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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  January 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:15pm EST

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``for all of us at nbc news, good `` ````sheree:another round of snow. ``>> ````mike: a lot of rough terrain to ``go through. ````sheree: canceled classes, ``canceled games. ``we're on top of the winter ``weather. ````mike: a major accident. ``two adults ejected and kids in ``the car. ``police are blaming heroin. ``[captioning made possible by ``wlwt-tv] ````mike: a few flakes for some, ``more than a few inches for ``others. ``feeling winter's presence ``tonight. ``i'm mike dardis. ````sheree: and i'm sheree paolello. ``we have team coverage for you ``tonight. ``dry ridge, kentucky, covered in ``flight. ``emily wood is there for us. ``bethel in clairmont county is ``facing slick roads. ``erik zarnitz has us covered. ``we begin with kevin robinson.
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``across the area, the big storm ``pulling away as we expected. ``it was more of a glancing blow ``for 70% of the viewing area. ``many of you have only seen a ``light dusting. ``here's a look at the big winners ``across the area. ``st. paul, kentucky, down in ``lewis county, about six inches. ``west union almost four inches. ``across the metro, official at ``the airport, only half an inch. ``some have seen a little bit more ``than that but in general, totals ``have been under an inch across ``the board. ``the stiff northeasterly wind ``more than making it feel cold, ``the northeast wind has been ``feeding in dry air all day so ``the big storm took a gulp of ``that dry air and helped to ``prevent the snow from moving too ``much farther north of the ohio ``river. ``if you go far enough north, you ``haven't seen anything today. ``just flurry and snow showers ``almost on
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``shrinking in scope through the ``next a couple of hours. ``a few more flurries along 74, ``over towards the west side of ``cincinnati on the west side of ``the 275 loop. ``while it's not significant, it's ``enough to put down a thin glaze, ``especially on less traveled ``roads. ``for example on, and off ramps ``out there, they have a little ``bit of a glaze tonight so be ``extra careful if you're ``traveling across the area. ``watch the sidewalks, too. ``to the east, snow wrapping up ``across parts of adams and brown ``county. ``things beginning to improve. ``same story around falmouth, ``williams town and owenton. ``it's probably safe to say the ``accumulations are probably over ``across the area. ````sheree: we'll check you with in ``a few minutes. ``winter weather continues to slam ``the southern counties in ``kentucky.
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wood is live for us ``along 75 in the dry ridge exit. ``how do the roads look where you ``are? ````reporter: if you want to take a ``look behind me, i am on the ``northbound side, the lights ``coming toward you, the ``southbound lanes. ``not a lot of traffic tonight but ``a good things for road crews. ``the real efforts has been ``keeping side roads clear. ``the snow has not stopped since ``10:00 a.m. ``slippery roads are enough of a ``reason to stay home but for ``those who have to get out, it ``takes extra time. ``>> just take it easy. ````reporter: julie webster has to ``pick her daughter up early from ``work tonight. works ``in erlanger and noticed changing ``>> when you hit grant county, ``you could definitely tell the ``difference.
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exit ramp was bad. ````reporter: with more than 12 ``hours of consistent snowfall, ``kentucky crews have been working ``12-hour shifts but the struggle ``at dry ridge was keeping ``roads clear. ``>> in this area, a lot of hills, ``a lot of rough terrain to go ``down through and unfortunately a ``lot of people slide off of that. ````reporter: the state has 130 ``trucks covering 4600 lane miles ``and when school is out and are home for ``the day, plowing the roads is a ``bit easier. ``>> you don't see as much traffic ``out there and that's a bonus for ``our guys behind the wheel ``because they don't have as many ``distractions to deal with. ````reporter: the wind has also been ``a major factor, even though it's ``been snowing for 12 hours, ``because of the blowing, there's ``only an inch of snow on the ``ground but in drifts, it's four ``to five inches. ``reporting live in dry ridge,
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county, kentucky, emily ``wood. ````mike: get in that car and stay ``warm. ``team coverage continues with to ``paint the picture for us there. ````erik: we're 25 miles south and ``east of cincinnati and dealing ``with accumulating snow two hours ``ago. ``it's still snowing but coming ``down light. ``when you try to measure it, it's ``windblown. ``we have spots deeper than others ``but overall, 2 1/2 solid inches ``here in bethel, ohio. ``of course, there's still plenty ``of snow on the roadways. ``we've seen the plow trucks come ``through, even trying to salt a ``little bit here and there but it ``will take sunshine tomorrow ``before things get better and ``that's not stopping many people ``from coming out here on the ``roads. ``>> well, we thought we'd go out ``and have fun in the truck for ``once out of the year and brought ``my girlfriend's son out, we're ``learning driver's ed in the ``snow.
