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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  January 23, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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jonathan: police saying heroine ``is to blame. ``and jennifer will have the ``latest on the forecast and ``whether we are in for a warm up. ``it' s saturday, january 23, 2016, ``and this is wlwt news 5 today. `` announcer: from cincinnati' s ``wlwt, leading the way, this is ``wlwt news 5 today. `` jonathan: could be with you ``again, i am jonathan.
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`` jennifer: that final last band ``has pushed down. ``we have a band on the run. ``jonathan: we did not get his ``that did not get hit as hard as ``we thought we might. `` jennifer: for the northern edge ``with a measurable snowfall, not ``in the 275 loop. `` these move into central parts of ``campbell and you' re going 1.5 ``inches. ``it was just down the road. `` three inches of snow. ``coming in at pendleton county at ``2.5 inches. ``depending on where you work. ``extreme northwest counties, ``flakes flying.
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that massive storm with a ``blizzard going on from ``washington dc to new york city. ``very western edge of it is where ``we hit. ``an additional two inches of snow ``snow showers. `` the last couple of minutes on ``the radar there was a band at ``9:30. `` i think we are seeing the last ``couple of flakes flying from ``maysville. `` we do have a winter storm ``warning for winters county and ``mason county in kentucky. ``the snow is dwindling and we are ``hoping for some sunshine ``returning. `` snowfall totals finally came in. ``we will let you know about new ``totals coming up.
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miss ``depending on where you live. `` they got the bulk of the snow in ``the viewing area. ``>> this was definitely a hit ``down here. ``there is a road that is going to ``close -- going to close on a ``spree at it is in pretty good ``shape. ``a couple of ridges. ``a fair amount of snow in spots. ``a lot of work going on to make ``sure businesses can open up on ``time. `` clearing out parking lots. ``he is not disappointed by the ``amount of snow falling this ``morning. `` >> i have been since 2:00 this ``morning and i pushed off four or ``five lots.
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`` >> there is enough. ``>> a couple of inches on the ``ground, plenty of work for a lot ``of people to dig out their cars, ``dig out their front step. `` overall pretty impressed by road ``conditions down here. ``wlwt news 5. `` >> thank you, we will see you in ``30 minutes. `` richard chiles is live down ``there with more on this ``devastating three alarm fire. ``good morning. ``richard: good morning. `` fire crews worked for about ``three hours. ``of this street -- this ``three-story structure catches
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`` flames could be seen shooting ``out of the intense fire. ``destroying the roof of this ``building. ``getting crews three hours to ``knock down the heavy smoke and ``fire. ``those folks now without a home, ``depending on the courtesy of red ``cross. ``witnesses and neighbors tell us ``the fire started around 11:00. `` crews are able to knock down the ``stubborn flames and continuing ``the work throughout the night. `` at this time fire investigators ``are remaining on the scene here, ``going through the rubble of this ``fire, trying to determine the ``cause and damage estimate. ``no damage estimate has been set, ``but contractors and crews ``continue on the work. `` 10 families looking for a place
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`` wlwt news 5. ``jonathan: thank you, richard. ``a crash on interstate 74 turned ``into a harrowing investigation. ``the woman was identified as ``amanda gordon from greendale, ``indiana. ``also injured was her passenger ``in the front of the car, clay ``furred wilson. ``you see them both their that you ``see them both their pictured -- ``you see them both pictured. ``the two were barely breathing ``after the crash. ``deputies cared for the two boys, ``eight, and 10, who were in the ``back of the car. `` gunfire at a canadian high ``school has a community in shock. ``we will tell you about the ``casualties and what we know now
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`` major backup overnight as snow ``hits the ground. ``how drivers are waiting to get ``home nearly 24 hours later. ``city cam 53 at a few breaks in ``the cloud, nice to see some sun
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jonathan: and aboriginal
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``after a gun man opened fire in ``high school at a second ``location, leaving four dead and ``two others injured. ``canadian officials say a suspect ``was arrested outside the school ``in la loche. ``prime minister justin trudeau ``says the community is reeling. ``thousands of people stock in a ``massive traffic standstill on ``i-75 near london kentucky, ``prompting the governor to call ``out the national guard. ``police say hotels are filling up ``as drivers look to get off the ``road. ``some of them have been stuck in ``their cars since 2:00 p.m. ``friday. ``friday. ``highway patrol officers say ``-- since 2:00 p.m. friday. ``highway patrol officers say ``multiple wrecks and slow driving ``conditions caused the back up. ``more basketball coming up in ``your morning blitz, ``including the college teams ``playing today, and the match-ups ``you won' t want to miss, ``jennifer: and some sunshine is ``heading our way. ``the clouds are starting to thin ``out. ``partly cloudy skies expected ``later this afternoon.
