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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  January 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the latest on the race for the night' s debate. shot and killed. the latest on the investigation just north of columbus. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: a live look through city cam, very, very cold outside. 6 degrees currently on your monday morning. 6:00 good morning, i' m lisa mark: and i' m mark hayes. be sure to bundle up. re inside just listening to the forecast, your shiver list of i found myself in two blankets yesterday trying to watch the game, begging for my wife to turn up the heat. randi: and yesterday was mild compared to today. mark: oh, gosh. randi: it is not a joke when we say no exposed skin. no streaking, honestly.
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randi: actual temperatures in the single digits. 3 in wilmington, 6 closer to downtown. everybody has single digits in the windchill, what it feels like to exposed skin when the wind blows, and advisory until 1:00 for most of our area. adams county in extreme southern tier communities, still cold for you guys, but you are not hitting the criteria which is 10 to 15 degrees below zero with a feels like temperature. any towns at cvg, tend ability -- 10 degrees below, wilmington feels like 12 below. most places feeling like between 5 and 15 below zero to start the morning. what you can expect for this mlk holiday, a huge march downtown, bundle up, bundle up, bundle up. don' t try to look cute, you need to wear as many layers as you can.
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be 9, feeling like 5 below. the warmest hours of the afternoon, we will make it up to the teens but it will feel like a very cold start. there' s a water main break. crews are battling that with equal to pitchers. india: it is on eastern avenue between phyllis ann beech mont, so keep that in mind. your interstate, not too bad. 71 at red bank, traffic is southbound. 71-75 at 275, we are picking up on the southbound side. northbound looks good. 75 at mitchell, some overnight construction in the area and you can see as of right now, all lanes are open. if you' re headed in that area, you should get your destination on time. we will have another check lisa: thank you. "i have a dream." those words are remembered every day, but especially today, honoring the man who spoke them more than 50 years ago. mark: wlwt news 5' s dan griffin
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the city' s biggest martin luther king jr. day events today. dan? dan: good morning to you. about 1000 people are expected to gather here at the freedom center and march over to fountain square and then to music hall. this is the 41st year for this event. in 41 years, it is never been canceled because of bitterly cold temperatures or any other reason, for that matter. is your, people will be up against the bitterly cold temperatures. the theme of this year' s march is to highlight racial justice and equality. equality is something that dr. king very much wanted and spoke for people here want to honor that. while do not come organizers say it is important you are very, very -- paying attention to what you are wearing and very, very prepared for the cold. >> if folks want to come and
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the weather really is a serious thing. dan: i' ve been talking to my photographer and he needs to stay warm will stop i forgot my earmuffs. that is something to keep in mind, earmuffs, scarves, hats. that walk is expected to kick off at 10: 30 this morning. there will be many things going and mark: thank you. across the river, another march in the cold later today, the northern kentucky interdenominational ministerial alliance is organizing this one. they get started at 5:00 at mlk boulevard and jillian' s covington. the march will end of the life learning center where there will of dr. king. lisa: also celebrating martin luther king jr. today at the cincinnati museum center.
