merged with american last year. the worst performance, at number 13, was frontier airlines, with a 74% on-time average. lisa: the buddy cop comedy "ride along 2" claimed top spot at the box office to repeat the original' s mlk weekend success.
5:24 am
brought in $34 million. "the revenant" held on to second place with nearly $30 million in tickets. the leonardo dicaprio biopic just earned three golden globes and 12 oscar nominations. "star wars: the force awakens" dropped from first to third, bringing in just more than $25 million. mark: wow. good stuff. randi: today is a good day to see a movie. those who are going to brave the elements, 6:00 this morning, five degrees. the feels-like temperature, negative 12. when my friends calls it a ddre readmill day. there was this picture with
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send me your training pictures. we train in all kinds of weather and we want to share the misery or excitement, depending on the day. six degrees in the morning tomorrow with daytime snow on wednesday. mark: thank you. the cold temperatures randi just talked about affecting those without a home the most this time of year. lisa: how organizations in the greater cincinnati area are making sure everyone has a warm place to stay. dan: marching in the bitter cold in honor of dr. martin luther king.
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mark: three americans are free in germany after being released by the rant and a prisoner swap. the latest on the fourth american in that trade. lisa: very, very cold this morning. how snow could be on its way to greater cincinnati. randi rico will have the latest on your forecast. mark: and today is martin luther king day. how greater cincinnati is celebrating, and how today' s chilly temps could put a damper on certain events. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning. thank you for joining us. i' m mark hayes. lisa: i' m lisa cooney. randi rico and india jones are in with the weather and traffic together. let' s start with a check on the forecast.
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that is just painful. randi: it is hard to look at these temperatures from indoors, i can imagine walking out outside this morning. bitter cold with a decent winds as well. when chills, right now it feels like 10 degrees below zero at cvg. it feels like 13 below in wilmington. most places feeling like 5 to 10 degrees low zero. we have a wind chill advisory in effect until 1:00 or most of the area. south of the 71-75 split, you guys are still really cold this moment. the worst is to the north, single digits right now for everybody but three degrees in wilmington, three degrees in batesville. the breakdown today, 8:00, 5. it feels like 12 degrees below zero. at noon, 9. it feels like five below.
5:29 am
day, in the low-to-mid teens, still feeling like right around zero. a very cold day ahead, at least the winds will die down tomorrow morning. this morning am a dealing with very cold temperatures, may take a while to heat up the car. india jones, what is the latest? india: major traffic alert is the water main break we were talking about on that you side, eastern avenue between beech mont and phyllis. 275 loop, may headed to the , not too bad. 275 near fairfield, route 4, traffic is moving along eastbound and westbound. madeira, picking up northbound closer to eye-71, but that is all we are seeing on our highways. mark: thank you. randi was just talking about it. a bitter cold start to this martin luther king jr. day. lisa: that is not going to stop local marches and celebrations in greater cincinnati,
5:30 am
freedom center with one of the largest local celebrations honoring dr. king' s legacy. dan, good morning to you. dan: good morning. certainly, bitterly cold. in 41 years, the march has never been canceled. expecting 1000 people looking to march from here the freedom center over to fountain square in the news a call. i' m joined by athea johnson. you have something' s people can do to avoid the cold and still honor dr. martin luther king. >> that is correct. 11:00 to 5:00, we are open free to the public. that means all of our permanent exhibitions and programming that we have, family-friendly activity -- crass. i favored, the dream cloud where folks can share their dreams and they will be displayed in the grand hall. those things will be going on as well as admission to a special exhibit, emancipation proclamation, 13th amendment.
