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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  January 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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``the other concern for tonight ``will be the wind and reporters ``will tell you this. `` . ``not only are they making it feel ``colder, but they will be ``drifting. ``it' s basically going to slide ``its way up the appalachians. ``notice light snow has built into ``the cincinnati metro area. ``a tough time going too far north ``of the river. `` it won' t amount to much. `` i don' t think it accumulates all ``that much. `` they have already seen four or ``five inches of snow. ``you start to see some darker
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`` you' ll probably see some heavier ``snow and just a little while. ``a dusting or an isolated inch. ``travel will be difficult further ``south and east of greater ``cincinnati. ``we cut back snowfall totals. ``most areas a dusting, maybe an ``inch or two. ``once you get down there, the ``snow will be more persistent and ``the jackpot six to 10. ``back over to you. `` >> they declared a state of ``emergency. `` >> it looks like it'
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`` >> a weird weather pattern when ``it is snowing. ``the birds will be flying north ``for the winter. `` the wind is something we been ``dealing with all day. ``you can see how hard it is. `` the interstate web for the most ``part depending on where you are ``here. ``it can quickly change to ice. `` it was a constant challenge for ``these crews to keep up with the ``roads. ``some businesses had to close ``early. `` we caught up with the gm here in
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``working 16 hours because some of ``the employees were just too ``risky to drive here. `` ``inside. `` ``to get to work. ``change. `` you go that far south and they ``are getting pounded as you go ``further south. ``just be aware of that.
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mike: schools dismissing early ``as the snow started to come ``down. `` reporter: the lesson plan is ``that it is better to be safe ``than sorry. ``it' s a tricky timeline for the ``snow. ``kids would start to head home. `` most said that was a good call. ``>> they sent out the one call ``yesterday that they were going ``to do an early dismissal. ``ahead. `` reporter: that'
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``school districts thought about ``it. ``a lot of times, we can get the ``kids to school in the morning ``but getting them back in the ``afternoon could' ve been a ``problem. `` i' m courtis fuller. ``mike: thanks. ``crash snarls and rush-hour ``traffic. ``shutting down the westbound lane ``for about 20 minutes or so just ``before 5:00. ``they did reopen one of the lanes ``here and we' re told that drugs ``likely played a role in this ``rack. `` reporter: this is a heroine ovi `` investigation tonight.
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``two boys ages eight and 10 seat ``and were uninjured. ``this was the seat -- the scene ``this afternoon. ``she lost control. `` her passenger also of greendale s was thrown out. ``deputies assisted with narcan to ``breathing adult. ``they expect criminal charges to ``be filed later this evening and ``both of the boys were taken from ``the scene, one that is becoming ``all too common. ``one says it is a real problem. ``he tells us he has no idea what ``sorely needed. `` >> this winter weather is
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``natalie clarke has a look at how ``this is going to impact youth ``over the weekend. `` >> it was the calm before the ``storm. ``earlier today, there were a lot ``more clouds -- crowds. ``it' s pretty quiet. `` there been about 23 arrival and ``departure cancellations all ``because of how bad the airports ``are on the east coast. ``keeping up-to-date with the ``airlines, they have smartphones ``and apps. ``they just tried to keep as close ``as they can to monitoring the ``situation. ``they continue to get updated.
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those traveling to charlotte and ``baltimore were hit the hardest. ``others were traveling with their ``fingers crossed because many ``were headed to new york. ``a young man was leaving for ``france. ``he' s going to be staying in new ``york for at least one night. ``they tell me the number of ``delays and cancellations so far ``at 23 can change at any moment. ``they remain very kind and in ``good spirits and most of them ``are going to get on a cruise ``ship to have for warmer weather. ``sheree: it' s the key to be happy ``when you' re leaving. `` karin johnson spent part of the ``day driving 75 towards central ``tonight.
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we are inching closer ``to you guys in the studio. `` you don' t see any snow like you ``did when we were in the ``georgetown area. ``even though it appears clear, ``cold temperatures are making the ``highway unpredictable. ``you really can' t tell until you . ``it' s going to be the case all ``over the region. ``we have seen numerous crews out ``and about. ``the crews tend to hit the ``secondary. ``the worry tonight is the ``temperature and the freezing of ``the highways. `` mike: and the closer you get to
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``you been sending us your photos ``today. `` actually, we are just letting ``you know you can always get the ``latest information on her ``website. ``sheree: keeping an eye on ``conditions. ``earlier tonight, it looks like ``things moving along just fine ``here. ``if you are flying out, a lot of ``flights are being delayed or ``canceled. `` mike: generally, aaa do not have ``all 35 truck' s out at the same ``time. ``sheree: all the truck' s are ``geared up and ready to be out as ``long as possible. ``extra staff is brought in and
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`` >> we have a fleet of 35 ``vehicles that we try to keep out ``as long as possible to get ``everybody home safe. ``sheree: most of the calls are ``similar to what they' ve been ``receiving this week. ``also expecting calls tonight for ``tow trucks and people off of the ``road. `` mike: a graduate of a local high ``school detained in north korea. ``sheree: and a look at the ``efforts to get him released. ``>> will they stick around to ``give us accumulation? ``and who are the big winners? ``i will let you know what to
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bye, see you guys later. t[boys screaming] now time warner cable makes your internet go faster. up to 50 megs. are you having fun? yeah it's ok. it's good. ` in-home wifi powered by the latest equipment available to cover all your devices. so when you need more from your internet, it's there for you. discover how much more is included. internet plans start as low as $14.99 per month. call 1-855-want twc. time warner cable. ``sheree: we are staying on top of ``this latest winter weather for ``you tonight. ``mike: kevin robinson punched it ``up for us and has been tracking ``the storm all week giving us the ``best information. ``and like he' s been telling us, ``the heaviest snow to the south ``and east. ``he will be joining us with an ``update.