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morning. the rotunda will tranform into what the center is calling a bustling african marketplace. community groups will present performances including traditional african dances, poetry readings, traditional storytelling and music. participants will also have the opportunity to create their own quilting square, find their rhythm as they beat the drum, and speak with local members of the tuskegee airmen, america' s all-african-american world war ii fighter squadron. all activities are free. mark: in washington, the president of first lead will join millions in service. and girls club in washington, molly out. the first family helped leaders the kids -- literacy kits. there will be a wreath laying ceremony at taking memorial. james comey will be on hand along with other leaders. one more note about today,
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pickup schedule for trash, recycling, and yard waste because of the holiday. collection will be delayed by you live in the city limits. lisa: the first democratic debate of 2016 is in the books. last democratic debate before the voting starts in iowa less wlwt news five' s miriah turner s debate from the live alert desk. miriah: the three candidates took the stage in charleston, south carolina, last night. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o' malley appeared just blocks from the site of the deadly mass shooting at emanuel a.m.e. church. the debate focused on two big issues, health care and gun control. former governor of maryland martin o' malley called the issue of gun control "personal." vermont senator bernie sanders spoke about his "medicare for all" plan, while former secretary of state hillary clinton noted her support for obamacare. the two front-runners argued over sanders' flip-flops on
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>> well, i think secretary clinton knows what she says is disingenuous. i have a d- voting record from nra. >> i am pleased to hear that senator sanders has reversed his position on immunity, and i look forward to him joining those members of congress who have already introduced legislation. miriah: candidates also discussed police brutality, campaign finance reform, and regulating wall street. now we wait for the iowa caucus to learn which candidate impressed voters most. that takes place on february 1. from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner. lisa: donald trump and ted cruz locked in a tight race ahead of the iowa caucus. and with time running out there, both candidates are increasing attacks. trump is now questioning a loan that ted cruz took out from goldman sachs during his 2012 senate run. trump says he failed to disclose in federal campaign finance documents. cruz shot back, saying that trump doesn' t react well when he'
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he also criticized his negative rhetoric on twitter towards other candidates. >> it seems donald has a lot of nervous energy and for whatever reason, donald doesn' t react well when he' s going down in the polls. >> he finally went off the wagon a little bit and went a little crazy. lisa: ted cruz criss-crossed new hampshire this weekend, making stops at 17 events in 10 counties. mark: a developing story, two people in custody after an ohio police officer was shot and killed outside columbus. according to the colonists nbc affiliate, a dental police officer was shot and killed around midnight. the suspect drove off with the officer' s cruiser. a man and woman were taken into custody a short time later. police have not said what charges they are facing. this ago police have identified a victim of a weekend homicide in westwood. the victim is 23-year-old kareem howell. just before 6:00 p.m. saturday, police were called to a wooded trail behind the 3100 block of
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a person down. when police arrived, they found howell with a gunshot wound. he was taken to uc medical center where he died from his injuries. no arrests have been made. mark: a man is expected in court later today after leading police on a chase on 74. police say jason fall skipped out on bond. police and bondsman started chasing him at compton in colerain township was of dispatchers say he took a loop under 275 and got on 74 before police stopped them near were the chairs -- chase began. lisa: an explosion on the landing pad. mark: what went wrong with this rockets returned to earth. lisa: tracy morgan keeps making progress. his new project after he was seriously hurt in a devastating crash. mark: a live look outside free this morning, a bitter cold 6 degrees this morning. it just looks cold outside.
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warmer. some of the coldest temperatures are to the north, caught his phil, 1 bolo, feeling like 15 below. lebanon, feels like 11 below. milford feels like 6 degrees below zero. actual air temperatures across the region, down into the siegel digits. for those who do not have the day off, this is what you' re containing what, 5 at morning rush, feeling like 10 below. at noon, 9, feeling like 5 below. for the drive home, feels like a good fat zero. a couple of chances of snow as
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mark: good morning, as we take a
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morning, 6 degrees if you' re headed out to the king day celebrations. bundle up. limit your exposure it possible. it will be bitterly cold all morning long. randi: -- randi says we have a wind chill advisory. india: we have the water main break between phyllis ann beech mont. keep that in mind what the cold temperatures, you may see some freezing water on the roads. 471, not doing too bad. very light. the big map not doing too bad, light, which is good, all green. miles per hour. into downtown. we are still seeing a light commute time. outside, still seeing great conditions. i will let you know about this
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maybe some possible construction overnight. lisa: thank you. mark: in today' s top stories three of the four americans , released by iran in a prisoner exchange are undergoing medical evaluations in germany. it is not known how long they will remain in germany. two other americans were also released. lisa: school activities will return to normal this morning after police arrested a suspect who caused a three-hour lockdown at the pennsylvania state university last night. officials say he threatened to harm two students at one of the dorms. a penn state news site, "the daily collegian," says the suspect is a father who threatened to hurt his two children who go to school there. the site also says he was arrested away from the campus. mark: the reverend jesse jackson says the residents of flint, michigan, who are coping with a drinking water crisis "have been betrayed." speaking at a flint church sunday, he said the full effect of the lead contamination of the city' s tap water is not yet known. he says there should be tape around the city, because flint is a crime scene.