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@ @ r @ and with committed support, they thrive. american family insurance. jonathan: i was trying to get ``the picture you took from your ``garage out in the street. ``it was a nice coding. ``jennifer: about an inch and a
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``the wind blowing yesterday was ``piling up a little bit. ``i would say an inch and a half. `` jonathan: i was wondering what ``the object was. ``jennifer: it was probably a ``previous pile of snow. ``i think jason is in charge this ``time. `` take a look at the snow totals. ``some updates during the ``overnight. `` there were still some snow ``showers. ``five inches , five from augusta. `` in hillsboro for highland ``county.
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``point two inches from pendleton. ``some impressive numbers in ``northern kentucky strip there. `` 1.2 inches. ``here is a look at the radar. ``doesn' t look too different than ``late last evening. ``snow bands still coming in and ``added up to an additional one ``through two inches. wane in ``the last hour. ``the last couple of bands -- the ``rest of our morning looks pretty ``quiet. ``we have been dry on the way -- ``try on the radar all morning. `` mason county, a couple of snow ``showers lingering. `` snowfall totals wrapping up. ``that storm is brewing in the ``mid-atlantic. ``a report -- a report earlier
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``we were the very western edge of ``it. ``now we are on the back edge. ``we are hoping those clouds will ``break up more. ``we will collect mostly cloudy ``for a good portion of the ``midday. `` north wind at 17. ``it is going to be cold today. ``partly skies into our afternoon. `` an overhead tomorrow, there will ``be a lot more sunshine for ``sunday and weaker winds. ``i think we are heading above the ``freezing mark for tomorrow. `` morning clouds, trying to clear ``some for the afternoon.
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the next chance for ``monday evening. ``we have pretty seasonable ``conditions. `` >> we are back. ``a trying to bounce back from an ``overtime loss. ``>> a good way to get over a ``with a win. ``we have more. ``heartbreaking losses. `` friday night, they can get back ``in the win column, but the
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``stop them we head over to viking ``village. ``the hook shot. ``we finish with a game-high, 18 ``points of the night. `` the vikings are down 10. ``they begin to pull a way. ``he finished with 17 points. ``they grabbed a 5935 for win. ``don' t forget to vote on our wild ``card game for next week. `` franklin and miami, north ``college hill. `` you can vote on these five games ``at ``jonathan: look at this, we have
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sports medicine primetime ``performer of the week. ``here are the candidates. ``whoever gets the most votes will ``get featured on news five at 11 ``next week. `` jennifer: and k you was the ``winner of overtime last night, ``but the cyclones fall. `` >> plenty of college basketball ``on saturday. ``get it going at noon. ``kentucky and louisville in ``miami. `` traveling up to akron. ``them a local basketball event
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``over northern kentucky. ``stay with us, we will be right
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``some basketball action today, ``honoring lauren hill. ``mount saint joseph is hosting ``two games, for their mount ``madness event. ``the women' s game will begin at ``1:00 p.m and the men' s game will ``begin thirty minutes after the ``women' s game ends, the games are ``promoting the forever 22 ``scholarship, in honor of late ``basketball lover lauren hill who ``wore number 22. ``oak hills high school is ``fighting ovarian cancer today on ``the basketball court, with it' s ``fourth annual ' teal shoot out ' ``event. ``the highlanders will host a ``' beautiful lengths' event during ``the varsity half-time where ``girls will donate eight or more ``inches of hair that will be used ``by pantene to create wigs, free ``of charge, for women suffering ``and, the school that raises the ``most money for the cause will ``get to attend the xavier ``university game from box seats. ``jungle jim' s has teamed up with ``mercy health fairfield hospital, ``to help you make this a ``healthier year, health industry ``professionals from mercy health
