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tv   WLWT News 5 at Noon  NBC  January 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe, stop taking linzess doctor right away. ` gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. ` bottom line, ask your doctor about linzess today. ``>> from cincinnati' s wlwt, ``leading the way. ``this is wlwt news 5 at noon. ``[captioning made possible by ``wlwt-tv] ``lisa: right now, a winter blast ``moving in. ``some areas could get as much as ``10 inches. ``other parts, just a dusting. ``it' s a major winter storm that' s ``taking a swipe at cincinnati. ``good afternoon, i' m lisa cooney. `` ``mark: and i' m mark hayes. ``they for joining us. ``we have team coverage for you ``this noon, reporters spread out ``across greater cincinnati. ``but first, lets get right to ``meteorologist randi rico. ``she has your most accurate ``forecast. ``in the time one.
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``randi: it' a glancing ``blow south of town. ``heavy snow. ``south. ``maybe far south. ``the 275 lupe should be all ``right. ``the track, as expected, has ``taken a shifted to the south. ``that means low-end snow totals ``in downtown cincinnati at areas ``north and northwest. ``into the afternoon, if you are ``concerned about the kids on the ``bus, at 3:00 or so, it does look ``like area southeast of 71 are ``likely the divider line for the ``places who are not. ``we go from not more than a ``dusting for northern communities ``northwest of the 275 luke, and ``possible to the far south and ``southeast. ``who probably seen a picture like ``this and i' m in mason, and ``not snowing.
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``the stuff you see north of the ``ohio river is not hitting the ``ground. ``we have dry air coming in from ``the north and east. ``it dries out that snow before he ``gets to us. ``some spots are seeing those ``flurries fly. ``over the last hour or so, ``they' ve spread into portions of ``northern kentucky. ``i' ve received reports from ``burlington near cvg, clarence -- ``florence and independence seeing ``light snow showers 30 to work. ``heading over to an area where it ``has snowed pretty good over the ``last hour or so, winchester to ``people' s down to west union and ``portions of adams county. ``adams county is one of the spots ``you can head if you are looking ``for a bigger snowfall total out ``of the system. ``also reports that of indiana, ``starting to see those first ``couple of flurries right along ``50. ``it starts with gusty wind and ``works in snow showers. ``it looks like for our area, the ``heaviest down south towards ``lexington, they are still on ``target for a foot of snow. ``i snowfall totals will be light, ``we take a look at the updated
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``mark: randi, thank you. ``have been hard at work, prepping ``the roads, for today' `` ``brian hamrick is live down in ``dry ridge, with more. ``brian? ``brian: the snow has arrived in ``dry ridge at this point. s mostly small flakes, but we ``down here. ``will get into windy conditions. ``roads. ``this is the interstate 75 , the ``headlights are coming ``southbound. ``the others are headed ``northbound. ``you can see it looks kind of ``wet. ``i wanted to tell you, in a ``matter of 10 minutes, you can go ``from dry roads to wet roads just ``know covered roads. ``it happens pretty quickly. ``the cruise are doing a -- the ``crews are doing a good job. ``the roads right where we
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``just a little while ago were ``snow-covered. ``the crews got through and did a ``pretty good job. ``now the roads are wet. ``but as you go south and get into ``more of this snow, you see these ``conditions change very quickly. ``again, with all this blowing ``snow out here, you can probably ``count on seeing some of that ``begin to drift across the roads ``as well. ``as you begin to come south of ``here. ``if you are headed south, the ``going somewhere and you have to ``get there and get in. ``at this point, the roads aren' ``awful here in dry ridge. ``but they are in and out. ``if you happen to go through at a ``time whenever the soul trucks ``haven' t been buying a while, you ``may get into some pretty ``dangerous conditions. ``the sooner the better you can