5:31 am
you donate blood today. dan: it is very cold. are you encouraging people to do things to stay safe and temperatures like this? >> absolutely. frigid temperatures like this are always a bit of a hassle for anyone, especially families, though we have lots of great things going on inside where it is warm, where they can still celebrate the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr.. dan: thank you for your time. the march is set to kick off about 10:30 this morning where they will march over to fountain square where there will be a prayer service and then move on to music hall. as everyone has been saying, it is so important to bundle up. i have tears coming down my face from the sheer wind, runny nose, all of that. make sure you have your scarves, air mass, things of that nature. for now we are live at the freedom center dan griffin, wlwt , news 5. lisa: thank you. another march planned today in honor of martin luther king jr. in west chester. the route will start on the
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and participants will make their way to lakota west high school, where free lunch will be served. at 7:00 tonight, the "live the dream declaration of unity" program will begin at cornerstone church. the program will include musical performances, youth presentations, and an address by keynote speaker steve noe, president of the faith alliance. students of lakota local schools will be recognized at the event for their participation in an annual art and writing contest honoring dr. king' s message. another way local organizations will be honoring dr. king is with the day of service. the freestore foodbank will host the eighth annual power at noon, volunteers will gather at the distribution center in bond hill to prepare power packs. the packs of nutritious food will be given to grade-school students on fridays to ensure they have something to eat over the weekend. mark: the president and first lady join the country in service wlwt news 5' s miriah turner tells us how the rest of the
5:33 am
heroic civil rights leader today. miriah: good morning. a number of events are scheduled leader of the civil rights movement. last year, mr. and mrs. obama visited a boys and girls club in washington, d.c., along with daughter malia. re expected to do much of the same today. the first family helped assemble literacy kits to boost reading and writing skills for children. fbi director james comey and others will take part in a wreath-laying ceremony at the king memorial. the memorial stands on the national mall in washington, d.c. attorney general loretta lynch will speak at the national action network' s annual king day breakfast, where jennifer pinckney will receive an award on behalf of her late husband, pastor clementa pinckney. he was one of nine people killed in a shooting at the emanuel a.m.e. church in charleston, south carolina. lisa: thank you. three americans released from iran are now at a u.s. base in germany this morning.
5:34 am
men on board. u.s. officials say a fourth t on the flight. iran released the men in exchange for seven iranians who violated u.s. sanctions. the president praised the swap. >> their cases were largely unknown to the world, but when americans are freed and reunited with their families, that' s something that we can all celebrate. lisa: the americans are expected to receive a medical check in germany, and they' ll have a chance to reunite with their families. a american opted to stay in iran fourth after his release. mark: we now know the name of the american, killed in the attack in burkina faso' s capital. al-qaeda militants targeted a hotel and a cafe popular with westerners. they killed 28 people and injured dozens more. the american victim was mike riddering. he and his wife were missionaries for a st. louis-based organization, sheltering wings. he leaves behind four children. the first picture this morning of a crew chief among the missing u.s. marines in hawaii.
5:35 am
schoeller is one of 12-service members who vanished on thursday. they were flying in two helicopters that apparently collided and crashed into the ocean. schoeller' s family says some of those pictures are from his wedding on independence day last year. the family also says they' re still praying and hoping to see him come back home. an extensive search is under way for all missing marines. lisa: in mt. healthy, they are searching for a bold thief. the suspect is accused of hopping into a gas station >> car and running over the clerk as he made his getaway. police say the store clerk was warming up his car saturday morning at the speedway on hamilton avenue. when he looked up, he noticed a man sitting in his car. when the clerk confronted the man, police say the suspect fled and ran the victim over, police say they are still searching for the clerk' s vehicle, a silver 2004 chevrolet malibu with the license plate number dsm 6236.
5:36 am
if you see the car, call police. reaching out to help the mark:reaching out to help the thousands of homeless men and women in cincinnati to help get them out of the cold. according to the greater cincinnati homeless coalition, approximately 25,000 people in the tri-state experience homelessness each year. many of them women and children. in these winter conditions, the cold can become deadly. just under 100 clients were served at the emergency shelter of northern kentucky sunday -- saturday night. in over-the-rhine, prince of peace church serves as an emergency cold shelter and offers resources for permanent help to the homeless. the drop inn center is also open for those looking for shelter. time now to check in with randi and get details on this chill. when might it warm up? randi: is may ok? today tomorrow, on the cold side. you can see we are not the only ones in cincinnati dealing with the cold, it is not quite as bad in kentucky, but dayton feels
5:37 am
fort wayne, pushing below 20, along with chicago. 10:00 temperatures all across the region still going to be in the signal digits and still looking at it feels like temperature of about 10 degrees below zero. here' s the breakdown, freezing cold for mlk day. your wind chill at 10:00 a.m., near 10 below. at noon, about five degrees below zero. temperatures are out the morning and all of those activities downtown will be in the single digits. lisa: thank you. some bengals fans feeling a little vindication this morning. lisa: how the broncos knocked the steelers out of the playoffs. a very chilly monday morning.