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breaking overnight flames ``shooting from the top of an ``apartment building in ``over-the-rhine overnight. ``how the residents are doing this ``morning. ``>> you may not be waking up to a ``whole lot of snow. `` >> meteorologist jennifer schack ``will have the latest forecast ``and warmer temperatures are on ``the way. `` saturday, january 20 third, ``2016. `` announcer: this is wlwt news 5 ``today. `` jonathan: thank you for joining ``us. ``this is something you are going ``to be experiencing in the next
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`` wearing their pajamas backwards ``and putting the ice cube in the ``toilet. ``this is apparently a way you can ``summon a snow day. ``jennifer: where your pajamas ``backwards? i don' t think they do ``that. ``i guess it works. ``jonathan: thank goodness we did ``not have school today. `` >> i think i read it as a level ``two emergency. `` there is some need for cautions ``in our communities. ``this is what you wanted earlier.
10:25 am
on the left side. ``>> it looked like an old ``christmas tree. `` it does look a little more ``impressive. ``here is a look at the wlwt ``radar. ``that back western edge pushing ``into our eastern county. `` right now the radar is quiet. ``we are just with the cloud ``cover. `` it looks like our flurries and ``snow shower activity is coming ``to an end. `` brooksville and bracken county, ``three inches. ``we did get some measurable snow
10:26 am
`` do we have any more in the ``forecast? ``how warm does it have to be? ``don' t get too excited, but ``temperatures are trending up. `` jonathan: live and try ridge, ``where cleanup crews were hard at ``work getting roads clear, good ``morning andrew. ``andrew: overall they are doing ``well. `` maybe four inches down here. `` people getting along just fine ``in the dry ridge area. `` sidestreets, neighborhood ``streets. `` of course you are going to have ``to dig out the cars. ``a lot of people took that
10:27 am
`` it looks important with these ``weather invents -- whether he ``offense. ``it comes in late in a day on ``friday. ``plenty of time overnight to get ``off the roads. `` though getting into some of the ``rural areas in northern ``kentucky. `` for the most part, a lot of the ``interstates, pretty good shape. ``reporting live, wlwt. ``jonathan: flames shooting out of ``a building last night in ``over-the-rhine in a three alarm ``fire. ``wlwt news 5' s richard chiles is ``live there now with more on how ``the people living in the ``building are being affected by ``the fire. ``richard? ``richard: good morning. ``the building 509, 512, vacant.
10:28 am
``firefighters were fighting ``displays for three hours. ``names, witnesses described ``flames shooting out through the ``roof. ``it was a very intense fire. ``multiple alarms called in. `` a very close neighborhood. `` again, very quickly. ``neighbors describe it as a very ``intense scene. `` >> a small fire going on. ``an hour later, whole building is ``in the flames. ``next thing you know, flames ``everywhere. ``>> right now, no damage estimate ``has been set.
10:29 am
``neighbors tell us it is a vacant ``building. `` now depending on the courtesy of ``red cross for security and ``safety. ``richard chiles, wlwt news 5. `` >> we will tell you which storms ``are coming their way. ``vice president biden meeting the ``leader of turkey this morning. ``what he hopes to accomplish. ``city cam five, got mascots. ``they are getting ready to play ``that match down there. ``i hope it doesn' t come to
10:30 am
jonathan: checking today' s ``headlines the snow is starting ``to pile up in the eastern united ``states. ``the national weather service ``website is warning of winds and ``heavy snow expected to produce ``life-threatening blizzard ``conditions throughout today. ``at least nine deaths have been ``reported. ``seven inches of snow is down on ``washington, d.c. ``nine other states report some ``areas with more than six inches.