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to when your ``parents taught you how to drive? ``>> i had to learn on my own. ````erik: we like to stay on the ``serious side and tell you to be ``careful if you're driving but ``ran into many having fun. ``we ran into a few folks heading ``to a private location to do ``drifting where they take an old ``car in a parking lot and start ``jamming on the brakes, seeing ``how everything works. ``you don't want to do that unless ``you have a private place to do ``it and parental supervision. ``reporting live from bethel, ``ohio, erik zarnitz flimpt is ``that line you pointed out. ``several communities under snow ``emergencies. ``brown and pendleton counties are ``at level two where roads are ``hazardous. ``kenton county, level one, ``drivers under to use caution. ``as for cities in emergencies, ``edgewood, fort mitchell, villa
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dale, indiana. ````sheree: now the job for crews is ``to clear the roads away. ``75 southbound in the florence ``area. ``our photographer has been ``driving along 75 in northern ``kentucky ands crews have been ``clearing the roads non-stop ``where he's been and no major ``problems he's reporting tonight. ``you can get updates and live ``coverage of the forecast and ``conditions online any time with ``our wlwt app. ``we're always tweeting out ``updated information. ````mike: there are warnings up and ``down the east coast. ``washington, d.c. getting ready ``for the worst of it. down salt and ``doing a lot of things as flakes ``start coming down. ``a rough commute home for people ``in philadelphia. ``check out the snow coming down outside
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``forecasters are telling people ``to hunker down. ``charges after a crash that shut ``down 74 in greene township ``earlier this evening. ``police say the driver was high ``on heroin at the time. ``john lennon has the latest on ``the investigation. ````john: at first it appeared to be ``a serious looking single-car ``crash but it was even more ``serious as it was apparent that ``was a heroin o.v.i. situation. ``here is what we saw upon arrival ``at westbound 74 at rybolt road. ``two young adults were badly ``hurt. ``the woman at the wheel and a man ``on board was ejected from the ``car. ``also, her passenger, from green ``dale. ``deputies assisted by police used ``nar can saying the two were ``barely breathing after the
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boys, ``ages 8 and 10, in the back seat ``of the vehicle. ``they were uninjured. ``family members were contacted ``and the boys were taken from the ``scene. ``deputies say heroin o.v.i. ``crashes are a growing problem in ``the region and a ``needed. ``in the newsroom, john london, ``wlwt, news 5. ````sheree: thank goodness those ``kids are ok. ``triple-a says crashes involving ``drugs growing. ``they say drug use by drivers up ``25% since 2007. ``while the number of people ``drinking and driving is down ``30%. ``triple-a says the number one ``drug found by officers during ``traffic stops these days, ``marijuana followed by narcs and ``pills. ````mike: a college student from the ``cincinnati area is being ``detained in north korea for what ``they country is calling a ``hostile
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``otto warmbier is the second ``person from southwest ohio to be ``held in that country in less ``than two years. ``jeffrey fowle was held nearly ``six months in 2014. ``he says if warmbier is like his ``situation, he's not getting a ``lot of information about his ``detention. ``>> three weeks into it, he's ``gotten over the initial shock ``but he's still trying to process ``it. ``if it's like me, they're not ``letting him know anything that's ``happening on the outside world. ````mike: warmbier is a student at ``the university of virginia. ````sheree: the snow canceled a lot ``of basketball games tonight but ``for some high schools the the show ``must go on. ````mike: like at mason. ``the comets trying to stay ``unbeaten in the g.m.c., dialing ``up triples against lakota west. ````kevin: light snow, flurries and ``tracking on radar.
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`` ``>> cincinnati's certified most ``accurate forecast. ````kevin: most of us dodged the ``storm but you weren't so ``fortunate if you were south of ``the ohio river, way south of the ``ohio river, where we expected ``the snow to be. ``st. paul, kentucky, eight ``inches, heading towards
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``almost a foot of snow. ``falmouth, kentucky, 5.2. ``aberdeen, 4.5. ``bethel closing in on 2.5. ``a live look outside tonight. ``visibility improving, the snow ``wrapping up across the area ``right now. ``23 degrees at the airport with ``the biting wind at 14 producing ``a wind chill close to 10, makes ``it feel like 11. ``temperatures way down in the ``20's. ``be careful out there. ``anything that looks wet could ``concerned about some of the on ``with a thin snow cover that came ``down during the dinner time ``hours which could pose a problem ``morning. ``with across the area. ``you see holes developing within ``the area of left-over snow ``shower activity. ``the bulk of that has shifted its ``way over towards the east coast. ``the north winds, more than ``adding a bite to the air,
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``that's what basically brought in
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