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``, and then get off of the road, ``you' re going to be better off ``that way rather than to wait. ``it certainly going to get worse ``as the afternoon goes on. ``reporting live, brian hamrick, ``wlwt news 5. ``lisa: today' s predicted snowfall ``prompted a number of schools to ``close for the day. ``but some districts still went ``forward with classes, including ``several schools that are slated ``for early dismissals. ``wlwt news 5' s courtis fuller is ``live in bethel tate with more. ``courtis: good afternoon, lisa. ``talking to school officials, ``this is one of the toughest ``decisions they have to make. ``you see the school buses already ``starting to line up here at ``bethel tate for early dismissal. ``this is a high school. ``here in this district, we are to ``the east of cincinnati. ``they decided to go with an early ``dismissal, letting kids out to ``hours in advance. ``the high school being released ``at 12:10. ``the other schools in this
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``staggered schedule between now ``and 1:30. ``unlike earlier this week, when ``the snow hit during the morning ``rush, they knew friday' s stretch ``could come as students leave ``school in the afternoon, ``creating a worst-case scenario. ``they have three choices. ``do nothing, cancel school, or ``early release. ``melissa kircher: i think you ``look at each day you are open ``and closed and the decisions ``that you make -- we do have ``feedback. ``good and bad. ``we try to be constructive in ``that, obviously knowing parents ``have the ultimate choice in the ``end whether they will send their ``child to school that day, ``because we have attendance ``procedures and policies that ``they can follow. ``courtis: in talking with many ``superintendents through the ``area, many of us remember a few ``years ago when cincinnati public ``schools got cut right in the ``middle, and there were kids
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``9:00 tonight night. ``no one wanted to see that happen ``today. ``the decision by many school ``citrix -- school districts to ``close or release early was to ``scenario. ``reporting live, courtis fuller, ``wlwt news 5. ``thank you. ``also closed for the day. ``nku and xavier closed at noon. ``the university of cincinnati is ``closing at 2:00. ``looking just fine. s check in and on traffic ``with kyla woods. ``kyla: good afternoon. ``we are seeing clear conditions ``out there so far. ``that will change over the next ``few hours. s a look at the map. ``a slow spot on the ronald ``reagan, which again, that' s an ``area that gets really dicey once ``they start to see more snow make ``its way northbound. ``into northern kentucky this ``afternoon, you' a ``few flurries flying around as ``hamrick and dry ridge.
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``as you continue southbound, you ``will see more snow. ``as you had northbound, you see ``less and less. s a look on the ohio side. ``275 near east gate. ``so north and southbound lanes ``rolling right along. ``this morning, that continues at ``but that will change. ``as brian mentioned, if you have ``to head out, do that sooner ``rather than later. ``you also want to give crews ``plenty of time to get those ``roads cleared as they have their ``work cut out for them. ``looking good at midday. `` lisa: downtown workers have been ``bracing for this afternoon' s ``snow event since early s ``john london in the heart of the ``and who' s not. ``john: it does seem like a ``lighter friday work morning than ``usual in the central business ``district. ``we know some companies have sent ``workers home early. ``we' ``fine.
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``treated, the sidewalks have not ``been as active as they normally ``are on a normal friday. ``office buildings are open for ``the most part. ``one white-collar work are ``telling us every meeting lately ``has started with updates, ``comments and concerns about the ``weather, travel, and have will ``board -- how to avoid getting ``stuck. ``big employers like fifth third ``bank are definitely thinking ``ahead. ``>> we did a little bit. ``there' s been plans in terms of ``meetings that should have been ``in person. ``they' re sending out live meeting ``requests or conference numbers ``so people can dial in, reminding ``people to be prepared and take ``home materials you might need ``for meetings that are early in ``the morning so that you can ``, still get business done re at home or in the ``office. ``john: that woman is from ``cleveland, originally. ``the guy we talked to from ``transplant we talked with, they s snow anxiety, if ``you will. ``we all had a good laugh about ``that. ``according live downtown, john ``london, wlwt news 5.