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david bowie' s final album is hitting the charts in a big way. "blackstar" has debuted at number-one on billboard' s top 200 album chart. the album sold 181,000 units in its first week of release, earning the singer his first-ever number one album in the u.s. news of bowie' s death also fueled sales of his previous material, as nine albums from his catalog debuted on or re-entered the album chart. lisa: comedian tracy morgan is set to star in a new tv show on fx. entertainment weekly says morgan will play a criminal released from prison after 15 years hoping to blend into society. ,morgan has slowly resurfaced in the public eye since a 2014 crash that left him seriously injured and killed a close friend. he appeared at the emmys last year and also hosted saturday night live. mark: ps, long way. amazing. training today, --
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, space-x rocket that successfully launched a satellite into orbit. miriah: after launching the ocean-monitoring satellite the jason three, things went downhill when the rocket attempted its secondary goal to land upright on the platform in the pacific. the rocket hit the platform too hard and broke a landing leg. look at that video. that is what -- elon musk wrote the root cause of the failed landing may have been ice build up caused by heavy fog during lift off. this was the fourth such failure for the company. spacex wants to be able to use its rockets so it can cut the cost of its space flights. that is just difficult watching that. frustrating. lisa: a lot of money. miriah: and they are trying, you know? mark: let' s check in with randi rico to see what is happening outside. randi: the big headline today,
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looking of the cold air today and tomorrow, snow is possible on wednesday. a lot of height on social media already about friday' s storm. we will tell you why that is not a huge issue just yet in a couple of seconds. windchill advisory in effect until 1:00 this afternoon. not as quite as bad across the southern communities where it feels like zero to five below. when you take a look at the wind chills across the area, you' ll see right now starting out with mostly cloudy skies, lake effect snow coming off michigan. that is not headed in our direction today. we have seen a couple of light flurries. here' s the breakdown. right now the temperature about five degrees or so. the wind is around 10 miles lower, so it feels like 12 below zero to 80 sort of exposed skin outside. temperature wise, as cold as 3 for wilmington, batesville, as warm as 8 in bebe.
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i 5:00 this afternoon, only in the mid teens. 14 to 15 for the high for many towns. it still feels like zero. whenever you head out today, cold air, 10:00 a.m. for the march downtown, it will be 7 but feel like -7. tonight, feeling like zero. generally, sunny skies this afternoon. cloudy tonight. the wind dies down this evening. for tomorrow morning, if you' re concerned about the kids heading out to the bus stop, yes, it will be called, still single digits, but the wind will not be quite as strong. looking at a feels like temperature somewhere between zero and five hello. still cold enough you need to make sure the kids stay warm at the bus stop. tomorrow evening, clouds start to roll in as we expect some snow on winds they. arriving as early as 6:00 to 8:00 in the morning, getting some acute relation through the
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could pick up one or two, maybe three inches out of that system on wednesday. that one is rolling in our direction definitely. the one on the way on friday, still up in the air by right now, wednesday, one, maybe three inches of snow if i had to look in my crystal ball. today, 15, feeling like zero to 15 below zero. tonight, dipping down the 6, clear, cold, feeling like zero to 5 below. wednesday, one to three inches of snow. thursday, 35. friday, a system will be hitting the east coast. it is too early to tell what that holds for us because the system is still off the west coast. a lot of real estate to cover. we are on the fringes of it. if it shifts to the south, a total nonfactor for us. to the north? talking about snowfall for friday. right now, concentrate on keeping warm today and dylan with a couple of inches of snow on wednesday. lisa: thank you. a scandal brewing in the tennis world.
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mark: and frustration boils over.
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lisa: good morning and welcome back. 6 to greece on your monday. a live look at part of the morning commute.
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along port washington way. a lot going on with martin luther king jr. day. let' s check traffic. good morning, india jones. india: still dealing with a water main break on the east side at eastern avenue between phyllis ann beech mont avenue. the bitmap not doing too bad. i want to show you some speeds in your area. along 275 and 71, 64 miles per hour. 75 near mitchell, 55 miles per hour. keep in mind that is a construction zone so we are down to 45 miles per hour in this activity. of your called in that wanted to know what 74 looks like coming from chevy at. 64 miles per hour, so not too bad. he that in mind we are seeing slower traffic closer to 75 and 55 miles per hour on 71-75. here' s a look at kyles lane, moderate volume on the north and southbound side. mark: thank you. frustration gets the best of oregon state' s jarmal reid.