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spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free everybody put your flaps in the air for me lisa: we were talking about how nice maria looks. and randi, no wearing randio by rico. randi: i tossed her all of my maternity wear. expect more repeater outputs that may look familiar from the last four years on maria over the coming weeks. pylon as many close as you can because it is going to be cold. notice this morning, in the single digits. midteens. staying cold. morning.
5:40 am
so far, just shy of five inches of total snowfall. normally by this point, at almost nine inches. we have two shots at accumulating snow this week, one more certain than other so i will take a look at those once the cold air moves out, coming up in a couple of minutes. mark: thank you. no doubt, many in who-dey nation enjoyed sunday watching the steelers fall in denver. of course, pittsburgh was playing the broncos after beating the bengals in a heated game. to say the least. turns out, bengals fans were not alone rooting for denver. lisa: some of the bengals players were pulling for the broncos. miriah: clearly, the sting of that loss has not worn off for some of our guys. after the steelers went down on sunday, the players were tweeting up a storm. cornerback dre kirkpatrick said, "what goes around comes around." wide receiver mohamad sanu tweeted his mood, and from the looks of the smiley faces, that steelers loss put him in a great mood. safety george iloka said he has his closure now, and linebacker
5:41 am
sleep in peace. great tweets there. mark: like storytime. miriah: it is easy to broncos fan, just at a little good to go. mark: thank you. bowl, and there are some familiar names playing for the afc championship. once again, peyton manning will be taking on tom brady. manning led the broncos past the pittsburgh steelers on sunday, and this was the turning point -- fitzgerald toussaint coughed it up and denver recovered. the broncos got the ball and took the lead for good. denver gets it done 23-to-16. now peyton manning gets another crack at tom brady. kickoff is set for 3:05 on sunday at mile high stadium. lisa: earlier on sunday, the carolina panthers kept rolling to setup the nfc championship with the arizona cardinals. it looked like the panthers were going to cruise past seattle,
5:42 am
but the seahawks ended up making it close. carolina hung on to win 31-24. now carson palmer and the arizona cardinals will face the panthers with a chance to make it to the super bowl. kickoff for this one is set for 6:40 on sunday. mark: dozens of artists from across the city showed off their work at rhinegeist brewery this weekend. the brewery hosts art on vine every month. the show is aimed at helping local artists reach new audiences. more than 70 artists brought their work to the event, with everything from paintings to t-shirts and beer koozies. art on vine also donates part of its proceeds each month to a local non-profit. >> we started in a parking lot, benefiting otr community housing. ve benefited it' s gone from eight personnel i think the main thing, like i ve been working so hard to really get the people out. and all we can really do is s this city that comes , out and shows its support every single month. and i mean, we' re so glad to be here.
5:43 am
set for february 21. market on your calendar. lisa: let' s check traffic. india: we are still seeing green on the big map, which is good news. taking a look at the travel times, 24 minutes from the ronald reagan down to cvg. 18 minutes on 71 -- 74 from the indiana state line. 18 minutes on 71-75 from the split in the downtown. here is a look at the cut-in-the-hill. you can see with the headlights headed toward us, that is the southbound side. heavy, but very light on the northbound side. usually, we will see that flip-flop around the 6:00 hour, so we will keep an eye on that. randi rico, frigid temperatures, any flurries? randi: a couple of flurries here and there, and two shots later on this week. first, the bitter cold. your feels like temperatures this morning, as cold as 10 to
5:44 am
have a couple of shots of snow later this week. actual air temperatures throughout the day, 5 this morning, only 15 this afternoon. what you' re looking at as far as wind chill, cincinnati to the north, your coldest wind chill will be about 10 to 15 degrees below zero. once you head south of the river through some of the eastern communities, about negative five -10 for your feels like temperature. extreme southeastern temperatures, feeling like zero to about finding degrees below zero. everybody, though, really cold, siegel digits all across the region. 3 wilmington and batesville. that is the cold spots. 8 in bebe appears to be the warmest. 5 at cvg. with the wind, it feels like 10 below. it will. be a quick tap out of the cellar, we will stay cold all day long. windchill advisory in effect until 1:00 this afternoon. let'
5:45 am
we do have mostly dry conditions, a couple of random flurries this morning but that is about it. expect a good bit of sunshine. at 8:00 a.m., 5, feeling like 10 to 15 below. at noon, 9 . the warmest part of the afternoon, we will make it to the teens, but feels like to venture still hanging out around zero. futurecast will show today a mostly sunny sky, clouding tonight. tomorrow morning, temperatures will be close to where we are right now as kids head off to the bus stop at the wind will be much lighter. we should not be in the wind advisory category tomorrow morning. you still want to make sure the kids are warm of the bus stop. wednesday, here comes a burst of snow, and a time snow. if you' re out early in the morning getting the work or school, he should be ok. in the middle of the day, here comes the snow. could pick up in a georgina before groups out quickly by wednesday evening.