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``cincinnati area under arrest in ``north korea and ohio' s governor ``calling this inexcusable. `` >> the student went to school ``and wyoming high school. `` >> just about everyone else woke ``up this morning worried about ``the winter weather. ``and they woke up worried about ``the fate of one of their own. ``>> he' s gone from the ``salutatorian to being detained ``in north korea. ``>> i am praying for him. ``>> he said if you are finer but ``that' s not the picture north ``korean officials are painting of
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``he was arrested on a tourist ``accused of a hostile act. sensitive nature of ``these kind of situations, they ``declined to comment. ``students were told to direct ``media requests to the principal. ``it means speculation and concern ``are running rampant. `` >> i am sure the town is buzzing ``on where he is and thinking of ``the family. ``>> thinking about cam and his ``safety and his future. `` in situations like this. ``>> this cool district has asked ``we respect their privacy, which ``we have done.
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recent -- it has been ``a negotiation process. `` kevin: a few flakes and you had ``further south. `` here' s a look at the system ``tonight that is pivoting itself ``away. ``the heavier snow is in the ``darker blue. `` a few bands of steadier snow but ``those are not going to amount to ``much. ``we were downplaying this because
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``one concern for the right is -- ``the night is the wind. ``for those of you that pickup for ``five or six inches of snow, it ``will help. ``travel strongly discouraged. ``not only because of snow but ``blowing and drifting. ``you can see kind of a hazy ``representative outside right ``now. ``look at that windchill of 12 ``with a north wind at 23. ``unit you' re not dealing with a ``lot of snow. ``you can see it is already ``snowing to the mid-atlantic and ``there is concern about a ``blizzard. ``that will prolong the snow for ``another day. ``high pressure has been feeding ``in the cold air but also the dry
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``we have seen some lighter snow ``overspread the area. ``the air is still very dry and ``being whipped around by the ``wind. ``i don' t expect much in the way ``of accumulation. ``some of it may be briefly heavy ``near the airport. ``and as you had further east, ``parts of brown and adams county ``is where the snow has been ``steady. ``west union coming in with close ``to five inches of snow here. ``you get down to areas around dry ``ridge in williamstown close to ``two or three inches on many of ``these areas. `` ``robertson county, they picked up ``about five inches of his well -- ``as well. ``maybe a few areas isolated in ``the metro but the difficult ``travel is really going to be
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``of the metro. `` we have cut back on the overall ``tri-state in general. `` north of the river, a dusting or ``maybe half an inch. ``and then you get down towards ``dry ridge and falmouth where it ``little bit longer. ``and once you get down towards ``peoples, parts of grant, ``robinson -- that will be the big ``jackpot basically right where we ``expected it to be. `` we show some light snow across ``the area with heavier snows. ``keep an eye on the darker blues ``that begin the pivot away. ``we will deal with some light ``snow around here.
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``east of the metro through the ``evening hours. ``they will continue to pick up ``more substantial accumulations. ``you don' t want to travel in ``these directions because it will ``be very difficult. ``this will all be over by sunrise ``tomorrow and we have a much ``quieter weekend which should ``feature a lot of sunshine. ``the snow continues at heaviest ``south and east of the metro. ``a few isolated pockets near the ``metro area. ``look at that wind out of the ``north. ``not a bad looking weekend but ``you will need to jacket when the ``snow stops. ``overnight will be very cold. ``it looks like the next weather
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`` ``george: it' s not a complete ``wipeout that a lot of the games ``have been rescheduled. ``we found these games for the ``blitz tonight. ``all of kentucky is wiped out. ``we have highlights of these ``games and a look at jaron ``cumberland tonight on blitz five ``at 11:00. ``the men will be in action ``tonight and tip-off at 7:00 ``against illinois. ``they look to make it two ``straight conference wins. ``saturday, five games to keep an ``eye on. `` kentucky plays at 4:00 and miami ``at 7:00. ``you see had a big-time visitor ``last night. ``kenyon martin, his number is ``retired. ``this was his first time back ``since the senior night game in ``february of 2000.
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``>> his jerseys not hanging up ``for no reason. ``toughness. `` it' s cool, i wish we could see ``more of him. ``on sunday. ``the cleveland cavaliers have ``fired head coach david blatt. without ``lebron james. ``the assistant was given a ``three-year deal. ``hue jackson has rated the ``bengals for assistant coach. ``he will be the tight and coach ``in cleveland. ``the defensive tackle will be one ``of four captains for the pro ``bowl. ``it is conference championship ``weekend in the nfl. ``they boarded a plane in ``providence and flew out to ``denver.
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the first game on the schedule ``sunday, the afc championship ``beginning at 3:05 p.m. ``arizona and carolina and the ``panthers favored at home against ``carson palmer and the cardinals. ``kevin: light snow around the ``metro area the next couple of ``hours. ``it could drop down to maybe an ``isolated inch somewhere but ``you' ll have to head south. ``points south and east of there, ``your accumulation will be ``greater through the night ``tonight. ``the travel problems will be a ``greater concern and around here, ``you'
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