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t get the call, it looks like he tripped the ref. that move earned reid a technical foul and he was ejected from the game. oregon state' s head coach said he is going to look into the circumstances surrounding the play. now you have seen it, lisa. it certainly looked like he stuck his leg out. lisa: i just told marc a little while ago, of course i didn' t reading about it and hearing it, but this is the first time i have seen it. mark: yeah, i don' t know if he was trying to move the towel off the sideline or trying to trip the reverie. -- the referee. lisa: how is the coach going to spin that, look at it a little more? mark: a new report is uncovering evidence of match-fixing in pro tennis. lisa: this is coming from the bbc which teamed up with buzz-feed. the report is called the tennis racket, and it claims some of the best players in the world
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the investigation looks at several years of matches and found a pattern of highly suspicious bets with certain players. many of these bets were linked to russian and italian gambling syndicates. the report does not name specific players because the investigation could not gather definitive evidence without protected information like bank records. mark: i don' t think anyone is going to be turning those over anytime soon. i' m just saying. this ago catch you, though, "the tennis racket"." mark: and it was russian and italian -- lisa: syndicates. big stuff right there. mark: serious stuff, i don' t want to comment on that. lisa: you better not. randi: let' s talk about running. training for the pig. you know you get started in
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take a selfie like mike did. he has a little ice on his beard after running last week. same jobless morning. today my be a treadmill day -- same deal this morning. today may be a treadmill day. this afternoon, 13 degrees, feeling like zero heading into the ceiling. if you train for the flying puig -- pig, send your picture so we can share and the joy that is training together when it is zero degrees outside. 15 for the high today, 6 tonight, 22 tomorrow. on wednesday, a burst of daytime snow, could get a couple of inches. keeping and i on the system friday which may hit or miss us. it is still too early. mark: three games left before football season ends. the latest on the road to super bowl 50 coming up.
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lisa: frigid temperatures as you walk out the door today. meteorologist randi rico has the latest on the forecast. mark: and how the brisk temperatures could affect today' s martin luther king day events. with many outdoor marches set to go on as planned. lisa: one step closer to the super bowl.
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the conference championships. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: a live look outside free you on your monday morning. we are inside looking out because it is 6 degrees right now, feels much colder with the windchill. mark: good morning, mark hayes. it feels a lot warmer to me because the steelers are out. just saying. it warms me up inside. you. randi: let' talking about the cold. we can' t. it hits you as soon as you head out the door. this is not the day to forget your gloves or had or scarf because if you' re outside for to be cold. temperatures right now in a
6:29 am
connorsville. 5 in florence. we have a wind chill advisory for most, but not all of the area. the criteria that be advisory, 10 to 15 degrees below zero wind chill. not quite there through adams county and extreme southern communities. still looking at 5 below zero is what it feels like. it continues until 1:00 which means this is not just an issue for you this morning, it will be an issue during the mlk marches around 10:00 this morning and into the early afternoon. currently, feels like 9 below zero at cvg, 10 below near lunken airport, 12 below zero right now in wilmington. the planar today, at 8:00 a.m., around 5, feeling like 12 below. at noon, 9, feeling like negative 5. at 4:00, in the low-to-mid teens him a feels like zero outside.