5:46 am
double before it moves out quickly wednesday evening. tonight, dropping down to 6, feeling like zero to five below zero. tomorrow, 22 degrees is where we will end up in the afternoon. inch or two hospital wednesday, thursday we' re at 35. the system on friday, here' s the deal. it is well off the pacific coast. right now we' re on the northern fringes of the system. if it shifts 50 miles south, it is a total nonfactor. if it is to go north, we can still get snow. too early to get panicked or excited, but we' re keeping an eye on the possible system for friday into the weekend with temperatures topping out in the 30' s. mark: thank you. and we continue, a father finds a creative way to respond to his son' s request for an advance on his allowance. lisa: what this document has to
5:47 am
mark: giving pizza rat a run for its money. chine down on a little greek treat. that story much more when we continue. lisa: it doesn' t get any better than that. 50 -- hope it is a great start it is martin luther king junior day. lots find out more about it on here in vineland, home of we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time.
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mark: good morning and welcome back, 5:53. celebrating dr. martin luther king jr. at the newseum. it will kick off its dream event at 10:00 at the rotunda since forming into what the center is calling a bustling african marketplace post-up humidity groups will present performances including traditional african dance, poetry readings, traditional storytelling as well as music. should be a great morning. lisa: we are checking some stories training this morning. arco -- mark: a world record 270 dogs and their owners took part in the largest ever dog yoga session in hong kong this weekend. led by doga teacher suzette ackerman, the participants massaged, twisted, and stretched their furry friends in a series of poses. in the fast-paced city, yoga enthusiasts got a chance to relax and bond with their pets. all proceeds from the hong kong event are going to the hong kong guide dog association. lisa: a south dakota bride made her service dog part of her big
5:51 am
viral. bella the lab has been working with valerie for two years, to manage her migraines and panic disorder. the photographer says she just wanted valerie to see the sweet moments with her service dog. but now, val is excited to have a larger platform to talk about how service animals can help. mark: remember the pizza rat in new york last year? well, these may be his greek cousins. say hello to the pita rats. just a little story to help you enjoy your breakfast. somebody dropped a piece of pita bread in new york' s herald square subway station. these couple of rats struggled to drag it up the stairs. the rats manage to get it up a couple of steps, and they take a break but they take plenty of , breaks to play with the pita. lisa: a st. louis dad decided to go the corporate route when his son asked for an advance on his allowance. the son' s request for $20 was met with this denial letter from
5:52 am
complete with the institution' s letterhead and slogan because, "apparently i look like i' m made of money." the denial cited the son' s insufficient funds and a history of not doing chores. but the letter says he can appeal to the complaint department, which would be his mother. mark: which would be the lioness because the lion is the data according to the logo. mark: the young man is getting a lesson -- lisa: at least each right. no. mark: you have to ask. trying to stick the landing. rocket back to earth. mark: and the message from the democratic candidates with the iowa caucuses less than two weeks away. randi: it is bitter cold, single-digit temperatures, only making it up to 15. people are already concerned
5:53 am
it will be around 60 degrees tuesday morning as they wait for the bus stop. -- it will only be about 6 degrees tomorrow morning as they wait for the bus. i will break down what we can
5:54 am
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lisa: keeping the dream alive. the celebrations marching on
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the latest on the race for the
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