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``john, thank you. ``right now, there are already ``snow emergencies. ``in kentucky, crestview hills, is ``under a snow emergency. ``so is fort mitchell -- cars must ``be removed from city streets by ``6:00 tonight. ``lakeside park -- also under a ``snow emergency. cars must be ``removed by city streets by four ``-- 4:00 this afternoon. ``greendale, indiana is also under ``will need to be removed by ``tonight at 6:00 through sunday ``lisa: wlwt news 5 at noon is ``extending to a full hour, to ``this winter storm as it moves ``through cincinnati. ``up next, the storm expected to ``be a lot worse on the east ``coast. ``how people there are stocking ``up, so they can stay in. ``also, the impact on people ``trying to fly. ``how aaa is preparing to make ``sure drivers have a safe ride ``tonight. ``remember to download our wlwt ``app. ``you can watch the updated ``forecast and see the list of ``closings. re
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``area, detained in north korea. ``mark: the announcement from ``north korea came hours ago. ``why he was taken into custody, re learning about ``his background. ``randi: the fine flurries are ``cincinnati. ``over the next couple of hours, ``intensity. ``i will you know it looks like ``for the evening drive, and how ``much you wake up with by
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``thanks for ``mark: welcome back. ``heavy snowfall -- also being ``seen on the east coast. ``says this could be one of the ``worst storms to hit that region. `` ``from the south to new england -- ``millions of people are under ``winter weather advisories. ``washington, d.c. is directly in ``the cross-hairs, where residents ``are being told to hunker down ``and ride it out. ``>> we see this as a major storm. `` ``it has life and death ``implications and all the ``residents of the district of ``columbia should treat it that ``way. ``mark: in north carolina and ``virginia, another concern they ``are facing is thick ice bringing ``down power lines. ``lisa: what' s happening back east ``is having a major impact on
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``country. ``about 2400 flights already been ``canceled. ``mark: wlwt news 5' s natalie ``clark continues our live team ``coverage at the airport. ``natalie, good afternoon. ``natalie: good afternoon. ``of course, depends on where you ``are traveling in the country, ``depending on if you are going to ``make it there in time. ``the first thing a lot of people ``are doing is if you take a look ``behind me, you can tell way back ``there, whether or not your ``flight has been canceled. ``those here at cvg say if you' re ``headed to charlotte, ``philadelphia, washington, d.c. ``or baltimore, those flights have ``been impacted. ``they also tell me they are ``telling travelers to stay ``up-to-date on their flights with ``their carrier. ``i' several people ``so far who have been affected by ``of the airport. ``one gentleman decided to stick ``around here for the next couple s flight to detroit takes ``off as expected. ``he tells me his concern is ``whether or not she and ``therefore-year-old daughter will ``then make it to their next ``destination.
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``>> the flight is at 2:15 p.m. m still worried because of the ``on. `` natalie: cancellations, ``absolutely. ``and her flight could be ``impacted. ``i chatted with several other ``people. ``greyhound to atlanta. ``that was canceled. ``he ended up your the airport, ``hoping to get there somehow. ``they have been here since ``midnight last night. ``cvg telling people hop online, ``stay up-to-date with any after ``you have with your carrier and ``on their website. ``check your status there quite ``easily. ``live from cbg, natalie clark, ``wlwt news 5. ``lisa: developing now -- a ``student from the cincinnati ``area, being detained by north ``korean officials. ``wlwt news 5' s investigative ``reporter todd dykes is in the ``newsroom, with more, including ``the charges that student is now ``facing. ``todd: this is certainly not a ``normal school day for the ``administrators who run wyoming ``city schools. ``that' s because a 2013 graduate, ``otto warmbier, has been detained ``in north korea. ``wlwt confirmed the news of
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``morning. ``he was the salutatorian, the ``seconnd highest ranking student ``in his graduating class, and is ``now a student at the university ``of virginia. ``he played soccer at wyoming high ``according to a school ``spokeswoman but that' s all the ``district is saying at this ``point. ``they are following state ``department protocols. ``clearly, there' s a lot happening ``behind the scenes following ``north korea' s announcement that ``an american student, now ``identified as warmbier, has been ``arrested in pyongyang for what ``the north calls a "hostile act." ``exactly what they are accusing ``him of doing remains murky at ``this point. ``saying. ``that' s often the situation in ``these kinds of scenarios. ``korea as part of a tourist trip. ``his detention has prompted ``including governor john kasich ``who calls the arrest ``inexcusable.