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tomorrow morning, it will be just as cold, single digits, but t be as bad. we will take a look at when snow minutes. first, let' s talk about the roads and potentially icy ones with a water main break. india: the water main break is on the east side of eastern avenue between beech mont and phyllis. looking at butler county, traffic starting to pick up. northbound side, you can see heavy also in the southbound center. 74 at harrison, maybe getting closer to was summoned, 74, things are looking good. this is westbound. traffic is just moving along. looking at the lower deck of the brent spence bridge, picking up northbound. you can see those cars heading into downtown, so just give yourself a couple of extra minutes on 71-75. that is the heaviest volume. mark: randi was just talking about the bitter cold start to
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lisa: that is not going to stop local marches and celebrations in greater cincinnati, dan griffin is live outside the freedom center with one of the largest local celebrations honoring dr. king' s legacy. dan: good morning. they will sit we have to be determined to walk through this, the wind has really picked up and it is getting cooler here in cincinnati as people get ramped up to honor dr. martin luther king. about people are expected to 1000 to march. i' m standing here with althea johnson. >> families, especially in these inside. we are open free to the public full of amazing family from the activities they can participate in. m looking forward to hearing the kids thought i was a looking forward towards the future. our permanent exhibitions and our special exhibitions with five dollars admission for all
6:32 am
and if you donate blood today with hoxworth, you get these for free. dan: annual have coffee? -- and you will have coffee? >> coffee, even sunny d for the little ones. dan: the march set to kick off about 10:30 or so from here over to fountain square then on to music call. certainly, an exciting day for people to celebrate his legacy, dr. martin luther king, and you know what? people are determined to do it in the cold. live at the freedom center, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. mark: thank you. another march planned today in honor of martin luther king jr. in west chester. the route will start on the square at union centre at noon and participants will make their , way to lakota west high school where free lunch will be served. at 7:00 tonight, the "live the dream declaration of unity" program will begin at
6:33 am
the program will include musical performances, youth presentations, and an address by keynote speaker steve noe, president of the faith alliance. students of lakota local schools will be recognized at the event for their participation in an honoring dr. king' s message. lisa: another way local organizations will be honoring dr. king is with the day of service. the freestore foodbank will host the eighth annual power pack-a-thon today. at noon, volunteers will gather at the distribution center in bond hill to prepare power packs. the packs of nutritious food will be given to grade-school students on fridays to ensure they have something to eat over the weekend. the president and first lady join the country in service this martin luther king jr. day. mark: wlwt news 5' s miriah turner tells us how the rest of the nation will be celebrating the civil rights leader today. miriah: lisa and mark, a number of events are scheduled across the country to honor the leader
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last year, mr. and mrs. obama washington, d.c., along with daughter malia. and they' re expected to do much of the same today. the first family helped assemble literacy kits to boost reading fbi director james comey and others will take part in a wreath-laying ceremony at the the memorial stands on the national mall in washington, d.c. attorney general loretta lynch action network' s annual king day breakfast, where jennifer pinckney will receive an award on behalf of her late husband, pastor clementa pinckney. he was one of nine people killed in a shooting at the emanuel a.m.e. church in charleston, south carolina. lisa: developing international news, a group of americans expected to get medical checkups and germany after they were released from prison in iran. five americans were released as part of a prisoner exchange after the u.s. lifted sanctions on iran for complying with parts
6:35 am
at least one of the americans decided to stay in a ran after his release. the president was positive about the deal, but says sanctions against iran remain in place for violations of human rights, supported terrorism, and its ballistic missile programs. >> as i' ve said many times, the nuclear deal was never to resolve all of our differences with iran, but still, engaging directly with the iranian government on a sustained basis for the first time in decades has created a unique opportunity. germany and expected to be reunited with their families. investigating a series of bomb threats. all four are made within hours of each other saturday night. you threat mention a walmart, circle k gas station, can city hall and a target store. investigators say police did not find any explosive devices at any of the four locations. according to police, the calls may have been routed through a
6:36 am
being tracked. lisa: the handler of a once missing wilmington k-9 is now the facebook for carson posted these pictures when they caught the dog base a the mastiff got months ago in springboro. s handler went out to detroit, ohio with a woman who helped find carson. 15 minutes into their state -- stakeout bait chicken, the dog showed up. they got him back into an suv and drove him back to his owner. mark: two games away from the super bowl, familiar names playing for the afc championship. peyton manning taking on mr. tom brady. manning led the broncos pass the pittsburgh steelers on sunday and this was the turning point, fitzgerald coughs it up in denver recovers. the broncos got the ball and
6:37 am
denver gets it done 23-to-16. now peyton manning gets another crack at tom brady. kickoff is set for 3:05 on sunday at mile high. lisa: earlier on sunday, the carolina panthers kept rolling to setup the nfc championship with the arizona cardinals. it looked like the panthers were going to cruise past seattle, up 31-nothing at half time, but the seahawks ended up making it close. carolina hung on to win 31-24. now carson palmer and the cardinals will face the panthers with a chance to make it to the super bowl. kickoff for this one is set for 6:40 on sunday. mark: randi, are we wrong to cheer for the broncos? randi: it' s ok. i know many current bengals will be totally fine with you cheering for the broncos. we take a look at the weatherbug network.