10:31 am
``twitter video of ice chunks ``jamming the coast line. `` u.s. vice president joe biden ``met with turkey' s prime minister ``ahmet davutoglu this morning in ``, istanbul. ``the obama administration hopes ``to jump-start efforts in ``encouraging turkey to secure its ``border with syria. ``biden arrived thursday night for ``a two-day visit. ``the vice president is also has a ``meeting scheduled today with ``president recep tayyip erdogan. ``the medical charity doctors ``without borders, says an ``ambulance for a supported ``hospital has been hit in an ``airstrike in yemen. ``security forces say dozens have ``been killed in one of the most ``intense 24 hours of airstrikes ``since the saudi-led coalition ``began its military campaign. ``since the beginning of the ``campaign in march of 20-15, more ``than 5800 people have been ``killed. ``and, one local basketball star, ``and his road to success. ``news 5' s george and elise have ``the details on jarron ``cumberland' s journey to college
10:32 am
s in your saturday morning ``blitz. ``jennifer: we are going to keep a ``cold saturday. ``at least some sunshine returns.
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``jennifer: snow is finally ``wrapping up. ``we have been quiet in locations ``throughout the night. ``with the exception of a few ``fleeting flurries. ``additional accumulation ``throughout the night, highland ``brown. `` they were rotating in from the ``northeast. ``others sliding out of the region ``and dissipating. ``it looks like no additional ``accumulation expected. ``that is the extent of it. `` a light flurry and snowfall ``possible. ``
10:36 am
``a one inch total, anderson ``township at 1.7. `` down at three, through try ridge ``and pendleton. `` 5.5 and west union for adams ``county. `` it was some flurries. ``half an inch reported out of the ``snowfall. ``a massive storm off the ``mid-atlantic. `` that lifts off the coast later ``this afternoon. ``the back edge of precipitation ``lifting out for us. ``we still have a good amount of ``cloud cover there. ``we are hoping the clouds to ``break up in western county. ``may take a little bit longer as
10:37 am
``broom ball list -- broom ball is ``a go downtown. ``north wind at 17 miles per hour. ``it feels like a 11 degrees. ``i don' t think they get as much ``out of today. `` between 23 and 24 degrees since ``yesterday evening. ``we start to get those ``temperatures climbing. ``it will struggle this afternoon. `` the better chance for sun is ``tomorrow. ``the high-pressure is going to ``work its way overhead tonight. ``that will also weaken the ``witness tonight and tomorrow. `` tomorrow, a lighter wind. ``temperatures should jump back up ``the freezing mark. ``we are 32 for the high ``temperature.
10:38 am
`` the extended forecast, 35 for a ``high tomorrow. ``42 on monday. ``the next cold front was in the ``30' s for the next couple of ``days. `` more sunshine thursday and ``friday. ``jonathan: thank you. ``artswave is getting ready to ``kick off its 2016 community ``campaign on a high note. ``world-class pianist awadagin ``pratt and u.c. president santa ``ono will share the stage for a ``one night event. ``joining us this morning is mr ``pratt as well as artswave ``president alecia kintner ``what is ours wave? ``>> an annual run community ``campaign that arrays of support ``for 100 organizations every ``year. ``on an annual basis we provide ``funding and services.
10:39 am
`` you have traveled the world ``playing the pm a. ``cincinnati is good. ``>> cincinnati is fantastic with ``the arts. ``supported by arts wave also, ``world-class symphony. ``>> it is a way to rag on this ``town. ``with that piece of information , ``she was president of the chamber ``. ``>> we are cochairing the arts ``west campaign. `` >> looking for donations, you ``have to keep going. ``they require a lot of funding.
10:40 am
this concert with president ``generating support from the ``campaign, but also bringing arts ``to people in a better way. `` how does he stack up? ``>> he is really great. `` santa loves the cello. `` he and i are playing a couple of ``pieces together on the classic. `` also playing the violin and one ``playing the pnr. ``he is also doing something to ``kick up the program. ``really beautiful.