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``much more on the store to come ``throughout the afternoon. ``i will be working on it and have ``another report shortly. ``live in wyoming todd dykes, wlwt ``, news 5. ``lisa: we' ll be checking back. ``congressman brad wenstrup also ``sent a tweet this morning saying ``his office is reaching out to ``the state department to assist ``with warmbier' s return in any ``way possible. ``>> cincinnati' s certified most ``accurate forecast. ``randi: the snow is flying in ``greater cincinnati. re not going to see a ``whole lot of it if you are ``north and west. ``there will be a sharp cut off ``around downtown cincinnati, ``where you had 15, 20 miles s where the snow ``piles up a little bit more. the ``nothing to some spots of 10 ``inches of snow. ``central kentucky will get hit ``way harder by the system, with ``the first areas of snow showers ``now finally making their way up
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``as we take a look at why view on ``the radar, you can see some ``deeper blue over top of northern ``portions of clermont county, ``whether you' re starting to get ``snow finally reaching the ``surface. ``let' s start out to the south, ``southeastern indiana. ``you can see in ohio, you have ``very light to moderate snow ``showers there. ``right along 50. ``further down the south and east, ``one of the towns which ``potentially can see a heftier ``snowfall total, falmouth, seeing ``snow shores -- snow showers. ``in clermont county, decent snow ``showers going, finally making ``their way to the service from ``goshen to newtonsville down ``towards owensville. ``eventually get there. ``except for maybe our extreme ``northwestern committees. ``in fact, you can see butler ``any sort of water warning. ``same thing with fayette, union, ``and front county and louisiana. ``
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``advisory for hamilton county for ``warning counties in area south ``of 74 in southeastern indiana. ``what that means is there' s ``probably going to be snow ``falling during the evening ``commute. ``snowfall accumulation totals ``aren' t going to be all that ``impressive. ``when compared to areas with a ``winter storm warning which could ``seat substantial chelation, ``especially -- substantial ``accumulation. ``we could see six to 10 inches of ``snow, even as you have closer ``lexington. ``that' s where they may see a foot ``of snow out of the system. ``snowfall totals this morning ``upgraded for the washington ``area, they may see a foot and a ``and eastern kentucky. ``heavier snow is expected south. ``as we switch the radar over into ``see it' s all about area south of ``cincinnati are the spots being ``hardest hit. ``the snowfall raise south of 71 ``split, over the course of three ``hours you pick up a few inches ``of snow. ``it'
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``south down towards not all of it ``-- mount olivet. `` right now, 26 degrees, window ``the northeast at 21 miles an ``hour. ``this is actually a big ``component. ``everyone is talking about the ``wind picking up as that snow ``moves in. s coming from ``winter. ``it had to overcome all that dry ``air to get the snow to the ``surface. ``that' s why the snowfall totals ``are slowly ramping down in the ``area. ``at 2:00 on expected to see snow ``area southeast of i-71 quart or. corridor. all areas by ``get towards midnight. ``futurecast a showing by the time ``we get into the end of the still have your ``snow bands along and southeast
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``towards wilmington as well. ``getting into 8:00 and 9:00, ``watching the back edge of the ``system get closer. ``snow showers get lighter, by the ``time we get to dawn tomorrow ``morning, most places are totally ``done with this snow. ``not expect an snowfall totals ``for most of us. ``by the time we get to 6:00 ``tonight, your response of any ``substantial accumulation is ``south of the 71, 35 split, or ``near that area is where you ``could have an inch or more on ``the ground for the evening ``commute. ``i vesely, heavier snowfall ``totals down towards mason and ``robertson counties in kentucky, ``where eventually you end up with ``inches of snow. ``dance in cincinnati, 71 and ``us. ``had further southeast, and you ``will see some substantial snow. ``by the weekend, it melts away as ``damages make it into the upper ``30' ``mark: randi, thank you. ``forced out into the cold, early
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``mark: good afternoon, welcome ``cincinnati road crews, getting `` we'
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``pre-treated. ``crews are still working 12 hour ``shifts and will continue to do ``so through the storm. ``the overnight shift comes in at ``additional trucks have been ``preparations. easy to just look at your ``window and check the weather in ``your neighborhood. ``mark: we want to take you out ``like in real time. ``wlwt news 5' s karin ``live with the details. ``karin: i love snow so much, we ``are actually on i-75 south, just ``bridge. ``leaving the station, it started ``flirting here a little bit. ``here, not so much. ``we are seeing some flurries, but ``not a whole lot of this going on ``sure the further south we go we ``will start seeing more. ``kenton county is now under a ``level one snow emergency.
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``hazardous with blowing and ``drifting snow. ``as we head south, we will look ``for the snow and we will check ``back with you guys in a little ``bit. ``back to you. ``mark: thank you. ``we are continuing our winter ``weather coverage for you this ``noon. ``lisa: thousands of local school ``kids out for the day. ``but there were some who still ``had to hit the books. ``why some school districts still ``decided to have class. ``mark: the storm that could brush ``cincinnati, already causing ``troubles on the east coast. ``where states of emergencies are ``now being called. `` ``lisa: but first -- a live look ``at the radar. ``slated to get between one and ``three inches of snow.
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