6:38 am
signal digits. notice the feels like temperatures, anytime you get a 15 degrees below zero. 10:00 this morning is when you for the martin luther king walk. that does that factor in the winds. with the 10 mile per, it is going to feel like 10 degrees below zero at 10:00 a.m. and at noon, still feeling like around 5 below zero. single-digit actual temperatures but don' t try to look cute for the march, bundle up as much as possible, hat, gloves, scarves to keep warm. you don' t want any exposed skin. lisa: thank you. we will talk more about the broncos win because a few bengals players were celebrating big-time on sunday. watching the steelers fall. mark: the party is over after nearly a century of difficult
6:39 am
lisa: outside live on your
6:40 am
6 de mark: to be seem center celebrating dr. martin luther king, junior today. you can check out to celebrate the dream event at 10:00 this morning post up several events including poetry reading and music and this is all free and open to the public. this ago one of the biggest and
6:41 am
cincinnati is ending after nearly a century. thousands of people would attend the saint rita' s festival but organizers say they could not keep it going any longer. school officials say they will focus on other funding avenues to help the school. every dollar raised from st. rita fest was used to provide tuition assistance for students at the school for the deaf. here' s what the school posted on their official facebook page. "we realize that thousands of people in our community have fond memories of st. rita fest, and we feel honored to have been a part of so many people' s lives. we believe this is the right thing to do for the future of our students and sincerely hope that the people of greater cincinnati will continue to support us in other ways." the festival started in 1916. last year we' re told the festival raised nearly $200,000. mark: dozens of artists from across the city showed off their work at rhinegeist brewery this weekend. the brewery hosts art on vine every month. the show is aimed at helping local artists reach new audiences. more than 70 artists brought their work to the event, with
6:42 am
t-shirts and beer koozies. art on vine also donates part of its proceeds each month to a local non-profit. >> we started in a parking lot, benefiting otr community housing. in three years, we' ve benefited over 15 non-profits. it' s gone from eight personnel to over 70 vendors a month. i think the main thing, like i said, we' ve been working so hard and all we can really do is s this city that comes out and shows its support every single month. and i mean, we' re so glad to be here. mark: the next art on vine is set for february 21. lisa: he may be wearing black and gold these days, but former u.c. bearcat josh harrison is back in cincinnati helping local athletes prepare for baseball season. the pirates infielder is working with his brother to put on the harrison brothers camp in columbia township. the harrisons work with baseball players as young as seven and they are teaching the fundamentals of the game.
6:43 am
ourselves because we don' t keep it simple. and a lot of things that i learn from my brother when i was coming through high school, things that the was doing in pro ball, i could apply to my life in high school and college. lisa: the harrison brothers camp continues today from 9:00 until 2:00. mark: no doubt many in who-dey nation enjoyed sunday watching the steelers fall in denver. of course, pittsburgh was playing the broncos after beating the bengals in a heated game. it is still being talked about. turns out, bengals fans were not alone rooting for denver. lisa: how many emojis did we see pulling for the broncos? miriah: i loved that they showed their happy emotions. clearly, the sting of that loss has not worn off for some of our guys. after the steelers went down on sunday, the players were tweeting up a storm. cornerback dre kirkpatrick said, "what goes around comes around." wide receiver mohamad sanu
6:44 am
looks of the smiley faces, that steelers loss put him in a great mood. safety george iloka said he has his closure now, and linebacker rey maulauga says he can finally sleep in peace. mark: wow. lisa: that' s a lot. mark: watching the pregame show, they talked about his affect on the steelers. antonio brown. bell, he is been a pittsburgh wrecker and some of those hits were clean. lisa: some of them were. mark: some of them were, just saying. lisa: what is up? randi: it was a good day to stay inside and watch football. today, and even better day to stay inside if you can. bitter cold is the story of the day. your feels like temperatures this morning, somewhere between 10 and 15 degrees below zero.