10:41 am
the featured on the highlight ``was a way in cincinnati. ``kids from price bill from ages ``six or seven through high school ``. ``it is a really spectacular ``program. ``they are performing on the ``concert. ``really great. ``>> thank you so much for telling ``us about it. ``the kickoff concert will be ``february 1. ``that is coming up on monday. ``we linked you to `` for that. ``now here are your sports. `` >> welcome into the blitz, i am ``george vogel. `` >> a plethora of games were ``canceled thanks to potentially ``bad weather.
10:42 am
-- masons -- we know ``he can shoot it. ``don' t leave him open like that. ``next for west, it is jake. ``he can hit the three as well. ``only for a moment. ``benjamin finds carl' s -- finds ``carlos lewis and mason rolls it ``up. `` >> games are around that area. ``he ``shot to go in. `` ``that. ``51-35. the miami ``valley conference.
10:43 am
``>> the eagles paid a visit . ``these are two evenly matched ``teams. ``>> this is how my bowling team ``gets ready every friday morning. ``>> i can see you doing that. `` sean o' brien, cincinnati country ``day school indians have the ``lead. ``four blocks in the first half ``alone. `` 61-57. ``>> the hornets looking for their ``ninth win of the season. `` 3-5. ``18 points. ``enters low this time. ``and they
10:44 am
``>> the hurricane has been ``blowing through the season. ``>> it was a conference game, but ``it was not a challenge for -- ``leading the hurricanes to an ``89-46 win. ``he will have a big impact on you ``sees basketball team next year. ``>> competitively it is very ``important for him to win. ``>> now i senior at willing -- at ``wilmington high school, his ``competitive edge has only gotten ``stronger. ``he became wilmington' s all-time ``leading scorer world all-time -- ``with over 1800 point. `` he leads the team in rebounds ``and has the second-most assists ``on this dominant 13-0' s -- 13-0 ``squad. `` >> he can really pass the ball
10:45 am
`` >> i got other guys knocked ``down. ``>> one of the key intangibles ``that have college coaches ``salivating -- ``>> the best thing that excites ``me is his toughness. ``i have seen him draw charges, i ``have seen him cannot with a ``loose ball with six people. ``i' ve seen guys i respect that ``like tough guys. ``i wish we would find that guy, ``he is that kind of guy. ``>> he develops that ``characteristic as a young ``player, surrounding himself with ``more experienced opponents. `` >> i would either play second or ``third. ``>> that trend continued and let
10:46 am
``attracted offers from xavier, ``west virginia, iowa state. ``he ultimately chose to be a ``cincinnati mayor cap. `` if you know anything about their ``cat basketball you know hard ``work to defense is their bread ``and butter. ``you can see he leads the ``hurricanes to go along with 20 ``blocks in 71 rebounds. ``his work ethic is pretty solid. `` >> in the summer i want to work ``on it extra more and more. `` i work on it more and more each ``day. ``>> he is definitely a solid kid. ``always working to develop those ``skills. ``>> no doubt about it, his ``parents have to be pretty proud. ``here are a couple of other
10:47 am
`` >> mcdonald' s of greater ``cincinnati is proud to present ``the student athlete of the week. ``>> a guard on the basketball ``team. ``committed to northwood ``university, a member of the ``national honor society, and is ``our first honors -- his gpa is ``4.0. ``also a senior and plays hockey. ``he has been on the honor roll ``every year, has participated 250 ``hours of service. ``if you know someone who deserves ``to be our next student athlete
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the weather outside is not as ``frightful as it could have been.
10:51 am
`` jonathan: you will have to wait ``a while. ``11 months and a couple of days. `` 11 shopping months left. ``jennifer: this one is over. ``here are the last couple of ``hours on radar. ``a little bit of a band into ``mason county. ``maybe it is holding on a little ``bit longer. `` moisture lifts off the atlantic ``coast. ``hoping to bring back some ``sunshine miss -- sunshine this ``afternoon. ``better chance west you are. `` rain showers monday evening.
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