6:45 am
as 5, as warm as 15 in the middle of the day. we have a couple of shots at snow later on this week. starting out with the immediate problem, the windchill. it will feel like tuna 15 degrees below zero cincinnati and north. just south of the river through some of the eastern communities, average windchill today, five to 10 degrees below zero. extreme southern communities feeling like 02 about 5 below. it is called everywhere. single-digit temperatures right now, has called us 3 for wilmington and batesville. 7 at cvg and the warm spot looks to be bebe at 8. 7 right now but with the 12 mile per hour wind, feels like nine degrees below zero at cvg and that is pretty average for our area. windchill advisory in effect for most of us until 1:00 this afternoon. not one of those deals where it is just called this morning and will get better in the afternoon, you' re still going to have a windchill around zero even in the warmest hours of the day. this morning, a few clouds and
6:46 am
8:00, five and. at noon, 9. still feels like i below. through the afternoon, good bit of sunshine. we will make it to the teens but it will feel like zero. showing clouds this evening and tomorrow morning we should start out in the single digits with the letter went. windchill factor, zero to five been below tomorrow. just a step better from where we are this morning. we should not see the advisories for tomorrow. heading into wednesday morning, here comes some snow. you can expect a burst of snow through wednesday and this could drop one to three inches, gone by the evening commute. wednesday. today, 15 degrees, windy and cold, feeling like zero on the warm side, -15 this morning. 22 tomorrow. one to three inches of snow on day. a break on thursday and then on friday, another system making its way toward the east coast. the catch, it is not even on the
6:47 am
s a lot of variances with what we will see out of the system. right now, still a tossup. just be patient and wait a couple of more days until we get a better look at the forecast for friday. india jones, what is going on? india: we have reports of another water main break, this on smith road at floral, so keep that in mind. dealing with the water main break on eastern avenue between phyllis and beachfront. here' s a look at your travel times before heading out the door -- very light traffic northbound and southbound. lisa: developing news this morning, an ohio police officer gunned down.
6:48 am
suspect in a deadly shooting [ scanner beeping ] sir, could you step aside? "sir"? come on. you know who i am. progressive insurance?
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did you pack your own bags? oh! right -- the name your price tool. it shows people policy options to help fit their budget. [ scanner warbling ] crazy that a big shot like me would pack his own bags, right? [ chuckles ] so, do i have the right to remain handsome? [ chuckles ] wait.
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(vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. lisa: welcome back. checking our top stories, local marches are going on as scheduled for martin luther king junior day. mark: the bitter cold is not stopping the celebrations wlwt
6:51 am
the march has never been cancelled in cincinnati in it' s now 41 years. it will be cold outside as an expected 1000 people line up to march. dan griffin has more details. dan: expecting about 1000 people or so to come here. about 10:30, they will leave here at the freedom center and head over to fountain square. they will go for a prayer service and then head over to music call. also at the freedom center, indoor activities. coffee, things of that nature, teaching all about dr. martin at the king' s legacy and what it means for upcoming generations and those of us here now. obviously, this is something that celebrate it for 41 years. it is never been canceled. the one thing they are stressing is to make sure you are bundled up and you have scarves, hats, things of that nature because the temperatures today are expected to be bitterly cold. live at the freedom center, dan griffin, wlwt. mark: in washington, the president and first lady will
6:52 am
service. last year the president and the , first lady visited a boys and girls club in washington, d.c. along with their daughter, , malia. the first family helped assemble literacy kits to boost reading there will also be a wreath-laying ceremony at the d.c., and fbi director james comey will be on hand along with other leaders. lisa: our third top story, a suspect is in custody after an ohio police officer is found dead behind the danville municipal building. knox county officials say they received a call from a woman at midnight saying her boyfriend herschel ray jones had weapons and was looking to kill an officer. cottrell' s body was found a short time later. officials say suspect jones took s weapon and was arrested after a foot chase around 1:30 this morning. police have not said what charges he is facing. mark: the final democratic before the voting starts in iowa .
6:53 am
stage in charleston, south carolina. the debate focused on two big issues -- health care and gun control. the iowa caucus is set for february 1. lisa: well after knocking the , bengals out of the playoffs, the steelers postseason run is over. pittsburgh fell to the denver broncos on sunday 23-to-16, and now the broncos will take on the patriots for a spot in super bowl 50. mark: couldn' t happen to a bunch of nicer guys. let' s see what is going on outside. randi: here' s the forecast today, 5 at 8:00, feeling like a little below. at nine, 9, feeling like five england. the warmest hours of the day, still feeling like zero. cold matter what. do not have exposed skin. tomorrow morning, single digits, yes, but the wind will be light
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